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九游会官网网站采用百度引擎9(Baidu 7)SEASON 2 DELIVERS SOME WELCOME CHARACTER DEVELOPMENTUrban’s Butcher, so single-minded and reductive in season one, finally gets to start digging into some ambiguities with his grizzled antihero, teasing out the guy’s darker side while finding ways to reveal some weaknesses. — Alex McLevy, The AV ClubJack Quaid and Erin Moriarty are the heart of the show as Hughie Campbell and Annie January (aka Starlight), two characters yet to have their moral compasses bashed entirely out of alignment. That said, both have been forced to evolve in order to survive their toxic surroundings, pushing them in interesting new directions. — David Craig, Radio TimesKripke expands The Female s story with some new elements that we won t go into too much detail on here for fear of spoilers. But Fukuhara s emotive expressions and body language effectively communicate the nuanced emotions she s feeling throughout. Her friendship with Frenchie continues to develop and is one of the more tender-hearted relationships in this otherwise-cynical take on superheroes. — David Griffith, IGNBut Homelander (Antony Starr) has more important things on his sociopathic mind. Now that he knows he has a son, he can’t wait to provide the kid with the father figure he never had, and his simmering, unpredictable bouts of ultra-violence have never been so pronounced when faced with his own failures in the family department. — Jon Negroni, The SpoolTHE PRODUCTION VALUE AND SPECIAL EFFECTS GET AN EPIC UPGRADEThe action scenes are tight, smart, and surprising, there are delightful moments of dialogue that deliver both character, humor, and heart, and there are world details so skillfully embedded into the backgrounds of certain scenes that they almost at times serve as spoilers. — Liz Shannon-Miller, ColliderWith so much hype surrounding this second batch of episodes, we re sure you ll be glad to know that it doesn t just live up to what came before, but exceeds it with a bigger, crazier, and more violent season. — Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comAYA CASH INJECTS EXCITEMENT AND DANGER AS SUPERHERO NEWCOMER STORMFRONTAya Cash s Stormfront has all of the edgy humour and some of the best jokes of the season. — Brian Lloyd, entertainment.ieSeason 2 introduces a new member of The Seven named Stormfront (Aya Cash), a social-media savvy supe who pokes fun at the stiff and overly-produced nature of her colleagues and infuriates Homelander with the way she so easily pulls the spotlight away from him. — Hannah Lodge, Screen RexShe s the livewire that creates chaos wherever she goes, and that chaos is a big reason why the season works so well as a whole. Trust me, you ll hate her plenty by season s end, and I couldn t envision the season working so well without her. — Matthew Aguilar, Comic BookFINAL THOUGHTS?With a higher budget, they’ve polished the special effects that were glossed over in the first season, the romance between some of the characters has improved strongly, and the villains are still, well, super. Here’s hoping The Boys really will return in Season 3. — Jon Negroni, The SpoolIf the rest of Season 2 stays on the same path as the first three episodes, it s going to prove the perfect commentary for the tense times in which we live. — Michael Rougeau, GameSpotRude, crude and ultra-violent; The Boys are back with another hugely diabolical but enjoyable outing! — Nicola Austin, We Have a Hulk

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当没有边际晚上不准备惊喜时。蛮荒神途手游官网下载677st晋级这种工作是不能急的,我从来没有不发誓PK,高级技能均有爆率就算发生PK也是试探性PK一会。蛮荒神途手游官网下载677st肯定对于别人来说是好方法,高级技能均有爆率神途手游还有在组队的状态下进行聊天是。 《疯狂酋长》是一款石器类的回合制手游,独特的游戏玩法和画面,非常吸引石器的老玩家。核心就是抓宝宝一起战斗保卫村子,当然PVP也是重要的元素之一,如何养成自己的宠物就是重中之重。

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This week s Ketchup brings you another ten headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Batgirl, The Exorcist, The Haunted Mansion, and The Saint.This WEEK S TOP STORYGET OUT THE PEA SOUP THE EXORCIST COMING BACK IN NEW TRILOGY(Photo by Universal.)A great deal has been written over the last 40+ years about what a gamechanger Jaws was in 1975, but that also basically overshadows the film from two years earlier which even more so redefined what a horror film could be: The Exorcist. Warner Bros kept trying to replicate the success of The Exorcist with sequels and prequels, but nothing came even close. Last December, there started to be talk about director David Gordon Green (Pineapple Express, Halloween Kills) developing a new Exorcist with Blumhouse. The original film s director, William Friedkin, quickly came out against it. But The Exorcist sequel isn t just happening, but it s going to be a new trilogy of films that Universal Pictures is spending 0 million on, including possible plans for one or more of the new films to premiere on their Peacock streaming app. Ellen Burstyn, who starred in The Exorcist, will reprise her role as Chris MacNeil, and she will also be joined by Leslie Odom Jr (Aaron Burr from Hamilton, Sam Cooke in One Night in Miami). The first of the new Exorcist sequels will be released theatrically on October 13, 2023.Other Top Headlines1. TOM HANKS JOINS WES ANDERSON S NEXT MOVIE (Photo by Dreamworks/Everett Collection)While we await the COVID-19 delayed release of The French Dispatch, Wes Anderson is currently preparing to film his untitled next film in Spain. Before today, the three announced cast members were all frequent Anderson stars (who are also in The French Dispatch): Adrien Brody, Bill Murray, and Tilda Swinton. The fourth announced star is indeed someone who s never worked with Anderson before: Tom Hanks. The movie will be at least partially shot in Spain, and has been described as a romance set in the desert.2. J.K. SIMMONS TO TIE BATGIRL INTO DCEU(Photo by Warner Bros.)Last week s top story was that In the Heights star Leslie Grace had been cast as Barbara Gordon in the HBO Max solo movie Batgirl. That quickly led to speculation about who might play her father, James Gordon, with one possibility being Jeffrey Wright, who plays Gordon in next year s The Batman. Perhaps wanting to resolve that mystery before fan theories got too wild, Warner Bros quickly came back this week to announce that J.K. Simmons will reprise his role as Commissioner James Gordon. This move effectively ties Batgirl directly into the DC Extended Universe, as Simmons previously played Gordon in Justice League. Batgirl will be directed for HBO Max by the Bad Boys for Life directing team of Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah.3. DISNEY ATTEMPTING THE HAUNTED MANSION AGAIN WITH TIFFANY HADDISH(Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)Walt Disney Pictures had such a great big success with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise that it might be easy to forget that there have been a few attempts to turn Disney theme park attractions into movies that didn t do as well, like The Country Bears, Tomorrowland, and The Haunted Mansion. Disney has tried revisiting The Haunted Mansion (including a time with Guillermo del Toro involved), but it sounds like they re finally ready for the reboot, just as another ride adaptation, Jungle Cruise, hits theaters. Tiffany Haddish (Girls Trip, Bad Trip) and LaKeith Standfield (Get Out, Knives Out) have been cast in The Haunted Mansion reboot, which will be directed by Justin Simien, the writer/director of Bad Hair and Dear White People.4. NICHOLAS HOULT AND ANYA TAYLOR-JOY TO PERUSE THE MENU (Photo by Netflix/Everett Collection)Nicholas Hoult (About a Boy, Warm Bodies) this week joined Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch, The Queen s Gambit) in a dark comedy-thriller called The Menu. Searchlight Pictures describes them as playing a young couple who travel to a remote island to eat at an exclusive restaurant where the chef has prepared a lavish menu, with some shocking surprises. At which point, it seems like it s a pretty easy guess that the shocking surprises in a dark comedy called The Menu is that Hoult s character comes out as actually likeing beets and artichokes. Just kidding, it s probably cannibalism. The director and screenwriter of The Menu previously worked together on HBO s Succession.5. BREAKOUT BRIDGERTON STAR TAKES OVER GENTLEMAN THIEF ROLE THE SAINT(Photo by Netflix/Everett Collection)Sometimes, certain long-running TV shows do not hold onto the same sort of cultural legacy as others. For example, pretty much everyone is familiar with Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock, even though the original series only ran for three seasons. On the other hand, there s a show like The Saint, based on the novels by author Leslie Charteris, which ran for twice as long, and even featured a future James Bond (Sir Roger Moore) in the lead role, and yet the show is now a TV history footnote. Val Kilmer did star in a 1997 movie, but it was a box office disappointment ( million domestic from a budget in the same range). Yet, Paramount Pictures is preparing to give gentleman thief Simon Templar another try, and the studio has chosen Bridgerton breakout star Regé-Jean Page, now in negotiations with Paramount. The screenplay is also being rewritten by actor Kwame Kwei-Armah, who is currently working with Spike Lee on an untitled musical project.6. AWKWAFINA AND SAM ROCKWELL VOICING ANIMAL CROOKS IN THE BAD GUYS(Photo by RCF/Everett Collection)DreamWorks Animation has been working for a while on a comedy called The Bad Guys (based on the Scholastic Kids book series) about a group of animal criminals that was originally supposed to come ou

