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亚博体彩APP下载苹果采用百度引擎8(Baidu 0)(Photo by Bethesda Game Studios)While there s been plenty of movies, books, and comics set in post-apocalyptic worlds, few have been as unique as those in the numerous 50s-flavored Fallout games. Now, Amazon Prime is planning to bring that unique perspective to television, and with some help from people who made the games. And while we don t much about the show yet, what we have learned makes us excited to wander the wasteland again.The world of the Fallout games is one in which the art-deco style of the 1950s persisted, even as we developed robots and nuclear-powered cars. But so did the atomic bombs, as the world learns first hand when a nuclear war decimates the planet in 2077. Good thing people in the 50s were also big on bomb shelters, which is how some people managed to survive in underground shelters called Vaults.In most of the games, it s been 200 or so years since the bombs dropped. What remains of the world is a wasteland full of mutants, giant insects, zombie-like ghouls, and other irradiated wildlife. But there are also some regular people, including a widespread military organization called The Brotherhood of Steel whose members wear suits of armor similar to what Tony Stark built in the first Iron Man movie.(Photo by Bethesda Game Studios)As for a more specific plot the Fallout show may follow, well, that depends on which of the recent games they base the show on assuming they even follow the plot of the game series and don t just create an original story in the same fictional universe, but in a previously unplayable location.If they do follow the games, though, they have a couple of interesting options. In 2008 s Fallout 3, a 19-year-old kid (created by the player) who grew up in a Vault near Washington, D.C. leaves to explore the world of 2277 in an attempt to find their father, who had escaped the Vault as well.Then there s 2015 s Fallout 4, which is set in the remnants of Boston and its suburbs. In that game, a survivor from 2077, who had been in suspended animation for 200 years, is trying to find the baby that was stolen from them while they were asleep.Amazon could also opt to base the show on the most recent installment, 2018 s Fallout 76. Set in 2102, just twenty-five years after the war, that game follows someone who grew up in Vault 76 when it opens twenty-five years after the war, and the former residents head out to forge a new life for themselves in the remains of West Virginia.Granted, there are other scenarios and locations they could explore in the show. There s the Southern California setting of the original 1997 game, or the remains of Las Vegas from 2010 s Fallout: New Vegas. But given that those games were not made by Bethesda Game Studios — who made Fallout 3, 4, and 76, and who are overseeing the show — we re guessing the odds aren t good.Who are the creatives involved?(Photo by Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection)For the Fallout TV show, Amazon has employed the team of Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan, who you may know from their work on HBO s Westworld. The two will be writing and executive producing the series through their company, Kilter Films the same roles they have on Westworld. Joining them is fellow executive producer Athena Wickham, who is also an executive producer on Westworld, and a fellow Kilter employee.As for names familiar to fans of the games, the Fallout series will also be executive produced by Todd Howard, who was the game director on Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, and the executive producer on Fallout 76 and the mobile spin-off Fallout Shelter, as well as James Altman, who is the director of director of publishing operations for Bethesda Softworks, the company that publishes the Fallout games.In a joint statement by Joy and Nolan issued when they announced the show, they said, Fallout is one of the greatest game series of all time. Each chapter of this insanely imaginative story has cost us countless hours we could have spent with family and friends. So we re incredibly excited to partner with Todd Howard and the rest of the brilliant lunatics at Bethesda to bring this massive, subversive, and darkly funny universe to life with Amazon Studios. As for the production, it will be handled by Kilter, Bethesda Softworks (who are new to TV), Bethesda Game Studios (also new to TV production), and Amazon Studios, whose TV credits include their own shows The Boys and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, as well as HBO s Euphoria.Who Will Star in It?(Photo by JA/Everett Collection, Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)At the moment, no cast has been announced for the Fallout series, and given that we don t know which Fallout game will be the basis for it, or if the show will even be based on a specific Fallout game, it s near impossible to guess who they might cast.That said, there were some notable names in the games that could reprise their roles, or take on new ones. For instance, the aforementioned father that you re trying to find in Fallout 3 was voiced by Liam Neeson  yes, he of the Taken movies who has guested on such TV shows as Family Guy and The Orville. Other notable voice cast members from that game include Malcolm McDowell, who was the voice of President John Henry Eden and whose TV credits include Franklin Bash and the upcoming Truth Seekers, and Odette Annable, who was the voice of Amata Almodovar, and who s done runs on House and Supergirl.As for the other games, Fallout 76 s cast included Adrienne Barbeau, who s been on such shows as Carnivale and Maude, while Claudia Christian of Babylon 5 and 9-1-1 has voiced multiple characters in Fallout 4 and 76.Then there s Wonder Woman herself, Lynda Carter, who has done voices in Fallout 4 as well as such other Bethesda games as Rage 2 and multiple installments of their Elder Scrolls series (and, we should note, is also married to Robert A. Altman, the Chairman and CEO of Bethesda s parent company, ZeniMax Media).They could even tap the voice cast of Fallout: New Vegas, which is part of the series and published by Bethesda Softworks, but was not made by Todd Howard and the good people at Bethesda Game Studios. Not only did that game feature the vocal talents of Friends star (and Fallout superfan) Mathew Perry, but it also featured such TV stars as Chuck s Zachary Levi (A.K.A. DC s Shazam!), Dave Foley from NewsRadio and The Kids in the Hall, Michael Dorn of Star Trek fame, Battlestar Galactica s Michael Hogan, Danny Trejo, Kris Kristofferson, and, of course, Wayne Newton.But the real question for fans of the games is whether or not they ll get Ron Perlman, who s been the narrator in nearly every Fallout game going back to the 1997 original, to welcome people to the series, or maybe even every episode, with his iconic opening line, War War never changes. When will it premiere?(Photo by Bethesda Game Studios)Of course, like all TV shows these days, the Fallout series is in a bit of a holding pattern thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. And as anyone who s played the game will tell you, it s not going to be a show you can shoot on Zoom. But it is one you could write and cast and perform other production tasks for, which is undoubtedly what Joy, Nolan, Howard, and the rest of the crew are doing in hopes of getting the show on air, er online soon. Maybe even next year.

