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亚博YABO外围APP采用百度引擎5(Baidu 5)What We Saw in the Season 2 Premiere of The Mandalorian Sometime after the firefight on Navarro, Djarin made his way to a tough planet of gamblers and things that go bump in the night. His quarry: Gor Koresh (John Leguizamo), a dealer who may have information on other Mandalorian culverts. As Djarin subsequently explains, he is hoping other Mandos will have information on the Jedi — a legendary order of space wizards capable of the same physics-bending feats as The Child. But as the culverts all operate independently of one another, he needs to build a new communication network between them.Koresh is more interested in Djarin s shiny Beskar armor, but after a brief skirmish, he reveals the one place he s seen another Mandalorian: Tatooine.Heading back to the desert planet, Djarin meets up again with Mos Eisley landing bay operator Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris) and makes for Mos Pelgo, a tiny mining town most believe was wiped out by raiders after the Empire abandoned the planet.Arriving in town, though, Djarin discovers it is alive and guarded by Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant), a Tatooine native who, by chance, bought a set of familiar Mando armor. Well, familiar to viewers anyway. From Djarin s perspective, it s armor Vanth has no right to wear as he does not follow The Way of Mandalore. After an initial disagreement, they strike a deal: Djarin will help Vanth kill a Krayt Dragon terrorizing the region and Vanth will hand over the armor.(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)Their path leads to a Tusken settlement, where Djarin manages to negotiate a truce between the Sand People and Mos Pelgo. Everyone will help with Krayt Dragon and the Tuskens will never raid the town again — provided the humans never break the peace, of course.This being the Star Wars galaxy, the plan does not go smoothly, but Djarin manages to kill the Krayt Dragon from the inside and all agreements are honored. Sadly, the Mandalorian is no closer to his goal, but at least he has reclaimed some missing Mando armor.In the distance, an apparently alive Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) sees Djarin riding back to Mos Eisley.Season 2 Mandalorian Premiere Resolves Some Rumors (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)In the time since The Mandalorian concluded its first season, many rumors about casting — and classic Star Wars characters appearing in the series — captured the imagination of fans across the internet. And though one would expect most of these would go unanswered for some time, the first episode of season 2 resolved a couple almost immediately.Olyphant s name first emerged as Vanth back in May. The character is pulled from the Star Wars: Aftermath novel trilogy by Chuck Wending. As in the books, he is a human on Tatooine who acquired Boba Fett s armor to bring justice to a backwater settlement, though his telling of the story differs from the books. As a performer, Olyphant brings even more of a Western edge to the character. From Vanth s preference for red to his U.S. Marshal mustache, he feels both a part of the Star Wars universe and our own. Also, it should be said, there s something nice about seeing a man of his word in the Star Wars galaxy. Djarin tends to deal with scum and villainy, so Vanth cheerfully handing the armor over felt unusual and hopeful.Indeed, seeing Djarin broker a peace between humans and Tuskens also felt uncharacteristically hopeful for his corner of the galaxy. Perhaps this will be a running theme this season.(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic; 20th Century Fox)But the big rumor resolved in the episode is the last-second appearance of Morrison as Boba Fett. At least, we think he is Boba Fett. Since his father Jango (also Morrison) volunteered to be the source of the Old Republic s eventual Clone Army, it is possible this character is another clone trooper. We doubt it s Captain Rex, the beloved Star Wars: The Clone Wars character voiced by Dee Bradley Baker — he d never shave that magnificent beard off.Assuming that wanderer in the Dune Sea is Boba Fett, it leaves us with a lot of questions: how did he escape the Great Pit of Carkoon? Why did he allow Vanth to use his armor for the last few years? And, perhaps the most provocative question, will Djarin accept him as a Mandalorian?As it happens, there is some question about his status as a Mando — an inheritance from some of the earliest rumors about Boba Fett in the 1980s Star Wars novels and comics — even though his father was adopted into the tribe at an early age and went on to lead the True Mandalorian faction sometime before the Clone Wars. Also, the armor itself is not Beskar, but instead made of Durasteel. While Djarin gave no indication he recognized the armor, it is possible the legend of the Fetts passed through the culverts. Then again, it is also possible some of that history has been lost. There s also the problem of The Way. Boba, even if he is not an adherent, has taken off his helmet, and Djarin would be unlikely to give the armor back to him. We doubt this will sit well with Boba.Or, who knows, maybe narrowly avoiding 1,000 years of pain and suffering in the belly of a Sarlaac changed his view of the universe.Star Wars Deep Pulls and Cameos That Appear in The Mandalorian’s Season 2 Premiere(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)As series creator and episode director Jon Favreau is not shy about his Star Wars fandom, the episode is littered with callbacks to the first season, the Star Wars films, and various parts of the lore.Our favorite may be the unlikely return of R5-D4. At least, we re fairly sure the R5 unit Motto refers to as unreliable is the very same droid with a bad motivator from the original Star Wars film. The carbon scouring on the rear of  its dome indicates the time it fried itself in front of Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and C-3PO (Anthony Daniels). R5-D4 also made a cameo in the first season s Tatooine episode at the now droid-run Mos Eisley cantina.Motto (pictured above) is also a nice callback to the first season. She is such an unexpected, workaday part of the galaxy that her viewpoint on events will always be welcome — see how her worry about The Child feels as lived in as her deprecation of the pit droids.