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斥爱太温柔在线阅读采用百度引擎9(Baidu 3)Critics are certainly showing their appreciation for action flick Nobody, lifting the movie to a Certified Fresh Tomatometer score of 80%. That’s an improvement over Ilya Naishuller’s debut film, Hardcore Henry (52%) from 2015. Nobody also bested that film’s opening (.1 million in 3,015 theaters) with an estimated .7 million in 2,460 theaters with limited capacity. (Tom Jerry opened in 2,475 theaters.) That’s the third-best opening of the year to date behind only the family entries of T J and Raya and the Last Dragon. Is this the first good sign that adults (hopefully of the vaccinated variety) are headed back into theaters? The Little Things opened to .7 million on the last weekend in January , while also available on HBO Max. Last summer’s attempt to reopen with Russell Crowe in Unhinged netted a million wide release (1,823 theaters); the movie then slowly made its way to million. It’s going to be interesting to chart the progression of Nobody as new wide releases enter the marketplace almost every week going forward.The Top Ten And Beyond: Raya Holds On As The Courier Expands(Photo by ©Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)After three weeks at number 1, Disney’s Raya and the Last Dragon dropped to second place, falling 32% to .5 million for a total of .4 million to date. The year’s top grosser fell to third place, as Tom Jerry took in another .5 million for a total of .1 million. That makes it the 11th-highest-grossing film since the beginning of 2020 and the fourth-highest since the pandemic behind only Tenet, The Croods: A New Age, and Wonder Woman 1984; the latter two are still in the top 10 with The Croods sequel still creeping up on Tenet’s total.After four weeks, the long-delayed Chaos Walking has crept over the million mark after opening to .77 million. That’s a feat unattained by fellow wide March releases that opened between .5-4 million: Slither, Missing In Action II: The Beginning, Boat Trip, Unsane, 3 Strikes, Amos Andrew, and Pride.The Benedict Cumberbatch spy thriller, The Courier, added 208 theaters and fell 48% but still grossed another .04 million for a total of .48 million. That makes it the 32nd highest-grossing release in Roadside Attractions’ history, which – all things considered – is not too shabby. Especially when it will take less than just another million for it to join the company’s top 25.These Dates In Box Office History: Milestones for Logan, Rango, Horton Hears A Who!

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近年来,随着移动游戏市场的蓬勃发展,手机游戏的受众群体不断扩张,在越来越多的经典网络游戏IP走上了手游化的道路之后,不少主机游戏IP、单机游戏IP也开始尝试着向手游平台发展。和手游发展初期时的用户不同,如今的手游用户对于游戏的玩法、体验以及画面品质等方面要求更高,尤其是对IP手游而言,玩家在挑选游戏的时候除了会理性地根据游戏本身的内容品质去评判外,还会考虑整个游戏的世界观、核心内容是否足够还原IP原作。这就要求主机、单机游戏厂商在进行IP手游开发的时候,不但要考虑移动游戏用户的体验,也要保证原作的核心魅力能够最大化得到还原。 Mike Flanagan changed the way genre television worked when his adaptation of Shirley Jackson s The Haunting of Hill House premiered to Netflix in 2018. The series showcased the director s interest in exploring family dynamics amid the backdrop of trauma, addiction, and abuse. The result was a heartfelt and absolutely terrifying piece of entertainment. And two years later, his team is back with The Haunting of Bly Manor — a spooky new installment, just in time for the Halloween season.This time around, the franchise utilizes the literary works of Henry James, mostly his classic ghost story The Turn of the Screw, which tells the story of a young governess who moves into an estate in Essex, England to look after two troubled young children. Bly Manor once again finds Flanagan and his crew traversing the concepts of life, death, love, and grief, and digs into the ways these emotional highs and lows inform our overall human existence.The series brings back members of the previous installment s cast — Victoria Pedretti, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Kate Siegel, and Henry Thomas — and introduces newcomers T Nia Miller, Rahul Kohli, Tahirah Sharif, Amelia Eve, and child actors Amelie Bea Smith and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, who play the orphaned siblings.Season 2 of Netflix s hit horror series returns on Friday, October 9. How will the nine-episode installment compare to its predecessor? The Haunting of Hill House is currently Certified Fresh at 93% on the Tomatometer. Here’s what the critics are saying about The Haunting of Bly Manor.How does it compare to Hill House?(Photo by Eike Schrotet, © Netflix)In this second season, Flanagan has struck an artful balance of family drama, gothic horror, character work, and romance. One important note, though – there are significantly fewer jump scares, which may be a plus or a minus depending on your affinity for those. — Hannah Lodge, Screen RexBeing more concerned with romance than trauma, Bly’s is a very different Haunting to that of Hill House, but one that also feels to have suffered from Flanagan’s more hands-off approach (his direction limited to a single episode this time around). There are some bold storytelling choices and a fluid chronology keeps things interesting, but this is neither as intricate nor intriguing as the time-bending puzzle box that made up the show’s first season. Most crucially, though, Bly never manages to chill the blood in quite the same way. — James Dyer, Empire MagazineIt s perhaps slightly unfair to keep comparing this to Hill House. Bly Manor shares similar connective tissues – there are the same slow-creeping wide shots