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亚博登录网页版采用百度引擎7(Baidu 0)This August, Rotten Tomatoes turns 21 and to mark the occasion we’re celebrating the 21 Most Memorable Moments from the movies over the last 21 years. For this special video series, which we’ve been publishing over the last four months, we spoke to the actors and filmmakers who made those moments happen, revealing behind-the-scenes details about how the moments came to be and diving deep into why they’ve stuck with us for so long. You’ll find big ’90s twists – yep, he sees dead people – as well as super-recent cliffhangers, like Thanos’s universe-halving Snap. There are laughs (The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Elf, Bridesmaids) and romance (The Notebook, Spider-Man) and more than a few scares (The Blair Witch Project, 28 Days Later…). But which moment is the single most memorable of the last 21 years? Well, that’s where you come in. We’re asking you to watch the below videos and then vote on your favorite movie moment of the last two decades (and a bit).Voting is open now and runs until midnight Friday August 16 and we will announce the winner on August 19. Fans get a single vote – so choose wisely – and moments are listed in the order they were published over the past few months, most often to tie in with anniversaries and relevant occasions.Take me to the voting!“Remember Me!?” from Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) 97%Director George Miller: “It’s a moment by the way, I think, is available only to her. I don’t think any other character could have done it. I remember the line. I remember Charlize on that day said that she wanted to say the line. It wasn’t a written line. She said, ‘Look, I feel like I really want to say it. OK by you?’ I said, ‘Great.’ It just hit a sweet spot in amongst that action, and it was a little pause before the brutality of the moment and the continuation of the action that was to come.”Read director George Miller’s full interview about the “Remember me!?” moment.The Snap from Avengers: Infinity War (2018) 85%Co-director Joe Russo: “Anth and I, through our entire experience at Marvel, always tried to make very disruptive choices with each film. The end of Winter Solider, good guys and the bad guys, we flip everything on its head. In Civil War we divorce the Avengers. With Infinity War we knew we wanted to make a strong narrative choice. There s an adage where you write yourself into a corner, and you try to figure out how to get out. That usually creates really dramatic moments for the audience. There s no bigger way to write ourselves into a corner than killing half the characters.”Read directors Joe and Anthony Russo s full interview about the moment Thanos devastates the universe.Satine s Entrance from Moulin Rouge (2001) 76%Director Baz Luhrmann: “I thought, wouldn t it be great if we put her in a circus trapeze and we did a trapeze number, but we ll have to have a stunt person. But Nicole being Nicole was like, ‘No way.’ So she trained with a circus person for a good, I would say, two weeks to do that number and when you see her swing around that s her. It s her all the way through that footage. She s on the trapeze, she s being swung around, she comes down, she falls into all those guys. So she was 100% stunt-free on that moment.”Read director Baz Luhrmann and production and costume designer Catherine Martin s full interview about Satine s big moment.The Joker from The Dark Knight (2008) 94%Makeup artist John Caglione Jr.: “Heath [Ledger] was great in the chair. Special actors like Heath – and my experience with Al Pacino over the years – these actors help you relax so that you can bring your game… I always got the feeling that [Heath] had already worked it out in his head, from what I remember. He knew where he was going. Early on, in first meeting Heath and playing around with the makeup, he already kind of had it all figured out. It was my job to just basically gild the lily and try to catch up with him, really. That s what I felt.”Read makeup artist John Caglione Jr. and marketing company 42 Entertainment CEO Susan Bonds  full interview about this iconic take on the Joker.Heather s Confessional from The Blair Witch Project (1999) 86%Co-writer and co-director Eduardo Sánchez: “The direction was: You re not going to make it out of here. This is like an internal monologue. We were directing these actors to almost be like their conscience speaking to them. For Heather, it s like, ‘You re responsible for this. You re the one who brought them out here. You didn t heed the warnings. You knew this is dangerous and you brought these guys out here. Say your goodbyes. If you want to apologize to people, apologize to people, just basically say goodbye. We called it a confessional, your last confessional before you re going. You re not going to get out, and hopefully, somebody will find these tapes and will be able to tell your story, but tell your mom goodbye, and tell your family goodbye.”Read writer-directors Eduardo Sánchez and Daniel Myrick s full interview about Heather s confessional.The Upside-Down Kiss from Spider-Man (2002) 90%Director Sam Raimi: In the rain while he was doing the scene, I remember, he was slightly drowning because he couldn’t wipe his nose and the water was falling down into his upside-down nose, into his nostrils. So he was kinda drowning, and the only way he could breathe was through his mouth. It doesn’t look un-pleasurable, but I think it must’ve been.”Read Sam Raimi and stunt coordinator Jeff Habberstad s full interview about the upside-down kiss.London is Deserted from 28 Days Later (2002) 87%Director Danny Boyle:  One of the technical advantages of using these smaller cameras is that you could shoot a location, not multiple times, but you could shoot it from multiple viewpoints simultaneously. Cillian was in no rush, he could just walk across. But you don’t get much time at these locations free of people even at four o’clock in the morning when we shot. So what happened was we hired a lot of students, because they’re cheap, to be our traffic marshals.”Read Danny Boyle s full interview about creating an eerily deserted London for the opening moments.A Kiss in the Rain from The Notebook (2004) 53%Director Nick Cassavetes:  There was something built up between these two kids, and it has nothing to do with directing. Because when we turned the cameras on, the scene was like: He s mad at her, she s mad at him, and then he says that he wrote her every day, and that s the key that unlocks the door. And when that door got unlocked, I didn t need to direct nothing. They wound up together for many years after the movie, which is…I don t know if I m proud of it, but I think it s fantastic that they found each other like that. And I think that was the moment, because they weren t together before that kiss. But they were together after that kiss, so maybe that was one of the deciding moments.”Read Nick Cassavetes full interview about the kiss in the rain moment.Crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge from Selma (2014) 99%Representative John Lewis:  I truly believe that Oprah, Ava, and the staff working on the film sought my involvement because they knew my history. Selma represented an attempt to redeem the soul of America, to help us move closer to the participation of all people in the political process. This film can educate and inform the mind of hundreds and thousands of young people around America and around the world.”Read Representative John Lewis and actor Stephan James s full interview about the final bridge-crossing moment. Cars don t fly! from Furious 7 (2015) 82%Actor Vin Diesel:  And it was that moment where we realized that Fast and Furious didn’t need to be restricted in any way. That we were so thorough about story and character, and it’s so much a tale of brotherhood and family, right, that we were allowed these kind of outrageous and fantasy-filled moments, and flying through the air was playing to that. Flying from building to building was playing to that. It was one of those solutions to the riddle, or answers to the riddle, How do we one-up the spectacle of each film? ”Read Vin Diesel s full interview about the skyscraper-jump moment.Juan teaches Chiron to Swim in Moonlight (2016) 98%Cinematographer James Laxton:  When Barry alerted us to the storm approaching, we gathered our equipment together as quickly as possible, ran out into the water, and in some respects… I don t want to say improvised, because what is in the script is on camera, if not in the exact way it was depicted. But we had a lot more shots in our shot list, and [were going to be] much more organized about capturing it. We had to really get out there and let Mahershala as Juan guide this young man, and [have] me out in the water, as well, trying to capture this swimming lesson as it came. It [was shot] almost like a documentary, less so like a film in some respects. Sometimes your reaction to moments is as good as a well detailed plan might be. Sometimes it s even better.”Read James Laxton s full interview about the swimming lesson moment.Carl and Ellie in the Opening of Up (2009) 98%Director Pete Docter:  There’s one moment in that montage where Ellie has to go to the doctor and it’s implied that they can’t have children for whatever reason. That raised some eyebrows even here at work as we were developing the film. So, we did experiment with taking it out. And we thought, ‘Well, maybe [the sequence] could still work [without it] because there’s some really charming stuff.’ But the strange thing was, not only did we not feel the emotion as strongly in that one little sequence, but as we watched the rest of the film the whole film lost a little bit. I can’t really fully explain that other than to say it was a real dark, low moment for them that I think made that relationship feel more real. The sort of pain and loss of that situation bonded those characters together and made you empathize more with them. Read Pete Docter s full interview about Up s opening sequence.Gollum Talks to Smeagol from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) 95%Actor Andy Serkis:  I d never considered myself a voice actor, just a regular actor, and I had to kind of think my way into it. I started to work on this notion that he s called Gollum because of the way he sounds – and what would make his voice sound like that? I started to think about constriction of the throat, and as I was doing that, I was actually fortunate enough to witness my cat throwing up a fur ball. It suddenly gave me this idea that the whole physicality of the role would be determined by this force within, which is kind of built out of guilt and torment – this involuntary physical action is what caused this sound coming out of his mouth. The cat throwing up a fur ball is actually what generated the idea for this involuntary spewing out of words. Read Andy Serkis s full interview about the Gollum-Smeagol moment.The Bridesmaids get Food Poisoning from Bridesmaids (2011) 90%Co-Writer Annie Mumolo:  We [originally] had a fantasy sequence where they go into the dress shop, and Kristen s character tries on this dress and she has this fantasy that when she wears this dress, she s all of a sudden in a castle. And all the men at the wedding are fawning over her. There s so many of them wanting her so badly [that] just to escape from the castle she goes running out into this field and runs into the forest. And she naturally sees Christian Bale there, who’s chopping wood without a shirt on. And they end up on a bearskin rug, and he was combing her hair, and it was this expansive sequence of her little love affair with Christian Bale. In the meantime, [back in the real world] Helen gets the women to get the dress she wants because Annie is caught up in her fantasy. So that was the original [scene]. And then I think Judd said at one point we ll never get Christian Bale to do this. And then we tried to put in Matt Damon and then we re like, As if we re going to get Matt Damon to do this.’ He was concerned we weren t going to get anybody to do it. And also he felt it needed harder comedy there, rather than what we had. So, we sadly let that go. We did not want to let that go. We loved that sequence. Read Annie Mumolo and director Paul Feig s full interview about the food-poisoning moment.Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort Duel from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011) 96%Director David Yates: “Harry so

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2021年你还在玩充钱砸神器,充钱缎神器的氪金手游吗,你还为了自己的等级而枯燥无味的杀着愚蠢的野怪吗,在这个体验至上的时代,这些游戏对于平民玩家实在是太不友好了,下面我就给平民党带来福利,介绍几款不需要氪金,不需要肝等级的手游吧 The Florida Project Director Sean Baker Debuts Latest to Rave Reviews(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)Wednesday, July 14: The Florida Project director Sean Baker is the focus of our final installment of the Cannes Ketchup. The festival will continue until Saturday with an award ceremony on Friday, but we will end our daily French Dispatch with the premiere and reactions from Baker s Red Rocket. The Tangerine helmer s latest like his previous films is an urban fantasy about a group of people who exist in the margins of society, particularly those who work in the sex industry.This time around, his subject is a narcissistic former porn star turned suitcase pimp down-on-their-luck (usually homeless) hustlers who prey on women to fund them under the guise of being cared for. We follow one who returns home to the Texas gulf after his dreams of porn star glory are dashed out in Los Angeles. Mikey Saber (Simon Rex) may have hit a rough patch, living with his estranged wife, but thanks to a donut counter girl he meets three weeks shy of her 18th birthday, he sees dollar signs in his future.Baker himself has admitted that he expected backlash due to the subject and general lack of accountability for doing dirty deeds, but so far, that has not been the case. Jo-Anne Titmarsh of HeyUGuys wrote, Baker s skewering of modern life is as vibrant and bleak as ever. He elicits some phenomenal performances, through which we see the hollow heart of the America dream. An interesting film to try and peg for end-of-year awards, it will undoubtedly have success at the Independent Spirit Awards, with possibly just enough for an Oscar push for Best Original Screenplay or Rex for Best Actor. Jury President Spike Lee also seemed to be a fan, marking this one a possible dark horse for the Palme d Or. Come back to Rotten Tomatoes on Monday for our festival wrap-up on the best things we saw at Cannes and where you can watch them.Blue Bayou and Aline Impress; Titane Brings Truly Bats t Energy(Photo by Dominique Charriau/Getty Images)Tuesday, July 13: The cast of The French Dispatch had to assemble quickly after the premiere for an early morning photocall on Tuesday, and while everyone opted for a laid-back look, the film, which is Fresh at 88% on the Tomatometer, is still the toast of the town. Later in the day, Justin Chon brought his latest effort, Blue Bayou, to Cannes, and it was received well by critics. Iana Murray of The Playlist wrote, What Blue Bayou does wonderfully in these quiet moments is illustrate that being Asian is not a one-size-fits-all identity but a vast tapestry of different cultures. Chon wrote and directed the feature as he has for all of his previous films, and this time around, he plays a Louisiana man who learns he was adopted illegally and now faces deportation. The Focus Features film looks to hit theaters in September, just in time for an awards season/festival run.