(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)And speaking of the pit droids, we can t help but think Vanth s speeder bike contains the remains of Anakin Skywalker s (Jake Lloyd) podracer. It looks like one of the engines, anyway, and considering how quickly things are forgotten on Tatooine, it is possible the racer was sold for parts only a handful of years after Qui-Gon Jinn sold it to fund repairs on Queen Amidala s (Natalie Portman) ship — events all seen in Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace.The Krayt Dragon is also a interesting pull. Its scream was imitated by Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness) in Star Wars to scare off the Tuskens, and one of its skeletons can be seen just after 3PO and R2-D2 arrive on the planet. Both moments are honored in the episode, but beyond that is the exploration of the Tuskens relationship to the creature. They fear the beast, but are also happy to harvest its innards should the opportunity arise. Also, anyone who played Knights of the Old Republic will get a shiver of déjà vu during the dragon hunt and the subsequent discovery of the pearl inside the carcass.The Mandalorian Season 2 Premiere Leaves Some Questions Unanswered (Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)Although the episode was quite satisfying, it left us with a few unanswered questions. It wouldn t be Star Wars without some dangling plot points, after all.Is Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen) alive? She was seemingly rescued at the last moment by someone wearing spurs in last season s Tatooine episode. The common belief was either Boba Fett or Vanth found her. But she was completely absent from the Mos Pelgo adventure. It is still possible she died and the spur-wearing wander just looted her corpse, but it is also equally possible she was just off camera while Boba watched Djarin speed away.How Much Time Has Passed Since Last Season? Considering Djarin bought a new hoverpram for The Child and he seems comfortable with his jetpack, some time has passed since his encounter with Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito), but it would be nice to know if it s been weeks or months since that time. And, unlike most infants, The Child will not appreciably grow for awhile, so he cannot be our calendar.Where Are The Imps? Although Djarin and his friends routed the Imps on Navarro, its safe to assume Gideon has some sort of backup. Are they tracking the Razor Crest? If not, why not?The Mandalorian streams on Disney+ with new episodes launching on Fridays.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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但端游玩家毕竟是排斥手游的,手游玩家又不排斥手游,却去和端游玩家共情,对端游不满,担忧未来,是不是有点太过兼爱了? Join us for a deep discussion of John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, the movie many critics say is the most ambitious and inventive in the series. Host Mark Ellis, Beyond the Trailer host and creator Grace Randolph, Rotten Tomatoes editor Alex Vo, and John Wick: Chapter 3 stunt coordinator Scott Rogers break down the movie kick-by-kick, headshot-by-headshot, and tackle the big questions: How good is Halle Berry? Which is the best fight scene? And should there be a Chapter 4. Watch it above and let us know what you thought of John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum in the comments.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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While The CW’s Arrowverse returns in a few weeks to set up the individual plots of each show, the week of October 6 will also likely feature more than one nod to the December crossover “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” The longest running individual shows — Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and DC s Legends of Tomorrow — have been teasing the event since the conclusion of last winter’s “Elseworlds” crossover, and considering the story they are trying to adapt, spending a year teasing it is worthwhile. Crisis on Infinite Earths is a milestone in comics history and a beast of a story.But if all you ve heard about Crisis is its impressive scale, let s take a look at the story and everything we know about The CW s version of it to glean what it might look like and how it might change the Arrowverse come winter.DC’s Brand Is “Crisis”(Photo by Jack Rowand/The CW )In 1956, DC Comics began introducing new versions of many of their classic characters from wartime comics like All-Flash Comics and All-American Comics. Many of the mystical characters, like the original version of Green Lantern, were revamped into science fiction characters, but even science-based characters like The Flash saw radical changes in costume and character. But in tipping a hat to the past, writer Robert Kanigher included an interesting quirk in Barry Allen’s first story: he took his superhero identity from a comic book featuring the original Flash.Eventually, the two characters met (in The Flash #123), revealing the comics on Barry’s Earth-1 replicated the adventures of older Flash Jay Garrick, who happened to live on Earth-2. The story established the DC multiverse – a collection of parallel worlds where changes both big and small created new story potential – and it eventually led to big crossover in the pages of Justice League of America in which the heroes of Earth-1 and Earth-2 met to save the day.The crossover’s name was “Crisis on Earths 1 and 2.”It established a tradition for Justice League: Every so often, the League would face a Crisis, meeting the inhabitants of another Earth, and save the day. Besides showcasing other versions of characters or characters DC bought from other publishers, it proved to be a popular and fun gimmick.Worlds Lived, Worlds Died(Photo by Jeff Weddell/The CW)Flash forward a few decades and the collection of alternate worlds like Earth-3 (where the League is a criminal syndicate) and Earth-X (where World War II continues to rage into the 1980s) became too much for DC’s readers and editorial staff to keep