and plenty of jump scares – but the new series is very fun. A strange term, perhaps, to use to describe a show that will haunt you long after the credits roll, but one that s apt for Bly Manor. The scares will have you grabbing your quarantine buddy s hand, but never quite chilling you to the bone. — Jack Shepherd, Games RadarHow are the performances this time around? (Photo by Eike Schrotet, © Netflix)The performances range from good to extraordinary, with T Nia Miller and Amelia Eve proving themselves especially outstanding. — Charlie Ridgley, ComicBook.comHaunting vets Pedretti, Thomas, and Oliver Jackson-Cohen (who plays Henry Wingrave’s slippery valet, Peter Quint) get to do most of the showy emoting, but the performances never go too far over the top (as they did sometimes in the occasionally maudlin Hill House). The standouts though are T’Nia Miller, who handles her character’s dramatic heavy lifting with incredible subtlety, and Rahul Kohli, whose mischievous take on Owen injects some much-needed lightness and joy into Bly Manor’s gloom. — Cheryl Eddy, io9.comJackson-Cohen is a particular standout this season as Peter Quint, an employee of Bly s absent owner Henry Wingrave (Thomas). One of the characters lifted straight from Turn of the Screw, Peter sows discord in the manor, poisoning all he touches in a magnetic performance from Jackson-Cohen that is a far cry from the vulnerable Luke Crain in The Haunting s freshmen outing. This is not the only instance in which it seems Flanagan purposefully gave a returning actor a role wholly different from what they did in Hill House, but no one meets the occasion quite like Jackson-Cohen does. — Sadie Gennis, TV GuideAnd what about the kids?(Photo by Eike Schrotet, © Netflix)Doctor Sleep and Hill House proved that Flanagan has an affinity for bringing out the very best in child actors and once again, this can be applied here. Amelie Smith is a great delight as young Flora Wingrave and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth is excellent as Miles Wingrave. The children offer an entirely opposite perspective to the horrors. They’re almost complicit and in the know of the strange happenings around the Bly estate. Flanagan is able to create intrigue through their mysterious connection to the Manor’s ghosts. — Ben Rolph, Discussing FilmChild actors are often not the best, if I am being honest, but Amelie Smith who plays Flora, and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth, who plays Miles, are extraordinary. — Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyThese two unfortunate souls, who find in Pedretti’s character an eager and solicitous au pair, are played by Amelie Bea Smith and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth; the two child performers have mastered the art of sweet-natured mischief, explaining away their chaos as the stuff of children even when it seems to originate from a deeper and more sinister wellspring. — Daniel D Addario, VarietyIs it just as beautifully made as the original?(Photo by Eike Schrotet, © Netflix)Even without Flanagan behind the camera 90% of the time, this is an exquisite example of modern horror filmmaking craft, a ravishing marriage of eye-wateringly beautiful cinematography – which bears Flanagan’s signature soft focus that’s practically a brand unto itself at this point – lived-in production design, and crisp editing. Bar a few wonky CGI moments – namely the unintentionally goofy sight of a glasses-clad figure who haunts Dani – it is a visual feast to soak in per Netflix’s 4K HDR presentation. — Shaun Munro, Flickering MythBly is visually stunning, weaving symbolic elements into the emotional heart of the story without feeling cheap or gimmicky. The choice to set this season in the ’80s is an interesting one, too, and the nostalgia never overtakes the narrative. There are the inevitable ’80s clothes, but it’s the context of the time period that aides one of the season’s major arcs. After all, much of Bly’s story takes place on the historic grounds of the estate, centering on a mysterious and magnetic lake surrounded by lush gardens, gothic statues, and a quaint chapel. This, in turn, allows the story more room to unfold in a single location rather than through flashbacks. Every visual choice impacts the story in some way and will likely be satisfying and poignant on rewatch. — Jenn Adams, Consequence of SoundBut wait, is this a love story or a horror series?(Photo by Eike Schrotet, © Netflix)Underneath the lore and horror elements, Bly Manor is predominantly a love story, keener with focusing on the complexities and secrets of the characters than shock value, so as to curate an effective narrative. You’ll be shocked at how much conversation takes place throughout the season with the lack of spectacle surprising. But some of those relationships are the most compelling aspects Flanagan unspools. The specifics of which are too spoilery to delve into. — Nate Adams, The Only CriticBut the romances that slowly form as the season progresses are indeed effective – even sweet. In fact, they work much better than the horror elements, which are often muddled and confusing in trying to create mythology – as well as rules – for the ghosts haunting Bly Manor. The love stories blossoming here are tender and sweet. And, yes, in keeping with the best gothic romance tradition, more than a bit tragic. — Chris Evangelista, SlashFilmBly Manor is interested in the metaphor of ghosts as regret; every phantom that’s haunting these characters is tied to some underlying remorse. The regret of staying with an abuser until it was too late. The regret of hurting a loved one, no matter how unintentional. The regret of loves not admitted in the first place. — Vinnie Mancuso, ColliderAny final thoughts?