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365体育投注采用百度引擎7(Baidu 2)This week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Knives Out 2, Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, and Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.This WEEK S TOP STORYSET PHOTOS REVEAL ETHAN HAWKE HAS JOINED KNIVES OUT 2(Photo by Bruce Glikas/Getty Images)Murder mystery movies typically require ensemble casts because the audience needs to have multiple suspects to consider while trying to guess the identity of the killer, and writer/director Rian Johnson followed that template with 2019 s Knives Out (Certified Fresh at 97%). Following the lucrative 0 million deal to produce two sequels for Netflix, the casting of Knives Out 2 has been similarly ambitious, including MCU alumni Dave Bautista, Kathryn Hahn, Jessica Henwick, and Edward Norton, as well as Kate Hudson, Janelle Monae, and Leslie Odom, Jr. Filming of the sequel has begun on location in Greece, and several photos of the cast quickly appeared online. As more photos emerged, fans were pleasantly surprised to discover the presence of Ethan Hawke (Boyhood, Before Sunrise, Reality Bites), who hadn t previously been announced but who appears to be pointing a gun at Hudson and a spectacularly (half) dressed Bautista. In related news, Quentin Tarantino answered a question about whether he will direct a Kill Bill Vol 3 by saying that if he did, he would cast Stranger Things co-star Maya Hawke (Ethan Hawke s daughter) to take over the role from her mom, Uma Thurman. Having reported that, we should also note that Quentin Tarantino has a long history of dream casting his own movie ideas which never ended up being produced.Other Top Headlines1. MYSTERIOUS STAR WARS: ROGUE SQUADRON SCREENWRITER REVEALED (Photo by Charles Eshelman/Getty Images)It was during Disney s ambitious Investor Day event in December that we first heard about Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman, Certified Fresh at 93%) directing a Star Wars: Rogue Squadron movie for release on December 22, 2023. Around that time, Jenkins was asked about the film s screenwriter, but she refrained from identifying the writer, saying he should have his own proper announcement. What we didn t know at the time was that it would be another six months before that announcement was made, but we can now report that screenwriter Matthew Robinson is currently furiously keyboarding away on a draft of Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. Robinson made his feature film debut in 2009 with Ricky Gervais The Invention of Lying (Rotten at 56%), co-wrote Dora and the Lost City of Gold (Certified Fresh at 85%), and has also adapted the Little Shop of Horrors musical and the sequel Live Die Repeat and Repeat (neither of which has been produced yet). Patty Jenkins reportedly wants to direct the greatest fighter pilot movie ever made, inspired by her father s own experiences as a fighter pilot.2. RON PERLMAN TO VOICE OPTIMUS PRIMAL IN TRANSFORMERS: RISE OF THE BEASTS (Photo by ©Saban Films)One of the most infamously bad movies ever made was 1953 s Robot Monster (Rotten at 36%), about an alien robot that looked like a huge gorilla suit with a diving helmet for a head; we ve had precious few movies about robotic gorillas in the years since. The Transformers franchise has heard that challenge, and filming will soon begin on Transformers: Rise of the Beasts, which will introduce characters from the Beast Wars spinoff. The new characters will include the Maximals and their leader, Optimus Primal, who is a Transformer who turns into a gorilla. Paramount Pictures only officially announced Transformers: Rise of the Beasts (6/24/2022) a week ago, and we now know that Optimus Primal will be voiced by Ron Perlman, the prolific star of such monster movies (or monster-adjacent movies) as the 2004 Hellboy (Certified Fresh at 81%) and its sequel, Pacific Rim (Fresh at 72%), and most recently, the video game adaptation Monster Hunter (Rotten at 45%). Perlman is the fourth cast member announced for Rise of the Beasts following Peter Cullen (reprising his voice role as Optimus Prime), Anthony Ramos (In the Heights), and Dominique Fishback (Judas and the Black Messiah), with Steven Caple Jr. (Creed II, Certified Fresh at 83%) directing the film, which is basically a 1990s-set sequel to 2018 s Bumblebee (Certified Fresh at 90%).3. TILDA SWINTON TO REUNITE FOR WES ANDERSON S NEXT SECRET PROJECT (Photo by Derek Storm/Everett Collection)In an era during which it seems we sometimes know too much about a movie before it even starts filming, it s perhaps refreshing that there are still directors like Wes Anderson (Moonrise Kingdom, The Grand Budapest Hotel) who are still somehow capable of filming their movies without most of us knowing what they re about. That state of mystery most recently applied to Anderson s upcoming The French Dispatch, which is now scheduled for October 22, 2021 after being delayed for over a year by the COVID-19 pandemic. That delay also means that Anderson will start filming his next film in Spain in September, a full month before The French Dispatch is released. The only details known thus far about the not-yet-titled project is that it will reunite Anderson with Tilda Swinton, who has worked with Anderson multiple times, and that it s believed to be set in a desert (but that it s probably not a Western ). We can probably expect Swinton to be just the first of several actors cast in the film and likely the first of many returning collaborators as Wes Anderson usually uses large ensembles.4. ELIZABETH BANKS FINDS HER CAST FOR THE EPIC TRUE STORY COCAINE BEAR(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)In March, during the same week we learned Steven Spielberg was directing a movie based on his own youth, the news also broke that Elizabeth Banks s next film will be Cocaine Bear, based on the surprisingly true story of a Georgia brown bear that died in 1985 after consuming 40 packets of cocaine. Although we don t know for sure how this story will be adapted, it s probably likely that it will focus more on the humans behind the cocaine smuggling than on the bear itself (our apologies to anyone hoping for the Scarface of talking bear movies). As such, Banks and Universal Pictures have lined up an ensemble cast that includes Alden Ehrenreich (Solo: A Star Wars Story), O Shea Jackson (Straight Outta Compton), Keri Russell (TV s Felicity), Jesse Tyler Ferguson (TV s Modern Family), and perhaps for some gangster movie bonafides, Ray Liotta (Goodfellas).5. LIVE-ACTION DORA TO PLAY SHAKESPEARE S JULIET IN SPINOFF (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images)When 16-year-old Isabela Merced (who s now 19) was first announced as the star of Dora and the Lost City of Gold (Certified Fresh at 85%), the decision no doubt caught many people off guard since they were more familiar with Dora as a child of about half that age, but the Tomatometer score suggests the casting worked. Merced was cast this week as one of William Shakespeare s most famous characters (sort of) as a modern twist on Juliet Capulet from Romeo Juliet. She will play Juliet in Rosaline, a spinoff that focuses the story on Juliet s cousin Rosaline (Kaitlyn Dever from Booksmart, Certified Fresh at 96%), a sharp but idealistic young woman—who happens to be Romeo’s recent ex. Karen Maine (Yes. God, Yes, Certified Fresh at 93%) will direct Rosaline for 20th Century Studios from a screenplay by the writers of (500) Days of Summer (Certified Fresh at 85%).6. LONG-IN-DEVELOPMENT DRACULA SPINOFF FINALLY STARTS FILMING (Photo by ©Columbia Pictures)Movies are sometimes criticized for being rushed to production, but there are plenty of films that take over a decade to get made (and some projects never make it out of development). One such project that has been in the works since at least 2009 is the horror film Last Voyage of the Demeter, which essentially aims to be a spinoff of Bram Stoker s original Dracula novel, in which the Demeter was the ship that transported Dracula s coffin from Transylvania to England. Last Voyage of the Demeter has finally started production under the direction of Norwegian filmmaker André Øvredal (Trollhunter, Certified Fresh at 82%; The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Certified Fresh at 87%; Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Certified Fresh at 78%). Øvredal s cast will include Liam Cunningham (Davos Seaworth from Game of Thrones), David Dastmalchian (soon to be Polka-Dot-Man in The Suicide Squad), and horror stuntman Javier Botet (Slender Man, The Conjuring 2) as Dracula himself. Hopefully, Last Voyage of the Demeter will explain how the ship ever left Transylvania which is landlocked.7. STONE TEMPLE PILOTS SINGER BIOPIC NOW IN DEVELOPMENT (Photo by Jared Milgrim/Everett Collection)Following two separate musical careers as the lead singer of both Stone Temple Pilots and the supergroup Velvet Revolver, professional rock star Scott Weiland died on a tour bus in Minnesota in 2015 at the age of 48. Weiland s death came just a few years after the publication of his memoir Not Dead Not for Sale: A Memoir, and now the movie rights to that book have been acquired by the producer of the Joy Division biopic Control (Certified Fresh at 88%). That won t be the title of the planned biopic, however, as the producers have instead announced it to be Paper Heart, which comes from the Stone Temple Pilots song  Trippin on a Hole in a Paper Heart. Producer Jennifer Erwin is now adapting Weiland’s life [by  melding] rock stardom with a moving love story, the rock band frontman plunged into addiction and then fighting his way back to the top with comebacks. On an Apple device? 