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It s not easy to explain the premise of Netflix s newest epic fantasy series, Shadow and Bone, to a newcomer. After all, it s based on not one but two different book series set in a sprawling fictional universe with complex narratives and different timelines. But we asked the stars and co-creator of the series, which premieres April 23, to try. It s a fantasy show — it has the Harry Potter elements, it has the Game of Thrones elements, it has Lord of the Rings elements, it has elements of Star Wars, star Archie Renaux said. But really at its core, I think it s a coming-of-age story about a girl discovering she has this power that could really unite her country, which has been divided in two by this expansive, massive darkness called the Shadow Fold. Honestly, it s a pretty great elevator pitch for the eight-episode drama, which is based on Leigh Bardugo s Shadow and Bone/Grishaverse trilogy and its companion duology, Six of Crows. The series follows teenage soldier Alina Starkov, an orphan from the Russian-inspired land of Ravka who discovers an unharnessed magical power that could be the key to helping fight the supernatural forces that have been dividing her country via a dense darkness called the Shadow Fold.(Photo by David Appleby/Netflix) At first glance, it is your traditional dark versus light massive-scale fantasy allegory in a war-torn world in which some of the characters, the Grisha, have magical abilities, star Ben Barnes explained.Plus: heists! The world has a czar-punk Russian aesthetic mixed with an industrial revolution vibe, which means you have early trains and guns and revolvers mixed with magic and swords and horses and capes. And complicated love risks and unspoken feeling and massive amounts of of tension between all of the characters and their individual agendas and politics of power, Barnes said.Barnes and Renaux star alongside Jessie Mei Li, who plays heroine Alina. An orphan since she was a young girl, Alina s closest ally is her BFF and fellow orphan Mal (Renaux). Although in the books Alina is from Ravka, in the show she s half Shu Han — which adds another layer of depth to her struggle, considering Ravka has been in conflict with its neighbors Shu Han and Fjerda. With the supernatural Shadow Fold blocking most of Ravka s access to the True Sea (and thus all trade), Ravkans must make their way through the terrifying area in order to survive.Barnes, Renaux, and showrunner Eric Heisserer (the Oscar-nominated screenwriter of Arrival and Netflix fave Bird Box, among others) spoke to Rotten Tomatoes about what fans can expect from the first season of their series, including the star power of Li, green-screen acting, some romance, and even some spoiler-free details about what could happen in season 2, should Netflix give it the green light. Here are a few things to know before you watch the first eight episodes of the series.1. There Are Plenty of Differences Between the Books and the Show(Photo by Netflix)While a knowledge of the books is useful when watching the series, it s not required. And Heisserer and his writers — in cooperation with Bardugo, who was int Following a misstep with an attempted cinematic universe, the Universal Classic Monsters brand is on the rebound with a new, “Hitchcockian” version of The Invisible Man. According to the first reviews of the horror remake, going smaller in budget and more topical in its story was the best decision. Well, aside from casting Elisabeth Moss in the lead as the woman being terrorized by the titular foe, an abusive ex-husband with the power to be unseeable even the few negative-leaning takes on the movie celebrate her performance. Is it also scary enough? Will its effects wow you? Do its currently relevant themes resonate? We break it all down below.Here’s what critics are saying about The Invisible Man:Is it a worthy remake?The Invisible Man demands to be seen, because this is the right way to reboot a horror movie.  William Bibbiani, The WrapIt’s everything a remake should be, and then some… One of the best things you will see this year.  Doug Jamieson, The Jam ReportThe Invisible Man is respectful to the classic Universal monster movie with which it shares its name, but this is no reverential retread.  Philip De Semlyen, Time OutThe Invisible Man is a superb genre effort that absolutely deserves to be seen.  Anthony O Connor, FilmInkThis new The Invisible Man is no fun.  Armond White, National ReviewDoes it honor H.G. Wells original story?A truly arresting, up-to-the-moment take on old material that makes it feel as fresh and new as if it had been conceived today. Huw Fullerton, Radio TimesThe new version has so little to do with H.G. Wells’ original story that Wells doesn’t seem to be credited. Anywhere. At all. Not even a Special Thank You. Maybe he turned invisible too. William Bibbiani, The WrapIf Blumhouse had integrity, it would have honored H. G. Wells’ thesis that mankind’s inherent narcissism implicates us all. Armond White, National Review(Photo by Universal Pictures)What does it do for the Universal Classic Monsters brand?Does the legacy proud… We finally have a Universal Monster to be scared of again. Norman Gidney, HorrorBuzz[It’s] a successful restart to Universal s attempts to bring its classic monsters into the modern era. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyWhere Universal’s monsters are concerned, let’s hope we see more of its like. Kevin Harley, Total FilmIf they wind up all being as exceptional as Leigh Whannell’s The Invisible Man, we have many years of fantastic horror cinema ahead of us. Eric Eisenberg, Cinema BlendWhat will it remind us of?The Invisible Man delivers Hitchcock levels of tension, suspense and outright terror. Edward Douglas, The Weekend WarriorThere’s something Hitchcockian about the way this The Invisible Man plays out. John Nugent, Empire Magazine[Cecilia’s] moments of lucidity and positive intent become increasingly dominated by degrees of disorientation and general out-of-it-ness in ways that remind of some Hitchcock heroines, notably Ingrid Bergman in Notorious. Todd McCarthy, Hollywood ReporterThe Hitchcock glamour and attention to detail are there… I am a huge Hitchcock fan which I think added to my enjoyment of this movie. Grace Randolph, Beyond the Trailer(Photo by Universal Pictures)Is it scary?It puts you right on edge from the get-go and sets up the prospect of how the ordinary can be terrifying. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyThe idea of Elisabeth Moss stalking around a dark attic with a flashlight may not seem particularly scary, but trust me – in Whannell’s hands, it is. Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmI got so scared, a couple of times I had to look away from the screen, which was hilariously ironic, because of course this is a movie about an invisible man — there’s nothing to see up there. Grace Randolph, Beyond the TrailerShots of nothing portend everything. This subtle approach is incredibly effective, and a reminder of how horror doesn’t always have to be frantic to raise dread. John Nugent, Empire MagazineThe Invisible Man lacks for truly terrifying moments. The film plays more like a thriller than a horror. Jude Dry, IndieWireThe debate will rage over whether to call this a horror movie. Doug Jamieson, The Jam ReportEither way, is it intense?Leigh Whannell, who created some incredible unique action sequences in his last movie, Upgrade, goes whole hog when it comes to the Invisible Man attack sequences. Eric Eisenberg, Cinema BlendThe writer-director well knows how to pace and space his revelations and jolts, how much to show and how much to withhold. Todd McCarthy, Hollywood ReporterThe big action spectacles, when we get there, feel worth the wait, as the filmmakers know when to ramp up the dazzling invisible man effects and when to pull them back. Angie Han, Mashable(Photo by Universal Pictures)How are the effects?The visual effects are flawless. Eric Eisenberg, Cinema BlendThey could easily create any invisible effect with modern technology, but Whannell knows that less is more. Fred Topel, Showbiz CheatSheetThe special effects work can look somewhat hokey. Doug Jamieson, The Jam ReportIs it a more character-driven effort?Moss, Hodge Reid and Kass are all open, inviting actors who earn our investment in their emotions and dilemmas. Todd McCarthy, Hollywood ReporterWith steady character work banking our investment, Whannell tightens the screws to scare. Kevin Harley, Total FilmHow is Elisabeth Moss?She delivers one of the best performances of her career. Eric Eisenberg, Cinema BlendIt’s a captivating and empathetic performance that’s easily her best mainstream cinematic effort to date. Doug Jamieson, The Jam ReportShe is absolutely magnificent, so haunting to watch. Sharronda Williams, Pay or WaitElisabeth Moss is absolutely mesmerizing… The movie is a great showcase for what she’s capable of as an actor. Edward Douglas, The Weekend WarriorThat it works quite as well as it does is down in no small part to Moss herself, who comm