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当晚,《梦幻西游》手游结合游戏内容,由幕后研发人员充当带货主播,围绕玩家关心的游戏话题进行播报,建立直播与玩家的共性基调;而在后续的环节,研发人员选择了全新上线的时装和坐骑进行推荐,并配以网感化的表达加以实机演示解读,从选品的美观度、实用性等方面刺激玩家的购买欲。 icked people into believing their authenticity, as well as those urban legend-like “cursed” films that earned sinister reputations because of the unfortunate, disturbing, and sometimes tragic events that were allegedly attributed to them.But they’re only movies, right?Antrum: The Deadliest Film Ever Made (2018) 75%(Photo by Else Films)What better way to kick things off than with a movie that is a perfect Venn diagram of both concepts – “found footage” faux-real horror and supposedly cursed films. Antrum purports to be a documentary about a lost 1970s film that was only screened twice, because everyone who watches it dies. The movie opens with an 8-minute documentary detailing the curse around the film, then shows you the “film” itself, which is about two young kids who attempt to dig a hole to Hell to save their recently deceased dog. The filmmakers do their best to make the movie-within-a-movie look authentically 70s to help sell the whole façade. The fact that Antrum’s release was preceded by rumors and word of mouth among hardcore horror fans (much like the way the controversial 2011 A Serbian Film grew a reputation well before it was ever screened publicly) lent the movie an air of real mystery. Some eager horror buffs even tried to track the “original” Antrum down, believing it to be real.Plausibility Score: 2 out of 5Antrum is a nice try, but in the age of advanced search engines, it’s hard to fully convince people that a film with a supposed body count of 60 could truly have been “lost.”Snuff (1976) The concept of a “snuff” film – a movie depicting an actual murder – basically started in 1971 when Ed Sanders, the author of a book about the Manson Family, asserted that Charles Manson and his followers had filmed their killing spree (no footage was ever found). Then, just a few years later in 1976, husband-and-wife directors Michael and Roberta Findlay made a cheap exploitation film called Slaughter about an actress and her director who are murdered by a Manson Family-esque clan in South America. Grindhouse film distributor Allan Shackleton bought the film, changed the title to Snuff, and released it under the pretense that it depicted the real murder of the main actress (the tagline was “Filmed in South America…Where Life is Cheap!”). This kickstarted an obsession with snuff films, although none have ever been conclusively unearthed.Plausibility Score: 4 out of 5The Manson Family connection and the fact that people still believe in the existence of snuff films even today and really sell this one.Poltergeist (1982) 86%Perhaps the most famous “cursed” movie of all time, the original 1982 Poltergeist, about a suburban family terrorized by a supernatural presence, climaxed with a scene in which the mom (JoBeth Williams) is dragged into a partially dug-out pool and is surrounded by skeletons – the reveal being that the housing development in which they live was unscrupulously built on top of a graveyard. The rumor was that the film crew had not only used real skeletons, but had desecrated graves themselves to get them. Mysterious and untimely deaths of some of the actors in the trilogy, including young Heather O’Rourke (who played the abducted little girl Carol Anne), who died at the age of 12 due to a congenital intestinal issue, and Dominique Dunne (who played oldest sibling Dana), who was murdered by a jealous boyfriend at the age of 22, led to the urban legend that the ghosts of the unwitting skeletal “co-stars” had cursed the films and everyone who worked on them. It’s flimsy, because clearly major players like Williams, Craig T. Nelson, director Tobe Hooper, and producer Steven Spielberg walked away unscathed.Plausibility Score: 1 out of 5Although it’s the movie everyone cites when talking about curses, a lot of the supposed connections are pretty thin. Plus, more of the actors and crew survived unhurt than didn’t, and a lot of the “deaths” beyond the two young leads were simply age and explainable illness.The Blair Witch Project (1999) 86%Horror is a great way for young talents to break into the business because, often, what you don’t see is scarier than what you do, so it’s a godsend for indie filmmakers with more creativity than budget. The Blair Witch Project came about at exactly the right time – exploiting the still nascent “world wide web,” it managed to cultivate its own urban legend of supposedly lost cam footage that was recovered after a group of young filmmakers went missing. The conceit of it being filmed on the fly covered over the fact that you don’t really see much of anything, and the clever use of sound effects and the overall naturalistic performances by the lead actors made you think, just for a second, that maybe this was the real deal. Of course, Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 came out around a year later to confirm that, yes, this was indeed just a cheesy horror franchise at its core.Plausibility Score: 3 out of 5It may have lost some luster since, but at the time? It really had people convinced. And the execution – from the early websites to the film itself – was nearly perfect.The Omen (1976) 86%Strap in for this one: Producer Harvey Bernhard claims that the initial idea for the seminal horror classic The Omen came from an advertising exec named Bob Munger. Munger suggested that a movie about the Antichrist would be cool, but that no one should actually make it because “the devil was at work and he didn’t want that film made.” He may have been right. Just a month before filming was to start, lead actor Gregory Peck’s son committed suicide. As he flew to the set, Peck’s plane was struck by lightning, and then executive producer Marc Neufeld’s plane was also struck by lightning on his way to the location. The hotel Neufeld and his wife were staying in then got bombed by the Irish Republican Army. The crew hired a small plane to do some aerial photography, but it was given to another client at the last minute; that plane crashed on takeoff and killed everyone on board. Filming a zoo sequence, the young boy playing the demonic Damien apparently upset the baboons so much they started freaking out, so an animal wrangler was called in to help; the next day, he was mauled by a tiger and killed. But perhaps the most chilling result of this “curse” was what happened to special effects supervisor John Richardson. One of his big FX sequences in The Omen was one in which a character is decapitated by a sheet of glass. While working on his next movie in the Netherlands, Richardson and his assistant were involved in a car accident, and his assistant was you guessed it decapitated. Legend has it the accident occurred near a street sign that read “Ommen, 66.6 km.” But it’s all coincidence, right?Plausibility Score: 4 out of 5It’s hard to write all of this off as coincidence. Even when people discount some of it – like the existence of the Dutch street sign – there’s a lot more that’s been verified.Cannibal Holocaust (1980) 65%(Photo by ©F.D. Cinematografica courtesy Everett Collection)Not long after Snuff, another film came under fire for allegedly depicting actual murders – and it was an early example of “found footage” horror, to boot. This Italian cult movie was built around the idea that it was footage discovered after an American film crew disappeared in the Amazon rainforest and were killed and eaten by indigenous cannibals. The gore was so intense and realistic that a few days after the movie’s premiere, Italian authorities confiscated the film, director Ruggero Deodato was charged with obscenity, and he was eventually slapped with a murder charge when it was suggested Cannibal Holocaust was, in fact, a snuff film. Although it was later proven that none of the actors were killed or harmed, the film does depict scenes of intense animal cruelty that were real. Fun fact: the fake documentary the crew was working on was called The Green Inferno, which would be the title adopted by director Eli Roth for