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Netflix has acquired U.S., Canadian, and Latin American rights to release Aardman s A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon, which currently has a 97% Tomatometer score, based its UK and other international releases. The Studiocanal feature will be available on Netflix in early 2020. Synopsis:When an alien named LU-LA crash-lands near Mossy Bottom Farm, her magical powers, irrepressible mischief and galactic-sized burps soon have Shaun the Sheep and his flock enchanted. But when Shaun takes his new extraterrestrial friend on the road to find her lost spaceship, little does he know that a sinister alien-hunting agency is on their trail. Now Shaun and the flock must avert Farmageddon before it’s too late.Steven Soderbergh will executive produce Wireless, a survival drama on Quibi, the shortform streaming service set to debut next April. Ready Player One’s Tye Sheridan will star as a college student who is stuck in the Colorado mountains after a car crash and has nothing but his cell phone to try to save his own life. Steven Spielberg, Idris Elba, Trevor Noah, Guillermo del Toro, Jennifer Lopez, Lena Waithe, Sam Raimi, and Antoine Fuqua are among the other creatives creating content for Quibi.This Is Us star Sterling K. Brown is executive producer on Every Other Weekend, a comedy series being developed at Fox. The show follows four single moms who get together for two weekends every month – when their kids are with their exes – to revisit their younger days of fun and freedom. The show is created by Everybody Hates Chris writer Adrienne Carter, who will also star in the series, with Ryan Michelle Bathé (This Is Us) and Kimberly Hébert Gregory (Vice Principals). (Deadline)Captain America: Civil War directors Anthony and Joe Russo are producing Slugfest, a Quibi documentary series that will examine the rivalry between Marvel and DC. The series is based on author Reed Tucker’s 2017 book Slugfest: Inside the Epic, 50-Year Battle Between Marvel and DC.Sin City author Frank Miller has signed a deal with Legendary TV for the company to create live-action and animated TV series based on his graphic novel. Robert Rodriguez, who directed the 2005 Sin City movie, is negotiating to be executive producer on the series, which is guaranteed for at least one season as long as Legendary can secure a distribution deal with a network or streaming service.Emmy-winning Rick and Morty writer Jessica Gao is developing a She-Hulk series for Disney+.Jeopardy’s three winningest players – Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter, and James Holzhauer, who’ve won nearly million and more than 100 games in total – will battle each other for a million prize. Beginning on January 7 in primetime, the three will face other in a series of games until one person wins three matches, each consisting of two games. The winner gets a million bucks, and the other two win 0,000 each.Nat Geo is bringing back the series Brain Games, with new host Keegan-Michael Key, on January 20. Key will be joined by celebrities Anthony Anderson, Kristen Bell, Jack Black, Mark Cuban, Ted Danson, Tiffany Haddish, Dax Shepard, Meghan Trainor, the Farrelly brothers, and Rebel Wilson, who will participate in challenges, illusions, and demonstrations to help viewers discover “the untapped potential of our brains and reveal the science behind the tricks our own minds can play on us.”Former Saturday Night Live star Vanessa Bayer created and will star in the Showtime comedy pilot Big Deal, about a woman who survives childhood leukemia and realizes her dream of becoming a QVC host. The story is inspired by Bayer’s own experience as a survivor of leukemia when she was a child. Michael Showalter will direct the pilot, while Inside Amy Shumer writer Jessi Klein will be the series showrunner.The Masked Singer host Nick Cannon will host a syndicated talk show from New York City beginning in 2020.The Big Bang Theory alum Johnny Galecki is teaming with friend Brian Kelley, of the country music group Florida Georgia Line, to redevelop the comedy Bait and Tackle for CBS. The multicam comedy pilot was in consideration for pickup last season, but has been reworked to focus on a group of friends who run a bait shop in a small Georgia town. (THR)The cast of The Wire will reunite for the Deon Cole–hosted American Black Film Festival in Beverly Hills on February 23. The HBO drama is being recognized with the Classic Television Award at the ceremony.Eddie Murphy’s first time hosting Saturday Night Live in 35 years has been set for the show’s 2019-ending Dec. 21 episode, with musical guest Lizzo.Quibi has ordered a series version of the 1999 high school football movie Varsity Blues, which starred James Van Der Beek and the late Paul Walker. The movie’s producers Mike Tollin and Tova Laiter will serve as executive producers on the series.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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5.75.2 7月喜迎更特别的是,《方舟:生存进化》手游还推出了一个星期更新一次的地牢模式,在这个模式中,玩家们能够看到很多手游没有端游存在的恐龙,而且玩家还能享受到与BOSS相战斗的刺激游戏体验,这种玩法不仅提升了《方舟:生存进化》手游生物的多样性,还给玩家们带来了很多的新鲜感,现在《方舟:生存进化》手游的热度比端游还高,有很大一部分原因就是这种玩法的存在。
Spoiler alert: The following article contains details about the final episode of The Boys season 2. Apparently, girls get it done on The Boys after all. The second season of the darkly hilarious Amazon Prime Video series wrapped up Friday with an explosive and fiery finale — literally — as the Boys took down the evil Nazi superhero Stormfront (Aya Cash). The win was mainly thanks to Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara) and her powers, of course, plus a little help from gal pals Starlight/Annie (Erin Moriarty) and Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott).Rotten Tomatoes chatted with some of the women from the series about the implications of the action-packed finale and what it was like to film that memorable final Stormfront scene. Below, we break down the episode and Cash, Fukuhara, Moriarty, Shantel VanSanten (Becca Butcher), and Colby Minifie (Ashley Barrett) share their thoughts on the ending.What Happened in the Episode?(Photo by Courtesy of Amazon Studios)While our heroes were all completing their own mini-missions separately for some of the episode — including Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Annie leaking photos proving Stormfront was a literal Nazi (she s over 100 years old) — they all came together in a big showdown. Billy (Karl Urban) and Becca saved her son, Ryan (Cameron Crovetti), from his sadistic father, Homelander (Antony Starr) and his even more diabolical white power–spewing girlfriend, Stormfront.(Photo by Amazon Prime Video)Hughie, Frenchie (Tomer Capon), and Mother s Milk (Laz Alonso) all ineffectively shot at the super-protected, super-powered Stormfront with guns until Maeve showed up and the women stepped in — Starlight/Annie, Kimiko, and Maeve kicked the crap out of her until she launched herself away to safety.Unfortunately, Stormfront ended up finding Billy, Becca, and Ryan, and despite Becca stabbing her in the eye they couldn t overpower her. As Stormfront strangled Becca, Ryan s eyes lit up and everything exploded. When everyone came to, Stormfront was burnt to a crisp, missing limbs, and muttering in German, and Becca was mortally wounded. She made Billy promise yet again to protect Ryan, and also to make sure he knew that her death wasn t his fault.(Photo by Courtesy of Amazon Studios)Enter Homelander, who obviously did not take Stormfront s injury well and was not pleased that Billy was about to flee with Ryan. Before anything terrible could happen, Maeve saved the day again by blackmailing Homelander with the video of him not saving people on the airplane.Meanwhile, the higher-ups at the culty church decided it was OK that A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) stole the Stormfront photos from their archives and used their influence to let him back into the Seven, leaving the disgraced Deep (Chace Crawford) extremely pissed.