(Photo by Carole Bethuel)After its trailer lit up the Twittersphere a few weeks ago and neared cult status among Dion/pop music fans around the globe, the highly buzzed-about unofficial Celine Dion biopic Aline was also surprisingly well received, with Vanity Fair s Richard Lawson noting the film accesses what lies at the heart of Dion as a public figure: she s a bit of a weirdo, goofy and corny and gaudy and fabulous. Aline would have been the hottest topic of the day if it weren t for the film that closed it out, as Julia Ducournau took the shine off everyone with Titane. If you caught and enjoyed Ducournau s first feature, Raw, you will feel right at home with her follow-up, a truly bats t film that features, among other things, vigorous sex with a car, impregnation of said car, a serial killer orgy takedown, and, best of all, the 1990s one-hit wonder Macarena making a triumphant and lifesaving appearance.so many walkouts and shrieks of horrified, delighted laughter during Titane… genuinely demented, totally original body horror serial killer car sex buddy movie… Julia Ducournau you’re truly crazy for this one and I love u rachel handler (@rachel_handler) July 13, 2021Star-Studded Cast of The French Dispatch Wows the Crowd(Photo by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)Monday, July 12: Last night’s premiere for The French Dispatch was the first gala with the electricity and vibrancy of pre-pandemic times. The cast all rode together in a throwback party bus to the Grand Lumiere Theatre, where the assembled crowd was treated to selfies and autographs from the cast members who disembarked. Bill Murray, Timothée Chalamet, Tilda Swinton, Benicio Del Toro, Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody, and director Wes Anderson were greeted with loud cheers as they made their way up the red carpet steps.The film stitches together a series of vignettes related to the final issue of a Kansas newspaper’s French edition. Possibly the most hyper-stylized film of his career with plenty of his signature shots, The French Dispatch dazzled the audience. Festival attendance is significantly down this year with less than half of the delegates from last year present, so many galas have had to close the balcony to fill seats. This was not the case here, as the premiere of Wes Anderson’s tenth feature filled every seat of the grand theater with many outside still hoping for a ticket.The reception has been overwhelmingly positive, with Jessica Kiang of The Playlist calling it, “A work of such unparalleled Andersonian wit, that at times the sheer level of detail mobile, static, graphic and typographic that bedecks the screen will slacken your jaw in awe.” This is one of several films Searchlight will have in contention for the Oscars, but a gorgeous love letter to journalism could be their best bet to repeat after winning last year with Nomadland. Check out our round-up of first reviews to hear what else critics are saying about The French Dispatch.Spike Lee Catches the Euro Cup Between Screenings(Photo by Stephane Cardinale - Corbis/Getty Images)Sunday, July 11: The weekend gave us a flurry of Palme d’Or contenders that many are betting will be favored by the Jury led by Spike Lee. Lee himself still managed to balance a bit of football time between screenings at the Kering Women in Motion dinner. Huddled with some other Croisette A-listers, Lee tried to see what he could from a tablemate’s cell phone before the event organizers wheeled out a television with the Italy vs. England Euro Cup Final on screen.Viva la cinema! Spike Lee pulled up a chair and watched the soccer game during the Kering Women in Motion dinner. #Cannes2021 pic.twitter.com/GQzkK2hw9y Ramin Setoodeh (@RaminSetoodeh) July 11, 2021While the two football clubs battled it out, Ryûsuke Hamaguchi’s Drive My Car debuted to rapturous reviews, with many calling it the best of the festival. The three-hour epic road-trip film centers on a theater director and his chauffeur as the pair build a friendship to heal past trauma along the road. Other favorites of the day were Compartment Number 6 and The Worst Person in the World. Compartment Number 6, which takes place on a fated train ride to somewhere near the top of the world, had many remarking on its inventive plotting. Todd McCarthy of Deadline noted it was filled with “vivid emotional twists and turns that are charted with unusual acuity. THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD is one of the best films i’ve seen so far at an exceedingly excellent cannes and i can’t wait to see it again and again. review for the playlist here! https://t.co/Wcc0kyLOYH iana murray (@ianamurray) July 9, 2021The Worst Person in the World hits on more of a comedic note, but it is often just as tragic as the tense train ride in Compartment Number 6. Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair wrote that this new melancholy romance for aimless thirtysomethings is a journey that finds such beauty in all the emerging grain and variation of being alive. These may be the ones to beat midway through the festival, but we still have several noteworthy entries ahead, including Wes Anderson’s The French Dispatch and Sean Baker’s Red Rocket. Sean Penn Makes a Hopeful Return to Cannes(Photo by Lionel Hahn/Getty Images)Saturday, July 10: Sean Penn returned to Cannes hoping to erase his previous trip with The Last Face, which was booed and noted by some as the worst film to ever screen in competition. This time, Penn directs and stars as a father to a young girl in Flag Day, as told in chapters over several years. The narrative begins in the 1970s and follows the daughter (played by his real-life daughter, Dylan Frances Penn) from youth to adulthood as she grapples with the realization that her father is an inveterate conman, even as she loves him deeply. While this is a step up from his last effort, initially favorable reviews for the film have cooled to a more mixed reception, and the most memorable thing to come out of the Cannes premiere of Flag Day will most likely be Penn’s pointed comments on the American COVID response.Jodie Turner-Smith Lights Up the Red Carpet(Photo by Lionel Hahn/Getty Images)Thursday, July 8:  The first night of the festival with palpable buzz kicked off when After Yang star Jodie Turner-Smith lit up the red carpet ahead of the film’s premiere. The Queen Slim star was the living embodiment of the word statuesque, draped in a strapless Gucci gown with a black vinyl and crystal bustier over a cream skirt with yellow crystal embroidery and canary yellow ostrich feathers. It was a fitting ensemble for a film that also captured the attention of critics here on the ground, where it is still Fresh at 89% after a handful of reviews.It only took until day 3 but AFTER YANG is the first #Cannes2021 film to make me ugly cry. Without a doubt the best movie about AI since Ex Machina, and a beautiful exploration of memories, family, being an immigrant, and humanity. Rafael Motamayor @ Cannes (@RafaelMotamayor) July 8, 2021The film is a delicate tearjerker with lofty ambitions as it attempts to dissect grand notions about grief, death, identity, and ethical technology, and many are already pegging it as an early favorite for the Un Certain Regard competition. Director Kogonada’s (Columbus) second feature film also stars Colin Farrell, Haley Lu Richardson, newcomer Malea Emma Tjandrawidjaja and The Umbrella Academy s Justin H. Min as the family AI, which suddenly malfunctions.Stillwater Earns a Standing Ovation That Brings Matt Damon to TearsThursday, July 8: Premiering just after After Yang was the Focus Features film Stillwater, which will hit theaters in just a couple of weeks. Starring Matt Damon as an Oklahoma oil rig worker out to free his daughter from prison in Marseille after she is convicted wrongfully, she claims of murder. Stillwater was well received by critics it s currently Fresh at 88%  and Damon, who wiped away tears during the film s standing ovation, was clearly touched and surprised by the rapturous reception from the festival crowd. Carrying the entire narrative while sporting a thick Oklahoman Accent, Damon could be a play for Best Actor at end-of-year awards. Couple this with the fact that it s the first film from director Tom McCarthy since 2015 s Best Picture-winning Spotlight and it will undoubtedly end up in the conversation.(Photo by A24)Also gaining significant buzz yesterday was Joanna Hogg’s follow-up to her previous feature, The Souvenir. The Souvenir: Part II is a continuation of her semi-autobiographical tale about a romance between a film student named Julie and a heroin addict. It picks up shortly after the events of the first film, as Julie attempts to translate what she experienced into a narrative feature; a meta premise that is masterfully executed. Honor Swinton Byrne reprises her role as Julie, and she is joined by her real-life mother, Tilda Swinton, who has five features at the festival this year, including Wes Anderson s highly anticipated The French Dispatch.Well, so THE SOUVENIR II is not just masterful, it s the kind of masterful that retroactively engulfs and electrifies the already-very-good THE SOUVENIR,reshaping it, too, into a subtly different magnificence. Jessica Kiang (@jessicakiang) July 8, 2021Day Two: A Pair of Docs Are the Talk of the TownWednesday, July 7: Day two of the first Cannes Film Festival back from the pandemic saw things get into the groove. After sparse mask compliance on day one, the staff at the Grand Lumiere Theatre seemed to make more of an effort to remind patrons to comply with the mask-always-on mandate. This was a welcome action, as a COVID-19 outbreak would be the worst possible outcome for a festival that seems to have made considerable efforts to keep the events safe.However, day two wasn t all about compliance or daily COVID tests; the two most talked-about films were English language documentaries. Todd Haynes presented an artful time capsule chronicling the history and influence of the iconic counterculture band The Velvet Underground. Rodrigo Perez of The Playlist wrote, Todd Haynes striking and daring The Velvet Underground doc is as jagged, artful and unconventional as the iconoclastic art-rock group itself. With just a handful of reviews in so far, it s currently at 100% on the Tomatometer, placing it atop our Cannes Scorecard, followed closely by yesterday s other highly buzzworthy doc, Val, which centers on actor Val Kilmer. Kilmer himself tweeted his followers looking forward to  “sharing [his] life s story with all of you.”It feels like yesterday and yet it has been a lifetime. As I write this, my documentary is getting ready to premiere at Festival De Cannes. And as grateful as I am for being selected with this high honor, I look forward most to sharing my life s story with all of you. Val Kilmer (@valkilmer) July 6, 2021In May, Amazon Studio acquired the US and North American distribution of Val from A24, then just hours before the film screened at Cannes, Amazon released a compelling trailer for the intimate doc. Chronicling the highs and lows of Val Kilmer s four decade-long career, Val uses deeply personal archival footage shot by Kilmer himself along with contemporary interviews to give a fuller picture of his unflappable spirit and the man we meet off screen. This raw, wildly original, and unflinching documentary reveals a life lived to extremes and a heart-filled, sometimes hilarious look at what it means to be an artist and a complex man, writes Jen Maravegias of Pajiba.Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard Are Pioneers for Simulated Sex on Screen(Photo by Toni Anne Barson/Getty Images)Tuesday, July 6:  Annette, the new rock opera starring Adam Driver and Marion Cotillard, seemed destined only to flourish in the sunlight of the French Riviera, and we have to ask, Would that be such a bad thing? Driver, who returns to open Cannes as he did in 2019 with Jim Jarmusch s The Dead Don t Die, has made a few headlines in just mere hours. His co-star Marion Cotillard helped him out by proclaiming him as the Neil Armstrong of musical cunnilingus, going as far as to say, We found ourselves singing in very complicated positions, doing back-crawling or mimicking cunnilingus; acrobatic positions that technically modify your song. Whether this choice was authentic realism or merely a sex sells ploy has somewhat split critics, but the first English-language feature from Leos Carax currently sits at 90% on the Tomatometer and enjoyed a 5-minute standing ovation on opening night, so who s to say it mattered? During that ovation, Driver made his second batch of headlines by lighting up a cigarette another moment only possible in Cannes.We are on Minute 5 of the ANNETTE standing ovation and Adam Driver has begun smoking a cigarette pic.twitter.com/F56r0W0nGL Kyle Buchanan (@kylebuchanan) July 6, 2021Despite the upbeat trailer we saw a few weeks ago, Annette is a more dour affair than the opening pop song So Can We Start would have you believe. The catchy earworm penned by the Sparks brothers, along with all of the film s music, is a compelling entry for the Best Original Song at the Oscars, but that would be the only tune of Anette that could aspire to such heights. Bizarre, heady, moving, and ridiculous all in the same moment, the film was summed up best by Ed Potton for Times (UK) sums, who called it an anti-La La Land with dashes of Pinocchio, a fitting curtain-raiser to a Cannes like no other. If that sounds like your cup of tea, or maybe you just wanna see Kylo Ren go down on someone while intermittently crooning, be on the lookout for it when Amazon releases the audacious rock opera stateside later this year.Day One: Cinema Returns to Cannes(Photo by Daniele Venturelli/Getty Images)Tuesday, July 6: Cinema on The Croisette (the affectionate name for the area in Cannes where the world gathers to see the best in cinema) is back; festival director Thierry Frémaux said as much in his opening night remarks. Frémaux and his team dared to dream the impossible dream an in-person premiere film festival and then made that dream come true. The stars and press have now gathered after rigorous testing and COVID protocols, and for the most part, things look to be on track for a seamless event. That was the sentiment everyone who took the stage on opening night wanted to convey: We are here. At the opening ceremony, Bong Joon-ho, last year s Palm d Or winner for Parasite, and 2021 Honorary Palm d Or recipient Jodie Foster were joined by this year s Jury President Spike Lee and director Pedro Almodóvar to officially kick things off with one word spoken in Korean, French, Spanish, and English: Open. While the same could not be said for the issue-plagued Cannes ticketing website, however, which faltered most of the day Tuesday, even that failed to dim the intoxicating air of this year s festivities. The program is much as it has always been but also something entirely new, overcrowded but now with a (mostly) masked audience, bureaucratic but now paying careful attention to testing and (most of) ticketing. And the event organizers look to have pulled it off. The opening night film and a few soirees have gone off without a hitch. But the big questions are yet unanswered, namely which film will be the one to rise above the rest. Follow along with us here to find out.Check-in daily for more updates from the Cannes Film Festival.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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The summer of 1984 has become one of the temporal junction points for the space-time continuum of the modern film geek. Along with 1982, the titles from these seasons are notable for the films that took years to become classics as much as the ones that became instant phenomenons. One date in particular is notable for checking all the boxes as the perfect storm in cinema history namely June 8, 1984, which saw the release of two beloved genre films from a pair of maverick directors that would go on to capture the imaginations of viewers for generations to come: Ghostbusters and Gremlins.With that in mind, we decided to take a look back through the past several decades to see how frequently two classics opened to the general public on the same day. While we found plenty of instances when two noteworthy films shared the same release date, only a handful of them really blew us away, and we plucked 10 from the pack that we thought were particularly fun choices. Read on for the full list, beginning with the iconic pair that inspired it in the first place.GHOSTBUSTERS GREMLINS(Photo by Columbia Pictures, Warner Bros.)Date: June 8, 1984While some folks were seeing Beat Street, most of the country was split between Ivan Reitman’s Ghostbusters and Joe Dante’s Gremlins. Opening atop the box office at .5 million and .5 million, respectively, the two films went on to become the second and fourth highest-grossing films of the year with 9 and 8 million each. It is actually rather rare to find two films that opened on the same weekend and enjoyed a similar level of success, since studios are often reluctant to challenge films preordained to be blockbusters. But sometimes history can change the tune of that strategy as films take on a life of their own, and sometimes you just get two phenomenal, groundbreaking movies in the same week that, even after three and a half decades have passed, still resonate with audiences new and old.STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN   POLTERGEIST(Photo by Paramount Pictures, MGM)Date: June 4, 1982A week before a boy named Elliott met his new alien friend, movi亚博登录网页版Zac Efron is the talk of the Sundance Film Festival for his portrayal of serial killer Ted Bundy in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. And, according to the first wave of reviews from Park City, it’s a career-changing performance. The rest of the movie around Efron, which is directed by renowned documentarian Joe Berlinger (Paradise Lost), seems to be dividing critics as to whether the Bundy biopic works – it s currently at 70% on the Tomatometer after 10 reviews. Depending on which critic you read, the biopic – which is approached from the perspective of Bundy’s girlfriend, played by Lily Collins – is either chillingly effective or uneven and tonally misguided.Here’s what the critics are saying about Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile:How great is Efron?