his 2013 homage to Cannibal Holocaust.Plausibility Score: 3 out of 5The rough, grimy cheapness of the film and the addition of actual animal butchery make this feel almost like the real deal.The Crow (1994) 83%What’s unique about the “curse” of The Crow is that it isn’t so much about the film as it is an extension of a curse that is believed to have haunted martial arts icon Bruce Lee and his family for generations. Of course, the 1994 horror-tinged comic book adaptation is infamous due to the tragic death of star Brandon Lee, Bruce s son, who died after a prop gun misfired and a projectile struck him. The film was hampered by setbacks and accidents – the set was destroyed numerous times, most notably by a hurricane that struck its North Carolina filming location – but in general, the problems seem to have been caused mostly by the fact that it was low budget and behind schedule, and corners were cut a little too recklessly. Some even claim that the Chinese mafia assassinated Bruce and Brandon, which is eerie when you think about the fact that Bruce Lee’s last film, Game of Death, seems to predict this. In that movie, Bruce’s character is a martial arts actor who is shot by an assassin posing as one of the stunt crew. Also, the biopic Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story anthropomorphizes the supposed family curse as a physical demon that haunts Lee his whole life, and at one point in the film, the demon goes after a young Brandon. Dragon was released in 1993 – a year before The Crow.Plausibility Score: 2 out of 5The idea of a Lee Family Curse is compelling, and it fits in with the whole mystical aura surrounding Bruce. But dig deeper into the on-set events of The Crow, and it all appears to be more a case of negligence and unprofessionalism than a sinister hex.The Exorcist (1973) 83%If the Devil really does exist, he seems to spend an awful lot of time on film sets. Before The Omen tempted fate with each shooting day, William Friedkin’s The Exorcist experienced its own unnerving incidents. Telling the story of two priests battling a demonic presence that has taken hold of a young girl named Regan MacNeil (Linda Blair), the film is an undisputed classic of the horror genre, and some of that may have to do with the notion that the film itself was actually possessed. Things got off to a rocky start when the MacNeil family home set – where much of the action takes place – was destroyed by fire. The only room that was untouched by the blaze…was Regan’s. In addition, almost all of the actors suffered injuries during the filming, and televangelist Billy Graham even claimed that “there is a power of evil in that film, in the fabric of the film itself” and suggested that simply projecting it was like opening a door for demons. The movie held its premiere in Rome, during a violent thunderstorm. One attendee even passed out and broke her jaw, later attempting to sue the production because she blamed subliminal messages for her tumble.Plausibility Score: 3 out of 5Some of the spookiness experienced on set and at early screenings was likely psychosomatic, but the movie still carries a heavy creep factor regardless.Rosemary's Baby (1968) 96%Why not complete Satan’s own personal trilogy with a supposedly cursed movie that pre-dates both The Omen and The Exorcist? Rosemary’s Baby is rightly credited with redefining the horror genre by taking it away from the campy cobwebs and castles of the old Vincent Price days and legitimizing it as a “real” grown-up art form. Mia Farrow and John Cassavetes star in the story of a young mother-to-be who moves into a New York apartment building that also happens to house a Satanic cult. Producer William Castle – who was infamous in the 1950s and 1960s for promoting all sorts of gimmicks like floating skeletons and rumbling theater seats in an effort to sell the “reality” of his horror movies – believed that real witches had cursed the set. The film’s composer suffered a nasty fall shortly after the movie wrapped and died after being comatose for several days. Castle himself fell ill with painful gallstones that required surgery. And, of course, director Roman Polanski’s wife at the time, actress Sharon Tate, and their unborn child would fall victim to the Manson Family a year after the film’s release.Plausibility Score: 1 out of 5It’s easy to think of anything Satan-related as tempting fate when it comes to curses or bad mojo, but most of these incidents seem loosely connected at best.Faces of Death (1978) 25%Just as The Blair Witch Project came along at the perfect time to take advantage of early internet, the legend of Faces of Death is largely a product of the early 1980s VHS boom. Before Blockbuster, video stores were small (often seedy) mom-and-pop stores, and Faces of Death was one of those creepy little oddities you’d find on one of the dust-covered shelves. Allegedly depicting “real” deaths, it served as a badge of honor for anyone who was actually able to get ahold of a copy and watch it. Although the film does contain some real footage – like newsreel clips from an accident where you can see paramedics cleaning up the remains of a cyclist who had been struck and killed by a truck – it was almost entirely faked by writer and director John Alan Schwartz. Yes, even the infamous scene where a table full of diners appear to kill a trapped monkey and then eat its brains.Plausibility Score: 1 out of 5If you don’t catch on immediately when you’re introduced to the movie’s “medical professional” host, “Francis B. Gross,” you’ll catch on during sequences like the “real” shark attack that somehow has footage from the shark’s POV as it eats a diver. Did it get a cinematography credit?Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983) 58%(Photo by Courtesy Everett Collection)The film version of the classic horror and sci-fi television series let four different directors adapt a classic episode: “Kick the Can” by Steven Spielberg (Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark), “It’s a Good Life” by Joe Dante (Gremlins, Innerspace), “Nightmare at 20,000 Feet” by George Miller (The Road Warrior, Mad Max: Fury Road), and “Time Out” by John Landis (Trading Places, Animal House). Although some claim the movie is cursed, it’s really just that there’s a sense of morbidity around it because veteran actor Vic Morrow (father of Jennifer Jason Leigh) and two young actors playing Vietnamese children were killed in an on-set accident during Landis’ segment when a helicopter that was part of a sequence recreating the Vietnam War crash-landed on them. None of the other directors experienced any bizarre or unexplained incidents, and all continued to have successful careers. But the tragedy hung a dark shadow over Landis and lends the movie a creepy, all-too-real feel.Plausibility Score: 1 out of 5Again, this was one horrible, tragic accident caused by director negligence. The rest of the film (and filmmakers) got on fine with no curse-related incidents.GUINEA PIG: FLOWER OF FLESH AND BLOOD (1985)None of the images from this film are acceptable to show you, so here is a guinea pig pushing a tiny shopping cart. (Photo by Newspix/Getty Images)Created by artist Hideshi Hino based on his own manga series, the Guinea Pig movies feature the same kind of faux documentary feel as something like Faces of Death or Cannibal Holocaust, and they re legendary among hardcore horror fans. Without any real plot to speak of beyond “psycho kidnaps women and dismembers them in gruesome fashion while dressed as a samurai,” the movies do feel less like a story and more like some forbidden home video. That said, two incidents lend it a particular air of menace. One is that a copy of Flower of Flesh and Blood was sent to the FBI by Charlie Sheen – yes, Charlie Sheen – because he was convinced it was an actual snuff film (it was not, and all of the deaths and butchery were faked). The other is that a copy of the film was found in the home of a man named Tsutomu Miyazaki, a cannibalistic serial killer known as the Otaku Murderer who was behind the kidnapping and murder of four young girls between 1988 and 1989 in Japan. The film was believed to have inspired him.Plausibility Score: 3 out of 5All Hino had to do was not put a title card over the opening “stalking” sequence and it might have worked. The scene really looks and feels like something a creep would record as he follows women down the street. But no real serial killer goes into AfterEffects and adds cool titles and music cues to their murder footage. At least, not that we know of.