straight. New Teen Titans writer Marv Wolfman, assigned to write to a definitive history of the DC Universe, campaigned to streamline the company’s shared reality into something much more manageable. It also gave the opportunity to tell a Ragnarok-style yarn. And in honor of those “Crisis” crossovers, it was eventually titled Crisis on Infinite Earths.Timed with DC’s 50th anniversary, the story saw characters from various Earths pulled together by a being known as The Monitor to stop his twin, The Anti-Monitor, from consuming all of the Multiverse until only his antimatter universe remained. It is stuffed with every character DC owned at the time — and even a few sneaky one-panel cameos from some Marvel Comics characters like Peter Parker — and charted destruction on a universal scale. In its opening moments, the Earth-3 mentioned above is destroyed. The death toll included some marquee characters like Barry Allen and Supergirl, but they were far from the only people lost during the Crisis.Roughly half-way through the series 12-issue run, only five universes remained. A plan is hatched to move them into a nether realm safe from the Anti-Monitor. These do not go exactly as planned, but the key editorial decision behind Crisis was accomplished: only one Earth remained to house all the DC Comics characters. Barry Allen was now directly inspired by Jay Garrick’s exploits as the Flash during World War II and an era of superheroes occurred decades before the arrival of Superman.The streamlining didn’t work out quite the way Wolfman and the editorial staff hoped — particularly as some individual titles waited as long as 18 months after Crisis’s conclusion to revamp their characters — but the story itself is a spectacular example of the event-storylines superhero comics would trade in for decades to come.Also, because nothing stays dead in superhero comics, the DC Multiverse eventually returned.The Pre-Crisis Lead-up(Photo by Diyah Pera/The CW)One thing we didn’t mention about Crisis was the set-up. A year before the series was due to launch, Wolfman introduced The Monitor in the pages of New Teen Titans #21 as a shadowy, ambiguous figure. The character began popping up in various titles — making his first full appearance in G.I. Combat #274 — before the first issue of Crisis revealed his real goal.This is key because The CW pulled the same trick in The Flash’s 100th episode. In its stinger scene, we’re introduced to The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett, pictured above) as he pronounces judgment on Earth-90. And as he seemingly ends that universe, it’s Flash (John Wesley Shipp, reprising his role from the 1990s Flash TV Show) speeds away to another Earth. With its red skies and dead heroes strewn about, the stinger couldn’t be more Crisis. It also left viewers curious about The Monitor s aims.And like the lead-up to the comic book Crisis, we suspect The Monitor will continue to intrude on the various series throughout the Fall. As seen in Arrow’s seventh season finale, The Monitor will be directing Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) on a mission which will, presumably, see him hopping to different realities. At least, we’re pretty certain that’s why we’ll see Moira Queen (Susanna Thompson) and Tommy Merlyn (Colin O’Donnell) alive and well in the season 8 premiere.Over on Flash, we expect he may taunt Barry (Grant Gustin) with the details of his upcoming disappearance. Slated for 2024 since the series began, the events of the program’s fifth season finale brought that ticking clock to 2019. Additionally, new villain Bloodwork s (Sendhil Ramamurthy) story will lead into the Crisis itself.Meanwhile, on Supergirl, The Monitor appeared to pull J’onn ‘Jonzz’s (David Harewood) brother Malefic out of time and space to cause trouble on Earth-38. And on Legends — well, he just watched the circus from afar. But that has to mean something, right?There Will Be A Crisis!(Photo by Katie Yu/The CW)The Monitor s distance from Legends may reflect the unusual broadcast pattern of “Crisis.” The story begins with the Dec. 8 episode of Supergirl, continuing into a special Monday night airing of Batwoman and a regularly scheduled Tuesday night episode of The Flash on Dec. 10 before pausing for the winter hiatus. The story then concludes on Tuesday, Jan. 14 with Arrow and a special episode of Legends. The show is literally as far as it can be from interacting with him and if the television Crisis follows the comic book plot, he may not be around to cause them much trouble.Other things we expect to see during Crisis include a trippy origin for the multiverse, plenty of in-jokes as worlds disappear, the shocking removal of The Monitor by the most unlikely character, a few Earths merging into one, and maybe even a heroic Luthor showing up to save the day.Oh, and many, many deaths.Like the source material, the body count during “Crisis” must be high. Will we lose King Shark or Gorilla Grodd? Will Ricardo Diaz (Kirk Acevedo) appear from another Earth just to bite it again? Will former CCPD Captain Singh (Patrick Sabongui) make one last brave stand? It is hard to say. Recurring characters are definitively vulnerable, but a Crisis requires some key character sacrificing their lives to save the universe. Take you bets on whole looks like dead meat now.One echo of Crisis we don’t expect to see is the death of Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist). For one thing, Oliver seemingly spared her that fate when he bargained with The Monitor for her life during “Elseworlds.” Also, her show isn’t ending and Benoist contract is not expiring. But Arrow itself is ending and one actor’s time on Supergirl is almost up. This makes Oliver and James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) more likely candidates to die during some noble sacrifice.And Crisis’s other famous death? We imagine the Earth-90 Flash will take Barry’s place in whatever destiny The Monitor foresaw for him. And considering the heartstrings Shipp can pull whenever he has to tell Gustin’s Barry goodbye, we expect this scene will rank high on the emotional scale. Also, as much as we love Carlos Valdes and Cisco Ramon, Crisis would be a good place to make a last stand.One