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亚博app下载网站采用百度引擎7(Baidu 9)(Photo by Everett Collection)Our new Classic Film Catch-Up feature connects you with classic films to put on your watchlist – beloved favorites and hidden gems alike. With more time at home, there s no better opportunity to finally watch these titles that helped define cinema as we know it.The current situation of social distancing has many of us thinking of ways to maximize the time we spend at home. We re also eating several times a day and annoying our pets, but being productive does cross our minds from time to time. Puzzles, long-abandoned books, craft projects, and New Year s resolutions have suddenly jumped to the top of our to-do lists. In the RT comments, many of you have shared how you re catching up on classic films, and we happen to agree that now is the perfect time to increase your classic film viewing.Concentrating on films released before 1980 (both well-known titles and hidden gems), we re producing new guides to essential classic films curated by theme, filmmaker, actor, genre, or style – all for your classic catch-up needs. Want to see our picks for the best French farces? How about a curated list of Fresh picks from Alfred Hitchcock, Peter Sellers, or Billy Wilder? As well as curating watch lists, we re breaking down the films, telling you where you can watch them, and giving you some more recent and/or well-known films the classics might remind you of so you can gauge which movies are right for you.This week in the Classic Film Catch-Up, we re ready to dance and sing about lesser-known or forgotten musicals – some classics, and some should-be-classics. The 50s and 60s were truly the golden ages of movie musicals; Best Picture winners like The Sound of Music, West Side Story, My Fair Lady, and An American in Paris made stars out of Natalie Wood, Leslie Caron, and Rita Moreno, while established stars like Julie Andrews, Gene Kelly, and Audrey Hepburn catapulted to icon status on the backs of musical roles during this period. Later years saw rock musicals like Jesus Christ Superstar, Grease, and Tommy break into the mainstream – however, countless gems have been largely forgotten by modern audiences. And we re here to fix that.Some titles on this list found cult-like followings in later years while others were unfortunate victims of too-close comparisons with their Broadway inspiration – either way, we think the films make up an eclectic roster of must-watch musicals. Read below for our list of hidden gem classic musicals you need to see or revisit.Got another favorite hidden gem classic musical you d add to our list? Have a suggestion for a future theme or classic film to feature in the column? Let us know in the comments. The Unsinkable Molly Brown (1964) 78% What is it? A rags to riches musical about a famed socialite who survived the sinking of the Titanic.Why you need to see it: Debbie Reynolds is widely known for her role in Singin in the Rain – and for being Carrie Fisher s mother. However, if you want to see the triple-threat performer at her peak you must watch The Unsinkable Molly Brown. Reynolds plays the famed Denver socialite from humble beginnings who survived a flood as an infant and then the Titanic disaster as an adult. The film follows a fictional Molly from her years as a saloon girl to her eventual fame as one of the richest women in the country. Nominated for eight Academy Awards, the film was a hit for MGM, but is not as familiar to modern audiences as some of its glossy contemporaries. Filled with humor and show-stopping numbers, the movie will have you humming ditties like  I ll Never Say No and Belly Up to the Bar, Boys as soon as the credits roll.Watch it if you like: Singin in the Rain, Princess Diaries, The Great Gadsby, Lawless, Funny Girl, My Fair LadyWhere to watch: Stream on TCMWatch app. Rent or buy on FandangoNOW, Vudu, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.Man of La Mancha (1972) 50% What is it? A musical biopic about Don Quixote author Miguel de Cervantes, using his most famed literary creation as a plot device.Why you need to see it: It s hard to understand why the film adaptation of The Man from La Mancha starring Peter O Toole and Sophia Loren was not a critical and commercial hit. The original stage production was a smash on Broadway and took home five Tonys, but audiences were none-too-impressed with the film version: It failed to earn back its production budget and Time thought so little of it that the magazine didn t even publish a full review. Most of the problems with the adaptation are a result of its troubled production; a revolving door of directors and a heated debate over whether to make the film a musical at all crippled any effort to do justice to the source material. The dreary costumes, laughable sets, and indifferent cinematography may mar the overall product, but the music remains incredible, and Toole and Loren give it their all despite the challenges. So it s still worth a watch.Watch it if you like: The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, Don Juan Demarco, Monty Python, and the Holy Grail, The Mask of Zorro, The Three MusketeersWhere to watch: Stream now on HooplaDigital. Rent or buy on FandangoNOW, Vudu, Amazon, and iTunes.Carmen Jones (1954) 77% (Photo by Courtesy of 2Oth Century Fox)What is it? George Bizet s Carmen is re-imagined with an all-Black cast.Why you need to see it: Carmen Jones is another Broadway hit to get the Hollywood treatment. Dorothy Dandridge, Diahann Carroll, Pearl Bailey, and Harry Belafonte are mesmerizing in this story of the misadventures of a troublesome seductress living in America during World War II. Playing Carmen, Dandridge made her mark on history, becoming the first African American woman to be nominated for Best Actress in a Motion Picture. Nominated for two Oscars, the film is well-known but not frequently watched. The performances, costumes, and rich Technicolor landscapes make watching the film a truly transformative experience that is almost enough to forgive the choice to dub the voices of famed singers in the production.Watch it if you like: Porgy Bess, Introducing Dorthy Dandridge, Carmen: A Hip-Hopera, Rent, Les MiserablesWhere to watch: Rent or buy on FandangoNOW, Vudu, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.The Wiz (1978) 42% What is it? The Wizard of OZ is remade with a contemporary story, new music, and an all-Black cast.Why you need to see it: As many Twitter users pointed out during NBC s The Wiz Live! in 2015, many movie fans have not seen The Wiz. Beloved in the Black community, the film was a commercial disaster despite starring icons Diana Ross, Richard Pryor, Michael Jackson, and Lena Horne. A modern imagining of Dorothy s trek along the yellow brick road – with music from Quincy Jones and Luther Vandross, direction by Sidney Lumet, and words by Joel Schumacher – the film was one of the most expensive musical productions ever made, and lost million at the box office. The film s popularity never matched its ambition outside of the Black community, where it s still lauded as a cult classic. And it s easy to see why when you watch it today. With some of the most gifted musicians of our time in front of and behind the camera, The Wiz is a soulful crowd pleaser that showcases these artists at the height of their popularity and powers.Watch it if you like: The Wizard of OZ, Oz, The Great and Powerful, Return to Oz, Moonwalker, Idlewild, LabyrinthWhere to watch: Stream now on Starz app. Rent or buy on FandangoNOW,  Vudu, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.There's No Business Like Show Business (1954) 67% (Photo by Courtesy of 20th Century Fox)What is it? Chronicles the lives and loves of The Donahues, a family vaudeville act.Why you need to see it: In a way, this is the original jukebox movie musical – all of the songs from There s No Business Like Show Business were previously penned by Irving Berlin for other works. Stacked with stage powerhouses like Ethel Merman and Dan Dailey, as well as film stars like Mitzi Gaynor and Donald O Connor, the film was primarily a vehicle to showcase Marilyn Monroe, who had just married Joe DiMaggio and was one of the biggest names and box office draws in Hollywood. However, with a near two-hour runtime (a rare feat for musicals of that era), audiences found the film to be a little too Broadway and lacking in story. Monroe, who famously only took the role to ensure her casting in The Seven Year Itch, didn t shine in any of her musical numbers and was lambasted by critics. Despite all this, however, There s No Business like Show Business does have some of the most incredible and lavish musical numbers ever committed to screen, and further highlights Berlin s incomparable musical catalog.Watch it if you like: A Chorus Line, Gypsy, Funny Girl, Some Like it Hot, The Greatest ShowmanWhere to watch: Rent or buy on FandangoNOW, Vudu, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.Cover Girl (1944) 95% (Photo by Courtesy of Sony Home Entertainment)What is it? A young chorus girl wins a cover girl contest, is thrust into stardom, and must choose between her career or love.Why you need to see it: Rita Hayworth became one of only a handful of women who had the enviable honor of dancing with both Gene Kelly and Fred Astair on screen with her role in Cover Girl. Dancing alongside Kelly in her first role with top billing, Cover Girl was one of Hayworth s final films before Gilda solidified her as a film icon. Shown briefly in The Shawshank Redemption, Hayworth s iconic entrance and overall performance here was also the inspiration for Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. A massive hit at the time, this story of a showgirl-turned-star has been sadly dwarfed in later years by Kelly s and Hayworth s more memorable roles like Singin in the Rain and The Lady From Shanghai, respectively.Watch it if you like: Gilda, Showboat, A Chorus Line, Almost Famous, A Star is Born, RockstarWhere to watch: Rent or buy on FandangoNOW, Vudu, Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes.Hair (1979) 88% What is it? An anti-war rock musical set within the hippie counter culture.Why you need to see it: Though many will know Hair s catchy opening number  Aquarius, the musical itself is a bit of a lesser-known treasure outside of musical theater obsessives. The first film directed by Milos Forman after his critical and commercial smash One Flew over the Cuckoo s Nest, Hair had critics raving about his skill in adapting the controversial and stylized musical. Roger Ebert said of Forman: He brings life to the musical form in the same way that West Side Story did. Still, some contemporaries – including the musical s creators – argued it diluted the musical s anti-war message was diluted on the journey from stage to screen.Watch it if you like: Jesus Christ Superstar, Across the Universe, Sgt. Pepper s Lonely Hearts Club Band, Fear Loathing in Las VegasWhere to watch: Stream now on Hoopla and PrimeVideo. Rent or buy on FandangoNOW,  Vudu, Google Play, and iTunes.

