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亚博app下载网站采用百度引擎5(Baidu 9)(Photo by HBO)In 2019, Rotten Tomatoes turns 21, and to mark the occasion we’re celebrating with a series of features that look back at the brightest moments on screen of the past two decades – and one year – and the things that have us excited for the future.What are the essential ingredients of a classic TV show? A sturdy premise is definitely necessary, and you really can t get far without a team of talented people behind the scenes, from the showrunner to the writers and directors. Of course, it s also hard to overestimate the importance of finding the right cast — not only in terms of the qualities that each individual star brings to the series, but the chemistry they all share onscreen. Once you ve done all that, you still need to set the stage for your show by letting audiences know what kind of viewing experience they can expect — and do it fast enough to hook viewers before they drift off to the ever-expanding array of other options.That s where a great theme song comes in.Sitcoms, heart-tugging dramas, gritty procedurals, even news shows and reality television — they ve all used theme songs over the decades, and even though the shifting demands of a largely ad-supported medium have helped drive some significant changes to the form in recent years, it remains one of the most instantly and enduringly effective ways to get a new viewer s attention or trigger those sweet TV endorphins in someone who s already a fan.All of which is to say that any celebration of Rotten Tomatoes 21st anniversary would be incomplete without a tribute to our favorite small-screen theme songs of the last 21 years. Focusing on shows that aired the majority of their runs between 1998 – the year Rotten Tomatoes was born! – and now, we rounded up the best the era had to offer. While narrowing the list was painful, the fun of reliving these classic opening credits more than made up for it. Where do your favorites rank — and which ones failed to make the cut? Read on to find out!Mad that It s Always Sunny in Philadephia and the updated Hawaii Five-0 theme songs didn t make it? (Truth be told, they almost did.) Tell us all about it in the comments!21. The Big Bang Theory 81% Composer: Ed RobertsonPerformer: Barenaked LadiesRecord sales and airplay aren t what they were for Barenaked Ladies at the band s late 90s commercial peak. But don t feel sorry for the Canadian pop legends — after all, you can afford to stop chasing radio hits when you ve written and recorded the theme song for one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. Long after Chickity China, the Chinese chicken receded from the airwaves, the Ladies intro music for The Big Bang Theory has enjoyed television mainstay status — and thanks to the magic of syndication, it ll continue launching episodes of the show for years after it concludes its 12-season run. Bazinga!20. Dawson's Creek  Composer: Paula ColePerformer: Paula ColeCole released I Don t Want to Wait  on her 1996 album This Fire, and it was picked up for the series in a last-minute decision after the producers couldn t get rights to Alanis Morissette s song Hand in My Pocket, executive producer Paul Stupin told Billboard in 2018. Cole won the Best New Artist Grammy in 1997 and was nominated for six others, including Album of the Year and Best Pop Album for This Fire and Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance for Where Have All The Cowboys Gone? She was also nominated for Producer of the Year, Non-Classical. The song spent 56 weeks on Billboard s Hot 100 between 1997 and 1998 and is indelibly linked to the TV series despite being replaced in a money-saving move for streaming and boxed sets.19. The Sopranos 92% Composer: Jake Black and Rob SpraggPerformers: Alabama 3Sinister, brooding, and pulsing with violence, Woke Up This Morning served as the perfect soundtrack to open The Sopranos during its acclaimed six-season run. Yet what s funny about the whole thing is that while the song was used to lure viewers into the world of an old-school New Jersey mafia don, it was written and recorded by an electronica-infused London musical collective — and rather than drawing on organized crime for inspiration, songwriters Jake Black and Rob Spragg were moved to create the song after hearing about a woman sentenced to life in prison after murdering her abusive husband.18. Ally McBeal 61% Composer: Vonda Shepard and Paul Howard GordonPerformer: Vonda ShepardIn the music business, fame can be fleeting — and just when you think you may have missed your shot, the spotlight can swing back around when you least expect it. Such was the case for Vonda Shepard, who scored a huge adult contemporary hit in the late 80s, Can t We Try, as a duet partner for Dan Hill. She was without a major label deal by the tail end of the following decade, but she d built a fanbase that included a certain Michelle Pfeiffer — whose husband, writer/producer David E. Kelley, was developing what would soon become one of the quintessential TV dramedies of its era. Shepard s original song, Searchin My Soul, encapsulated her own journey as well as Ally McBeal s; fittingly, she ended up becoming a recurring character on the series, anchoring four soundtracks and a compilation along the way.17. 30 Rock 78% Composer: Jeff RichmondJust because you re making a workplace sitcom doesn t mean you can t keep things in the family. For proof, look no further than 30 Rock creator, star, and executive producer Tina Fey, who knew exactly where to turn when she needed a theme song: her husband Jeff Richmond, whose jazzy retro jingle helped spark memories of all the TV tropes the soon-to-be cult favorite would mine for gems of satirical and/or surreal humor. Richmond s 30 Rock work would go on to earn a slew of Emmy nominations — and the duo would mix business and pleasure again with the theme for Fey s next sitcom creation, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.16. Community 88% Composer: Ludwig GöranssonPerformer: The 88In a little less than a decade, Ludwig Göransson has emerged as a hotly in-demand talent in the music business, landing an eclectic assortment of projects that runs the gamut from producing pop and hip-hop records to scoring major movies like Creed, Venom, and Black Panther (for which he won an Oscar) — and it all started on the set of Community, where his musical contributions included the theme song, At Least It Was Here. Göransson didn t perform the tune, which was recorded by L.A.-based pop band The 88, but it opened a slew of doors for the Swedish composer — including a long and fruitful association with acclaimed recording artist Childish Gambino, a.k.a. Community veteran Donald Glover.15. Westworld 81% Composer: Ramin DjawadiWestworld s theme hasn t burrowed its way into the collective prestige TV-watching consciousness the way the Game of Thrones theme has, but give it time — as he did with his Thrones theme, composer Ramin Djawadi uses his music to introduce the show by distilling the conflict at the heart of the story, reflecting the tension between more-human-than-human androids and their flesh-and-blood overlords with a melody that weaves between piano and strings.14. Friday Night Lights 97% Composer: W.G. Snuffy WaldenTV shows adapted from movies haven t had the most stellar track record, to put it mildly, so it s easy to forgive the members of Explosions in the Sky for refusing to provide the theme song to the Friday Night Lights series — and just as easy to understand why the showrunners turned to TV music pro W.G. Snuffy Walden for some musical cues that would evoke the Texas band s deeply evocative instrumental style. It was Explosions Your Hand in Mine that anchored the Friday Night Lights movie soundtrack, after all — and the surging Walden score used for the FNL television theme echoed their work so strongly that plenty of fans still think they actually performed it.13. Six Feet Under 81% Composer: Thomas NewmanTV theme songs have come from just about anywhere — older, obscure songs repurposed for new shows; new music commissioned from unlikely sources; even a few seconds of seemingly incidental sound can end up opening a series. But sometimes, a showrunner s best option is to fall back on the tried and true and reach out to a professional composer — as Six Feet Under creator Alan Ball did when he hired Thomas Newman to contribute the theme music for his HBO series. Newman, a frequent Oscar nominee whose work has been heard everywhere from Revenge of the Nerds to The Shawshank Redemption, went on to win an Emmy; these days, Newman is back on the small screen with the theme song for Hulu s Stephen King-inspired Castle Rock.12. Dexter 71% Composer: Daniel LichtDexter juggled a number of elements during its largely acclaimed eight-season run, but at bottom, this Showtime hit was arguably always a horror story — a tone consistently brought out by composer Daniel Licht, whose ability to balance alluring melody with unsettling darkness made him perfect for the series. That blend is particularly evident in Blood Theme, continually evolving versions of which played over Dexter s closing credits; fittingly, Licht first used elements of the composition in music for Necronomicon, an early 90s anthology horror film inspired by the work of H.P. Lovecraft.11. Malcolm in the Middle  Composers: John Flansburgh and John LinnellPerformer: They Might Be GiantsThey Might Be Giants have made a career out of distilling the absurd into pure pop genius, so it s perhaps only fitting that one of their greatest moments of mainstream success came courtesy of a song that started out as a 30-second introduction to a sitcom. Approached by Malcolm in the Middle creator Linwood Boomer for a theme song, longtime partners John Flansburgh and John Linnell served up Boss of Me, which ended up anchoring a seven-season hit — and winning the duo their first Grammy.10. The Office 81% Composer: Jay FergusonHardcore fans of The Office know that supporting character Creed Bratton is a fictionalized version of his portrayer Creed Bratton, who in real life was a member of the band the Grass Roots and has continued his recording career since the series ended. But Bratton isn t the show s only connection to a 60s and 70s cult favorite group — the theme song was written by Jay Ferguson, who was a member of Spirit before launching a solo career that segued into film and television work. His impressively eclectic credits also include a cut on the Terminator soundtrack and the Nightmare on Elm Street 5 score, but this ode to Dunder Mifflin might always be his greatest hit.9. