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AG体育平台采用百度引擎4(Baidu 3)(Photo by Universal / courtesy Everett Collection)All Brendan Fraser Movies, Ranked by TomatometerLike a defrosted caveman, Brendan Fraser arrived out of nowhere when he starred as the titular Encino Man in 1992. The Paleolithic cult movie is a prototypical 90s comedy: It s broad, goofy, and Pauly Shore is never more than 10 feet away off-camera. Airheads and George of the Jungle were more in that 90s style, while 1998 s Gods and Monsters showed off Fraser s range. (Though School Ties, released the same year as Encino Man, had already proven some dramatic chops.) The Mummy turned Fraser into an international star, with the 1999 blockbuster remembered fondly today.But flops began to mount (Monkeybone, Dudley Do-Right, Looney Tunes: Back in Action), and though Fraser was in Best Picture-winner Crash, so was half of Hollywood. Even The Mummy unraveled: The box office returns for Returns were good, but the Rachel Weisz-less Tomb of the Dragon Emperor bombed, killing the franchise in 2008. By 2010, we were witnessing Fraser getting blasted by skunks in Furry Vengeance and yelling Miley Cyrus! as an expletive. After 2013 s Gimme Shelter, Fraser seemed to be no longer cast in movies.At the end of the decade, Fraser s voice was being heard again. He was Robotman in DC Comics series Titans. Well-received by fans, Robotman got upgraded to main status in spin-off Doom Patrol. Along with a recurring role in The Affair s third season, Fraser s re-appearance made audiences wonder about the likable, genial actor s long absence. The question was answered in a 2018 GQ interview, where Fraser alleges he was sexually assaulted in 2003 by Philip Berk, president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and was subsequently blacklisted by the industry for speaking out.From this revelation (and more, like a contentious divorce, surgeries from doing stunt work, and the death of his mother), Fraser has emerged as a populist figure in the celebrity world, one whose fans are drawn to because of his survival through mistreatment and struggle. Like Britney Spears (whose conservatorship battle is documented in Framing Britney Spears), Fraser was once mocked and laughed at, but is now generating easy and eager goodwill after cultural re-examination of victimhood and predatory showbiz behavior. Directors seem glad Fraser s around again: Steven Soderbergh put him on-screen in No Sudden Move, Fraser s first Certified Fresh movie in 17 years. And the comeback continues with his casting in Darren Aronofsky s The Whale and Martin Scorsese s Killers of the Flower Moon.Now, we re ranking all Brendan Fraser movies by Tomatometer!

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mics character — set to debut after the network’s winter break. 2020 will also see the debut of Stargirl on DC Universe, the return of Doom Patrol, and one or two more surprises.But looking at the upcoming Fall season, there’s still plenty to keep us busy. The Arrowverse will be facing the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover while Riverdale forecasts a world without Jughead. It is a time of Walkers, Titans, and a couple of new women making their mark on the Comics on TV landscape. So let’s take a look at what the 2019 fall season has to offer. And as we did last year, we’ll offer some comic book recommendations with thematic or direct ties to each show.Titans: Season 2 (2019) 81% Returns: September 6 on DC UniverseWhat to Expect: Once Dick Grayson (Brenton Thwaites) breaks free of Trigon’s (Seamus Dever) grasp, he will reopen Titans Tower and reestablish the team with Rachel (Teagan Croft), Kori (Anna Diop), Gar (Ryan Potter), Jason (Curran Walters), and Donna (Conor Leslie). Hawk (Alan Ritchson) and Dove (Minka Kelly) may also join the new team, but their status is a little more up in the air following their fight with the Nuclear Family. Meanwhile, Deathstroke’s (Esai Morales) children Jericho (Chella Man) and Rose (Chelsea Zhang) escape from his grasp to train with the Titans. It is a move fraught with danger as the legendary assassin is the reason Dick ended the team five year ago. What any of this has to do with the Superboy (Joshua Orpin) who escaped from Cadmus is anyone’s guess.Suggested Reading: The New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract by Marv Wolfman, George Perez, Ernie Colon, and Adrienne Roy () % Debuts: September 25 on ABCWhat to Expect: Dex Parios (Cobie Smulders) is a walking trainwreck. She’s not over what happened in Afghanistan, and she’s not all that great at keeping a job. But her actual skill set makes her the perfect private investigator for the greater Portland, Oregon, area. When not on a case, she also makes sure her brother Ansel (Cole Sibus) has a roof over his head and gets to his job at her pal Grey’s (Jake Johnson) new bar. Things may finally turn around for Dex, but her old war wounds may need to bleed a little bit more before they can heal.Suggested Reading: Stumptown Vol. 1 by Greg Rucka, Matthew Southworth, and Lee Loughridge.Batwoman: Season 1 (2019) 80% Debuts: October 6 on The CWWhat to Expect: Kate Kane (Ruby Rose) returns to Gotham City when she learns her ex-girlfriend Sophie (Meagan Tandy) has been abducted by a new gang themed after Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. It is not an easy return as she and her father (Dougray Scott) are not on the best of terms and she can barely tolerate his wife, Catherine (Elizabeth Anweis). But as Bruce Wayne’s only living relative, Kate has strong ties to the city and even to Wayne Tower itself, where she may find the tools to remind Gotham that it is defended.Suggested Reading: Batwoman: Elegy by Greg Rucka, J.H. Williams III, and Dave StewartThe Walking Dead: Season 10 (2019) 77% Returns: October 6 on AMCWhat to Expect: Following the Whisperer massacre at the fair, the various Virginia communities plan for war. Michonne (Danai Gurira) will also make her final appearance on the series during the season. Kevin Carroll and Juan Javier Cardenas join Darryl’s band as Virgil and Dante, while Thora Birch joins the Whisperers as Gamma.Suggested Reading: The Walking Dead Vol. 25: No Turning Back by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Stenfano Gaudiano, and Cliff Rathburn.Supergirl: Season 5 (2019) 92% Returns: October 6 on The CWWhat to Expect: Leviathan is coming. The shadowy criminal organization is causing plenty of trouble over in the DC Comics Universe, and it should be no different on the Arrowverse’s Earth-38. Meanwhile, Lena (Katie McGrath) has it out for Kara (Melissa Benoist) now that she knows the truth. Will Leviathan use her anger and her technology against Supergirl and the world? Meanwhile, James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) will be saying his goodbyes to National City while Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) will be making a return to the 21st Century. On the couples front, both Nia (Nicole Maines) and Brainy (Jesse Rath) and Alex (Chyler Leigh) and Kelly (Azie Tesfai) will face challenges in their newly formed relationships ahead of the “Crisis,” which will dramatically change the show in the second half of the season.Suggested Reading: Event Leviathan by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex MaleevBlack Lightning: Season 3 (2019) 89% Returns: October 7 on The CWWhat to Expect: The Black Lightning characters will finally meet the Arrowverse during the “Crisis” in December. But before that, Jefferson (Cress Williams) must face the immediate threat of Markovia and its attempts to create a metahuman arms race. The conflict with Markovia may even take the Pierces out of Freeland for a time. Meanwhile, Anissa (Nafessa Williams) will continue to look for Grace (Chantal Thuy) and Jennifer (China Anne McClain) will become more confident with her powers. Also, Khalil (Jordan Calloway) will presumably find his way out of the pod.Suggested Reading: Black Lighting: Brick City Blues by Tony Isabella, Eddie Newell, Matt Hollingsworth and othersThe Flash: Season 6 (2019) 85% Returns: October 8 on The CWWhat to Expect: Finally answering fan wishes for at least the last few seasons, The Flash will feature two big bads split across the season. The first will be Bloodwork (Sendhil Ramamurthy). Initially introduced as Dr. Ramsey Rosso, an acquaintance of Dr. Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker), he will join Team Flash before his grudge against them explodes into violence. His story will lead The Flash into “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” For Barry (Grant Gustin), the first half of the season sees him facing this prophecy from The Monitor (LaMonica Garrett): for the Multiverse to survive, Barry Allen must die. And in another “Crisis” connection, Tom Cavanagh will play Pariah in addition to a “swashbuckler” version of Harrison Wells featured throughout the season. And for the Ralph Dibny (Harley Sawyer) fans, he will be working the Sue Dearborn case throughout the year, but it is unclear how quickly he will have his fateful meeting with her.Suggested Reading: Crisis on Infinite Earths by Marv Wolfman, George Perez, and othersRiverdale: Season 4 (2019) 84% (Photo by The CW)Returns: October 9 on The CWWhat to Expect: The season 4 premiere will feature a special tribute to Luke Perry, who played Archie s (KJ Apa) dad Fred Andrews and died of a stroke in March. Perry’s friend and former costar Shannen Doherty will guest star in a special role in the episode, entitled “Chapter Fifty-Eight: In Memoriam.” The series will then dive headlong into the gang’s senior year in high school. As Principal Weatherbee “ascended” with the rest of The Farm at the end of season 3, Riverdale High will get a new lead administrator in the form of Kerr Smith’s Principal Honey. Meanwhile, Jughead (Cole Sprouse) will find himself transferred to a private school where he joins the writer’s program ran by Mr. Chipping (Sam Witwer). How it leads to the Spring Break flash-forward — and Jughead’s absence in that scene — is anyone’s guess. Also, Veronica (Camila Mendes) joins Cheryl (Madelaine Petsch) in a maple rum business. The series will also cross over with new series Katy Keene when it debuts in winter 2020.Suggested Reading: Jughead Vol. 1 by Chip Zdarsky and Erica HendersonArrow: Season 8 (2019) 95% Returns: October 15 on The CWWhat to Expect: In its final 10 episodes, Arrow will see Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) find resolution with people from his past and head off on an impossible mission given to him by The Monitor. Meanwhile, in 2040, Mia (Katherine McNamara) and the New, New Team Arrow face a new challenge as Conner Hawke (Joseph David-Jones) takes on his adoptive brother J.J. (Charlie Barnett) — the natural born son of John Diggle (David Ramsey) and Lyla Micheals (Audrey Marie Anderson). For his part, Diggle will remain at Ollie’s side through “Crisis,” which will consume the eighth episode of the season. Episodes nine and 10 will form the conclusion of the Arrow story.Suggested Reading: Zero Hour: Crisis in Time by Dan Jurgens, Jerry Ordway, and Gregory WrightMarvel's Runaways: Season 3 (2019) 83% Returns: December 13 on HuluWhat to Expect: Alex (Rhenzy Feliz), Molly (Allegra Acosta), Gert (Ariela Barer), Chase (Gregg Sulkin), Karolina (Virginia Gardner), and Nico (Lyrica Okano) are more divided than ever with Gert kidnapped by her own father (Kevin Weisman) and Chase and Karolina being saved as a main course for the aliens who survived the destruction of Jonah’s ship. Also, one of the aliens is probably inhabiting one of the other children. Meanwhile, the other Pride parents are free to follow their own ambitions (for the most part), Morgan La Fey (Elizabeth Hurley) will make her way out of the Dark Dimension and the Runaways will have a run in with Freeform’s Cloak (Aubrey Joseph) and Dagger (Olivia Holt).Suggested Reading: Cloak and Dagger: Runaways and Reversals by Brian K. Vaughn, Adrian Alphona and many, many more. 《梦幻西游》是一款回合制手游巅峰之作,不仅仅在国内火,在国外也是火得一塌糊涂,玩家所感受到的是不一般的游戏体验,这款手游让玩家以另外一种形式去感受中国古代了的魅力。游戏玩法多样,吸了无数国内外玩家。

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Anna Paquin (True Blood) stars in 2019 series Flack, as an American publicist in London doing celebrity PR for high-profile — and ill-behaved — clients. Directed by Oscar-nominated Peter Cattaneo (The Full Monty), the six-part series features an all-star cast, including Tony Award–winner Sophie Okonedo, Lydia Wilson, Rebecca Benson, and guest star Bradley Whitford, winner of multiple Emmy Awards.Flack premieres at 10 p.m. on Thursday, February 21 on Pop.AG体育平台话说回来,无论是昔日爆火的端游还是网游近年来都会不断转型发展手游,原因是相比于需要电脑端玩游戏,手机玩游戏更方便。

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h, the most likely to succeed. She’s the woman with the plan to track down the killer and the guts to charge into the crowd of the Croaker Queen Pageant talent competition to save her friend. Unfortunately, luck just wasn’t on her side.Paige in House of Wax (2005) 27%(Photo by © Warner Bros. )Played by Paris HiltonWhen it was announced that Paris Hilton would play a supporting character in Jaume Collet-Serra’s remake of House of Wax, there was a resounding cheer that audiences would get to see this real-life heel bloodily sacrificed for the movie gods. The thing is: Hilton killed it. She infused Paige with the same detached and fascinating poppy materialism she possessed in her reality show, becoming the best love-to-hate- em sidekick.Vasquez in Aliens (1986) 97%Played by Jenette GoldsteinThe descriptor “badass” is tossed around for really any female character who demonstrates anything remotely “strong.” But Jenette Goldstein’s Vasquez is potentially the only character worthy of being called a badass. Her barbed quips and buff biceps are perhaps the most memorable aspect of an extremely memorable film. She exudes fearlessness and feels nearly immortal… until she doesn’t.Yara in It Follows (2014) 95%(Photo by © RADiUS-TWC/courtesy Everett Collection)Played by Olivia LuccardiOlivia Luccardi’s Yara is more than a sidekick, she’s the one-woman Greek chorus of It Follows. At first, she seems like a typical tech-obsessed, disinterested teen, constantly reading things on her fictional clamshell e-reader, occasionally glancing up to sneer at her friends’ poor choices. But nearly everything Yara reads aloud to her friends contains a philosophical key to their situation, advice, and omens.Alexia in Raw (2016) 92%(Photo by © Focus World /courtesy Everett Collection)Played by Ella RumpfThe genius of Ella Rumpf’s Alexia in Julia Ducournau’s Raw is that Alexia at first seems the antagonist of the