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游戏的生态环境也不错,没有太多不同阶层玩家之间的对立矛盾,虽然有排位系统但奖励名额非常宽裕,玩家肝最终机体需要的材料只需要排位打到3000名就能获得,相比其他手游需要排位需要前10名或者前100名才能得到材料的恶劣环境,可以说良心到了极致。 通过分析已披露的情报,我们不难发现英雄联盟手游还是很在意端游的操作习惯的,并在此基础上进行了一定程度的优化与改善,例如天赋与装备系统的修改、UI的简化等操作。除了优化以外,英雄联盟端游的画面等美术风格也得以保留,仍然是记忆里的感觉。比如熟悉的战场布局,与端游如同复制粘贴的模型细节,再加上还有原汁原味的游戏配音,这样一来,我们端游的老玩家们,即便来到了手游这里,也不会有生疏感,能尽快找回端游的状态和感觉。官方非常重视游戏品质与玩家体验,这一点,从英雄联盟手游的种种细节可以看出。

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This Week s Ketchup brings you seven headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Community, Hellraiser, and Stephen King s Salem s Lot. This WEEK S TOP STORYJOEL MCHALE SAYS THE COMMUNITY MOVIE MAY STILL HAPPEN(Photo by Mitchell Haaseth/©NBC courtesy Everett Collection)The hashtag #SixSeasonsandaMovie is now frequently used by fans of lots of different TV shows who hope for success for a given show, but it actually had its origins with NBC s Community. That ensemble sitcom was cancelled after just five seasons before it eventually got its sixth season through the short-lived Yahoo! Screen streaming service, but there s never been much movement about a movie. Things are looking up, however, for the future of Community. In addition to recently being added to Netflix, many Community creatives have gone on to great things (Dan Harmon and Rick and Morty, and Joe and Anthony Russo have directed some of Marvel s biggest movies). Joel McHale (who, earlier this week, was the host of the Tiger King reunion special) was asked about the possibility of a Community movie, and his response was, There’s way more rumblings than there used to be. Alison [Brie] tweeted that she got a phone call from Sony. They still haven’t called me; maybe Matthew Lillard will take over. But I would say there’s a better chance than there’s ever been. It s not yet known if the Community movie has been written yet, or who might direct, or who indeed from the cast would return for it.Other Top Headlines1. STEPHEN KING S VAMPIRE EPIC SALEM S LOT RESURRECTED AS MOVIE (Photo by ©Warner Bros. courtesy Everett Collection)Dozens and dozens of Stephen King novels and stories have been adapted as movies, especially from the first 20 years or so of his career. Yet, while this period is very well represented on film, two of his biggest novels from that time were only ever adapted as TV mini-series, not as movies. The Stand is currently in the works as a new mini-series for CBS All Access, and we can now confirm that Salem s Lot is also in the works as a movie. Salem s Lot (short for Jerusalem s Lot, hence the apostrophe) was a vampire novel in 1975 that became a two-part CBS mini-series in 1979 starring David Soul and directed by Tobe Hooper (The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, Poltergeist). New Line Cinema has hired screenwriter Gary Dauberman to direct their adaptation of Salem s Lot from his own screenplay. Dauberman made his directorial debut last year with Annabelle Comes Home (Fresh at 65%), and as a screenwriter, he worked on films like Annabelle, The Nun, and both IT and IT: Chapter Two. Presumably, the next step we will hear about will be the casting of the human male lead and the Austrian vampire leader Barlow.2. FIRST IMAGES FROM DENIS VILLENEUVE S DUNE SURFACE ONLINE(Photo by Chiabella James/Warner Bros. Entertainment)With the movies originally scheduled for April, May, June, and most of July now being pushed back because of COVID-19, the marketing strategies for the movies scheduled for later in 2020 are also facing new challenges. Many of these movies will probably end up being pushed back to 2021, but one film that appears to be standing its ground is Warner Bros. new adaptation of (the first half of) Frank Herbert s classic science fiction novel Dune. First adapted to film by David Lynch in 1984, Dune is a sweeping epic with dozens of characters, which lends itself well to having a huge star-driven ensemble cast, and that s what the new Dune (12/18/2020) from director Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Sicario, Blade Runner 2049) promises. Vanity Fair got the scoop on the first cast images, which include our first glimpses in character (in order) of Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya, Javier Bardem, Oscar Isaac, and Jason Momoa, among others.3. JENNIFER LOPEZ TO STAR IN ANOTHER TRUE CRIME STORY AS THE GODMOTHER (Photo by JA/Everett Collectio)Sometimes movie stars who do biopics bear a striking resemblance to the real life personalities they portray, and sometimes they don t. Let s start this story with this mugshot of Colombian drug lord Griselda Blanco Restrepo from 1997 when she was 54, so you can quickly see where we re going with this, because Jennifer Lopez is now attached to star in The Godmother, the biopic about the life of Griselda Blanco. The film is being produced by STXfilms, the same company behind Lopez recent hit, Hustlers (also based upon a true crime story), and it will be directed by Reed Morano (I Think We re Alone Now, The Rhythm Section, TV s The Handmaid s Tale) from a screenplay by William Monahan (The Departed, Kingdom of Heaven).4. LEONARDO DICAPRIO OFFERING WALK-ON ROLE IN MARTIN SCORSESE S NEXT FOR CHARITY (Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures) Martin Scorsese s next film as director, the serial killer true story Killers of the Flower Moon, is currently experiencing some issues with its budget, which is rumored to be in the 0 million range. Paramount is possibly getting nervous, and both Apple and Netflix are being seen as streaming options. While all that continues to get figured out, the film s stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro are now partnering with an organization called the All-In Challenge to raise money for charities like Feeding America, Meals on Wheels, No Kid Hungry, and World Central Kitchen. Donors will be entered for a chance at both a walk-on role in Killers of the Flower Moon, as well as a trip to the film s eventual world premiere.5. JAMES GUNN CLAIMS NO DELAYS FOR THE SUICIDE SQUAD AND GOTG 3 (Photo by Jay Maidment/©Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)The current COVID-19 pandemic is causing so many films to be delayed and events to be cancelled that there is a strong argument to be made that the only real news these days is when something is not delayed or cancelled. That s exactly why we re drawing your attention this week to this update from director James Gunn, who said that there is no reason for his next two films to be delayed in any way. Those films are, of course, The Suicide Squad (8/16/2021) and his return to Marvel with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Of course, there is some irony in Gunn saying that the release date for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 won t be delayed since there isn t currently a release date for the film in the first place.