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(Photo by JSquared Photography/The CW)In 2011, as Smallville came to an end, The CW began developing a show centered on another comic book hero: Green Arrow. The Golden Age DC Comics character came to prominence thanks to the Superman prequel series and actor Justin Hartley. But in a shock to Hartley and Smallville fans, the network decided against making the series a spin-off. Instead, it turned to producer Greg Berlanti and his team to build a completely new show. The result was Arrow, a darker take on the character — now played by Stephen Amell — that set out to tell his origin story via flashbacks while also charting Oliver Queen s first few years as a hero. It would touch on certain hero milestones while also, eventually, introducing a sprawling world of characters.With the announcement that Arrow s upcoming seventh season will be its last, here s a look back at the way Arrow changed the landscape of superhero television.1. It Changed the Tone of Action(Photo by Robert Falconer/The CW)Don’t let Felcity Smoak’s (Emily Bett Rickards) quips fool you: Arrow was a serious show from the jump. Some might even say it was too serious. Unlike the warm dynamic of Smallville, Arrow’s Oliver Queen was a lone brooding vigilante on a crusade to kill Starling City businessmen who failed the town and its people. It was an adjustment to say the least, but it re-framed the television superhero from the kids stuff of the 20th century or the teen feel of Smallville to a grounded action show.In doing so, it upped the ante for on-screen violence and action scenes. In its first few years, the Arrow stunt team changed the way fights were shot. And while some would deny it, the hallway fights of Daredevil can be traced directly back to the work Arrow did first as it made vigilante justice look painful and real.Beyond the fights, it also tried to address Oliver’s trauma from a more realistic place. While it may not have completely succeeded in that mission, it did open the door for heroes to recognize their faults in more compelling ways.2. It Showcased Characters from Deep Within the Library(Photo by Katie Yu/The CW)While Smallville pulled Green Arrow out of relative obscurity, Arrow excelled at showcasing lesser-known characters from the DC Comics library. Felicity, for example, was so obscure that her creator was surprised to see her on a TV show (and DC eventually compensated him for using the character). While not a one-to-one match of the original Felicity Smoak, she proved deep pulls from the library could make the series richer. Just imagine what the show would be like without Felicity bringing some levity to the deep-voiced seriousness of Ollie and John Diggle (David Ramsey).In the beginning, executive producer Marc Guggenheim said his strategy was to break a story first and see if a character in the library could compliment it. This led to early appearances by the Royal Flush Gang, the Huntress, Deathstroke, Shado, and Wintergreen. In the second season, the writers confidence in the format grew with Bronze Tiger (Michael Jai White) and Brother Blood (Kevin Alejandro) recurring throughout the year. That season also saw the debut of Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), a character we ll come back to in a bit.As the seasons rolled on, characters like Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh), Vigilante (Johann Urb), Ragman (Joe Dinicol), Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez), Mr. Terrific (Echo Kellum), and even John Constantine (Matt Ryan) made appearances or became integral parts of the show.OK, so John Constantine is pretty famous in his own right, but the point still stands: Arrow proved obscure characters could shine if given the right showcase.3. It Proved a TV Universe Could Work(Photo by The CW)Integrating obscure characters helped Arrow pull off an important feat for a single television series: It created a sprawling TV universe. Sure, the heyday of NBC s Must-See TV saw different crossover variations (characters would appear on one another’s shows, or events — like, say, a blackout — would affect each show on a given evening). But a real, consistent sense of continuing unity between shows was practically unheard of for a variety of reasons.Then Barry Allen guest starred on Arrow. The plan was in place before Gustin was even cast — Berlanti and The CW wanted a Flash show, and what better way to introduce the character than by featuring him on Arrow? It worked, of course, with The Flash joining Arrow on the network schedule during Arrow’s third season. That year also marked the inaugural (and now annual) crossover. But more connections spilled out from the crossover. The Flash’s Cisco Ramon (Carlos Valdes) helped Team Arrow redefine and upgrade their tech. Characters from both shows wound up as leads on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, meaning certain events on one show would become key parts of another, like how the death of Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) affected Legends  Sara Lance’s (Caity Lotz).A recent episode of The Flash is also a prime example: A.R.G.U.S. director Lyla Michaels (Audrey Marie Anderson), a recurring character on Arrow, was featured throughout the Flash episode since the storyline involved A.R.G.U.S. asset King Shark. The Flash made no attempt to introduce Lyla as a new element because longtime viewers know the relationship between A.R.G.U.S. and The Flash’s S.T.A.R. Labs. It is the sort of complexity TV networks would have balked at just eight years ago, but Arrow proved characters can move between shows without confusing the viewer.4. It Codified the Support Team(Photo by Daniel Power/The CW)While there are precursors to Felicity’s role as Overwatch — Oracle on Birds of Prey, for example — the notion of “the man in the chair” and the support team really evolved on Arrow. In its earliest episodes, Oliver operated alone before finally letting Dig — who was his bodyguard at the time — in on his secret. A few episodes later, Felicity joined the team and forever changed the dynamic of superheroes on television by giving them support teams.Sure, Clark had his parents and a few friends to advise him or help with investigations on Smallville, but Team Arrow was something different. And as a consequence, every subsequent Berlanti-produced superhero show — and some not produced by his company — developed the support team from the start. Look at S.T.A.R. Labs and the way the communication between the Flash and the Cortex evolved from the earpieces Oliver and Diggle used to keep in contact with Felicity. The constant, immediate communication between the hero and “the man in the chair” is now an integral part of the TV superhero grammar.It is such an ingrained aspect of the superhero genre at this point that series like Jessica Jones and films like Spider-Man: Homecoming poke fun at it. But the support team makes perfect sense, as television is very much a communal medium. Lone heroes always end up cultivating a community, so why not acknowledge it early and make it a key feature of the show? It took Arrow finding its way to the man in the chair” organically to prove superheroes on television need a family as quickly as possible.5. It Gave Us John Diggle(Photo by Diyah Pera/The CW)For all the ways it imported elements from