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亚博网站进入采用百度引擎6(Baidu 0)How does the movie compare to Jackie?“Like Larraín’s earlier film Jackie, in which Natalie Portman starred as JFK’s grieving wife, this is a self-consciously poetic and elegiac affair.” Geoffrey Macnab, Independent (UK)“Spencer is a movie made very much in the spirit of Larraín’s Jackie…every bit as good; it may be even better.” Owen Gleiberman, Variety“As in Larraín’s equally brilliant, surprising Jackie, to which Spencer is an intricately attuned companion piece, the director thrills in presenting a public icon freed of her public, unsure how to act around herself.” Guy Lodge, Film of the Week“Spencer is something else indeed…a more accessible approach in some ways, but also more ambitious.” Pete Hammond, Deadline Hollywood Daily“Unlike the maelstrom of emotions in Larain’s previous, and similarly-calibrated celebrity portrait pic, Jackie, this one is slower, linear and more austere, better to fit the genteel and regimented-to-death context of a Yuletide with Her Majesty.” David Jenkins, Little White LiesIs Spencer better than past Princess Diana biopics?“A considerable upgrade on the ill-fated 2014 biopic in which Naomi Watts played Diana.” Geoffrey Macnab, Independent (UK)“Far from the laughable disaster of Oliver Hirshbiegel’s 2013 Diana starring Naomi Watts, Larrain’s Spencer will cause a sensation…it’s certainly a royal biopic like no other.” Jason Solomons, The Wrap“We have seen many takes on Diana…but Larrain has something very different, very intimate, and very revealing in mind here.” Pete Hammond, Deadline Hollywood Daily Will it please fans of The Crown?“This is a long way from the more decorous treatment of Netflix’s The Crown.” David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter“This isn’t The Crown, it is far more insular, an intimate portrait of a woman trying to save herself.” Pete Hammond, Deadline Hollywood Daily“A more daring alternative to Netflix’s popular show The Crown, Spencer tries, and largely succeeds, to get under Diana’s skin.” James Mottram, South China Morning Post“Larrain, working from Steven Knight’s script, is clearly going for something more classical here than can be found in an episode of the giant Netflix series The Crown.” Jason Solomons, The Wrap“Spencer, the eerie, witty and quite extraordinary film that has resulted from their persistence, isn’t necessarily for fans of The Crown, or fetishists of royal ritual and ceremony.” Guy Lodge, Film of the Week“Unlike The Crown, there is no risk whatsoever of Pablo Larraín’s resplendently mad, sad and beautiful Spencer…being mistaken for historical fact.” Robbie Collin, Daily Telegrap

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免费游戏APP一款专门为热衷手机游戏用户量身定制的手游APP,其中拥有海量最新、最好玩、最热门的大型BT手游、破解游戏、GM游戏等供大家下载,还可享受无限刷元宝、任意转区等特权,是安卓手机用户必备的手游神器;核弹头下载站为你带来免费破解手游APP排名,感兴趣的玩家来看看吧。 Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 First-Look Photos An episode has no name — but it does have 14 new photos! by Debbie Day | April 17, 2019 | Comments

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Join us weekly as Rotten Tomatoes reports on what s opening, expanding, and coming to the specialty box office. From promising releases from new voices to experimental efforts from storied filmmakers – or perhaps the next indie darling to go the distance for end-of-year accolades – we will break it all down for you here each week in Fresh Indie Finds. This week at the specialty box office, we have an exciting new feature from the director of It Comes At Night, a couple of insightful documentaries, and a gripping political procedural from the man who penned The Informant!. In our spotlight section, Shia LaBeouf is back after his screenwriting debut earned a glowing reception, and in our indie trailer section, we have a new clip from filmmaker Jennifer Reeder.Opening This Weekend亚博网站进入这次的章鱼烧玩法,其“随机性”非常的让人感觉微妙。说白了就是不同于大部分手游中都存在抽卡模式,它的本质其实更加恶劣。

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The 2018 Gotham Independent Film Awards were awarded Monday night in New York. It was a night of big surprises, with Chloe Zhao s The Rider taking home the top prize, besting Yorgos Lanthimos  The Favourite, Paul Schrader’s First Reformed, and Barry Jenkins If Beale Street Could Talk for Best Feature. (Marvel fans should be excited – Zhao has been tapped to direct The Eternals.)Ethan Hawke took home the Best Actor trophy for First Reformed, while Toni Collette took the best actress honor with horror film Hereditary. Capping off a stellar evening for boutique distributor A24, director Bo Burnham and star Elise Fisher were also winners, and Schrader won for best screenplay. The full list of winners are below.Best Feature