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9.18.5 8月喜迎(Photo by HBO)In 2019, Rotten Tomatoes turns 21, and to mark the occasion we’re celebrating with a series of features that look back at the brightest moments on screen of the past two decades – and one year – and the things that have us excited for the future.What are the essential ingredients of a classic TV show? A sturdy premise is definitely necessary, and you really can t get far without a team of talented people behind the scenes, from the showrunner to the writers and directors. Of course, it s also hard to overestimate the importance of finding the right cast — not only in terms of the qualities that each individual star brings to the series, but the chemistry they all share onscreen. Once you ve done all that, you still need to set the stage for your show by letting audiences know what kind of viewing experience they can expect — and do it fast enough to hook viewers before they drift off to the ever-expanding array of other options.That s where a great theme song comes in.Sitcoms, heart-tugging dramas, gritty procedurals, even news shows and reality television — they ve all used theme songs over the decades, and even though the shifting demands of a largely ad-supported medium have helped drive some significant changes to the form in recent years, it remains one of the most instantly and enduringly effective ways to get a new viewer s attention or trigger those sweet TV endorphins in someone who s already a fan.All of which is to say that any celebration of Rotten Tomatoes 21st anniversary would be incomplete without a tribute to our favorite small-screen theme songs of the last 21 years. Focusing on shows that aired the majority of their runs between 1998 – the year Rotten Tomatoes was born! – and now, we rounded up the best the era had to offer. While narrowing the list was painful, the fun of reliving these classic opening credits more than made up for it. Where do your favorites rank — and which ones failed to make the cut? Read on to find out!Mad that It s Always Sunny in Philadephia and the updated Hawaii Five-0 theme songs didn t make it? (Truth be told, they almost did.) Tell us all about it in the comments!21. The Big Bang Theory 81% Composer: Ed RobertsonPerformer: Barenaked LadiesRecord sales and airplay aren t what they were for Barenaked Ladies at the band s late 90s commercial peak. But don t feel sorry for the Canadian pop legends — after all, you can afford to stop chasing radio hits when you ve written and recorded the theme song for one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. Long after Chickity China, the Chinese chicken receded from the airwaves, the Ladies intro music for The Big Bang Theory has enjoyed television mainstay status — and thanks to the magic of syndication, it ll continue launching episodes of the show for years after it concludes its 12-season run. Bazinga!20. Dawson's Creek  Composer: Paula ColePerformer: Paula ColeCole released I Don t Want to Wait  on her 1996 album This Fire, and it was picked up for the series in a last-minute decision after the producers couldn t get rights to Alanis Morissette s song Hand in My Pocket, executive producer Paul Stupin told Billboard in 2018. Cole won the Best New Artist Grammy in 1997 and was nominated for six others, including Album of the Year and Best Pop Album for This Fire and Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? She was also nominated for Producer of the Year, Non-Classical. The song spent 56 weeks on Billboard s Hot 100 between 1997 and 1998 and is indelibly linked to the TV series despite being replaced in a money-saving move for streaming and boxed sets.19. The Sopranos 92% Composer: Jake Black and Rob SpraggPerformers: Alabama 3Sinister, brooding, and pulsing with violence, Woke Up This Morning served as the perfect soundtrack to open The Sopranos during its acclaimed six-season run. Yet what s funny about the whole thing is that while the song was used to lure viewers into the world of an old-school New Jersey mafia don, it was written and recorded by an electronica-infused London musical collective — and rather than drawing on organized crime for inspiration, songwriters Jake Black and Rob Spragg were moved to create the song after hearing about a woman sentenced to life in prison after murdering her abusive husband.18. Ally McBeal 61% Composer: Vonda Shepard and Paul Howard GordonPerformer: Vonda ShepardIn the music business, fame can be fleeting — and just when you think you may have missed your shot, the spotlight can swing back around when you least expect it. Such was the case for Vonda Shepard, who scored a huge adult contemporary hit in the late 80s, Can t We Try, as a duet partner for Dan Hill. She was without a major label deal by the tail end of the following decade, but she d built a fanbase that included a certain Michelle Pfeiffer — whose husband, writer/producer David E. Kelley, was developing what would soon become one of the quintessential TV dramedies of its era. Shepard s original song, Searchin My Soul, encapsulated her own journey as well as Ally McBeal s; fittingly, she ended up becoming a recurring character on the series, anchoring four soundtracks and a compilation along the way.17. 30 Rock 78% Composer: Jeff RichmondJust because you re making a workplace sitcom doesn t mean you can t keep things in the family. For proof, look no further than 30 Rock creator, star, and executive producer Tina Fey, who knew exactly where to turn when she needed a theme song: her husband Jeff Richmond, whose jazzy retro jingle helped spark memories of all the TV tropes the soon-to-be cult favorite would mine for gems of satirical and/or surreal humor. Richmond s 30 Rock work would go on to earn a slew of Emmy nominations — and the duo would mix business and pleasure again with the theme for Fey s next sitcom creation, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.16. Community 88% Composer: Ludwig GöranssonPerformer: The 88In a little less than a decade, Ludwig Göransson has emerged as a hotly in-demand talent in the music business, landing an eclectic assortment of projects that runs the gamut from producing pop and hip-hop records to scoring major movies like Creed, Venom, and Black Panther (for which he won an Oscar) — and it all started on the set of Community, where his musical contributions included the theme song, At Least It Was Here. Göransson didn t perform the tune, which was recorded by L.A.-based pop band The 88, but it opened a slew of doors for the Swedish composer — including a long and fruitful association with acclaimed recording artist Childish Gambino, a.k.a. Community veteran Donald Glover.15. Westworld 81% Composer: Ramin DjawadiWestworld s theme hasn t burrowed its way into the collective prestige TV-watching consciousness the way the Game of Thrones theme has, but give it time — as he did with his Thrones theme, composer Ramin Djawadi uses his music to introduce the show by distilling the conflict at the heart of the story, reflecting the tension between more-human-than-human androids and their flesh-and-blood overlords with a melody that weaves between piano and strings.14. Friday Night Lights 97% Composer: W.G. Snuffy WaldenTV shows adapted from movies haven t had the most stellar track record, to put it mildly, so it s easy to forgive the members of Explosions in the Sky for refusing to provide the theme song to the Friday Night Lights series — and just as easy to understand why the showrunners turned to TV music pro W.G. Snuffy Walden for some musical cues that would evoke the Texas band s deeply evocative instrumental style. It was Explosions Your Hand in Mine that anchored the Friday Night Lights movie soundtrack, after all — and the surging Walden score used for the FNL television theme echoed their work so strongly that plenty of fans still think they actually performed it.13. Six Feet Under 81% Composer: Thomas NewmanTV theme songs have come from just about anywhere — older, obscure songs repurposed for new shows; new music commissioned from unlikely sources; even a few seconds of seemingly incidental sound can end up opening a series. But sometimes, a showrunner s best option is to fall back on the tried and true and reach out to a professional composer — as Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball did when he hired Thomas Newman to contribute the theme music for his HBO series. Newman, a frequent Oscar nominee whose work has been heard everywhere from Revenge of the Nerds to The Shawshank Redemption, went on to win an Emmy; these days, Newman is back on the small screen with the theme song for Hulu s Stephen King-inspired Castle Rock.12. Dexter 71% Composer: Daniel LichtDexter juggled a number of elements during its largely acclaimed eight-season run, but at bottom, this Showtime hit was arguably always a horror story — a tone consistently brought out by composer Daniel Licht, whose ability to balance alluring melody with unsettling darkness made him perfect for the series. That blend is particularly evident in Blood Theme, continually evolving versions of which played over Dexter s closing credits; fittingly, Licht first used elements of the composition in music for Necronomicon, an early 90s anthology horror film inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft.11. Malcolm in the Middle  Composers: John Flansburgh and John LinnellPerformer: They Might Be