(Photo by Universal Pictures, 20th Century Fox Film Corp., Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures Entertainment)Rounding out or list of horror is… not a horror film, but a movie that is believed to be so cursed it will never be made. A comedy based on a 1963 satirical novel called The Incomparable Atuk by Canadian author Mordecai Richler, the story is about an Inuit poet who travels to Toronto and has a series of fish-out-of-water experiences in the big city (the film version Americanized it by making Atuk a native of Alaska who travels to New York). Sounds pretty basic, right? It might well be, if the movie didn’t seem to kill every actor associated with the lead role. The curse of Atuk is particularly weird because the novel itself isn’t about anything sinister or paranormal. The first man up for the role was comedy legend John Belushi; after his untimely death from a drug overdose, the producers approached comedian Sam Kinison… who then died in a drunk driving accident. So they decided to offer the part to John Candy, who would die from a heart attack a few months after getting the script. Undaunted, the part was then dangled in front of another SNL vet – Chris Farley. He, too, would succumb to a drug overdose. Even stranger, Farley allegedly gave a copy of the script to a friend who he thought might also be interested in the role, namely fellow SNL alum Phil Hartman. Five months after Farley’s death, Hartman was shot and killed by his wife, who committed suicide hours later.Plausibility Score: 5 out of 5If this movie doesn t scream cursed, we don t know what does.Thumbnail image by Else Films

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对于最新上线的新英雄,比如震和云瑛,可以看到《王者荣耀》手游的新出英雄在脱离历史人物题材!同时,属于瑶的最近的英雄皮肤又在寻求现代气息,但是同时又说和敦煌研究院的合作!亚博体彩APP下载苹果(Photo by Netflix)Alan Arkin reacted to his Emmy nomination for Supporting Actor in The Kominsky Method in the most Alan Arkin way possible:“Wow, I am 85 years old, so this comes in just the nick of time,” Arkin said in a statement via Netflix.Joey King shaved her head to play Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy victim Gypsy Rose Blanchard on Hulu’s The Act. She shared her emotional reaction to the nomination with double nominee Patricia Arquette (for The Act and Escape At Dannemora) on Twitter.I cannot believe this is happening. I’ve just been Nominated for an Emmy for my work in The Act. There’s so many people to thank for this moment and getting to talk to my mom and Patricia immediately after it was announced was so special. I’m in shock pic.twitter.com/7pDSu3lmD0 Joey King (@JoeyKing) July 16, 2019This Is Us earned acting nominations for Mandy Moore, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K. Brown, Chris Sullivan, guest stars Ron Cephas Jones, Phylicia Rashad, and Michael Angarano and composer Siddhartha Khosla (who is at least 50 percent of the reason This Is Us makes us sob uncontrollably.)Brown had his son join him in thanking the Academy.Thank you @TelevisionAcad for this incredible honor!!! And for recognizing #ThisIsUs in such a spectacular way!!! Big Up to my whole extraordinary ensemble, especially my man @SullivanTweet my momma @TheMandyMoore for their first nominations!!! (More to come) pic.twitter.com/HzzDdcup6i Sterling K Brown (@SterlingKBrown) July 16, 2019Creator Dan Fogelman thanked the Academy for recognizing them all and nominating the show again for Best Drama.So grateful to the @TelevisionAcad for the best drama Emmy nom for #ThisIsUs. And thrilled to see Mandy, Sterling, Milo, Sully, Ron, Phylicia, Michael, and (my college roomate) Sidd all recognized! A great day for all of Us. Now back to set to do a stunt with a dog. Dan Fogelman (@Dan_Fogelman) July 16, 2019Angarano responded in a statement.“I’m honored to be nominated for This Is Us,” Angarano said. “Thank you Dan Fogelman and the special group of writers for giving me a temporary home. Congratulations to the cast and crew on all of their nominations. It was truly a dream job and I’m so grateful for it. Netflix may have cancelled One Day At a Time, but Pop saved it, and now Pop has a three-time Emmy nominee with the latest nod for Editor Pat Barnett, who was nominated last season too. Could this be the year they win? Creator Gloria Calderon Kellett sang Barnett’s praises on Twitter.Yes! One Day At A Time was nominated for an #Emmy for editing! Our amazing @pattheeditor is once again the only woman in her category! You make us proud, Pat!! #MoreODAAT 🍭🎉🎈@TelevisionAcad ❤️ pic.twitter.com/nsGPjydYsJ Gloria Calderón Kellett (@everythingloria) July 16, 2019The women of Killing Eve had a love fest on social media congratulating each other for their nominations, the second year in a row for the show’s two seasons.Congratulations to all the Emmy Nominees. Extra love to the @KillingEve team and my wonderful co-stars @IamSandraOh Fiona Shaw. Not forgetting our fleabag friends and the dangerously talented PWB @DryWrite. 💗 @KillingEve https://t.co/dBlk8COyHV Jodie Comer (@jodiecomer) July 16, 2019Christina Applegate earned her fifth nomination for the first season of Dead to Me. She shared that her daughter found out before she did.Uhhhhh. Shocked. Grateful. Holy crap!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! Best part of the morning was my kid finding out and she screamed. Haha christina applegate (@1capplegate) July 16, 2019Ryan Murphy’s FX drama Pose broke ground in television for its cast of trans actors and characters. Now it adds an Emmy nomination Billy Porter as Lead Actor in a Drama Series to its legacy.“The Category Is: Speechless!” Porter said in a statement. “I’m so grateful to have lived long enough to see this day. Pose speaks a truth that has the power to transform hearts and minds. I’m honored and humbled to be counted in the number.“Co-creator and writer Steven Canals congratulated Porter on Twitter too.Aaaaahhh!! ⁦@PoseOnFX⁩ is an ⁦@TelevisionAcad⁩ #EMMY nominee for Drama Series!! So proud of entire team producers, cast, crew who work tirelessly to tell this story of family, resilience, inclusion, and love!! #PoseFX pic.twitter.com/rHcsokV4xK Steven Canals (@StevenCanals) July 16, 2019Phoebe Waller-Bridge isn’t on social media to react to her nominations for acting in and creating the comedy series Fleabag but her TV sister Sian Clifford is for hers!CRYING AND DYING 👾👜💕😭😭😭🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🥳🥳🥳😱😱😱 Thank you to everyone everyone who voted. I cannot speak!!!!!! Our whole team is in bits #Fleabag FOREVER https://t.co/45GA2Gxgrw Sian Clifford (@SiansUniverse) July 16, 2019The official Fleabag account celebrated them all, including Supporting Actress Olivia Colman, with Fleabag worthy one-liners.Godmother s talents are undeniable. Help us congratulate Olivia Colman on her #Emmys nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. #Fleabag pic.twitter.com/Lw3m9OwbEo Fleabag (@fleabag) July 16, 2019We d run through an airport for her. Congratulations to Phoebe Waller-Bridge on her #Emmys nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy Series. #Fleabag pic.twitter.com/odwmrdKxo0 Fleabag (@fleabag) July 16, 2019(Photo by Netflix)The show goes on for House of Cards with the final season led by Robin Wright earning a nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for Michael Kelly.“What an incredible honor to be nominated alongside such talented men and women this year,” Kelly said in a statement. “I couldn’t be more thankful to the TV Academy, and to my fearless cast and crew who made this all possible. Excited to be going back to one of my favorite nights of the year!””The show didn’t go on for Rent Live when an injury forced Fox to air a dress rehearsal instead. That didn’t stop the production from earning Emmy nominations in five categories: Outstanding Production Design for a Variety Special, Outstanding Lighting Design/Lighting Direction For A Variety Special, Outstanding Makeup For A Multi-Camera Series or Special (Non-Prosthetic), Outstanding Variety Special (Live) and Outstanding Technical Direction, Camerawork, Video Control for a Special.