(Photo by Eike Schrotet, © Netflix)Flanagan’s horror is the tender sort; his great big heart beats through the scarier fare. But that heart feels appropriate for Bly Manor. It’s a less dark place than Hill House. A great, good place, even. Just beware of the hallways at night. — Lindsey Romain, NerdistNetflix s The Haunting of Bly Manor lacks the terrifying punch of its more horror-charged predecessor, The Haunting of Hill House. However, creator and director Mike Flanagan is able to imbue this new chapter with rich character development and a memorable love story. — David Griffin, IGNAn old-fashioned gothic horror-romance, with almost no gore, and no gratuitous sex or nudity, The Haunting of Bly Manor neatly checks off all the holiday viewing boxes. — Gena Radcliffe, The SpoolThe Haunting of Bly Manor is available on Netflix on October 9, 2020. On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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当然也有不少LOL玩家不甘寂寞,通过各种方法玩上了外服来尝鲜。作为LOL的死忠粉丝我自然也下载好了《英雄联盟》手游,今天就给大家推荐一下各个位置比较强势的英雄,让大家在外服开荒的同时也能快速上手。斥爱太温柔在线阅读rs and Pattinson for an exclusive extended interview about The Lighthouse in which the director and actor talk about getting really weird, grabbing co-stars dicks, working with gulls, and stretching the idea of genre to its limits.

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Pixar s Onward is a suburban fantasy adventure about two brothers seeking to resurrect their dad for one last day together. Better get out the tissues Tom Holland reflects on the opportunity to be both Spider-Man and a Pixar character, while Chris Pratt talks about growing up with his older brother and how he ll react to Onward. Also, producer Kori Rae and director Dan Scanlon explain why now was the time for Pixar s jump into fantasy, and muse on life s habit of making the funniest things happen at the worst time possible.Onward opens this Friday in theaters everywhere.

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Lucky number 13 is the name of the game this May. The month features several long-running summer favorites returning to the screen alongside several standouts hoping to avoid the sophomore slump. Catch up on the supernatural with iZombie and Lucifer, the character-driven with Deadwood and Fleabag, and the crime-ridden with Line of Duty and Elementary before new episodes drop in the coming weeks. iZombie 90% (The CW)What it is: A wonderfully original spin on the TV zombie craze started by The Walking Dead, iZombie stars Rose McIver as Olivia Moore, a med student-turned-zombie who helps the Seattle police solve homicides by eating victims’ brains and reliving their memories.Why you should watch it: There’s no limit to the creative turns TV writers can take the simple premise of “zombies exist” — hat tip to the dearly departed Santa Clarita Diet — but as iZombie heads into its fifth and final season, it remains one of the genre s best, most off-kilter examples. Season 5 premieres May 2 on The CW.Where to watch it: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Microsoft, Netflix, VuduCommitment: Approx. 42 hours (for the first four seasons)Lucifer 88% (Netflix)What it is: Most people escape their locale to vacation where it’s warm, but where do you vacation when your home is in Hell? Los Angeles, apparently. That’s where our titular antihero Lucifer Morningstar (Tom Ellis) sets his sights, at least, after resigning his post as ruler of the underworld and wanting to spice up his life. Once in LA, he opens up a nightclub and stumbles into becoming a civilian consultant for the LAPD.Why you should watch it: Based on the DC Comics character created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth, and Mike Dringenberg, Lucifer Morningstar is a protagonist like we haven’t seen before. Ruler of Hell, sure, but also charismatic as hell (and charming, witty, and handsome), proving himself to be the perfect right-hand man for homicide detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German). (Over the course of three seasons, their beguiling relationship is one of the reasons to stick around, too.) Lucifer was cancelled by Fox last year, but revived by Netflix, which will premiere its fourth season on May 8.Where to watch it: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Hulu, Microsoft, Netflix, VuduCommitment: Approx. 42 hours (for the first three seasons)Easy 90% (Netflix)What it is: With Netflix’s romantic comedy series, it’s all in the name. That’s because there’s nothing, well, easy about modern love. Easy’s first two seasons follow an intertwining group of friends and couples living and loving in Chicago.Why you should watch it: The best of television is often character-driven, and Easy gives you plenty of characters to work with. While this Windy City–set series focuses on people and relationships that occasionally overlap, each episode largely stands on its own as a singular meditation on a given couple’s romantic dynamic and exploration of intimacy. And with Drinking Buddies writer-director Joe Swanberg at the helm, the whole thing goes down smoothly (you thought there was going to be another easy joke, didn t you?). Plus, it’s just a hoot to see some of our favorite talents (from Judy Greer to Aubrey Plaza to Dave Franco to Orlando Bloom) pop in for a quick half-hour installment.Where to watch it: NetflixCommitment: Approx. 