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It s been said that it s all about the journey, not the destination — and that phrase is oftentimes used in conjunction with a lengthy discussion about the TV show Lost.Lost was truly like nothing else on TV, but most of the conversation around the show centers solely on its final episode. Nowadays it s generally accepted that the two-part final episode, unsubtly-titled The End, was divisive at best, but back when the finale aired on May 23, 2010, it earned mostly positive reviews, and was even nominated for an Emmy for both best directing and best writing.On its 10th anniversary, we have to go back to the island and revisit all the reasons The End worked as an encapsulation of everything that made Lost a great series.THE SHOW WAS ALWAYS BUILDING TO THAT ENDING(Photo by Reisig & Taylor/© ABC/Courtesy: Everett Collection)Though the grand mysteries involving magic corks and polar bears became the dominant narrative around Lost, what they say about the show being all about the characters remains true. Sure, we did get plenty of plot twists and surprises, but these revelations were always character-driven: from the show s first flash-forward being revealed through a trauma-ridden and beard-having Jack, or Desmond s time-traveling told as a love story between him and his constant, Penny. This continued all the way to the finale, which of course had the magical cork, and the flash-sideways being an allegory for the after-life, but both served to inform Jack s journey of learning to let go. Letting go of his need to fix everything, letting go of his obsession to do everything himself and not accepting help, and letting go of his father.This character-driven conclusion to the story was telegraphed to the audience for years. Showrunner Carton Cuse said in 2006, You have to watch because you’re enjoying the journey, not because you are waiting for the endgame. Lost always used its mystery as a way to dive into the characters psyche and advance their individual stories, not the other way around. There was never going to be a lengthy explanation about what everything meant, as showrunner and co-creator Damon Lindelof told The Verge in 2012, they were shooting for an ending that gave an explanation as to why the plane crash mattered to the characters and what they got out of it. The answer, as corny as it sounds, was the one that appealed to me the most: each other, Lindelof said. If they hadn t spent all that time on the island, then they would never have been able to forgive themselves for their past sins and break through to some sort of level of self-awakening and forgiveness. THE ENDING ENCAPSULATES THE SHOW S BIGGER IDEAS ABOUT PHILOSOPHY(Photo by Mario Perez / © ABC / Courtesy: Everett Collection)For all the times that Jack and Locke fought about science versus faith, neither able to fully convince the other, the Lost finale ultimately sided with faith being the answer, whatever form that takes. The questions regarding the origin of the polar bears or the electromagnetic properties of the island gave way to mythological tales of immortal 2,000-year-old entities and more abstract questions regarding whether there s a purpose behind suffering and what suffering we must go through to achieve grace.Indeed, the philosophical nature of the show has been there since the beginning. There are several characters named after known philosophers, and from early in the first season the characters discuss whether the island is purgatory and they re being punished by some higher power. This idea of punishment and sin carried on all the way to The End, with the characters learning from their past sins and move on having become better people. Though it dabbled in big battles between good and evil with the fate of the world on the line, Cuse said in 2014 at PaleyFest that Lost was metaphorically about lost people looking for meaning in their lives, so the ending had to be a spiritual one that explained these characters’ journey and destiny. This is why the flash-sideways are so meaningful for the show at large and especially the finale. As Jack gives his life to save both the island and his friends and the battle between good and evil comes to an end, the sideways characters remember their lives and achieve some kind of grace or bliss. They all needed each other to find themselves and some catharsis before moving on, living up to the title of the show itself: Lost.SIDE CHARACTERS GOT SATISFYING CURTAIN CALLS(Photo by Mario Perez/© ABC/Courtesy Everett Collection)While Jack fought to stop the Man in Black (who had taken Locke s body) on the island, Desmond was busy gathering everyone in the sideways afterlife. Though not incredibly important to the plot this was a fantastic way of letting the audience say goodbye to characters they hadn t seen in years.Whether it s Shannon reuniting with Sayid, Boone and Libby showing up one last time, Rose and Bernard revealing they ve been living a nice and quiet life on the island, or Vincent the dog returning and lying next to a dying Jack, the flash-sideways allowed Lost to shine a light on side characters we ve lost over the years for one last goodbye.THE CALL-BACKS ARE SPOT ON, AS IS THE FINAL SHOT(Photo by Mario Perez / © ABC / Courtesy: Everett Collection)The finale of Lost also makes it a point to revisit some of the show s greatest hits to have the story come full circle and underscore the changes the characters have gone through. Sawyer calls Jack doc in the sideways universe, while leading Desmond down a cave to pull out the cork from the heart of the island, the evil version of Locke points out that it feels nostalgic to stare down a hole in the ground with Jack (a callback to the hatch from season 1). The Man in Black s death is even shot to echo Jacob s death from season 5.Then there s Jack s death scene, which begins with him being stabbed in the opposite side of his abdomen as when he woke up after the crash in the pilot, before walking through the bamboo fields where Vincent the dog comes to greet him. The closing shot of the show, Jack watching the plane carrying his friends fly off as he closes his eye, the reverse of the opening shot of the show, is absolutely perfect.WE ALL FELT THE GIACCHINO Composer Michael Giacchino s work on the show was one of Lost’s secret weapons. Each episode, Giacchino would write the show s emotional, haunting, soaring music that accompanied the story for six seasons. In a move that was and remains rare on TV, Giacchino worked with a live orchestra instead of just with a synthesizer, which added to the gravitas and power of the show s score. Cuse and Lindelof coined the term The Giacchino to signal the feelings they wanted to convey through music. As Cuse once told the LA Times, We literally write Michael s name into the script in various places where we want to convey a sense of emotion. Sawyer and Juliet s reunion in the finale wouldn t work half as well without Giacchino underscoring the emotion of the scene, nor would the scene where Jack s father explains to him the nature of the sideways timeline, which becomes an instant tearjerker because of the score. If Lost is about the characters going on a journey, Giacchino s music takes the audience on a similar emotional journey.Lost is available to stream by subscription on Hulu and Amazon Prime Video (with ads), or rent or buy it at FandangoNOW, Vudu, and iTunes. 在最后的最后,我甚至可以大胆猜测,虽然游戏可能还需要时间去打磨修补,但这并不妨碍DNF手游在今年有新的动作保持关注度。

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小Z大魔王作为虎牙新晋LOL手游主播,不仅颜值高声音甜,而且技术长期在线,凭借一手绝活卡莎在内测的时候就登上了国服前20,对于女玩家来说也是实属不易。而且在直播中,小Z还会给观众推荐不同情况下的出装方式和应对方式,也难怪Uzi会给出如此高的评价。365体育投注Binge Guide: 5 Shows to Watch if You Love Lupin If the Netflix crime caper has stolen your heart, here are a few more shows about thieves and heists you should check out. by RT Staff | February 9, 2021 | Comments