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt 96% Composer: Jeff RichmondA sitcom about a young woman experiencing the world after being freed from captivity in an underground bunker for 15 years faces a number of uphill battles right off the bat, not the least of which is the question of how to come up with a theme song that makes audiences okay with playing such a horrific premise for cheerful laughs. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt had a secret weapon in composer Jeff Richmond, who just so happens to be married to series co-creator Tina Fey — and who teamed up with Songify the News masterminds the Gregory Brothers to create a suitably silly fake viral news clip a la Bed Intruder. 8. Curb Your Enthusiasm 92% Composer: Luciano MicheliniLuciano Michelini s Frolic couldn t have made a better theme for Curb Your Enthusiasm if he d tried — which works out perfectly, since the Italian composer penned the piece for the 1974 Italian film La Bellissima Estate, decades before this long-running HBO comedy was even a glimmer in Larry David s eye. As David later explained, he came up with the idea of using Michelini s music after hearing Frolic in a bank commercial and deciding it would make an ideal counterpoint to some of his character s more misanthropic behavior. Nine seasons later (and counting), it s still a perfect match.7. Law & Order  Composer: Mike PostBy any measure, it s hard to overstate Mike Post s influence on the television music landscape. A towering presence during the 70s and 80s, Post collected an impressive array of pop radio hits as a TV composer — his instrumental themes for The Rockford Files, Hill Street Blues, and Magnum P.I. all made the Top 40, while the theme for The Greatest American Hero, featuring vocals from the immortal Joey Scarbury, was a No. 2 smash. All that being said, it s Post s work for Law Order that might be most widely remembered today — and not only the theme song, but the scene-changing sound effect, dubbed  The Clang, that became an L O franchise mainstay.6. Doctor Who 92% Composer: Ron Grainer and Delia DerbyshireFew television series have balanced permanence and change as artfully as Doctor Who. A BBC mainstay from the early 60s through the late 80s, the show remained beloved by sci-fi fans during its years in TV limbo — and it s attracted a whole new generation of fans since returning to the airwaves full-time in 2005. Along the way, the Who theme song (titled simply Doctor Who ) has remained a haunting through line, with Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire s groundbreaking original arrangement echoing through every subsequent update.5. The Walking Dead 80% Composer: Bear McCrearyOne of the most TV s prolific composers, Bear McCreary s work includes the themes for Starz series Outlander, Black Sails, and DaVinci s Demons. He s also responsible for The Sarah Connor Chronicles, the Battlestar Galactica 2004 series, Defiance, as well as film and video game titles. The Walking Dead went on to be the most watched series on TV, and its haunting theme is instantly recognizable.4. Mad Men 94% Composer: Ramble Jon Krohn, a.k.a. RJD2Performer: RJD2Spurned by Beck, who later recalled scoffing at the idea of a television show about ad executives in the 60s, Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner was stuck for a theme song — until he happened to catch the instrumental version of A Beautiful Mine. Originally written by producer RJD2 for Magnificent City, his 2006 collaboration with rapper Aceyalone, the song was reissued without vocals on RJD2 s appropriately titled Magnificent City Instrumentals LP the same year; Weiner was hooked by a snippet of the track between stories on NPR, and the rest was television history.3. The Simpsons 85% Composer: Danny ElfmanHe wouldn t give up his day job as the frontman for art-pop collective Oingo Boingo until the mid- 90s, but Danny Elfman started branching out into film work with Pee-wee s Big Adventure in 1985, launching a side hustle that would eventually come to largely define public perception of his career. Elfman s composed a slew of soundtrack works since, but the most widely heard of them all is probably the Simpsons theme, which has primed audiences for the jaundiced Springfield clan s animated adventures over a record-setting run that includes more than 600 episodes (and counting).2. Friends  Composers: Phil Sōlem, Danny Wilde, David Crane, Marta Kauffman, Michael Skloff, and Allee WillisPerformer: The RembrandtsThe Rembrandts will always be best remembered for performing the theme song to Friends, but it wasn t supposed to be that way. Singer/songwriters Phil Solem and Danny Wilde had already released a pair of albums (the first of which, their self-titled 1990 effort, included a Top 15 hit in Just the Way It Is, Baby ), and recorded the 45-second original version of I ll Be There for You strictly as a work for hire. After the show took off and a Nashville radio station started broadcasting a full-length edit of the song that they d cobbled together by looping audio from the opening credits, it snowballed into a hit — and Solem and Wilde were pressured into cutting an official version that ended up overshadowing their third album, LP. The duo split soon after, but reunited after the turn of the millennium. Friends fans, meanwhile, are still hoping for a reunion of their own.1. Game of Thrones 89% Composer: Ramin DjawadiTo set the stage for television s most epic fantasy drama, composer Ramin Djawadi wrote a main theme with a stirring, propulsive melody — one perfectly suited to get viewers in the mood for dragon battles while sweeping over a map of the show s world. Though Djawadi worked largely in minor keys — reflective of the dark lengths to which Game of Thrones characters often go — observant listeners will notice major keys peeking through the gloom as the song goes on, a musical manifestation of the battle between darkness and light.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.Thumbnail photo credit: AMC/HBO/Fox

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(Photo by 20th Century Fox)All Star Wars Movies Ranked By TomatometerFlash Gordon meets Hidden Fortress meets Dune, 1977 s Star Wars was formed by George Lucas as an innocent, serial tribute to the entertainment of his formative past. But for everyone else, it was the future, changing the movie culture landscape on every level: How and what gets made, how they re released, and, yes, how they re merchandized. A space opera for all ages, Lucas closed out this original trilogy with the biggest twists (Empire Strikes Back) and the cuddliest endgame battle (Return of the Jedi).Over 20 years later, Lucas returned with the prequel trilogy that went deep into Force mechanics and far towards space politics. And nearly another 20 years after that, the so-called sequel trilogy started up, reuniting old friends and plot devices for the nostalgic blockbuster touchstone The Force Awakens. That was followed by the foundation-shaking Last Jedi, and the action-packed fan service machine The Rise of Skywalker, which is now the second-lowest–rated Star Wars film, according to the Tomatometer.With the 42-year spanning Skywalker Saga now complete, we re ranking every movie in the franchise! This means all theatrical releases (including spin-offs like Rogue One and The Clone Wars), but leaving off the TV stuff. Apologies to The Mandalorian. Star Wars Holiday Special, you know what you did. Now, kick back with some blue milk (or green, if you re watching space carbs) and crank up that holo-phonograph of Jedi Rocks because here comes the best Star Wars movies by Tomatometer!MORE: The complete Skywalker Saga is now on Disney+  Check out the 100 Best Movies on Disney+ Uzo Aduba and Matthew Broderick will lead the cast of Netflix’s Painkiller, a six-episode series about the beginnings of the opioid crisis and specifically Purdue Pharma’s role in it. Aduba will play Edie, an investigator leading the case against Purdue, and Broderick will play Richard Sackler, the former chairman and president of Purdue. Peter Berg will direct all six episodes and serve as an executive producer, while Alex Gibney, the filmmaker of HBO’s recent similarly-themed documentary The Crime of the Century, will also be an EP. The limited series is based on author Barry Meier’s book Pain Killer: An Empire of Deceit and the Origin of America’s Opioid Epidemic and journalist Patrick Radden Keeke’s New Yorker article “The Family That Built an Empire of Pain.”Jeff Goldblum has joined the fifth season of HBO Max’s Search Party, where he’ll play Tunnel Quinn, a tech billionaire who becomes a business partner of Alia Shawkat’s Dory.Lost alum Dominic Monaghan will star in AMC’s space drama Moonhaven, playing Paul Sarno, a detective on the Moon who has the job of trying to solve Earth’s problems. The thriller, from Lodge 49 writer and producer Peter Ocko, revolves around cargo pilot and smuggler Bella Sway, who’s accused of a crime 100 years in the future and is sentenced to live in a utopian community called Moonhaven and help solve Earth’s problems before its civilization ends. (TVLine)Jerry O’Connell, who has been a guest co-host on CBS’s The Talk recently, has been hired as a permanent co-host, filling the spot vacated by Sharon Osbourne.(Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)The Paramount+ limited series The Offer, about the making of The Godfather, has added to its cast, as the production began this week in Los Angeles. Grey’s Anatomy alum Justin Chambers (pictured) has signed on to play Marlon Brando, while Lou Ferrigno will play Lenny Montana, the actor who portrayed Luca Brasi in The Godfather, and The Sopranos’ alum Michael Rispoli will play New York mobster Tommy Lucchese. The rest of the cast includes Miles Teller as producer Al Ruddy, Matthew Goode as famed producer Robert Evans, Colin Hanks as Barry Lapidus (the head of Gulf Western, which owned Paramount at the time), Dan Fogler as Francis Ford Coppola, Juno Temple as Ruddy’s assistant Bettye McCartt, Giovanni Ribisi as mob boss Joe Colombo, Frank John Hughes as Frank Sinatra, and Patrick Gallo as Mario Puzo, the author of The Godfather novel.Both John Lithgow and Jennifer Carpenter, whose characters didn’t make it out of the original Dexter series alive, will reprise their characters in Showtime’s upcoming limited sequel series. Presumably in flashbacks, unless Dexter (Michael C. Hall) has gotten up to some supernatural shenanigans after his lumberjack days. Oscar nominee Sally Hawkins (The Shape of Water) and The Late, Late Show host James Corden will co-star in the Amazon limited dramedy series Mammals, about the relationship of a married couple. The series is written by Jez Butterworth (Flag Day), and reunites Hawkins and Corden, who starred in a spoof of The Shape of Water during her guest appearance on his CBS late-night show.DJ Kahled is replacing Snoop Dogg as a judge on season 2 of TBS’ competition series Go-Big Show. Comedian Cristela Alonzo will host The WB’s remake of Legends of the Hidden Temple, which premieres on Oct. 10. Nicole Ari Parker, Sarita Choudhury, and Karen Pittman have joined the cast of HBO Max’s Sex and the City prequel series And Just Like That, playing a documentary filmmaker named Lisa Todd Wexley (Parker); real estate broker Seema Patel (Choudhury); and Dr. Nya Wallace, a Columbia Law School professor (Pittman). Zach Braff has joined the cast of the HBO Max sci-fi romantic comedy movie Moonshot. The Scrubs alum (and Emmy nominee for directing a Season 1 episode of Ted Lasso) woll play an “entrepreneur and visionary” who colonizes Mars. Lana Condor, Cole Sprouse, Mason Gooding, Emily Rudd, and Lukas Gage also star. (THR)