“Efron is savagely convincing in the most psychologically-layered performance of his career.” Carlos Aguilar, The Wrap Efron is pretty pitch perfect here, delivering the best performance of his career thus far.” Adam Chitwood, Collider“It does the work of so many Sundance star turns, reframing an actor’s profile at perhaps a crux point in their career.” Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair“It’s a theatrical, absorbing performance.” Hannah Woodhead, Little White Lies“A scenery-chewing spectacle.” Jordan Raup, The Film Stage“Despite Efron’s conviction and good looks, he gives us an inscrutable Bundy that never pulls us in.” Tim Grierson, Screen International A stunt casting move that somewhat works, but just doesn’t always quite fit.” Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist(Photo by JA/Everett Collection)How is his co-star, Lily Collins?“Collins does a great job of keeping it all together with the character of Elizabeth, which is no easy task.” Adam Chitwood, Collider“[Efron is] matched at every turn by Lily Collins.” Chris Evangelista, Slashfilm“Against Efron’s juggernaut performance, Collins just can’t quite keep up.” Hannah Woodhead, Little White Lies“Collins is mostly captured in one-note takes of suffering.” Carlos Aguilar, The WrapAre there any other noteworthy performances?“John Malkovich is excellent as the sharp-tongued, theatrical judge.”  Chris Bumbray, Jo Blo’s Movie Emporium“Only Kaya Scodelario, deftly playing obsessed Bundy groupie Carole Anne Boone, transcends the material.” Carlos Aguilar, The Wrap“Scodelario is the weak link in an otherwise strong cast…she seems like she’s auditioning for Saturday Night Live rather than playing a real-life figure.” Chris Evangelista, Slashfilm(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Brian Douglas.)So how is the movie itself? “[It’s] a thought-provoking piece of cinema that avoids the easy temptation of shock value in favor of a more philosophical take on a diabolical murderer.” Carlos Aguilar, The Wrap“A curiosity even if it falters in what it intially sets out to accomplish.”- Jordan Raup, The Film Stage“The movie itself is only average…good enough to recommend.” Chris Bumbray, Jo Blo’s Movie Emporium“It’s a star vehicle that starts and ends with its star, the film around him struggling to justify its existence.” Benjamin Lee, The Guardian“[Berlinger] has, essentially, crafted the Bundy biopic that the convicted serial killer would have himself made.” Tim Grierson, Screen InternationalDoes the movie glamorize Bundy and his killings?“It’s the rare film about a criminal that offers human details without humanizing a man who so many agree was a monster.” Kate Erbland, IndieWire“The movie feels almost sympathetic to Bundy.” Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair“Extremely Wicked rings hollow and false and is really just as interested in the sensational and salacious as any other reductive thriller.” Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist“Extremely Wicked settles for glamorizing, yet again, a murderer who s been glamorized enough already.” Angie Han, Mashable“If the script by Michael Werwie had more restraint to focus solely on Kloepfer’s perspective, then his romanticization might have been more warranted.” Jordan Raup, The Film StageHow does the movie balance the material?“That sense of whiplash? It’s a feature, not a bug in Berlinger’s film.” Kate Erbland, IndieWire“[The] switch in narrative creates tonal problems, as Berlinger often goes for comedy – which seems all wrong for this type of story.”  Chris Evangelista, Slashfilm“[It’s] a film that wants to have it both ways, ultimately coming up short.” Jordan Raup, The Film Stage“The tone is objectionable, sometimes odious too…Berlinger simply wants to eat his cake and have it too and…it’s more than a little offensive.” Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist

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(Photo by © NEON)It s sometimes easy to forget in the blur of manic performances that have defined Nicolas Cage s work in the last decade – the chainsaw-wielding Red in Mandy, his wide-eyed murderous father in Mom and Dad, and other very Nic Cage roles that seem to come around every few months – that his is a career of chapters, each of which might singularly define a lesser performer, and that Wild Nic is just the latest. The star emerged in the 1980s as an edgy standout in zeitgest-capturing favorites (Rumble Fish, Peggy Sue Got Married), blossomed into romantic lead (Moonstruck) and A-list Oscar winner (Leaving Las Vegas), and crushed the box office a few times as an unlikely action hero in a string of Bruckheimer-produced 90s favorites.Then he went and recovered the Declaration of Independence as an Indiana Jones type in the National Treasure movies.Even within these Nic Cage eras, though, he always managed a few surprises. Consider his vanity-be-damned dual-role as the Kaufman brothers in Adaptation, for which he was nominated for an Oscar during a seeming career slump; or his delightfully unhinged performance in Bad Lieutenant: Port of New Orleans, a turn that would set the tone for our current Nic Cage chapter but which, at the time, was a shock to the system and a turn of the page, even if it was some time coming.Still, nothing in Cage s career is as surprising, perhaps, as the new Certified Fresh drama, Pig. Here, Cage plays Rob, a onetime big-name chef who now lives as a recluse in the wilds of Oregon with his best friend, a foraging pig who scouts for the truffles that are his owner/buddy s sole source of income. When the pig is stolen during a violent break-in at Rob s cabin, expectations are set for a John Wick-style revenge tale – and another very Nic Cage performance – but writer/director Michael Sarnoski has other things on his mind. And so does Cage. What follows is a somber, moving, and at times wryly funny tale about a man who descends into Portland s seedy underground foodie world (surprisingly violent), single-mindedly focused on retrieving the one thing in life he deeply loves. It is anchored by a quiet and deeply affecting performance from Cage, one that critics are calling a revelation and among the best work of his career.The movie is a marker for Cage, too, who told Rotten Tomatoes that Pig came around at just the right time, both in terms of getting back to his roots in more dramatic, soberer fare – though he does get to utter the line I don t f k my pig! – and in reflecting events and developments in his real life. I was feeling lost, Cage told us. I was feeling the need for isolation. I was feeling, Oh, I m no longer invited in Hollywood. Nor do I want to be invited in Hollywood. I have no interest in going back. I like making quiet little dramas. This is what I m interested in. Ahead of the movie s release in theaters, Cage spoke to us about this step away from his wild-man roles, what Pablo Picasso has to do with it, and a passion he shares with his latest character: good food and bold flavors.Joel Meares for Rotten Tomatoes: This movie has a bit of a strange conceit – the log line for this film is about a revenge-seeking truffle hunter! What was the pitch to you for the project when they were trying to get you on board? What was the thing that sold you on this story?Nicolas Cage: Well, I can tell you “revenge” never came into the equation for me. I read the script, Michael [Sarnoski]’s script, and I immediately responded to it more as a kind of cinematic haiku, a poem, really, a meditation on loss and a character analysis of a person who had lost great love. I also felt that I was at a point in my own life experience, aggregate collection of memories and dreams and experiences, that enabled me to respond to Rob in such a way where I felt that nothing had to be forced, that I felt I understood Rob.In fact, I told Michael over lunch that when I read his script I had a very evocative dream of my cat and something horrible happening to my cat, Merlin, who is one of my best friends. The relationship that you can have with our animal brothers and sisters, it s so much closer in some ways, so much more profound, because it s not corrupted by the noise of people and what that can harbor in terms of jealousies and angers. It s just unconditional love.So, I felt that those relationships – my relationship with my cat, my dog, who s no longer with us – those are things that I could put into this performance and it s a perfect time for it. When we all agreed to make the movie, we hadn t been hit by the pandemic yet, but I think we ve all gotten closer, even still, to our animal family, because we relied on them so heavily to get through that.(Photo by © NEON)Rotten Tomatoes: How old is Merlin, by the way? And was he helpful during the pandemic?Cage: Merlin is two years old. Very, yeah. I relied on him quite a bit. He s very affectionate, a Maine Coon cat. Really kind of like another son in some ways.Rotten Tomatoes: What was your relationship like with the pig, or pigs, you were working with in this film? How was it working with them?Cage: There was one pig. Her name was Brandy. Like many of us, she was very payment-oriented. She wasn t really interested in people. If they wanted to get a soulful look in her eyes, they would show her a bit of carrot off camera; or if they needed her to go to a certain mark, they would put some food down. But I think that relationship was really developed with the eye of Michael Sarnoski and our director of photography. They figured out ways of photographing Brandy and Rob so that the relationship never lapsed into schmaltz or Hallmark-card sappiness. It was just a quiet witnessing of these two in the wilderness. I think that made it more heartfelt in some ways, but it was a lot to do with getting her in the right position with the food, and also photographing it in the right manner.Rotten Tomatoes: You mentioned “soulful” and that I think is a very great word for this film and for your performance, and a lot of people have been saying this is a different Nicolas cCage than we ve seen in a while. The last film I saw of you in was Prisoners of Ghostland and then I was re-watching Mandy last night. They’re very different from Pig, but it does feel, to me at least as a viewer, that there is a connection between Robin as a character and someone like Red [Cage’s character in Mandy], who also has tried to escape the world and has that peace disrupted. Do you think that Robin really is so different from some of the characters you ve been playing lately? Or is there a connection?Cage: I mean, he s certainly different in the regard that he s not motivated by revenge, but I do share that observation, that he s similar to Red in that he s dealing with tremendous loss, and loss of love, and the feelings that can evoke. I think what people in the media may be struggling with is that I have made it almost a mission of sorts to go into what I sometimes call a Western Kabuki style of film performance, almost an operatic style of film performance – by design. I mean, this was always very carefully and methodically choreographed and though-out, both vocally and dance-wise in terms of movement. I wanted to do that because I felt that we had gotten caught in a trap of naturalism as a style.Not that I m Picasso, I m not saying that, but I remember one conversation that I had with my father, where I was very tripped out by Picasso s portraits that seemed so abstract with people having eyes on the same side of their face. Like, what is this? I said, Well, can he also do photo realistic drawing? and dad said, Absolutely. He broke free. I always thought that what you can do in one art form, maybe you can do in another, and why not take a chance and attempt some sort of breaking-free with film performance? But somewhere along the way, I think I needed to remind myself – and, in fact, I think I needed to remind certain folks in critical response – that it wasn t the only brush I painted with. I mean, I think Joe is a movie that I made not long ago that was as close to my true self as I could get in terms of what was important to him.(Photo by © NEON)Certainly, with Rob in Pig, I wanted to get back to a kind of a quiet, meditative, internalized performance. It was not difficult. It was something that I felt I had the life experience for and the memories and the dreams, if you will, to portray without forcing it. So when I read Michael s script, it was exactly the right material at the right time for what I was trying to convey. I was feeling lost. I was feeling the need for isolation. I was feeling, Oh, I m no longer invited in Hollywood. Nor do I want to be invited in Hollywood. I have no interest in going back. I like making quiet little dramas. This is what I m interested in. But I can see where it would be shocking to the folks that remember me making five Jerry Bruckheimer movies back-to-back, which at that time was the challenge, in my opinion – no one thought I should do an adventure film or that I even had the wherewithal to do an adventure film, but I had grown up on Bronson and Eastwood and Connery, and I thought, Well, that would be fun to at least try. It s kind of a situation of wanting to stay interested and also stay challenged. At this moment, what interests me is getting back to my roots, which is quiet dramas.Rotten Tomatoes: The film has a lot to say about food, different philosophies towards food, Robin s passion, and everything just looks beautiful that we get to see you cook – or your stand-in cooks make – in the movie. Are you a cook in your own time? And do you have a specialty?Cage:  I want to go on record: I didn t have any stand-in cooks. I can t replace my hands. If I see someone else s hand in front of my hand, I go, No, no, no. That takes me out of the movie. I had two excellent teachers, Chef Chris and Chef Rucker from Le Pigeon. Chef Chris taught me the mushroom tart, or pie, and then I learned the squab blueberry dish from Le Pigeon.Food has always been important to me. Food is what I like to spend my money on. Food, to me, comes first. I think that the chefs today can do amazing things in the world of art, because without food, then nothing else really matters: Food, and then I can enjoy music and then I can enjoy painting and then I can enjoy a great cinema and then I can meditate or then I can write a poem. Whatever it is, food comes first.I have tremendous respect for these people and I also understand the pressures that go into the world, the epicurean world. Because if you think about this art form – and it is an art – that s the only one where they re actually ingesting it physically into their body as an audience, or as a client, or as a foodie, or whatever you want to call it. There s tremendous pressure and risk with that. You don t want them to get sick. You want them to have a good experience. Everything matters. The ambience matters, the bread matters, everything. So it s a high-pressure job and I wanted to convey the regard and the reverence that I have for what they do.