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The coffee cup that stole Game of Thrones spotlight on Sunday night might have dominated the conversation on Twitter, but it looks like most of the first critics to review The Last of the Starks either missed the cup s cameo or were too enthralled with that dramatic dinner scene to care.In a statement released later, the network said: “In response to inquiries from those who saw a craft services coffee cup in Sunday night’s episode of Game of Thrones, HBO states, The latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake. Daenerys had ordered an herbal tea. ”News from Winterfell.The latte that appeared in the episode was a mistake. #Daenerys had ordered an herbal tea. pic.twitter.com/ypowxGgQRl Game of Thrones (@GameOfThrones) May 6, 2019(Photo by HBO)Update: By Tuesday, the cup was scrubbed from the scene in the streaming version.Despite the cup s explosion on the Twitter-verse, with the controversy trending under Starbucks cup (though HBO indicates the cup was a craft services item), critics weren t distracted by the contemporary set piece in last night s episode. Instead, some critics were captivated for positive reasons, but many others — not so much.The eighth and final season of Game of Thrones 89% is not faring as well as its predecessors. Granted, the season just passed its halfway mark, but it s still scoring about 10% lower than any season before. After Sunday s The Last of the Starks, season 8 is hanging in the 80th percentile — every other season is at 91% or higher on the Tomatometer. Still, season 8 is well on its way to being Certified Fresh. (The final two episodes would have to have dancing Starbucks cups to fully derail the season.)Last week, The Long Night drew criticism for its darkness, the lack of consequential deaths, and that the battle literally lasted only one night. At 74%, it became the second-lowest ranking Game of Thrones episode ever. But now, it appears that title will be taken by episode 4 — and that now-infamous Starbucks cup.(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for AFI; HBO)This week s The Last of the Starks is even lower on the Tomatometer, currently at 63% with 63 reviews so far (updated at 2:45 p.m. PT on May 6). And that s despite a cameo by the series showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff (pictured above at a 2018 event and in costume in the episode) in the feasting scene. The only episode ranked lower than these two most recent installments is season 6 s Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken and it s Rotten.Read on to find out what critics had to say about season 8 Episode 4: "The Last of the Starks" 58%.First Impressions (Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)Odd oversight of letting in a Starbucks cup cameo — Dominic Patten, DeadlineWell, at least no one will complain about the darkness in this latest Game of Thrones episode. — Verne Gay, NewsdayLast week was an emotional rollercoaster and tonight took us off the track! — Jamie Broadnax, Black Girl NerdsMaybe we don t have a hero on this show anymore, at least not in the game for the Iron Throne. — Dave Gonzales, ThrillistRead more: Sex, Death and Relationship Drama Feature in Game of Thrones The Last of the Starks Top Moments A Little Out of Character?(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)Not every character- or plot-based story decision feels earned, but at least the rapid momentum toward the series’ end has kept the eyes of Game of Thrones somewhat on the present, however volatile and fatal it may be. — Steve Greene, indieWireCharacter-driven errors were committed and the war for the Iron Throne ignited in a highly emotional and often devastating episode — have there ever been so many tears and kisses and hugs on this show? — James Hibberd, Entertainment WeeklyThe Jon/Dany conflict cuts to the heart of Game of Thrones‘ biggest problems in its final few seasons – in its zeal to set up these foregone conclusions, they’ve had to roll back significant character development to do so. — Clint Worthington, The SpoolCritics Predict It ll All Come Down to Dany, Cersei, and Sansa(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)We’re only a week past the deadly Battle of Winterfell, and Daenerys has already reached the sixth stage of grief: world domination. — Kimberly Roots, TV LineThis is an interesting episode because Daenerys is so bad in so many ways throughout, and yet she s also clearly not as vile as Cersei. — Erik Kain, ForbesHolding within herself the power for acts of desperation, grasping need, human connection, and inhuman cruelty, Cersei represents the show at its most painfully complicated. She’s back in full force for the show’s last two episodes — just in time. — Daniel D Addario, VarietyIt’s obvious now from the conversation among the characters and the closeups of Clarke, Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, and Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister, that the battle for the Iron Throne will come down to these three women. — Robert Rorke, New York PostWho Do Critics Want to See Win the Iron Throne?(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)For the first time, I know who I’d like to see on the Iron Throne at the end: Sansa. I think she’d be a great Queen. I want to see Tyrion at one of her sides and Arya at the other. Maybe it’s time to place my bets? — Leona Laurie, Geek Girl AuthorityI’m afraid Jon Snow — sorry, Aegon Targaryen — is going to somehow stumble his way onto the Iron Throne. Yes, I do mean accidentally bumbling his way onto it, like he bumbles absolutely everything else, and everyone will just yell, “King in the south!” If that happens, I’m going to riot. — Tasha Robinson, The VergeRead more: All Game of Thrones Episodes, Ranked by TomatometerFinal Verdict? Complaints Outnumber Raves(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)As has been the pattern for two seasons now, the episode was filled with lapses in logic that were too irritating to ignore, plus a plague of idiocy on the part of most of its supposed heroes. — Kelly Lawler, USA TodayIt was a bad week for the Dragon Queen, the latest in a fairly regular string of tragedy and indignity that began roughly when she started hanging out with Jon and doesn’t suggest much in the way of a happy ending. — Jeremy Egner, New York TimesAs impressive as last week s spectacle was, none of it felt as engaging as this week s smaller moments of politicking and intrigue of Tyrion and Varys contemplating treason. — Stephen Kelly, BBC.comI suspect that when we all look back on the final season of “Game of Thrones” with the benefit of some hindsight (and when some of us are not in the position of speed-writing recaps late on a Sunday night), the pacing of these final six episodes is going to seem at least a little off But in the moment, I was delighted to see all of these characters loose and wonderfully, vitally alive. — Alyssa Rosenberg, Washington PostGame of Thrones airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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Join us weekly as Rotten Tomatoes reports on what s indie features are streaming. From promising releases by new voices to experimental efforts from storied filmmakers – or perhaps the next indie darling to go the distance for end-of-year accolades – we will break it all down for you here each week.For the foreseeable future, the specialty box office and all theatrical releases will be on hold as we all make efforts to socially distance ourselves and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. With that in mind, we have reshaped our Indie Fresh List to include VOD and select drive-in releases. This week we have a road trip comedy, a break-up rom-com, and a powerful doc about the plight of Black men in America. In our Spotlight Section, we have an award-winning story about an undocumented trans woman looking for love and citizenship. Finally, in our Indie Trailers section, we have new clips featuring Julianne Moore, Armie Hammer, Frances McDormand, and Lily Collins.New This Weekend

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4.27.2 1月喜迎(Photo by Universal / courtesy Everett Collection. Thumbnail: Paramount Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection)All Steve Martin Movies, Ranked by TomatometerAt the height of his wild and crazy stand-up fame in the late 1970s, Steve Martin called it quits, took off for Los Angeles, and funneled his routine and material into his debut starring movie. A savvy career move, you might call it, because that movie turned out to be 1979 s The Jerk, a classic comedy of sweetly stupid anarchy, and a box office smash that counted Stanley Kubrick among its most ardent fans. Martin and director Carl Reiner would team up three additional times in the 80s, for Dead Man Don t Wear Plaid, The Man with Two Brains, and All of Me.Though Martin has no problem showing off his sinister, cynical side (like in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and David Mamet s The Spanish Prisoner, or as a memorably sadistic dentist in Little Shop of Horrors), it s in sincerely reaching for audience sympathy where he s produced some of his most memorable characters. You root for Navin Johnson, The Jerk s underdog idiot hero, just like you do for his characters in Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, Roxanne, and L.A. Story.Martin s last starring Certified Fresh film was 1999 s filmmaking send-up Bowfinger. With his recent output spotty at best (including a few remakes of The Pink Panther and Cheaper by the Dozen), he has maintained goodwill with a pivot to writing novels, recording bluegrass, and publicly maintaining his friendship with Martin Short through live shows. Whatever he pursues next, we re looking back with all Steve Martin movies ranked by Tomatometer!