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Pride Month may be ending in a few days, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop celebrating. Rotten Tomatoes asked the cast and creatives of some of our favorite LGBTQ+-centered series — including The L Word creator Ilene Chaiken, Pose creator Steven Canals, Vida creator Tanya Saracho, activist/Pose director and writer Janet Mock, and Pose star Mj Rodriguez — to reveal what their personal favorite LGBTQ+ television shows are, and why. Here’s their curated list so you can keep celebrating LGBTQ+ contributions to pop culture all year long.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.Thumbnail image photo credit: Gareth Gatrell/BBCAmerica; Chris Haston/NBC; Sarah Shatz/FXKilling Eve 89%Ilene Chaiken: Killing Eve is everything. It’s the television game-changer of the moment. It’s spectacular in every way. Those two women both as actresses and characters are stunning. Jodie Comer is my new favorite sexy twisted hero villainess. And it’s just – what can I say? The added bonus is Fiona Shaw, who, on the show, is playing this wicked character but she is also just an icon in gay, elevated, acting royalty.Tanya Saracho: Killing Eve is inspired storytelling. I will continue to love it for its complicated, flawed and morally ambiguous protagonists. I choose to disregard [star Sandra] Oh s comments about this not being a lesbian story and will take it for what I think it is: A f ked-up queer tale of love and obsession.Noah’s ArcSteven Canals: Noah s Arc is a really great one. It s one of the few shows I can think of that centers queer black men.Mj Rodriguez: When Noah s Arc came out, that slayed for me. It was the validation. And also there were trans women on that show. Granted, they were featured, or they were guests, or they were background, but they were still there and that s what really made me feel good.American Horror Story 77%Ilene Chaiken: Ryan Murphy delivers for me in American Horror Story. In everything he does he delivers. Nobody tells our stories and portrays us and provokes us in the way he does, but American Horror Story is my favorite because he does genre, and genre gets at us in such a profound way.Vida 100%Janet Mock: I love Vida. I love what Tanya has done with that series. I love how much deeper they go in season 2 — I watched it in a day and a half. I love a half-hour drama. I think that she s doing such important work. I love those actors so much. I love the world that s there. That s literally right over here, right, a little east of us where we re at right now. And so yeah, I love that series and I hope that more people watch it and support it.Pose 98%Tanya Saracho: Pose is necessary television. And it s overdue. It s a beautiful thing to see all those brown and black faces on screen, living their truest lives.Will & Grace Mj Rodriguez: Now granted, there were no trans women on that show at all, but it was still representation of the LGBT community. And I can only relate to it somewhat because I mean, it was an all-white cast.Sense8 86%Ilene Chaiken: Maybe it never found the audience that it should have, although I know it has some very devoted fans. It’s a beautiful work of art, something we don’t often see on television. It works as story, but it works as just ethereal, ephemeral, profound art.Gentleman Jack 90%Tanya Saracho: I m crazy about Gentleman Jack (and that top hat!). I love everything about the show; the aesthetic, the tone, the story — but mainly, Ms. Suranne Jones. She took her character, Anne Lister, through the emotional paces from cheeky breaks of the fourth wall to stirring exploration of what it meant to be queer in a time when that was a viscerally dangerous thing.Orphan Black 93%Ilene Chaiken: Even if there hadn’t been gay and trans clones, I still would’ve said it was a gay show, but it’s just progressive, it’s subversive, it’s brilliant, and also, and really important for me, I have been looking for gay genre shows, or for genre shows that feature gay characters and gay themes forever and ever and Orphan Black finally delivered for me.Orange Is the New Black 90%Mj Rodriguez: Laverne Cox is like my sister, and she was the one who broke down that door and opened the space up for us to come on in and take our craft seriously.One Day at a Time 99%Tanya Saracho: I heart One Day at a Time so much. Elena and Syd s beautiful relationship is poignant and bold and so now. I love how they love.The Rachel Maddow ShowIlene Chaiken: And also Anderson Cooper, but Rachel Maddow in particular. Where else do we look for icons, for just a touchstone to our own rage and hope and truth?亚博app下载网站(Photo by © A24)The Green Knight isn’t production designer Jade Healy’s first quest with director David Lowery. Among her impressive string of credits, which include A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Marriage Story, and I, Tonya, you’ll see Lowery collaborations like the live-action Pete’s Dragon and the existential meditation A Ghost Story. Their latest project together, which has been dubbed by many a visual masterpiece, is an adaptation of the legendary 14th-century 2,500-line poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and it is a vast reframing of the gallant Arthurian myth for a modern audience.For those unfamiliar with the medieval text: During a Christmas celebration, a magical, menacing knight who appears to be made of tree bark, vines, and armor arrives to play a game – whoever lands a blow against him must venture to the Green Chapel one year hence to receive an equal blow in kind. The young plucky nephew to King Arthur, Gawain (Dev Patel), takes the challenge and, one year later, travels to face the supernatural foe.In this exclusive interview, Healy breaks down how she brought to life the fabled sets – the famed Camelot, the otherworldly Lady and Lord’s castle, the verdant Green Chapel – working with Lowery to turn this parable into an enchanting yet bleak and psychologically thrilling adventure.Crafting A New Look for Camelot(Photo by © A24)Jade Healy: I spent a long time researching different architecture of the time period and looking at different castles. I was really just trying to find something that felt right. For me, often the design process is seeing it in my head, and then trying to figure it out and put it down on paper. That comes with a lot of exploration and research and drawing.I found this French Abbey called L abbaye du Thoronet, and it was so organic and beautiful and Romanesque. It had a simplicity to it. And I wanted to avoid fussiness. Often these sort of castles have so much going on. There are all of these ornate carvings.As soon as I saw it, it almost felt like a warm womb. It’s got a sand-colored brick and it sort of conjured up images of early Star Wars, which, you know, David [Lowery] is always referencing. It was ancient and modern at the same time. That image was sort of my Eureka moment. And then from that I started designing the look and shape and feel. That was how I ended up with this sort of sand and stone color, which changes depending on how Andrew [Droz Palermo] would light, going from a gray-blue to warmish pink colors.A More Intimate Round Table(Photo by © A24)Healy: I was trying to find something that would really encompass the round table. We, of course, were limited by size. We weren t a huge movie. We had a stage space and we had to figure out how to work within the limits of our space while we were building other sets as well.Often, as you start looking at castles, [you discover] they re actually really small. The rooms are quite small because that s just how they were. So we thought in this room should just be the round table, in a specific chamber that s just for that. And by building it around the shots that David needed – the entrance of the Green Knight and this Christmas celebration – that s how we landed on that design.The Cottage of St. Winifred and Its Surrounds(Photo by © A24)Healy: As soon as I landed in Ireland, we got to drafting because we didn t have that much prep. When I read the script, I knew in my head how it should look, and then it s always just finding some reference images that are of the period. Based on these images that I found of these old cottages, we built the interiors next to the great hall right on the stage. The exterior facade was built separately in a field, and we built the pond in front of the exterior. Design is always a little bit of figuring out how you can cheat things together. The exterior we found on some land, but it was just a basic structure. Then we went in and added a thatch roof, and we added some wood detail to get it to feel right.An Intimidating Home for the Lord and Lady(Photo by © A24)Healy: For those locations we knew we d have to find them because we didn t have the money to build something like that. So, we were really looking for the right castle that could be the Lord and Lady’s. When we saw this castle, it was so interesting because it wasn t [from] the same time period at all. But that s where we felt we could jump into this magical fantasy realm and create a castle that felt totally different from the world Gawain’s left behind in Camelot. To create something that felt almost like an illusion, a dream.This castle was decrepit. This interesting old couple bought it and they re slowly restoring it with the help of volunteers that go and stay there. But there are cats roaming and the top two floors have holes. God, it was freezing cold everywhere. Which kinda helped in a way with the feeling of being in this Medieval time.But we also wanted to adapt it. The windows were so huge, which I didn t like, so I wanted to find ways to close them up. So I built around them to create these skinnier windows. I knew I wanted it to be sparse, allowing for negative space. I wanted it to have this unsettling quality in a way that it s so large and yet there s not much there. And it s not homey. It’s intimidating. We wanted to bring in a little bit more blue, and it was really fun to play with these colors that were totally out of the rest of the film – especially the Lady’s dress and the bedding being almost sort of