GiantsThey Might Be Giants have made a career out of distilling the absurd into pure pop genius, so it s perhaps only fitting that one of their greatest moments of mainstream success came courtesy of a song that started out as a 30-second introduction to a sitcom. Approached by Malcolm in the Middle creator Linwood Boomer for a theme song, longtime partners John Flansburgh and John Linnell served up Boss of Me, which ended up anchoring a seven-season hit — and winning the duo their first Grammy.10. The Office 81% Composer: Jay FergusonHardcore fans of The Office know that supporting character Creed Bratton is a fictionalized version of his portrayer Creed Bratton, who in real life was a member of the band the Grass Roots and has continued his recording career since the series ended. But Bratton isn t the show s only connection to a 60s and 70s cult favorite group — the theme song was written by Jay Ferguson, who was a member of Spirit before launching a solo career that segued into film and television work. His impressively eclectic credits also include a cut on the Terminator soundtrack and the Nightmare on Elm Street 5 score, but this ode to Dunder Mifflin might always be his greatest hit.9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 96% Composer: Jeff RichmondA sitcom about a young woman experiencing the world after being freed from captivity in an underground bunker for 15 years faces a number of uphill battles right off the bat, not the least of which is the question of how to come up with a theme song that makes audiences okay with playing such a horrific premise for cheerful laughs. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt had a secret weapon in composer Jeff Richmond, who just so happens to be married to series co-creator Tina Fey — and who teamed up with Songify the News masterminds the Gregory Brothers to create a suitably silly fake viral news clip a la Bed Intruder. 8. Curb Your Enthusiasm 92% Composer: Luciano MicheliniLuciano Michelini s Frolic couldn t have made a better theme for Curb Your Enthusiasm if he d tried — which works out perfectly, since the Italian composer penned the piece for the 1974 Italian film La Bellissima Estate, decades before this long-running HBO comedy was even a glimmer in Larry David s eye. As David later explained, he came up with the idea of using Michelini s music after hearing Frolic in a bank commercial and deciding it would make an ideal counterpoint to some of his character s more misanthropic behavior. Nine seasons later (and counting), it s still a perfect match.7. Law & Order  Composer: Mike PostBy any measure, it s hard to overstate Mike Post s influence on the television music landscape. A towering presence during the 70s and 80s, Post collected an impressive array of pop radio hits as a TV composer — his instrumental themes for The Rockford Files, Hill Street Blues, and Magnum P.I. all made the Top 40, while the theme for The Greatest American Hero, featuring vocals from the immortal Joey Scarbury, was a No. 2 smash. All that being said, it s Post s work for Law Order that might be most widely remembered today — and not only the theme song, but the scene-changing sound effect, dubbed  The Clang, that became an L O franchise mainstay.6. Doctor Who 92% Composer: Ron Grainer and Delia DerbyshireFew television series have balanced permanence and change as artfully as Doctor Who. A BBC mainstay from the early 60s through the late 80s, the show remained beloved by sci-fi fans during its years in TV limbo — and it s attracted a whole new generation of fans since returning to the airwaves full-time in 2005. Along the way, the Who theme song (titled simply Doctor Who ) has remained a haunting through line, with Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire s groundbreaking original arrangement echoing through every subsequent update.5. The Walking Dead 80% Composer: Bear McCrearyOne of the most TV s prolific composers, Bear McCreary s work includes the themes for Starz series Outlander, Black Sails, and DaVinci s Demons. He s also responsible for The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the Battlestar Galactica 2004 series, Defiance, as well as film and video game titles. The Walking Dead went on to be the most watched series on TV, and its haunting theme is instantly recognizable.4. Mad Men 94% Composer: Ramble Jon Krohn, a.k.a. RJD2Performer: RJD2Spurned by Beck, who later recalled scoffing at the idea of a television show about ad executives in the 60s, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner was stuck for a theme song — until he happened to catch the instrumental version of A Beautiful Mine. Originally written by producer RJD2 for Magnificent City, his 2006 collaboration with rapper Aceyalone, the song was reissued without vocals on RJD2 s appropriately titled Magnificent City Instrumentals LP the same year; Weiner was hooked by a snippet of the track between stories on NPR, and the rest was television history.3. The Simpsons 85% Composer: Danny ElfmanHe wouldn t give up his day job as the frontman for art-pop collective Oingo Boingo until the mid- 90s, but Danny Elfman started branching out into film work with Pee-wee s Big Adventure in 1985, launching a side hustle that would eventually come to largely define public perception of his career. Elfman s composed a slew of soundtrack works since, but the most widely heard of them all is probably the Simpsons theme, which has primed audiences for the jaundiced Springfield clan s animated adventures over a record-setting run that includes more than 600 episodes (and counting).2. Friends  Composers: Phil Sōlem, Danny Wilde, David Crane, Marta Kauffman, Michael Skloff, and Allee WillisPerformer: The RembrandtsThe Rembrandts will always be best remembered for performing the theme song to Friends, but it wasn t supposed to be that way. Singer/songwriters Phil Solem and Danny Wilde had already released a pair of albums (the first of which, their self-titled 1990 effort, included a Top 15 hit in Just the Way It Is, Baby ), and recorded the 45-second original version of I ll Be There for You strictly as a work for hire. After the show took off and a Nashville radio station started broadcasting a full-length edit of the song that they d cobbled together by looping audio from the opening credits, it snowballed into a hit — and Solem and Wilde were pressured into cutting an official version that ended up overshadowing their third album, LP. The duo split soon after, but reunited after the turn of the millennium. Friends fans, meanwhile, are still hoping for a reunion of their own.1. Game of Thrones 89% Composer: Ramin DjawadiTo set the stage for television s most epic fantasy drama, composer Ramin Djawadi wrote a main theme with a stirring, propulsive melody — one perfectly suited to get viewers in the mood for dragon battles while sweeping over a map of the show s world. Though Djawadi worked largely in minor keys — reflective of the dark lengths to which Game of Thrones characters often go — observant listeners will notice major keys peeking through the gloom as the song goes on, a musical manifestation of the battle between darkness and light.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.Thumbnail photo credit: AMC/HBO/Fox
Warner Bros. Pictures new trailer for their upcoming Shazam! doubles down on the lighter tone of the first trailer, released back during Comic-Con in July, and continues to offer potential audiences a look at one of the more whimsical superheroes in his seemingly natural habitat – a coming-of-age story set in the DC Comics world of powers, magic and the Batman. But the trailer also offers a few clues into some interesting ideas layered into the story. So let’s take a look at five things we learned from the Shazam! trailer.The Speed of Mercury(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)In both trailers, Billy (Asher Angel as a boy and Zachary Levi as the hero) reaches out to his friend Freddy (Jack Dylan Grazer) to help him with all this superhero stuff. In the earlier trailer, we learned Freddy is all about the heroes. He even tries to get Billy to admit to the superpower he wants most. And now that Billy has powers – thanks to the Wizard Shazam (Djimon Honsou) – the two explore the limits of his abilities.In the comic books, the Shazam powers include the Wisdom of Solomon, the Strength of Hercules, the Stamina of Atlas, the Power of Zeus, the Courage of Achilles, and the Speed of Mercury. The Power of Zeus (as electricity manipulation), the Courage of Achilles (as “bullet immunity”), and the Strength of Hercules (conventional super-strength) were highlighted in the earlier trailer and a few television ads, but the new trailer finally showcases the Speed of Mercury in its purest form – Flash-like superspeed, which he uses to save Mary (Grace Fulton) about halfway through the trailer. As it happens, the Speed of Mercury is also the source of his ability to fly, although, as we see late in the trailer, it is first the means to leap great distances – just like Superman in his early days – and requires Billy’s concentration to master. We also expect the Wisdom of Solomon will be the last of the powers Billy will acquire, considering how often the trailers remind you he is just a boy.Philadelphia Born and Raised(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)The opening shot of the new trailer reveals Shazam! s specific geographic