the comics and made those things work, Arrow also contributed one incredible new idea to the lore: John Diggle. First Oliver’s bodyguard (although that didn’t last too long), the man is more his brother at this point than anything else. He was even the first person to put on the hood after Oliver. Named, in part, after Green Arrow: Year One writer Andy Diggle, John lived a full life well before the series began, and many of his storylines revolve around confronting his past. Sometimes it works out, like his second marriage to Lyla. Other times, like with his brother Andy (Eugene Byrd), it leads to new wounds and a lot of soul searching. Diggle has been Oliver’s conscience, a clear moral center for all the members of Team Arrow, and the one person who will never get used to superpowers in the larger realm of the Arrowverse. (His inability to keep from vomiting whenever Barry speeds him to a new location is a great running joke.)And because he became such a key part of Arrow’s dynamic, DC Comics introduced its own version of John Diggle in 2013’s Green Arrow #24. While some aspects of the character are different, the comic book Diggle was also the first to learn of Oliver’s nighttime occupation. The two worked together for a time, but their relationship is more fractious than their television counterparts — which is incredible considering Diggle’s departures from Team Arrow and that drag-down fight he and Ollie had a season ago.But Diggle’s continued presence on the show proves a television series based on a comic book can offer the source material something worthwhile. It happened before with Harley Quinn and Renee Montoya from Batman: The Animated Series, but Dig is the live-action test case for the same phenomenon. Also, he s just a really great character.While there s still plenty of new Arrow ahead thanks to the remainder of the seventh season and the entirety of the final 10-episode eighth season, reflecting on these groundbreaking aspects of the show is a reminder of the series lasting impact — and can provide insight into how the series will reflect on its own legacy as the show heads toward a definitive conclusion.亚博全网APPDisney’s latest Certified Fresh epic, Raya and the Last Dragon, marks another step in the evolution of the Mouse House’s idea of what makes a princess – and a hero. Raya (Kelly Marie Tran) is the first Southeast Asian Disney Princess and the movie draws its lore, visuals, and story – a warrior princess’s quest to find the last dragon and reunite her divided land – from the nations of that region. Ahead of the movie’s release on Disney+ as well as in theaters, Rotten Tomatoes correspondent Maude Garrett sat down for an extended talk with Tran and Awkwafina (who turns in an instantly iconic voice performance as the dragon Sisu) about the evolution of the Disney princess and how Raya is “opening up doors” for representation. Plus, Tran, Awkwafina, co-star Gemma Chan, writers Adele Lim and Qui Nguyen, producer Osnat Shurer, and directors Don Hall and Carlos López Estrada share their favorite Disney sidekicks, reveal what it was like to make a blockbuster while in lockdown, and talk about the importance of food as metaphor in this very hungry-making movie.Read more: Raya and the Last Dragon s Qui Nguyen On Getting the Fights (and Food!) Right For Disney s Fantasy EpicRead more: Raya and the Last Dragon first reviews are in!Raya and the Last Dragon premieres in theaters and Disney+ with Premier Access on March 5.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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Ahead of the release of Illumination’s The Grinch, Rotten Tomatoes borrowed Fandango kid correspondent Ariana Raetz for the day and sat down with stars Benedict Cumberbatch – who plays the mean one himself – and Cameron Seely, who voices Cindy-Lou Who. Cumberbatch reveals the first time he came across the infamous character, while Seely recalls her time in the recording booth (a lot of the time she was directed via Skype). Both actors also reveal how this 2018 take on the story differs from the original book, the beloved Boris Karloff cartoon, and Ron Howard’s 2000 film.The Grinch is currently in theaters everywhere.

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5.90.7 2月喜迎James Gunn and Elizabeth Banks Play 'Name the Review' The Brightburn producer and star face their critics – and a movie history splattered with gross-out aliens, singing college kids, and talking dogs. by RT Staff | May 30, 2019 | Comments
Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens arrives this weekend, bringing both heaven and hell with it. Based on 1990 novel Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, Witch by Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, the Amazon Prime limited series tells the story of agents of God and Satan who want to stop the Apocalypse — simply because it sounds like a terrible idea. Fortunately, it seems like the reluctant Antichrist has similar inclinations.Michael Sheen (The Queen) plays angel Aziraphale, and David Tennant (Broadchurch) is demon Crowley. The two first met when Crowley turned into a snake and slipped past Aziraphale into the Garden of Eden to tempt Eve. Theirs has been a fine bromance ever since.Rotten Tomatoes met up with the stars, Gaiman, director Douglas MacKinnon (Doctor Who), and, representing Terry Pratchett’s estate, executive producer Rob Wilkins, ahead of the series’ London premiere to find out just what makes the Amazon Studios and BBC Studios co-production Good Omens such a delicious binge-watching option.1. A Monty Python NonsensibilityStarting out the gate with the credit sequence, the series pays homage to Monty Python.But while in sketch series Monty Python s Flying Circus, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition, Agnus Nutter actually does expect the Spanish Inquisition when her time of judgment arrives.2. The Celestial Bromance at Its Core(Photo by Amazon Studios)Aziraphale and Crowley build their lovingly adversarial relationship one historical clash after another – including, during another nod to Monty Python, when Crowley turns up as the Black Knight. Sketches of Aziraphale and Crowley’s bond strengthening over the ages are pure joy and recommend further adventures of the collegial duo. And Welsh actor Sheen and Scottish actor Tennant spark onscreen in a way that critics have hailed.“Most of the show s charm hinges on the unlikely camaraderie between an Angel and a Demon, played, with considerable gusto, by Michael Sheen and David Tennant,” CNN’s Brian Lowry wrote.New York Magazine’s Keith Phipps wrote, “Good Omens can work only with the right leads, so cheers to bringing in Sheen and Tennant, two actors who know how to make a three-course meal out of understated dialogue and cosmic absurdity.”And, from Allison Shoemaker of RogerEbert.com: “Together, it s like watching two musicians at the top of their game play a duet; they positively sing.”In a press conference before meeting with reporters, Tennant explained the relationship further.“They re not particularly good representatives of their respective head offices. They ve rubbed off on each other, so much, that Crowley s not that mean anymore, and Aziraphale s not that holy,” he said. “So, between them, they ve reached a common ground, and they ve become each other s, sort of, significant other, really They ve only got each other to rely on, and they ve become — although they would deny it until the end of time, quite literally, they re sort of each other s yin and yang … But, it s only when you see what head office is like — for instance, when the angel, Gabriel, appears — that you realize how humanized they ve become by the mortal world, that they really like, quite a lot because it s got wine.”3. The Obscene Wealth of Talent(Photo by Scott Garfitt/BACKGRID)Sheen and Tennant are just the start. The rest of the cast fills out with an enviable assemblage of talent for serialized entertainment:Jon Hamm (Mad Men) as Archangel Gabriel, who leads the angelic hostAnna Maxwell Martin (The Bletchley Circle) as Beelzebub, leader of the forces of HellJosie Lawrence (Enchanted April) as 17th-century witch Agnes Nutter, who produces the only accurate book of prophecies ever writtenAdria Arjona (True Detective) as Anathema Device, a witch and Agnes Nutter’s descendantMiranda Richardson (Harry Potter franchise) as part-time medium and prostitute Madame TracyMichael McKean (This Is Spinal Tap) as Witchfinder Sergeant ShadwellFrances McDormand (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri) voices GodBenedict Cumberbatch (The Hobbit film franchise) voices SatanSam Taylor Buck as reluctant Antichrist Adam YoungThe series, a coproduction of Amazon Studios and BBC Studios, is directed by Douglas Mackinnon (Doctor Who) and also features Jack Whitehall, Mireille Enos, Brian Cox, Nick Offerman, Ned Dennehy, Ariyon Bakare, Nina Sosanya, Steve Pemberton, and Mark Gatiss.4. Expertly Drawn Characters(Photo by Amazon Studios)The series’ stars raved about bringing Gaiman and Pratchett’s characters to life.