(Photo by Courtesy of Amazon Studios)A congratulatory call from church bigwig Alastair Adana (Goran Visnjic) to congresswoman Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) revealed that the two were in bed together somehow, which was a head-scratcher until they hung up, Alastair cracked open a Fresca, and his head exploded. Cut to Victoria staring menacingly into his window. So SHE was the one popping people s heads like grapes! This will probably not be great for Hughie next season, since the episode ended with him asking for a job so he could fight against Vought the right way. Stormfront s Fiery (and Snotty) End Took Six and a Half Hours of Prosthetics Prep(Photo by Amazon Prime Video)The image of a burned, broken, limb-less Stormfront is probably the most haunting scene from a season filled with some pretty messed-up stuff. Cash said that the disturbing look was achieved via gray sleeves to cover her limbs (which VFX artists later covered), and some very talented makeup artists. On the day, I m wearing gray sleeves to do the missing limbs and stuff like that. But I have all the prosthetics on me, which took six and a half hours to put on. And then I have Homelander coming down and snotting on my face, she said. I have like this much of my actual face visible, and I m trying to get away from the snot and I m like, The snot should land on the prosthetic, please. [Laughs] I mean, it s a very intense thing on the day. And then to watch it back, it s the magic of being on a show like this, seeing all the crazy VFX change it into something else and seeing how like sad and pathetic and ridiculous she looks at the end, as Homelander comes down to find her. It s cathartic also, Cash continued, because as much as an actor you want to find some sort of humanity in a role, Stormfront is bad, and I want her to be punished just as the audience does. Corporate Campaigning Aided a Manipulative White Supremacist s Rise(Photo by Jasper Savage/Amazon Prime Video)While Stormfront was more evil than anyone could ve predicted, her rise to prominence was certainly aided by Vought executive Ashley s girls get it done corporate PR campaign. Ashley s job is is to deal with optics, to make the optics look as good as they possibly can, Minifie (pictured above in episode 202) said. And I think it was her really brilliant idea to be like, Yeah, Girls get it done. OK, Stormfront s been dropped on my doorstep, and I m gonna serve it up some good, capitalistic feminist spin, here we go. She will do anything for those optics. But, as Cash added, Stormfront s trying to control the optics for obviously a different reason. It s not monetarily based. She wants to use them to create the genocide that she so desperately would like. But it s all about manipulation and her outward feminism in the beginning is both a misdirect and a manipulation. I think that she understands how to real people in in order to get [what she wants]. She s the YouTube algorithm. She knows what to show you next to bring you down the rabbit hole. VanSanten Shed Many, Many Tears Over Becca s Untimely End(Photo by Courtesy of Amazon Studios)VanSanten shed so many tears over Becca s death, in fact, that she felt like a weirdo for caring so deeply about her character. But she always wants the best for the people she s playing. As the human being who pours her heart and her soul into Becca, all I ever wished for was to have healing and love and redemption and all of these things. I m not going to lie, it s pretty tough to have a finality of a character and that be the end no matter what, for a story to end, she said. It s just like one of your closest, best friends — because this person lives in you in your heart and through you — and their life is now gone. How do I process that? And I can only do that by watching season 3 and being like, please, please, please! Let it not be in vain. Season 3 Will Surely Honor the Fallen Mom(Photo by Courtesy of Amazon Studios)VanSanten trusts that creator Eric Kripke will do right by Becca, however. And she s heartened by the fact that although Billy resisted taking responsibility for Ryan, he did the right thing in the end and realized that Ryan is an extension of his wife, the woman he loves so much.She is happy to watch how the stories continue to play out in the third season, because she knows Kripke and the writers are good at following up on seeds they ve planted. In the first season, some people online were concerned that Becca explicitly said that Homelander raped her, arguing that maybe it was a gray area. But VanSanten knew — and Kripke confirmed — that there was no gray area, a point that she was able to drive home in season 3; in fact, nearly all of the major female characters storylines address some form of sexual discrimination and assault. When I watch the women on our show, it isn t like we just shine this flashlight in the closet and we re like, Let s see, there s monsters in there. Oh, but look at this flashy pretty thing! We re like, No, you know what, we re gonna step in, and we re gonna fucking confront it. We re gonna call attention to it, and I don t care if it makes you uncomfortable, if you don t want to hear the R word. Too fucking bad. It exists. We need to talk about it, whether it s racism, whether it s rape, whether it s sexual assault, whether it s white supremacy — however many issues the show actually confronts, and not only confronts, but actually deals with while still being entertaining. Tiptoeing that line is something really important in TV for me to be a part of, VanSanten continued, to be able to have a bigger narrative where we get to have conversations that aren t just like, So who played the biggest joke on set?' Kimiko Studied Starlight and Becca for Social Cues(Photo by Amazon Prime Video)The fact that all the women characters are so multi-dimensional and strong while also being vulnerable at the same time is something that most of the women on the cast are proud of. They re not just strong female characters, they re also scared and tough and curious.Kimiko had a very isolated upbringing (you know, thanks to the fact that she was kidnapped by a terrorist organization). When she meets Starlight she s a little bit like, Oh, she s kind of like me, she s a woman, but she s so different from who I am. I think she has the same kind of reaction when Becca comes into the story and Becca visits the Boys hideout, Fukuhara said. She s kind of in awe of how they do certain things, their movements. It s feminine, but they also have their own will and they have their own agendas going on, especially Annie does, and it was really fun and exciting to get to play with that side of Kimiko for those themes, because it s such a new experience for her. Moriarty Says the Show s Confrontation of Tough Issues Is Admirable, Timely, and Needed(Photo by Courtesy of Amazon Studios)And like VanSanten, Moriarty is also proud that the show is tackling such important issues in such an impactful way. Sexism, racism, white supremacy, radicalization of youth via YouTube — all things that the show takes on that many other series would be afraid to touch at all. I mean, the darkness of the season, yeah, it is really dark. But then again, this year has been darker in a way that none of us could have anticipated, Moriarty said. But what s been brought to light this year is things that have always been around, they ve just come to the surface in a way where everyone is jumping on board to believe in these things and fight these things. But I think the darkness of season 2 is kind of realistic. And it s refreshing to me, because I m really sick of things that should be addressed being taboo, and being in denial of certain aspects of our society. Because when you re in denial, nothing will be improved upon or addressed.

Best-Reviewed Foreign-Language Movies 2020Our Teflon™ 2019 Oscar holdover, Portrait of A Lady On Fire, finds another win here for Best-Reviewed Foreign-Language Movie, as it was released after our cutoff for last year s Golden Tomatoes. Among the list of foreign-language winners, we also have a pair of docs that are not to be missed: One that chronicles the lockdown in Wuhan, China, and another about political corruption that rivals All the President s Men for drama. Our list was topped by a romance but there is plenty to love for genre fans, including the hilarious and gory revenge comedy Why Don t You Just Die! and Guatemala s entry for the 2021 Academy Awards, La Llorona.The order of the rank below reflects the Adjusted Score as of February 28, 2021. Scores might change over time.« Previous Category Next Category »
Where do you go after Game of Thrones? For the creators of the hit HBO fantasy series, it s Star Wars and now Netflix. Plus, this year s Emmy Awards show is going hostless. Bold. But perhaps not as bold as the timing of FX s next American Crime Story  topic.Game of Thrones Creators Find Their New TV HomeDavid Benioff and D.B. Weiss have signed an overall deal to develop new films and series for Netflix pic.twitter.com/57gLQOSTLE See What s Next (@seewhatsnext) August 7, 2019Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have found their new home: Netflix. The duo has signed what sources told Deadline is a massive deal somewhere in the nine-figure range, after being courted by six different studios, including HBO. We’ve had a beautiful run with HBO for more than a decade and we’re grateful to everyone there for always making us feel at home, the pair said in a statement. Over the past few months we’ve spent many hours talking to Cindy Holland and Peter Friedlander, as well as Ted Sarandos and Scott Stuber. We remember the same shots from the same 80s movies; we love the same books; we’re excited about the same storytelling possibilities. Netflix has built something astounding and unprecedented, and we’re honored they invited us to join them. The duo is also set to produce a series of Star Wars films, with the first expected in 2022.RELATED: 5 Places Star Wars Could Go in the 2020s There Won t Be an Emmys Host This Year(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)Fox boss Charlie Collier confirmed to reporters at the 2019 Television Critics Association summer press tour that, like the Oscars, there will be no host for the 2019 Emmys. Later that day, former Golden Globes host Amy Poehler said she understands the reluctance of people to sign on for such a massive gig. Those shows are a beast and the people who produce those shows have a specific, hard job, she said. But without a host, It should be a fun party. Think about how fun it is to go to a party, and you don t know who s throwing it. Your brain will probably decide who the host is. Could the New Season of American Crime Story Influence the 2020 Election?