21. Mary Louise Screams, Sets Internet Alight, in Big Little Lies: Season 2 (2019) 86%Who’s powerful enough to face off against the collective force of Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Laura Dern, Shailene Woodley, and Zoe Kravitz? Meryl Streep, that’s who. Queen Meryl is at the top of her game as the grieving mother of Alexander Skarsgård’s Perry in the second season of the HBO drama, and asserts her power in the premiere with a primal scream that went viral across social media.20. “F k the Police” from Us (2019) 93% (Photo by Claudette Barius / © Universal )The biggest laugh in Jordan Peele’s mind-bending horror hit, Us, comes during one of its most gruesome scenes. Elisabeth Moss’s Kitty is crawling on the ground having been attacked by a doppelgänger of her husband, and – her voice just audible as blood presumably pools in her lungs – she calls out to her Google Home-like device to “call the police.” The device misunderstands her and switches from “Good Vibrations,” which has been playing in the scene, to N.W.A.’s “F k the Police.” Universal Pictures film music president Mike Knobloch told IndieWire that the scene could have gone a different way – the punchline was originally going to be a song by The Police. The movie was tested, though, and audiences responded to the N.W.A. song. “I think it became very clear at a critical point in the process that N.W.A was a much more satisfying choice,” Knobloch told IndieWire.19. Sweet Birthday Baby from Russian Doll: Season 1 (2019) 97%(Photo by Netflix)The first time Natasha Lyonne’s Nadia walked out of her friend’s bathroom during her weeknight birthday party, the peppy piano of Harry Nilsson’s “Gotta Get Up” seemed like a fun retro soundtrack cue. The 20th or the 30th however, and the tune became a little more ominous — as did her pal Maxine’s (Greta Lee) slurred greeting of “sweet birthday babyyyy.” The call became a signature for the show, which was one of Netflix s biggest and most acclaimed hits (Certified Fresh at 96%) of the first half of 2019. 18. Kit Harington Discovers Dany s Fate in Game of Thrones: The Last Watch (2019) 100%(Photo by HBO)Emilia Clarke knew the fate of Daenerys Targaryen when she sat down for the table read of Game of Thrones’ final season, but many of her costars didn’t. Not even her on-screen beau/nephew Kit Harington, whose tearful reaction when he learned what would happen — and how he would be involved — was a rare behind-the-scenes look into the making of season 8, which received a mixed reception from critics.17. Selina sells Gary Out in Veep: Season 7 (2019) 97%(Photo by Colleen Hayes/HBO)For seven seasons, HBO’s savage political satire Veep never let up in its pursuit of breaking our funny bones with vicious one-liners and some of the darkest comedy we’ve seen on American TV. In its final episode, though, it broke our hearts. The moment comes just before Selina Meyer (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) takes the stage to accept the Democratic nomination for president, and, hugging her loyal bagman, Gary (Tony Hale), tells him she couldn’t have done it without him. She’s almost teary, and so are we, because we know what Gary doesn’t: Selina has made him the fall guy for nefarious goings on at the Meyer Foundation; a few minutes later, as she rouses the crowd with talk of sacrifice, we see FBI agents approaching Gary offstage. In an epilogue set 24 years later at Meyers’ funeral, a loyal-to-the-end Gary shows up, armed with lipstick in her favorite shade.16. Michael Marshall Sings San Francisco In The Last Black Man in San Francisco (2019) 92%The Last Black Man in San Francisco, directed by Joe Talbot from a story by Talbot and the film’s star, Jimmie Fails, features some of the year’s most beautiful cinematography. But this tale of gentrification on the Bay also features one of the most incredible music moments, as the film essentially pauses for a rendition of Scott McKenzie’s 1967 “San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers In Your Hair).” The song is given a new, jazzy spin as performed by Michael Marshall (he does the hook/chorus on “I Got 5 On It,” part of another great movie music moment this year) and with tuba courtesy of Norway’s Daniel Herskedal. The song features heavily in the trailer for the film above.15. The Vampire Council Convenes in What We Do in the Shadows: Season 1 (2019) 94%FX’s TV version of the cult vampire movie was always in good hands coming from the film’s co-writer, co-director, and star Jemaine Clement, but things got extra-special when the comedy paid tribute to the vampire genre with a next-level star-studded seventh episode, directed by the film’s other star/co-writer/co-director, Taika Waititi. As Staten Island vampires Nandor, Laszlo, and Nadja prepare to face the all-powerful vampire council and answer for their wrongdoing, prepare yourself for a cameo-fest that will blow your mind.14. WTF Did Goose Just Do?! in Captain Marvel (2019) 79%(Photo by © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / © Marvel)Comic book fans might have known what was coming, but most moviegoers checking out Carol Danvers’ origin story were as shocked as Nick Fury when Goose the cat suddenly spewed out a bundle of alien tentacles and swallowed the Tesseract. Turns out Goose is a Flerken, a shape-shifting, egg-laying, tentacle-having species of alien with the capacity to house a pocket dimension inside themselves. Duh! In a movie full of scene-stealers – Lashana Lynch as Maria Rambeau, Ben Mendelsohn as Talos – this feline sidekick stole the whole damn show.13. Whisperers massacre survivors in The Walking Dead: Season 9 (2018) 89%Samantha Morton s Alpha wants the survivors from Alexandria, Hilltop, The Kingdom, and elsewhere to know where her boundaries end, so she mounts the (still jabbering) heads of 10 survivors on pikes and embeds them in the ground to mark the edge of the Whisperers’ territory. R.I.P. Addy, Rodney, Tammy Rose, Highwaymen Ozzy and Alek, DJ, Frankie, and, most shockingly, Henry, Enid, and Tara. The scene is a bloody tableau that Michonne (Danai Gurira), Daryl (Norman Reedus), Henry’s adoptive mom Carol (Melissa McBride), Siddiq (Avi Nash), Yumiko (Eleanor Matsuura), and fans won’t ever forget.12. Elton performs Your Song in Rocketman (2019) 89%(Photo by © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / © Marvel)Dexter Fletcher’s Elton John biopic is big on spectacle: the director’s staging of “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” in a pub and carnival and of “Crocodile Rock” at the Troubadour left us with some of the most memorable screen images and sounds of the year. But it’s a quieter Rocketman scene that lingers longest. Sitting in his family’s living room, Elton (Taron Egerton) starts to put music to Bernie Taupin’s lyrics for “Your Song”; as the song takes shape, Taupin (Jamie Bell), as well as Elton’s mother (Bryce Dallas Howard) and grandmother (Gemma Jones) become transfixed. Egerton delivers show-stopping numbers throughout the Certified Fresh film, but this could be the scene they play come Oscar night.11. Andy Is Willing to Go the Distance in Netflix s Fyre (2019) 92% Andy King has seen all of your FYRE Fest memes — and he loves them! pic.twitter.com/mCNgDoHpjW Netflix (@netflix) January 29, 2019In the battle of this January’s Fyre Festival docs, it was Netflix’s Fyre that came out on top according to the Tomatometer, with a Certified Fresh score of 90%. While Hulu’s Fyre Fraud was no slouch at 78% on the Tomatometer, we think one key sequence may have given Netflix’s film the edge – and you know exactly what we’re talking about. With four 18-wheelers’ worth of Evian sitting in Customs, event producer Andy King confesses he agreed to “take one for the team” and perform fellatio on a government official to free the water. “I drank some mouthwash,” he tells us, before getting in his