“Nothing is odd about this character; I think she s entirely relatable. Particularly, the channeling of many, many souls, alive and dead, and riding a motorbike, in a cape, with a former member of Spinal Tap. It s just part of the day job, really,” Richardson related in a press conference before breaking off to meet with reporters. “It feels like my element. I love it. Transformation and costume and inhabiting of other, but at the same time, the character is, all the characters are, incredibly humane. I just I love that about this project. That s what comes across, I think.And what will book fans think, especially given changes like Archangel Gabriel’s expanded role?“I think had we gone into this project without Neil,” Hamm said, “there would have been a different reaction, but because Neil was involved from the get-go and was so involved during the process of making it, it became like a version 2.0. So I think the fan base was jazzed, they were like, Oh my God, we re getting more, we re almost getting a sequel or something, we re getting the extended version, the EP. … We were at New York Comic Con and there were 5,000 people that showed up for a panel discussion. It was bonkers. It was like a rock concert. It didn t hurt that we had Doctor Who on stage. It was still pretty cool and that was when I was like, Oh yeah there are way more people that are just as excited about this as I am. Worldwide, it s been published in 70 languages.”5. A Story With Heart(Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)Good Omens has a lot of heart. That’s baked into the series by Gaiman, the stars attest.“The writing is absolutely promoting humanity,” Richardson said. “You know, it s very affirmative and optimistic, really, isn t it?”“[Neil is] very centered,” she continued. “He knows what he thinks about everything. That doesn t mean he s not open. He is completely open. So you ask him a question, and it s really considered. It s not, You don t need to worry about that. It s this is just what s happened, or I think you should try that, or whatever it is. You know, everything is very considered. It s great.”Lawrence: “He has time for you, which is wonderful.”Richardson: “Like having Daddy on set.”Lawrence: “Yes, it is, or a beautiful angel.”Hamm also noted that Gaiman brings something different to the process of creating a series.“What Neil really brings to everything he does is the capacity for storytelling,” Hamm said, “and that s first and foremost. Also I think some people in the more traditional Hollywood aspect, they re trying to make money. They re making product, whether it s a Marvel movie or what have you franchise, they re not necessarily concerned with storytelling. They re concerned with IP, or what s it going to be on the second weekend or what s the third movie going to be at franchise – Neil just wants to tell a story. That s how he s created this career that s been so wide-ranging, and I think you re going to see a lot more Neil Gaiman stuff get filmed because the stories are so compelling.”6. The Antichrist Has Never Been More EnchantingAntichrist Adam Young has the wide-eyed English-schoolboy charm of classic heroes like Mark Lester’s 1968 Oliver or any number of Nicholas Nicklebys throughout the cinematic age – until, of course, the boy inherits his powers. Aziraphale and Crowley’s attempts to manage the situation are akin to trying to stop a tornado with a butterfly net — a magical butterfly net, but still.7. Evolved Female Characters(Photo by Scott Garfitt/BACKGRID)Though Good Omens’ main characters, Aziraphale and Crowley, are male, we find engaging and richly drawn women among the secondary stars of the series. Anathema spends most of her time chasing a McGuffin, but in the end contributes greatly to the stop-the-Apocalypse cause.“There s a big difference between a tough female character and a strong female character and Anathema s strong, she s very in her essence,” Arjona said. “She s a woman and she s sure of herself and so unsure of what she s doing and messes up, and she s flawed and she doesn t get it right all the time — sometimes she does — and she has this guy that s following her and never falls into romance. She’s like, ‘I gotta do what I gotta do — maybe after babe. I ll catch you later.’ She s doing her own thing and I love that about her, and I wish a lot of other characters would be like that because relatable to me, and I see my friends and the way they deal with their careers and their own life, and it s very similar to Anathema.”Richardson’s Madame Tracy is a very rich character, who, despite her own flaws, endures a level of verbal abuse and emotional sabotage from Shadwell.“Madame Tracy has her own strengths. She, in some ways, feels a bit retro. I mean, her part is retro, and the fact that she s making a living in the way she is, is a bit retro. But at the same time she s providing an incredible help in the community, and she s also very supportive, and she s trying to be a little bit life-enhancing … so there are those feminine traits, things showing. She takes care of Shadwell, and she looks out for people. It s rather lovely, but she s her own woman.”Good Omens sets out to prove a love bond between the prostitute and the Witchfinder, but where she definitely shuts the door on the risk of her infidelity, his name-calling promises to continue.“I know it is a bit questionable,” Richardson said, “but maybe it s, pardon the pun, better the devil you know. I don t know, you know? She s practical.”8. Unique Artistry(Photo by Amazon)The production design, effects, and costuming on the series lend a distinctive voice to the characters’ surroundings. Several of the actors noted that the costumes and unique environments helped them fully inhabit their characters.“There s an opportunity to sort of portray this guy as the boss that everyone has, that everyone hates, who s constantly smiling and telling you, ‘Great job,’ while also subconsciously saying, ‘You re terrible,’” Hamm related. “And, I ve worked for that guy before, and I ve hated him, and it was kind of fun to play. Just like, ‘Everything you re doing is wrong. Keep going.’ And, I got to wear so much cashmere in this, that it was A: warm, B: soft, C: comfy. But yeah, there was a lot to recommend for being on the heavenly side of thing, from a fabric point of view.”Arjona similarly credited the series’ style choices for aiding her performance: “I just tried on her boots and something happened, and I got really lucky because I didn t have to do much work after I tried on her boots.”9. An Uncompromised Creative Vision(Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)With Good Omens, Gaiman sought to fulfill a deathbed wish of his collaborator on the book, Terry Pratchett, and so, dug in his heels.“Being the writer was relatively pleasant and entirely stress-free in that nobody was really waiting for this. I wrote it, I promised Terry I would write it, I wrote it, did the adaptation, divided the book into six, every 50 pages: OK, that s episode one, that s episode two. Fair enough, I ll write a mini movie through time that will kick off episode three. That was all simple and very stress free,” Gaiman said.