location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This is, of course, a departure from the comics, where Billy, Freddy, and the rest of the Shazam family live in Fawcett City – itself a nod to the character’s original publisher, Fawcett Comics. But in lieu of putting another DC Superhero in another fictional city, relocating Shazam! to Detroit offers the hero a certain grounding. Which is a good thing considering just how fantastical Shazam! really is, with its mix of magic, caped superheroes, and super-genius villains. Building up a new DC city would take too much time and energy away from making Billy’s journey to a dependable hero believable and fun.That said, we’d still love to see Hub City or Opal City featured in a DC film or television series some day.Commercial Heroes(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)One of the most interesting and recurring details across both trailers is the commercialization of the Justice League. Entering the realm of meta-commentary, we see Freddy already owns items like a Batarang replica – but then, who doesn’t at this point? – and an Aquaman logo T-shirt which looks like it came directly from a promotional event for that film.But in the new trailer, the commercialization of the League becomes a point of comedy, as the hero uses a 1/2 scale Batman toy to hinder his opponent, Sivana (Mark Strong). The toy even says the Dark Knight’s signature line “I’m Batman!” before Billy launches it at his foe. It is doubtful a bit of plastic can stop the villain, but Billy has plenty of other products to pelt him with, including toy utility belts, plastic busts, fashion dolls, child-sized costumes, and even branded skateboards.And at this point, there is plenty to poke fun at in regards to the Justice League as a toy brand. For decades, Warner Bros. has been licensing the characters and their logos for products as expensive as a recent Batman: The Animated Series Batcave playset and as cheap as paper birthday party supplies. It s something that comics and television shows have touched upon, but it is new material for a live-action film based on the DC Comics characters.The Powers Of Sivana(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)And where would Shazam! be without a proper antagonist? With the character’s traditional archenemy, Black Adam, held in reserve for either the sequel or his own solo film starring Dwayne Johnson, the first film focuses on the hero’s oldest foe, Dr. Thaddeus Sivana. This version of the character, though, may not be the one comic book fans would naturally expect to see.For most of his existence, Sivana has been a character of science, using his intellect and inventions to battle the hero and conquer the world. His attempts always, eventually, fail. In more recent years, he was revised into a scientist desperate to quantify magic, with a raid on Black Adam’s tomb giving him the ability to “see” magic in one eye a visual cue definitely present in the trailer.But for the purposes of the film, Sivana is a former pupil of the Wizard Shazam. And as seen in the trailer, he appears to have some of Billy’s powers as well – the Powers of Zeus, Hercules, and Achilles being the most obvious. He also deduces that Billy is much younger than his hero self, though you wouldn t need the Wisdom of Solomon to guess that. Nevertheless, that knowledge will come in handy as Sivana and Billy become mortal enemies.He Doesn’t Have A Name… Yet(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)And if you’ve noticed we’ve avoided referring to Billy as “Shazam” whenever possible, that s because of the key moment in the second trailer when Freddy refers to him as “Captain Sparklefingers.” It feels important. There is also a subsequent moment, after Billy saves Mary with the Speed of Mercury, in which she awkwardly says, “you are the hero. ” It tells us that for most the film, Billy will be in search of a name. It is a thematically interesting idea that corresponds to Shazam’s publishing history in a very unique way.The character debuted in 1940 as Captain Marvel. His comics – published by Fawcett – soon began to outsell Superman and Action Comics. As impossible as it seems now, he was the most popular superhero of the decade. Noting the similarities to their character, DC tried to sue Captain Marvel out of existence, and after 8 years of litigation, Fawcett settled and ceased publishing Captain Marvel comics in 1953. This would lead to the creation of Marvelman in the UK comics scene – a story for another time – and eventually, Marvel Comics debuted their own Captain Marvel, making sure to file a trademark on the name in 1967. When DC finally bought Captain Marvel and the associated characters, they were forced to refer to him as “Shazam” on comic book covers while still calling him Captain Marvel in the interior pages. This practice finally ceased in 2011, when the company declared he only had one name: Shazam.Nonetheless, people still enjoy pointing out this curious bit of comic book history, made all the more curious by the fact that Marvel s Captain Marvel feature film and DC s Shazam! open in theaters a month apart. It seems the destinies of all Captain Marvel characters are inexorably linked.Either way, all signs point to Billy embracing the Shazam name by the end of the film. If that turns out to be the case, the issue of Billy’s superhero name will parallel his journey to control his powers and save the day. It s suitably whimsical, even if the film downplays some of the character’s more whimsical elements (like a verbal tiger man called Tawky Tawny). But it leaves us wondering if Freddy and Mary – who became the heroes Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel in the comics – will go on similar journeys, should they receive powers in a sequel.Shazam! opens everywhere on April 5.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

Ryan Fujitani for Rotten Tomatoes: Let s talk about Vice. It s an interesting movie, and while it s a comedic take on its subject, it s not quite a farce, and Adam McKay clearly wanted to channel some authenticity into these real people that you and your co-stars were portraying. How did you find that line between an effective, comedic portrayal of George W. Bush and an outright caricature?Sam Rockwell: Well, you know, the impression always has to take a back seat to reality, and that s always the rule for me. If the impression overrides the acting, I mean, you ve got a problem. Because I think, ultimately, when we watched Daniel Day Lewis play Abe Lincoln, I think we re seeing Abe Lincoln, but I think we re also seeing the heart and soul of Daniel Day Lewis and all the attributes that he thinks are similar to Lincoln and what he imagines Lincoln would have been like. Ultimately, you want to see the actor s heart and soul come through. You don t want to just see an impression, I think. Otherwise it s just, you know, who cares?RT: Did you have to set aside your own personal feelings about him, whether positive or negative, to play him as he was written in the script?Rockwell: No, not at all. It s not really that kind of a movie. It s more of a big American epic, you know? It s kind of like, I don t know, like Citizen Kane and The Big Short. It s like that kind of a big kind of movie. You re right, though. It s not a farce and it s not a biopic, either. It s sort of somewhere, I don t know what it is. I also haven t seen it, so I m going off of the script that I read. So I don t know.RT: I think you ll be surprised by some of it.Rockwell: There was a dancing number in there. I think it was cut, but there was a big dance number, so it was all over the place. Stylistically it breaks the narrative, you know?RT: Were you in that dance number?Rockwell: No, I wish!RT: I was going to say Rockwell: I ve been working with that choreographer, though, right now. Yeah, I m playing Bob Fosse.RT: Right! I m looking forward to that.Rockwell: Yeah, it s going to be good.RT: You re uncannily spot on as President Bush. Do you know if Adam McKay specifically had you in mind for the role? Rockwell: I don t know if he did or not. I think he said he did, but I don t know. I mean, he d already had the best. Will Ferrell is pretty, pretty good, so it s like, how do you follow that? I think it was just me and Christian [Bale] matched up in age, too, you know? Sort of the right age group, and I think it just felt right. I had the advantage of a prosthetic nose; that helps a lot to make me look more like him.RT: Was there ever any concern about how your portrayal might be received by the man himself?Rockwell: I really found him very charming, so I was trying to find the humanity in him and stuff. I tried to come at it from trying to find sort of this boyish charm that he had.RT: Did you ever get to meet him?Rockwell: No, I never did. I tried to. I played phone tag with his P.R. person.RT: So your research was mostly watching clips Rockwell: Pretty much online, yeah. And then I listened to his book. He reads his book on tape, his autobiography.RT: Politics aside, what do you think about this recent shift in public opinion to embrace George W. Bush as sort of a harmless grandfather figure who hands out free candy?Rockwell: You know, I ve been under the Fosse rock for a while. I m completely oblivious to everything but Fosse right now. I haven t really been keeping up on what s happening, current events.Vice is currently in theaters everywhere.