(Photo by © NEON)Rotten Tomatoes: When you re home, are you someone who has a go-to dish that you can whip up in five minutes?Cage: If you re asking me, am I a chef, I wouldn t put myself at that level, but I can cook. I make a pretty good seafood arrabbiata pasta. I am passionate about putting different tastes together. I like Japanese food, I like Italian, and Chinese is probably the most complex. I think the continent of Asia, probably, in my opinion, has the greatest and most complex foods of the world. But I remember I once imagined a sweet shrimp or an ebi and I went to my sushi chef and I said, Could you slice the sweet shrimp open and then could you put the uni inside the ebi and then can you put it on less rice, please, and then wrap it with the seaweed? I had that taste in my mind and it was so beautiful when I got it.So, I do like to put tastes together. I remember Joel Robuchon had something that was a Wow. He put coffee grinds with uni frappe. I mean, who thinks to do that? Who thinks to put coffee and sea urchin together? It was one of the most amazing taste sensations I ve ever had. So, yeah, I m very interested in that world and I do like to play around.I do Eggs Diablo – I really spice up my fried eggs over easy and I just kick in a lot of chili and red chili pepper flakes and some tomato paste. It s a beautiful little dish that I like to make for breakfast, but yeah, I enjoy it.The secret to great cooking for me is that you have to have respect for the actual ingredients. Sometimes these chefs get lost in overdoing it with the complexity of the sauce, because they re trying to mask what s wrong with the actual source, what s wrong with the fish. But if you get a great piece of fish, treat it with respect. Just light olive oil, some garlic, some sea salt, bingo. Trip to the moon, man.Rotten Tomatoes: I need to come to your place. Just finally, they re giving me the wrap, but for your upcoming Joe Exotic series, are we going to get the Kabuki-style performance? How extreme are we going there?Cage: That s not going to be happening, I m not playing Joe Exotic. We had two really excellent scripts, but I think I don t know. I think somewhere along the way, the studio felt that that was a fad that had come and gone and that it was a thing of the past. Frankly, I for one am okay with it because I have other things I want to explore and other characters I want to play.I was a bit trepidatious about going into the television universe, too. One of the things I really love about independent filmmaking is that I can get in and I can get out. If there s one problem in the chain of filmmakers, I know I ve got just four more weeks to go; but a TV character, if there s a problem and you re stuck on location for six months, that does seem a little terrifying to me.Pig is in theaters from Friday July 16, 2021.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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0.61.0 8月喜迎Who needs one hundred and one Dalmatians when you can have one-on-one Emmas? Disney’s latest live-action reimagining, Cruella, takes us back to the origin of its titular villain, now portrayed by Emma Stone as a newcomer in the fashion world clashing with an evil nemesis, played by Emma Thompson. The first reviews of the feature, which heads to theaters and Disney+ (for an extra charge) this weekend, mostly highlight the shared scene-chewing of the two Oscar-winning actresses as well as the costumes they parade on screen. Whether this One Hundred and One Dalmatians prequel is a great movie overall, however, is up for debate.Here’s what critics are saying about Cruella:Is Cruella a surprise success?It just exceeded all of my expectations.  Sharronda Williams, Pay or WaitCruella upends expectations to demonstrate that origin stories can be roundly entertaining.  Peter Martin, ScreenAnarchyWhatever movie you’re expecting from Cruella, you’d be wrong.  Matt Singer, ScreenCrushThe biggest surprise of 2021… Craig Gillespie’s Cruella turns any preconceived notions on their head.  Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comDoes it feel like other Disney fare?The biggest compliment anyone could give Cruella is that it doesn’t have any feel or semblance of a Disney movie. Nate Adams, The Only CriticA bold departure for Disney that’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen from them before. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comYou have to remind yourself that you’re that you’re watching a Disney film. Sharronda Williams, Pay or WaitParents of younger kids may be shocked that such a film carries the Disney imprint. Peter Debruge, VarietyYou get the feeling it’s geared as much towards Disney’s not insignificant adult fanbase as it is to a younger crowd. Patrick Cremona, Radio TimesWhether its dark-but-Disney strangeness intrigues or repels, there’s often something to love and loathe in equal measure. Jacob Oller, Paste MagazineSlightly darker than your standard Disney fare…the film feels less like a satisfying character drama than a work of corporate rebranding. Matt Singer, ScreenCrush(Photo by ©2021 Disney Enterprises Inc.)How does it compare to the other live-action reimaginings?What Cruella is not — to the immense relief of many, I’m sure — is another Maleficent… Cruella proves ingeniously creative in its reimagining of the underlying IP. Peter Debruge, VarietyA movie that rivals the likes of Aladdin and The Jungle Book. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comThe studio just cannot crack the code in recapturing the magic that made the animated originals so endearing. Add Cruella, the newest revamp of their rogues gallery to the list of failures. Kyle Pinion, ScreenRexWill fans of the original film enjoy this?There are several simple nods to the original story and 101 Dalmatians that will make most fans smile to themselves when they catch them. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyRather than shoehorning in a bunch of forced moments Oh, so that’s why she hates Dalmatians … this take very much makes her a complex character in her own right. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comDisney purists may be put off by the rewriting of canon. Sean P. Means, The Movie CricketAny attempt to square the events of this film with the animated canon quickly falls apart… You’re better off just assuming that Cruella occurs in an alternate timeline. Brent Hankins, The Lamplight ReviewThere’s no suggestion she’d ever consider such cruelty… As an actual prequel, it’s a tick-infested mutt of a movie. Rob Hunter, Film School RejectsThe manner in which the script tries to bend itself away from and around Cruella’s specific Dalmatian-centric animal cruelty future requires some Cirque du Soleil-esque flexibility. Douglas Davidson, Elements of Madness(Photo by ©2021 Disney Enterprises Inc.)How is the writing?Incredibly good and sincerely humorous. Peter Martin, ScreenAnarchyDana Fox and Tony McNamara s Cruella screenplay plays with your expectations in clever, non-murderous ways. Brian Truitt, USA TodayWriters Dana Fox and Tony McNamara boldly crafted a narrative that has the energy of shows like Revenge and Ugly Betty… I applaud it for actually taking risks in its story, adding dimension to this once simple, yet iconic, villain. Rendy Jones, Rendy ReviewsOne of the joys of Cruella is how the screenplay escalates the public fashion battle between the established Baroness and the punk-minded Cruella. Sean P. Means, The Movie CricketIt’s a screenplay that’s tying itself in knots to create a brand new character that’s more Harley Quinn than Cruella De Vil. Kyle Pinion, ScreenRexNeedlessly complicated and stuffed with too many supporting characters. Brent Hankins, The Lamplight ReviewHow is Emma Stone?Emma Stone delivers an unmissable performance that is every bit as Oscar-worthy as her work in La La Land. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comEmma Stone absolutely crushes this role, so much so that it can be said she blows Glenn Close’s portrayal out of the water. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyStone is theatrical and clownish in the best way, wearing the over-the-top expressions that’ve sprinkled charm into her other roles like costume jewelry. Jacob Oller, Paste Magazine(Photo by ©2021 Disney Enterprises)What about Emma Thompson?The definition of glorious, Thompson delivers a delightfully droll Baroness Von Hellman. Hope Madden, MaddWolfThompson will most likely require some amount of reconstructive surgery on her jaw from the amount of scenery she chews throughout this movie. Brian Lloyd, entertainment.ieThompson’s Baroness is the best thing — and only good thing — in the movie. Mick LaSalle, San Francisco ChronicleAnd when they re on screen together?Together, they are the highly strung dysfunctional double-act that post-lockdown cinema didn’t know it needed. Peter Bradshaw, GuardianEchoing the same energies as Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, Stone and Thompson are a wealth of Oscar calibrated perfection. Nate Adams, The Only CriticScenes between the Emmas elevate the entire project, allowing Thompson to radiate devastating narcissism and Stone to mine her character’s emotional and intellectual landscape. Hope Madden, MaddWolfThere is no doubt that these are two of the greatest actresses of all time, and to see them working so incredibly together, is a treat. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyEvery time the two Emmas have a scene together, in which they must be drippingly arch and very British, Older Emma wipes Younger Emma right off the screen. Mick LaSalle, San Francisco ChronicleThe two are a delight both apart and together. Rob Hunter, Film School Rejects(Photo by ©2021 Disney Enterprises Inc.)How is the rest of the cast?Hauser and Fry are terrific as Estella/Cruella’s crew. They’re animated without being cartoony, giving their supporting characters multi-faceted internality and introspection. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionWhile the entire ensemble is delightful, Joel Fry is notable as the sensitive and loyal Jasper. Rendy Jones, Rendy ReviewsIf there’s a weak link then it’s John McCrea, who delivers a somewhat wooden performance as vintage fashion shop owner Artie. Patrick Cremona, Radio TimesUnfortunately, Mark Strong is wasted in a mostly forgettable role that could have been filled by any British actor. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comWe ve been hearing about those costumes They are ingenious and artful in their presentation. They are complex and tell stories all on their own. They are provocative and challenging, yet enticing. Douglas Davidson, Elements of MadnessThe way the move, the way they standout in a crowd, and the way that either Emma wears them, is just a joy to look at. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyYou don’t need to be a fashion connoisseur to appreciate the jaw-dropping design choices made throughout the movie. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comThe biggest mic drops of the film come from its jaw-dropping dresses: One moment featuring a garbage truck is a particularly extravagant bit of sartorial effectwork. Jacob Oller, Paste MagazineThe costumes are spectacular — it’s just that they’re the only exciting thing onscreen for the middle hour of the film. Matt Singer, ScreenCrush(Photo by ©2021 Disney Enterprises Inc.)Will the costumes get some awards love?There’s not a world in which Jenny Beavan’s incredible costuming work doesn’t get award attention. Nate Adams, The Only CriticThere’s no doubt that Jenny Beavan will score this film’s lone Oscar nomination and likely win. Kyle Pinion, ScreenRexCostume designer Jenny Beavan is more than likely on her way to at least another nomination for her work here. Douglas Davidson, Elements of MadnessJenny Beavan (Costume Designer), Nadia Stacey (Hair Makeup), and their respective teams are hopefully already having their names etched into next year’s Academy Awards. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comHow are the movie s punk rock trappings?The jukebox Cruella soundtrack, which includes hits from a number of ‘60s and ‘70s bands, is broadly excellent. Patrick Cremona, Radio TimesIt’s non-conformist with a bad attitude, badass music, and punk rock fits that would make Vivienne Westwood applaud. Sherin Nicole, idobi.comIt makes the entire punk scene come to life with her signature black and white flair that matches her rebellious spirit and anarchist energy. Rendy Jones, Rendy ReviewsCruella often veers into that Disneyfied corporate mall-punk of The Nightmare Before Christmas Hot Topic apparel. Jacob Oller, Paste MagazineIt’s hard to not roll your eyes at its attempt to sell you on the idea that this is a punk/rebel take on the character. Yeah, because there’s nothing more punk than market tested four quadrant cinema. Jacob Oller, Paste Magazine(Photo by ©2021 Disney Enterprises Inc.)Are there any issues?My God does this movie need trimming. You will have aged noticeably by the time it’s over. Hope Madden, MaddWolfIt is simply too long. Clocking in at nearly two hours and fifteen minutes is a bit ridiculous and feels unnecessary. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyCruella is rather weighed down by an overly baggy runtime and a few pacing issues, which means it sometimes threatens to turn from a fun romp into a bit of a slog. Patrick Cremona, Radio TimesWere it 80 minutes, its sins could largely be seen as forgivable, but somehow it manages to be nearly an hour longer than that and it feels every moment of that running time. Kyle Pinion, ScreenRexWill we want more?I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing what happens next. Douglas Davidson, Elements of Madness[It leaves] itself open for a sequel that, frankly, it doesn t need or deserve. Brian Lloyd, entertainment.ieCruella releases in theaters and streams on Disney+ with Premium Access on May 28, 2021.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
me.Buzz, Woody, and the Gang Just Got Put Back In Their Box(Photo by Annapurna Pictures)“Well, I’m flabbergasted,” admitted Missing Link co-director Chris Butler when he accepted the award for Best Feature – Animated with co-director Arianne Sutner. So were we. This was Toy Story 4’s award to lose: The Certified Fresh Pixar sequel is considered a lock for the Oscar in the category, and was a huge smash with audiences and critics. But it was the underseen Missing Link, the stop-motion Big Foot movie from Kubo and the Two Strings and Coraline studio Laika, that won the Golden Globe and made this year’s animation races a touch more exciting moving forward.Tom Hanks Doesn t Usually Get This Emotional, He SwearsTom Hanks proved why he’s the most liked person in Hollywood (the world?), delivering one of the night’s most moving speeches while receiving the Cecil B. DeMille award from Charlize Theron for “outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment.” Hanks started things off emotionally, struggling to speak as he shouted out his wife and five kids, then delivered some laughs (to Scorsese: “Boy, let’s see the outtakes from that movie, by the way”), before closing with a few more almost-tears (“I have checked the gate”). “I swear to God I’m not nearly this emotional at home,” he said at one point. We’re glad he let himself go this time.President Barack Obama Is on Fleabag s Naughty ListIn her acceptance speech for Fleabag’s win for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy, series creator Waller-Bridge reminded everyone that she’s as much of a fan of President Barack Obama as he is of her show.“Personally, I’d like to also thank Obama for putting us on his list,” Waller-Bridge said, referring to the president s end-of-the year list. “And as some of you may know, he’s always been on mine. And if you don’t get that joke, please watch season 1 of Fleabag really, really quickly.”The NSFW scene she s talking about can be seen on YouTube.Next up are my favorite movies and TV shows of 2019. Of course, there’s also American Factory, a film from our own production company, Higher Ground, that was recently shortlisted for an Oscar. Here’s the full list: pic.twitter.com/PEcgwotcxm Barack Obama (@BarackObama) December 29, 20191917 Shakes Up Awards Season With Two Jaw-Dropping WinsThere was no direction needed for Sam Mendes to act genuinely shocked after winning Best Director – Motion Picture for 1917: he was visibly shook. So was much of the room, who were likely expecting Quentin Tarantino, Bong Joon-ho, or the man Mendes himself said in his speech stands above all others, Martin Scorsese, to take the prize. Mendes’ win for Best Director was only the beginning of a surprisingly good night for his WWI drama. The movie would go on to win for Best Motion Picture – Drama, too, beating out The Irishman and Marriage Story. Opening wide in theaters next week, a strong showing at the Box Office could put the film in the frontrunner seat for Best Picture at the Oscars.And Olivia Got A Little Boozy, AgainAfter confessing she got bladdered at last year s Oscars, Olivia Colman confessed – on stage – she was a bit boozy tonight when she won her award for Best Performance By An Actress In a Television Series – Drama for The Crown. We thank her for the helpful reminder – on behalf of a number of presenters and recipients this evening – the booze was flowing in the ballroom.Are you as obsessed with awards as we are? Check out our Awards Leaderboard for 2019/2020.