“The problem is that I d promised Terry Pratchett that I would make a TV show that he would want to watch, and I d learned through my previous outings in television — some of which have been incredibly successful and some of which hadn t — that the measure of which were successful and which weren t were not the quality of the script to begin with; it was what actually wound up on the screen at the end. And I thought, OK, I have to be in a place where I can control that, where I have a director who I can work with who we share a vision with, where I can cast the people who I see in my head, where I m there just making sure that a producer who — producers don t understand scripts. I wish they did, but they don t —”MacKinnon: “Some of them do.”“Some of them do,” Gaiman conceded. “A lot of the time, what a producer will do when they go, ‘OK, we have X amount of money. We have this in the script and here is a sequence that is both expensive and if we lose it, we ll save a day of filming and nobody s going to notice if that scene is gone,’ completely failing to understand that if they pull that scene out, nothing that follows it will actually make any more sense. This is something producers have been doing since the dawn of time.“To make this thing for Terry, what I had to do was be in a place where I could just say no when somebody said, ‘So, we think we re going to lose Shakespeare s Globe.’ I go, ‘Yeah, no we re not.’ Sometimes I would come back with, ‘I ll tell you what. If we need to save that money, we can lose this scene after that you really like but that actually doesn t change anything. It can go.’”It’s the only instance of anyone tied to Good Omens who we’ve spoken to describing Gaiman’s behavior on the production as anything other than “lovely.”10. Heavenly Irreverence(Photo by Amazon Studios)Both Sheen and Tennant aren’t strangers to supernatural beings; Sheen appeared as Head Lycan in Charge Lucian in the Underworld vampires-versus-werewolves film franchise, then as The Twilight Saga vampire Aro. Tennant, meanwhile, not only played the titular extraterrestrial in Doctor Who for three seasons and in specials as the tenth Doctor, whose abilities were anything but earthly, but also turned up as witch and Voldemort loyalist Barty Crouch, Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.The actors appear to take on these heavenly creatures with ease and a sort of glee.“All those characters like vampires, werewolves, angels, demons, they get reinvented — don t they? — by each generation, because they come to represent different things for each generation,” Sheen said. “And also budgets have changed. There s a lot more money to make stuff that can really use those sort of effects quite well. But in terms of Heaven and Hell and angels and demons — the end of time s and apocalypse is a whole other thing, I suppose — we re starting to think about slightly differently. I think the angels and demons thing and Heaven and Hell is always partly about going, well you have these two extremes and real life is about somehow being in the middle somewhere and being in the gray area and that s certainly what, I think, Good Omens is about.”There’s a good chance that Good Omens will ruffle some feathers, but Gaiman isn’t worried.“One of the things that I made a call writing literally page one, which was, I thought, Well, it could be Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and they re not going to be white. So, in the first five minutes, you re going to have to deal with the voice of God and she s a woman and she s Frances McDormand, and you re going to have to deal with a non-white Adam and Eve. That s your first five minutes. You can stop watching now. If you were upset or offended, great excuse to stop watching now. You will probably be much more offended by things later on like an 11-year-old Antichrist who is actually a good kid … But look, that was there for you: You had a five-minute warning — [Good Omens] actually starts with the word ‘warning.’”Good Omens debuts on Friday, May 31 on Amazon Prime.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

Fans lost their minds when Saturday Night Live announced this week that both Game of Thrones Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and K-Pop supergroup BTS would appear in upcoming episodes. It was almost enough to overshadow the Operation Varsity Blues scandal that hit this week — but not quite.TOP STORYCollege Admissions Scandal Rocks Hollywood; TV Star Reportedly Loses Jobs(Photo by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)In what federal investigators dubbed Operation Varsity Blues, actresses Lori Loughlin, who played Aunt Becky in Full House and its sequel series Fuller House, and Felicity Huffman, who won an Emmy for her role as Lynette Scavo in Desperate Housewives, are among 50 people who face federal charges for their parts in a college admissions bribery scandal, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Dozens of individuals involved in a nationwide conspiracy that facilitated cheating on college entrance exams and the admission of students to elite universities as purported athletic recruits were arrested by federal agents in multiple states and charged in documents unsealed on March 12, 2019, in federal court in Boston, the DOJ said. Athletic coaches from Yale, Stanford, USC, Wake Forest and Georgetown, among others, are implicated, as well as parents and exam administrators. The lead defendant, William Rick Singer, pled guilty on March 12 in the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts to counts of racketeering, money laundering, conspiracy to defraud the U.S., and obstruction of justice and will be sentenced on June 19.The government charged Huffman, Loughlin, and her husband, fashion designer Mossimo Giannulli, with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud. Loughlin surrendered to federal authorities and posted a million bond on Wednesday, CNN reported. The Giannullis agreed to a pay bribes totaling 0,000 in exchange for having their two daughters designated as recruits to the USC crew team — despite the fact that they did not participate in crew—thereby facilitating their admission to USC, according to the complaint.Huffman, who was arrested at her home, posted a 0,000 bond and surrendered her passport to the FBI. She and her husband, Shameless star William H. Macy, to fake charity Key Worldwide Foundation allegedly to get her daughter a higher score on the SATs. The criminal complaint also includes transcriptions of phone calls between Singer, Huffman, and her spouse setting up the SAT cheating. Macy is not named in the complaint and has not been charged.Loughlin, Giannulli, and Huffman will next appear in court on March 29 in Boston. Loughlin also reportedly has lost her job on Netflix s Fuller House, this after Hallmark Channel cut ties with her, Deadline reported.The scandal set off a firestorm of criticism on social media, with many observers complaining about money, class, and privilege.Given the scandal emerging today, this graph deserves to be seen again.A rich person with a 900 on their SAT is more likely to graduate with a bachelor s degree than a poor person with a 1500.#collegescam #operationvarsityblues pic.twitter.com/3n5u9U8jdU Ryan Burge 📊 (@ryanburge) March 12, 2019SNL Taps Jon Snow and K-Pop Superstars BTS for Upcoming Episodes(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO; Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images for dcp; Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for FIJI Water)Game of Thrones star Kit Harington and Korean pop band BTS will appear in upcoming episodes of Saturday Night Live, NBC Entertainment announced via social media this week. The sketch-comedy series line-up is as follows:March 30: host Sandra Oh with musical guest Tame ImpalaApril 6: host Kit Harington with musical guest Sara BareillesApril 13: host Emma Stone with musical guest BTSAnd the internet got hyped QUEEN EMMA STONE AND KINGS BTS ON THE SAME NIGHT ON SNL YES sabrina (@_btssyoongi) March 13, 2019(Rotten Tomatoes is owned by NBCUniversal.)The One Where Friends Wasn’t Rebooted(Photo by ©Warner Bros/Everett Collection)Revivals of classic 90s sitcoms are in vogue (see: Will Grace, Murphy Brown, Mad About You), but there’s one reboot we won’t be seeing on the small screen any time soon: Friends. Creator Marta Kauffman told Rolling Stone that there are several reasons why that just isn’t gonna happen.