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8.52.3 1月喜迎Ryan Fujitani for Rotten Tomatoes: You ve written, what, literally hundreds of novels across various series R.L. Stine: I know. Now, let s not say the number or I ll have to go take a nap or something. It s 26 years of Goosebumps. Do you believe it? I think they are about 140 titles now. I don t know. How did it happen? The Fear Street series; there are about 80 in the Fear Street series for teenagers.RT: So you ve not only done that, but you ve done short stories, anthologies, even comics. Did you have any inkling that the Goosebumps series in particular would attract the kind of fan following that it did?Stine: No, we had no idea. And we thought we were doing something kind of dangerous. No one had ever done a scary book series for seven-to-12 year olds. It had never been done, and I was really reluctant. For one thing, Fear Street was doing really well, the teen series, and I didn t want to mess that up. I was very reluctant to do Goosebumps. And then finally I said, All right, okay, we ll try two or three. The kind of businessman I am, right? We ll try two or three. And they just sat on the shelves. It took about six months for kids to discover them. I think if it were today with computers and everything, the stores would ve pulled them off the shelf, and that would ve been it.About six months. Somehow, kids discovered them, and then started telling other kids the secret kids network and it just went crazy. There was no advertising, no hype. Nobody knew me. It was just one of those insane things that no one had planned on. Nobody.RT: Considering you were so skeptical about it working, what was it that finally made you take the plunge?Stine: Well, they kept after me, my editors, and then finally I said, All right. If I can think of a good name for the series, let s try a few. And then I tried to figure out how I could do it and not really terrify seven-to-12 year olds, and I decided I d have a blend of horror and humor.RT: It took quite a while for the Goosebumps movie to come to fruition.Stine: 23 years, it took.RT: Was it satisfying to finally see your creations on the big screen in blockbuster scale that way?Stine: Yeah, it was, and it was a wonderful surprise because I had very little input in the movie. No one wants the author around. No one wants the author around, and I just felt so lucky that the film was so good. It really was a good movie, and I was just very happy about that. And also so weird to be a character. It was all about me. How weird is that, right?So I really enjoyed it. Yeah, I had a really good time with it, and it s totally revitalized the Goosebumps book series. We re back. It s been incredible. I just signed on to do six more. Some of us don t know when to quit, right? We just keep going.Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween is available to stream and on DVD/Blu-ray now.
(Photo by Universal Pictures/ courtesy Everett Collection)20 Movies To Watch If You Can t Wait For DuneDirector Denis Villeneuve has called Dune the longstanding dream. He s not alone. Since 1965, the Frank Herbert epic has been a bewitching vision shared between the minds of adventurous readers, worming deep into the psyche of grand science-fiction devotees. Of course, Villeneuve stands out among Dune fans – he s the first one in decades who gets to turn the novel into a movie. Like the book, it will follow the path of royal Paul Atreides (Timothée Chalamet), his training in psychokinetic arts, and his family s arrival to rule desert planet Arrakis, the galaxy s sole source of a powerful mineral mixture called spice.Dune will release December 2020, but if you need those inhospitable desert fumes in your life now, you can watch Villeneuve s Blade Runner 2049. Get to the Las Vegas sequence and pretend that s Arrakis wind and sand whipping your face. (The surrounding movie s pretty good, too.) Or just go straight to the well and watch the previous movie version of Dune, directed in 1984 by David Lynch. He s essentially disowned the film, but it s a well-meaning attempt, rendered mostly incomprehensible by the end if you re not familiar with the book – exactly why Villeneuve s Dune will be split into two movies. Dune has long stymied filmmakers (it was actually done decently on TV with the 2000 miniseries), and you ll get the behind-the-scenes treatment of a noble but failed adaptation inside the wonderful documentary Jodorowsky s Dune.Dune towers within the space opera: A genre of sci-fi adventure where pulpy action and plot twists rule the stars, with frequent space and military battles, and streaks of sweeping romance. More space operas from movie history include The Chronicles of Riddick, The Last Starfighter, Flash Gordon, The Fifth Element (there s a literal opera in this), Serenity, and Battle Beyond the Stars, featuring special effects by James Cameron.We