the same color.The Lady’s Library: Books and An Anachronistic Camera(Photo by © A24)It s so fun. We knew the books were going to be fun to design because while finding these old ancient books, we had such amazing artists and craftsmen in Ireland. Our graphic designers shot all these beautiful drawings, just gorgeous. Amazing.And then for the camera, it was one of those things in the script where you knew at this point, you were moving into a more magical world because obviously they didn t have that kind of technology then. So we talked a lot about what that could be. We thought of it being some kind of pinhole camera room, like one of those giant camera obscura sort of rooms, allowing ourselves not to get too bogged down by the mathematics or the science of it. When you get bogged down you start to think, well, how does the light get back there and where did it come from? But those are the things that we allowed ourselves to go, well, it s magic. Guys, there s like this abandoned chapel back here. (Photo by © A24)We knew we just wanted this very overgrown castle. And, of course, you have something in your mind and if you could build it, there s always this perfect green chapel, but then we found this one and it really was perfect. The ivy and all those greens were really overgrowing; in fact, we had to cut some of them back to let light in. But then we brought all the moss and all the greens, and we built the river into it. In my mind when I first started designing, I envisioned it as being bigger. But then, in the end, I just really loved the intimacy of that space.We found the chapel by accident. It was right next to a location we went to scout that we didn t end up using. We were looking at it for the Lord and Lady’s castle, but we didn t like it. And then as we were leaving, the first AD went into the woods to go to the bathroom, and he was like, Guys, there s like this abandoned chapel back here. We were like, What? That s what I love about the scouting process. You just can t replicate it when you re building everything from scratch. We just walked in the woods and there was this beautiful abandoned castle. And it was just how Gawain would have come across it.The Crooked Tower Comes Together(Photo by © A24)That one was really fun because we had to figure out how to create the space, and we couldn t build on the stage because there was no stage space. It was this creative problem-solving, because I knew exactly what I wanted it to look like, but it s so hard when you have it in your head yet you can t build it. That s the suffering of a designer in a nutshell.We just found this empty old barn that was near some of our other locations that had like one-and-a-half stone walls. And then the other two walls were wood. But it had an interesting ceiling. I just said, Can I take this wall off over here? And that wall off over there? And then I just started to design. Like we’re going to match, we re going to build this on the match, we re going to add the details in the arches to the roof so we can get this medieval roof structure. Then we re going to build all the medieval windows, and then build this massive fireplace, and then put down a real stone floor.(Photo by © A24)They’ve used that barn for so many movies and for so many different things. And everyone s like, Whoa, we ve never seen it look like this before. So it was fun and amazing. Like the fireplace looks so good. It was really, really fantastic.The exterior location, where Gawain walks up to the crooked tower, there s just sort of a low wall of this real castle. When you re scouting, it’s your job as a designer to say, What about over there, those tiny, weird little steps? What if we extended that and that’s the crooked tower? That s the fun part about being a designer and being able to sort of see the world. Sometimes you see things that the DP and the director don t, and then you have the opportunity to sort of draw on it and present it. And then when everyone loves it and it makes it into the movie it s rewarding.The Green Knight is in theaters now. On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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Jay and Silent Bob are all grown up in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, their first feature film since 2006 s Clerks 2 and an almost-complete retread of their first headline outing, the Strike Back entry from 2001. (The guys from the front of the Quick Stop are once again trying to halt production of a Bluntman and Chronic movie – though this time it is, in a nod to the times, a reboot of the original film based on the characters that were based on, well, Jay and Silent Bob.) Just how much has the duo, played by Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith, grown? Well, Jay – the goofy, shouty, long-haired weed dealer who lit up the screen in Clerks and then became a sensation in Mallrats – is a father for starters, discovering he s the long-lost dad to a teenager played by Smith s daughter Harley Quinn. And Bob talks almost non-stop throughout the film. Just kidding.But there s a new maturity to the two mainstays of Kevin Smith s View Askewniverse, the cinematic universe kicked off by Clerks and which includes Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Clerks 2. And in their latest adventure, there s also a ton of heart: Reboot is a Jay and Silent Bob that will make you tear up – and not just from over-toking.The two men behind Jay and Bob are all grown up, too, something fans of their podcast Jay and Silent Bob Get Old will know. In the infrequent but lengthy episodes, Smith and Mewes detail the trials of fatherhood – Mewes is a newish dad to a young girl named Logan who has a cameo in the new movie – and addiction and sobriety: Mewes is almost 10 years sober after struggling with heroin and substance abuse. In this exclusive extended interview with Smith and Mewes, they reveal how they first met and formed a lifelong personal and creative bond that would grow and be tested in ways none of them knew when they were just kids at the local rec back in Jersey. Jason was a figure of a suburban legend, so people would be like, ‘There s that Jay Mewes, he broke the window at Cumberland Farms.’ Kevin Smith: “I met Jason – let me see – 32 years ago at this point. We both grew up in the town of Highlands in New Jersey and Jason was a figure of a suburban legend, so people would be like, ‘There s that Jay Mewes, he broke the window at Cumberland Farms.’ Or, ‘There s that kid Jay Mewes, I hear he f ed a dog once.’ Which he didn t, right?”Jason Mewes: “No, never.”Smith:  My friends Bryan Johnson and Walter Flanagan, I worked with them at the Highlands Recreation Center. That means we met in the caring of children, which was so bizarre; he was one of the children. He came after I left and the boys started hanging out with him. He was younger. I was like 17, you were 13. I was hanging out with these two guys, Walter and Bryan, and I was their new cool, funny friend, and then all of a sudden they started talking about funny things that this Jay Mewes guy said. I was like, ‘Mewes? That kid? That local kid?’ And they re like, ‘Yeah man, he s funny. He hangs out at the rec a lot.’ Jay and Silent Bob first appeared in 1994 s Clerks. I m not driving this minor across state lines. No way, man, I ain t doing that. Smith:  One day we re going up to a comic book show in New York; it was me and Bryan and Walter. I get to house to pick up Bryan and Walter and Jason s there and they re like, ‘We re going to bring them with us.’ And I was like, ‘I m not driving this minor across state lines. No way, man, I ain t doing that.’ And then Bryan s like, ‘Well then I ll drive. And then Jason s like, ‘Shotgun, nooch!’ And then he jumped in the front seat and then I sat in the back, the whole ride up. Jason was saying all of these funny things up front – snoog and snooch and all that stuff – and Bryan and Walter were like, ‘Ha ha ha.’ And I was sitting in the back, like, ‘He ain t so funny, man.’ Because I was the new funny friend and suddenly I was being replaced by the newer funny friend.They lost interest in him. One day he came to my house he lived like right around the block and my mom was like, ‘That dirty boy from town is here.’ And I was like, ‘Who?’ And I looked out and it was Jason. ‘Jason Mewes is here. Why?’ And then I went out to answer the door, and he goes, ‘What are we doing today?’ And I was like, ‘We re not doing anything. We re not friends. You and me are friends with Bryan and Walter but we re not friends. We hang out together because those guys; if they re not around, we don t really hang out. Do you understand?’ He s like, ‘Yeah, what are we doing today?’ So I kind of adopted him. Kevin, Bryan, and Walter would talk about comics and movies and they used big words It was appealing to me as a 13-year-old. Mewes: “As a 13-year-old, me and my friends would go to the woods. We d build forts and fix bikes and put rope swings up and do fun stuff. That s what we would do, but [Kevin, Bryan, and Walter] would talk about comics and movies and they used big words, which is funny now, but they did. It was appealing to me as a 13-year-old because I was like, ‘What are they saying? They re saying things like ‘Austen-Tayshus’ – what does that mean? That is magical.’ And they would talk about girls. I was 14. I had never even kissed a girl and they actually had a couple of girlfriends.”Smith: “That s why he calls me ‘Moves.’ Whenever you hear him talk to me in real life he s like, ‘Moves, can you do this? Moves come here.’ It’s because when he was young, he d ask about girls and I would try to be like, ‘Whatever you do – he knew the bases – don t slide into third. Nobody likes that. You got to treat it right. Here s a book on gynecology that I got from this flea market and it s worked wonders for me.’ He would be like, ‘Man, you ve got the moves.’ I was like, ‘No, I have this gynecology book.’”Mewes: “At that age, they knew stuff, so I wanted to hang out with him as much as possible. Plus, he had a room full of comic books, and he had tons of VHS tapes and movies and stuff. I remember that, and plus, he had a car and he drove us. All these things were appealing to me because, again, I d go out and have fun with my friends, but I d be like, ‘Oh, I wonder what Kevin s doing. I want to go hang out with him because he s going to show me Full Metal Jacket. He had knowledge of all movies and directors and they would talk about writers, and my friends would just be like, ‘Hey, have you seen the new Van Damme movie?’ Which was again great, but he would be like, ‘Did you see the Van Damme movie? It was written by Joe Bob, Billy Bob, and directed by Scorsese.’”Smith: “We became really good friends, and I think he s the most original human being I ve ever met. Hands down an American original.”