8 hours (for the first two seasons)Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 95% (ABC)What it is: S.H.I.E.L.D. is the kind of agency you want at your back. Led by fan-favorite Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg, who caused uproar upon his character’s death in 2012’s The Avengers), Marvel Comics’ fictional Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement, and Logistics Division fights the behind-the-scenes battles that the average human wouldn’t dare face (see: Project Centipede and more). It’s wild, it’s crazy, and it’s a heck of a fun time for Marvel superfans.Why you should watch it: Sure, this puzzle piece within the Marvel Cinematic Universe maintains the franchise call-backs and tonally checks all the boxes of what we look for in a Marvel romp, but you don’t have to be a die-hard lover of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and co. to fall for S.H.I.E.L.D.’s extraterrestrial adventures and the now-beloved ensemble of characters it has built throughout its 100-plus episodes. Season 6 premieres on ABC May 10. Where to watch it: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, Hulu, Microsoft, Netflix, VuduCommitment: Approx. 82 hours (for the first five seasons)Sneaky Pete 96% (Amazon Prime Video)What it is: Longtime character actor and standout supporter Giovanni Ribisi gets top billing as conman Marius who, once out of prison, takes on the identity of his cellmate, Pete. On the run from a cold-blooded mobster, Marius holes up with Pete’s unsuspecting small-town family.Why you should watch it: This Amazon original series from creators David Shore and Bryan Cranston (who also co-stars as the aforementioned mobster, Vince) will sneak up and floor you — and we don’t say that simply as a play on words. Each ensemble member (but especially Ribisi and series breakout Marin Ireland) delivers lived-in and moving dramatic turns with fast-paced scripts that don’t skimp on nuance or character. In other words, Sneaky Pete doesn’t have to con its way onto your must-watch list. Season 3 premieres May 10 on Amazon Prime.Where to watch it: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 18 hours (for the first two seasons)Line of Duty 96% (Acorn TV)What it is: Netflix’s Bodyguard may have taken the world by storm last year (along with a Golden Globe win for star Richard Madden), but it’s another cop thriller from creator Jed Mercurio that has us itching for more: Line of Duty. Five seasons in, the series remains one of the U.K.’s highest-rated dramas. Line of Duty follows D.S. Steve Arnott after he’s transferred to an anti-corruption unit and is partnered with a brilliant undercover investigator, D.C. Kate Fleming.Why you should watch it: While dry in summary, the performances and procedural dramas here are absolutely astounding — some of the best nail-biters TV has to offer. Season 5 is already acclaimed overseas, but premieres for U.S. audiences May 13 on Acorn TV.Where to watch it: Acorn TV, Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, HuluCommitment: Approx. 23 hours (for the first four seasons)Fleabag 100% (Amazon Prime Video)What it is: Well it’s about time! Fleabag’s six-episode first season premiered to critical acclaim back in 2016 — which means we’ve been waiting for quite a while to reacquaint ourselves with creator and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge and her titular and adrift heroine, who is learning to cope with the death of her best friend in varying self-destructive ways while building a life in London. Why you should watch it: Few other creators are as exciting as Fleabag’s Waller-Bridge. The beloved and all-too-short first season of Amazon’s fuss-free comedy is based on the writer and actress’ hit one-woman play of the same name, which just wrapped a sold-out Off-Broadway run after its 2013 debut overseas. Crass, fearless, and heartbreaking in equal measure, the series trumpeted the arrival of a thrilling new creative voice. And now that Waller-Bridge has other hits with Killing Eve and an arc in Star Wars under her belt, she’s going into season 2 of Fleabag as a bonafide international superstar. Do yourself a favor and learn what the buzz is about. Season 2 premieres May 17 on Amazon Prime Video.Where to watch it: AmazonCommitment: Approx. 3 hours (for the first season)Elementary 95% (CBS)What it is: A contemporary (and gender-bending) update on the classic Sherlock Holmes, Elementary is a New York crime procedural starring Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson and Jonny Lee Miller as the iconic Holmes. Watson begins as Holmes’ sober companion (the ex-Scotland Yard consultant is also a recovering drug addict), but as the series progresses, she becomes his apprentice and partner in solving NYPD’s most chin-scratching mysteries.Why you should watch it: Liu is endlessly watchable in just about anything, so her involvement in this Robert Doherty series is reason enough to tune in. But Elementary is more than just a spellbinding leading lady: it s a solid, reliable procedural that puts a clever twist on an old classic. Season 7 premieres May 23 on CBS.Where to watch it: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Hulu, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 103 hours (for the first six seasons)Vida 100% (Starz)What it is: Set in the rarely depicted neighborhood of East Los Angeles, Vida follows estranged Mexican-American sisters Lyn and Emma Hernandez, who are forced to revisit their childhood home and memories after the sudden death of their mother. Familial secrets and personal growth abounds.Why you should watch it: Shows don’t get much more refreshingly original than Vida, Starz’s half-hour dramedy from showrunner Tanya Saracho. Centering queer, Latinx voices both in front of and behind the camera is a feat in and of itself, but the fact that the series is compellingly alive (and bingeable) is what will keep you sticking around. It’s wonderfully grounded by Melissa Barrera and Mishel Prada as the central reunited sisters. Season 2 premieres May 23 on Starz.