all know about the impact of Flash Gordon and The Hidden Fortress on George Lucas when thinking up his own space opera, Star Wars. Dune s influence fills out the rest. The Force is akin to Dune s own all-encompassing mystic system, and Tatooine is essentially a stand-in for Arrakis. So we re including A New Hope here, even though you ve already seen it. We hope.John Carter and Stargate are more in the realm of space fantasies, but the action and arid settings match. Ditto the Earthly, apocalyptic Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. While there are obviously better movies in the series, it s inside Thunderdome where Max is sculpted as a messianic figure, the type of imagery central to the Dune arc.If space military operations are more your thing, engage with the sleek Ender s Game, or violent propaganda satire Starship Troopers. And if you like what Dune dishes on ecological and environmental notions (with a potential side of giant sand critters), eat up the hippie-dippie Silent Running along with Hayao Miyazaki s early masterpiece Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.On ani

Before The Sandman Comes to Netflix, It’s Coming to Audible as a Podcast SeriesEager for The Sandman series to make its debut? Aren’t we all! To tide us over for Neil Gaiman s Netflix series adaptation, Audible’s scripted The Sandman podcast series premieres on July 15 with a serious lineup of talent: James McAvoy stars in the title role of Morpheus/Dream, while Kat Dennings stars as Death, Justin Vivian Bond as Desire, Miriam Margolyes as Despair, and Michael Sheen as Lucifer, along with a stellar expanded cast that includes Riz Ahmed, Arthur Darvill, Taron Egerton, William Hope, Josie Lawrence, Samantha Morton, Bebe Neuwirth, and Andy Serkis.Gaiman and longtime audio collaborator Dirk Maggs share executive producer credit for the series, while Maggs is also the director and writer for the project.Dr. Anthony Fauci Will Be the Focus of Outliers Anthology Series HBO Max Is Developing(Photo by Joshua Roberts/Getty Images)HBO Max is developing an anthology series, Outliers, based on the Malcolm Gladwell bestselling book and produced by Brian Grazer. The series will focus its first season on Dr. Anthony Fauci, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases who has become a national celebrity during the pandemic.A mix of historical drama and biopic, Outliers would focus on a different subject each season, much like the Genius series Grazer also co-produces for the National Geographic Channel.For the Fauci season, Outliers will follow the story of how Fauci has been one of the leading voices during the pandemic, and how he has been an adviser to six presidents on issues of Ebola, global health, and, most notably, HIV/AIDS.The season would be based largely on New Yorker writer Michael Specter’s April 2020 profile, “How Anthony Fauci Became America’s Doctor.”New Trailers Videos: The Boys Reveals Opening Scene of Season 2The Boys offered a Friday treat with the first 3 minutes of video from its new season coming September 4. For the latest details on the release, read more of Everything We Know About The Boys Season 2. Foundation, season 1, sci-fi drama starring Jared Harris and Lee Pace (Apple TV+)The Alienist: Angel of Darkness, season 2, starring Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans, and Dakota Fanning (TNT)Stateless, a limited drama series, co-created by Cate Blanchett and starring Blanchett, Yvonne Strahovski, and Dominic West (Netflix)Little Voice, season 1, a romantic dramedy starring Brittany O’Grady, with songs by Sara Bareilles and produced by J.J. Abrams (Apple TV+)Muppets Now, season 1, the new Muppets series starring Kermit and Miss Piggy (Disney+)Lucifer, season 5, starring Tom Ellis (Netflix)The Handmaid s Tale, season 4, starring Elisabeth Moss (Hulu)Unsolved Mysteries, season 1, a reboot of the true crime series (Netflix)P-Valley, season 1, a drama about a small-town strip club, starring Brandee Evans (Starz)Close Enough, season 1, an animated adult comedy, starring Jason Mantzoukas and Danielle Brooks (HBO Max)Expecting Amy, a three-part documentary about Amy Schumer’s dramatic pregnancy while on a national comedy tour and preparing to tape a comedy special (HBO Max)For all the latest TV and streaming trailers, subscribe to the Rotten Tomatoes TV YouTube channel.Casting News: Comedy Central Picks Up Daria Spin-off Jodie, Starring Tracee Ellis Ross(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)Tracee Ellis Ross will lead the cast of Jodie, the spin-off of the 1997-2002 MTV animated series Daria. Jodie revolves around Jodie Landon, Daria’s Lawndale High pal who is about to graduate from college and begin her adult life. The series, picked up by Comedy Central, was created by Insecure writer and