car fully prepared to do his duty for the fast-imploding festival. In the end King didn’t have to bend the knee – he says Customs released the water on the condition they would be paid soon after the festival ended – and things ended very happily for him. King’s story went viral, he became something of a folk hero, and has been fielding offers from networks for his own TV show.10. The Knife Fight in John Wick: Chapter 3 -- Parabellum (2019) 89%(Photo by © Lionsgate)In a franchise characterized by lethal stationery and unpleasant night-outs at the club, what makes a lowly, stabby knife fight stand out? First, it begins with a dash of humor: Keanu Reeves John Wick has been chased into an antiquated New York building, and as he and his assailants pummel each other, they take a second to pause and realize their surroundings. My God, it s full of knives! And then comes the audience wincing as sharp blades of every curve and edge are tossed up and down the hallway, mixed in with some trademark Wickian gun-fu, all shot in steady and crisp camera angles. Then, as Wick emerges victorious, but with one would-be assassin still alive, he hurls an axe in a comically large arc into the guy s skull – just for that last dash of mordant humor. The knife fight captures everything brutal and entertaining about the series.9. The Hot Priest Monologue in Fleabag, Season 2(Photo by Steve Schofield)This moving moment from the series finale from series creator, writer, and star Phoebe Waller-Bridge starts after Jake’s beautiful bassoon piece. The Priest – Andrew Scott, forever known as hot priest hereafter – delivers a speech about love at the wedding of Fleabag’s Dad (Bill Paterson) and godmother (Olivia Colman), starting with “Love is awful!” Claire (Sian Clifford) is alarmed: “There’s something wrong with your Priest.” Fleabag thinks maybe he’s talking about her, but it turns out, it’s a love letter to God — The Priest later dumps her at a bus stop. Check out the full speech: Love is awful. It’s awful. It’s painful. It’s frightening. It makes you doubt yourself, judge yourself, distance yourself from the other people in your life. Makes you selfish. Makes you creepy. Makes you obsessed with your hair. Makes you cruel. Makes you say and do things you never thought you would do. It’s all any of us want, and it’s hell when we get there. So no wonder it’s something we don’t want to do on our own. I was taught if we’re born with love, then life is about choosing the right place to put it. People talk about that a lot: It feeling right. When it feels right, it’s easy. But I’m not sure that’s true. It takes strength to know what’s right. And love isn’t something that weak people do. Being a romantic takes a hell of a lot of hope. I think what they mean is: When you find somebody that you love, it feels like hope. 8. Ducky and Bunny have a Plan in Toy Story 4 (2019) 97%(Photo by © Pixar, © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)Not to take anything away from Forky or Duke Caboom – both great additions to the Toy Story world, and both with their own fantastic moments in the series fourth film. But for pure scene-stealing skills, we re going all in on plush with Ducky and Bunny, voiced by Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele. As the movie turns into pure heist flick, these two carnival toys kick into comedy high gear, and their one-note suggestions for how to steal a key provide for one of the most gut-busting running gags we ve ever seen in a Pixar film. Definitely stay for the credits. 7. Keanu Makes An Entrance in Always Be My Maybe (2019) 90%In the Year of Keanu Reeves, formerly known as 2019, there was just so much Keanu goodness going around – Duke “Yes I Can-ada!” Caboom; John Wick on a horse; the promise of next year’s Bill and Ted reboot. But perhaps our favorite Keanu moment came in Netflix’s Ali Wong-Randall Park rom-com Always Be My Maybe, in which Reeves makes one of the movies’ great entrances, strutting slow-mo into a fancy San Francisco restaurant, shaking hands and blowing kisses as Awolnation’s synthy Sails blasts on the soundtrack. It was the walk that launched a thousand memes, and Reeves performance as a cocky and surreal version of himself in the film is inspired.6. Barry Fights Feral Martial Arts Guru, Lily, in Barry: Season 2 (2019) 100%(Photo by Aaron Epstein/HBO)Sent to kill Ronny Proxin (Daniel Bernhardt), Bill Hader’s Barry has the misfortune of learning during that job that Ronny is a taekwondo champion. Barry manages to break the guy’s windpipe and appears to kill him – and that s when little Lily (Jessie Giacomazzi), Ronny’s daughter and also a martial arts master, comes home. The fight that ensues is the highlight of an incredible season of the Emmy-winning show. Feral with grief, Lily growls and shows off some supernatural leaping abilities. She finally subdues Barry by stabbing him repeatedly, then runs away. “What are you?” Fuches (an always hilarious Stephen Root) screams into the night when the petite warrior later takes a chunk out of his cheek with her teeth. The episode was directed by Hader.5. Reactor 4 explodes in Chernobyl: Miniseries (2019) 96% (Photo by HBO)The story in HBO s acclaimed miniseries Cherobyl begins in Moscow on April 26, 1988, with the dramatic suicide of enfeebled Valery Legasov, played to perfection by Jared Harris (The Terror). In a recording, Legasov indicts Anatoly Dyatlov (Paul Ritter), the man who ran the room at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant exactly two years earlier when its core exploded, and calls for his death. The explosion resulted in the worst man-made environmental disaster in history and in untold deaths — estimated in the thousands when reduced life expectancy is included. The story then flashes back to Pripyat, Ukrainian SSR, in 1986 and takes viewers directly into the room following the explosion. Dyatlov embodies blind arrogance, as he denies eyewitness accounts that the core has exploded. “You’re confused,” he tells one of his men. “RBMK reactor cores don’t explode.” It turns out that under exactly the right circumstances — one having to do with cost cutting and infuriating incompetence — they do. This scene is where the horror story begins. (Check out our interview with series director Johan Renck.)4. Tony Vanquishes Thanos in Avengers: Endgame (2019) 94%(Photo by © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / © Marvel Studios)Avengers: Endgame is chock full of moments that are like emotional kryptonite to Marvel fans (hello, mixed media metaphors!). But you re going to need Doctor Strange doing magic hand jazz to hold back the onslaught of tears most of us felt when Tony Stark snapped his fingers as the Infinity Stones were infused into his Iron Man armor, sending Thanos back to the dust from whence he came, and frying himself in the process. It s a pulverizing moment coming at the end of a very long battle – or the end of a very long movie, or the end of a very long series depending on how you look at it – made all the more devastating with the funeral and reunion that immediately follows it. Or how about the moment preceding the snap, when Stark looks straight into the purple fiend s eyes and proclaims, I am Iron Man ? It s all a whirling carousel of rising intensity and action, and that snap really ties it all together.3. A Trumpet and a Verdict in When They See Us: Season 1 (2019) 97%(Photo by Atsushi Nishijima/Netflix)Ava DuVernay’s When They See Us is a gripping and harrowing journey through the darkest corners of the criminal justice system: from bent investigations and interrogations to heavily weighted legal proceedings to the corruption and horrors of the prison system and finally the way that the label of “prisoner” sticks hard in a post-prison life. The four-part retelling of the eventually overturned rape and assault convictions of the so-called Central Park