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Hulu, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 3 hours (for the first season)She's Gotta Have It 78% (Netflix)What it is: Spike Lee updated his original 1986 film in series form. She’s Gotta Have It is the story of Brooklyn-based artist Nola Darling and her three lovers — a love life she juggles while navigating her personal life in an ever-gentrifying Brooklyn and ever-shifting social and political climate. Why you should watch it: Talk about a star-making performance: you simply can’t take your eyes off the magnetic DeWanda Wise. While season 1 admittedly goes a bit off the rails with some of its sillier subplots, She s Gotta Have It is a series that packs a timely, sociopolitical punch while laying the drama (and sexiness) on thick. With Lee at the helm and Wise front and center, She’s Gotta Have It is a televisual update that’s an absolutely engrossing joy to watch. Season 2 premieres May 24 on Netflix. Where to watch: NetflixCommitment: About 5 hours (for the first season)Animal Kingdom (TNT)What it is: Based on the 2010 Australian feature film of the same name from writer-director David Michôd, Animal Kingdom reconfigures itself in Southern California and showcases the city’s grittier side through a crime family led by iron-fisted matriarch Janine “Smurf” Cody (Ellen Barkin). Our point of entry is Joshua “J” Cody (Finn Cole), a 17-year-old who’s swept up into the family business after his mother dies of a heroin overdose.Why you should watch it: Ellen Barkin, Ellen Barkin, Ellen Barkin. The series’ thrilling writing and direction, led by creator Jonathan Lisco, is well worth the binge, but Barkin, a Tony and Emmy winner and two-time Golden Globe nominee, brings a conniving richness to Smurf that must be seen to be believed. Season 4 premieres May 28 on TNT.Where to watch: Amazon, FandangoNOW, Google Play, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 27 hours (for the first three seasons)Archer 90% (FXX)What it is: Even the sleekest of action-packed espionage thrillers have an air of cartoonish hyperbole to them, but FXX’s Archer does away with that suspension of disbelief by making the whole thing a cartoon to begin with. The half-hour comedy from creator Adam Reed can land a joke as deftly as its titular man-child spy can land a punch, so expect to be thrilled while laughing yourself silly.Why you should watch it: Over nine hit seasons, Archer has never shied away from genre experimentation. Season 8’s Dreamland and last season’s Danger Island were particularly high-concept highlights. Season 10 continues the genre-jumping trend of Archer’s coma-dream with 1999, which sees Archer not as the ass-kicking spy of ISIS we know from earlier incarnations, but a futuristic explorer of space on the M/V Seamus alongside our longstanding favorite characters and the voice actors behind them. While it’s a bottle season and therefore easily accessible to newcomers, we still recommend you catch up on all things Archer that have come before it. That’s where the payoff is! Archer: 1999 premieres May 29 on FXX.Where to watch it: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, Hulu, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 38 hours (for the first nine seasons)Deadwood 92% (HBO)What it is: In what is quickly proving to be one of the television events of the year, Deadwood’s long-awaited feature film finale is finally coming to HBO on May 31. The fan-favorite Western from creator David Milch reunites stars Timothy Olyphant as Seth Bullock and Ian McShane as Al Swearengen (along with the majority of the original ensemble) for a bookend installment set 10 years after the events of season 3’s unexpected ending. Why you should watch it: A fascinating, lurid, and original take on the classic Western genre, Deadwood built its devout fan base thanks to its ability to explore the human condition in tandem with the principles of early American society. With a smattering of scene-stealing performances from its expansive cast, it also has the writing, direction, and design to be one of the most gritty and authentic takes on America’s roots to ever hit the small screen. Deadwood: The Movie premieres May 31 on HBO.Where to watch it: Amazon, FandangoNow, Google Play, HBO Now, Hulu, Microsoft, VuduCommitment: Approx. 36 hours (for all three seasons)Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.Thumbnail image photo credit: Matthias Clamer/ABC; Warrick Page/HBO; David Lee/Netflix

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8.33.3 4月喜迎Adjusted Score: -1% Critics Consensus: Bold and bristling, Watchmen isn't always easy viewing, but by adding new layers of cultural context and a host of complex characters it expertly builds on its source material to create an impressive identity of its own.