Panel Cameos(Photo by Warner Bros. / Courtesy: Everett Collection)And like the Crisis comic, the crossover event will feature tons of special guests and cameos from the rich history of DC Comics television. As mentioned, Shipp will return for what we assume will be his last appearance as the 1990s Flash. Batman ’66’s Burt Ward will appear in an as-yet unannounced role while Batman: The Animated Series’s Kevin Conroy will finally make his on-screen debut as Bruce Wayne or, at least, a Bruce Wayne from the future.Meanwhile, Legends star Brandon Routh (pictured above) will appear as another Earth’s Superman (a callback to the time the actor starred as the character in 2006’s Superman Returns), while also appearing as his Legends character Ray Palmer. Tyler Hoechlin will also return as the Earth-38 Superman of Supergirl and, presumably, at least one or two more Supermen from other worlds. Elizabeth Tulloch and Jon Cryer will also return as the Earth-38 Lois Lane and Lex Luthor.Also playing a double role is The Flash’s Tom Cavanagh. Besides portraying a new version of Harrison Wells, he will be taking on the role of Pariah, a key Crisis character. It may be one of the most inspired cast choices yet announced because of course Pariah — who sets the Anti-Monitor s wave of destruction in motion — is another Harrison Wells. At least, we’re assuming Pariah is another Wells. It feels right for the Arrowverse.Black Lightning will not be an official part of the crossover, but as confirmed in August, the characters will be making their Arrowverse debut during the episodes.Tying it all together will be Garrett, who will reprise his “Elseworlds” role as The Monitor and play the Anti-Monitor himself.The Post-Crisis Arrowverse(Photo by The CW)Back in the comics, the DC Universe following Crisis eventually took on the term Post-Crisis to differentiate itself from the days of the multiverse. In that new reality, the full extent of the Crisis was forgotten. The various worlds never existed and the survivors’ memories realigned to the new status quo. Only the criminal Psycho-Pirate recalled the Pre-Crisis multiverse and his memories lingered on as a potential threat.The Arrowverse after its “Crisis” may run along the same lines. If Earth-1 and Earth-38 merge, it is entirely possible no one will remember a time when National City, Supergirl, and the rest were absent from Earth-1. This may be the real reason The Flash will feature a new big bad in the spring — initial villain Bloodwork may have been erased from existence.For the moment, though, we’re going to assume Black Lighting will continue on in its own separate universe even if we’d love to see Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams, pictured above) and the rest of his family interact with Team Flash or Supergirl’s Brainiac 5 (Jesse Rath). Sadly the realities of production — Black Lighting shoots in Atlanta while the rest of the shows shoot in Vancouver — make it more difficult for the characters to strike up friendships.But a potential Earth-1/Earth-38 merger makes the friendship between Batwoman (Ruby Rose) and Kara much more likely. Instead of hopping across a universe, Gotham City would be a short flight away. And much like the streamlining of the DC Universe in the 1980s made relationships across the different generations of heroes possible, we want all six shows to interact as freely as they can.As for Batwoman itself, it is hard to say how the Crisis will leave a lasting impact. The series will only be eight episodes old by the time it is over and not really established. Perhaps exposing Kate to the strange cosmic workings of the universe will leave some impression on her. Ultimately, though, it will have to get back to telling its story.Which is the case of all of the shows, of course. Flash will get a new villain, Arrow will conclude its run with two episodes following Crisis, Supergirl will power on, and Legends will continue to be Legends. But Crisis will leave its mark for anyone willing to look closer and wonder if the old status quo can ever be revived. And like Psycho-Pirate, we will remember when worlds lived, worlds died, and everything was changed.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.亚博YABO外围APP天天SF手游是一款根据端游改编的正版玩法传奇游戏不过并不是完全一样,也有一些简化过的操作和比较爽快的大范围必杀玩法,从技能到画面特效都带有一定的传奇游戏味道,感兴趣的朋友可以来试一试。

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Bad Boys for Life achieved two milestones this weekend. One of them was becoming the top-grossing film in the series, passing Bad Boys II’s 8 million. The second is more impressive: Until this weekend, Paul Blart: Mall Cop was the top-grossing January film of all-time with 6.3 million; in just 17 days, Bad Boys for Life took that record, eclipsing every other true January release ever with its total (so far) of 8.05 million. Though in the “for every action there is an opposite reaction” file, a new release this week set an abysmal new record for a release of its type.King of the Crop: Bad Boys For Life Officially the Biggest January Movie EverBad Boys for Life has left all of its January competitors in the rearview mirror, so we must go to the all-time lists to chart its progress going forward. At present time, the third film in the franchise is ahead of the pace of the second film in Mission: Impossible franchise (believe it or not, still the highest-grossing in that series), which had 5.7 million after 17 days, while grossing .2 million in its third weekend. The Bad Boys are up to 8.05 million with .68 million this weekend. The Will Smith/Martin Lawrence movie is also ahead of The Mummy Returns, which had 6.4 million at this point in its theatrical life, but a .4 million third weekend. While both were summer releases (and M:I2 opened on a Wednesday), Bad Boys is still doing midweek numbers close to or exceeding those films, giving it a legit shot at reaching the 0 million line and becoming the seventh Will Smith movie to do so. The film has also grossed over 4 million worldwide to date. Bad Boys II topped out at 3 million.

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2.70.1 9月喜迎三国之北定中原手游是一款地图超大,包含大量城池可以选择攻略的三国游戏。刚开始的你只是一个村庄的村长,不断的收集周围的资源,快速获得城池的建造权限!从而开启城池建设的玩法!尽可能的快速成长,招募伙伴共同战斗!消灭周围的城池,快速的成为区域的霸主,更能够撼动蜀魏吴的通知权限,成为万众瞩目的王者!