Five – Kevin Richardson, Antron McCray, Yusef Salaam, Korey Wise, and Raymond Santana – is stacked with moments that shock, anger, and move, but there’s one image that lingers perhaps more than any other (or anything else we’ve seen on TV this year). In the closing moments of episode 2, as the boys are read their guilty verdicts, DuVernay cuts to Richardson (played by Asante Blackk) sitting in the middle of a Harlem street and raising his trumpet to his lips, a pair of handcuffs dangling from his left wrist. Richardson plays a few tortured notes before we cut back to court to see him, wide-eyed in terror and shock, lower his head, closing out the episode.2. Arya Kills the Night King in Game of Thrones: Season 8 (2019) 55%(Photo by HBO)The Stark family’s own Faceless (Wo)Man schools us on what that whole Braavos excursion was for: to wield an ancient Valyrian-steel dagger and kill the Game of Thrones villain many viewers thought was destined to face Jon “Aegon Targaryen, sixth of his name” Snow in his final confrontation. But for every Jon Snow fan whining about how the Night King was his to kill, there’s an Arya Stark fan fist-pumping because the gal has mad skills. Yes, even silently stalking her prey and becoming virtually invisible when the undead masses are focused on their leader as he readies a death blow against the No. 1 target on his hit list, the Three-Eyed Raven. Stealthy assassin Arya would not let her brother go out like that.1. Avengers Assemble! from Avengers: Endgame (2019) 94%(Photo by © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures / © Marvel Studios / )Think cutting off Avengers assemble mid-line at the end of Age of Ultron was a major blockbuster tease for MCU fans? They d only been waiting since 2012 when the first Avengers movie came out – diehard comic book fans have been anticipating to hear the famous battle cry on the big screen since the 60s. And everybody got what they came for in the fan service fantasia that is Avengers: Endgame. During the climatic battle, as Captain America tightens his shield, standing alone against Thanos and his cosmic hordes, Infinity War s fallen come rushing out of the portals. As the triumphant music swells, the heroes stand in unison, awaiting Cap s command, which comes softly growled, with the impact of destiny fulfilled at last. (Read how composer Alan Silvestri brought the moment to sonic life.)Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

This week s Ketchup brings you another 10 headlines from the world of film development news (the stories about what movies Hollywood is working on for you next), covering stories from the last few weeks (due to the holidays) for titles like Captain Marvel 2, Justice League Dark, Kung Fu, and Mean Girls.This WEEK S TOP STORYCAPTAIN MARVEL 2 IN THE WORKS FOR RELEASE IN 2022(Photo by Marvel Studios)Last July at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel Studios presented an ambitious slate for the movies and Disney+ shows that will make up Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although those movies included sequels like Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (5/7/2021) and Thor: Love and Thunder (11/5/2021), there were several sequels that fans were left wondering about, although we have since heard about release dates for Tom Holland s third solo Spider-Man film (7/16/2021) and Black Panther II (5/6/2022). We can now add another of those missing sequels, as Marvel Studios has officially hired screenwriter Megan McDonnell to start writing a Captain Marvel sequel starring Brie Larson. McDonnell is also one of the co-writers of the upcoming Disney+ series WandaVision starring Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) and Paul Bettany (The Vision). The Captain Marvel sequel, which is aiming for release sometime in 2022, is expected to be set in the present day, and Marvel Studios is currently hoping to hire a female director for the sequel.Other Top Headlines1. TINA FEY ANNOUNCES PLANS FOR A MEAN GIRLS MOVIE MUSICAL (Photo by (c) Paramount courtesy Everett Collection)Just last year, when Dora the Explorer finally got her own live-action movie called Dora and the Lost City of Gold, the filmmakers made the curious choice to turn Dora into a teenager who grew up in the jungle and ends up in a Los Angeles high school. If that premise seemed familiar (to those who actually saw it), that might be because the same premise was used by Tina Fey for the 2004 high school comedy Mean Girls (Certified Fresh at 84%), starring Lindsay Lohan. Tina Fey took Mean Girls to Broadway in 2018 as a musical adaptation, and this week announced that Paramount Pictures is now also developing a Mean Girls movie musical. Other upcoming movies adapted from stage musicals also include In the Heights (6/26/2020), West Side Story (12/18/2020), and not-yet-produced adaptations of Little Shop of Horrors and Sunset Boulevard (both of which were also musicals based on movies).2. WILL MATT DAMON BE THE ONE TO BRING BALANCE TO THE FORCE?(Photo by © Paramount Pictures)One of the surprise box office and critical successes of late 2019 was the racing drama Ford v Ferrari (Certified Fresh at 92%), which was directed by James Mangold (Logan, The Wolverine) with leads played by Christian Bale and Matt Damon. Mangold is next expected to direct Timothée Chalamet in an untitled musical drama about Bob Dylan, but this week, he also recruited one of his Ford v Ferrari stars for another of his projects. Matt Damon is now attached to star in James Mangold s film adaptation of the Don Winslow crime fiction novel The Force. Damon will star in The Force as a NYPD detective who runs an elite crime fighting squad, but bends the law so often that he loses the line between good and evil and becomes ensnared in a pending corruption scandal. 3. BRADLEY COOPER S LEONARD BERNSTEIN BIOPIC HEADING TO NETFLIX (Photo by John Baer/Rogue Pictures)Following a movie business pattern that s becoming increasingly familiar, an ambitious but potentially expensive biopic is sidestepping the traditional studios and will instead be produced and distributed by Netflix (ie, The Irishman). In 2018, Paramount Pictures seemed to be close to greenlighting an untitled biopic about the famed American composer Leonard Bernstein which Bradley Cooper is attached to both star in and direct. As of this week, Paramount has dropped Cooper s Leonard Berstein biopic, with Netflix instead stepping in to produce and distribute the biopic. Steven Spielberg s Amblin remains attached to the biopic, and they are now joined by Martin Scorsese (of the aforementioned The Irishman) and Todd Phillips (The Joker), which means that the film now has direct connections to two of this year s most discussed Academy Awards contenders. Scorsese at one point was also developing a Leonard Bernstein biopic, and Steven Spielberg s upcoming West Side Story remake features music written by Bernstein. The project s most obvious connection to Todd Phillips is that Bradley Cooper starred in The Hangover and its sequels, which were directed by Phillips.4. J.J. ABRAMS MOVING FROM STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER TO JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK(Photo by James Atoa/Everett Collection)A few years back, Guillermo del Toro was developing an adaptation of the various DC Comics supernatural characters associated with the team called Justice League Dark, before eventually moving on to movies like The Shape of Water and Nightmare Alley. The concept of a group of spooky magicians (John Constantine, Zatanna) and creatures (Deadman, Swamp Thing) remains an intriguing one (especially in the new horror revival era). This week, J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot production company made an exclusive deal with Warner Media to start development on film and television projects based on Justice League