actress Grace Edwards, who will be the series’ head writer. Ross will also serve as an executive producer of the show, which will “satirize workplace culture, Gen Z struggles, and the artifice of social media … and (with) a wicked sense of humor, Jodie will shine a light on the personal and professional issues young Black women face today.”To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before star Lana Condor will star in Moonshot, the Greg Berlanti-produced sci-fi-themed romantic comedy in development at HBO Max. The series revolves around a futuristic Mars that has been colonized by what is considered the best humans. Condor will play Sophie, a college student who teams up with a fellow student to sneak onto a shuttle to Mars so the two can be reunited with their significant others.Game of Thrones and Star Wars: The Force Awakens star Jessica Henwick will star in a comedy called Nancy Wu Does It. Amazon Prime won the bidding war for the show, about an Asian American YA novelist (Henwick), who suddenly finds herself transported into one of her books and is forced to work with the main character – who she now hates – to solve a mystery. Henwick will also co-write series, described as “Pleasantville meets Nancy Drew.Little Fires Everywhere star Jade Pettyjohn has joined the cast of David E. Kellley’s ABC fall thriller series Big Sky. She will play Grace, who, along with her sister, is kidnapped by a truck driver along a highway, setting off the central case of the series. Kylie Bunbury, John Carroll Lynch, Ryan Phillippe, and Katheryn Winnick also star.Prepare to see a whole lot of Martha Stewart back on TV. She is not only returning as a judge on Food Network’s Chopped when the show returns with new episodes, but she will host a holiday-themed show on the network this year, and, on HGTV, she will check off items on her to-do list of outdoor projects at her Connecticut farm on her new series Martha Knows Best.Alicia Keys will host Kids, Race, and Unity: A Nick News Special, an hour-long June 29 show with Black Lives Matter leaders answering questions from kids and sparking conversations about race, inclusivity, and the experiences of Black children. Among the guests: Black Lives Matter founders Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and Opal Tometi; Antiracist Baby author Ibram X. Kendi; and Teens4Equality founders Jade Fuller, Nya Collins, Zee Thomas, Kennedy Green, Emma Rose Smith, and Mikayla Smith.Johnny Depp will star as a bird named Johnny Puff in Puffins, a mobile short-form series in which a group of birds are the servants of a walrus named Otto. Two hundred and fifty five-minute episodes of the Italian cartoon will be made. (Variety)Julianne Moore will play a con artist among Manhattan’s billionaires in Sharper, a movie that is the latest collaboration between Apple and A24, the company behind Ramy and Uncut Gems.Development News: Cobra Kai Will Move to Netflix From YouTube for Season 3(Photo by YouTube Premium)YouTube’s loss is Netflix’s gain: Cobra Kai, the series spin-off of the Karate Kid movies, is moving from YouTube to Netflix for its upcoming third season. There’s no release date yet, but as part of the deal seasons 1 and 2 of the Billy Zabka–Ralph Macchio series will also stream on Netflix.The Comey Rule, Showtime’s miniseries adaptation of former FBI Director James Comey’s memoir that covers the controversial time post-2016 election, had been moved up. Instead of airing after the 2020 election, it will now premiere on Sunday, Sept. 27, and conclude the following night.Sports fans, good news: MLB returns! Or soon will, for a 60-game season that kicks off on July 23 or 24.Apple TV+ has given a straight-to-series order to The Afterparty, from Oscar and Golden Globe winners Chris Miller and Phil Lord (Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse and The Lego Movie). The series is a murder-mystery comedy set at a high school reunion afterparty. Each of the eight episodes will feature a retelling of the same night told through a different character’s perspective, each with its own unique visual format and film genre to match the teller’s personality.The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run, which was originally scheduled to be released in movie theaters on Aug. 7, will now be released on premium VOD in 2021, and then moving to CBS All Access, along with all seasons of the SpongeBob series.Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are still scheduled to return as hosts, but the Golden Globe Awards, which usually air in January, have been rescheduled for Feb. 28 on NBC. That maintains the Globes’ tradition of airing before the Oscars, which have been scheduled for April 25 on ABC.Nickelodeon is developing a new Smurfs series, to launch on the network in 2021.Altered Carbon showrunner Alison Schapker is developing a fresh take on Hotel Del Luna, a 2019 hit drama in South Korea. Skydance Television is teaming with CJ ENM, the studio behind Oscar winner Parasite, for the series, which is “a spectacular visual fantasy grounded in a story about the importance of human connection, lost loves, and unfinished business,” says Skydance TV president Bill Bost.After Cinemax dropped out of the project as part of their pivot away from original programming, AMC has picked up the hit British crime thriller Gangs of London. AMC will air the first season of the series in the fall, and will co-produce the already greenlit second season. The critically-acclaimed series, which was the second biggest original drama launch of all time for Sky Atlantic in the U.K., revolves around the power vacuum that results when the head of the city’s most powerful crime family is killed. Colm Meaney and Michelle Fairley star.Crackle has announced a lineup of new original series, including two star vehicles that will launch in 2021. Flagrant is a drama set 20 years after a college basketball star (Michael Rappaport) was caught throwing a game and gambling on his own team. He left his Queens, New York hometown after the scandal, but is asked to return and fill in as a coach at the school that was the site of his disgrace decades earlier. Meanwhile, The Operative will star Craig T. Nelson as a retired intelligence op, John Straw, who was forced to end his career years earlier, but now comes out of retirement to try to warn the government about an impending attack on American soil.Salma Hayek, via her Ventanarosa production company, has signed a two-year first-look development deal with HBO Max.Sorry to Bother You writer and director Boots Riley shared on Instagram artwork, casting, and a few details about his upcoming “dark, absurd, hilarious, and important” TV series I’m a Virgo. The series will star When They See Us Emmy winner Jharrel Jerome, who will play a 13-foot-tall man who lives in Oakland. As we’re still haunted by Jerome’s outstanding performance in WTSU, we happily look forward to seeing him in this larger than life role. View this post on Instagram I have a show about a 13-ft tall Black man who lives in Oakland. It’s called I’m A Virgo. Jharrel Jerome is playing the lead. I’m doing this w Michael Ellenberg’s Media Res. We haven’t figured out the network/streamer. It’ll be dark, absurd, hilarious, and important. (This amazing artwork is by @folklaurel)A post shared by Boots Riley (@bootsriley) on Jun 22, 2020 at 9:01am PDT
This week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Gilgamesh, Peaky Blinders, Thor: Love and Thunder, and Wonka.This WEEK S TOP STORYA WILLY WONKA PREQUEL FROM PADDINGTON DIRECTOR PAUL KING IS COMING IN 2023(Photo by Everett Collection)Few movie characters may cause quite the generational dispute as Willy Wonka, with older movie fans possibly preferring Gene Wilder s take in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (Certified Fresh at 90%), and younger fans being more familiar with Johnny Depp s portrayal in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Certified Fresh at 83%). The latter is also now over 15 years old, so that may explain why Warner Bros. is preparing for a third movie for yet another generation to embrace. This time around, the film will be a prequel called Wonka, which will ostensibly delve deeper into the backstory of how the young Willy Wonka became a candy company impresario and met the Oompa-Loompas (though Depp s movie did address some of that). Wonka is now scheduled for release on March 17, 2023, and the prequel will be directed by Paul King, who directed both Paddington (Certified Fresh at 97%) and its critically beloved sequel Paddington 2 (Certified Fresh at 100%). No official casting announcement has been made yet, but Warner Bros. is reportedly considering either Tom Holland (the MCU s Spider-Man) or Timothée Chalamet (the star of Warner Bros. Dune reboot, due later this year). Several years ago, when the Wonka prequel first entered into development at Warner Bros., other actors who were reportedly being considered included Donald Glover, Ryan Gosling, and Ezra Miller (who will soon be busy starring in WB s The Flash). Other Top Headlines1. MATT DAMON RETURNING FOR THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER (Photo by ©Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)Director Taika Waititi came to Thor: Ragnarok (Certified Fresh at 93%) from a career rooted in comedy (Eagle vs Shark, What We Do in the Shadows), and one of the funnier early bits in Thor: Ragnarok was the revelation that the Asgardian actor playing Loki in a stage production was none other than famous actor Matt Damon. It was something of an impressive get for Marvel Studios, because Damon