film, the source of all of her sister’s problematic cravings, but it turns out she’s really the sidekick. She’s a cutting bully who can turn on a dime to become the doting and generous big sister. Even as she emotionally tortures Justine, Alexia clearly wants to snap her sister out of her goody two-shoes demeanor and have some fun.Lily in Black Swan (2010) 85%(Photo by © Fox Searchlight Pictures)Played by Mila KunisJust like Alexia in Raw, Lily’s the false antagonist, the projection of all the protagonist’s fears and anxieties. In reality, she’s a smart, grounded ballet dancer, probably the sanest of the bunch, whose only hope is to nab the lead role and maybe coax Nina out of her cocooned and infantile life. In a story of paranoia and delusion, Lily’s the realest of the real.Nam-joo in The Host (2006) 93%(Photo by ©Magnolia Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection)Played by Bae Doo-naThere are few things more admirable about director Bong Joon-ho than his ability to create characters who are both wildly inept and also extremely vain and self-satisfied with their limited abilities. Nam-joo (Bae Doo-na) as the protagonist’s gold medalist archer sister who rubs her mediocre success in his face is one of Bong’s greatest creations. It’s impossible for her to swallow her pride, even as she’s face-to-face with a monstrous adversary.Black Christmas is in theaters December 13, 2019Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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8.12.1 0月喜迎在英雄联盟手游中,加上新英雄共上线了55个英雄,而端游则有153个英雄,要将一个如此庞大且发展多年的英雄联盟宇宙搬到新的平台并且保证平衡,需要一定的时间。拳头为了游戏的可玩性,不仅有盖伦、寒冰射手这些基础简单的英雄,还有阿卡丽、劫这些需要大量操作的英雄,这也体现了拳头并非以难易度为指标,而是保证在现有阵容中,确保平衡的同时给玩家提供有趣的体验。
PRODUCTION DEVELOPMENT: Game Of Thrones Creators Set Up Their Third Series at Netflix(Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images)Game Of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have set up series at Netflix: an adaptation of The Overstory, author Richard Powers’ Pulitzer-winning 2018 novel about a group of people drawn into an impending catastrophe in a parallel world most people can’t see. Powers and Hugh Jackman will also be producers on the project, which is the third series Benioff and Weiss have set up as part of their five-year, 0 million with the streaming service.Alexa Super Bowl ad star Michael B. Jordan signed a deal to produce TV shows for Amazon Video, and his first project for the streaming service will be a limited series, The Greatest, about Muhammad Ali. Jordan, who plays Apollo Creed in the Creed movies, will not star in the scripted series, which he is making in partnership with Ali’s estate and Jay-Z’s Roc Nation. (Deadline)James Cameron is teaming with McG and Burn Notice creator Matt Nix on a True Lies series pilot for CBS. Cameron tried to create an adaptation of the Arnold Schwarenegger/Jamie Lee Curtis/Tom Arnold movie more than three years ago at Fox, then with producer Marc Guggenheim and McG. (TVLine)As part of his nine-figure development deal with ViacomCBS, Yellowstone creator (and one-time Sons of Anarchy star) Taylor Sheridan will create a Yellowstone prequel series titled Y: 1883, about the Dutton family of the original series, and how their hard-fought move to Montana took them from poverty to wealth.Director and actor Tom Verica, who starred in How to Get Away With Murder, has been made the head of creative production at Shonda Rhimes’ Shondaland, where he’ll work on shows like Bridgerton and the upcoming Inventing Anna. (THR)The original cast of The Best Man movie franchise will reunite for a 10-episode Peacock series, The Best Man: The Final Chapters. Morris Chestnut, Melissa De Sousa, Taye Diggs, Regina Hall, Terrence Howard, Sanaa Lathan, Nia Long, and Harold Perrineau return to update audiences on their characters, as does the original movie writer and director Malcolm D. Lee. (Deadline)Among pilots ordered by The CW: a live-action remake of The Powerpuff Girls from Diablo Cody; a series about DC Comics superheroine Naomi from Ava DuVernay; a remake of the USA series The 4400; and a dramedy about a pair of young nuns from Jane the Virgin producer Jennie Snyder Urman.FX has ordered a pilot for The Spook Who Sat by the Door, based on Sam Greenlee’s 1969 fiction book about the first Black CIA officer, who goes through all of the agency’s training to be an agent, only to be assigned to the equivalent of the photocopy room. Lee Daniels is executive producer on the project, with Leigh Dana Jackson (Scream, Sleepy Hollow) writing and Gerard McMurray (The First Purge) directing the pilot.Rick and Morty and Community creator Dan Harmon’s first project as part of his deal with Fox will be an untitled animated comedy about a family made up of humans, gods, and monsters who are trying to peacefully govern one of the world’s first cities together in ancient Greece.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
(Photo by New Line/courtesy Everett Collection)25 Modern Christmas Classics to Add to Your Holiday Movie ListWhen most people think of classic Christmas movies, their minds sleigh-ride back through the decades to films like It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Story, Miracle on 34th Street, and Christmas Vacation. To movies that they’ve grown up with, movies they’ve spent dozens of holiday seasons sprawled out in front of, digesting Thanksgiving and Christmas and other holiday dinners. But there are a number of holiday-themed and holiday-set movies released in the last 20 years that are just as worthy of your Yuletide viewing as those tried-and-true favorites. These are the world’s modern Christmas classics – or should-be-classics – and we think that this year, once that bell rings and the angel gets its wings for the umpteenth time in your household, you should try something Fresh for your festive viewing.We compiled this list of modern Christmas classics using a very simple set of criteria: the movies had to be about Christmas or set firmly during the holiday; they had to have been released after the year 2000; and they had to have a Fresh score with a minimum of 20 reviews. Some are titles you will no doubt be familiar with, movies from the earlier years of the 21st Century that have already assumed the “classic” label in the ensuing years – we’re looking at you Elf and the ever-divisive Love Actually. Others are Certified Fresh gems that have gone totally under-appreciated in our opinions. (Why Arthur Christmas, at 92% on the Tomatometer, isn’t every kid’s go-to holiday flick is beyond us.) Others still are off-beat foreign gems, like the scary, weird, and wonderful Finnish killer Santa movie, Rare Exports, or the anime  Tokyo Godfathers. And with our most recent update, we ve added Klaus, Jingle Jangle, and the 2018 Grinch, which is just barely Fresh. Because we can t make green meanie too happy, right?If you’re looking for something different this season, slip a sack-full of these charming/hilarious/weird/heartwarming/scary flicks into your holiday rotation.Best Christmas Movies | Worst Christmas MoviesBest and Worst Christmas Horror | Best Foreign Christmas MoviesRotten Christmas Movies We Love | Modern Christmas Classics