Dark and its related characters. It s not yet known if J.J. Abrams will himself be directing any of these potential TV and film projects, or which characters and titles might eventually be produced, but there are over a dozen possible projects that could be covered by this umbrella development deal.5. COLOR OUT OF SPACE NOW PLANNED AS PART OF AN H.P. LOVECRAFT TRILOGY (Photo by RLJE Films)Some pulp fiction horror and science fiction authors of the early 20th century like Edgar Rice Burroughs (Tarzan, John Carter) and Robert E. Howard (Conan) have had their writings adapted frequently as movies and TV shows, but one of their peers whose work has been under adapted, relative to his fame, is H.P. Lovecraft. Lovecraft s stories have such a definite style that Lovecraftian horror is a subgenre itself, but most of the video games and movies called Lovecraftian haven t actually been based on Lovecraft s stories directly. That said, Nicolas Cage stars in this week s Color Out of Space (Certified Fresh at 86%), an adaptation of the Lovecraft short story of the same name directed by Richard Stanley. Stanley revealed this week that he is now planning on adapting two more H.P. Lovecraft works to form a trilogy. He didn t specify which of Lovecraft s works might follow Color Out of Space, but three of the more famous titles that have to be seen as strong candidates are The Dunwich Horror, At the Mountains of Madness (which Guillermo del Toro almost adapted), and that most famous of Lovecraftian horror stories, The Call of Cthulhu.6. DEADPOOL 2 AND JOHN WICK DIRECTOR KNOWS KUNG FU (THE TV SHOW)(Photo by © Warner Bros. courtesy Everett Collection)Hollywood has continued to mine beloved classic TV shows from the 1970s and the 1980s for several years now (including last year s Charlie s Angels, and next month s Fantasy Island). One of the most influential TV shows of the era that has been in development on-and-off for a long while is the 1972-1975 ABC series Kung Fu, starring David Carradine as a Shaolin monk travelling through the Wild West of the late 19th century. A movie version of Kung Fu is now reportedly back in development at Universal Pictures with action director David Leitch (Deadpool 2, Atomic Blonde) attached to direct and produce. Universal reportedly is eager to reteam with Leitch on Kung Fu following the success last summer of his most recent film as director, Fast Furious Presents: Hobbs Shaw (Fresh at 67%).7. INDIE DIRECTOR TAKING ON THE CURSE OF THE VON ERICH WRESTLING FAMILY (Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images)Within the wrestling fan community, few legacies are as haunting as the Von Erich family, which some refer to as cursed because five of the six sons died before their father, Fritz Von Erich (a.k.a. Jack Adkisson; Von Erich wasn t their real name). That story may soon be adapted as a movie with the news this week that independent film director Sean Durkin is now developing exactly such a movie. Durkin made his directorial debut with 2011 s Martha Marcy May Marlene (Certified Fresh at 89%), and is at Sundance this week with The Nest, starring Jude Law.8. WEREWOLF SOCIAL GAME GETTING ITS OWN MOVIE CALLED WEREWOLVES WITHIN (Photo by Ubisoft)Although it now takes many different forms, one of the most popular concepts in social gaming today is called Werewolf. The concept generally involves players taking secret roles either as townies or villagers (the good guys) or werewolves or mafia (the bad guys), with the two sides working against each other secretly. That concept will soon be adapted as a horror comedy called Werewolves Within, with Sam Richardson (Veep) already attached to star. Werewolves Within will be a direct adaptation of the Ubisoft virtual reality video game of the same title.9. CHANNING TATUM TO STAR IN DISNEY S BOB THE MUSICAL (Photo by Claudette Barius/©Warner Bros.)If one only knows Channing Tatum from movies like 21 Jump Street, Logan Lucky, and G.I. Joe, it might be easy to forget that he first emerged as a star in the 2006 dance movie Step Up (and also showed off impressive moves in Hail, Caesar!). Channing Tatum is apparently eager to get back in the singing and dancing game, as this week, he signed on with Walt Disney Pictures to star in their long-in-development project called Bob the Musical. The premise of Bob the Musical is that, following a head injury, a man suddenly finds that he can hear the soundtracks of the people around him. Coincidentally, although Bob the Musical has been in development since 2004, this news of it being revived with a major A-list movie star comes just a few weeks after the premiere on January 7, 2020 of the NBC musical comedy Zoey s Extraordinary Playlist, which has the same premise, but with a female lead.Like this? 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(Photo by CD Projeckt Red)A long presentation consisted of video game developer CD Projekt Red s memories of building The Witcher video game series from something less connected to the books to a series squarely focused on Geralt. They also recalled their debut at the E3 video game conference and the time former US president Barack Obama offered kind words about The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.Sadly, their stroll down memory lane did not come with an announcement for a fourth mainline Witcher game. There will be a fourth game in the fullness of time, but not in the immediate future. In the meantime, the company is engaged in updating a spinoff focusing on the Gwent card game. Also, The Witcher III is getting a next-gen upgrade for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S with some new DLC featuring Geralt s costume from the Netflix series.A Witcher AR Game Will Take the Continent OutdoorsThe Witcher: Monster Slayer hopes to take Witcher fans outside. Using your phone, you ll be able to become your own Witcher, facing monsters, including a cursed Striga. The augmented-reality exploration game arrives July 21 on Android and iOS platforms.The Witcher: Blood Origin Was a No-Show(Photo by courtesy of Netflix)Despite The Witcher: Blood Origin showrunner Declan de Barra proving he knows his stuff during the trivia contest — and taking a halberd as his prize — the series itself was a no-show at WitcherCon. That s reasonable as it is still casting key roles. Just this week, both Michelle Yeoh (pictured) and Laurence O’Fuarain were said to be joining the limited series with Sophia Brown reportedly taking over the lead role Éile from Jodie Turner-Smith.Set 1200 years prior to Geralt s journeys across the Continent, Blood Origin will tell the story of the Conjunction of the Spheres and the first prototype Witcher.Henry Cavill Believes in Destiny and an Intellectual Geralt(Photo by Netflix)Since destiny is a big theme of The Witcher — the word even comes up in the Season 2 teaser — Cavill admitted to his own belief in it: Everyone has a destiny.   In his concept of destiny, however, it is something one must train for. Everyone has to unlock certain skills before using that skill tree, he continued. I had to do certain things to be Geralt. I pursued it very hard, and I got the opportunity to do it. His pursuit of the role certainly has the ring of destiny. Cavill credits his father reading him fantasy stories as a child with creating a life-long interest in genre material. Fantasy is what I read, he said. When I have free time, it s fantasy books. He also said his father got him into computer games — a pastime which led to him becoming aware of The Witcher in the first place. Although, he admitted his attempt to play The Witcher II was thwarted by his day job. He was able to commit more time to The Witcher III. The world-building is just fantastic. I ve been playing it [again recently] on my [GeForce RTX] 3090, he said. The detail was extraordinary and all from Sapkowski s amazing work it is an ode to that world.