“We are grateful to the Television Academy for recognizing Rent among its Emmy nominations this morning,” EPs Marc Platt, Adam Siegel, and Julie Larson said in a joint statement. “It was a joyous experience gathering together members of the original Broadway creative team with our talented young cast in presenting this beloved musical to a wider audience, and we congratulate the entire team for their stellar work.”(Photo by Netflix)Netflix shed light on the Central Park Five by airing Ava Duvernay’s series When They See Us. The show’s Emmy nominations, including Aunjanue Ellis for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or Movie, will bring them even more attention.“This nomination is a tribute to Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Raymond Santana, Korey Wise and Yusef Salaam,” Ellis said in a statement. “Let’s all say their names. Yusef’s mother, Sharonne Salaam, is nothing less than a warrior for her son and a survivor of an emotional violence few of us will ever understand. I am utterly grateful to her. Thank you to the visionary Ava DuVernay and Netflix for giving me the blessing to be a part of this act of restorative justice.”John Leguizamo also earned a nod for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series or Movie and said in a statement: “This nomination is not for me, but for the parents of the innocent children who have been put through the unimaginable. Just because their vulnerable children were unjustly accused of a crime by racial profiling, and how almost impossible it was to clear themselves. For her Supporting Actress nom, Vera Farmiga said in a statement, “Astonished by the surprising Emmy pat on my back, humbled. My heart is bursting with pride for all my When They See Us brothers and sisters and their noms. I pray that Kevin, Antron, Raymond, Korey and Yusef continue to absorb healing from this sweeping acknowledgment. Thank you to the Television Academy.”Niecy Nash shared her gratitude with her on screen son Jharrel Jerome, also nominated:Mother Son 💙 @jharreljerome Thank you for your gift💋😢 We’re Emmy Nominated!!!!! #YesGod whentheyseeus @netflix @televisionacad https://t.co/P5ThKpjAuA Niecy Nash (@NiecyNash) July 16, 2019Young Asante Blackk also tweeted his thanks.woke up to find out i’m nominated for an emmy. for my first ever project. at 17 years old. wow. i love y’all. thank you so much. pic.twitter.com/G0h0agcRwQ Asante Blackk (@AsanteBlackk) July 16, 2019DuVernay tweeted:Just off the phone with Korey Wise. I told him to get his tux ready. He said: “You did that, Queen. You told the story. You did what you came to do. They had to see it. They listened.” #WhenTheySeeUs pic.twitter.com/vzmKSeYEAa Ava DuVernay (@ava) July 16, 2019(Photo by HBO)Chernobyl terrified viewers and critics alike in its stark, harrowing portrayal of the nuclear meltdown. As a reward for giving us all nightmares, Chernobyl was nominated for Outstanding Limited Series, Jared Harris, Emily Watson, and Stellan Skarsgard for Acting and 15 other nominations.Harris responded in a statement while creator Craig Mazin took to Twitter. I am so happy for everyone involved, Harris said. These nominations in so many categories speak to the excellence of Chernobyl as a whole; Craig and Johan deserve all the praise. Personally I am delighted and thrilled for Stellan Emily, who are both magnificent. The international reception to Chernobyl took many industry insiders by surprise. My hope is that its impact emboldens programmers to keep taking risks to not only delight, but also challenge their audiences. Honestly overwhelmed by the nominations for Chernobyl, and really thrilled that so many of our cast and crew were acknowledged for their work.This was a labor of love for us all, and Carolyn, Jane and I thank the @TelevisionAcad for this recognition. Craig Mazin (@clmazin) July 16, 2019Adam McKay was nominated for directing Succession, also the show’s first Emmy nomination. He thanked the Academy, and also congratulated Drunk History and I Love You, America.Thank you. All credit to incredible cast, crew, writing staff and of course Jesse Armstrong! https://t.co/Zy3Kg6r7XN Adam McKay (@GhostPanther) July 16, 2019Full Frontal with Samantha Bee was nominated for Outstanding Variety Talk Series and Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series.“It s such an honor to be nominated with so many of my friends,” Bee said in a statement. “I am truly grateful to the Academy for recognizing the hard work of my entire staff. It is always a group effort and any day I can order celebratory cake to be delivered to the office is a good day. See you in LA! Conan cut half his show out but still earned three nominations for his half hour edition. Conan O’Brien mixed sincere gratitude with a wacky joke I have an excellent staff and I’m very happy to see them recognized with 3 Emmy Nominations,” O’Brien said in a statement. “Next stop: the Latin Grammys. Amy Sedaris launched her comedic variety show At Home with Amy Sedaris and earned two Emmy nominations. Maybe she’ll do an episode on how to prepare for an awards show!“It s always nice to be invited to a party!” Sedaris said in a statement. “Thanks so much to the Television Academy for nominating us again and everyone at truTV, the writers, cast and crew for making our show possible. I must admit this year’s Emmy nomination is slightly bittersweet – I had my eye on hosting.”Netflix swept reality TV too. For his nomination for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program, Somebody Feed Phil Host and Executive Producer Phil Rosenthal said in a statement, “I’m thrilled for our team who work so hard trying to make me look sexy. The best thing about this is that hopefully I get to keep working with my friends, my family, meeting new families around the world, and eating all their food.”Meanwhile, Netflix’s Chef’s Table earned a nomination for Outstanding Documentary or Non-Fiction series. “It’s a huge honor to be nominated amongst such great company, and we are thrilled to see Chef’s Table continue to receive recognition as the show has evolved over the years,” Creator and EP David Gelb said in a statement. “We are beyond grateful to Netflix for believing in us, and to our chefs for sharing their lives with us and the world.”The Fab Five celebrated Queer Eye’s six nominations including Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program with group hugs.GROUP HUGGIES! 🤗🤗 We’re honored to be nominated for 6 #Emmys this year including Outstanding Structured Reality Program. ✨💖 pic.twitter.com/VPyue66HDZ Queer Eye (@QueerEye) July 16, 2019National Geographic swept documentary categories as one should expect from the longtime contender. Angela Bassett earned a nomination for Outstanding Narration for The Flood.“I am deeply honored to receive this Emmy nomination for such an important project,” Bassett said in a statement. “I truly hope it will bring more much-needed attention to this rarely seen kingdom of resilient, beautiful animals in a way that inspires everyone to help protect it for years to come.”Hostile Planet received three nominations including Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series.“It s been so inspiring to be part of Hostile Planet, a series unlike any other that I’ve been involved in before,” Host and EP Bear Grylls said in a statement. “There’s no doubt that it shines new light on how unforgiving and challenging life can be for animals at the toughest of times. I’m incredibly grateful to the Television Academy for honoring my role in this groundbreaking series and to National Geographic for the privilege of being able to guide viewers through these powerful, and at times shocking stories of survival.”The Emmys air September 22 at on Fox.