In Regina King’s Certified Fresh directorial debut, One Night In Miami, four icons – Cassius Clay, Malcolm X, Sam Cooke, and Jim Brown – spend a wild (and fictional) evening together in a Magic City motel room bonding, drinking, and heatedly debating the best ways to advance the lives of Black people in America. Is it better to change the system from the inside, as Cooke says, or is the system itself the thing that needs to change, as X argues. Reviews of the film, which will no doubt be a big player this awards season, have heralded King’s skillful translation of Kemp Powers’ play to the big screen, as well as the performances of its four leads: Leslie Odom Jr. (Cooke), Eli Goree (Clay), Aldis Hodge (Brown), and Kingsley Ben Adir (Malcom X). In this exclusive and extended sit down with the four actors, they share how they prepared for and eventually inhabited the larger-than-life figures, from perfecting accents and swagger to transforming physically and digging deep into the ideologies that drove them.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

“There is a great responsibility at hand,” warns series newcomer Spock (Ethan Peck) in a trailer for the second season of CBS All Access  Star Trek: Discovery.Season 2 of the sci-fi/adventure series begins with a major crisis: the inexplicable appearance of seven red signal bursts across 30,000 light years of space. These signals, it’s said, typically follow the arrival of a being that Starfleet has coined the “Red Angel.”“This could be the defining moment for multiple civilizations, millions of lives. The future may be determined by our actions — yours and mine,” Spock says, claiming that this angel has shown him an apocalyptic vision of what’s to come should nothing be done. “Someone, or something, is going to end all sentient life in the galaxy,” he says in the clip.Rotten Tomatoes spoke with members of the expansive ensemble — from star Sonequa Martin-Green (Michael Burnham) to newcomer Anson Mount (Capt. Christopher Pike) — along with producers Alex Kurtzman and Heather Kadin to learn more of what’s to come this season. Below are 13 must-know secrets they revealed ahead of the premiere.1. The Federation is rebuilding after the war(Photo by Michael Gibson/CBS)If one thing is certain in the Star Trek multiverse, it’s that there are surprises around every corner. So while Martin-Green wasn t able to reveal many specific plotlines prior to the show s season 2 premiere, she did tease two major tidbits: First, the season will pick up in the midst of rebuilding after the Federation’s war with the Klingons. And second, it’s going to make audiences cry.“Season 2 is very much an exploration of science and faith. We ve heard that said quite a bit, but it is also a deeply emotional story because we have a lot to deal with after that war, she said. That war left a lot in its wake, and we have to look at it. It s like the tornado runs through the home and then you re just bearing down and you re gritting your teeth, and when the tornado leaves, now you ve got to turn to your house and be like, OK, so now we don t have a roof. OK, now there s flooding everywhere. OK, how are we going to clean this all up? Do we want to still live here?  Those are the questions that we have to ask ourselves, that we do ask ourselves, and I love that. We re willing and ready to do the work and to show how much work it actually is to rebuild.”2. Burnham’s been forgiven, but her actions aren’t forgotten(Photo by Jan Thijs/CBS)Star Trek: Discovery’s first season was very much a story of redemption for Michael, who set in motion the events that ultimately led to the central war. And while the season’s end saw her reinstated as a commander in Starfleet, Martin-Green said those earlier misfires still affect the woman we see on screen today.“Unfortunately, it never goes away, right? You make a deep mistake like that, that has those kinds of consequences, it never goes away,” she said. “You learn how to deal with it better and better as each day goes on, but it doesn t just go away, and it is something Burnham will have to contend with for the rest of her life. There will always be those reminders of that. There will always be reminders of the great loss of the Klingon War and how many people fell from that. And it s a big part of the maturation that happens with Burnham over the course of season 1: the cost of arrogance, and the cost of thinking that because you were trained in logic, you re right, and because you were trained in logic, you know what s best for everyone. That’s not the case, she continued. If you have to make a decision for everyone, everyone s perspective is needed. That was a big lesson to learn. And so that changed Burnham s identity, and that s a permanent change…. I say to Sarek in the pilot of the show that my emotion informs my logic, but my logic needs to inform my emotions as well. I have to find a way to accept my humanity fully, but also accept my logical way of thinking fully, and have them work together seamlessly. I think that s going to take some more time.”3. Burnham and Ash Tyler have unfinished business(Photo by CBS)Actor Shazad Latif confirmed to Rotten Tomatoes that even though his Ash Tyler (formerly Voq) left Starfleet with L’Rell (Mary Chieffo) after the war, he will be returning to Discovery.“He does go back onto the ship because [he’s] sort of acting as this mediator, so he’ ll see them again,” he said.Plus, he and Burnham may have some unfinished business in their affair.“That is yet another thing that has to be dealt with because, yes, Ash is the first man that Burnham has ever been in love with,” Martin-Green said. “There wasn t any time for that on Vulcan, and there certainly wasn t any time for that once I joined Starfleet. It was just career, career, career, career. So yes, [his leaving] was a deep emotional betrayal, and that doesn t just go away. Him deciding to serve L Rell because he s searching for who he is and where he belongs, that s a decision that I respect very much as Burnham, but that doesn t mean that the betrayal goes away. So I will say that no stone is left unturned.”4. The truth about Burnham and Spock will be revealedSome viewers have found it odd that the Spock they know from the original series (which is set 10 years ahead of Discovery) never mentioned his half-sister Burnham, but showrunner Kurtzman promised that that mystery and more will be resolved in season 2.“Obviously there was a lot of questions from the last season, right? How come Spock has never mentioned his half-sister Michael Burnham? And we owe the audience an answer to that,” Kurtzman said. “It is through his relationship, his very complicated and broken relationship with Michael, that he s able to actualize himself as the Spock we know from TOS, and that s a big part of what this season s about.”Peck, the actor behind this younger, bearded iteration of Spock, also expanded on that a bit, saying, “They haven t seen each other in a long time — and there s a reason for that. 5. This is an “untold chapter” of Spock s life(Photo by James Dimmock/CBS)Click to see full poster.“One of the things that I m most excited about with this season is that this is the untold chapter of Spock,” Kurtzman said. “This is Spock pre-TOS; he s not actualized as the character you know from the original series yet.”Touching on the mysterious red bursts and the appearance of what’s been called the “red angel,” Kurtzman added that coming face to face with the unknown will challenge Spock in unexpected ways.“He has seen something that his logical brain and logical training can not make sense of, and he s emotionally ill-equipped to deal with it. So logic and emotion have failed Spock. He is trying to figure out who he is and what the signals mean and the red angel means, Kurtzman said.6. Ethan Peck embodies Spock(Photo by James Dimmock/CBS)Especially with franchises as beloved as Star Trek, there’s going to be heightened scrutiny around the casting of characters new and old. Spock for Discovery season 2 proved no different. Fortunately, after auditioning more than 400 actors, Kurtzman and executive producer Heather Kadin knew they’d found their man when Peck walked in the room.“I think it s because of the time of Spock s life we re going to be looking into and diving into, you wanted someone who exhibited those qualities that you ve seen in the later versions of Spock, but also he s younger,” Kadin said. “It s like casting a younger version of yourself. It s hard because you want that person to look like they could grow into the person you know. So that s hard to find.”Despite the stereotypes surrounding Vulcans, the role needed an actor who could exhibit wide ranges of emotion.“There s a misconception that Vulcans don t have emotion, [but] that s not the case at all. They contain it very differently than humans do, Kurtzman said. So what you re looking for from an actor is somebody who can convey enormous amount of emotion behind that stoic Vulcan veneer. And when Ethan came in, then read, it was really clear that he was feeling so much and working so hard to contain it. Especially with the Spock that you re going to see in this season who doesn t know what to do with his emotion and doesn t understand how logic and emotion fit together yet. He just seemed like the guy. It was very natural. 7. Peck is Nimoy family–approved(Photo by Paramount Pictures)While discussing his character analysis and process in finding how he was going to bring Spock to life on Discovery, Peck recounted how he watched hours of the original series in addition to taking notes from Zachary Quinto’s performance from the latest trilogy of feature films. But one thing that really crystallized his Spock was paying a visit to the famed Leonard Nimoy’s family.“I met with the Nimoy family, which was incredible. They were so warm and curious. It was like the first step of making me feel worthy of this because they were just so lovely,” Peck recalled. “I watched the documentaries they each made. [Nimoy s son] Adam made For the Love of Spock, and [Nimoy s daughter] Julie  made Remembering Leonard Nimoy. They inspired me to be curious, and that was the best advice I could have gotten because Spock is ultimately a curious being. He wants to understand. He s special in the way that he has a big heart, ultimately, in order to take in the universe, as well as a great mind.”8. Section 31 is a looming presence(Photo by James Dimmock/CBS)Section 31 has been a controversial addition to the Star Trek universe since its introduction, but here, the top-secret intelligence division provides a perfect and tantalizing vehicle for the return of Emperor Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) from the Mirror Universe.“Starfleet lives in a very black and white world. They have rules; they have to stick to those rules. You can bend them, but you can t break them,” Kurtzman explained. “Section 31 lives entirely in shades of gray, and they do all of the things that Starfleet proper can t do. That s really interesting because when you have a character like Georgiou, whose conscience is constantly being tested and her ethics are constantly being tested, she s really in some ways the perfect person to do the dirty work that Starfleet can t do, and that s an exciting place to explore. It s a little bit gloves off, which is what s fun about Section 31.”9. Discovery will embrace exploration(Photo by Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS)Despite the likely more menacing nature of the seven red bursts this season, some positives come the development, according toAnthony Rapp, who plays Paul Stamets, and Mount. First of all, the bursts’ appearance is likely what brought Pike to Discovery in the first place thanks to the ship s space-travel capabilities.“The reason [Pike] needs that fast ship is that they ve been charting these seven signals around the galaxy. The energy required to produce them is beyond anything humanity has ever encountered,” Mount said. “We don t even know where to begin with what this could be. This could be a completely other level of existence that we ve never encountered before. He is as consumed by this question as anything he s ever been consumed by.”And second, while season 1 was largely encumbered by the war with the Klingons, season 2’s developments reinvigorate the series with Star Trek’s trademark sense of curiosity and exploration.“The fundamental core attitude of Starfleet is curiosity, and [Pike] is fully in the throes of that when we encounter him in the first episode of this season, Mount said.“The seven signals are requiring us literally to go around the galaxy and figure out what the hell s going on,” Rapp added. “That means that sometimes you have to visit places that we haven t visited before. So, yes, it was by design that writers are like, ‘Yes, we want to make sure we re doing more of that exploration stuff.’ There s still going to be this spine of the long form story, but it will also have a little more like, ‘This episode we re going to be on this asteroid,’ and, ‘This episode we re going be on this planet.’ That s been really satisfying.”One new territory explored? Saru’s home planet, Kaminar.10. Love may be in the cards for Saru(Photo by Ben Mark Holzberg/CBS)The end of season 1 saw Saru (Jones), a Kelpien — an alien race generally regarded as cowardly — earn commendations for his bravery in helping to end the Klingon war, and the second season could see even more growth for the character in the form of a potential love interest.“We have to procreate somehow,” Jones deadpanned when Rotten Tomatoes asked whether that was in the cards for the character. “I had a private conversation last night over dinner with our showrunner Alex Kurtzman about that very thing. About the possibility. So I don t know what s ahead for Saru. Personally, I would like him to find love because every character I play I want to find love and a sense of belonging in some way, shape, or form. After the events of the first season,  a whole new world has opened up to him,” Jones added, “so love should open up too, shouldn t it? I like that idea.”11. Ash and L’Rell’s relationship is more tenuous than everOutside of Starfleet, L’Rell (Chieffo) will explore her newfound political power among the Klingons and her developing relationship with Ash, who is undergoing a crisis of identity like no other. It doesn’t help that L’Rell feels guilt and remorse for her plan with Voq going haywire.“We’re in therapy now,” she joked. “It is a constant reminder that I failed [Voq]. I came up with the plan, he decided to sacrifice himself, and I was like: ‘I promise you, I ll make it work,’ and then I failed because I underestimated the integrity of the human spirit, which I think is a beautiful and interesting metaphor that she had to acknowledge.”Now that the two of them are back together and Ash does indeed remember his Klingon life as Voq, season 2 has plenty to play with between the two.“I didn t expect [Voq’s] memories to stay with him. I thought that I was getting rid of [Voq] when I did the surgery. That s the big shock in the finale…. So it s that navigation of, ‘How do I respect the choice that he made to be more human but still have that Klingon within him?’ It s very tense,” she revealed.12. Klingon leader L’Rell is modeled after female historical icons(Photo by Michael Gibson/CBS)Chieffo cited real-life historical icons including Queen Elizabeth and Cleopatra as inspiration for her character s journey this season, and said playing a powerful alien leader allowed her and the writers’ room to play with and expand upon how women in positions of power are portrayed onscreen.“So many of these stories have been told from a white, male perspective,” she said. “Now it s [2019], it s sci-fi, she s an alien — we can take what we love about those women and give her a little bit more of a fully fleshed-out story. If I could say more specifically, I would, but those archetypes have been very important to me. Someone said to me, ‘Being alien is to shift into a different octave,’ which I really like. There s something about that that I think we both embody.”13. Star Trek mythology has inspired its stars real-life activism(Photo by James Dimmock/CBS)Star Trek: Discovery didn’t allow just Chieffo to reframe her perceptions of social justice in the real world. Both Martin-Green and Wilson Cruz (who plays Dr. Hugh Culber) praised the foundational ideologies of the franchise for emboldening their views on today’s most important issues off-screen.“I have to say as much as I much appreciate this job and this opportunity, I appreciate it more and more as each day passes with this [current political climate], Cruz said. It does inspire me to believe that there is a better alternative than the one we have at the moment. Our job as artists is to help people imagine and to help inspire them and to imagine a better world, especially in Star Trek. That s what it always has done. It s always asked its audience to imagine what it would be like if we all actually not just acknowledged and tolerated our differences, but celebrated those differences.”In that sense, Martin-Green says, Star Trek: Discovery is her personal call to arms.“For me, personally I consider Star Trek to be a call to arms. It s a call to rise; it s a call to action. Because yes, it s one thing to see this picture, it s one thing to see this utopia, in a sense. It s another thing to see the work it takes to get there…. I want to step on the battlefield and bring up my weapon of love — love is really a weapon. It s the most powerful weapon we have and it never fails.”New episodes of Star Trek: Discovery are released every Thursday on CBS All Access.