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Netflix made huge strides in the romantic comedy game this year, with one of the most memorable entries being Lana Condor and Centineo’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. The role of Peter could have easily been the “cute and charming guy that’s been there all along” of many films past, but the springy script and Centineo’s bright-eyed performance make it one of the most swoon-worthy and surprising of the genre. Plus, it s all the more fun to watch his and Condor’s publicity tour for the movie, an adorable act that they should definitely take on the road.Other Roles: Sierra Burgess is a Loser (Jamey), The Fosters (Jesus)Cynthia Erivo — Widows (2018) 91%, Bad Times at the El Royale (2018) 74%(Photo by Merrick Morton/20th Century Fox)Erivo’s role in Widows as Belle, a scrappy, intelligent single mom, helped me research my way into knowing more about her accomplishments on Broadway (acknowledged by a 2016 Tony win). One of my few criticisms about the film was that it left me pining for more Erivo. I got my wish when Bad Times at the El Royale was released, and Erivo’s singing and double-crossing as Darlene was center stage and filled my tank, her sharp, complicated, grounded work in the film helping anchor a bonkers story. Hopefully my tank will remain full enough to coast into 2019, when she plays Harriet Tubman in Harriet.Henry Golding — Crazy Rich Asians (2018) 90%, A Simple Favor (2018) 84%(Photo by Sanja Bucko/Warner Bros.)Golding plays either the husband or the husband-to-be in both films, but he’s so much more than just a handsome accessory on women’s arms. Coming from the world of TV, hosting everything from variety shows to documentaries, Golding knows how to connect with audiences and pull them right in to whatever he’s inviting them to watch. As Nick, the son of an insanely wealthy family in Crazy Rich Asians, he deftly navigates between the two women at odds in his life. In A Simple Favor, his intriguing, secretive Sean heavily contributes to a story shrouded in mystery.Geraldine Viswanathan — Blockers (2018) 84%, The Package (2018) 42%(Photo by Quantrell D. Colbert/Universal Pictures)Both of these films are part of the modern wave of coming of age films, and Viswanathan represents everything they’re doing right. In Blockers as Kayla, the daughter of John Cena, she has the cunning and sex drive to rival that of any of the famous male cinematic horn dogs to come before her. Her turn as Becky in The Package is in the same neighborhood — she’s crush-worthy, but more than just eye candy for the main character. She’s persistent, inventive, and hilarious. With actresses like her seeing this kind of success early on in these kind of genre-bending films, it bodes well for the future of Hollywood.Other Roles: Nippers of Dead Bird Bay, EMO the Musical (Jamali)Isabela Moner — Sicario: Day of the Soldado (2018) 62%, Instant Family (2018) 81%(Photo by Richard Foreman Jr./Columbia Pictures)When your primary activity is wandering around a desert as a hostage or getting adopted by strangers, it could be easy to be a passenger in someone else’s journey. But when you’re as charismatic and interesting as Isabela Moner, you don’t need to worry. Both Isabel in Soldado and Lizzy in Instant Family are headstrong girls who stand 20 feet tall and hold their own against all the veterans alongside them. When you add in perfect amounts of vulnerability and toughness, you’ve got an actress worthy of Dora the Explorer, which is a movie I’m actually excited for now.Other Roles: The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature (Heather), Transformers: The Last Knight (Izabella)Brian Tyree Henry — Widows (2018) 91%, If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) 95%, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) 97%(Photo by FX)Henry is in eight projects this year alone; it’s impossible to ignore him at this point. While it’s hard to imagine him having a better year in terms of volume, if his current incredible work is any indication, he’s only going to get better and better as time goes on. Don’t sleep on this man. From his role as a corrupt politician in Widows to an ex-con in Beale Street, Henry can do anything believably, which means lots more opportunities to shatter audience’s expectations and bring new things to whatever form he chooses to participate in.Other Roles: Atlanta (Alfred), White Boy Rick (Detective Jackson), Hotel Artemis (Honolulu), Family (Pete), Irreplaceable You (Benji), Vice Principals (Tavis Brown), Crown Heights (Clayton “Massup” Benton)

(Photo by Netflix/ courtesy Everett Collection)Best Science Fiction Movies of 2021, Ranked by TomatometerWelcome to our guide to the best science-fiction movies of 2021, where we feature Fresh and Certified Fresh genre films from the year. Among 2021 s best you ll find kaiju death-matches (Godzilla vs. Kong), time loops (The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, Boss Level), superhero and horror hybrids (In the Earth, Black Widow), and mind-blowing animation (The Mitchells vs. The Machines, Evangelion 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon a Time).Check back as we add more to the best-reviewed sci-fi movies of 2021! (Plus, we re doing the same for 2021 s action movies, horror movies, and the overall best movies of the year.)
After all the puzzlement, wonder, and possible curses, HBO’s Watchmen is finally out in our world. Exquisitely produced and full of the sort of heady content the prestige cable channel favors, it is easy to see how people will be commenting on its cops-vs.-white supremacists A-plot for the next nine weeks.But as these ideas are only just percolating in the first episode, fans of the original graphic novel have another viewpoint to grapple with: how Watchmen builds on the tangential world of the original 1986 comic book maxiseries by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, and John Higgins. As it is now clear this is a story set in that same world with the potential to become a direct sequel, it is fair to examine how executive producer Damon Lindelof (The Leftovers) and his team used the iconography devised by the comic book s creative team to put their treatise on race relations in the Watchmen context.Let’s take a look at what the season premiere revealed about the program’s world so far and how it draws from the comic book to establish its reality.Points of Departure(Photo by Mark Hill/HBO)Any good piece of fiction set in an alternate reality must address the point in history where its world diverges from our own, as Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle, for example, communicates easily. The point at which Watchmen diverges is a little more subtle, as it is not based in a historical event but a movement in fictional storytelling. Considering Moore and his collaborators were working for DC Comics, we’ll use June of 1938 – the publication date of Superman’s first appearance in Action Comics #1 – as the rough moment at which Watchmen s world and our own diverge. If the Watchmen comic book is an examination of a world in which costumed heroes had a real effect on U.S. history, then it is reasonable to assume they first debuted during that pre-war summer.While the point of departure is not addressed in the episode itself, it is worth making that assumption as the episode’s opening scene – a depiction of the Tulsa Race Riot – takes place in 1921, a good decade and change prior to the arrival of masked crusaders. Opening on that tragedy, and the racial motivations behind it, is very much a statement of intent from Lindelof. The Watchmen comic contains a wide number of themes, but race is only partially addressed. In the television series, it is the foundation of its major plotline. In using a real historical event, in which the most affluent black community in the U.S. at the time was leveled, and setting the series in the same city, Watchmen reminds the audience that both our reality and it share an abiding wound despite very different outcomes for Watchmen s World War II and Vietnam War — as well as other conflicts altered thanks to the mere existence of Dr. Manhattan and the other Minute Men.Since the riot took place prior to our presumed point of departure, the legacy of those events simmer under the other, more fantastical events of the Watchmen world. The program’s opening moments – a silent film detailing the exploits of real life U.S. Marshal Bass Reeves – suggests the world of Watchmen may have other points of departure predating 1938.Rorschach’s Mask As a Symbol of White Supremacy(Photo by HBO)Back in Watchmen, it is easy to see Rorschach’s journal as a manifesto more aligned with extremist ideologies. Of course, nothing is truly black and white in that story – which is, in many ways, the whole point – so it is doubly interesting to see his iconography so closely related with the Seventh Kavalry, the unambiguous bad guys of the Tulsa storyline. For readers of the original comic, the journey his mask makes following his death could be one of the most interesting elements of the series fictional history.Spoiler alert: If you haven’t read Watchmen, the following contains spoilers.(Photo by Mark Hill/HBO)In the comic book, Rorschach is the first of the still-active Minute Men to learn of the Comedian’s death, and his investigation brings the others together and eventually leads them to the culprit, Adrian Veidt. But, again, nothing is black and white, so his reasoning for the murder (and the subsequent annihilation of New York) is something most of the characters find they can live with: He intends to scare the world into an age of peace and prosperity. The only one among them who cannot accept murder on this scale as the price of peace is Rorschach himself. And it costs him his life.That reversal is one of the great literary tricks of the original comic book series. Just about every major character has a moment where they are the protagonist and the antagonist, and, as it happens, a reader can find themselves agreeing with Veidt because this is just a story and it is all quite academic (see also: Thanos grim calculus in Avengers: Infinity War). For those readers, Rorschach becomes the bad guy in the story s final pages and, on some readings, you can even see his acceptance of death as a heroic play to stop himself from spoiling Veidt’s golden age.We glimpse that world of peace for a page or two before Rorschach’s journal, which he sent to a conservative-leaning magazine called New Frontiersman, seemingly undoes everything Veidt tried to achieve. At least, we hope subsequent episodes will offer concrete details as to why the paradise the heroes agreed to did not stick. But at the moment, we can infer that the magazine published Rorschach’s journal and made Veidt the enemy of the world (note the newspaper reporting Veidt’s death as “confirmed”). It also, presumably, made Rorschach himself something of a hero among New Frontiersman s readership and, across the decades, he became a central figure of white separatist movements as he was white himself and espoused a certain type of moral purity often popular among extremists — the very one the Seventh Kavalry quote from his journal in their video to the Tulsa police.Rorschach would not necessarily have aligned with the Seventh K during his lifetime — though, we admit, he espoused a lot of their ideas — making it a curious legacy for the character. Again, nothing is black and white in the Watchmen comic, but passing decades have a habit of flattening notable people to a handful of key details and the nuance of Rorschach’s life disappears as he becomes part of the Seventh Kavalry’s mythology. The only thing black-and-white about the representation is the character’s mask, which here has transformed into that group s most powerful symbol.Squid Storms(Photo by Colin Hutton/HBO)The squid looms large in Watchmen history and is the key omission from the 2009 film adaptation. Veidt’s ultimate plan was to unleash an allegedly alien squid on Manhattan, killing all around it and scaring the nations of the world into peace. The creature was the product of the finest minds Veidt could corral – and at least one comic book creator. Until the publication of Rorscach’s journal, the plan worked – as evidenced in the comic’s second-to-last page – but the series introduces unintended consequences, which the book had no interesting in addressing.Watchmen’s debut episode suggests squid storms occur regularly. Much smaller versions of the original creature rain from the sky and are hazardous enough for cities to invest in warning sirens (a newspaper tells us deaths do sometimes occur during these storms). The way Angela Abar (Regina King) deals with the mess the storm leaves on her car shows they are also an annoyance. It may be the program’s best usage of the time gap between the original comic book series and the modern television show, as time has turned Veidt s attempted legacy into an occasional moment of inclement weather.Of course, the Lord of a Country Estate’s (Jeremy Irons) squid-themed anniversary cake suggests Adrian Veidt may have another legacy in the works for the world.One has to wonder if that new legacy will tempt Dr. Manhattan back from Mars. When we last saw him in the comic book, he was unwilling to tell Veidt if the terror he unleashed on New York was worth it in the end. Instead, Manhattan merely says Nothing ever ends. He also mentions leaving Earth s corner of the universe for some place else, but as the first episode reveals, he may have spent the last few decades making sandcastles on the red planet. Will he finally have an answer to Veidt s question?Police-Issue Archies(Photo by Mark Hill)With all that background world building in place, the first episode of Watchmen devotes most of its run-time to its real premise: in 2019 of the Watchmen world, cops dress like superheroes to protect their identities. Angela is known as Sister Night, a Tulsa PD detective who works with Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson), Red Scare (Andrew Howard), and the curiously-named Pirate Jenny (Jessica Camacho). They are all distinctive (though rank-and-file offers remain in customary police blues augmented with Watchmen yellow half-masks), suggesting detectives on the Tulsa police force have a major say in their costumes. It also suggests Red Scare did not put a lot of money or effort into his persona.But will all the eye-catching looks, it may have been easy to miss the coffee cup Angela drank from while talking to police chief Judd Crawford (Don Johnson). It had an owl-design which will tip off any and all Watchmen readers that Dan Dreiberg, aka Night Owl II, may have had something to do with Tulsa’s implementation of masks in law enforcement. When we last see him in the comic book, he is one of the few to seemingly thrive in the paradise Veidt tried to create. Is it possible he survived the tumult after Rorschach’s journal went public to become this world’s version of a tech giant?RELATED: What Critics Are Saying About WatchmenThe fact the police use a vehicle very similar to his flying Owlship suggests he or his decedents are profiting from the current climate. Although, it may just be evidence of Crawford s abiding love for all things Nite Owl — he also had a copy of Nite Owl I s autobiography on his desk.But should it turn out that Dan supports or supported police departments after 1986, it also reflects one of the major differences between Watchmen’s world and our own: the lack of the internet. Though not a major idea in this first episode, we hope the lack of a near-instantaneous global communication tool factors in as the series progresses.Or, maybe, the Internet is Veidt’s next attempt at a legacy. Will the Watchmen world be able to handle it?Watchmen airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.