(Photo by JA/Everett Collection)Immediately after FX announced that Impeachment would be the theme for the third season of American Crime Story, will focus on Bill Clinton s impeachment through the eyes of the women involved in the case (starring Beanie Feldstein as Monica Lewinsky), and will premiere in late September 2020, an online backlash began denouncing the timing of the series. FX boss John Landgraf hit back at critics of the timing, saying that it s scheduled then because people will be interested in this right around the presidential election. I believe very, very strongly in what we’re making. I’ve read it. I think it’s great, Landgraf said. I don’t believe it’s going to determine who’s the next president of the United States. I think that’s a little hysterical, from my standpoint, somebody saying that that’s going to influence the presidential election. And from my standpoint, I am insistent that I’m going to support artists who want to make great art, and they want to put it at the time and place where people are going to watch it. I will stand up here as long as I’m here, and I will stand for artists, and I will stand for art. And no one will shout us down in terms of you saying, You can’t make that art, or You can’t schedule at the time that most people want to watch it. ”Fleabag Takes Top Honors at Television Critics Association Awards Breezy, isn t it? Phoebe Waller-Bridge commented to journalists Laura Prudom and Emma Dibdin, who both wore her black Fleabag season 2 dinner scene outfit to present the Television Critics Association award for Outstanding Achievement in Comedy to the series. Fleabag also won Program of the Year and Individual Achievement in Comedy for star and creator Waller-Bridge when the industry organization handed out its annual honors on August 03, 2019 in Beverly Hills.The awards included:Individual Achievement in Drama: Michelle Williams (FOSSE/VERDON, FX)Individual Achievement in Comedy: Phoebe Waller-Bridge (FLEABAG, Amazon)Outstanding Achievement in News and Information: LEAVING NEVERLAND (HBO)Outstanding Achievement in Reality Programming: QUEER EYE (Netflix)Outstanding Achievement in Youth Programming: ARTHUR (PBS Kids)Outstanding Achievement in Sketch/Variety Shows: LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER (HBO)Outstanding New Program: RUSSIAN DOLL (Netflix)Outstanding Achievement in Movie Or Miniseries: CHERNOBYL (HBO)Outstanding Achievement in Drama: BETTER CALL SAUL (AMC)Outstanding Achievement in Comedy: FLEABAG (Amazon)Program of the Year: FLEABAG (Amazon)Lifetime Achievement Honoree: David MilchHeritage Award: DEADWOOD (HBO)Supernatural Says Goodbye to the Winchester Brothers(Photo by Dean Buscher/The CW)As Supernatural heads into its 15th and final season, stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki reflected on the past and future of their demon-hunting brother characters. I don’t think these guys look in the past very often, unless it’s to help moving forward. I think they will continue to move forward, but this is just it’s a long journey that I don’t think is ever going to be over, Ackles said . I think we’re just going to go away for a while. How long, I don’t know. Cracked Padalecki, And then 15 more seasons. But while Ackles noted there’s a running joke on the set that this is Supernatural, and nothing ever stays dead, executive producer Andrew Dabb said that he and the writers are planning a definitive ending. We’re looking at this as a true ending. And in a true ending, people can’t keep coming back over and over again. Through various machinations, some of the things that our guys have relied on to keep themselves going and going and going no matter what are going to go away. And they’re going to be facing life or death. Really, they face it a lot, but this time it’s for real, Dabb said.The Boys Is One of Amazon s Biggest Shows Ever(Photo by Amazon Prime Video)In the two weeks following its release, Amazon superhero series The Boys has already become one of the streamer s most-watched series. From executive producers Eric Kripke (Supernatural) and Preacher executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, The Boys tells the story of entitled, dangerous superheroes managed by the nefarious Vought Corporation and the vigilantes seeking vengeance for wrongs committed by members of the Seven, the crème de la crème of the Vought superhero machine. Jennifer Salke, head of Amazon Studios, said the series surpassed our predictions for viewing in its first two weeks, and has become one of our most watched Amazon Original series by our Prime Video customers.” The series also became one of the most binged series of 2019 with Amazon Prime Video customers, Amazon reported in a release. The first season is Certified Fresh at 81% on the Tomatometer with 74 reviews. Season 2 is now in production.RELATED:  Why The Boys’ Twisted Take on the Superhero Genre Is So Deeply Satisfying Teen Sleuth Nancy Drew Gets a Supernatural UpdateThe Nancy Drew novels have always contained a possible supernatural element that always turned out to be of human nature. But on The CW s dark series featuring the classic teen detective, that supernatural element might be a little more real. There are ghosts in our show, executive producer Noga Landau said. The way to really look at it is that most of the things that are supernatural are rooted in something that’s happening mysteriously in the real world. Everything is rooted in emotion or some mystery amongst the living that has been unresolved. And while there will be a season-long mystery the characters solve, there will also be some case-of-the-week elements. The case in the pilot is the case that we will be unraveling through the course of the season,  executive producer Melinda Hsu Taylor said, but every week there’s going to be a feel of, like, Oh, this is the story this week. We’ve got this part of the mission to unfold, and another little mini mystery will become revealed to us through the things that we’re doing in that episode. I think it’s a really satisfying season-long mystery, but every week is going to be very satisfying as well. When Will Batwoman Don Her Wig?(Photo by JSquared Photography/The CW)When the character of Batwoman was first introduced to The CW s Arrowverse in the 2018 Elseworlds crossover, she was wearing the character s trademark red wig. But in the pilot for the CW series, which takes place before the events of Elseworlds, there s no wig in sight. That’s going to come up in episode 3, when she really embraces her role as Batwoman, executive producer Caroline Dries said. She puts on that suit, as we see in the pilot, because she’s trying to scare her enemy. And she’s not necessarily trying to become Batwoman. She’s just trying to be disguise her identity and be a fearful opponent to her nemesis. So she it’s a gradual story. It’s an origin story, so it’s a gradual realization of, Oh, actually, I’m going to need my own identity.' In the upcoming crossover, the epic five-show Crisis on Infinite Earths, Dries worked hard to make sure the story line for Batwoman still made sense in the universe of the series. [What] was really important to me as we were breaking the crossover is that I want to keep the tone of our show in Gotham very grounded, she said. We are just starting out, and our characters — it’s not normal for them to interact with aliens and travel to different universes and stuff like that, so that is the first thing I brought up to the major writers’ room as we were breaking the crossover. How Will Black Lightning Join the Arrowverse?(Photo by Josh Stringer/The CW )In addition to the whopping five shows joining The CW s annual Arrowverse crossover — Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow, and Batwoman —  Crisis on Infinite Earths will also introduce characters from the network s other superhero series, Black Lightning. Arrowverse executive producer Marc Guggenheim said it was always the goal to make this crossover the biggest ever. Ever since we started talking about doing Crisis — and we started it last year — the goal has always been how many different corners of the DC Universe can we touch? We already say, It’s not Crisis on CW, or It’s Crisis on Infinite Earths. And Black Lightning just makes so much sense. I’m a huge fan of that show, and I’m a longtime fan of that comic character. What it really came down to was Salim Akil deciding whether he wanted to do it. He and I had a great conversation last week talking about Black Lightning being part of the crossover. I think we’re both really jazzed and really excited that there are some phenomenal possibilities here. Say Hello to Your Friends: Netflix s Baby-Sitters Club Casts Parents(Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage; Michael Buckner/Getty Images)Alicia Silverstone and Mark Feuerstein will play the parents of Baby-Sitters Club president Kristy in Netflix s upcoming single-camera family series adaptation of The Baby-Sitters Club. Silverstone is Elizabeth Thomas-Brewer, the mother of Kristy Thomas and love interest of Feuerstein s Watson Brewer. The series is based on Ann M. Martin’s best-selling book series about five Connecticut BFFs — Kristy Thomas, Mary Anne Spier, Claudia Kishi, Stacey McGill, and Dawn Schafer. Production is currently underway in Vancouver.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.