Today s Ketchup brings you another 10 headlines from the world of film development news, covering stories from the last few weeks (because of the holidays) for titles such as The Batman, Dune, Jumanji 3, Disney s reboot of Pirates of the Caribbean, and Venom 2.This WEEK S TOP STORYDUNE REMAKE RECRUITS DAVE BAUTISTA AND STELLAN SKARSGARD(Photo by Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection, Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images)Blade Runner 2049, the 2017 science fiction sequel directed by Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Sicario) may have been a relative box office disappointment, but it was also Certiified Fresh at 87%, and as the expression goes, that s not nothing. Denis Villeneuve is also set to revisit another 1980s sci-fi film that underperformed at the box office, but this time, it s a straight up remake/reboot. We re speaking of David Lynch s Dune, the Frank Herbert adaptation that earned less than its production budget upon release in 1984. For his Dune, Denis Villeneuve has already cast Timothée Chalamet (Call Me By Your Name, Lady Bird) as the film s lead character, Paul Altreiedes, and Rebecca Ferguson (of the Mission: Impossible franchise) as his mother. Dune has a large ensemble cast of characters, and this week, Villeneuve focused on the Houe Harkonnen. Stellan Skarsgard, who co-starred in Marvel s Thor movies, has been cast as the blister-plagued villain Baron Harkonnen (hope he likes hours in the makeup chair). Dave Bautista, who played Marvel s Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy and had a small role in Blade Runner 2049, has also joined Dune as the Beast, Rabban, in a casting decision which suggests the character will have a higher profile than he did in David Lynch s film. Dune does not yet have a release date (but it s expected to be sometime in 2020).Fresh Developments1. HENRY WINKLER JOINS WES ANDERSON S THE FRENCH DISPATCH (Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)Throughout much of his career, director Wes Anderson has specialized in working with large ensemble casts, notably starting with 2001 s The Royal Tenenbaums (Certified Fresh at 80%). We ve known for a few months now that Anderson s next film will be called The French Dispatch, and that it will be set in the Paris bureau of an American newspaper (possibly during the years after World War II). The latest actor to join the film s ensemble  is Henry Winkler, who s probably most famous for his long-running role as The Fonz on TV s Happy Days but has also had memorable roles on Arrested Development and the new HBO series Barry, for which he was nominated for a Golden Globe. The French Dispatch will feature such Wes Anderson alumni as Mathieu Amalric, Bob Balaban, Adrien Brody, Frances McDormand, Bill Murray, Saoirse Ronan, Léa Seydoux, Tilda Swinton, and Owen Wilson. Others who are joining Winkler as first-time actors working with Wes Anderson include Timothée Chalamet, Benicio del Toro, Lois Smith, and Jeffrey Wright.2. AWKWAFINA AND DANNY DEVITO JOIN JUMANJI 3 (Photo by Warner Bros., Byron Cohen/FXX)The original Jumanji was arguably a star feature for mostly just Robin Williams (at best, Kirsten Dunst s star was also on the rise). For 2017 s Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (Certified Fresh at 76%), the formula was expanded to include four stars (Jack Black, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart, and Dwayne Johnson). It sounds like we can expect this year s third Jumanji (12/13/2019) to expand the video game roster even further, with both Awkwafina and Danny DeVito now joining the franchise. We should note that nothing has yet been revealed about their characters, including whether they are video game avatars, NPCs, or real world players. Jumanji 3 comes as Awkwafina prepares to film two sequels to last year s Crazy Rich Asians (and she s also voicing a character in this summer s The Angry Birds Movie 2). Danny DeVito will likewise be coming off his co-starring role in Disney s live-action remake of Dumbo (3/29/2019).3. ARETHA FRANKLIN BIOPIC RESPECT GETS A DIRECTOR(Photo by Derek Storm/Everett Collection)Dreamgirls and American Idol star Jennifer Hudson is currently filming her role as Grizabella in this year s Cats (12/20/2019), but the pieces are already falling into place for her next major movie musical, namely Respect, MGM s biopic about the life of R B singer (and many other things) Aretha Franklin, who died last year at the age of 76. Respect will mark the feature film debut of stage director Liesl Tommy, whose Eclipsed received six Tony nominations, including Best Director (making Tommy the first African American woman to be nominated in that category). Tommy will be working from a screenplay by Thelma Louise screenwriter Callie Khouri, who was the showrunner of TV s dramatic series Nashville.4. THE LAST THREE WEEKS IN TOM HANKS: MISTER ROGERS AND BIOS(Photo by Sony Pictures)The Weekly Ketchup for the first full week in January also covers all of the previous weeks going back past Christmas, which, for the sake of consolidating news stories, means that we get to cover two separate Tom Hanks movies. Hanks wrapped up filming of the film in which he plays PBS star Fred Rogers in November, but it had remained untitled for a while after the early title You Are My Friend was dropped. We can now report that the film will be called A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, which directly borrows from Rogers signature song, when it is released on October 18, 2019 as an early awards season contender. For his next film, Tom Hanks is returning to the post-apocalyptic future (a la Cloud Atlas) in BIOS, as an ailing inventor who builds a robot to keep his dog company after he s gone. That robot, with the help of motion capture animation, will be played by Caleb Landry Jones, who in 2017 had a significant role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Miguel Sapochnik, who directed the Emmy-winning Battle of the Bastards episode of Game of Thrones, will be directing BIOS for Universal Pictures.5. WARNER BROS. HOPES TO START FILMING THE BATMAN LATER THIS YEAR (Photo by Zack Snyder)Sometimes big movie news stories are buried ledes in other stories. One such example came this week as we learned that Warner Bros. is eyeing a production start for The Batman in November, 2019 in a larger piece speculating about the year in general. There are still many things we don t know about The Batman, including who might be cast now that we re 99% sure that Ben Affleck is done with playing Bruce Wayne. (Many of those questions are asked in this Hollywood Reporter piece.) One thing that we do know now is that director/writer Matt Reeves (War for the Planet of the Apes) has turned in his final draft for The Batman, which is ostensibly why Warner Bros. feels the pieces are coming together for a start as early as this year. Other Batman-related projects that Warner Bros has coming soon include this year s Joker (10/4/2019) and next year s Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (2/7/2020), starring Joaquin Phoenix and Margot Robbie, respectively.Rotten Ideas4. PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN REBOOT MOVING FORWARD WITHOUT JOHNNY DEPP(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)Deciding where to draw the sometimes thin line between what is a Fresh or Rotten story can sometimes be a tricky proposition. For example, one could look at the declining Tomatometer scores for Disney s Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and say that, therefore, any future Pirates movie is not only Rotten, but very much so. The latest news is that Walt Disney Pictures appears to be developing a Pirates of the Caribbean reboot, which would move forward without Johnny Depp s Jack Sparrow character. That, then, begs the question, of whether Jack Sparrow has helped drag down the Pirates Tomatometer, and a new lead might return the franchise to the Certified Fresh status of the first film. Nothing is confirmed yet, but there are indications that the franchise s new lead will be the female pirate called Captain Redd. One of the key factors suggesting that rumor is the raised profile that Disney is giving to Redd, both in toys, and on the Pirates of the Caribbean park ride itself. Having said that, there are still enough unknowns here that any new Pirates of the Caribbean movie is still a borderline Rotten Idea until we learn more.3. ANGRY BIRDS SEQUEL DROPPING THIS SUMMER(Photo by Columbia Pictures)Video game adaptations remain arguably the most reliably Rotten type of movie. Sometimes, movies like The Angry Birds Movie are still able to attract an audience (2 million globally) despite a Rotten Tomatometer score of just 44%. As such, Sony Pictures quickly started production of The Angry Birds Movie 2, which is already scheduled for release this summer, on August 16, 2019 (up against Playmobil: The Movie). The new voice cast will include pop singer Nicki Minaj, rising star Awkwafina (who also recently joined Jumanji 3), Saturday Night Live star Leslie Jones, This is Us star Sterling K. Brown, and Eugenio Derbez (of last year s Overboard remake). These new voice actors will join such cast members from the first movie as Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad, Bill Hader, Danny McBride, and Jason Sudeikis.2. SONY BITES INTO ITS SEQUEL PLANS FOR THE NEXT VENOM (Photo by Sony Pictures)There is such a conspiracy theory out there about the Tomatometer scores of Marvel movies that when one types in disney pays into Google, the first auto-feed option is Rotten Tomatoes. (If only we had a page on the site that explains how Tomatometers work.) One of the lowest Tomatometer scores delivered to a major motion picture in 2018 went to Venom (Rotten at 28%), which, despite that score, was still able to earn over 5 million globally as the year s #6 film. Obviously, Sony Pictures is moving forward with a Venom sequel, which is expected to take the slot they ve reserved for October 2, 2020. To that end, Sony has hired Kelly Marcel, one of the first film s co-writers to work on the sequel, which is expected to feature Woody Harrelson s end-credits serial killer character, Cletus Kasady, AKA Carnage. Tom Hardy will obviously return, and Michelle Williams is expected to return as well. Director Ruben Fleischer will be busy with Zombieland 2, so a new director is currently being sought by Sony.1. THE NEXT STAR TREK VOYAGE HAS BEEN CANCELLED(Photo by Paramount Pictures)Previously in this column up above, we mentioned how big movie stories are sometimes buried ledes, and that applies to this week s most Rotten news. Let s start with this piece about HBO s Game of Thrones prequel series, and how the pilot will be directed by one S.J. Clarkson. In the second paragraph, referencing the fourth Star Trek with the current cast, the article casually states, That project has since been shelved. Luckily, we have other sources, like Scott Mendelson of Forbes, who can take six words and delve into many more details. That just leaves us to clarify that the first three movies all received Certified Fresh scores: Star Trek (94%), Star Trek Into Darkness (85%), and Star Trek Beyond (85%). So the decision to retire the Kelvin cast after just three movies is a Rotten Idea because they were still delivering Certified Fresh Tomatometer scores. Having said that, we still don t know what will become of Quentin Tarantino s Star Trek idea.
If you commit to releasing at least one new film on your streaming service every weekend in a given year, you have to accept the fact that not all of them are going to be winners. That isn t to say Netflix s latest genre film, Kate, failed to impress any writers at all; it just didn t quite reach the critical heights of its similarly themed Gunpowder Milkshake from just a couple months ago. Mary Elizabeth Winstead plays the titular character, an elite assassin who botches a hit on a yakuza boss in Tokyo and finds herself poisoned in the process. With only 24 hours to live, Kate goes on the hunt for her killers and unexpectedly forms a friendship with the young daughter of one of her former targets. Critics say Winstead does her best to hold Kate together, and the action is serviceable enough, but with the deadly female assassin out for revenge subgenre currently in full bloom, there just isn t enough to set the film apart.
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The original premise for the series saw Gordon facing the corrupt Gotham City Police Department while attempting to solve the Wayne murders. But things changed quickly as Mazouz’s Bruce Wayne became more tied to the investigation, and Gotham explored a still-grieving Bruce in the immediate wake of the tragedy. The attempt to process his grief led to some of the obsessive qualities fans recognize in Batman, and it made him uniquely suited to investigate his father’s company in way Gordon could not. Bruce s quest for answers put him on a surprising journey, which meant Mazouz spent more time in Bruce Wayne’s developing psyche than any other actor who has played Batman.“I think it s just a more human process,” he said of Bruce’s journey to masked vigilantism in the fourth season, and the persona his character will take on by the series’ end.(Photo by Justin Stephens/Fox)While Gotham goes on wild tangents to introduce members of Batman’s varied and colorful rogues’ gallery, those stories helped to underscore the original tragedy of Bruce Wayne, Mazouz said.“It s a story that Gotham tells over and over again; people losing something and having some kind of tragic moment to them. We saw it with Penguin, we saw it with Riddler, where things happen to them that aren t justified. The question is: What does a person do with those things after it happens? Bruce is able to turn that vulnerability into strength. He s able to say, ‘I suffered this. I don t want anybody else to do the same,’” the actor said.Villains like Penguin and Riddler, meanwhile, take those losses and decide “[they] want other people to know what that feels like. [They] want other people to suffer too.” That dichotomy reverberates from their Gotham portrayals into the comic-book reality of Batman.Before Bruce can finally adopt his famous identity, he must navigate a Gotham City undone by Jeremiah’s (Cameron Monaghan) attack on the bridges connecting the city to the mainland. Taking its cues from the 1999 No Man’s Land comic book storyline, the series picks up a couple of months after the bombings with “the entire city in complete anarchical disarray,” Mazouz said. Gangs have turned sections of the city into their own little fiefdoms. And while the GCPD try to help as many people as they can without federal support, the situation on the ground is grim.