(Photo by ©Lionsgate courtesy Everett Collection)Sometimes, when a movie is set entirely in one location, it s a sure bet that the filmmakers were able to squeeze their budget for every penny, and you can tell that s the only logical reason why the characters seem unable to go anywhere else. But there are some movies that manage to use this limitation to great effect.In the case of thrillers or horror movies, the use of a single location can serve to increase the tension through a feeling of claustrophobia, something typically alleviated in other films by cutting away to a new location. One of the best examples of this is the 2010 film Buried, in which Ryan Reynolds plays an American contractor named Paul Conroy who is working as a truck driver in Iraq when he gets kidnapped and, well, buried in a wooden box somewhere in the desert.To mark its 10th anniversary, let s grab our Zippo lighters and Blackberry phones as we dive into what makes Buried so terrifyingly effective.It Wears Its Hitchcockian Influences on Its Sleeve(Photo by ©Lionsgate courtesy Everett Collection)The director of Buried, Rodrigo Cortés, cites Alfred Hitchcock as a major influence on the film, and it shows. The film begins with an extended credits sequence that instantly brings to mind the work of legendary graphic designer Saul Bass, who designed the credit sequences of many of Hitchcock s thrillers, like North by Northwest and Vertigo. From there, the movie utilizes some of the Master of Suspense s most effective techniques and adapts them to fit the more modern script, including the real-time suspense of Rope, the confined location of Lifeboat and Rear Window, and even the creative use of lighting that comes from the main character s phone and Zippo lighter, effectively contrasting the warmer hues of the latter with the cooler ones of the former.It s Incredibly ClaustrophobicYou d think that spending 95 minutes in a single, confined location would grow stale rather quickly, but somehow Buried manages to keep it feeling fresh throughout its runtime. The film rarely uses the same shot twice, and for the most part, it plays in real time, adding to the sense of dread as the clock continues to tick. As the story progresses, viewers are also introduced to new elements that threaten Paul, like a snake that finds its way into the coffin for a snuggle.Cortés and his cinematographer Eduard Grau compensate for the film s minuscule set by finding novel angles from which to shoot Paul s suffering. Multiple coffins were built for the film, allowing the camera crew to capture those impossible angles, getting as uncomfortably close to Reynolds or as far removed, as if we re seeing Paul from above the ground as needed. The resulting effect adds greater tension to the film, as it plays with the audience s expectations that Paul will manage to break free eventually.Ryan Reynolds Rises to the Challenge(Photo by ©Lionsgate courtesy Everett Collection)Ryan Reynolds had already dabbled in several genres by the time he made Buried, but he was still mostly known for romantic comedies like Definitely, Maybe and The Proposal. His intimate and emotional turn as Paul in Buried helped prove he had more than one ace up his sleeve.Because we never cut away to what s happening outside of the wooden box Paul finds himself in, the entire plot unfolds via various hysterical phone calls he makes to ask for help. These serve both to provide exposition for Paul s predicament (and the efforts to rescue him) and to function as vessels for the drama that slowly but steadily sketches the details of Paul s life. Reynolds has never been as believable or understated as he is in this movie, and the more we find out about his personal life — like tensions with his wife s friends, the death of his father, his mother s dementia — the more we realize Paul was dead inside long before he was trapped in the coffin.Single-location movies hang on the shoulders of its actors. Locke wouldn t work nearly as well as it does without Tom Hardy. Andre Gregory and Wallace Shawn make My Dinner with Andre more than just another banal conversation. Likewise, Reynolds delivers an incredibly raw performance in Buried, and it s because of him that the movie works.Its Sound Design Stands OutSince we don t get a lot of visual stimulation in Buried, the film lets sound do some of the heavy lifting to tell its story. We ve talked about how much of the plot is revealed through a series of phone calls, but sound designer James Muñoz brings Paul s suffocating world to life. The wood creaking, the sand falling in from holes in the lid, the burst of the lighter igniting, Paul s panicked breathing these sounds rise and fall in intensity with razor-sharp attention to detail to maximize their effectiveness in increasing the tension. The moments when Paul resigns himself to darkness turn even the slightest noise into an instantly bone-chilling encounter with the unknown.It Commits to Its Premise and Sticks the Landing HardThe problem with single-location movies is that, more often than not, they cut away from the main setting to give us a flashback, or allow the protagonist to escape their predicament halfway through in order to move the action to a new level. Buried doesn t do this. For 95 minutes straight, we are stuck in a coffin with Paul. No matter how many people he calls on the phone during the film s runtime, he is the only person we see. There is no flashback to his kidnapping, no cutaway to his weeping wife, no check-in with his captors, just Paul. This heightens the tension, as it plays with the audience s expectation that, at some point, we ll eventually see something other than the coffin, until we don t.Arguably the boldest decision the movie makes is not to rescue Paul. He dies as the coffin fills with sand, and the man in charge of rescuing him can only apologize over and over on the phone. The film literally never leaves Paul s side, and it ultimately cuts to the credits without a happy resolution. It s a risky choice not to offer any relief to the audience after watching this man suffer for an hour and a half, and if the unconventional nature of the rest of the film didn t already turn off some viewers, it s likely the ending did. But that choice is the only right one to make for a movie that spends its entire runtime subverting expectations; when the lights go up, we are all still trapped in that coffin with Paul, and the realization hits like a ton of bricks. That s the brilliance of Buried, one of the best single-location thrillers ever crafted.
Which Films Are Ruling TIFF 2019?Rian Johnson does it again and Taika Waititi s latest is Rotten we re sharing the buzz coming out of this year s TIFF.Posted by The Rotten Tomatoes Channel on Monday, September 9, 2019The Toronto International Film Festival runs from September 5-15 this year, and although we re only halfway through the schedule, some big films have already premiered. Possibly the biggest is Knives Out from writer-director Rian Johnson, who last helmed Star Wars: The Last Jedi   the Agatha Christie-styled murder mystery currently holds a 100% Tomatometer score and is poised to be a genre crowd-pleaser when it opens on November 27. But on top of that, movies like the Mr. Rogers biopic starring Tom Hanks, A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, Taika Waititi s WWII satire Jojo Rabbit, and the J-Lo-powered caper Hustlers have also made headlines, and there s still more to come. We break down what critics and audiences have been saying about the movies at TIFF so far on our new show The Ketchup, where we cover all the latest movie and TV news and what it means to you. Watch the video above and let us know in the comments which TIFF movies you re most looking forward to!Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.