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Pixar is such a quality brand that even its “lesser” products prove to be essential for fans of their animated output. The studio’s latest feature, Luca, is arguably on that lower tier, according to critics — not among Pixar’s best but still better than most alternatives — hence the high Tomatometer score we’ve come to expect, even if there isn t quite as much of the excitement we usually find in the reviews themselves. Some critics think that it’s too basic, while others believe its lack of complexity is a good thing. And some critics trust that there’s more to the movie than what’s on the surface and it requires repeat viewings to properly appreciate it. Fortunately for anyone hoping to find out, Luca can be watched over and over on Disney+ starting this Friday, June 18.Here’s what critics are saying about Pixar’s Luca:How does it compare to other Pixar movies?Luca leans far lighter in tone and effect, but it’s no less memorable.  Rob Hunter, Film School RejectsLuca is easily Pixar’s most intimate and laidback effort since Ratatouille.  Keith Watson, Slant MagazineThe last fifteen minutes of Luca might go down as one of the best endings Pixar has ever produced.  Ryan McQuade, Awards WatchThis might be Pixar’s most childlike and cartoony offering.  Brian Roan, The Film StageMore of The Good Dinosaur or Onward level for me, Luca doesn’t quite reach the potential that I have grown to expect from Pixar.  Christie Cronan, Raising WhasiansWhile some material may hit with younger audiences, Luca makes for Pixar’s least enchanting, least special film yet.  Robert Daniels, RogerEbert.com(Photo by Pixar)Is it just a simpler Pixar movie than we re used to?Luca is nowhere near as complex or deep as other Pixar fare and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Doug Jamieson, The Jam ReportAll the more satisfying for its simplicity… the rare Pixar movie that doesn’t feel like it’s been thought to death. David Ehrlich, IndieWireIt is rigorously unphilosophical in a way that proves to be its greatest strength. Clarisse Loughrey, IndependentBy going back to basics, we get a real connection with these characters. Ryan McQuade, Awards WatchLuca has the look and feel of a more disposable flick, but that’s just on the surface. Beneath, it has the beating heart of a classic family tale in the making. Joey Magidson, Awards RadarLuca never quite rises beyond being adorable — and hey, these days, adorable is fine —there’s something that just isn’t there. Moira MacDonald, Seattle TimesHow are the visuals?The real magic of Luca is its visuals… The richness of the settings in both realms is a constant source of pleasure. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterLooking like a hand-drawn fairy tale book come to animated life, Luca has a captivating visual style with every detail popping. Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-TimesThe gorgeous animation of Luca… is unlike other Pixar movies you ve seen. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyIt’s been a while since they’ve done anything visually distinct and felt vastly different from the rest of their fare. Thankfully, Luca is that breath of fresh air. Rendy Jones, Rendy ReviewsPixar’s Luca is proof once again that cartoon movies keep getting better and better with the technology. Christie Cronan, Raising WhasiansRyan FujitaniDoes it bring on the usual waterworks?For much of this film, you’ll be thinking Luca will be one of the rare Pixar movies not to make you cry. But… [it] may just leave you in a puddle of tears. Doug Jamieson, The Jam ReportYeah, it’s cliched to say “I got misty-eyed in a Pixar movie,” but damn by the way they invest you with the friendship, it’s difficult not to find yourself feeling all warm and fuzzy. Rendy Jones, Rendy ReviewsHappy tears at how lovely it all is, fortunately, we re not talking Toy Story 3 or Inside Out trauma here. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyI watched twice and no Inside Out or Up equivalent eye watering… Luca misses the Pixar emotional pull for me. Christie Cronan, Raising WhasiansAre the characters memorable?Giulia s lovable father Massimo, who instantly goes into the all-time list for best animated dads. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyA translucent anglerfish who Sacha Baron Cohen turns into one of Pixar’s funniest characters in less than two minutes of screen time. David Ehrlich, IndieWireAs always, the Pixar magicians create a wonderfully populated world: I particularly enjoyed the cat character, who stares fixedly as only cats can. Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times(Photo by Pixar)How is the screenplay?With all of its wit and perfectly interwoven story threads and running gags, [the script] bears all the hallmarks of the best of Pixar’s story trust. Brian Roan, The Film StageThe script… like all the best Pixar movies, laces touching life lessons and delicate helpings of sentiment into what’s essentially a caper. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterWhy do another narrative about a girl stuck in the middle of two best friends?… The primary story flows through the motions. Robert Daniels, RogerEbert.comUnfortunately, there’s also an episodic, shaggy-dog quality to the plotting that undercuts Luca’s emotional beats. Keith Watson, Slant MagazineAre its themes up for interpretation?This really is a metaphorical film. The sea monsters could be any of us who feel different. Maybe they’re a metaphor for the LGBTQ community. Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the MoviesIt’s the kind of metaphor that could be applied to a hundred different situations, but there’s an inherently queer subtext bubbling beneath the surface. Doug Jamieson, The Jam ReportVery relatable for anyone who is within the LGBTQ+ community… [and also] works for a universal audience who may not identify as LGBTQ+ but can relate to someone who is. Ryan McQuade, Awards Watch[It] serves as a kind of all-purpose allegory, where audiences are free to narrow in on its queer subtext, its rebuke of xenophobia, or its triumph against any facet of small-mindedness. Clarisse Loughrey, IndependentIts themes of coming-of-age resemble too much of Pixar’s existing catalog — and without a narrative that really makes these themes feel fresh. Nicole Clark, IGN MoviesIt never settles on exactly what it wants to say… It never makes a cohesive, powerful point. Germain Lussier, io9.comWho is Luca ultimately for?While Disney and Pixar’s Luca is fun for the whole family, there are some very important messages for children laced throughout the film. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyLuca is entertainment for all ages as its bright colors and fast-moving action will appeal to the kids while the humor and themes should speak to older viewers. Rob Hunter, Film School RejectsWhile there are a few moments that may be a little tense for younger kids… I recommend Pixar’s Luca for kids as young as 5-6 years old. Christie Cronan, Raising WhasiansWill it remind us of any other films?Luca is the closest that Pixar has ever come to capturing the ineffable spirit of a Studio Ghibli film. David Ehrlich, IndieWireThe smooth, rounded character designs are something more akin to the stop-motion work of Aardman Animations. Doug Jamieson, The Jam ReportThere are obvious shades of The Little Mermaid in this fairy tale-like story… but Luca plays like a deliberate inversion of that Disney classic. Keith Watson, Slant MagazineLuca is The Little Mermaid without the heart, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs without the laughs. Roger Moore, Movie Nation(Photo by Pixar)Is it rewatchable?Expect to visit this destination more than once. Rob Hunter, Film School RejectsSince it’s so dense and layered, my guess is it’ll only improve, solidify and blossom with multiple viewings… I do want to watch it again. Germain Lussier, io9.comIt’s also so fabulously summery that you shouldn’t be surprised if you return to it over and over for that sunny feeling. Deirdre Molumby, entertainment.ieWill Luca leave us hopeful for Pixar s future?Luca should be the model going forward for Pixar, with character driving entertaining stories instead of big concepts that fail to execute and leave you feeling hollow by the end (looking at you Soul). Ryan McQuade, Awards Watch[It] hopefully anticipates how the monolithic animation house will continue to create more intimate fare now that it can use Disney+ as a safety net. David Ehrlich, IndieWireLuca releases in theaters and streams on Disney+ on June 18, 2021.