“One, the show is about a time in your life when your friends are your family. It’s not that time anymore. All we’d be doing is putting those six actors back together, but the heart of the show would be gone,” she said. “Two, I don’t know what good it does us. The show is doing just fine, people love it. [A reunion] could only disappoint. ‘The One Where Everyone’s Disappointed. ”What If? Could Be the Latest Disney+ Project(Photo by Marvel)Another comic book is headed to the small screen: An animated TV anthology adaptation of What If? is currently in the works for Disney’s upcoming streaming service, Disney+. According to Slashfilm, Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige are set to produce the series, which, like the comics, will focus on what the Marvel universe would look like if certain key moments had happened differently. Per Slashfilm, one episode is in the works involving What If? Vol. 1 #47, which posited what could have happened if Loki had found the hammer of Thor — and could potentially mean actors from the Marvel Cinematic Universe would reprise their roles in the series.Attack of the Clones(Photo by BBC America)Orphan Black could live on: According to Variety, a new series set in the same world as the original show, about a woman who discovers she is a clone created in an international scientific conspiracy, is being developed at AMC. While there will be ties to Orphan Black, it will “not be a spinoff or reboot of the original series, but rather a completely new story set in the same world.” Producers are currently recruiting a writer.Netflix’s Royal Baby
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Ghcxuf Zac Efron is the talk of the Sundance Film Festival for his portrayal of serial killer Ted Bundy in Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. And, according to the first wave of reviews from Park City, it’s a career-changing performance. The rest of the movie around Efron, which is directed by renowned documentarian Joe Berlinger (Paradise Lost), seems to be dividing critics as to whether the Bundy biopic works – it s currently at 70% on the Tomatometer after 10 reviews. Depending on which critic you read, the biopic – which is approached from the perspective of Bundy’s girlfriend, played by Lily Collins – is either chillingly effective or uneven and tonally misguided.Here’s what the critics are saying about Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile:How great is Efron?“Efron is savagely convincing in the most psychologically-layered performance of his career.” Carlos Aguilar, The Wrap Efron is pretty pitch perfect here, delivering the best performance of his career thus far.” Adam Chitwood, Collider“It does the work of so many Sundance star turns, reframing an actor’s profile at perhaps a crux point in their career.” Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair“It’s a theatrical, absorbing performance.” Hannah Woodhead, Little White Lies“A scenery-chewing spectacle.” Jordan Raup, The Film Stage“Despite Efron’s conviction and good looks, he gives us an inscrutable Bundy that never pulls us in.” Tim Grierson, Screen International A stunt casting move that somewhat works, but just doesn’t always quite fit.” Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist(Photo by JA/Everett Collection)How is his co-star, Lily Collins?“Collins does a great job of keeping it all together with the character of Elizabeth, which is no easy task.” Adam Chitwood, Collider“[Efron is] matched at every turn by Lily Collins.” Chris Evangelista, Slashfilm“Against Efron’s juggernaut performance, Collins just can’t quite keep up.” Hannah Woodhead, Little White Lies“Collins is mostly captured in one-note takes of suffering.” Carlos Aguilar, The WrapAre there any other noteworthy performances?“John Malkovich is excellent as the sharp-tongued, theatrical judge.”  Chris Bumbray, Jo Blo’s Movie Emporium“Only Kaya Scodelario, deftly playing obsessed Bundy groupie Carole Anne Boone, transcends the material.” Carlos Aguilar, The Wrap“Scodelario is the weak link in an otherwise strong cast…she seems like she’s auditioning for Saturday Night Live rather than playing a real-life figure.” Chris Evangelista, Slashfilm(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute | photo by Brian Douglas.)So how is the movie itself? “[It’s] a thought-provoking piece of cinema that avoids the easy temptation of shock value in favor of a more philosophical take on a diabolical murderer.” Carlos Aguilar, The Wrap“A curiosity even if it falters in what it intially sets out to accomplish.”- Jordan Raup, The Film Stage“The movie itself is only average…good enough to recommend.” Chris Bumbray, Jo Blo’s Movie Emporium“It’s a star vehicle that starts and ends with its star, the film around him struggling to justify its existence.” Benjamin Lee, The Guardian“[Berlinger] has, essentially, crafted the Bundy biopic that the convicted serial killer would have himself made.” Tim Grierson, Screen InternationalDoes the movie glamorize Bundy and his killings?“It’s the rare film about a criminal that offers human details without humanizing a man who so many agree was a monster.” Kate Erbland, IndieWire“The movie feels almost sympathetic to Bundy.” Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair“Extremely Wicked rings hollow and false and is really just as interested in the sensational and salacious as any other reductive thriller.” Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist“Extremely Wicked settles for glamorizing, yet again, a murderer who s been glamorized enough already.” Angie Han, Mashable“If the script by Michael Werwie had more restraint to focus solely on Kloepfer’s perspective, then his romanticization might have been more warranted.” Jordan Raup, The Film StageHow does the movie balance the material?“That sense of whiplash? It’s a feature, not a bug in Berlinger’s film.” Kate Erbland, IndieWire“[The] switch in narrative creates tonal problems, as Berlinger often goes for comedy – which seems all wrong for this type of story.”  Chris Evangelista, Slashfilm“[It’s] a film that wants to have it both ways, ultimately coming up short.” Jordan Raup, The Film Stage“The tone is objectionable, sometimes odious too…Berlinger simply wants to eat his cake and have it too and…it’s more than a little offensive.” Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist 😈😈


亚博全网APP lorian, Cowboy Bebop, and More Major Roles(Photo by ABC/Matthias Clamer)Marvel s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Ming-Na Wen already has her next role lined up: The Mandalorian. The actress’ involvement in the live-action Star Wars series was announced at D23 on Friday, but no more details about her role were revealed.The long-awaited live-action Cowboy Bebop series has found another star: Elena Satine has signed on to play Julia, “a sultry beauty with a voice to die for, the dream-like object of Spike Spiegel’s (John Cho) desire,” per Variety.The Walking Dead star Christian Serratos will play the titular role in Netflix’s upcoming Selena: The Series, according to Vulture. The show follows the coming-of-age story of Mexican-American singer Selena Quintanilla, who was killed at 23 by a business associate. Per Vulture, the series is meant to last for two seasons and will begin production in Mexico next month. Jennifer Lopez famously played the singer in the 1997 biopic Selena.Doctor Light is headed to Titans to terrorize the superheroes in season 2 of the DC Universe series. According to Deadline, Michael Mosley will star as the evil scientist who manipulates light to pursue his own criminal ends. The series returns Sept. 6.Dame Harriet Walter and Danny Sapani have joined the cast of BBC America’s Killing Eve for the spy thriller’s third season, which has begun production in Europe. Laura Bell Bundy will recur on NBC’s choral comedy Perfect Harmony as Kimmy, a high school mean girl and rival to star Anna Camp’s Ginny.