This week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Cruella 2, The Munsters, the third Quiet Place, and a Bernie Mac biopic.This WEEK S TOP STORYFIRST GLIMPSES AT JURASSIC WORLD: DOMINION REVEALED (Photo by ©Universal courtesy Everett Collection)Universal Pictures had originally planned to release Jurassic World: Dominon this week, but the pandemic pushed the whole project back a year to June 10, 2022 instead. Universal is using that extra year to get fans and press alike excited about the dinosaur sequel, which this week included a press event in which an extended preview was revealed that will play exclusively before every IMAX screening of F9 when it s released in two weeks on June 25, 2021. The preview starts with basically an origin story for one of the most iconic Jurassic Park dinosaurs (or rather, a dinosaur clone), and also shows off three new dinosaurs never before seen in a Jurassic Park or Jurassic World film. In the meantime, you can also see the first Jurassic World: Dominion poster right here, which basically shows where the DNA for one of the dinosaurs actually came from (though we already know this from Jurassic Park). Jurasic world: Dominion promises a huge ensemble cast made up not just of returning Jurassic World cast like Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, but also the three original Jurassic Park stars Laura Dern, Jeff Goldblum, and Sam Neill.Other Top Headlines1. A QUIET PLACE SPINOFF TO RAISE A RUCKUS IN 2023 (Photo by Paramount Pictures)The COVID-19 pandemic held some movies back just a few months, while others, like Black Widow, F9, and No Time to Die were delayed over a year. Another was the science fiction thriller sequel A Quiet Place Part II (Certified Fresh at 91%), which in the original plan would have debuted just two years after the first film. As it turns out, that shorter gap between films will come between A Quiet Place Part II and a third film, which is being described more as a spinoff than a direct sequel. The Quiet Place spinoff will be directed by Jeff Nichols, whose films to date have been a combination of both indie-flavored drama (Loving, Mud) and indie-flavored science fiction (Take Shelter, Midnight Special), with the argument to be made that Nichols films may have had some influence on A Quiet Place. Nichols and Paramount aren t revealing what the spinoff will entail, exactly, but it s already scheduled for March 31, 2023. In related news, Jeff Nichols is also developing a separate science fiction project for Paramount Pictures, though we don t know much of anything about it yet.2. CRUELLA SEQUEL ALREADY IN DEVELOPMENT (Photo by Laurie Sparham/©Disney+)It was just a week ago that the live action 101 Dalmatians prequel Cruella (Fresh at 74%) debuted on Disney+ and in theaters, but Walt Disney Pictures has already revealed that the studio has begun development on a sequel, with Emma Stone expected to reprise her role. This sequel will effectively be the sixth feature film in Disney s 101 Dalmatians franchise, following the original animated 1961 film, its 2003 sequel, two live action Glenn Close movies, and Cruella. Craig Gillepsie, who directed Cruella, and screenwriter Tony McNamara are both also expected to return. It s also not yet known (for sure) if the Cruella sequel will directly reprise any of the story beats from any of those first four films.3. PENNYWISE FROM IT JOINS JOHN  WICK: CHAPTER 4(Photo by JA/Everett Collection)Lionsgate is in the midst of a casting spree for their ambitious action sequel John Wick: Chapter 4 (5/27/2022), which started two weeks ago with the casting of pop star Rina Sawayama, and continued last week with the casting of Donnie Yen. The latter might have seemed not that out of left field (given Donnie Yen s action pedigree), but this week s news about Bill Skarsgård, aka Pennywise the Clown from the recent IT movies, might be a bit more unexpected. Shamier Anderson (Netflix s Stowaway) also joined John Wick: Chapter 4 this week, and Laurence Fishburne also confirmed that he will reprising his role as the Bowery King from John Wick: Chapter 3 Parabellum (Certified Fresh at 89%). Fishburne isn t expected to return as Morpheus in The Matrix 4 (12/22/2021), but Warner Bros this week sort of stealth announced that Christina Ricci has been cast as we don t know.4. JULIANNE MOORE TO STAR IN FIFTH FILM FOR DIRECTOR TODD HAYNES (Photo by ©Universal Pictures)Successful film directors tend to collaborate with the same actors frequently, and for Todd Haynes, that performer has most often been Julianne Moore, who starred or co-starred in Safe (Certified Fresh at 87%), Far from Heaven (Certified Fresh at 87%), I m Not There (Certified Fresh at 77%), and Wonderstruck (Fresh at 68%). Moore and Haynes will soon team up for their fifth film, as Moore is now signed to co-star in a drama called May December with Natalie Portman. May December is described as being about a woman (Moore) who 20 years earlier had a notorious tabloid romance with a man who was 23 years younger than her who is approached by a Hollywood actress (Portman) who is about to portray her in a movie.5. CAREY MULLIGAN TO PORTRAY #METOO-ERA INVESTIGATOR (Photo by ©Focus Features)Even as it was actively happening, many people were quickly able to figure out that the Harvey Weinstein #MeToo revelations of 2018 were inevitably going to be the subject of at least one feature film. There are, no doubt, other projects in development, but it appears that the first project out in production will be a drama called She Said, about the New York Times journalists Megan Twohey and Jodi Kantor who first broke the earliest stories about allegations against film producer Harvey Weinstein. Universal Pictures is developing She Said, and this week the studio hired Carey Mulligan (Promising Young Woman) and Zoe Kazan (The Big Sick) to star as Twohey and Kantor, respectively.6. SAOIRSE RONAN AND LAKEITH STANFIELD TO STAR IN SCI-FI THRILLER FOE (Photo by Elizabeth Goodenough, Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection)Perhaps it s her accent, but Saoirse Ronan has, to date, more often than not starred in period piece films like Brooklyn, On Chesil Beach, Mary Queen of Scots, Little Women, and Ammonite (heck, even Lady Bird was technically a period piece). That will soon change as Ronan is now signed, along with LaKeith Stanfield and Paul Mescal, to star in a sci-fi thriller called Foe for director Garth Davis (Lion, Certified Fresh at 84%). Ronan and Mescal will play a young rural married couple who find their lives upended when a stranger appears at their farm telling them that the husband is headed to a life aboard an orbiting space station.7. JOHN LEGEND PRODUCING BIOPIC ABOUT COMEDIAN BERNIE MAC (Photo by ©Paramount/courtesy Everett Collection)It can sometimes take comedians decades to work their way up to fame (famous examples of this include Phyllis Diller, Larry David, and Ricky Gervais). This also happened to the late Bernie Mac, who didn t star in The Original Kings of Comedy (Certified Fresh at 83%) until he was 42, and who died just eight years later at the age of 50 following years of struggling with sarcoidosis.  This week, during a Tribeca Film Festival panel, John Legend s producing partner revealed that Legend s Get Lifted production company is now partnering with Bernie Mac s estate to develop a biopic about his life. Legend and partner Mike Jackson did not reveal any details about who might be writing, directing, or starring in their Bernie Mac biopic.