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Ghcxuf The documentaries at this year’s Sundance Film Festival shared stories of good versus evil, of hard work and cutting loose, of reflections on life and death, of sharing never-before-seen stories and keeping viewers informed. With so many documentaries to choose from, it can be easy to get lost in all of the options. Fortunately, if you missed the film industry’s annual trek to Park City, many of these award-winning films will soon make it to a streaming platform or screen near you.Boys State (2020) 94%(Photo by Thorsten Thielow courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: Apple TV+, A24First-time director Amanda McBaine made the jump from producing to collaborate with her The Overnighters director Jesse Moss for an incisive look at U.S. politics through the eyes of young boys in Texas. The result is an astonishing documentary that examines how young people are shaping politics and how campaign strategies affect our own views – even on the scale of a boys civics camp. On awards night, Boys State won the U.S. Grand Jury Prize in its category. Jordan Raup wrote in The Film Stage, “This extraordinary portrait of a democratic process in microcosm is both a testament to how Washington, D.C. and the rest of the country could achieve bipartisanship as well as a look at what has led to such a fractured political system.”The Truffle Hunters (2020) 97%(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: Sony Pictures ClassicsDirecting team Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw set their sights on Northern Italy, where a secret society of village elders and dogs protect their ritual of hunting for rare Alba Truffles from prying eyes. Although demand for the truffles is high, the group resists giving out their locations and even hunts at night to avoid detection. The documentary is at once a delightful character study and a meditation on greed versus the need to keep the tradition alive. Lee Marshall of Screen International wrote, “A slow-burn watch, The Truffle Hunters is a film as distinctive and lingering as the scent of the rare tuber that inspires it.”The Dissident (2020) 96%(Photo by Jake Swantko courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: N/AOscar-winning documentarian Bryan Fogel investigates the mysteries surrounding the death of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi after he entered the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey and never returned to his fiancée, Hatice Cengiz. The film retraces his steps through new footage and the testimonies of those who knew him for an intimate portrait of a man whose work continues to spurn the Saudi Arabian officials who tried to silence him. Eric Kohn of Indiewire said, “Fogel assembles a sturdy compendium of talking heads to explain how Khashoggi managed to speak truth to power for so long, and why his fate reverberates for other Saudis who share his sentiments.”Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado (2020) 100%(Photo by Giovan Cordero courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: NetflixCristina Costantini and Kareem Tabsch had just finished filming their documentary about famed Puerto Rican astrologer Walter Mercado when he died in November of 2019. At the height of his fame, Mercado reached around 120 million people with his messages of love and hope – before he mysteriously went off the air in the 2000s. The result became Mucho Mucho Amor, a tribute to the man behind many sequined capes that reveals what happened to Mercado before and after his time as one of TV’s most charismatic personalities. Writing for The Wrap, Carlos Aguilar called Much Mucho Amor “a tribute as inspired and jubilant as its majestic subject, a true original.”Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets (2020) 93%(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: N/AIn the waning months of 2016, documentarians Bill Ross IV and Turner Ross filmed the closing night of a local Las Vegas bar, capturing the patrons’ tearful goodbyes and plenty of dazed stares from one too many drinks. Only, the premise was actually a set-up: the bar is still open (and located in New Orleans), and everyone involved was instructed to behave as if the set-up were true. Nevertheless, the film is full of genuine emotions coming from normal people, blurring the lines between documentary film and traditional narrative. Amy Nicholson of Variety wrote, “It s The Bachelorette wed to The Iceman Cometh: the setup is staged, but the tears are real.”Dick Johnson Is Dead (2020) 100%(Photo by John Wakayama Carey courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: NetflixWith her feature debut, Cameraperson, Kirsten Johnson emerged as one of the documentary world’s most exciting new voices. Her next project, Dick Johnson is Dead, is radically different but no less inventive, challenging the way we talk about and imagine faith, aging, death, and the afterlife. As Johnson follows her own father s struggles with memory loss, the two confront the inevitable with plenty of laughs and heartfelt moments. Nick Allen of RogerEbert.com called it “a gorgeous blend of truth and fiction, with a guiding sense of humor that allows her film to always be honest and hilarious.”On the Record (2020) 99%(Photo by Becca Haydu courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: HBO MaxAlthough Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering’s documentary On the Record may have first caught the national spotlight after the departure of one of its top producers and a distributor, they bounced back at the Sundance Film Festival with a rapturous premiere screening. Their movie follows Drew Dixon as she recounts in vivid detail the night Russell Simmons assaulted her and processes the impact it eventually left on her career, wrestling with the pressure of coming forward in the wake of the #MeToo era. Her story was later painfully corroborated by several women who Simmons also harassed or assaulted. Beandrea July wrote in The Hollywood Reporter, “The overall result is an intimate look at what is at stake when rape victims decide whether or not to tell their stories.”Welcome to Chechnya (2020) 100%(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: HBODavid France heads to closed-off Chechnya to meet the LGBTQ activists bravely combating the government-sanctioned violence against their community and helping others escape almost certain death. The documentary captures their struggle against the persecution of LGBTQ individuals and anyone seen supporting them, as the international press is shut out and the Russian government turns a blind eye to the carnage. Alonso Duralde of The Wrap called the film “a chilling examination of both the brutality that the Chechen LGBT community is forced to face on a daily basis and the difficulty of leaving the country for peace and safety.”The Painter and the Thief (2020) 96%(Photo by Barbora Kysilkova courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: N/AAfter two of Barbora Kysilkova’s paintings are stolen from an art gallery in Oslo, the artist approaches one of the men accused of stealing them, Karl-Bertil Nordland, and offers to paint his portrait in the hopes of learning where her still-missing paintings may have gone. Instead, the two strike up an unlikely friendship over several years. Benjamin Ree’s The Painter and the Thief won the World Cinema Documentary Special Jury Award for Creative Storytelling at the Sundance Awards on Saturday. Esther Zuckerman said in Thrillist, “Norwegian documentary filmmaker Ree paints a remarkable portrait of two lives that become intertwined.”The Fight (2020) 99%(Photo by Sabrina Lantos courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: Magnolia PicturesCo-directors Elyse Steinberg, Josh Kriegman, and Eli Despres reunite after their first project together, Weiner, to film the ongoing saga of what it’s like to be an ACLU lawyer in the Age of Trump. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at headlines and the high-stakes battles for freedom behind closed doors. The film won the U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Social Impact Filmmaking at the Sundance awards ceremony. Kate Erbland wrote in Indiewire, “The unfussy stuff, the human stuff, is what works best, both for The Fight and the very people it follows.”Feels Good Man (2020) 95%(Photo by Christian Bruno courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: N/AFirst-time filmmaker Arthur Jones follows the riveting transformation of the viral Internet character Pepe the Frog from an innocent comic figure to a symbol for internet trolls and the far right. Pepe’s creator, Matt Furie, now wants him back, but is it too late to save the frog’s reputation on the internet? Feels Good Man explores the unruly nature of internet meme culture and reveals how few rights creators have over their creations once they’re online. Jones won the U.S. Documentary Special Jury Award for Emerging Filmmaker. Angie Han of Mashable wrote, “Jones demonstrates an insatiable curiosity about his subject, speaking with everyone from a former Trump campaign insider to a collector of Rare Pepes to an expert on the occult.”Collective (2019) 99%(Photo by Courtesy of Sundance Institute)Distributor: Magnolia PicturesAs one of the standouts in the festival’s Spotlight section, Collective remained a must-see title, as director Alexander Nanau documents the step-by-step unfolding of a tragedy with in-depth details and breathtaking footage. After a devastating fire at a night club killed many and seriously injured several dozens more, investigative reporters discovered the government blocked survivors from life-saving treatments and covered up health code violations that led to the loss of several more lives. The harrowing account raises questions about who should be held accountable, if anyone will be at all. Vikram Murthi wrote for The Film Stage, “Collective sports a procedural-like pace that keeps the information legible and the action linear. It doesn t preclude a lighthearted touch nor get bogged down in misery to underline its points.”Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week. 😈😈


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Today s Ketchup brings you another 10 headlines from the world of film development news, covering titles like the sequels to Bad Moms, Ghostbusters, and A Quiet Place.This WEEK S TOP STORYRACHEL WEISZ AND DAVID HARBOUR IN TALKS FOR BLACK WIDOW(Photo by John Lamparski, Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images)Marvel Studios is preparing to shoot their next two films this summer for likely 2020 releases. It was just last week that we heard about Angelina Jolie being in talks for a lead role in The Eternals, but that s not actually the next film in the works. Marvel is closer to starting production on the Black Widow solo film, starring Scarlett Johansson, with filming scheduled to begin in June. Florence Pugh (Fighting with My Family, Lady MacBeth) was announced last month for Black Widow, and this week, it was revealed that two more stars are in talks. Rachel Weisz (The Favourite) is now in talks for a role in Black Widow. David Harbour (Stranger Things), who will star later this month in the Hellboy, is also in talks for a Black Widow role. We don t yet have any clue what the Black Widow movie is about (including whether it s a prequel or is set after Avengers: Endgame), or what characters Pugh, Weisz, or Harbour might be playing. (This writer s guess for Rachel Weisz is long-time HYDRA leader Viper.) Black Widow may be the Marvel Studios movie scheduled for May 1, 2020.Fresh Developments1. CILLIAN MURPHY JOINS A QUIET PLACE 2(Photo by Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)Last year s monster/suspense movie A Quiet Place (Certified Fresh at 95%) was a surprise box office hit, with over 0 million worldwide from a budget of just million. Paramount quickly greenlit a sequel for next year (May 15, 2020), with real life married couple Emily Blunt and John Krasinski returning (as actress and writer/director, respectively). This