rajectory this year, being that she was really influenced by this glamour character, this alternate persona, and also because I think in the previous seasons, we ve always seen her attached to someone, whether that was Penny or Julia or her mother, there was always someone that she was worried about, or someone that she was living life vicariously through.“So it was really beautiful to be able to discover who Kady was as an individual, without a relationship or without a man, who is she? We really got to play with that and see how she grew and watched her really take on her own inner strength and who she is and her power.“The glamour character is Sam Cunningham, who is a cop. I think there s a similar strength that both Sam and Kady have. An innate strength, yet Sam is incredibly determined and very independent, and strong as an individual, but she also just has very strong convictions about what is right and wrong, and I think Kady is similar in that, but I think she questioned it, because, for example, she d do the wrong thing to help the right person — like helping her mom, but stealing things to do that.”Rick Worthy as Dean Henry Fogg“Dean Fogg has been doing a lot of self-medication. He s a very complicated man — I have had my homework cut out for me, every script that I get … Fogg, he is now a businessman really; he is in the business and politicking of magic. He has a very uncomfortable alliance with The Order, doesn t make him happy at all. At the end of season 3, as he does the ultimate chess move and blips in with Irene McAllister and Gavin and they siphon off the magic then blip out, I got quite a few, ‘What the f s?!’ Or, ‘What the Foggs?!’ — whatever you wanna use. What the Fogg!“That night, and online and emails, couple phone calls, people were like, Whoa! Man, I didn t see that coming! So, you re truly a bad guy then aren t you? He isn t a bad guy, just he s found himself in a position where he has to be in business with The Order. They have tremendous amount of power, as you guys know, and he doesn t like having to report to them but he has to.”Brittany Curran as Fen“I m the king … At the beginning of the season, the atmosphere is so saturated with opium that it s like, things are going awry, and we ve heard that Ember is back, our god, so we re just trying to find Ember … so she s just trying to figure out what s making the kingdom go awry.”Trevor Einhorn as Josh“Josh has become Isaac, the Uber Driver, or ride-share driver, whatever legal can let us use. And he is a five-star driver, always has waters, will definitely give you gum, mints … That is the biggest thing that I have going for me. The funny part about it is, he drives a Prius and wears a suit. So he really commits to it. And that s sort of where, he s ready for any sort of exciting adventure in his life.”Summer Bishil as Margo“I ve always been really shy, and socially awkward, so acting was always my safe place, and I d always wanted a character like Margo, but, you know, the industry wasn t changing as fast as I would ve liked to. When I was still pursuing work, there were a lot of stereotypes I was going up against, it was a lot of the same role, and I d always been desperate to play somebody like Margo. I didn t know if I could do it, because I m painfully shy, but you know, Sera and John cast me as Margo, and it s really changed my life. It s just opened up so much more opportunities and has allowed me to be seen in a way that has kind of emancipated a lot of the stereotypes I had to carry with me. I didn t even know how that had affected my psychology until I had to crawl out of that for Margo, just so that she could live. I had to break free of these unhealthy narratives that were limiting me and making me feel bad, and Margo really did that for me. It s been a really strange journey.”Hale Appleman as Eliot/The Monster“The monster is sort of kind of like the dark shadow of your inner child, who s been abandoned and has essentially no one to turn to. He s alone in this world, but for one singular special relationship, and for thousands of years he s been locked in this dungeon castle in which there s been one human life to take care of him, and when they pass, a new one comes through and takes care of him.“I always think of Let The Right One In, if you know that movie, where there s one person of significance who can kind of bear the brunt of all the needs that this being might need. And in the case of this monster, he s tacked to the bottom of this castle and held there because he s a danger to everything around him, but he doesn t necessarily even know that.“So he s kind of this innocent, but he has this hit list, this revenge mission this season.”John McNamara on the Library as a Fascist Power“Germany didn t happen overnight in the 1920 s and 30s. France didn t fall under fascist rule overnight. It s always a series of very small choices, and what I kind of like about this season is, it doesn t start with armed guards storming in and taking over the library — that s, I think, a child s version of fascism. What you re seeing is people with Library, who I think are at heart pretty good people, but they re perceiving the fact that they don t have control as the problem. Rather than the problem is, there s always going to be chaos, and it s how you deal with chaos.“They want to eliminate chaos, so they have really good intentions in a way. And I m not saying that Nazis had good intentions or Stalin had good intentions, but I do believe that it happens in incremental stages, and it s a very slow roll this season. But a movie that I kind of insisted that everybody watch as a kind of inspiration is a French film from the 1960s called, Army of Shadows. Wonderful movie, it s all about the French Resistance, and what I liked about the movie analogously was because the director and writer had really been the French Resistance and had gone through all that first hand and had survived.“He told the story of how as a ‘good guy’ in the Resistance, I mean some terrible choices of who to kill, who to turn in, who to punish, and sometimes you re wrong and you have to live with that. And so we wanted to keep the morality — not ambiguous because obviously there is right and wrong, but that the actions you take sometimes to fight something that is evil, sometimes you do something to fight something evil, and then you have to ask yourself, ‘Well, why am I not evil?’ That s an interesting theme that runs throughout the entire season. The Library is definitely a growing fascist … virus.”The Magicians season 4 premieres Wednesday, January 23 at 9 p.m. on Syfy.