remains one of the bigger movie stars who hasn t yet appeared as a superhero (unlike his pal Ben Affleck, who s played both Daredevil and Batman). This week, we learned that Damon and his family had arrived in Sydney, Australia so that he can participate in the filming of Thor: Love and Thunder (5/6/2022). It s currently unclear whether Damon will be playing the same actor he played in Thor: Ragnarok or someone else, but he was reportedly quoted as saying he would be in Australia for the next few months, which suggests a role bigger than a mere cameo. Damon joins a cast that also includes Chris Hemsworth (of course), Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Jaimie Alexander, and Chris Pratt, with Christian Bale as the film s villain Gorr the God Butcher.2. PEAKY BLINDERS MOVIE PLANNED AFTER THE SHOW S FINAL SEASON (Photo by Netflix)Peaky Blinders is an award-winning crime drama BBC TV (and Netflix) series currently in its fifth season that is based upon a real street gang that operated in England from the 1890s to 1910. Earlier this week, the announcement was made that Peaky Blinders would end after its upcoming sixth season, but that news was followed the very next day by the story that applies here. Showrunner Steven Knight elaborated that Peaky Blinders will indeed continue past the TV series with with a movie That is what is going to happen. Nothing else is known yet about what form a Peaky Blinders movie might take, and it s also worth noting that both a ballet and a stage musical have been considered. Like many other long-running TV shows, Peaky Blinders has had a large ensemble cast that has included Cillian Murphy (as the gang s leader), Paddy Considine, Aiden Gillen, Tom Hardy, Sam Neill, and Anya Taylor-Joy.3. R B SINGER LEDISI JOINS THREE WAY RACE TOWARDS MAHALIA JACKSON BIOPIC(Photo by Everett Collection)This August will mark the 58th anniversary of the the March on Washington and Martin Luther King Jr s famous I Have a Dream speech. One of the performers that day was gospel singer Mahalia Jackson, and she was the one who called on King to tell them about the dream that he had told her about. The world is still waiting for a full Martin Luther King, Jr biopic (that Steven Spielberg may still have the rights to produce), but in the meantime, it appears that Mahalia Jackson may get one first, as she is now the subject of three separate biopics. The first project we heard about last August was a Lifetime TV movie produced by Robin Roberts; that one has already been produced, and it even has a trailer. Within 10 days, the news also broke that Queen Latifah is producing a feature film called Mahalia! with Jill Scott attached to star. That brings us, then, to this week s news, which is that R B and jazz singer Ledisi has signed on to star as Mahalia Jackson in a third biopic project to be titled Remember Me: The Mahalia Jackson Story and directed by actress Denise Dowse in her feature film debut. Remember Me: The Mahalia Jackson Story will focus on the key Civil Rights Movement years of 1956 to 1963, with Columbus Short co-starring as Martin Luther King, Jr. It s also unclear when that film or the Jill Scott movie that it s now in direct competition with will be produced, and specifically, which project might be produced first.4. HUGH GRANT AND JOSH HARTNETT TO BOTH REUNITE WITH DIRECTOR GUY RITCHIE (Photo by Priscilla Grant, John Paul Melendez/Everett Collection)British director Guy Ritchie is managing to continue working right through the COVID-19 pandemic at basically his normal rate, but there s an argument to be made that his latest crime thriller, Wrath of Man, is one of those films currently left in a sort of pandemic-induced limbo. That film features long-time Guy Ritchie collaborator Jason Statham, who will also be the lead in his upcoming spy thriller (currently untitled after previously being called Five Eyes) opposite American actress Aubrey Plaza, and this week, we learned that the film will feature two others actors reuniting with Ritchie. Josh Hartnett, who is also one of the stars of Wrath of Man, will also co-star in the spy thriller in an unknown role, while Hugh Grant will also co-star in what will be his next film working with Guy Ritchie after last year s The Gentlemen (Certified Fresh at 75%).5. MAKERS OF FORTNITE EXPAND INTO MOVIES WITH ANIMATED GILGAMESH (Photo by Epic Games)Hollywood has obviously been adapting the tales of Greek mythology (Hercules, Jason and the Argonauts, Clash of the Titans) for decades, but many other cultural mythologies are adapted at varying levels. One such culture that is almost never adapted is ancient Babylonian mythology, but that s about to change, and it s coming from a surprising source. Hot off the continuing success of their online game Fortnite, the video game developer and