If you have a suggestion for a movie or show you think we should do an episode on, let us know in the comments, or email us at rtiswrong@rottentomatoes.com.Meet the hostsJacqueline Coley is an editor at Rotten Tomatoes, with a focus on awards and indie coverage but with a passion for everything, from the MCU to musicals and period pieces. Coley is a regular moderator at conventions and other events, can be seen on Access Hollywood and other shows, and will not stand Constantine slander of any kind. Follow Jacqueline on Twitter: @THATjacqueline.Mark Ellis is a comedian and contributing editor for Rotten Tomatoes. He currently hosts the Rotten Tomatoes series Versus, among others, and can be seen co-hosting the sports entertainment phenomenon Movie Trivia Schmoedown. His favorite Star Wars movie is Jedi (guess which one!), his favorite person is actually a dog (his beloved stepdaughter Mollie), and – thanks to this podcast – he s about to watch Burlesque for the first time in his life. Follow Mark on Twitter: @markellislive.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
HBO released the first full-length trailer for the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones on Tuesday. We ve learned a lot about the new season so far (read more here), but, in what s become something of a tradition for us, we re going to look now at every shot in the trailer to see what details we can pick up.Which moment made you squeal with joy? Or, do you think we missed something or got something wrong? Tell us about it in the comments!Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.1. Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) panting and covered in — blood? Wight guts? She s hiding and obviously afraid. If Arya s scared, you know we ll be clutching the sofa pillows when this moment rolls around.2. Arya runs. What could be chasing Arya through a castle? Is it Winterfell? Surely. She wouldn t have left the remainder of the Stark clan for any reason. Probably. In a lightened version of this video on Reddit, you can definitely see a pale figure lumbering wight-like after her in the darkened shadow.3. Ser Davos Seaworth (Liam Cunningham) looks grim on the ramparts of, this one presumes, Winterfell. This appears to be the only glimpse of Ser Davos in the trailer. Arya in voiceover says, I know death. Was that what she was running from?4. More Arya running.5. A back view of Arya running. (We warned you: shot-by-shot.) We lightened the image as much as possible, but this tells us nothing more; that said, the urgency of the music and the desperation of the character in these moments is a hugely effective tease.6. Varys (Conleth Hill) hiding with women and children in the Winterfell crypt. How do we know it is the Winterfell crypt? This image shows a stone effigy of a man with a sword and a direwolf — we guessed that it was Robb Stark, who was murdered at the Red Wedding. The last we saw of his corporeal self, he was being paraded in front of the Twins with the head of his direwolf, Grey Wind, replacing his own. Reader Rit Umm says in the comments below that it s the statue of Rickard Stark, Ned s father who was burned by the Mad King, and that the statue was seen in season 1 — looking back at the premiere, you can see the statue Rit means in the crypt scene between Robert Baratheon and Ned when they go to visit Lyanna s tomb. Arya in voiceover says, He s got many faces. Why we get a close-up of Varys while she says that is ominous, but seemingly insignificant other than the fear Varys apparently has in this moment. A coworker later points out Gilly and Little Sam over there under Robb. (Thanks, CK!)7. So in these shots of Arya running, we keep looking behind her (in the original version) to see what she s running from, but we see nothing so far: windows, wall sconces burning, here a spot of light, but it looks like just another window. The running is effective, however; the pit in this one s stomach grows with every cut to Arya panting. In the lightened video, however, you can see at least two figures chasing her.8. Arya says, I look forward to seeing this one. The face of the Night King, she must mean. She holds up a spear. Is it dragonglass? We lightened up the image to see more clearly and it seems to have the notches of roughly hewn glass. The question that arises is: Who could she be speaking to? If she s got a dragonglass spear and is being somewhat honest about who she has become, it may be her half-brother Jon Snow (but really cousin Aegon Targaryen).9. April 14! Yaaaassss!10. No shot yet has captured the often-promised cinematic quality of the season quite like this one of Euron s Theon s ships. (Eagle-eyed readers noted the differences in the Greyjoy sigil between this shot and the next — thank you!)11. Cersei revealed to Jaime in the season 7 finale that Euron had not actually abandoned their cause. The king of the Iron Islands had actually staged his theatrical departure to hide his true intent: to cross the Narrow Sea to Essos and pick up the Golden Company to fight her cause against the North and Daenerys. This is our first look at the sell-swords. They are sailing for Westeros, but who is that at their head? New character alert! Back in October 2017, WatchersontheWall.com noted the casting of German actor Marc Rissmann in the role of Harry Strickland, the leader of the Golden Company according to George R.R. Martin s A Song of Ice and Fire series of novels upon which the show is based. (Rissman s agency now lists various, however, rather than the character name on Rissmann s credits.) So the not Jaime guy on the boat is likely new guy Harry. (Can you see Euron in this image? Reader PegasaurusRex notes in the comments below that you can. We looked at the moment in full screen and frame-by-frame, and while there s someone who looks like Euron helping to move cargo/supplies in the lower left of the frame, the face is still a bit fuzzy and this one feels like Euron wouldn t be doing that. What do you think?)12. Bran speaks in voiceover as the image of the Golden Company dissolves to black: Everything you did brought you where you are now Acting Lord Commander of the Night s Watch Edd Tollett, Brienne s boyfriend Tormund Giantsbane and Beric Dondarrion and his flaming sword emerge. Here we cheer, because this is first confirmation that Tormund and Beric survived the fall of the Wall. We knew they would, but we feel a sense of relief nonetheless. Now, where are they? Best guess is perhaps one of the abandoned castles along the Wall. Edd had been at Castle Black, so Beric and Tormund could have run to Castle Black to sound the alarm that walking dead have breached the Wall and are headed south. But those surroundings don t look like Castle Black, the buildings of which tend to be low with squat doorways. In the books, there are 19 castles, the oldest and largest of which is abandoned castle Nightfort, which includes the Black Gate, a secret way through the Wall sealed by a magical weirwood door that only opens to a sworn brother of the Night s Watch. (Read more at A Wiki of Ice and Fire.) But if they re trying to cross through the Black Gate, they re going the wrong way. In any case 13. Three-Eyed Raven/Bran Stark (Isaac Hempstead Wright) and Samwell Tarly (John Bradley) appear to be exactly where we left them in the season 7 finale: having a chat. What is very notable, however, is Sam s frosty breath when he exhales.14. The Red Keep at King s Landing has never looked quite so red as now. Bran continues, where you belong 15. Cut to: The Mountain, Cersei, and Qyburn (Anton Lesser). Cersei looks like she s got mischief on her mind, and, for once, Qyburn looks a little concerned about that.16. The residents of Winter Town line the road to watch the Unsullied march toward the castle. Bran says, home. 17. Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) ride behind the Unsullied toward Winterfell.18. Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) sees live dragons for the first time. She may have seen the skulls of dragons while at King s Landing, though it s doubtful prissy young Lady Sansa would have braved the Red Keep s musty cellars (as Arya did) to see bones.19. Drogon and Rhaegal fly over Winterfell, preparing to meet up with their wight-dragon brother, Viserion. Jon in voiceover says, They re coming. 20a. Whoops, missed a shot! (So embarrassing.) Danaerys approaches Jon in the Winterfell crypt. Now that we know where they are 20b. Daenerys and Jon share a moment in the Winterfell crypt. He s probably gotten the news that she s his aunt, and she s probably about to tell him that Targaryens have married Targaryens for generations, and he s likely to note that her dad was batsh crazy. Jon in voiceover says, Our enemy doesn t tire 21. This looks like the work of a master smith. And piles and piles of dragonglass (the lightened video shows). Guy walking in the back? That s 22. Gendry! One of our staff members said, so gendry kinda neville longbottomed, and we all laughed heartily – at least, we traded a flurry of cackling emojis in a group chat. (Yes, we re nerds.) Jon s voiceover continues, doesn t stop 23. And there s Jorah Mormont (Iain Glen). We knew that it was cold while filming season 8, but look at that horse breath! Reader xifar250 notes the Dothraki in this scene. You can see them clearly in the lightened version of this video. In a Winteriscoming.net post, David Harris notes that Jorah is carrying Heartsbane! That s the Tarly family Valyrian steel sword — Sam s inheritance that he took (a bit prematurely) from his father when he, Gilly, and Little Sam left for the Citadel in Oldtown. As Harris says, it makes sense that Sam would gift/loan the weapon to such a talented swordsman, who will make much better use of it.24. Missandei (Nathalie Emmanuel) and Grey Worm (Jacob Anderson) ride in. Grey Worm breath! Jon s voiceover comes in: doesn t feel 25. Speaking of feel, rrrrawr.26. In another not Jaime moment, who