(Photo by CBS)Star Trek TV Shows Ranked by TomatometerThe Star Trek universe kicked off in 1966 with the original series, created by science fiction visionary Gene Roddenberry, and later exploded into a massive film and TV juggernaut.While the original series, which starred William Shatner as Captain James T. Kirk and Leonard Nemoy as Mr. Spock, saw only three seasons, it made an indelible impression on the sci-fi genre. Live-action TV follow-up Star Trek: The Next Generation, with Patrick Stewart as Captain Jean-Luc Picard leading an ensemble cast, captivated viewers from 1987–1994 and inspired three more series that would air within the next decade: Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,  Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise.Starting with 1979’s Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Paramount Pictures has been regularly cranking out Trek films with the original series and Next Generation casts, as well as a rebooted version in 2009 with Chris Pine as Starfleet Academy cadet James Kirk and Zachary Quinto as young Spock. (See our Star Trek film “Total Recall” here.)In 2017, Trek returned to small screens with season 1 of CBS All Access streaming title Star Trek: Discovery, set during a tumultuous wartime era about a decade before the original and starring Sonequa Martin-Green, Michelle Yeoh, Doug Jones, and Jason Isaacs. The new series marked a TV franchise reboot by Alex Kurtzman, writer on the 2009 Star Trek film and its sequel Star Trek Into Darkness.RELATED: Patrick Stewart and the Star Trek: Picard Crew on Why the World Needs Jean-Luc Now More Than EverThe year 2020 gave fans a celebration of one of its most iconic characters with the January premiere of Star Trek: Picard, with Stewart reprising his role in the new CBS All Access streaming series that also stars franchise newcomers Isa Briones, Alison Pill, Evan Evagora, Harry Treadaway, Michelle Hurd, Santiago Cabrera, as well as returning veterans Jeri Ryan, Jonathan Del Arco, Marina Sirtis, Jonathan Frakes, and Brent Spiner.Then in August, the TV franchise introduced animated comedy series Star Trek: Lower Decks, about the misfit support crew on one of Starfleet s least-important ships.But which of the TV and streaming series is best? Have a look below to find out which TV title scored highest with critics in our Trek TV by Tomatometer list. (For completists, The Animated Series, which ran for two seasons in the early 1970s and has a 94% score on 16 reviews of its first season, isn t included here because of the low number of eligible reviews.)Disagree with the results? Tell us in the comments which series you think should have been ranked higher (or lower).

365体育投注 We have been busy at Rotten Tomatoes these last two months recommending tons of movies and TV series to watch during quarantine (you can find a ton of lists here). But sometimes you re not in a position, or mood, to plonk yourself down in front of a screen. Perhaps you re working, or gardening, or cooking, or exercising, or hiding in a closet for a few minutes of peace and quiet away from your kids/pupils/audience. Either way: tough to follow the twists and turns of Ozark as you do that. To help in these moments – and to generally keep you sane and healthy as we endure our collective cabin fever – the RT staff curated a list of 15 scores to pair with different parts of your quarantine life. Looking for something to push you through that last set of burpees? We have an orchestral doozy for you. Got a swoony Zoom date? Try something with French flavors. Want a new soundtrack to your Animal Crossing hours? Daft Punk is here to help.What movie music are you listening to at home? Let us know in the comments. Gattaca (1997) 83%(Photo by © Columbia/courtesy Everett Collection)Composer: Michael NymanThere are moments in Gattaca where nothing much is happening on-screen, but the rich Michael Nyman score is going in hard. In my early Gattaca-watching career (I ve seen the movie eight or nine times now), I thought this was faulty, like the music was overcompensating. Plainly, this was a bad take. The music is devastatingly romantic. And not just how it informs the relationship between Jerome and Irene (Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman), but also Jerome s love for himself, to believe he is capable of something far beyond his cursed birthright. These times ask us to search for this kind of inner strength, to navigate daily life s new chaos, and carry a torch of hope for the not-too-distant-future. Gattaca s soundtrack, culminating in the impossible beauty of The Arrival, is the music of that guiding light.Listen when: Working from home – this s t is motivating! – but only if you like your job, and you re not on a call. – Alex Vo, EditorRomeo and Juliet (1968) 95%(Photo by Courtesy Everett Collection)Composer: Nino RotaItalian composer Nino Rota has quite the résumé: La Dolce Vita, 8 1/2, and, of course, the first two Godfather films, both of which earned him Oscar nominations, and the second of which got him a win. My personal favorite, though, is his score for Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet, starring Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey. Maybe it takes me back to the high school English class in which I first saw the film, but there’s something about Rota’s love theme – a little trepidatious at first before a rousing strings-led swell, all laced with a certain feeling it’s not going to turn out well – that helps me focus when editing or reading. Be warned though: The score’s final tracks, which accompany the tragic finale on screen, are intense. Skip those, re-start from the beginning, and pretend the young lovers had a dagger-less ending.Listen when: You’ve carved out some time in your day to read (and have got your looking interested photo programmed to your Zoom feed). – Joel Meares, Editor-in-ChiefAnatomy of a Murder (1959) 100%(Photo by Courtesy the Everett Collection )Composers: Duke Ellington, Billy StrayhornThere are several reasons why Otto Preminger s Anatomy of a Murder is one of the greatest courtroom dramas ever, but it s arguably best remembered for its striking opening title sequence by Saul Bass and its incredible soundtrack, composed by none other than jazz legend Duke Ellington and his longtime collaborator Billy Strayhorn. Together, Ellington and Strayhorn put together a complete musical package that was alternately sultry ( Flirtibird ), playful ( Happy Anatomy ), melancholic ( Almost Cried ), and mysterious ( Midnight Indigo ), and it all still feels fresh and alive today. Of course, the most memorable song is probably the Main Title theme that accompanies Bass opening credits, but the whole score just drips with style. It s also worth noting that it was not only one of the first soundtracks entirely scored by jazz musicians, but also the first one for a major Hollywood film that was created by an African-American composer. Movie soundtrack or not, it s a masterpiece.Listen when: You re feeling fancy and having a glass of wine in a bubble bath. – Ryan Fujitani, Snr. EditorThe Handmaiden (2016) 95%(Photo by © Amazon Studios /Courtesy Everett Collection)Composer: Jo Yeong-wookThe Handmaiden, like so many others, is the type of film that Bong Joon-ho spoke of when he urged English-speaking audiences to hurdle over the one-inch barrier of subtitles during one of his acceptance speeches last year for Parasite. The Korean- and Japanese-language film, which was not selected for Best International Film in 2016, sadly never reached a wide audience and was instead relegated to join other underrated/unknown non-English gems (most of which are available to stream – so get busy). Due to its under-the-radar status, many not only missed the seductive romance-thriller director Park Chan-wook weaved, but also the humorous and erotic score that plays throughout most of the film. The music, like the film it plays beneath, is surprising and genre-defying, mixing dark themes employing strings, clarinets, and harps with romantic melodies.Listen when: You re scrolling through exotic locales, dreaming of the day you can travel to distant lands once again. – Jacqueline Coley, EditorDrive (2011) 93%(Photo by Richard Foreman Jr/©FilmDistric/Courtesy Everett Collection)Composer: Cliff MartinezYou can split Drive s original Cliff Martinez soundtrack into three categories: Pensive, ethereal, and fittingly, driving. Kick Your Teeth and Skull Crushing are among the pensive songs, and they suggest a shadow looming high over your shoulders, like a clockwork beast wound up to strike. The ethereal songs make you feel like you re drifting through a hazy dream, and have incongruous names like They Broke His Pelvis and Wrong Floor. These two moods converge in the driving songs ( Rubber Head, Where s the Deluxe Version?, Hammer ) that speak to those luxuriating in their delusional power fantasies and modern fairy tales. And, in this world, who can blame them?Listen when: You re out for a sanctioned late-night drive, on the route with the most lights. – VoToy Story (1995) 100% and Toy Story 2 (1999) 100%(Photo by © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, © Pixar)Composer: Randy NewmanOver four films, the themes and movements of Randy Newman’s Toy Story scores have become as familiar to many ’90s kids as “The I

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