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Ghcxuf New Marvel and Assassin s Creed series are in the works, first-look images at costumes for the new Batwoman and Titans Red Hood, In Treatment returns with new cast, Jon Stewart scores Apple TV+ deal, and more of the week s top TV and streaming news.TOP STORYGolden Globe Winner Oscar Isaac May Join the MCU in New Series Moon Knight(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)Click image to view full Moon Knight No. 32 cover in a new tab.Is Oscar Isaac trading his place in the Star Wars universe for life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Maybe, as the actor who plays X-wing pilot Poe Dameron in the Star Wars sequel films is reportedly in talks to lead the cast of the new Disney+ series Moon Knight, about the Marvel comics Batman-ish superhero. Like The Caped Crusader/Bruce Wayne, Moon Knight/Marc Spector is a billionaire who uses his wealth to find cool crimefighting gadgetry and is a super sleuth. Moon Knight, unlike Batman, also has superpowers.Clash director Mohamed Diab has signed on to direct the series, Deadline reports, while Jeremy Slater, who developed and wrote the Netflix adaptation of The Umbrella Academy, will develop and head the writing staff on Moon Knight, which will join a pair of other recently announced new Marvel series on Disney+, including She-Hulk, starring Tatiana Maslany, and Ms. Marvel, starring newcomer Iman Vellani.Isaac already has another series lined up, meanwhile; he’ll reunite with his A Most Violent Year co-star (and Julliard classmate) Jessica Chastain in HBO’s limited series remake of Scenes from a Marriage. Chastain replaces Michelle Williams, who had to drop out of the project because of a scheduling conflict.Assassin’s Creed Series Coming to NetflixNetflix and Ubisoft are officially teaming up to develop a live-action #AssassinsCreed series. pic.twitter.com/2VFXT3YHUy Rotten Tomatoes (@RottenTomatoes) October 27, 2020Netflix is teaming up with Ubisoft for a live-action series adaptation of Assassin’s Creed, the internationally bestselling videogame. The live-action story will be first, but the collaboration between the streaming service and the videogame producer will also include animation and anime projects.“We’re excited to partner with Ubisoft and bring to life the rich, multilayered storytelling that Assassin’s Creed is beloved for,” said Netflix executive Peter Friedlander. “From its breathtaking historical worlds and massive global appeal as one of the bestselling video game franchises of all time, we are committed to carefully crafting epic and thrilling entertainment based on this distinct IP and provide a deeper dive for fans and our members around the world to enjoy.”Since its 2007 release, Assassin’s Creed and its sequels have sold more than 150 million copies worldwide. The game series has already hit the big screen, in the 2016 movie starring Michael Fassbender.First Looks: The New Batwoman Suit and Red Hood’s New Titans Duds(Photo by The CW)Feast your eyes on these, the super cool new outfits worn by new Batwoman Ryan Wilder in the second season of the CW’s Batwoman series, and Red Hood’s new threads in the HBO Max DC Comics drama Titans.New Batwoman Ryan Wilder, played by new series star Javicia Leslie, will initially be seen in the suit worn by Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) in season 1, but by the third episode of the new season, she’ll reveal her redesign of her outfit, signifying she’s really fitting (ha, literally!) into her new superheroine role.(Photo by Ben Mark Holzberg/HBOMax/Courtesy of Warner Bros.)Click image to view full image in a new tab.Red Hood, a.k.a. Jason Todd (Curran Walters) will be sporting a bold red and black hooded (duh) outfit that will be the first time an individual Red Hood costume has been seen in a live-action production. Seasons 1 and 2 of the series will be available Nov. 1 on HBO Max.Tim Burton Shopping a New Addams Family Series(Photo by Melinda Sue Gordon / © Paramount Pictures / Courtesy Everett Collection)Emmy winner and Oscar nominee Tim Burton is shopping a new live-action TV series version of the The Addams Family, the classic cartoon that’s already been adapted as several TV series and movies. The original TV series aired on ABC from 1964-66; Burton’s reboot would be set in present time, and told from the perspective of the family’s teen daughter Wednesday Addams, the character so brilliantly played in the Addams movies by Christina Ricci.Smallville producers Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are set to write the pilot, serve as showrunners, and act as executive produce alongside Burton, who also plans to direct the whole series, which would be his first major primetime series. (Deadline)NEW TRAILERS: The Midnight Sky: George Clooney Stars in and  Directs Post-Apocalyptic Netflix DramaThe Midnight Sky is the post-apocalyptic story of a lonely Arctic scientist who is trying to stop a group of astronauts from returning to Earth after a mysterious global calamity, starring and directed by George Clooney. The film also stars Felicity Jones, Kyle Chandler, David Oyelowo, and Demián Bichir and is based on the novel Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton. Premieres Dec. 23 (Netflix).More trailers and teasers released this week:• The Crown season 4 features the stories of Diana (Emma Corrin) before she was princess and the administration of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson). Olivia Colman returns as British monarch Queen Elizabeth II. Premieres Nov. 15 (Netflix).• Saved by the Bell, season 1, finds the original Bell gang – including California Governor Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) going back to Bayside High to deal with a new group of teens, including Zack’s very Zack-like son. Premieres Nov. 25 (Disney+).• Crazy, Not Insane is a documentary directed and produced by Alex Gibney and narrated by Laura Dern, about the work of psychiatrist Dorothy Otnow Lewis, who studies the psychology behind murder, including those committed by Ted Bundy. Premieres Nov. 18 (HBO).• Black Narcissus is a three-episode series, based on the novel of the same name by Rumer Godden, about a nun (Gemma Arterton) who leads a mission to a remote part of the Himalyas, where she is tempted by her feelings for a local war veteran. Alessandro Nivola, Aisling Franciosi, the late Diana Rigg, and Jim Broadbent also star. Premieres November 23 (FX).• Selena: The Series, season 1, stars Christian Serratos in the story behind the rise of beloved Tejano superstar singer Selena Quintanilla. Premieres Dec. 4 (Netflix).• The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, season 4, is the final run for Kiernan Shipka’s teenage witch, who, when we last saw her, had split herself into two people in an effort to save the world. Premieres Dec. 31 (Netflix).• The Liberator is an animated limited series about a World War II military officer who returns to the battle field after nearly being killed in battle. The series tars Bradley James, based on the book The Liberator: One World War II Soldier’s 500-Day Odyssey by Alex Kershaw. Premieres Nov. 11 (Netflix).• Run is a movie thriller about a tragic mother and daughter, starring Sarah Paulson and Kiera Allen. Premieres Nov. 20 (Hulu).• A Teacher is a drama about a teacher who has a devastatingly destructive affair with her student. Starring Kate Mara and Nick Robinson. Premieres Nov. 10 (FX).For all the latest TV and streaming trailers, subscribe to the Rotten Tomatoes TV YouTube channel.CASTING: Emmy Winner Uzo Aduba Starring in New Season of HBO Therapy Drama In TreatmentDebbie DayOrange Is the New Black and Mrs. America Emmy winner Uzo Aduba will star in the fourth season of HBO’s In Treatment, with a scheduled 2021 premiere. She will play Dr. Brooke Lawrence, the lead therapist in the return of the series that debuted on HBO in 2008. Divorce and Wings alum Thomas Haden Church has signed on to star in and executive produce the Fox comedy The Texanist, based on the Texas Monthly magazine column about an Austin radio show host who doles out advice about the Texas way of doing things to natives and newcomers to the state. Emmy winner Church is a current resident of Texas who also grew up there.The Get Down alum Jaden Michael will play young Colin Kaepernick in Netflix’s Colin in Black White, the six-episode series created by Kaepernick and Emmy winner Ava DuVernay.  Emmy nominee Michael Starrbury writes the series and serves as executive producer, alongside DuVernay and Kaepernick, who will appear as himself as narrator of the autobiographical series.Allison Tolman and Nick Frost will star in the second season of the CBS All Access dark comedy anthology series Why Woman Kill. The new season will feature a new ensemble cast and storylines set in 1949, exploring the lengths one woman will go to in order to finally belong. Tolman will play Alma, a timid and awkward housewife who’s hopeful about her future, until her life is disrupted when she learns about her husband’s secret hobby. British actor, writer, and director Frost will play Bertram, Alma’s kind, good-natured veterinarian husband whose secret hobby is darker than his jovial nature would suggest.Rosario Dawson has joined the cast of Hulu’s opioid crisis drama Dopesick, playing tough DEA agent Bridget Meyer in the eight-episode series that stars Michael Keaton and is written by Danny Strong. (TV Line)The Office alum Craig Robinson will host Fox’s new celeb reality series The Masked Dancer, which premieres in December. He’ll be joined by panelists Ken Jeong, Paula Abdul, Brian Austin Green, and Ashley Tisdale as the show does for famous types willing to shake their groove things while wearing head-to-toe silly costumes what The Masked Singer does for crooning celebrities.Marilyn Manson, Ali Larter, C. Thomas Howell, Ryan Kwanten, Denise Crosby, Breckin Meyer, Ted Raimi, and Kevin Dillon are among the cast for the second season of Creepshow, the hit Shudder horror series from The Walking Dead director, producer, and special effects whiz Greg Nicotero.Apple TV+’s international drama Pachinko, which will be told in Korean, Japanese and English, has announced its cast. The series, based on the bestselling novel by author Min Jin Lee, chronicles the hopes and dreams of four generations of a Korean immigrant family, and will star Min Ho Lee, Jin Ha, Anna Sawai, Minha Kim, Soji Arai, and Kaho Minami. Soo Hugh (The Terror and The Killing) is creator, writer, executive producer, and showrunner on the project.Amazon’s ranch-set mystery drama Outer Range, starring Josh Brolin, has added Lili Taylor, Tom Pelphrey, and Tamara Podemski to the cast. Taylor will play Cecilia, the wife of Brolin’s rancher owner Royal Abbott, while Pelphrey is Perry, the oldest Abbott son, and Podemski plays Joy, the first gay, Native American county sheriff candidate. (Deadline) PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT: Jon Stewart Returns! The Daily Show Alum Will Host a New Current Affairs Series for Apple TV+(Photo by Jay L. Clendenin/Courtesy Apple TV+)Jon Stewart is coming back to TV on a regular basis: The Daily Show alum has signed a deal with Apple TV+ that will include a new current affairs series, a multiple season, one-hour, single-issue show that will explore topics that are currently part of the national conversation and his advocacy work. The topic of each season will be further explored in a companion podcast. Apple also has a first-look deal Stewart on projects to be produced and developed for the service.Stewart’s Big Daddy co-star Adam Sandler will star in Netflix’s adaptation of Czech author Jaroslav Kalfar’s novel Spaceman of Bohemia. Chernobyl miniseries director Johan Renk will direct the story, about an astronaut (Sandler) whose marriage is falling apart while he’s on an eight-month space mission. When he thinks he has befriended a giant talking space spider, it may actually be a sign that he’s having a mental breakdown. (THR)Ava DuVernay is developing an NBC drama, Sovereign, about an Indigenous family trying to maintain control of their tribe’s future in the face of threats within and outside the family. Navajo Nation member Navajo Nation member Sydney Freeland co-wrote the pilot based on a story from DuVernay, who will executive producer the series with Cheyenne and Mescalero Apache Tribal Nations member Bird Runningwater. (TV Line)Netflix has picked up the thriller Born to Be Murdered, starring Tenet star and Ballers alum John David Washington. The movie, expected to debut in 2021, is the story of a couple (Washington and Alicia Vikander) who, while on vacation in Greece, become involved in a “violent conspiracy.” Call My By Your Name director and producer Luca Guadagnino produced the story. (THR)Netflix also picked up the Toronto Film Festival standout Concrete Cowboy, the drama starring Idris Elba and Stranger Things and The New Edition Story star Caleb McLaughlin, for a likely 2021 release. The film, which also features When They See Us Emmy winner Jharrel Jerome, follows 15-year-old Detroit native Cole, who’s sent to live with his dad Harp (Elba) in Philadelphia, where he learns about the urban cowboy culture. Lorraine Toussaint and Method Man also co-star/ (THR)Dick Wolf and former showrunner of The Chi, Ayanna Floyd Davis, are in early talks with Peacock to develop a reboot of Wolf’s ‘90s cop drama New York Undercover. The original 1994-99 series, which aired on Fox and starred Malik Yoba and Michael DeLorenzo, will be written by Floyd Davis and is a “re-examination of the original, reflecting the current times,” according to Deadline.Olympic bronze medalist figure skater and Dancing with the Stars champ Adam Rippon is developing a figure skating comedy for NBC. Rippon will act as an executive producer on the series, which will “tackle the oversized ambitions, underwhelming talent, and boundless heart as one woman fights her family, failing knees, and every other skater on the ice.” (Variety)Emmy-winning Sopranos writer Terence Winter is adapting the book Friends of the Family: The Inside Story of the Mafia Cops Case as a drama series. The book, by Tommy Dades and Mike Vecchione, tells the true story of a pair of NYPD detectives who were secretly working for the mafia. (Deadline)It’s a Neighbors reunion: stars of that film, Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen, will reunite with the movie’s director, Nick Stoller, for the Apple TV+ comedy series called Platonic, about a pair of childhood friends who reconnect as adults, repair the rift that separated them as children, and engage in an all-consuming friendship.HBO Max and Cartoon Network are rebooting the 1990-92 Steven Spielberg-produced series Tiny Toon Adventures as Tiny Toons Looniversity, which will find Babs, Buster Bunny and their friends going off to the titular institution of “hijinx” learning. Spielberg will return as an executive producer.A Soundtrack for Your Halloween Decorations (To Drive Your Neighbors Insane)If you really, really love the Unsolved Mysteries theme song, Netflix has a Halloween treat for you: a five-hour version of the tune. 😈😈