is this Winterfell warrior? One particularly insistent social team member says it s Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie), so we ll go with that. Assuming that it is Winterfell 27. Here s Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), surrounded by fire and smoke and obviously in distress. Again, it s difficult to say for certain in these quick glimpses where the moment is taking place, but we can be certain that Jaime is in the fight. He yells something. This one heard Pod. The insistent social team member says that s not what he said. (Tell us in the comments what you think he yells.) OK then, moving on 28. Fire pillars are a hot design addition to the Iron Throne room. It makes sense that we hadn t previously seen this particular feature before, but that we would now that winter has come. Zooming in on Cersei and her posse — the Mountain on the left and Qyburn on the right — it looks like it could be the Golden Company leader Harry Strickland there in front of her, but who s that robed figure off to the right side of him? Tycho Nestoris (Mark Gatiss) repping the Iron Bank of Braavos perhaps? Reader xifar250 says in the comments that the figure is Euron, which would also make sense. An ankle-skimming coat would make sense for the weather.29. Cersei s eyes water as she drinks a glass of wine. Probably just heard that Jaime left for good. Girl, wine is fine, but liquor s quicker. (This one was kind of a joke, but, in the comments below, one reader makes a very compelling argument that the wine consumption is evidence of a miscarriage. Thank you for the insight, David M Martin!)30. Drogon and Rhaegal fly over the frozen North. We re beginning to think they re having a good time.31. Where s this? Are they visiting the Eyrie now? A grand tour of Westeros dragon style? (We think we ve found a new VR experience that needs to exist.)32. So this moment is less about Arya standing awestruck and staring at the skies, as it is about the people around her panicking and staring at the skies. Our bet is that they ve all just seen dragons for the first time. Jaime s voice comes in over the moment: I promised to 33. Grey Worm and the Unsullied saddle up. Jaime continues, fight for the living 34. Jon Snow in front of the Stark family s weirwood tree in the Godswood of Winterfell. Unmistakable.35. The Hound (Rory McCann). Probably prepping for Cleganebowl! Jaime continues, and I 36. Jaime speaks: intend to keep that promise. 37. We learned from the last time we did this shot-by-shot trailer exercise not to guess what vague weapons in hands were or meant or else this just turns into 20 minutes of guess the cuff and we d still be wrong.38. Now Jon is running. All of these scenes are so dark. It s no wonder that the dragon s look like they re having a good time — they re the only ones who see sunlight in this trailer.39. And the soldiers are running. (This moment looks suspiciously like a retreat.)40. And the horses are running. This one notes a pattern 41. The Targaryens approach Drogon and Rhaegal (who ve apparently recently eaten). Jon s going to be a dragon rider!42. So Wiki of Ice and Fire notes that some in the histories have said that Drogon is Balerion the Black Dread reincarnated. Don t know about that, but look how massive that dragon is now! Rhaegal looks like a Schnauzer next to him.43. Finally, more Sansa. She s not really doing anything and not wearing anything particularly notable. Moving on 44. This is a difficult moment to get a clear shot of. It s clearly Arya, and she s twirling a staff or a spear. We re going to go with spear since the dragonglass arrowhead will be important in this fight.45. Another angle on Arya in the fight. She serves a nice uppercut in this moment. (Yes, those shadows appear to be figures — wights most likely — pulling themselves over the wall.)46. Daenerys looks like she s got morning sickness. That would be really quick work by Jon. (It could also be a severe sense of dread, Jon has told her that he won t continue in an incestuous relationship, or she s been informed that she s technically not next in line for the Iron Throne.)47.  Tyrion Lannister (Peter Dinklage) finally. It took 47 shots to get here, and he looks very much the same as last season: gazing longingly into the skies. He must be looking at dragons because there s sunlight in this scene. We re heartened to see that he still has his Hand of the Queen pin on.48. In your face! There s no fire like dragonfire!49. The Unsullied hold in formation. In the lightened version of the video, you can clearly see trebuchets in the background.50. Looks like Brienne and Podrick head up the Northern coalition. Lightening the image later revealed that these are the Knights of the Vale behind Brienne and Pod — warriors of the East! And we can t help but think of the immortal words of Oda Mae Brown, Brienne, you in danger, girl. 51. Jorah Mormont again. Hopefully, he s ordered little she-bear Lyanna Mormont (Bella Ramsey) back to Bear Island to live a long, happy life away from the wights who can t swim. She probably won t go, but this one likes to think he d insist.52. Nice editing. This is, hooves down, the scariest moment in the trailer. The Night King A White Walker/someone has arrived on a wight steed. Gah! (Jackytreehornn makes the astute observation in our comments that the Night King is likely still riding Viserion. Of course! Thank you, jackytreehornn!)53. And this is the saddest.What We Didn t SeeAlmost as important as what is in front of our faces is what is absent. If we missed any of the following in the trailer, we re confident you ll tell us in the comments:The Dothraki — did they all stay behind to guard Dragonstone?Euron Greyjoy (Pilou Asbæk) — we see the ship, but not their captain (see notes on shots No. 11 and 28)Despite the likelihood that No. 10 is of the Greyjoy siblings  ships, we don t actually see Theon Greyjoy (Alfie Allen), who is off looking for his sister Yara (Gemma Whelan), imprisoned by EuronGilly (Hannah Murray) (See note in No. 6 above.)Archmaester Ebrose (Jim Broadbent) and the CitadelEllaria Sand (Indira Varma) and her rotting daughter, Tyene (Rosabell Laurenti Sellers)Edmure Tully (Tobias Menzies) — the man is either head of the Frey clan now or a bed slave to all of the Frey women Arya left aliveDaario Naharis (Michiel Huisman)Jaqen H ghar (Tom Wlaschiha)Meera Reed (Ellie Kendric
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Joel MearesIn 1966, Batman: The Movie “Powed! and Zapped!” its way into theaters with a thrilling tale of adventure featuring Batman and Robin preventing a gang of supervillains from dehydrating the world. The 77% Tomatometer-rated movie marked the first time fans could see a feature-length film showcasing one of their Detective Comics (DC) heroes on the big screen – and it must’ve been a trip watching Batman foil a man-eating shark with a convenient can of Shark Repellent Bat-Spray.Some 53 years and 34 theatrically released live-action and animated movies featuring DC characters later, the DC universe has seen its fair share of Fresh (Watchmen, Batman Returns, Superman), Rotten (Jonah Hex, Green Lantern, Catwoman), and should-be-Fresh (Constantine) movies (yes, we really like Constantine around these parts). These films trace the evolution from the tongue-in-cheek Batman: The Movie to today’s DC Extended Universe (DCEU), which recently featured Jason Momoa battling gigantic CGI sharks (without the aid of shark repellent spray) in the blockbuster hit Aquaman.With Shazam! opening this week – and sitting Certified Fresh at 92% – we decided to do a deep dive into the 35 theatrically released movies featuring DC characters in hopes of discovering super Tomatometer statistics to share with you. And we think we succeeded! Sit back, order a Batman-approved Lobster Thermidor (or some drive-thru) and enjoy these Tomatometer-related stats about your favorite movies featuring DC characters.Note: All Tomatometer scores/averages are accurate as of March 31, 2019.1. The DC Universe Started Off Fresh With Four Successful Films(Photo by @ Warner Bros. Pictures)After Batman: The Movie gave the DC cinematic world a Fresh start in 1966, DC fans had to wait 12 years until the Richard Donner-directed Superman was released in 1978 for the next cinematic effort from their favorite comic-book company. This superhero film was a massive success due to its big action set pieces, inspired casting (Marlon Brando!), and square-jawed earnestness of leading man Christopher Reeve – it is at 94% on the Tomatometer. A sequel was green-lit faster than a speeding bullet, and in 1980 the 85% Tomatometer-rated Superman II set a high bar for all superhero sequels that followed.In 1982, Swamp Thing proved DC didn’t need Superman or Batman to be successful (it s at 66%). Wes Craven (A Nightmare on Elm Street, Scream) directed the film, successfully juggling a silly plot, rubber monsters, and a low budget to produce a moderate hit.2. Five Movies Starring DC Characters Have Tomatometers of 90% or higherThe number is low, but, things are looking up as three of the five movies with 90%-plus scores have been released since 2017. Wonder Woman (93%), The Lego Batman Movie (90%), and Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (91%) have made up for lost time. Also, it’s looking like Shazam! has a chance of joining the elite ranks if it can hold onto its 92% Certified Fresh Tomatometer score. We bet Superman: The Movie and The Dark Knight, both at 94%, aren’t feeling so lonely anymore.3. The Dark Knight Trilogy is the Highest Rated Comic-Book Franchise According to the Tomatometer(Photo by @ Warner Bros. Pictures)We’re glad director Christopher Nolan took the Dark Knight trilogy ‘so serious’-ly, because it’s the gold standard of comic book franchises with an 88.3% Tomatometer average and 94% Audience Score. Not only do Batman Begins (84%), The Dark Knight (94%), and The Dark Knight Rises (87%) form the highest Tomatometer- and