Indonesian director Joko Anwar is one of the most exciting horror talents working today, and Impetigore might be his most effective – and surprisingly moving – film to date. The story is free-wheeling and complex, but essentially involves a young woman returning to her ancestral village, where she’s inherited a house. Is it haunted? Probably. Why do the locals seem so suspicious of her? We’re about to find out. This incredibly atmospheric film kicks off with what might be the tensest horror opening of the decade – a strange man terrorizes a toll booth worker – and from there piles on killer set pieces and unforgettable imagery at a clip. Indonesia selected Impetigore as its entry for the Oscars’ international feature category; we hope the Academy takes a risk on this genre gem and shortlists it.Available on: Shudder
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Ghcxuf (Photo by Marcos Cruz/Vagrant Productions/SYFY)Rae s co-star Tim Rozon couldn’t wait to read the comic once it came on his radar. Like her, he read it before the audition and felt it helped him get the part.“For my screen test, I made sure I had orange-reddish hair color to match [the character] from the comic book,” Rozon said.His character, a stranded Earthman named Issac who serves as Elida’s “goofy sidekick,” may seem somewhat familiar to fans of Rozon from Wynonna Earp, in which he plays Doc Holliday — which is to say, there’s a bit of a scoundrel to Issac.“I haven t felt so right for a part pretty much since Doc Holliday,” Rozon said, although, “Doc can be pretty intense, whereas Isaac is just a bumbling fool, and I feel like I m a little closer to that at times.”(Photo by Marcos Cruz/Vagrant Productions/SYFY)Also like Wynonna Earp and other Canadian-produced sci-fi shows, Vagrant Queen likes to play fast and loose with its tone. It can feature a bombastic, heroic slow-mo shot and immediately segue into a joke. It was one of the appealing aspects both Rae and Rozon found when the ready the pilot script.“I love the dynamic of it,” Rae said. “Everyone usually chooses, ‘Oh, this is comedy, we can t have these heavy drama moments.’ Or ‘Oh, this is drama, we can t have it that funny.’ But I love that we choose where we need to put that comedy, and we choose where we need to put those heavy moments to make it realistic and make you invested in the character storylines. I love that we do it all. It kind of gives me a Guardians of the Galaxy feel when it comes to adding all those aspects into one.”(Photo by Syfy)Viewers will see that from the first episode, which introduces Elida, Issac, third major character Amae (Alex McGregor), antagonist Lozaro (Paul du Toit), and a host of secondary characters who come to life almost immediately — if, in some cases, just to be quickly knocked off the board. And as some of these guest characters matter to the main three, they, like Rozon’s Issac, “use humor a lot to deflect feelings and deal with feelings.”But then, he felt the more fluid tone – which he described as “heart, humor, and hectic” — is essential to the show.“It s got to have that right mix,” he said. “All of that is a testament, in my opinion, to [showrunner] Jem Garrard. This lady is a powerhouse. She is incredible.”(Photo by Marcos Cruz/Vagrant Productions/SYFY)Garrard, who previously produced Android Employed, came to Vagrant Queen with an intensity and built out from the comic book’s initial six issue run, creating new situations fans of the book will begin to see as early as the pilot and a new major character with Amae. Introduced as the sister of one of Elida’s favorite bartenders, she joins the group as they are in bad need of an engineer and, so it seems, a mediator. “She is the glue that keeps [Elida and Issac] together because they are literally polar opposites,” Rozon said.Although, Rae believes theirs is “just a real-ass friendship where people are on their individual journeys and they do stuff for themselves, not necessarily thinking about the consequences or repercussions for others.”The nature of Elida and Issac’s friendship is another departure from the comic — where they seemed more like very uneasy allies — but as Rozon pointed out, the television series has more time to flesh out their shared history than the six-issue comic. He also thinks the comic book characters have as tight of a bond as their television counterparts. But what about their constant verbal sparring? “You can only be with your real friends when you call your real friends out, you know what I m saying?” he said.(Photo by Marcos Cruz/Vagrant Productions/SYFY)Of course, there is a reason they’re on each other’s last nerve when we meet them. Elida stole Issac’s ship last she saw him, and, last time he saw her, he was literally shooting her in the back. It should be a friend-ending moment, but when you see the ship in question, the Winnipeg. It will all make sense.Like all the great sci-fi shows, the Winnipeg serves as the program’s signature environment. It is both stylish and rough-and-tumble all at once. Perhaps smaller than the Serenity of Firefly or the Raza of Dark Matter, its faded walls, messy floors, and quirky layout will remind some of a long lost, but favorite spaceship toy from childhood. And, as Rozon told us, it is named after one of Canada’s toughest towns.“It s cold and it s nasty,” he said. “If you re from Winnipeg, you re tough.”The set itself is one continuous piece, allowing scenes to play out from the command module out to the loading dock or the individual rooms. And that sense of verisimilitude made it real easy for the actors to get into character.“This is it, man. This is the dream. This is what I signed up for,” Rozon said.