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(Photo by © 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. ™. All Rights Reserved.)The season 2 finale of The Mandalorian left fans with plenty of questions, but none were more pressing than a surprise announcement about something called “The Book of Boba Fett” would arrive in December 2021. Was it the next season of The Mandalorian, switching its focus from Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) to the infamous Star Wars bounty hunter? Or was it its own standalone series? Without a clarifying word from executive producer Jon Favreau or Lucasfilm, speculation ran high across the weekend of December 19, 2020 on the nature of Fett’s new story.Thankfully, Favreau appeared on Good Morning America during its Monday, December 21 airing to dispel some of the confusion regarding The Book. So let’s take a look at everything we know so far.[Updated on 9/29/21]It Is a Standalone Series(Photo by © 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. ™. All Rights Reserved.)In our look at the Season 2 finale, we assumed The Book of Boba Fett was the next phase of The Mandalorian. No Boba Fett series was mentioned at Lucasfilm’s exhaustive Investor Day presentation of December 10 and the no logo appeared during the finale’s stinger scene indicating a new series. But as Favreau explained on GMA, the series was kept out of the presentation to maintain the surprise.Temuera Morrison stars as Boba Fett, the cloned son of Jango Fett (also Morrison), who may have a strong claim to being Mandalorian even if the heir apparent to that planet’s throne refuses to accept him. As seen in the Mandalorian stinger scene, it will focus on Fett taking over the criminal empire of Jabba the Hutt. And as Disney+ press release later clarified, he will use those assets to navigate the Galaxy’s underworld. (Photo by © 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. ™. All Rights Reserved.)Joining him on this new journey will be Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen), the mercenary he rescued in The Mandalorian’s first season. Seemingly indebted to him, if even by just her own code of ethics, the pair will continue on as Fett plans his next move.And if we might indulge in some speculation, we imagine the other bounty hunters from The Empire Strikes Back — Dengar, IG-88, Bossk, Zuckuss, and 4-LOM — may appear at some point. Also, there may be room to do an episode on Jodo Kast, the imposter Boba Fett who appeared in the Expanded Universe while Fett himself recuperated from his encounter with the Sarlaac.Come to think of it, revealing how he actually survived his seeming death scene in Return of the Jedi would make for a strong chapter as well. Also, you have to wonder how long before Fett’s actions in Jabba’s palace attracts the attention of Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant), other elements on Tatooine, or even the other Hutts.On the production side, Robert Rodriguez — who directed the episode re-introducing Boba Fett to The Mandalorian’s sector of space — will serve as executive producer with Favreau and stalwart Star Wars creative Dave Filoni. Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy will also serve as an executive producer with long-time Star Wars veterans Karen Gilchrist and Carrie Beck taking co-executive producer roles. John Bartnicki will produce and John Hampian serves as co-producer.It Is Not a Replacement for The MandalorianAs Favreau clarified during his GMA appearance, The Book of Fett will come before the third season of The Mandalorian, but not replace it; in fact, Favreau said the third season will “pretty soon follow” The Book of Fett in terms of production. Whether or not this means the new season will immediately follow Fett in airing is anyone’s guess. It is rather clear, however, that there will be no Mandalorian in 2021.The year 2022 appears to be the big one for Star Wars on Disney+ with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Andor debuting alongside the third season of The Mandalorian. There is also the potential for at least one other live-action Star Wars project to join that group as well.It Is Part of the Post–Return of the Jedi Timeline(Photo by © 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. ™. All Rights Reserved.)Alongside the Ahsoka series, The Book of Boba Fett will take place in the era five or so years after Return of the Jedi. For lack of an official name, we’ll call it the New Republic era. In an echo to the early Expanded Universe novels, games, and comics, it is a time when the newly established Republic faces a lot of backlash from Imperial enclaves and plenty of internal tensions the Rebel Alliance set aside to combat the Empire.That issue will likely be covered more closely in Ahsoka or the third season of The Mandalorian, but it will also factor into Fett as organized crime is constant in the Star Wars galaxy, as is the central government s inability (or apathy) to police it. We’ll hazard a guess that a show more focused on scum and villainy made a standalone Fett series attractive to Favreau and Filoni as they devised the Mandalorian spinoffs — well, assuming the series is just about Fett becoming the godfather of space. As we’ve already seen, he is a man of his word, and it is possible the resources of the Hutt criminal enterprise could be utilized in some other goal. Debbie DayFALL 2020 TV SURVEY: 30 MOST ANTICIPATED NEW SHOWSFor Rotten Tomatoes’ annual Fall TV Survey, we asked 1,000 of our users what they’re most looking forward to in the coming TV season and to reflect on the best shows from seasons past.When film and television production shut down in March, it threw a wrench into the TV production schedule for the rest of the year. Sadly, plenty of series that were initially supposed to premiere in 2020 are now being pushed to 2021 (and potentially beyond). So, while Rotten Tomatoes users were most pumped about the first Disney+ MCU series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it looks as though they re going to have to wait a little longer for the Anthony Mackie–Sebastian Stan vehicle.But there s still plenty of great television hitting the small screen this year: The No. 1 new show that Rotten Tomatoes users are most looking forward to seeing is The Stand, CBS All Access take on the post-apocalyptic Stephen King story that premieres later this year. In second is The Haunting of Bly Manor, the follow-up to The Haunting of Hill House from the same creative team (and much of the same cast).The gender splits were pretty even, with men and women anticipating each of the titles in pretty similar amounts, though more women are excited for the latest Ryan Murphy–Sarah Paulson collaboration, Netflix s Ratched (inspired by One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest), and more men are looking forward to Hulu s remake of the beloved animated series Animaniacs.Disagree with the survey results? Tell us in the comments who you think should have made the list or have been ranked higher.Updated: The list has been updated since publication to correct an error in the ranking.


With its fourth episode, Loki pivots beyond its initial conflict and introduces a handful of new shocking ideas. But just what is a nexus event so powerful that it threatens the Sacred Timeline by itself? And, for that matter, what was Sylvie s (Sophia Di Martino) great crime against the timeline? In an episode full of unmasking, introspection, loss, and a very special cameo, our own assumptions about the Marvel Cinematic Universe s reality are also once again in doubt. So let s start delving into variants, beings behind the curtain, and the nature of choice.Spoiler Alert: The following reveals details of the fourth episode of Loki season 1. Stop here if you have not watched The Nexus Event. Speculation includes information from Marvel comic books and may also be considered spoilers to some.Is Ravonna a Variant?(Photo by Chuck Zlotnick. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.)Perhaps a strange question to ask, but it feels pertinent going forward — is Ravonna Renslayer (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) a variant? Everyone else in the TVA is one, as both Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) and Hunter C-20 (Sasha Lane) have now confirmed for us. And then there s the discovery that she was the hunter who brought Sylvie in when she was a child. Upward mobility is seemingly possible at the TVA, which seems strange if they are all mind-wiped variants.The early scene in which she encounters the Time-Keepers suggests she is a variant. Although, anything could have happen in the cutaway and her uncomfortable meeting could have been with the real power behind the TVA (more on that in a bit). See also how hard she worked to keep C-20 s discovery under wraps. Then there s her seemingly genuine affection for Mobius (Owen Wilson) and her sadness in pruning him. And while that would appear to make her an accomplice to whatever is really going on, there is still a modicum of doubt there. All of her actions could be those of a variant compelled to keep the secrets of the TVA at any cost without understanding their true implications.So, if she is a variant, what is the real Ravonna Renslayer up to in the Sacred Timeline?Of course, the answer to that depends on whatever info Sylvie obtains from Ravonna next week. Presumably, it will reorder everything.What Is Sylvie s Crime?(Photo by Chuck Zlotnick. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.)The episode s opening moments seemingly answers, once and for all, that Sylvie is Loki and not another character — like either of the Enchantresses — but it also brings up a new question: what crime against the Sacred Timeline could a 9- to 12-year-old Frost Giant commit? We think we have an answer: she presented as female.As we saw in episode 2 — and subsequently saw again here at the end of episode 4 — Loki variants tend to be present as male even if Loki (Tom Hiddleston) is technically genderfluid. As it happens, we ve really yet to see a Loki slip between genders, so it is possible female-presenting Lokis are pruned early on. Or, perhaps, Laufey himself deals with the problem back in Jotunheim shortly after their birth. No matter why female-presenting Lokis are a rarity, it leads to the new question: Why does the Sacred Timeline need a male Loki?Presumably, this goes back to one of the show s central themes: whether or not Loki (or anyone in the MCU) has free will. If we accept that the Sacred Timeline is preventing Multiversal chaos, then there is no free will as every wrong choice is clipped to ensure one outcome. Loki, for example, has been pruned to serve the exact purpose he serves in Thor, The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World, Thor: Ragnarok, and Avengers: Infinity War. His glorious purpose was to, ultimately, hand the Space Stone to Thanos and leave Thor with warm memories about his deceased brother.Well, provided that Loki actually died. Notice how often our Loki boasts of cheating death in this episode?But to bring it back to Sylvie, a female-presenting Loki is, seemingly, the ultimate expression of the chaos the Sacred Timeline strives to avoid. Sylvie says as much herself toward the beginning of the episode. Well, she frames it more as the universe attempting to break free of some stricture, but it still feels like part of her crime. Also, there is a fantastic meta-commentary buried in the narrative if her crime really was choosing her own gender expression. And it ties back into our belief that the show is ultimately about Loki s right to choose his/her/their role in the MCU.Is Love the Nexus Event?(Photo by Chuck Zlotnick. ©Marvel Studios 2021. All Rights Reserved.)Loki and Sylvie s heart-to-heart on Lamentis seemingly triggers a nexus event the likes of which no one in the TVA has ever seen before and, in all likelihood, made Sylvie s audience with the Time-Keepers possible. But what was it, really? Mobius seems to think it was a romantic bond between the two variant Lokis. As we would still like to see Loki become an aromantic character going forward, we are going to suggest something different: The nexus event is Loki caring about someone other than himself — even if the other person is still Loki.That change is key as Loki s selfless acts in the Sacred Timeline are meant to serve a different purpose. A Loki who discovers any sort of empathy years before the destruction of Asgard is a danger to the proscribed flow of time.And though we re weighing most of this toward Loki, a seismic change also occurs within Sylvie as simple survival is, for once, not her main thought. Those key changes to who they are meant to be could trigger an unprecedented nexus event just as easily as two Loki variants falling for each other.Then again, Mobius s description of the nexus event leads back to the joke about Loki only being capable of loving him/her/themself. Mobius almost even gets to that punchline.All that said, a power of love solution may draw the comparisons between Loki and Doctor Who even closer, but we hope the show is using that as another dodge before revealing the true nature of the TVA and the Sacred Timeline.Oh, also, it seems Sylvie s time bomb had no effect on the Sacred Timeline. We suppose the TVA had enough Hunters around to undo that damage.The Being Behind the Curtain(Photo by Marvel Studios)OK, we re ready to accept the Time-Keepers are just The Great and Powerful Oz. Their existence was always in doubt. But that leaves someone behind the curtains pulling the strings and securing the Sacred Timeline for an unknown purpose.Thankfully, the comics give us one key suspect — He Who Remains — who will serve as this week s candidate for a comics character the series might introduce. In Marvel Comics lore, He Who Remains was the final director of the TVA in the previous universe. Continuing on to the next cycle of creation, he created both the Time-Twisters and the Time-Keepers in the hopes of instructing the new multiverse in the correct path. His attempts lead to adversaries for Thor.Yeah, it s the heady, cosmic stuff you d expect from mid-to-late 1970s Thor comics (courtesy of Len Wein, John Buscema, and Joe Sinnott), but it is also a way forward for the MCU if He Who Remains is the man behind the curtain. For one thing, the notion of a previous Marvel Film Universe is fascinating. Galactus is also said to originate from an earlier multiversal cycle and that could matter when he finally appears in a Fantastic Four film. A previous universe could also be a nice way to include all of the Marvel films made before Iron Man while still giving Marvel Studios breathing room to recast the Fantastic Four and, eventually, Wolverine.But then there s also the apparent truth within the TVA: the Sacred Timeline. If He Who Remains is behind the curtain, then maintaining a complex sequences of decisions from the beginning of time to the end has to have some value beyond his own continued existence — he s already the ultimate survivor. Miss Minutes (Tara Strong) mention of that war in the Multiverse is a good place to start looking for clues. Although it could easily be another lie, there may be some more truth there, as He Who Remains could be the last survivor of that conflict. Forcing the MCU into a certain path may be preventing an number of sorrows and cataclysms beyond the things we ve seen in Marvel Studios pictures and shows thus far.Or it s just about control and cruelty. In which case, we ll add Kang (Jonathan Majors) and Mephisto to the list of suspects. And if we need a few other impossibly powerful to add as potential powers behind the TVA, there are Those Who Sit Above in Shadow — the beings who allegedly created the Asgardians and literally feed off the Ragnarok cycles — the Beyonder (an entity with a habit of kidnapping Marvel superheroes and villains), and One-Above-All, the apparent creator of the Multiverse itself. Loki taking on the ultimate authority does have a certain appeal.A Multitude of Lokis Invade the Stinger Scene(Photo by Marvel Studios)Then there s that whopper of a mid-credit stinger: An apparently pruned Loki wakes up to encounter Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant), Boastful Loki (Deobia Oparei), Kid Loki (Jack Veal), and Alligator Loki (an alligator) in the destroyed remains of New York. Presumably, they are also pruned variants, but their appearances suggest direct ties to Marvel history and possible story threads.Kid Loki, for example, seems to be a tip of the horns to the Marvel Comics Kid Loki — a manifestation of Loki who sought to be different, but was murdered by the older Loki to obtain a new body. A shred of Kid Loki remained to haunt Loki by shouting he is the crime that cannot be forgiven. He also, in the long run, symbolizes the way Loki cannot go against his nature.The Classic Loki, meanwhile, is a brave attempt to make Jack Kirby s design for the character work in a MCU context. Presumably, he will revel in being the villain — if he isn t the Old Loki we talked about last week — and is not to be trusted simply via the virtue of wearing Grant s face. Also, since we mentioned Doctor Who once already this week, Grant is also the face of a Doctor pruned from the show s canon and the face of one of the Doctor s long-standing foes.Oh, and what is he carrying in that bag?By virtue of holding a hammer and being called Boastful Loki in the credits, we re going to assume this is the variant who was deemed worthy of the power of Thor. Such an event has occurred in Marvel Comics history, but under wildly different circumstances and only for a brief moment. Taking a closer look at Boastful Loki s hammer, though, it is always possible the weapon is meant to mock the God of Thunder.And Alligator Loki feels like a reference to the time he manifested as Cat Thor in the pages of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl or the time he turned Thor into a frog.But the quartet s purpose is a complete mystery. Are they the true power behind the TVA or are they just more refugee Loki variants because the power behind the agency needs Loki to be a certain person? Or, perhaps, they are remnants of the Multiverse trying to get their realities back.It remains to be seen, of course, but it at least gives us hope that Mobius will somehow be saved despite his apparent pruning.Loki episodes debut each Wednesday on Disney+.

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