Netflix, Black Lives MatterThe original Netflix content debuting in February alone — Malcolm Marie, mother-daughter dramedy Ginny Georgia, the second season of Tiffany Haddish s stand-up comedy showcase They Ready — is worth a look, but then there are the dozens of the streaming service s features and series available to watch (Orange Is the New Black, Dear White People, When They See Us, 13th, Quincy, Da 5 Bloods, #blackAF, Beyonce s Homecoming), plus currently streaming titles like Moonlight, Fruitvale Station, and CW drama All American.Amazon Prime Video, Amplify Black VoicesAmazon’s curated page will feature collections according to three major themes: Black Joy in week 1, Black Love in week 2, Black History Makers in week 3 and Black Girl Magic in week 4, and all of the titles will celebrate the voices of Black actors, producers, writers, and filmmakers. Recent original titles include Steve McQueen’s Small Axe anthology, Tessa Thompson in Sylvie’s Love, and Regina King’s One Night in Miami. Check out films from King’s own recommended watchlist, which includes Blindspotting, If Beale Street Could Talk, Poetic Justice, Selma, and The Color Purple. Amazon also offers classics like Coming to America, Soul Food, and more.HBO Max, Black History Is Our HistoryThe Warner Bros.–backed streaming service is offering hours of curated programming — including films, documentaries, biopics, original programming, and animation that focus on the Black experience — via a central programming hub. Watch celebrated documentaries like John Lewis: Good Trouble or Say Her Name: The Life And Death of Sandra Bland and original programming like Charm City Kings, Lovecraft Country, Watchmen, A Black Lady Sketch Show, and Euphoria. Check back throughout the month for new adds, including Chewing Gum, Drumline, Love Basketball, and Training Day, which will all join the streaming service in February.Hulu, Celebrating Black StoriesHulu promises a not-just-for-February collection of inspiring Black artists, talent, voices, and visionaries. A series hosted by Craig Robinson, Your Attention Please introduces the audience to Black makers, thinkers, creators, and doers who are shaping the future of Black history, and they ll be able to peruse hubs for documentaries and biopics, popular TV shows starring Black leads, and content from the minds of Black creatives. Highlights include films like Sorry to Bother You and Ali, sketch comedy series like Sherman s Showcase and Key Peele, sitcoms like Living Single and black-ish, dramas like Underground and Little Fires Everywhere, and more.FEBRUARY CALENDAR
With nine seasons and countless one liners, the U.S. version of  The Office has cemented itself as one of the most popular shows of all time. Sure, you could rewatch it for the third fourth 10th time, or you can try something new. Here are five titles we think you’ll love if you love The Office.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
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(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images)Every casting in the MCU has made headlines, from the inspired albeit unconventional casting of Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man to the moments-before-San-Diego-Comic-Con casting of Simu Liu in Shang-Chi. Just about everyone has had an opinion on who should play these iconic comic book characters on screen, and they ve been debated, scrutinized, and celebrated in every corner of the internet. But it may surprise some to learn these difficult choices have all rested in the hands of one woman. Over the course of 12 years, 24 films, and hundreds of roles, casting director Sarah Halley Finn has been the unseen force pumping the lifeblood directly into the heart of the MCU. Today, it may seem like a no-brainer now to cast RDJ as Tony Stark or Chris Pratt as Star-Lord, but in the early days, neither name was at the top of the Marvel wish list. It was thanks to Halley Finn s foresight and persistence that both actors were paired with their roles, but the MCU s lead casting director insists her efforts are a collaborative process.  Casting over 1,000 roles has allowed Finn to accumulate a few stories of near-castings and tales of actors who took a little more convincing to say yes, some of which she shared with us when we chatted with her a few weeks ago. Read on for our extended conversation with Sarah Halley Finn, in which she chats about casting not only RDJ and Pratt, but also some yet-to-be-cast actors she hopes to add to the ever-growing universe. Iron Man: He wasn t exactly known as an action hero. (Photo by Marvel Studios) The casting is always this collaborative process with the director and the writers and the producers, each trying to find the absolutely perfect embodiment of this character. And as we were working on Iron Man for a couple of months, we were really talking about a lot of different people that could play the part. But we kept coming back to Downey. Of course, everything you see onscreen is the reason why we kept thinking about him. And ultimately, because it wasn t a slam dunk at the time he tested for it. He had been known for Oscar-nominated work. He was an incredible actor. He wasn t exactly known as an action hero. This was a very different kind of role, and he hadn t been doing the same work for a few years, so he was willing to screen test. And that was the proposal that we made to our people as a way to just find out if it was really the way to go for the character. So because he agreed to screen test, we worked on it fast, and really, he came onto the soundstage in high spirits. I remember walking him in and I remember it so crystal clear   he came in high spirits. He knew what he wanted to do. I think he felt good, and I think as soon as he said the words, we all knew we had arrived. Captain America: No one else could play Steve Rogers except him. (Photo by Marvel Studios) After Chris Evans turned us down, I think it was the creatives who made that happen. It s Kevin Feige, it s Joe [Johnston]. It was really about helping him understand that there is an exciting character to play. It was not just an idea. He might have had a thought of what this means in the comic book universe but not what ideas it was about. But I know he also considered what this represented for his life and all those kinds of considerations you re aware of that and what he was weighing at the time. But it was really the creative engagement detailing about how he was the perfect person to bring this character to life, how no one else could play Steve Rogers except him and why, and what qualities he had that were perfect for it. And then they got creatively engaged to the point where it s harder to say no. Hulk: I had worked with Mark off-Broadway in New York, and it was really exciting when he jumped in. (Photo by Marvel Studios) Hulk was already in production when I came onto Iron Man, so I was not involved in casting [Edward Norton], and I think for whatever reasons, [Norton] was not involved when I was doing Avengers. So again, it was talking to Joss [Whedon], talking to Kevin, my team. How do we see this character now? What are his qualities? What are we looking for? Who is the best person to bring him to life? I had worked with Mark forever ago, off-Broadway in New York, and I had known him for a long, long time. And it was really exciting when he jumped in, and jumped in quickly. He was cast right before San Diego Comic-Con correct?  