Best-Reviewed Animated Movies 2018It was an incredibly strong field for animation, with highly-rated contenders in the field of 2-D (Teen Titans Go! To the Movies), 3-D (Ralph Breaks the Internet), stop-motion (Isle of Dogs), and a Spider-Man that seem to combine it all in one exhilarating web. And we kept the animation medium to itself, which is why, for example, Incredibles 2 is here and wasn t eligible in the Comic Book/Graphic Novel category.The order of the rank below reflects the Adjusted Score as of December 31, 2018. Scores might change over time.« Previous Category Next Category »
Sony Pictures Television has tapped The LEGO Movie and Cloudy with a Change of Meatballs filmmakers Phil Lord and Christopher Miller to develop a number of programs based on the company s piece of Marvel Entertainment as part of an overall development deal, according to news reports.At first glance, it definitely looks like a good fit, as Lord co-wrote Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, the phenomenal, Oscar-winning, and Certified Fresh debut of Spider-Man Miles Morales (Shameik Moore) in theaters — who will likely continue his adventures on the big screen.But can the duo sustain a whole Spider-Verse industry with just the intellectual property available to them through Sony’s control of Spider-Man and related characters? Perhaps these five TV show ideas prove just how easy it will be to build a television Spider-Verse.Peter Porker, The Spectacular Spider-HamOriginal Creators: Tom DeFalco and Mark ArmstrongFormat: half-hour animated seriesConsidering the impact Spider-Ham made in Into the Spider-Verse, we’ll be stunned if a Spider-Ham animated series was not the first thought Miller and Lord had when the ink dried on their deal.Originally a goof character in one of Marvel’s honest-to-goodness funny books, Peter Porker stayed around to earn his own title. The conscious funny animal parody of Spider-Man is a key part of the appeal – and why he is such a success in the film – and it is easy to imagine a half-hour cartoon playing on the fact Spider-Ham and his world’s inhabitants know they are cartoons. Spider-Ham could face Mysteriape, the Buzzard (Spider-Ham’s take on The Vulture), and the King-Pig – a part we’re sure Vincent D’Onofrio would love to make his own. To say nothing about Spider-Ham’s team-ups with Goose Rider and Deerdevil! Provided the Spider-Ham spoofs of Ghost Rider and Daredevil are part of Sony’s Spider-Man IP package, of course.The series would have to be more than punny names and one-liners. But considering Lord and Miller managed to find emotional content in LEGO minifigs and a spoof of 21 Jump Street, the hardest part will be casting the voices joining John Mulaney on this journey. We are, of course, presuming he would return to voice Spider-Ham. He already reprised the role for the Caught in the Act short film accompanying the home video release of Into the Spider-Verse.If there is one stumbling block, it may be Marvel Entertainment’s – and therefore Disney’s – general control of the characters in regards to television animation; they produce the current Spider-Man cartoon, for example. It is entirely possible they would the first shot at an animated Spider-Ham series.Spider-GwenOriginal Creators: Jason Latour and Robbie RodriguezFormat: hour-long live-action dramaThe Spider-Gwen comics re-imagine Spider-Man s ill-fated girlfriend Gwen Stacy as the one bitten by the radioactive spider on that high school field trip. She becomes Spider-Woman, while Peter uses his abilities with science to emulate her. The premise is full of great hooks thanks to the way it restructures Spider-Man s origins and world. Peter, for example, becomes the Lizard and after he attacks the school dance, Spider-Woman ends up blamed for his death. On her world, Matt Murdoch is both the Kingpin and one of her constant adversaries, Peggy Carter is the director of S.H.I.E.L.D., and a female Sam Wilson is the Captain America who fought in World War II (Steve Rogers made comics about her exploits after she vanished at the end of the war).But all of those changes to established characters underpin the relationships between Gwen and her friends – which include Mary Jane Watson, Betty Brant, and Glory Grant – and with her father, Captain George Stacy. He initially hunts Spider-Woman not knowing she and Gwen are the same person. And considering a lot of the elements of Spider-Gwen’s larger world would not be available to the production because of complicated rights reasons – Matt Murdoch cannot be a live-action character until 2023 thanks to the original deal with Netflix, for example – getting to the meat of Gwen’s story would be key in a live action take on the comic book. Keeping her identity secret from her father definitely makes for a great season 1 story.Silver SableOriginal Creators: Tom DeFalco and Ron FrenzFormat: hour-long live-action dramaBut for a character without complicated rights issues, Lord and Miller could turn to Silver Sable, a character so clearly in Sony’s control, they very nearly made a film teaming her up with Black Cat. It had a release date at one time and director Gina Prince-Bythewood (who defined the look of Marvel’s Cloak Dagger) set to helm the production. Then Sony separated the characters into their own projects. Now, it is unclear if it is happening at all. But maybe the character would be better served on television.As the owner of a private military contracting service, Silver Sablinova could find herself in a political drama like The West Wing or a spy game program like Alias. Trained by her father to hunt Nazis, Silver Sable personally handles any contract which leads to the apprehension or elimination of war criminals. Using those ideas, a Silver Sable TV show could be one of the meatier and grittier programs Miller and Lord develop. Provided Sony wants something more like Homeland, of course.If the company really wants multiple television shows, varying up the tone and pitching the content to different age groups will be a must. And even if the show skews more toward the adventure aspects with less of an emphasis on geopolitics or Silver Sable’s interior life, it could prove to be the concept meant for an older audience. Also, we’d welcome another pilot directed by Prince-Bythewood, who made the first episode of Cloak Dagger quite compelling despite the fact the title characters only meet for a minute or two near the end.Spider-Man NoirOriginal Creators: David Hine, Fabrice Sapolsky, and  Carmine Di GiandomenicoFormat: hour-long live-action limited series or half-hour animated seriesWe’ll be honest, Spider-Man Noir, whether voiced by Nicolas Cage or not, really cannot sustain a long-running television series in the vein of Arrow or even Daredevil. But if designed as an eight-episode limited series, it has just enough of a premise and style to make it a stand-out short-run television program.Then again, a Lord and Miller series based on the concept could take its cues from the original 2009 Spider-Man Noir comic book miniseries, in which Daily Bugle reporter Ben Urich uses his network of informants to blackmail local crime boss “the Goblin” and pay for his secret drug addiction with the money. Peter initially appears as someone Ben takes under his wing in this story, until Peter gets bitten by a mystical spider – science takes a back seat to mysticism in this reality – and learns the truth about Ben. While things do not turn out great for Ben in the comic, keeping him the focus of a television series and Spider-Man as something of a mystery re-centers the concept in thrilling way. Ben becomes the eyes and ears of a heavily shadowed 1934 in which we see characters we recognize, but in whole new ways; like the Chameleon as a simple master of disguise or Otto Octavius as a Nazi agent.The reality of producing a show with a stylized period aesthetic would keep Spider-Man Noir a limited series – or turn it into a prestige animated program – but it could be strong enough to commission a second eight-episode run.