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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nk 2077 doesn t find its genesis in film and TV, but the title scores whoa! points for hiring thespian  Keanu Reeves to anchor the game. Reeves plays rocker Johnny Silverhand, a high-profile NPC who personifies the malware infecting the biochip in the player s character. The Matrix trilogy star, just off Certified Fresh hit John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum, is soon to appear in 2020 film Bill Ted Face the Music. Plus, CD Projekt Red is the company behind the hugely popular Witcher video game series, which is being turned into a Netflix show starring Henry Cavill (Justice League).Read Also: Upcoming Video Game Movies and TV Adaptations MARVEL S AVENGERSDeveloper: Crystal Dynamics, Eidos MontrealPublisher: Square EnixPlatforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PCRelease Date: May 15, 2020Avengers Endgame has come and gone, but Marvel fans will get to reassemble Earth s Mightiest Heroes in this ambitious action-adventure from the folks behind the rebooted Tomb Raider franchise. Whether saving the day solo or teaming up online with a co-op crew of four, players will unleash the skills and powers of Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, and the Hulk in a brand new, cinematic story that further expands on Marvel s rich universe.LEGO STAR WARS: THE SKYWALKER SAGADeveloper: TT GamesPublisher: Warner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentPlatforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PCRelease Date: 2020The enormously popular and prolific LEGO video game series kicked off with 2005 s LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game. That legacy now comes full-circle with the sprawling Skywalker Saga, a collection of nine brick-based games from a galaxy far, far away. On top of revisiting previously released entries based on Episodes 1-7, the Death Star–sized compilation — which will allow fans to begin the story at any point — brings The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker to block-y life for the first time.JOHN WICK HEXDeveloper: Bithell GamesPublisher: Lionsgate Games, Good Shepherd EntertainmentPlatforms: PC, (conoles TBA)Release Date: TBAIf you were expecting a game based on the blockbuster John Wick franchise to be a brainless, button-mashing shooter, you d be wrong. Dead wrong. A brilliant blend of gun-fu action and strategy, John Wick Hex will have players plan every trigger-pull behind each precision shot, just as the Baba Yaga would. Toss in a stylized visual presentation and universe-expanding story and this smart shooter is right on target. Players are the titular assassin, played by Keanu Reeves in the film franchise (no word on his participation here).ELDEN RINGDeveloper: FromSoftwarePublisher: Bandai Namco EntertainmentPlatforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PCRelease Date: TBAAnother title not based on an existing film or TV property, this dark fantasy entry deserves a mention for George R.R. Martin s involvement. A brand-new universe created by Game of Thrones mastermind Martin and From Software s Hidetaka Miyazaki (Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice) Elden Ring has the potential to be a pretty big deal. At the very least, it gives Martin fans — patiently waiting for his next book and/or suffering withdrawals from HBO s GoT conclusion — something new to obsess over.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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0.93.7 8月喜迎当然,英雄联盟手游社交系统中怎么能缺少密友系统呢?该功能可以将好友区分为:情侣、姐妹、兄弟和死党,也就是玩家可以和自己的朋友、家人建立关系。随着两人之间的日常互动,玩家可以提升亲密等级。这使得玩家们能够在英雄联盟手游中和自己的好友建立关系,游戏都变得有趣起来。
(Photo by © Saban Films)Every time a new zombie movie – or new season of The Walking Dead – comes out, cries of the death of creativity and the oversaturation of the genre start flooding in.Though the days of George A. Romero may be gone, the zombie sub-genre has never been as popular as it is now, with new projects coming out constantly. Some are bound to be less than stellar, but if you look hard enough you can still find innovative and unique zombie movies that remind you why we’re still so fascinated with the undead.To help you plan your Halloween watch-list with some spooky brain-eating ghouls that you may not have seen, we’ve put together a list highlighting 10 zombie movies from this decade that changed the game and showed there is still plenty of life left in the genre.

Whether it’s a series finale or the last part of a movie franchise, the ending of a popular media property is always going to have mixed reactions. Especially if it’s something that’s been around through multiple generations. While Star Wars as a whole is not finished, the primary saga begun in 1977 now reaches its conclusion with the release of its ninth “episode,” The Rise of Skywalker. Some fans will be satisfied, others won’t be, and that balance is reflected in the wide range of positive and negative reviews of the new movie.Here’s what critics are saying about the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker:Is this the ending we re looking for? It s an emotional, thrilling and satisfying end to the Skywalker Saga. Ian Sandwell, Digital Spy
Debut writer-director Channing Godfrey Peoples  Miss Juneteenth was one of the surprise hits of this year s Sundance Film Festival, where critics singled it out for the charming ways in which Peoples unfurled its touching story. The movie tells the tale of Turquoise Jones (Nicole Behari), a single mom and former beauty queen who s preparing her daughter, Kai (Alexis Chikaeze), for the Miss Juneteenth pageant, which she herself won years ago. Ahead of the movie s release on June 19, Peoples spoke with Rotten Tomatoes about what Juneteenth means to her, the challenges of making her debut feature, and why she felt the need to tell Turquoise and Kai s stories.
(Photo by Paramount Vantage, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures)“Know Your Critic” is a new column in which we interview Tomatometer-approved critics about their screening and reviewing habits, pet peeves, and personal favorites. When David Fear moved to New York 16 years ago, he was intending to continue freelance writing and keep his “day job.” Fate had other plans.He decided to move from California on a Friday, and on the following Monday, a position opened up at entertainment and “things-to-do” magazine, Time Out New York. When it came time for his move across the country, things fell right into place: By the time he got the call for an interview, he could already tell them his new address in the city.“You can be a film critic anywhere,” he told Rotten Tomatoes, “but there really is something about being in New York and being at the Film Forum, seeing a recently restored version or our print of Army of Shadows that you really just kind of feel like, Oh, I m in Film Nerd Heaven.”David Fear is now a Senior Editor and critic at Rolling Stone, and the former Film Editor of Time Out New York.What’s your personal record for most movies seen in a day?When I was younger and much, much more full of piss and vinegar, I think I did a six-film day at Sundance once. It might have been my first or second Sundance back in 2004, 2005. I don t recommend it.If you ate six meals in a day, they could be the greatest meals in the world. They could be five-star chef meals. But you ve stopped tasting it after a while and it just becomes shoveling food into your mouth and going, Oh my God, when is this going to end? I found that when I would start doing more than three, maybe four movies a day at a festival, I would stop tasting the food.Do you prefer 3-D or non–3-D screenings?Do you even have to ask that? I ve actually gone out of my way to see to 2-D screenings because, here s the thing, with very rare exceptions, there s only really three movies that you absolutely, positively need to see in 3-D.There’s really no point to seeing Avatar unless you’re seeing it in 3-D. It s a bad movie, but how he uses 3-D to really immerse you in a bad movie that he s made is remarkably impressive.Are you pro– or anti–note-taking?I don t understand how you can do this gig and not take notes. If you re really serious about potentially wanting to do this, practice writing stuff in a notebook without looking at your notebook. I m very, very pro-note taking – so long as it s not with one of those light pens. Man, f k those light pens.You’re sitting down to write. Would you prefer a shot of espresso or alcohol? What’s your spirit of choice?Espresso for writing and then bourbon for transcribing. It makes the activity of transcribing so much less painful.