publisher Epic Games is preparing to move into the realm of animated feature films using the same Unreal technology that is used both in their games and in current productions like The Mandalorian on Disney+. The first animated film to be produced as part of this new initiative will be Gilgamesh, based on the ancient Mesopotomanian Epic of Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is being produced by animation companies in Argentina and elsewhere in Latin America, but the film will also be adapted with an English language cast yet to be announced.6. JOSH DUHAMEL REPLACES ARMIE HAMMER IN J.LO ROM-COM (Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)One of the most intriguing recent stories was revealed last week when we learned that Armie Hammer had dropped out of the romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding just a few weeks before filming was scheduled to start on location in the Dominican Republic. (We won t get into the alleged details why.) Film productions frequently have back-up plans (mostly because of scheduling conflicts, such as the situation that WandaVision star Elizabeth Olsen explained in this piece), and we now have a good guess at who has also been in the running when producers were considering an Armie Hammer type. Las Vegas and Transforrmers franchise star Josh Duhamel is now in talks to replace Armie Hammer opposite Jennifer Lopez in the romantic comedy Shotgun Wedding. If the deal goes through, Duhamel and Lopez will play a couple who gather their friends and family for a destination wedding in the Caribbean that goes awry when the wedding party is held hostage. Lionsgate will distribute Shotgun Wedding, which will be directed by Jason Moore (Pitch Perfect, Sisters).On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
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亚博网站进入 现如今手游的便捷性与特殊性,使得很多游戏厂商不得不将端游进行手游化,但是并非所有端游在手游化之后都能取到好成绩,默默无闻者数不胜数,这与游戏本身的特点不够明显分不开关系,然而英雄联盟手游却突破了瓶颈,三次测试之后,正式上线的手游已经明显做好了准备,它的出现,一定会影响如今国内moba游戏的平衡,到那时,小编将会同各位玩家一起联手,继续属于我们的英雄联盟青春。

七彩火龙大极品传奇像是一个加强版的传奇手游,通过数据调整,将神装的爆率提升了数倍不止,而且里面的职业选择是相当的开放啊,哪怕后续不想继续玩了,还可以通过转生来实现真正的职业更换,就跟重新洗点差不多,一个角色就能体验所有的职业玩法,怎一个方便了得啊。 Fan Favorite Actors 2019There were a number of actors who had banner years in 2019, starring in some of the biggest movies and most talked-about TV series – and in some cases, both. For our first-ever Fan Favorite Actor Golden Tomato Award, we narrowed the field down to 25, ranging from Robert Downey Jr. and Mahershala Ali to Keanu Reeves and Bill Hader, but the final tally ended in a near tie for the winner. Adam Driver not only saved the galaxy in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, but he also flexed his acting muscle in Certified Fresh dramas The Report and Marriage Story, the latter of which scored him a Best Actor Oscar nomination, and he earned 23% of the votes cast. But it was his fellow Best Actor nominee – and eventual winner – Joaquin Phoenix who ultimately took the crown by just 75 votes. Phoenix absolutely killed it as the Clown Prince of Crime in Todd Phillips Joker and became the Oscar favorite almost immediately after the film released. More than 32,000 votes were cast in this category; Driver and Phoenix together racked up almost half of them, and no one else even came close.The order below reflects the number of total votes cast for each TV show by users in a poll that ran on RT from January 9 to February 16.« Previous Category Next Category »Joaquin PhoenixGiven an almost impossible task – follow in the foot steps of Heath Ledger – Phoenix delivered, and then some, blowing minds with a unique take on the Joker that would earn him the Best Actor Oscar. JokerAdam DriverDriver showed his versatility this year, mixing mammoth blockbuster work (The Rise of Skywalker) with offbeat indie fare (The Dead Don t Die) and prestige drama (The Report, Marriage Story). The Report, Marriage Story, The Rise of Skywalker, The Dead Don t DieRobert Downey Jr.Having kicked off the MCU with Iron Man in 2008, Downey Jr. closed out an era with his final performance as Tony Stark, one that packed the kind of emotional punch that had many calling for awards recognition. Avengers: EndgameKeanu ReevesHis entrance in Always Be My Maybe alone would have made Keanu Reeves worthy for this list, but he also gave us the biggest and best John Wick movie yet and stole the show as Duke Caboom in Toy Story 4. John Wick 3, Always Be My Maybe, Toy Story 4Robert PattinsonThe future Mr. Wayne continued to work with some of the most daring filmmakers of our time, delivering intense performances in Robert Eggers  The Lighthouse and Claire Denis  High Life, and a hilarious turn in David Michod s The King. The Lighthouse, The King, High Life« Previous Category Next Category »

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