The Beach Bum (2019) 57% Harmony Korine has been making audiences feel icky and weird ever since he wrote Larry Clark s Kids in 1995, but it wasn t until 2013 s Spring Breakers that he had anything close to what one might call mainstream success. That movie benefited from the star power of James Franco, Selena Gomez, and Vanessa Hudgens, and for his follow-up, Korine has recruited Oscar winner Matthew McConaughey to make everyone feel kind of icky and weird all over again. The Beach Bum centers on a poet named Moondog who spends his time on Florida beaches drinking, doing drugs, and bedding women. He can do this because, despite his raggedy appearance, he s earned something of a small fortune from his writing, but when he decides to reunite with his wife to attend their daughter s wedding, he quickly proves why he doesn t belong in polite society. Critics say the film comes with Korine s unique stylistic flair, and star McConaughey seems born to play Moondog, but there a few too many plot detours and, despite the brazen hedonism on display, it all feels uncharacteristically and even, at times, tiresomely tame. There are certainly wacky moments to enjoy, but Korine s films have never appealed to a particularly wide audience, so it s likely to please those who know what they re getting into and puzzle everyone else.
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The New York Film Critics Circle announced the winners of their 2019 awards this morning on Twitter. Martin Scorsese s gangster epic The Irishman was the only film to garner multiple honors, nabbing awards for Best Supporting Actor for Joe Pesci and the main prize, Best Picture. Meanwhile, Lupita Nyong o pulled in a rare surprise win for a horror film (Us), taking the Best Actress award over a host of other buzzworthy performances, while the Safdie brothers shared Best Director honors for their Adam Sandler-powered thriller Uncut Gems.The NYFCC Awards are chosen by a group of critics from daily newspapers, weekly newspapers, magazines, and qualifying online general-interest publications. Last year, Alfonso Curarón s Roma won the awards for Best Picture, Best Cinematography, and Best Director.Read through for the full list below, and if you re as obsessed with awards as we are, make sure to check out the complete Awards Leaderboard to keep up to date on the accolades bestowed on the best movies of 2019/2020 from the press, fans, and members of the film industry.Best Picture: The Irishman (2019) 95%Best Director: Josh Safdie, Benny Safdie — Uncut Gems (2019) 91%Best Screenplay: Quentin Tarantino — Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood (2019) 85%Best Actress:  Lupita Nyong o — Us (2019) 93%Best Actor: Antonio Banderas — Pain and Glory (2019) 96%Best Supporting Actress:  Laura Dern — Marriage Story (2019) 94%Best Supporting Actor:  Joe Pesci — The Irishman (2019) 95%Best Cinematography:  Portrait of a Lady on Fire (2019) 98%Best Animated Film: I Lost My Body (2019) 96%Best Non-Fiction Film (Documentary): Honeyland (2019) 100%Best Foreign Film: Parasite (2019) 98%Best First Film: Atlantics (2019) 95%Special Awards: Indie Collect, Randy NewmanAre you as obsessed with awards as we are? Check out our Awards Leaderboard for 2019/2020.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.


AG体育平台 Deadly Class is an ambitious fiction for Syfy to risk airing now, one that asks a viewership shocked by multiple deadly school shootings in recent years to embrace a story about teens trained in the assassination arts – one is a sword wielder, another’s expertise is poison, and so on. It s one of the more twisted coming-of-age stories you ve ever read, filmmaker and producer Joe Russo has said of the graphic novel the series is based on. The Russo Brothers, Joe and Anthony, co-directors of Avengers: Infinity War and 2019’s upcoming Avengers: Endgame, are executive producers on the series.Lana Condor, who so recently charmed Netflix subscribers in high-school rom-com To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, here plays Saya, master of the katana. Condor told Rotten Tomatoes that series creators Remender and Miles Orion Feldsott took pains to ensure that the violence wasn’t gratuitous and wasn’t gun-based.“It s definitely a conversation to have. I think one of the biggest things is, we don t have any guns in our school,” the 21-year-old actress said. “We absolutely do not and are not promoting any sort of gun violence in schools whatsoever … and it s very rare that you see violence between the children. A lot of the violence that comes out of our show is either outside of the school, where they genuinely — our villains are quite horrible people. And that part of the show, it s just a part of television, right?”True. Deadly Class is certainly not the first fiction to put children in peril: You can thank Charles Dickens for that trend. Or the Old Testament if you want to get Biblical about it (see “Binding of Isaac,” Genesis 22).On TV, we’ve seen The Gifted on Fox, Impulse on YouTube Premium, AMC’s The Walking Dead, FX anthology series American Horror Story, and another of this week’s releases, teen-vigilante series Wayne from Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, the writer-producer duo behind the Deadpool films. (Speaking of movies, the X-Men films, The Hunger Games series, and virtually every horror film ever regularly threatened their youngest characters, and that’s just not going to change.)The difference may be that these kids are on the offense and many have very bad intentions. Self-defense is second-nature at King s Dominion, and its student body isn’t made up of fumbling innocents. They are well-trained and lethal, and takes “jaded” to new levels.(Photo by Katie Yu/SYFY)When Rotten Tomatoes recently visited the set, series co-creator Feldsott explained that Master Lin’s (Benedict Wong) great-grandfather founded King’s Dominion as a training ground to help the disenfranchised gain power over their oppressors.“For Master Lin, one of the big journeys that he has over the course of the season is that he is trying to figure out exactly what he stands for,” he said. “Originally, his great-grandfather had a very noble intention when they founded the school. He was going to give power to the oppressed, and now as time as gone on, that mission has been somewhat corrupted, and now these more powerful organizations are giving their kids training at the academy. So he is having a crisis of conscience in the first season. He s having this argument with the teacher that Henry Rollins plays, who s saying, ‘You were different when you were younger. What do you stand for now?’ And there s also a powerful organization that is above Master Lin that expects him to maintain order in this place.”Wong, whose recent role as Wong in Marvel blockbusters Doctor Strange and Avengers: Infinity War has put him in front of massive audiences, credits the Russo Brothers for bringing him to the new character.“I was fortunate to get a call from Joe Russo. He said, ‘Hey, I really want you to be in this, and I just immediately said yes, and then said, ‘What? Sorry, what do you want me to be in then?’ Because the brothers have got an incredible pedigree,” Wong told Rotten Tomatoes.Wong reveals that the influx of criminal organizations have fueled Master Lin s crisis. It’s also important to remember that it’s fiction.“We re in a world that is not like our own world, obviously,” Wong said. “It s a heightened world, and it s more about the repercussions of violence, really, and what would happen. We re in a make-believe world of what would we do if we threw [together] the cartel, the CIA, NASA, and they send their kids to this school, and this man is now having to uphold it all and watch every lid before it flips.”(Photo by Allen Fraser/Syfy)The young Deadly Class cast members are also clearly thrilled with their roles, even if some of the main characters are described as “rats,” including new student Marcus (Benjamin Wadsworth), who is also an orphan. His lack of connections puts him at a disadvantage; he has no formal fight training like his schoolmates, for one, though his life has been hard.“We re gonna see how violence has affected Marcus,” Wadsworth promised. “He experiences some forms of psychosis. Trauma does weird things to human beings. They find unhealthy coping strategies like alcoholism, chain-smoking, drug-addiction. So I think it would show that, ‘Hey, you probably don t wanna do this or you re gonna get messed up.’”