Audience-rated DC franchise, they make up the highest-rated comic-book–based movie trilogy ever.4. Batman has Tomatometer Supremacy Over SupermanWe’re 100% certain that Superman would smoosh Batman in a street fight. However, in a Tomatometer battle, Batman’s 64.3% Fresh average is much higher than Superman’s Rotten 48.2% average. Superman lost the battle because five of the 10 movies he’s featured in, including Superman III (24%) and Superman IV: The Quest for Peace (12%), have Rotten scores, whereas only six of Batman’s 16 films have Rotten scores. It’s not all bad news for Superman though, because 1997’s Batman Robin has a 10% Tomatometer score, which makes it the lowest Tomatometer-rated Batman or Superman film.5. Live-Action R-rated DC Films have a Fresh 62.6% average(Photo by @ Warner Bros. Pictures)Between 2005 and 2009, DC-based films went dark with the R-rated Constantine (46%), V for Vendetta (73%), and Watchmen (64%) hitting the big screen. These visually impressive films swung for the fences and brought in A-list talent like Natalie Portman, Tilda Swinton, Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz, and Patrick Wilson to fill the shoes of iconic DC characters. We’re still bummed about the Rotten score for Constantine, though: it’s a visually stunning film featuring Keanu Reeves flicking off Satan and kicking CGI demon crabs – what s not to love?6. The Tomatometer Average for the 35 Theatrically Released Films Featuring DC characters is RottenThe bad news is the Tomatometer average is a Rotten 56%. The good news is, the Tomatometer is trending upwards with recent movies like Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and The Lego Batman Movie all being Fresh. Also, with Shazam!, Joker (2019), Birds of Prey (2020), Wonder Woman 1984 (2020), and the rebooted Suicide Squad (2021) on the horizon, we’re thinking the average could be Fresh in a couple years!7. Theatrically Released Animated Movies Starring DC characters are FreshThe Tomatometer average for Batman: Mask of the Phantasm (83%), Batman: The Killing Joke (39%), The Lego Batman Movie (90%), and Teen Titans Go! To the Movies (91%) is an excellent 76.75%. The only Rotten movie here is the R-rated Batman: The Killing Joke, which was shown as an event in 1,300 theaters in 2016. The controversial movie went to some super dark places with the Kevin Conroy-voiced Batman, and left people wishing they’d just watched the excellent Batman: Mask of the Phantasm again.8. Wonder Woman Brought Up the Tomatometer Average for Female-Led DC Superhero Movies From 32% to 46.25%You may be thinking that a 46.25% Tomatometer average is bad. Yes, it’s still Rotten. However,  the 93% Tomatometer score for Wonder Woman provided some balance to the DC world as it evened out the Fresh to Rotten scales for female-led DC films. Now V for Vendetta (73%) isn’t the only female-led Fresh film holding up the Tomatometer average for the Rotten Supergirl (10%) and Catwoman (9%).9. Movies Featuring The Joker Have a Fresh Tomatometer AverageJoker’s appearances in Batman: The Movie (77%), Batman (71%), The Dark Knight (94%), Batman: The Killing Joke (39%), Suicide Squad (27%), and The Lego Batman Movie (90%) have led to a Fresh 67.6% Tomatometer average. We’re excited to see what Joaquin Phoenix can do with the character when he takes his place front and center in Todd Phillips’ Joker, which will be released in October.10. Green Lantern (2011) is Rotten, But the Actors In It Went on to Fresh Superhero MoviesThe 26% Tomatometer-rated Green Lantern was slammed by audiences and critics when it released in 2011. However, since then, Mark Strong (Kingsman: The Secret Service), Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool), Angela Bassett (Black Panther), Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok), and Temuera Morrison (Aquaman) went on to Fresh superhero movies that have an average 82.4% Tomatometer score. This trend is continuing again with Mark Strong, who is back in the DC universe as the villainous Sivana in the Certified Fresh Shazam!. We’re hoping Blake Lively, Tim Robbins, and Peter Sarsgaard have the same luck when they appear in another superhero movie.11. Movies Featuring Catwoman Are Fresh With a 68.6% Tomatometer Average(Photo by @ Warner Bros. Pictures)Catwoman and its 9% Tomatometer score didn t help the overall average, but, Batman Returns (80%), The Dark Knight Rises (87%), Batman: The Movie (77%), and The Lego Batman Movie (90%) prove the Catwoman character is Fresh four times out of five. Also, we think Michelle Pfeiffer should’ve received an Academy Award nomination for her amazing performance in Batman Returns. Pfeiffer crushed the dual roles of Selina Kyle/Catwoman and we totally understand why director Tim Burton gave her a lot of screen time.12. DC Movies Have a Higher Tomatometer Average When They Feature Wonder Woman, Batman, or Superman(Photo by @ Warner Bros. Pictures)The 23 movies featuring a member of the DC trinity (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman) have a Fresh 63.8% average, and the three highest Tomatometer-rated DC movies are The Dark Knight (94%), Wonder Woman (93%), and Superman (94%). The 63.8% percentage isn’t super Fresh, but when compared to the 41% average of the 12 movies they don’t appear in, it’s proof DC films are better when they’re in them.We hope you enjoyed the DC Tomatometer data! Tell us about your favorite DC movies in the comments.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.


九游会官网网站 The bond between Marvel and Hulu is growing thanks to a recently announced plan to develop four animated series and, with a certain amount of tongue planted in cheek, unite the main characters of each in an animated special called The Offenders. But the move also indicates the increasing importance of animated projects based on comic books. Of course, both Marvel and Warner Bros. have been making programs aimed at younger viewers for decades, but the new crop of announced projects indicates a great focus on a broader age range. Considering the high quality of animated superhero shows for children (a la Batman: The Animated Series) or a slightly older demographic (Young Justice: Outsiders), these new shows will definitely have to bring something new to the medium to find critical and commercial success.So what is on the horizon and can we predict a project s success from what we know of its development so far? Let’s take a look.Marvel’s Howard the Duck(Photo by Marvel)Based on: The comic book character created by Steve Gerber and Val Mayerik, featured in his own self-titled comic book from 1976-1979, and short-run series in 1986, 2001, 2007, and longer run from 2015-2017. He also makes appearances across the Marvel Universe.Premise: Transported to Earth against his will, Howard does his best to make do under the circumstances. He generally finds work and sometimes even gets paid for his troubles. He also battles absurd villains, like the obsessive Dr. Bong, while also trying the best way to get rich quick and escape the quarrelsome tendencies of the Marvel Universe.Status: Announced as part of the Offenders quartet of Hulu projects in February, Clerks director Kevin Smith and Aqua Teen Hunger Force co-creator Dave Willis are developing the project for Marvel Entertainment. The pair seem suitably chosen for Howard s anarchic take on comic book tropes.Chances for Success: If it can get out from under the shadow of the infamous Howard the Duck feature film, the irreverent humor baked into the premise should keep this around for a few seasons. But as with almost all of Howard’s solo outings, it will probably end prematurely.Marvel’s Tigra Dazzler Show(Photo by Marvel)Based on: The stalwart Avenger Tigra, created by Roy Thomas and Wally Wood — later refined by Tony Isabella and Don Perlin — and the mutant pop star created by Tom DeFalco, John Romita Jr., Louise Simonson, and Roger Stern. Both have had storied careers in and out of the core Avengers and X-Men titles, joining various super-teams, going solo, and changing their looks to match the times. Fun fact: Dazzler began her career as a disco singer in a cross-promotion with Casablanca Records. Both the label and Marvel hoped to launch her as a multimedia entity in film, music, and comics. An animated series 40 years later may not have been what Casablanca wanted, but we ll take it.Premise: The politically minded duo make their way to Los Angeles, a world apart from Marvel’s favored Manhattan, where they try to get their superpowered heads, hands, and hearts around their lives.Status: Chelsea Handler and The Last Man on Earth veteran Erica Rivinoja are developing the series for Marvel.Chances for Success: The unusual pairing of Tigra and Dazzler makes this the outlier of the new Marvel animated projects, as does Handler’s brand of humor. That said, it could always prove to be the standout thanks to those very elements.Marvel’s Hit-Monkey(Photo by Marvel)Based on: The simian assassin created by Daniel Way and Dalibor Talajić, who appeared in a 2010 Hit-Monkey one-shot release, a Deadpool storyline, and a three-issue, self-titled miniseries.Premise: An angry Japanese macaque makes for Tokyo to avenge the deaths of his clan. Luckily, he has the skills and aid of a ghost who was once an American assassin. And if the two have anything to say about, all of the city’s criminal underworld is going to pay.Status: Blades of Glory directors Josh Gordon and Will Speck are currently developing the series as part of Marvel and Hulu’s Offenders initiative.Chances for Success: While Blades of Glory has a Tomatometer score of 70%, the duo s subsequent films have not been as fresh. The Jennifer Aniston/Jason Bateman comedy The Switch struck out at 51%, while their most recent film, Office Christmas Party, stumbled with a 41%. Of course, the absolute wackiness of the premise may give them a renewed energy.Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K.