(Photo by Justin Lubin/NBC)The Good Place’s William Jackson Harper has signed on to star in Amazon’s adaptation of The Underground Railroad. He’ll play a freeborn black man who meets escaping slave Cora on her journey to freedom.A new adult is moving to Riverdale to go head-to-head against a teenager: According to Deadline, Juan Riedinger will play Dodger, Archie’s nemesis, in the upcoming fourth season of the CW drama.Carrie Underwood is set to host the 53rd Annual CMA Awards alongside “guest hosts” Reba McEntire and Dolly Parton in a celebration that will honor legendary women in country music. The award show will air live on ABC Nov. 13. Nominees will be announced on Good Morning America on Aug. 28.NCIS: New Orleans will welcome CSI: NY’s Eddie Cahill in a recurring role, according to Parade.Michael Beach is joining NBC’s Chicago P.D. as crime boss Darius Walker, a businessman/drug dealer/philanthropist “who uses his profits from his drug business to funnel back into urban communities and, literally, help innovative and ambitious young entrepreneurs,” showrunner Rick Eid told TVLine.Development Update: Steven Soderbergh s Next Film, Homecoming Season 2Steven Soderbergh’s latest project: A new film for the yet-to-launch HBO Max streaming service tentatively titled Let Them All Talk. The film, by Deborah Eisenberg, follows a celebrated author (Meryl Streep) who goes on a journey with old friends (Candice Bergen, Dianne Wiest) and her nephew (Lucas Hedges), who becomes involved with a literary agent (Gemma Chan). Production has begun in New York, and will continue onboard the Queen Mary 2 and in the U.K.The second season of Amazon’s Homecoming has a new director: Kyle Patrick Alvarez, who will also executive produce. Stephan James and Hong Chau are set to return to the thriller, with Janelle Monae headlining the season after Julia Roberts’ departure..@priyankachopra @PedroPascal1 and @ChristianSlater will star in “We Can Be Heroes written directed by Robert @Rodriguez. In the action-adventure movie aliens kidnap Earth’s superheroes their children team up to save their parents and the world. pic.twitter.com/kfx5YK6ylj See What s Next (@seewhatsnext) August 21, 2019The latest rom-com headed to the small screen: Serendipity. NBC is developing an hour-long series based on the 2001 Kate Beckinsale–John Cusack film, which followed two people who fall in love and are separated, then spend years trying to find each other again. Jonny Umansky is writing the TV version.Sarah Michelle Gellar has signed on to headline Fox’s adaptation of the novel Other People’s Houses, a dramedy about nine people living in the “quiet, well-off Larchmont neighborhood of Los Angeles” told through the lens of social media, according to Variety. Gellar will also executive produce on the project, from Ringer creators Eric Charmelo and Nicole Snyder.Brothers Greg Schaffer (That 70s Show) Jeff Schaffer (Seinfeld) — seen below — have created Brew Brothers, a new comedy series about two estranged brothers (played by Alan Aisenberg and Mike Castle) who end up running a brewery together. pic.twitter.com/bCk9hi4C2g See What s Next (@seewhatsnext) August 23, 2019Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

现在英雄联盟手游也已经上线了,但是目前地下城与勇士手游的官方网站依旧是预约状态,TapTap的DNF手游游戏论坛里面更是一潭死水,除了玩家偶尔的调侃之外,游戏官方一点动静也没有,干掉了竞争对手之后,游戏还是迟迟不上线,也不知道是因为版号还是其他原因,玩家们觉得有生之年还能等到这个游戏上线吗? 内在玩法,更是五花八门,作为一款策略三国卡牌手游,策略就是其中最大的玩法,利用手里的资源,发挥出更大的力量。灵活和不确定性,使其比其他的传统桌旗游戏有趣的多,其游戏内容非常复杂且富有深度,目前游戏中有高达三百多种武将,每次战斗玩家可以配置五个武将上场,武将们还具有不同的技能,不同的技能能在战斗时触发不同的效果。如何搭配武将,如何搭配武将的合击技能,上场前还要选择适合的牌组,这些都要考虑在内。


Is it possible that one of the year’s most scathing take-downs of cancel culture, inherent sexism, and generational inequality could be a Netflix comedy about the insular world of academia?Actress-writer Amanda Peet and Annie Julia Wyman created six-episode dark comedy The Chair, which stars Sandra Oh as Dr. Ji-Yoon Kim, the newly-appointed chair of an English department at a fictional liberal arts university.(Photo by Eliza Morse / Netflix)Gifted with a desk placard that reads “F—cker in Charge of You F—cking F—cks,” Ji-Yoon is a single mom and the first woman to hold the position. She’s attempting to find a work-life balance while dealing with budget cuts, her colleagues’ complaints about the students, the students’ complaints about her colleagues, and a best friend reeling from the loss of his wife.Peet told Rotten Tomatoes that, as an actress who is turning 50 next year, “I m really interested in the idea of my own irrelevance.”But, as far as subject matter for a series, Peet said she was interested in the fact that “everyone s talking about the humanities are dead” as well as the “intergenerational tension” where “you have these young idealists and then you have middle-aged folks like me whose idealism has tempered a little bit.”An example: Holland Taylor plays Joan Hambling, a tenured professor being passively aggressively pushed out of her job. Unlike her fellow senior academics who are male, her office has been moved to a dingy corner of the gym with no WiFi. When she goes to make a Title IX complaint, she dresses down the woman doing the intake form for wearing revealing shorts to a job where she has to take in very serious stories of assault and harassment.(Photo by Eliza Morse / Netflix)“I very much identified with her outrage,” Taylor said of playing Joan. “And I’m at an age where I would. As far as the sexism early in her career, she would never have been aware of it as that. That’s the point, kind of. It all snuck up on her with this realization while a younger character — a colleague, who is 30 — is well aware of that.”The crossroads that the school’s English department finds itself in is particularly laid out in the relationship dynamic between Nana Mensah’s professor Yaz McKay and Bob Balaban’s professor Elliot Rentz. She’s a rising star — not just in the department, but in the profession as a whole — who teaches packed classes with titles like Sex and the Novel and encourages Hamilton-like interpretations of Moby Dick. His lectures echo through his empty auditorium to the few nearly comatose students who bother to show up for class. He’s also her tenure advisor.Mensah consulted with two friends from this world — one a working academic; another who dropped out of her PhD program — and says she learned just how “political” and “cutthroat” this world is inside its ivy-coated towers.When asked about finding the humor in a story that could be construed as an attack on ageism, Balaban said, “It is somewhat funny to be wedded to the past and not be able to see the future.“It can be a tragic situation or it can be a slightly funny, odd situation, which I think is the is the pleasure of this particular series.,” he said, adding that “it s wildly up-to-date and current with what s going on and cancel culture is not a very popular subject, even though it s everywhere to be seen … It’s not a boring idea. That is actually grounds for real excitement, because it pits so many people against each other.”(Photo by Eliza Morse / Netflix)An embodiment of so many of these things is English professor, Bill Dobson (Jay Duplass). A beloved professor at the university going through his own emotional turmoil, he makes the mistake of speaking off the cuff during a lecture and punctuating his rant with a Sieg Heil — definitely not the best move to do in a room full of kids with smartphones.“I don t want to give my interpretation, because I think that moment is up to a lot of interpretation in terms of what was running through his brain at that point in time,” Duplass said of the Nazi salute scene. “But I definitely think a certain dose of white male privilege is also involved.”What the story of The Chair is not meant to be is a conversation on tokenism, Oh said. Ji-Yoon got the job based on her own merits and worked hard to achieve all she has done in her career.“I don t think that that s what we re doing,” Oh said. “I think, if anything, we re examining the struggles to actually make change. And that is extremely relevant. And we re doing it in a comedic way, where you re just really going through the day-to-day life of someone who s trying to make that change.”There is no news of a second season of The Chair yet, but Mensah argued that there’s no shortage of material still to explore.“It s such a rich world with such crazy personalities,” she said. “We can turn the page on this particular chapter and keep going and keep exploring.”The Chair is now streaming on Netflix.