Yes, but there are hours and hours of stories for every single person, and that happens with more people than you might think, because one of the things is these actors aren t just sent a script. It s not like they re just sent a script that they can say yes or no to it. The scripts are secret. They re confidential. They get hand-delivered with a security guard and they re waiting in the car while you read. It s really sometimes a long process and of engagement with the creatives, with the director, and with Kevin [Feige], to help people understand the world. Maybe there s some artwork, maybe there are some examples of things that can get them to understand what they re going to be playing, but it s not always as easy as it might seem. Thor: Yes, both Liam and Chris Hemsworth read and were the loveliest guys. (Photo by Marvel Studios) It took months. In truth, I have not slept in 10 years. Are you kidding? [Laughs] Yes, both [Liam and Chris Hemsworth] read and were the loveliest guys. But for Thor, Liam was young. He was so young at the time, and it was a long process, and hopefully, we ve gotten it right. But we ve got Liam in our sights. We ll find something for him. [Laughs] It seems like there was no one else to play that part now, but when we were approaching Thor with Kenneth Branagh, we knew this guy had to be part Shakespearean. Asgard had to exist in a complete otherworld and yet be utterly relatable and human. And that was a very difficult combination. And the material we were using for auditions, was a Shakespeare scene. So it took some callbacks, and some work, to really feel like we had arrived there. And then Thor changed entirely with Thor: Ragnorok. Yeah, it s amazing and it s really gratifying for me, because I think another hope when we re casting these roles is that we re going to find actors who have the range to go a really long distance. And I think when Chris Hemsworth broke, we knew he was a movie star, but I don t think people saw in him the performance he just gave in Thor: Ragnarok and Endgame. To see him make that leap to comedy and the way the audiences responded to him, it was so exciting. It s like an actor you know, and yet, you re discovering him in completely a new way, and really fun to be able to surround him with interesting characters like Korg and all the other characters that you see him interact with. Star-Lord: We had to find somebody who was really sympathetic but also understood the humor, pace, and rhythms. (Photo by Marvel Studios) Actually [Chris Pratt] came up after he read because there were a lot of things we were trying to accomplish. We really want this to be perfect. We wanted it to be perfect for us, and a movie for the fans, and it was a long search on Guardians of the Galaxy. It doesn t seem like a difficult role, but it s a difficult role. He s heroic, but he s a bit childish. He comes into his own. He s very funny, and he also has this deep issue that he struggles with abandonment from his father and his childhood so there s a lot of layers that go in. We had to find somebody who was really sympathetic but also understood the humor, pace, and rhythms; and could bring all of the dimensions of the character to life. Chris was known for comedy; he wasn t necessarily known as heroic. He also wasn t known as an action guy. Chris had done another audition for me for another Marvel film, and I had seen those kinds of heroic noble qualities in him, and I knew he had the comedy. And I had seen Zero Dark Thirty and Moneyball, so I knew he could bring the action element to the role.And so, I kept bringing it up to James, to the point where James I read in a print [magazine] called me annoying and didn t really see him for the role. He claims that I tricked him. I don t really remember it that way. [Laughs]  It just so happened that Pratt was coming to read and James was there at the same time. So, yeah. [Laughs] Well, the one thing I will say, what s great about James is that he was very public on the press tour to be like, No, this is Sarah. I didn t see it, but I m so glad she made me do it. That s also great about working with him. It was very generous of him to be as open as he was about the process. And frankly, we had a lot of humor and that kind of camaraderie throughout the casting process. It really helped, and it helped him work with Chris. It helped Dave Bautista, who hadn t had a lot of acting roles, feel comfortable. And I think that his energy, his humor, his compassion, as an artist and as a director, was infused throughout the whole production. I think you can feel that in all the performances. The Guardians: Ensemble casting takes a lot of thought and a lot of work, and we test things out. (Photo by Marvel Studios) By the way, ensemble casting takes a lot of thought and a lot of work, and we test things out, you know? Once we cast Chris [Pratt], we were able to think about the qualities that he brought to the role, and then how to juxtapose that and how to support that in different ways to make the film interesting. So with [Dave Bautista], we knew that their chemistry was going to be really important, for Drax and Star-Lord to have something. And again, we did some mix and matches. We tried different ideas, but Dave and Chris really clicked. And so, it was being able to see that. And then, conversely, with Zoe [Saldana], we knew we really wanted somebody strong who was going to go up against him and give him a run for his money in a certain way, and she really brought that. And that s the process with any group casting. Rocket: You need to present the voice as a fully dimensional, living, breathing character, especially with someone like Rocket. (Photo by Marvel Studios) I approach voice actors the same exact way I approach the onscreen characters. I think that you need to present the voice as a fully dimensional, living, breathing character, especially with someone like Rocket. There s incredible pathos he brings, and he s damaged and wounded. And yet, you want to care for him, and you want to love him, and you want to laugh with him. And I think the audience got completely behind him. Basically, when we started thinking about the character, we re looking for the essential qualities. Who do we want to convey this emotion? How does the director want that character to come to life? So with Rocket, we had a very good idea of what James wanted, but we went through over a hundred voices, probably more. And that s my team, which is amazing, and taking James thoughts and notes. And we asked the other departments to give us any visual aids we could start pairing and mixing and matching a wide range of vocal qualities, of temperaments, of cadence, to try to see what would and all that comes together for how we could best personify that role. Spider-Man: The search went on for over a year just to cast that one role. (Photo by Chuck Zlotnick/Columbia Pictures) Can I talk about that? [Laughs] Those guys Asa Butterfield, Timothée Chalamet, and even Tom Holland have been really open about discussing it. Yeah, well they re all amazingly talented actors. I can say that much. They re all amazingly talented actors, but again, it was a role that we were trying to combine very specific elements and a range of qualities. So, for various reasons, I think the search went on for over a year just to cast that one role. And I think they ve all gone on and done great, and I think Tom has really done right by the character. The Villains: Michael B. Jordan s role was so poignant. (Photo by Matt Kennedy /© Marvel / © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures) I don t think we necessarily approached casting a villain in a different way from casting anybody else. You re still going, What are the essential qualities we re looking for and who s the best person to bring that to life? And in Black Panther, Michael B. Jordan s role was so poignant. It captured everything we hoped to do, which is create a multi-dimensional character who is not one-sided and who audiences can understand even if they re doing bad things. New Faces in the MCU: We can look anywhere. Marvel is so open. (Photo by Courtesy @DisneyStudios Twitter) It gives me so much energy to see more [diversity] in the MCU, and I m so excited to go into work every day, because I feel like there are no limits. We can look anywhere. Marvel is so open. It s a new day, and really, we are going to try anything. We have a deaf actress, Lauren Ridloff, who joined The Eternals, and right now we re looking for an 18-year-old Muslim-Pakistani female. It is beyond exciting. Casting Disney+: We re really approaching the streaming shows like movies. Yeah, it s very early but we re really approaching the streaming shows like movies. They re going to be very satisfying, I hope. We re really not looking at them any differently. They re incredible storytelling. We have incredible writers. We re putting together