Oscar winner Guillermo Del Toro has added an all-star cast for his upcoming Netflix horror anthology series Cabinet of Curiosities, with some equally impressive writers and directors also in the mix.Netflix released some specific episode details for the series previously known as Guillermo del Toro Presents 10 After Midnight, and they include our favorite MIA Walking Dead star: Essie Davis (The Babadook), Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead), and Hannah Galway (Sex/Life) star in an episode written and directed by Jennifer Kent (The Babadook; The Nightingale), based on an original story by Del Toro Oscar winner F. Murray Abraham (Mythic Quest), Glynn Turman (Fargo), and Luke Roberts (Black Sails) will appear in an episode written by David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight; Batman Begins) and based on a short story by Michael Shea, and directed by David Prior (The Empty Man; AM1200) Tim Blake Nelson (Watchmen), Elpidia Carrillo (Predator), Demetrius Grosse (Fear The Walking Dead), and Sebastian Roché (The Man in the High Castle) star in an episode written by Regina Corrado (Deadwood; The Strain), based on an original story by Del Toro, and directed by Guillermo Navarro (Godfather of Harlem; Narcos)(Photo by ©IFC Midnight) Crispin Glover (Back To The Future) and Ben Barnes (Shadow and Bone; The Punisher) star in an episode written by  Lee Patterson (Curve; The Colony), based on a short story by H.P. Lovecraft, and directed by Keith Thomas (Firestarter; The Vigil) Peter Weller (RoboCop) stars in an episode directed by Panos Cosmatos (Mandy), who also writes along with Aaron Stewart-Ahn Mika Watkins (Black Mirror) writes an episode, based on a short story by H.P. Lovecraft, directed by Catherine Hardwicke (Thirteen; Lords of Dogtown; Twilight), with cast to be announced David Hewlett (The Shape of Water; Stargate: Atlantis) stars in an episode based on a short story by Henry Kuttner and written and directed by Vincenzo Natali (Hannibal) Haley Z. Boston (Brand New Cherry Flavor) serves as writer of an episode based on a short story by comic book author Emily Carroll and directed by Ana Lily Amirpour (A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night; Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon; The Bad Batch) with cast to be confirmed.Mayor of Kingstown: Kyle Chandler Joins Paramount+’s Jeremy Renner Family DramaThe already impressive list of creatives on camera and behind the scenes on Paramount+’s upcoming family crime drama Mayor of Kingstown got just that much more impressive with the newly-revealed addition of Kyle Chandler. Friday Night Lights Emmy-winner and Bloodline alum Chandler will play Mitch McLusky, the older brother of Jeremy Renner’s Mike McLusky, the town mayor of Kingstown, Michigan, with a local economy and power structure that revolves around the town’s prison system. As the local fixer inside and outside the prisons, Mitch may actually have more power than Mike. The series, created by Oscar nominee and Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan and actor Hugh Dillon, also features Antoine Fuqua as an executive producer and director, Oscar-nominated Renner as an EP, and among the cast: Oscar- and Emmy-winner Dianne Wiest as the McClusky family mama, Taylor Handler as the youngest McClusky brother, The Wire and Game of Thrones alum Aidan Gillen, and Sons of Anarchy and Third Watch alum Michael Beach. Mayor of Kingstown premieres Nov. 14.Plus, The Game Revival Cast Revealed and Kate Beckinsale Found Guilty
Disney s latest remake, Aladdin (2019) 57%, arrives in theaters on Friday riding a lava wave of hot-takes and head-scratching curiosity: the first images of Will Smith as a blue genie left some fans skeptical, and the choice of British director, Guy Ritchie, who got his start making kinetic gangster flicks, seemed either odd or inspired, depending on your bent. Could the team possibly pull off a live-action version of a tale that got so much of its verve from the possibilities of animation – and the performance of the late Robin Williams? The first word in from critics is that they have – mostly. Not everyone is enamored with this 2019 Aladdin, which infuses a hip-hop sensibility into some of the musical numbers and gives Jasmine a stronger arc, and there are signs of live-action-Disney-remake fatigue. But according to the critics, fears about the Smith Genie are misplaced – he makes it his own – and there is plenty of magic still to be found in Agrabah and the story of its parkour-loving street rat and independent-minded princess.Here’s what critics are saying about Aladdin:Wait, so it s actually pretty good?Call it “Aladdin and the Fresh Prince of Ababwa” — which could well have been Ritchie’s pitch for a still largely stereotype-driven project that seems to work best when it’s not directly emulating the cartoon that came before.  Peter Debruge, VarietyWhile early looks at the film — especially scenes that focused on Smith turning on the bravado with a vibrant song-and-dance — were received badly enough that both Ritchie and Smith were asked to respond to the critical jabs, within the context of Ritchie’s warmly silly film, they work. They really, really work.  Kate Erbland, IndieWire
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Ghcxuf The producers’ sense of humor led them to directly adapt one idea from a 2001 JLA story by introducing a villain called the Queen of Fables (voiced by Wanda Sykes in the series) in the exact state the Justice League left her at the end of the issue – stuck inside a paper copy of the United States tax code.“We just thought that was so funny and absurd,” Schumacker said. “And then we were like, ‘What s the next evolution of that?’ What can she do inside of that tax code? Well, she can become a CPA.”But beyond her humorous appearance, the Queen of Fables also serves a role in Harley’s ongoing story.“We wanted a very powerful, female supervillain to act as sort of the cautionary tale for Harley if she were to break [the Legion of Doom’s] glass ceiling, and the Queen of Fables felt like a perfect fit,” Halpern explained, noting that her relative obscurity meant the character could serve this role in an accessible way to viewers who may not have read the original JLA story. “Even if you don t know who she is, [you realize], OK, she s an evil sorceress who has Gumby-like power. Got it. “Also [the League’s] punishment for her was so much worse than their punishment for literally every other supervillain,” he added. “That s what I think jumped out to us. I think that that was our jumping off point.”Nonetheless, viewers will see a major difference between Harley and the Queen of Fables. One which Halpern called their “North Star” while developing the series.