(Photo by Marcos Cruz/Vagrant Productions/SYFY)Although, not everything in the Vagrant Queen galaxy can be a dream. Elida is still running from her noble birthright and a government hellbent on seeing her dead. Or, at least, it seems like that’s what they want. Their representative, Lozaro, may have his own reasons for chasing Elida. The two also have a history, but initially, flashbacks will be the only time we see him interact with her, as he is often two steps behind her or sequestered on his own ship.“It seems like he s in a different version of the show, but really he s just in his world, thinking his own little thoughts that he thinks are so legitimate,” Rae said of the character. Consequently, Lazaro’s scenes are some of the funniest, aided, of course, by the silliness of his Republic guards.The show goes out its way to give the guards little bits of character even as they are stuck in restrictive black armor. And to give you a little more of the show’s flavor, it wasted no time putting all three main characters in those costumes.“They re terrible,” Rae joked. “They look great but they are the worst costumes!”“There s one [eyehole], but it s in the forehead area,” making it almost impossible to see and stunt work comical, she recalled.“You can t gracefully walk around in them,” added Rozon, who also teased that videos of the group working in the costumes will surface at some point. Despite the difficulty of working in them, he said, “we had a lot of fun in those costumes.”(Photo by Marcos Cruz/Vagrant Productions/SYFY)But the fun to be had with the overt goofiness of Lazaro and the Republic guards is offset by the more serious elements of the Republic as the show’s antagonist force and the internal jeopardy for Elida — as much as she doesn’t want it, she was trained to be a queen. To Rae, that interior conflict (and its outward manifestations) may be the most salient aspect of the show.“I understood why she wasn t overly aristocratic because all of the monarchy, all of these aspects of her life had stopped her from understanding her true self,” she said. To put a finer point on it, “Elida” isn’t even the name she was born with, but Rae maintains it is the character’s true name no matter what the loyalists out in the galaxy might think.“Yeah, I wouldn t like [the loyalists] either,” she added. “So it was pretty easy to click into that.” Nonetheless, her past is something she will have to face at some point.(Photo by Marcos Cruz/Vagrant Productions/SYFY)“All of these things will be answered for you by the end of Vagrant Queen,” Rozon teased. “Jem s also really smart at setting things up. Everything s going to get dealt with.”Which, presumably, includes how and why Isaac ended up in deep space and Lozaro s real reason for chasing Elida.Vagrant Queen premieres on March 27 at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy. 😈😈


斥爱太温柔在线阅读 (Photo by Niko Tavernise / © Warner Bros. / courtesy Everett Collection)20 Movies To Watch If You Loved JokerJoker: The highest-grossing R-rated movie ever at over billion in worldwide box office, and also the most nominated movie at the 2020 Oscars. Not bad for a comic-book flick from the man who gave us three Hangovers. If you re looking for more movies like Joker, the obvious place to start would be its direct influences: The Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese psychotic joints, Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy. Throw in 90s Cape Fear for a full triumvirate.As you re undoubtedly aware, Joker was not universally beloved by critics as far as Joaquin Phoenix vigilantism flicks go (though those who loved it, loved it). For that, turn to Lynne Ramsay s Certified Fresh You Were Never Really Here, where Phoenix plays a fearless hired gun who tracks down missing girls at any cost. And if you like your lawless justice even grubbier, go with the Charles Bronson action classic Death Wish, or the churning slow burn of Sam Peckinpah s Straw Dogs.Beyond Scorsese, Joker director Todd Phillips has cited post-Vietnam War 70s cinema in general as an influence, and that decade had no shortage of man-against-the-system stories. Look upon One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest, Dog Day Afternoon, and Network for proof.Network also serves (and so does Dog Day honestly) as an indictment of media, a major and pervasive presence in Joker. Nightcrawler, Natural Born Killers, and Christine (not the one about the scary car) are the ones to watch if that s where your interest in Joker lies.Or if you re just interested in seeing psychotic breakdowns, or breakdowns of psychosis, the medium of movies have long been a playground for the disturbed. American Psycho, Entertainment, and One Hour Photo go for the jugular, while The Vanishing, Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, and Man Bites Dog truly try to get under your skin with their clinical explorations of madness.Of course, Joker is still a story torn from the pages of DC Comics and in that vein we recommend checking out Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker. It s got Mark Hamill reprising his signature villain role, animated at his most intensely violent. (Ah, if only The Killing Joke adaptation were good!)And as for our suggestion of UHF, Weird Al Yankovic s foray into film spoofery Imagine a world where Arthur Fleck actually achieved success in his professional ambitions. What would that look like? We think it d be a little zany, a little weird, a little something like what the clown prince of music offers in his 1989 cult classic.

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