提到使命召唤这款游戏,相信大家第一反应就是:“这是一款武器种类及其全面,高度还原IP的炫酷游戏”!而使命召唤手游也在玩家们万般期待下,于12月25日终于正式上线国服!说到CODM的武器库有多丰富、自由度有多高,作为海外版第一批老玩家的我,就一定要给大家隆重介绍一下了!相信我,不管你是武器军迷,还是FPS游戏的忠实粉丝,使命召唤手游一定能狠狠满足一下你! Toy Story 4 might not have matched the record opening weekend that Incredibles 2 posted last summer, but the latest installment from the family-friendly film series will go down in history as one of the all-time biggest animated releases ever instead of THE biggest.King of the Crop: Toy Story 4 Now Aims For More Than 0 MillionToy Story 4’s haul of 8 million over three days is none too shabby. Only 38 films have ever done better, and only three of those were animated (Incredibles 2, Finding Dory, and Shrek the Third). It is also the third-best opening of the year, behind Avengers: Endgame and Captain Marvel. (In fourth place is Disney’s Aladdin.) Pixar had some hope when the first day of advance sales had the fourth entry outdoing both Dory and the live-action Beauty and the Beast, which opened to 5 million and 4.7 million, respectively. On the other hand, that is overlooking the fact that it bested Toy Story 3’s 0 million opening, which had a final result of more than 5 million. (Though with ticket sales inflation, TS3 is about million higher.) At the time that was Pixar’s greatest success, the company’s first billion dollar grosser (TS4 is up to 8 million total so far), and the second biggest animated film of all-time domestically (behind Shrek 2’s 1 million). So what is Toy Story 4 looking at going forward?Very much in Pixar’s favor is that the studio, for the most part, makes great movies. Toy Story 4’s 97% (the oh-so-low of the Toy Story series) is the 12th Pixar film rated at 95% or higher on the Tomatometer, although just the third since Toy Story 3 joined Inside Out and Coco. Finding Dory and Incredibles 2 don’t make that benchmark, but their 94% scores aren’t too shabby either. The high quality of Pixar’s films leads to word-of-mouth buzz and repeat viewings. Cars 2 and Cars 3 are the only Pixar films to have less than a 3x multiple over their opening weekends. The lowest multiple for one of Pixar’s films rated 95% or higher is WALL-E’s 3.54. That would give Toy Story 4 a low mark of 7 million. It’s far from the record, but still could be enough to make the Top 20 domestically.Rotten Returns: Anna Shoots Itself In FootIn the world of film starring female butt-kickers, Sasha Luss in Anna opened to less than Natasha Henstridge in John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars (.8 million) and Keira Knightley in Domino (.6 million) — and that is just in films opening in more than 2,000 theaters. Even V.I. Warshawski opened to .6 million in 1,133 theaters back in 1991. Critics certainly did not love Anna (its score sits at 26%), and the film has become director Luc Besson’s second-lowest Tomatometer rating, beating only the animated Arthur and the Invisibles at 22%.Anna’s haul of .5 million is Besson’s lowest-opening wide release ever. Arthur opened to .29 million, and The Professional made .3 million in just 1,158 theaters. In 2,114 theaters that translates to just a ,672 per-theater-average, the fourth-worst of 2019 in 2,000+ theaters ahead of Captive State, The Sun Is Also a Star, and Replicas. No wide release this year has made it to million after grossing less than million in its opening weekend. However, its million budget can be easily saved if it makes even a fraction of the combined 6 million that Lucy and Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets grossed overseas.The Top Ten And BeyondA million opening for Child’s Play puts it behind fellow horror remakes House on Haunted Hill (.9 million), The Hills Have Eyes (.7), Thirteen Ghosts (.1), The Ring (.0), Quarantine (.2), and The Last House on the Left (.1). The Ring, rated PG-13, went on to gross more than 9 million. The three R-rated films in front of it finished between .8 and .9 million total. The two behind it finished with .6 and .7 million. The 1988 original is still the champion of the Chucky series with .2 million or nearly million with inflation. It was the second-highest grossing horror film of that year, behind A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. This year’s remake of Pet Sematary grossed .7 million, less than the .4 million of the 1989 version (or over 8 million with inflation.)Men In Black International dropped 64 percent in its second weekend, bringing its standing total to million. Looking at the 22 films released in June that have made -58 million in their first ten days, 19 of them had a better second weekend than MIBI. Only The Happening (.48 million), Dark Phoenix (.35 million) and The Purge (.31 million) were worse. The Happening and The Purge finished between -65 million and MIBI is going to aim for million. Dark Phoenix fell another 61 percent after losing 1,667 theaters and is barely ahead of The Purge after 17 days with .6 million/.1 million vs. .58 million/.6 million. MIBI and Dark Phoenix have grossed just 2 million and 3 million worldwide to date.In other family film news, Aladdin just continues to hold remarkably for Disney with another .2 million for a grand total of 7 million domestic and 0 million worldwide. It is right there with the 31-day totals of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (8.3 million) and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (7.0). Plus, those films made just .5 million and .2 million in their fifth weekend, which means Aladdin is poised to become the highest-grossing Memorial Day release of all-time and is also not far behind the 7 million that Independence Day grossed to become Will Smith’s biggest film ever.On the flip side, Illumination’s The Secret Life of Pets 2 is up to 7.5 million after an .2 million third weekend. That puts the film behind How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, Hotel Transylvania 3, and, speaking of Will Smith, Shark Tale. However, those films grossed .6 million, .2 million, and million in their third weekends and finished with 0.5 million, 7.5 million, and 0.8 million, respectively. Unless Pets 2 has a solid hold into July, it is going to gross 0 million less domestically than the first film. It is more over 4 million worldwide. The first film grossed more than 5 million.John Wick Chapter 3 – Parabellum is now officially the sixth-highest-grossing domestic film in Lionsgate history and 13th globally with more than 9 million. Godzilla: King of the Monsters passed the 0 million line, but is still looking for about another million to get out of the red with 9.9 million total. Does Rocketman have a shot at 0 million? The Elton John biopic is currently ahead of the pace of previous May releases The Italian Job and Casper, which had lines of .4 million/.7 million and .9 million/.3 million after their fifth weekends. Rocketman’s line this weekend is at .5 million/.0 million. So there’s a chance. It is over 3 million worldwide.Just hanging in the top ten was Shaft, which fell 60 percent and has grossed just .9 million. Also dropping out was Amazon’s million Sundance pickup Late Night, which has grossed just .6 million to date. Finally, if you missed it, Avengers: Endgame will be getting a fresh release next weekend ahead of Spider-Man: Far From Home. I examined its chances of still breaking