亚博全网APP Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is still four months away, but with a trailer, Vanity Fair magazine spreads, and a big showing at the D23 expo in August, the film is feeling much closer to release. And the story and characters are starting to come into focus. From early publicity for the film and the new revelations at D23 – WHAT is Rey doing with that red double-bladed lightsaber!? – we already know a decent amount about The Rise of Skywalker, which will conclude the trilogy that began with J.J. Abrams  The Force Awakens in 2015. So let’s take a look at what we know and what it could potentially mean for the finished film. After all, the title itself offers a strange mystery: which Skywalker will rise after all this time?What A Difference A Year Makes(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)Up until Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Star Wars sequels traditionally took place 2-3 years after the preceding film (Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones took place 10 years after Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace). TLJ eschewed the tradition by setting itself shortly after Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As a result, the usual off-screen character building did not occur. This time around, Lucasfilm is making it clear TLJ and The Rise of Skywalker take place further apart from each other; about a year or so. In that time, the Resistance has regrouped with Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) getting accustomed to a leadership role, Finn (John Boyega) dedicating himself to the cause, and Rey (Daisy Ridley) continuing her training in the Jedi arts.And yeah, that last one certainly sounds surprising, doesn’t it?To an extent, all three characters will have a newfound confidence as they’ve come to understand their place in the universe and what it means to fight the First Order. Since this is the final episode of not only the third Star Wars trilogy, but of the nine-film cycle first teased by creator George Lucas in the early 1980s, we’re going to presume they succeed in crushing the First Order and whatever Imperial remnant keeping it reinforced. At the same time, the characters face a greater challenge in helping to found some sort of galactic government which will last more than 20 years before a group aligned with the Dark Side can topple it. How director J.J. Abrams could make that element interesting is anyone’s guess.J.J. Abrams Is Back(Photo by Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection)Although the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy was meant to showcase three different directors as they resolved the Skywalker Saga, The Rise of Skywalker went through a troubled pre-production phase. Jurassic World’s Colin Trevorrow was originally signed to pick up the story after Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi, but shortly before he was set to begin fully developing the film, Lucasfilm fired him. As always, “creative differences” were to blame. The search began anew for someone who could wrap the series up and do it to Lucasfilm’s specifications. And once again, they turned to Abrams, who infamously turned down the opportunity to direct The Force Awakens when it was first given to him.This time around, though, Abrams said he felt a certain freedom to expand beyond Star Wars storytelling grammar into something new. His comments suggest he listened to critics who mentioned The Force Awakens felt a little too much like the original Star Wars. Presumably, this means the series will not end with a rag-tag group of fighter aces launching an attack against a Death Star the size of a solar system. Which isn’t to say the Death Star will be absent from the film. The trailer offered fans a glimpse of wreckage from one of the destroyed Original Trilogy battle stations peacefully resting on an unknown planet.That shot, and Abrams comments, suggests he picked up some of TLJ’s “let’s blow up Star Wars!” attitude, even if the film includes the series  third desert planet.New Planets, New Characters(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)Instead of Tatooine or Jakku, the desert world seen in the first trailer is called Pasanna, which now suggests desert planets are fairly common in the Star Wars galaxy. Another environment to be featured is a planet of ice and snow called Kijimi, where viewers will meet Keri Russel’s scoundrel character Zorri Bliss. At the D23 Walt Disney Studio presentation in August, Russell teased Zorri as “cool and shady,” before adding she is “an old friend of Poe’s.” Make your own guesses about what that means.Other new characters include a new droid called D-0, Richard E. Grant as First Order Allegiant General Pryde, Namoi Ackie as Jannah a character still shrouded in secrecy despite Ackie’s appearance at Star Wars Celebration and the Aki-Aki, inhabitants of Pasanna.The film will also feature the long-delayed debut of the Knights of Ren. Despite getting a big tease in The Force Awakens, the group did very little besides stand in the rain during Rey’s lightsaber flashback. Or was it a flash-forward? Either way, they will be part of her present situation in The Rise of Skywalker. Curiously, though, it is unclear if they will be taking orders from Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) or working to dethrone him as Supreme Leader of the First Order. And considering their absence from the story so far, were they ever really his disciples – as suggested in The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi – or do they serve a older, darker evil. The trailer released during Star Wars Celebration featured the distinctive laugh of Sheev Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid), which leaves us wondering if they are part of his latest phantom menace?(Photo by © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, © Lucasfilm)Taking another look at the environments revealed so far – a desert world and a winter world – you might make the fair assumption The Rise of Skywalker might go to a forest world and complete a tour of classic Star Wars environments. One shot in the trailer even sees Kylo facing off against foes in a patch of dead trees. Some believe the story will take the characters back to the forest moon of Endor, where Palaptine’s first master plan was undone by a Jedi with incomplete training. Considering the film’s position as the grand finale, it seems reasonable to take things back to that first ending. But we’d also like the spirit of new ideas to prevail and see the final conflict take place in a new, as-yet-unrevealed setting.There Will Be Revelations(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)And while the film has to create new locales and characters, it also has to wrap up some longstanding plot threads. Reportedly, the origin of the First Order will be revealed. For those who remember the Thrawn Trilogy of novels or the 1990s Dark Empire comic book series, Palpatine’s involvement in those events seems almost assured. And in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, he told Anakin (Hayden Christensen) he was looking for a way to cheat death. Maybe he found it.Meanwhile, the connection Rey seemingly severed with Kylo at the end of The Last Jedi will reportedly turn out to be deeper than that film suggested. Fans of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games already noted the similarity between the characters’ connection and the idea of Force Bonds introduced in those games. Is it possible their bond will yet redeem Kylo and end the misery Palpatine inflicted on the galaxy? Considering the film promises to be the end of the conflict between the Jedi and the Sith going back millennia, we’re willing to bet on it.(Photo by © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, © Lucasfilm)Then again, new material shown at D23 suggests something else. Quick cuts teased a resupplied and reinforced Resistance, a red-eyed C-3PO and, perhaps most disturbingly, Rey brandishing a double-sided red lightsaber. Considering she trained with a staff back on Jakku, the lightsaber variation makes sense. But the red blades suggests the Sith may finally win. Or, perhaps, she will have to fall in order for the Skywalker to rise.Or, it was just an excellent fake-out for the D23 audience. Either way, the final chapter in the Skywalker Saga will not be a simple retelling of Return of the Jedi.Old Friends Return(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)The film will see the return of Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Billy Dee Williams in their roles as General Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, and Lando Calrissian. Despite Fisher’s tragic death on December 27, 2016, Lucasfilm resolved to maintain Leia’s existence in the ninth film even before Abrams signed on to direct. Once he did, he recalled scenes cut from The Force Awakens he could use to feature the character in The Rise of Skywalker. At Star Wars Celebration, he said editing her material into a new context felt like working with her again. And at D23, Abrams called Leia “the heart of the story.”Lando, meanwhile, returns to pilot the Millennium Falcon once again after he flew the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy to defeat the Empire in Return of the Jedi. It is unclear why he’s back, but we’re happy to see him no matter the reason.And then there’s Luke. Though the character was seen dying in The Last Jedi, it is important to note the special Force ability allowing certain Jedi to remain conscious entities after the termination of the body. As Yoda put it in The Empire Strikes Back, Force-sensitives are “luminous beings” and not the “crude matter” of a physical form. And as revealed in Revenge of the Sith, Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) was the first Jedi to return using this technique. That Luke would return in this manner to train Rey or advise Leia is hardly a surprise. What may be more surprising is the single photo of him released so far: seemingly corporeal, he stands next to R2-D2 amid a field in flames.The notion of a Jedi returning bodily to face the ultimate evil is not the craziest idea ever suggested in a Star Wars story. Early drafts of Return of the Jedi featured Anakin Skywalker returning to his human form to face Darth Vader and the Emperor. This, of course, predates the decision to make Anakin and Vader the same person, but the idea persisted for some time. It never came to pass for Jedi, but perhaps Abrams finally employed the idea for this final Skywalker Saga film.It Will Likely Feature John Williams’ Final Star Wars Film ScoreOffering the film one more sense of finality, composer John Williams stated in 2018 that it would feature his last Star Wars film score. If he truly decides to step down – Williams subsequently agreed to compose a music loop for the Disney Parks’ Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge environments – it will mark the end of an incredible era. Williams’ themes are as indelible as classic lines like “I have a bad feeling about this,” lightsabers, and the jump to hyperspace. Though composers like Kevin Kiner (of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels) and Michael Giacchino (of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) maintained the musical grammar developed by Williams, every subsequent film from 2019 onward will be different. And should the film truly bring the Skywalker saga to a close, it is all the more fitting that Episode IX be the composer’s final bow.Unless, of course, he’s still with us when Disney breaks down and begins developing of Episode X.Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker opens everywhere on December 20, 2019.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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