“Harley has her own moral code, he said. It definitely does not align with the moral code of most people on Earth. But in her mind, she s doing what she thinks is right.”(Photo by DC Universe)Viewers will also see that moral flexibility with Poison Ivy, who insists she’s not part of Harley’s crew and just doing her thing to protect the environment. Her unique worldview also makes Harley the one human being she considers a friend.Historically, the two have had a rapport since the 1993 Batman: TAS episode “Harley and Ivy.” In the comics, it eventually evolved into a romantic dynamic. But for the purposes of Harley Quinn’s first season, that element is being downplayed for an important reason.“If we re breaking her away from the Joker and we re telling a story of self-discovery, we didn t want that self-discovery to get wrapped up in yet another relationship,” Halpern explained. “We didn t want Harley to be defined by the person she was dating. We wanted her to be able to explore [the question] ‘What does my life look like and what do I actually want when I m not tethered to someone else?’”Nonetheless, their relationship may be teased here and there, and Halpern suggested it may come into play in a potential second season.In the meantime, their friendship is one of the show’s highlights. Ivy’s deadpan delivery and Daria-like outlook bounces off the energetic Harley, who Halpern described as a “consummate optimist.” Well, an optimist freed from “societal pressures and norms” anyway.When not cracking jokes, the series will explore a little bit of the divide between Harley and her life as Dr. Harleen Quinzel. Although, both Halpern and Schumacker agreed “the core [of her] was still the same,” with Halpern adding there was “probably a lot of work to keep Harleen Harleen. ”It is the sort of thing adult animated shows explore alongside the freedom to curse.Harley Quinn premieres Friday, November 29 on DC Universe 😈😈


亚博YABO外围APP Almost two years have gone by since the last theatrical release in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and by the time Black Widow does hit screens (big and small) on July 9, that two-year marker will have passed. That puts a lot of weight on the shoulders of its titular Avenger (again played by Scarlett Johansson), but this solo, standalone superhero blockbuster is worth the wait, according to most early reactions from critics. While full reviews will come later, social media posts about Black Widow hint at another win for Marvel, with great action, plenty of heart, and the introduction of a new favorite character for the franchise.Here’s what critics are saying about Black Widow:Is it worth the wait?We finally have a solo Black Widow movie and it does not disappoint…the phrase better late than never really does apply to this film.  Ferdosa Abdi, Geeks of ColorBlack Widow kicks ass. It surpassed my expectations.  Simon Thompson, IGN MoviesI was pleasantly surprised!  Britany Murphy, Geeks of ColorBlack Widow is exactly what fans have been waiting for!  Gabriella Geisinger, Digital SpyBlack Widow was exactly what I d hoped for: a story about family and sisters that deepened Natasha s character development.  Nicole Ackman, Next Best PictureBlack Widow is everything I ever wanted in a female led comic book film… To see a film led by women where they are strong, fierce, and kick ass warms my heart.  Sharronda Williams, Pay or WaitI wanted to enjoy Black Widow, but it was a disappointment.  John Nguyen, Nerd ReactorIt s fairly unremarkable.  Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist(Photo by ©Marvel Studios)How does it compare to other MCU movies?Black Widow is one of Marvel s best solo films. Start to finish, the movie is great. Brandon Davis, ComicBook.comUltimately, I think it ll become an MCU favorite, especially in terms of solo films. Trey Mangum, Shadow and ActMore Winter Soldier and Civil War than anything. Fico Cangiano, CineXpressBlack Widow is really going to please fans of Captain America: The Winter Solider. The film shares a lot of blood… Fans who enjoyed the way Black Widow was written in that film will find a lot to love here. Meagan Damore, CBRBlack Widow feels like a Phase 1 Marvel movie in that it’s the most standalone story in quite awhile. That whole an MCU entry like you’ve never seen! trend, yeah that’s not this. Mike Ryan, UproxxBlack Widow is far from my favorite MCU entry, but there s still plenty to like for diehard fans. Dan Casey, NerdistGeneric, uninspired and ultimately lacking the Marvel Magic. Scott Menzel, We Live EntertainmentDoes it do anything for the franchise?This is the kind of prequel story that feels bound to enhance other installments of the MCU. Perri Nemiroff, Collider[Black Widow has] a first half that s intimate and talky and kind of funny in a new way for the MCU; yes, I enjoyed this. Kate Erbland, IndieWireThis was something that we needed more of in the MCU and I am glad we finally got to see it. Britany Murphy, Geeks of ColorMarvel fans are going to really enjoy Black Widow. Lots of questions are answered with plenty of cool action… A solid addition to MCU. Germain Lussier, io9.comThis is a fantastic chapter in the MCU. Sean O Connell, CinemaBlendBlack Widow doesn’t necessarily add to the larger MCU narrative. It has a singular focus and in the pursuit of telling a stand-alone story about Black Widow, it ends up being a much better film overall. It isn’t just a puzzle piece. Ferdosa Abdi, Geeks of ColorCate Shortland s vision for the MCU is bold, empowering, and utterly unmissable. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comRyan FujitaniHow is the action?It’s action packed with awesome fight choreography and great set pieces. Sharronda Williams, Pay or WaitBlack Widow is full of incredible action sequences. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyBig action set pieces are thrilling, propulsive and capably constructed. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionBlack Widow is a hard-hitting romp with thrilling action sequences, including a fantastic car chase. Brett White, DeciderActually bruising fighting and chase sequences. Kate Erbland, IndieWireFrom start to finish it is an exhilarating ride. Trey Mangum, Shadow and ActAtomic Blonde-level fight scenes. Anne Cohen, Refinery29Entertaining Bourne/Mission Impossible style action for sure. Rodrigo Perez, The PlaylistBlack Widow is Bourne meets Bond meets Terminator. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comBlack Widow wants to be Bourne Identity but ends up more like Bourne Legacy. Hoai-Tran Bui, SlashfilmSome overly long action scenes disrupt its pacing. Gabriella Geisinger, Digital SpyHow is it to see Black Widow in the spotlight?Watching Natasha at the forefront rather than sidelined was a joy to see as a fan of the character… wish we had more solo time with [her]. Britany Murphy, Geeks of ColorIt is so good to see Natasha again even if she feels like a side character sometimes. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyScarlett Johansson was a treat when she’s on the screen. John Nguyen, Nerd ReactorScarlett Johansson finally gets to pour everything into the role. Brandon Davis, ComicBook.comAnyone who has followed the character s film journey closely will be rewarded. There are a lot of effective payoffs here. Meagan Damore, CBRThe big problem is we know Nat so well by now, she gets hugely outshined by almost everyone else in her own movie. Germain Lussier, io9.comRyan FujitaniWho shines the brightest?Florence Pugh as Yelena is the star, bringing lots of charm, humor, and emotion. Nicole Ackman, Next Best PictureFlorence Pugh steals the show. Fico Cangiano, CineXpressFlorence Pugh steals the show, as she always does, with a hilariously down-to-earth performance that might also make you cry? Anne Cohen, Refinery29Florence Pugh steals the show… Get ready to welcome Yelena THEE Belova to the MCU. Trey Mangum, Shadow and ActBlack Widow is an excellent introduction to the character. Florence Pugh s performance is pitch-perfect as Yelena. Ferdosa Abdi, Geeks of ColorFlorence Pugh as Yelena Belova is an ABSOLUTE STANDOUT. Marvel fans will ADORE her… She’ll be an instant fan favorite. Meagan Damore, CBRFlorence is one of the bright spots, she s hilarious and perfectly vulnerable. Hoai-Tran Bui, SlashfilmFlorence Pugh rules. Fico Cangiano, CineXpressFlorence Pugh steals the show. Mike Ryan, UproxxWhat about when Johansson and Pugh are onscreen together?Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh are fantastic! Sharronda Williams, Pay or Wait[Pugh’s] chemistry with Scarlett Johansson makes the movie what it is and provides a lot of laughs! Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyWith two phenomenal, BADASS female leads in Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyScarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh nail the banter and ballet-like stunts. Courtney Howard, Fresh Fiction(Photo by ©Marvel Studios)Does it work on an emotional level?Besides all the laughs, there is some heart in Black Widow as well with great lessons about family that might have fans shedding some tears. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyThe relationship is so fun to watch develop and fits into the MCU history really well. You re gonna feel things. Brandon Davis, ComicBook.comMaybe it’s because I’m super close to my sister but I couldn’t get enough of the Natasha/Yelena relationship — from the bickering to the more heartfelt moments. This is my kind of twisted family film. Perri Nemiroff, ColliderThe movie s heart, and display of a broken family, hit me hard. Very much appreciated this deeper dive into Natasha. Sean O Connell, CinemaBlendThis took me by surprise, but Black Widow managed to make me cry…really opened the floodgates for me. Bring tissues! Meagan Damore, CBRThe entire family subplot doesn t work because there is little to no chemistry between the characters. I get what the writers were going for but the emotional hook isn’t there. Scott Menzel, We Live EntertainmentDoes anyone else in the cast stand out?David Harbour is another great addition to the MCU and delivers a lot of fantastic one liners that will have audiences laughing and begging for more from the Red Guardian! Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyDavid Harbour is absolutely terrific. Brandon Davis, ComicBook.comDavid Harbour is doing a thing. Mike Ryan, UproxxDavid Harbour has some scene-stealing moments as Red Guardian and Ray Winstone he s great. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comRachel Weisz is wonderful. Jenna Busch, VitalThrills.com(Photo by ©Marvel Studios)How is its villain?Taskmaster is one of the best villains from Marvel Comics and is too underused in this film but looks great when in it. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyI definitely didn t expect to love Taskmaster as much as I did, but what a beast of a character. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comSomewhat disappointed with Taskmaster. Fico Cangiano, CineXpressThe only con I d say is the Taskmaster stuff isn t that fun. Trey Mangum, Shadow and ActThe villains never felt like threats, and Taskmaster’s potential was wasted. John Nguyen, Nerd ReactorWill it leave us wanting more Black Widow?It left me wanting to campaign for another Black Widow movie so, some things never change. Brett White, DeciderIt is a great set up for things to come! Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyCan’t wait to see more of Yelena. More sarcasm and action please!.. May her era be fruitful because lord knows we need a proper Black Widow film series. Ferdosa Abdi, Geeks of ColorAnd should we stay for an end credits scene?Don t miss that end credit scene it truly delivers and will give CHILLS to Marvel fans. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyStay to the very end. It’s a biggie. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionKNOCKOUT end credits scene!! Sean O Connell, CinemaBlendBlack Widow opens in theaters and on Disney+ with Premier Access on July 9, 2021.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

Adjusted Score: -1% Critics Consensus: An all-star cast and blockbuster-worthy special effects aren't enough to keep Space Force's uneven blend of earnestness and satire from spinning quickly out of comedic orbit. 由此来看《英雄联盟手游》的意义已经不仅仅是一款游戏这么简单了,各位玩家准备好了吗?一场席卷全球的moba新浪潮就要到来了!

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