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Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Margot Robbie (Photo by Courtesy of Lionsgate (Hillary Bronwyn Gayle))Recent screenings of the Fox News sexual harassment feature Bombshell have forced pundits to recalibrate the Oscars race. Charlize Theron s uncanny transformation into Megyn Kelly is now a major contender for Best Actress. And we still have Greta Gerwig’s Little Women to come; first reactions for that film have been heralding the work of Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh. What was once thought to be a light year for female performances – and one in which Renee Zellweger was looking like a lock – is suddenly shaping up to be a powerhouse.And it’s not just in the lead actress category.Supporting performances often prove the hardest to predict because the category can be stacked with leading performances positioned for “supporting” mostly to up their chances of winning (see Alicia Vikander’s win for The Danish Girl). But we’re going to give it a shot.The 2020 race now features three high-profile female-led efforts with Oscar-worthy supporting performances (Bombshell, Hustlers, and Little Women) – this is in addition to impressive works from earlier in the year, like The Farewell. As with our Best Actress predictions, our list of supporting female performances runs deep, with several marquee names and several newcomers in contention. It will be interesting to see who cuts through as critics groups start releasing their honors lists and we move towards the Indie Spirit Awards.If history tells us anything, it is that most of these names won t make it to Oscar night, but we re pretty confident many of them will be right up there in the awards chatter. So read on as we break down our early picks for 2020 Best Supporting Actress contenders.Don t agree with our picks? Have at us in the comments.Laura Dern, Marriage Story (2019) 94%(Photo by Netflix)Newly announced to join original Jurassic Park co-stars Sam Neill and Jeff Goldblum in the upcoming Jurassic World sequel, the Big Little Lies star also features prominently in two Oscar-caliber films in the fall: She plays the matriarch in Greta Gerwig s Little Women and a no-nonsense lawyer with a talent for dispensing prescient Yoda-like advice in Noah Baumbach s Marriage Story. Having two bites at the apple usually serves potential nominees well, with voters picking the strongest of the two to nominate. And though she’s being praised for her performance in Little Women, her work with longtime friend and collaborator Baumbach is what’s getting the most buzz. Dern, who s on the Board of Governors for the Academy, is also a very active and well-liked member, so it would be a significant upset for her not to make it to Oscar night.Jennifer Lopez, Hustlers (2019) 87%(Photo by Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection)Most pundits are still not fully sold on Hustlers star Jennifer Lopez’s Oscar chances, but you can place us firmly in the “J-Lo for an Oscar nom” camp. Lopez, who plays the acrobatic stripper-turned-“mini mob boss” Ramona in the flick, is seductive, hilarious, and deadly. Also, she’s showing early that she has no intention of coasting through the season. (And yes, we include her recent walk down the Versace runway wearing a reimagining of her iconic green dress and her highly anticipated Super Bowl performance as part of an overall “campaign.”) Looking forward, perhaps the former In Living Color Fly Girl’s biggest obstacle is getting everyone to recognize how exceptional she is in the role. We don’t need convincing. Enjoying her best reviews since Steven Soderbergh’s Out of Sight, Lopez switches from charismatic mom-like figure to lethal crime boss with no more effort than she’d take to slide on a new pair of pumps. So yeah,  it’s time Jenny from the Block got her due.Annette Bening, The Report (2019) 82%(Photo by Amazon Studios)There are several films on the fall slate that deal with political themes, and it’s yet to be seen how that will play with Academy voters. Among them are Richard Jewell, Queen Slim, Bombshell, Jojo Rabbit, and The Report. The voters do sometimes embrace the political – Alejandro Iñárritu’s The Revenant looked unbeatable at the 2016 Oscars but was nevertheless defeated by the quiet newspaper procedural Spotlight – and Supporting Actress contender Annette Bening will be hoping they do so this year for her transformative portrayal of Senator Dianne Feinstein in the Amazon feature about the 9/11 torture report.Shuzhen Zhao, The Farewell (2019) 97%(Photo by A24)Before last year’s Oscar campaign, a film like The Farewell, its lead actress Awkwafina, and the script/direction from newcomer Lulu Wang would have been hopeful but unlikely to vie for a golden statuette. Then Roma proved anything is possible, particularly in what the film signaled for actresses Marina de Tavira and Yalitza Aparicio, who were both nominated for Oscars. This is why we’re confident in the chances of the hilarious and heartfelt performance by Shuzhen Zhao as The Farewell’s Nai Nai, the elderly matriarch who is kept unaware of her own terminal illness to spare her unwanted pain. The film is based on an actual lie from the life of director Lulu Wang – the family gathers in China to say goodbye to Nai Nai under the guise of a family wedding – and Zhao is astonishingly good at its center, delivering cutting one-liners and intimate life lessons. Zhao also comes with the kind of Cinderella story voters love: this is her first on-screen performance.Nicole Kidman Margot Robbie, Bombshell (2019) 68%(Photo by Lionsgate)Early word on this Fox News sexual harassment drama is nothing but raves for lead actress Charlize Theron and supporting stars Margot Robbie and Nicole Kidman. Robbie was already a contender for her work as Sharon Tate in Once Upon a Time In Hollywood, but those who have seen Bombshell say this is the performance more likely to get her nominated. The I, Tonya actress’s portrayal of a young, impressionable Fox News staffer who s harassed by founder Roger Ailes is the stuff that Oscar highlight reels are made of. As Gretchen Carlson, the first woman to raise concerns at the network and who eventually filed suit for harassment and wrongful termination, Nicole Kidman is equally noteworthy. Both are a serious threat for nomination.Also in contention: Maggie Smith (Downton Abbey)Jennifer Hudson (Cats)Thomasin McKenzie (Jojo Rabbit)Octavia Spencer (Luce)Da Vine Joy Randolph (Dolemite is My Name)Florence Pugh (Little Women)Meryl Streep (Little Women)

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