incredible casts, incredible directors. Very ambitious visions for these shows and the present a lot of new challenges but I m really excited. Casting Oscar Winners: They re able to stretch and do something that might be completely different. (Photo by Chuck Zlotnick ©Marvel Studios 2019) When I first came to the MCU and I was working on Iron Man, I was walking down the hall and somebody was making fun of me and saying, Oh, what, are we just going to have all Academy Award winners and nominees in the film? And I had a moment of panic thinking, Oh, my God, I m going to make the most boring superhero ever. What s it going to be? Nobody s going to relate to it. But [knocks wood] it s worked out well, and I think for these actors, there s a lot to play. There s a huge range to a lot of these characters, and sometimes it s just something really different. Look at what Cate Blanchett did in Thor: Ragnarok. It was fantastic. But Kevin and the mindset at Marvel is very collaborative. It s collaborative with the directors, it s collaborating with the actors. Creatively, they re all able to play in the sandbox. They re able to stretch and do something that might be completely different. So for someone like Brie Larson, yes, it s a leap to go from Room to Captain Marvel, but the way she embraced that character was complete, you know? She did the physical training. She researched it, she dug in with the directors and wanted to find out how to create this character in the way that I think actors approach in a role. So yeah, it was the whole process for her and for every actor to who takes on one of these roles. A Wish List for The Female Avengers? I don t know. I don t know if I can give you a few? I ve got a hundred. But I don t feel like I can No, I can t. I can t say. It s like asking me to pick my favorite kid. I can t do it. But hit me back after [Phase Five], maybe. Then I can tell you. Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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Ghcxuf show, Cooked with Cannabis on @Netflix!! As a chef, I was intrigued by the food + as an everyday person, I was interested in how powerful this topic is in today s society. I hope you all will tune in, it ll be a good time! We launch on 4/20! pic.twitter.com/zLzOvsTAO8 KELIS (@kelis) March 18, 2020The Netflix synopsis:Long gone are the days of pot brownies and marijuana cookies. Today, the top chefs around the country and around the world are creating cannabis-infused culinary masterpieces. Here lies the most fun-filled, fascinating and mouth-watering cooking competition series that gives a whole new meaning to the word baked. Development News: The Masked Singer’s Swan Gets Fox Deal(Photo by Fox)Straight off her appearance as the Swan on The Masked Singer, Shake It Up and Famous in Love star Bella Thorne has signed a deal with Fox to create teen-aimed scripted and unscripted shows for the network. (Variety)The Academy of Country Music is also bringing top acts to viewers via at-home performances, with the two-hour ACM Presents: Our Country special on April 5 on CBS. Acts, to be announced later, will perform acoustic numbers and talk about their favorite moments from past ACM awards shows.In honor of The Office’s 15th anniversary, fans have the chance to vote on the show’s all-time greatest episode, via a March Madness-style bracket on Twitter. Round 1 is complete, but there’s still time to help decide the top pick. Okay, Dunder Mifflin. It’s time. Before the 15th anniversary of #TheOffice, let s find out which episode reigns supreme. #Office15 pic.twitter.com/QPa7fdZRq8 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚘𝚏𝚏𝚒𝚌𝚎 (@theofficenbc) March 17, 2020Fox Corporation is acquiring free (advertiser-supported) streaming service Tubi, which provides nearly 25 million viewers with thousands of TV shows – like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette,  Dark Shadows, The Dead Zone, and Degrassi: The Next Generation – and movies – like Minority Report, Black Hawk Down, and Thelma Louise. Fox, which will pay 0 million for Tubi, doesn’t currently have its own streaming service, as Fox Corp. is separate from 20th Century Studios (formerly 20th Century Fox), which is now under the Disney umbrella. (The Verge)Meanwhile, Fox has made Fox News available to viewers to stream for free at FoxNews.com, without cable access, during the pandemic. (THR)AMC Networks streaming services Shudder and Sundance Now are offering free 30-day trials.Bring on the 30 for 30 marathons: How is ESPN going to program hundreds of hours of airtime with no professional or college live sporting events. The answer: lots of breaking news and replays of archive games, possibly an early premiere of a 10-part docuseries about Michael Jordan’s final NBA season, and, yes, lots of the network’s wonderful 30 for 30 installments. (Vulture)New York City prosecutor Linda Fairstein is suing Netflix and producer Ava DuVernay for defamation over her portrayal in the 2019 Emmy-winning limited series When They See Us. Fairstein alleges the series portrayed her in a “false and defamatory manner.” She was among those sued by the “Central Park Five,” the young men charged with and wrongly convicted of the sexual assault of a jogger in Central Park in 1989. DNA evidence and a confession by another man cleared the five young men, who later successfully sued the city of New York and a group of prosecutors that included Fairstein. (THR) DuVernay previously told The Daily Beast that Fairstein had tried to negotiate her participation: she tried to negotiate conditions for her to speak with me, including approvals over the script and some other things. So you know what my answer was to that, and we didn’t talk. And finally, the latest TV show to get the Funko Pop! figure treatment: Schitt’s Creek. Characters available for preorder include (Amazon links): Moira, Johnny, Alexis, and David. View this post on Instagram a little light in the darkness… #schittscreek @originalfunko pops are finally here!A post shared by Schitt s Creek (@schittscreek) on Mar 18, 2020 at 7:40am PDT 😈😈


亚博app下载网站 但更令我惊喜的是,这次的《天谕》手游并不满足于对经典端游的还原,反而在致力于创造一种新的MMO形式;可能在大多数玩家的眼中,传统的MMO游戏就是一条龙玩法,先用一条主线剧情来限制住玩家,进而用繁杂、重复的每日任务来填充玩家的游戏时间。

Alfred Hitchcock famously made cameos in nearly all of his films. As far as trailers for those films went, though, he often made much more than a cameo – he was the star. “Hitch” led audiences on a tour through the Bates home and motel for the famous trailer for his 1960 chiller Psycho and, in a trailer for The Birds, jovially lectured us on the ways humans have helped our winged friends over the years – making hats of them, putting them in gilded cages… even making meals of them. (It was never going to end well.)For this episode of Rotten Tomatoes’ new video series, ‘Trailers Reloaded,’ we’re reliving the best of Hitchcock’s trailers – for films like Psycho and The Birds, Dial M for Murder and To Catch a Thief. It’s a journey back through time that offers a fascinating perspective on how movie advertising has changed, and one that proves the Master of Suspense was also a masterful builder of audience anticipation.In Trailers Reloaded you can re-experience your own awesome sense of anticipation for some of the biggest movies ever, with collections of trailers ranging from Hitchcock classics right through to the Harry Potter movies and Marvel’s epic teasers for the films of the MCU. The series is just one of many new series you can find on The Rotten Tomatoes Channel, now available on The Roku Channel and Peacock, and soon to be available on XUMO TV, and beyond. The channel is a 24/7 non-stop ode to the best in movies and TV, packed with nostalgic looks back at great moments and awesome trailers, interviews with mega-stars and game-changing filmmakers, and trivia, games, and hilarious debates. Check it out – we think you’ll like it.Learn more about The Rotten Tomatoes Channel and where to watch it. 前不久,《天涯明月刀》手游上线了春季资料片,为了赶在《逆水寒》手游正式上线前尽可能的扩大影响力,腾讯竟然使出了一个“损招”,把广告铺遍网易旗下游戏的贴吧,尤其是《逆水寒》和《一梦江湖》手游这两个最直接的竞争对手。原本以为这是一个妙招,但是让腾讯想不到的是,这种“偷家”的行为却引起了网易玩家们的利用,他们反倒在这个广告贴下发布了游戏的最新消息,成功策反了一大波《天涯明月刀》手游的玩家……

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