Avatar’s record here. Inflation notwithstanding (we are talking dollars, not actual tickets) Endgame grossed another .89 million this weekend and is now .3 million behind Avatar.This Time Last Year: Dinosaurs Helped Drive The Biggest Weekend of the SummerJurassic World: Fallen Kingdom had the weekend all to itself and outgrossed all the other films in the top ten combined with a 8 million start. That was 29.1 percent less than Jurassic World opened to, but it was still the 20th-highest opening ever. Incredibles 2 had a solid second weekend of .3 million putting its total just shy of 0 million. Deadpool 2 passed 0 million, Solo: A Star Wars Story passed 0 million, and Ocean’s 8 just hit 0 million all on the same weekend. The Top Ten films combined to gross 9.38 million (up from 8.48 million the weekend before) which became the best weekend of the entire summer and the fourth best of the year. Despite the #1 film having the lowest score on the Tomatometer at 47%, the top ten films still maintained an average of 73.5% — thanks in part to the Mr. Rogers documentary, Won’t You Be My Neighbor? hitting the ten slot with .8 million in just 348 theaters. This year’s Top Ten grossed an estimated 5.87 million and averaged 56.8% on the Tomatometer.On the Vine: Creepy Dolls and Beatles To Invade Box OfficeThe director of Trainspotting teams up with the writer of Love Actually to give audiences a chance to (re)discover The Beatles in the music fantasy Yesterday. The film currently stands at 63% on the Tomatometer. Then Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga join for Annabelle Comes Home, the Conjuring spinoff series that has grossed more than 3 million worldwide.The Full Top 10: June 21-23Toy Story 4 (2019) 97% – 8 million (8 million total)Child's Play (2019) 64% – .05 million (.05 million total)Aladdin (2019) 57% – .20 million (7.51 million total)Men in Black: International (2019) 23% – .75 million (.68 million total)The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019) 60% – .29 million (7.58 million total)Rocketman (2019) 89% – .65 million (.32 million total)John Wick: Chapter 3 -- Parabellum (2019) 89% – .07 million (6.06 million total)Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) 42% – .70 million (2.34 million total)Dark Phoenix (2019) 22% – .60 million (.15 million total)Shaft (2019) 34% – .55 million (.94 million total)



AG体育平台 This feature is by Catherine Young, the current USC Annenberg-Rotten Tomatoes Digital Innovation and Entertainment Criticism fellow, a partnership with the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism. Cate is writing on the representation of women in film; read her piece, What Ever Happened To Cinema s Virginal Final Girl?, here. Over the last decade of cinema, audiences have shown an affection for women who steal – especially when they look good doing it. Since 2010, there’s been a number of big-budget, studio-released, female-fronted films that focus on women and girls with a taste for luxury and a penchant for crime. Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring showed the appeal of empty consumerism and label addiction, Paul Feig’s A Simple Favor gave us style and cunning wrapped up in a sharp three-piece suit, and Ocean’s 8 brought eight actresses together for the jewel heist of a lifetime. That’s not to mention the stylish, pole-dancing heroes of Hustlers, the bad girls of Spring Breakers, or the hilariously mismatched partners of The Hustle. And all these films have been successful, making bank at the box office, or becoming cult hits, and inspiring memes and followings. (Photo by A24/courtesy Everett Collection)So what exactly makes this type of anti-heroine – whom we’ll call The Designer Thief – so compelling? After all, even though they’re fun to watch, it would probably be a lot less fun to fall victim to one of their schemes. Simply put? She’s got the look. Whether it’s stealing for fun or stealing for profit, a major draw of the Designer Thief is the way she is depicted. The highly stylized treatment of these characters transforms them from figures we judge into figures of envy. They are successful thieves, able to live in beautiful homes and swan around in beautiful clothes, and through them we can imagine what our lives would be like if we also had access to unfettered wealth. These criminal characters permit us to enjoy the thrill of their ill-gotten gains, minus the guilt or responsibility of actually committing any crimes. We get a taste of the high life, without having to do the nasty work to get there. The trope of the Designer Thief proliferates because it lets us into a world most of us will never experience. (Photo by A24/courtesy Everett Collection)Sofia Coppola’s 2013 film The Bling Ring, based on a true story, is all about conspicuous consumption. In it, a band of idle, celebrity-obsessed teens becomes fixated on the lives and lifestyles of the socialites filling the pages of tabloid magazines and websites like TMZ. Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, and The Hills’ Audrina Patridge are just a few of the women who are unlucky enough to be the subjects of the teens’ materialistic devotion. That devotion turns criminal when the group decides to relieve the women of their beautiful things by breaking into their houses and stealing them.As their scores get bigger and riskier – they repeatedly hit the same houses and are eventually caught on security cameras – the members of the Bling Ring are almost compelled to continue stealing. They pilfer designer dresses and expensive bags to suit their own tastes, or to resell for cash, and the film takes great pains to show the teens sincerely indulging in their newfound access to this wealth. They know and understand not just the value of the objects they steal, but the social cache that comes with the labels stitched inside them. “Look at her sunglasses – these are Alexander McQueen!” one girl exclaims during an early heist at Hilton’s house. The item itself is immaterial, but the name has power. Dressing in their stolen designer gear, the Designer Thieves of The Bling Ring inherit some measure of these socialites’ mystique and allure, and themselves become mysterious and alluring within their peer group. (Photo by A24/courtesy Everett Collection)As moderately well-off children in and around Beverly Hills, what the teens of the Bling Ring really desired – in real life and on screen – was the lifestyle they saw depicted in the press by the models and socialites they envied. The things were merely a portal to the sense of superiority they were chasing. Crime was a means to an end. The small group of (largely) women did not steal to fund projects or pay bills, but simply to accumulate things. And yet, we don’t judge the Ring too harshly – because we as an audience can be just like them: desperately aspiring for more. The Bling Ring’s actions allow us as viewers a perverse kind of voyeurism. We too get to enjoy playing in the closets of the rich and the famous – and even judge them. (These are not victimless crimes… but have you seen the victims?!) It’s hard to justify the conspicuous consumption of these stars in the first place. Who truly needs an entire closet filled with expensive Birkin bags? Seeing these young women play dress-up in the riches they had not earned, for fun, and even get away with it for a time, permits us all to experience our own illicit thrill. At the time, some criticized Coppola for taking aim at rampant consumerism, while seeming to also celebrate it. Perhaps that was entirely the point.