(Photo by Marvel)Based on: One of the greatest gifts Jack Kirby and Stan Lee ever gave to comics. Making his full debut in 1967’s Tales of Suspense #94, the Mental Organism Designed Only For Killing and his successors in name and appearance became one of the Marvel Universe’s most constant, bewildering, and wonderful foes.Premise: The egomaniacal supervillain with a really big head and a really little body struggles to maintain control of his evil organization and his demanding family. He also faces an inferiority complex of sorts as villains like Doctor Doom look down on him.Status: Hulu and Marvel secured the services of Patton Oswalt and Jordan Blum to develop the series, with Oswalt set to voice the lovable, if misunderstood, M.O.D.O.K.Chances for Success: We might be a biased, but we’re sure viewers will love M.O.D.O.K. once they meet him.Harley Quinn(Photo by DC Universe)Based on: Batman: The Animated Series’ breakout character Harley Quinn. Created by series producer Bruce Timm and writer Paul Dini as a one-time gun moll for the Joker, she took on a life of her own, eventually debuting in the DC Comics universe in 1999. She’s since become a big deal thanks to her own monthly comic, her appearance in the Suicide Squad feature film, and her own upcoming spinoff film, Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn).Premise: Harley has finally kicked the Joker to the curb. Her next target: a spot within the Legion of Doom. And she ll push her way past any and all of the DC Comics ne er-do-wells to do it. With some help from Poison Ivy, of course.Status: First announced in late 2017 as one of the key projects on the then-unnamed DC Universe streaming service, the series will debut this October with Kaley Cuoco voicing Harley, Lake Bell voicing Ivy, and Alan Tudyk voicing Joker. Other cast members include Diedrich Bader (once again playing Batman), Ron Funches, Wanda Sykes, Natalie Morales, Jim Sykes, Giancarlo Esposito, Jason Alexander, and Christopher Meloni as Commissioner Gordon. Powerless s Justin Halpern, Patrick Schumacker, and Dean Lorey developed the series and serve as executive producers.Chances for Success: The service s first animated offering, Young Justice: Outsiders, has a 93% on the Tomatometer. If Harley Quinn is of similar quality, it will no doubt return to the service for a second season. Then again, Powerless folded after one 61% season on NBC. But with the metrics between network and streaming being wildly different, Harley could prove victorious in the end.Invincible(Photo by Image Comics)Based On: The Image comic book series by The Walking Dead’s Robert Kirkman and artists Cory Walker and Ryan Ottley, which ran for 144 issues and a number of special releases from 2003 to 2018.Premise: Mark Grayson (Steven Yeun) is your typical 17-year-old boy. Well, as typical as he can be when his father is the most powerful superhero on the planet, Omni-Man (J.K. Simmons). Thanks to his father’s alien physiology, Mark is super-strong and possesses the ability to fly. But as Mark develops these and other powers, he discovers that his father’s legacy may not be as heroic as it seems.Status: Amazon revealed a rich and varied voice cast for the series in January 2019, which includes Yeun, Simmons, Sandra Oh, Seth Rogen, Gillian Jacobs, Andrew Rannells, Zazie Beetz, Mark Hamill, Walton Goggins, Jason Mantzoukas, Mae Whitman, Chris Diamantopoulos, Melise, Kevin Michael Richardson, Grey Griffin, and Max Burkholder. In a break from traditional half-hour format for animation of all stripes, Invincible will feature hour-long episodes. The first eight-episode season is expected to debut in 2020.Chances for Success: The comic book series ran for a long time, indicating the story has an engrossing appeal — not unlike The Walking Dead. But the hourlong format is untested and it remains to be seen if viewers will take to the longer runtime. Of course, viewers may hardly notice if they binge-watch it as they do Amazon’s The Tick and other original programs.What If ?(Photo by Marvel)Based On: Marvel Comic s What If ?, an anthology series that ran from 1977 to 1984 and again from 1989 to 1998 — with a handful of shorter runs in the years since — and told stories based around different outcomes of various classic Marvel tales. Issues centered on questions like What if Spider-Man joined The Fantastic Four? and What if Daredevil became an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Premise: Taking inspiration from the comic book, each episode will explore a pivotal moment in Marvel Cinematic Universe history and turn it on its head. The first episode, for example, will ask What if Peggy Carter took the super soldier serum? Status: The project was announced in April of 2019 as another partnership between Marvel Studios and the Disney+ streaming service. Because of the studio s involvement, MCU actors including Hayley Atwell (Carter) will reportedly reprise their roles. It is currently unclear when the series will debut, but the service is set to launch in November 2019.Chances for Success: It is a Marvel Studios project on Disney+. The only thing that could hobble it would be Disney+ failing to woo enough subscribers when it launches in November.Magic: The Gathering(Photo by Wizards of the Coast)Based On: The legendary collectible card game that kept many comic book shops afloat in the dark days of the 1990s. Players choose elemental forces to power their armies and face off against friends and strangers. The game continues to thrive more than 25 years later with professional leagues, online games, and various other forms of merchandise.Premise: The Planeswalkers — the game s unique magic-wielding heroes and villains who travel across Magic’s own multiverse — vie for control, not unlike players of the game in the real world.Status: Announced in June 2019, the series will be overseen by Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo, who will develop a never-before-told story of the Planeswalkers. Bardel Entertainment will animate the series for Octopie (the animation studio that is producing it), and it ll debut on Netflix in 2020.Chances for Success: Considering Magic s appeal spans decades, generations, countries, and various types of media, it should work about as well as other Magic initiatives. At the same time, film and television are new realms for the Planeswalkers, and they may find their adventures there as perilous as Dungeons Dragons s attempts at crossing into those same arenas.Jurassic World: Camp CretaceousBased on: The Jurassic World movie series, which is itself based on the Jurassic Park movie series. Both are based on the novel by Michael Crichton in which a Walt Disney-type industrialist recreates dinosaurs to open an amusement park. Jurassic Park represents it going disastrously wrong while Jurassic World shows it as a viable business — at least for a time. Then, disaster strikes (as it always must).Premise: Six teenagers find their once-in-a-lifetime trip to a new adventure camp on the opposite side of Isla Nublar (where most Jurassic films occur) is anything but a wonder summer vacation. The dinosaurs wreak havoc across the island — as they often do — forcing the stranded campers to bond and help each other survive the ordeal.Status: As revealed in June, the series will be part of Netflix’s ongoing animation initiative with DreamWorks Animation, the company behind the excellent Voltron and She-Ra revivals. Pinky Malinky’s Scott Kreamer and Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny’s Lane Lueras will serve as showrunners and executive producers while Jurassic Park director Steven Spielberg, Jurassic World director Colin Trevorrow, and overall Jurassic producer Frank Marshall will be on board as executive producers. Thor screenwriter Zach Stentz will be a consulting producer. The series is set to debut in 2020.Chances for Success: Netflix’s partnership with DreamWorks yielded Voltron: Legendary Defender (95%), She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (95%), and Guillermo del Toro’s Tales of Arcadia series. The animation and storytelling is top notch and surprisingly compelling. If they can bring that standard to the Jurassic World brand, the only real concern will be making the kids’ summer vacation last for 65 episodes.

Best Action Adventure Movies 2020 February 11, 2021 以上是lol手游极地大乱斗模式玩法和奖励介绍了,诸位玩家们可以简单的参考一下哦,其实这个模式本身还是很有趣的哦,而且奖励也是很不错的,所以大家还是快快参加一下,不要让活动白白过期了哦!


Seminal NBC comedy The Office premiered 15 years ago to, well, mixed reviews. But you know how the story goes from there: A stellar second season cemented the U.S. remake of Ricky Gervais’ British series into a must-watch, and the series went on to become a landmark of modern TV. (You can read about just how it did that here.)One of the show s signatures are its cold opens – those hilarious sequences that opened the show and which led into the series notoriously earwormy theme song. But which was the best Office open of them all? We re asking you to help us decide. Take a look at our pick of the 40 best Office cold opens below, and rank your favorites. Let us know, too, which are your absolute faves in the comments below.

九游会官网网站 Retconning more than half of its predecessors, Terminator: Dark Fate is the latest reboot-sequel to pull a do-over by directly following-up the early classic(s) of a franchise. For some, the effort is pulled off perfectly, while others see the new Terminator installment as a nostalgic rehash that panders to fans. The first reviews highlight the return of Linda Hamilton alongside regular Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as the new cast, especially Mackenzie Davis, but they’re mixed on how well everything comes together this time around.Here’s what critics are saying about Terminator: Dark Fate:How does Dark Fate measure up to the other installments? Dark Fate feels like a real Terminator movie at last. Helen O Hara, Empire Magazine

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