(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection)Ocean’s 8 is an all-female reboot of the Steven Soderbergh-helmed Ocean s heist trilogy. The film is one long jewel heist – it’s almost as if the Bling Ring grew up, but never left those walk-in closets. The movie presents its cast of heavy hitters like Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, and Rihanna – women well-known for their extraordinary glamour offscreen – as low-level, working-class grifters who combine their powers for one last score. Ocean’s 8 leans hard into luxury. The movie begins with Debbie Ocean (Bullock) leaving prison. Rather than reaching out to friends or family, her first order of business is to run a quick scam on a department store to get makeup and clothing, then continue her streak at a nearby luxury hotel by swindling her way into someone else’s just-vacated room. Within hours of leaving the state’s custody, Debbie already has access to room service on someone else’s tab and all the fancy clothing she wants. The film’s introduction is a distillation of the designer thief in action, and we cheer her on for getting her way.(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection)The rest of the film continues the gambit. Not only do the women aim to steal a 0 million diamond necklace, but the theft itself takes place at the annual Costume Institute Gala. Colloquially known as The Met Ball, the event is widely considered to be one of the most lavish and exclusive social events in the world. Each year, designers gather with their celebrity guests to show off extravagant fashion centered on an annual theme. Rihanna, who also stars in the film, is regularly one of the Gala’s most highly anticipated guests, and co-chaired the event the same year the film was released. By choosing this location for their heist, the movie places the women’s theft squarely within the realm of luxury and idolized aesthetics. While the men of the original Ocean s trilogy robbed casinos – high-stakes venues largely controlled by masculine power – these women rob an event whose most high-profile presence is the legacy editor of a women’s fashion magazine. The focus of their heist, the Cartier Toussaint necklace, is the embodiment of shiny, sparkly beauty, and at the end of the film, we find out it isn’t the only thing they took. Our grown-up Bling Ring also steals all the jewelry from the rest of the Institute’s displays, too.(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection)In keeping with the highly stylized venue of their heist, the women’s costumes are also extremely glamorous. The costuming serves a dual purpose: in the story, it allows them to blend in at the Met Gala; for the audience it gives us a visual thrill – and options for the Designer Thief we most identify with. The cast is packed with famous actresses spanning several generations, all of them with highly distinct visual personalities made clear through costume choices. The red ball gown Rihanna wears as the con reaches its peaks is a stunner that dazzles viewers and allows the character to fit in. Blanchett’s stylish three-piece suits give her an enviable swagger and clear authority that inform her place in the hierarchy of the group and give hints about her relationship to Bullock s Debbie. Helena Bonham Carter’s dizzy piles of clothing tell us instantly why her fashion company has fallen out of favor, and why she needs the money, but it also give us an “alternative girl” style icon to latch onto. For each character, her wardrobe is set dressing for the type of thief they become, the motivations for their theft and their participation in this world. For each audience member, it’s a chance to once again revel in luxury and style – and in this case we get eight distinct styles to choose from.We find another version of the Designer Thief in Paul Feig’s 2018 comedy-thriller, A Simple Favor. In the film, Emily Nelson (Blake Lively) is an inscrutable PR director for a fashion company, who stands out for her stylish and immaculately tailored suits (and skill with a cocktail shaker). In fact, the various suits Lively wears in the film (and on the film’s press tour) became an obsession for some fans, with Pinterest and Instagram posts and accounts devoted to her wardrobe. But those same designer suits are eventually revealed to be nothing more than a series of individual pieces superficially put together to resemble a tailored pantsuit. And like her seemingly perfect uniform, Emily is is ultimately revealed all style and little substance. (Photo by Lionsgate/courtesy Everett Collection)Emily disappears in the first act, presumed kidnapped or murdered. But Feig’s twisty plot eventually reveals she is the film’s villain, having murdered her drug-addicted twin sister before going into hiding in order to collect on her own life insurance. We learn also that her husband is a failed novelist whom she married in the hopes of sharing in his success, and her gorgeous house is a relic to all the money they have squandered in their marriage. The many damaged people she has left in her wake all have stories of the way she took advantage of and leached off them, only moving on when they had nothing left to give. And yet despite being the explicit villain of the story, it is Emily who has become the cult favorite of Feig’s movie. Her manipulation and murder are the selling point of the film’s appeal rather than a reason to reject the character, because she does it all with flair and finesse – and while looking great. Lively imbues the character with a forceful confidence that – contrasted with Anna Kendrick’s Stephanie s suffocating timidity – allows viewers to find a foothold into that ever elusive quality: “likability.” With her pushiness, style, and uncomfortable frankness, Emily leaves the film’s biggest impression, despite disappearing for much of its run time. In the end, despite her significant flaws, Emily is the character the audience most wants to be.(Photo by Lionsgate/courtesy Everett Collection)There will likely always be a market in film for women like the Designer Thief. The archetype allows us to hold multiple ideas at once without having to examine the ways they conflict with each other or call each other into question. Historically in film, men steal for power and wealth (Fast Five, The Italian Job, Bandits), but women steal for the promise of comfort and stability. The Designer Thief is a product of our contrasting ideas about what we want women to be and do and how we’d like to see them when we know we’ll remain safe from the effects of their choices. When it comes down to it, the Designer Thief allows us to live vicariously through her by seeing women embrace the opulence and wealth they didn’t earn. Isn’t it fun to imagine a life of luxury without the possibility of a life sentence?Liked this piece? Vote for Rotten Tomatoes for Best Website (Entertainment) and Best Social (Entertainment) in the Webby Awards.

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