week, it was confirmed that the the two surviving kid actors (Noah Jupe and Millicent Simmonds) would be returning for the sequel, and also the first new cast member for the sequel. Frequent Christopher Nolan collaborator and Peaky Blinders star Cillian Murphy will join Emily Blunt in the A Quiet Place sequel as a character who is described as a man with mysterious intentions who joins the family unit. The other movie scheduled against A Quiet Place 2 is the animated Scooby-Doo reboot Scoob, featuring the voices of Zac Efron, Tracy Morgan, and Amanda Seyfried.2. EMMA STONE AND RALPH FIENNES MAY STAR IN HORROR COMEDY THE MENU(Photo by Sabrina Lantos/Sony Classics)After six Academy Award nominations, and two wins (for Adapted Screenplay), Alexander Payne had his first Rotten film as director with 2017 s Downsizing. For his next film, Payne is reportedly recruiting Emma Stone (three Oscar nominations, one win) and Ralph Fiennes (two Academy Award nominations). Described as a comedic horror-thriller, the movie is called The Menu, and is about a couple who travel to a remote island to attend an exclusive restaurant where the acclaimed chef (Fiennes) has prepared a lavish tasting menu, along with some shocking surprises. Although Alexander Payne won both of his Academy Awards as screenwriter, The Menu was instead written by late night TV show staff writers Will Tracy (Last Week Tonight with John Oliver) and Seth Reiss (Late Night with Seth Meyers). Emma Stone will next co-star in the sequels Zombieland: Double Tap (10/11/2019) and The Croods 2 (9/18/2020), and Ralph Fiennes has at least three films scheduled for 2020 as well.3. MARK HAMILL TO VOICE CHUCKY IN NEW CHILD S PLAY(Photo by Walt Disney Pictures)Enough fans of the Child s Play franchise have been talking about Brad Dourif not voicing Chucky in this summer s Child s Play reboot (6/21/2019) that no Brad Dourif is a top autocorrect result on Google search. Curiously, for a movie that is just over two months away from release, however, we didn t actually know for sure who would be voicing Chucky instead. As it turns out, the actor taking on the role is the one famous for voicing the Joker in dozens of video games and animated TV shows. Mark Hamill is obviously best known for his role as Luke Skywalker in the Star Wars franchise, and he can now add Child s Play to the list of franchises he s associated with. Hamill announced his participation in a video that debuted at this past weekend s WonderCon in Anaheim.4. VIOLA DAVIS, JAI COURTNEY TO RETURN IN THE SUICIDE SQUAD(Photo by Warner Bros.)When director James Gunn s The Suicide Squad (8/6/2021) was first announced, it was quickly described as a soft reboot with a new cast of supervillains. That, however, was before it was confirmed that Margot Robbie would indeed be returning as Harley Quinn. (We also thought Deadshot would be returning, albeit in the form of Idris Elba instead of Will Smith, though it later turned out that s not the character Elba would be playing.) This week, we learned of two more actors from the 2016 version who are returning in the same roles. Viola Davis will once again play Amanda Waller, the government agent who brings together the various super villains, and Jai Courtney also talked this week about returning as Captain Boomerang (although it s possible that his character won t survive).5. STERLING K. BROWN TO STAR AS JANITOR-TURNED-COACH IN RISE (Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)Chrissy Metz of NBC s This is Us will star in the faith-based drama Breakthrough later this month, and this week, one of her co-stars also signed on for his own faith-based drama. Sterling K. Brown is in talks with Sony s AFFIRM Films (Miracles from Heaven, Heaven is for Real) to star in their inspirational sports drama called Rise. If he signs on, Brown will portray Louisiana middle school janitor Willie Davis, who took over his school s basketball program and went on to compete in the state championship. Rise is based on Davis true life story, which has previously been reported on by HBO s Real Sports. Sony has already scheduled Rise for release a year from next week, on April 10, 2020 (up against James Bond 25). 阴阳师正统续作MMO玩法手游《代号·世界》,游戏沿袭了《阴阳师》的世界观,但故事发生在了未来,原来的世界分崩离析,留下了一个全新的世界。



亚博app下载网站 Friday s portion of the Television Critics Association press day got political, thanks to projects like a Hillary Clinton documentary coming to Hulu and National Geographic s powerful film The Cave. Other news out of the day included the iffy future of Hulu projects Veronica Mars and Castle Rock, as well as Zoë Kravitz dishing on her new Hulu show High Fidelity.TOP STORYHIGH FIDELITY GENDER-FLIPS 2000 MOVIE WITH STAR ZOË KRAVITZHulu s High Fidelity hits just in time for Valentine s Day, serving up a gender-flipped rom-com re-do of the 2000 film starring John Cusack and Lisa Bonet, who happens to be the mother of series star Kravitz.Kravitz is having an excellent year so far, between celebrating a Golden Globe nomination for season 2 of Big Little Lies, her recently announced role as DC Universe s new Catwoman in Matt Reeves’ 2021 film The Batman, and this promising Hulu series from executive producers Sarah Kucserka, Veronica West, Scott Rosenberg, and Kravitz herself. The show, which tackles lead character Rob s love life and a theme of gentrification, relocates from England (in Nick Hornby’s book) and Chicago (in the movie) to the Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn. We watch a lot of romantic comedies with female leads, West told the TCA gathering, and the problem always seems to be you can t find the right man, or you re desperate to get married, or you re self-destructive in some way. And like, when a man gets to be the lead, the problems are internal and it s just like — it was interesting for us to put that in a woman s point of view and let her issues with romance really just be about learning how to figure out herself and not finding Mr. Right. You know, there s lots of Mr. Rights in the show, which is part of what makes it so much fun. (Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)For Kravitz s part, the actress pulled some strings as executive producer to make the comedy happen. We had Colleen Atwood do the costumes, who is a legend. I had worked with her on Fantastic Beasts, and we were having a really hard time finding someone to do the costumes and that was a really important element to the story and the show to me. And I had called Colleen asking her if she knew someone that would do it because I knew she wouldn’t do it because she’s — she did f ing Silence of the Lambs. Like, you know, it’s not happening. And I called her and said, Do you know someone? and that we need someone and it was starting really soon. And she said, I love High Fidelity. I love you. I’ll do it. And we were all in shock  I called [executive producer Scott Rosenberg], and I said, I think I found someone that you’ll be happy with — because he wasn’t happy with anybody — and he said, Who? And I said, Colleen Atwood. She wants to do it. And it got really quiet. And then he went, Why?' Kravitz said she and Atwood found costumes for her character at vintage stores. I stole a lot of s . I have a lot of the clothes from High Fidelity,” she confessed. I’m really into the Hawaiian shirts. We did a lot of really cool Hawaiian shirts, and Colleen designed this really great leather jacket that was kind of an homage to the jacket that Cusack wears in the film. We did a Hawaiian shirt with a leather jacket with a kind of pleated school skirt, and that was really cool. Music posed a different kind of challenge for the rom-com TV reboot. We spent a lot of money on music, Kravitz said. Every song that we really wanted, we got. And every song we couldn’t get that was replaced, the song that it was replaced with ended up being the perfect song. We were really lucky. And we had amazing support from ABC and Hulu in terms of everyone knew how important the music — music is a character on the show. So she needs like a trailer and a makeup office – A reporter couldn t help noticing that Kravitz s short pixie cut was a much different look than the long braids her character wears in the series. I cut my hair for Batman, so it’s short now, Kravitz explained, insisting that her hair in the series was definitely not a wig.Earlier in the week, Kravitz appeared on Ellen DeGeneres show, where she talked about training for her Batman role and meeting with a famous former Catwoman while sitting with the Big Little Lies talent at the Golden Globes earlier this month. I was sitting at the Globes with David Kelley — because he writes our show — and [his wife] Michelle Pfeiffer. And I was bowing to the queen. I m nervous to be in her presence now, she told DeGeneres, who asked her about costume fittings. We ve had many. It s going really well. It s very exciting. And I ve been training a ton, too, which has been great and hard I come home just limping every day. It s actually kind of pathetic. THE FATHER OF STAR WARS MEETS THE CHILDThe Mandalorian creator Jon Favreau shared a photo of Star Wars creator George Lucas holding series phenomenon The Child, and the internet shed tears of Baby Yoda joy pic.twitter.com/y121exIBtZ Jon Favreau (@Jon_Favreau) January 17, 2020HULU AND VERONICA MARS USED TO BE FRIENDS?(Photo by Warner Bros. Television. Courtesy: Everett Collection)Hulu s summer release of a fourth season of Veronica Mars five years after the Kristen Bell drama got a film version and even longer after the series left The CW caused a strong fan reaction — both because of a shocking ending and the decision to drop the episodes several days before its intended release date, thus screwing up rewatch plans for fans were binging old episodes on Hulu. Nevertheless, there was almost immediate talk as to whether there would be another season.Hulu senior v.p. of scripted originals Craig Erwich had a non-answer to this question when asked during his TCA executive session. I think for fans of the show, who have been lifelong fans, the opportunity to check back in with Veronica Mars and see where she is in her life was really exciting [and] it generated a lot of social conversation, he said. You know, what’s interesting is that collection, that kind of journey of Veronica Mars in terms of the television episodes and in terms of her life as a character, exists on Hulu now and will exist for a long time. So there’s still a lot of Veronica Mars for people to check out. We’re encouraging people to continue to watch it. People are continuing to discover it and and right now, we think that’s a really satisfying, narrative experience for them. CASTLE ROCK ALSO IN QUESTIONErwich was similarly vague about the future of Castle Rock, Hulu s original series based on characters and themes in author Stephen King’s work. We have not made any further decisions on Castle Rock. Again, that show recently launched. People are still continuing to discover it, he said, adding that I thought that Lizzy Caplan [who joined the show in season 2] was revelatory in her portrayal of Annie Wilkes. It was a whole new take on that character, and I thought very brave of her given what Kathy Bates had done [in the movie Misery]. You know, Lizzy was really able to find her own way into that. HULU PROMISES PATTON OSWALT’S M.O.D.O.K. PUTS HILARIOUS SPIN ON MARVEL SUPERVILLAIN(Photo by Marvel.com)Click image to see full comic coverIn more positive news, Erwich said that he s really excited after having seen quite a few episodes of animated series Marvel s M.O.D.O.K., which stands for Mobile Organism Designed Only for Killing. The character is described by Marvel as a massive-headed being possessing superhuman intelligence and extraordinary psionic powers. He s an egomaniacal supervillain trying to retain control over both his evil organization and his demanding family.Erwich added that star, executive producer, and co-writer Patton Oswalt is a lifelong Marvel fan and was obsessed with the character of M.O.D.O.K., so for him to finally get his hands on that character and for he and [co-writer and fellow executive producer] Jordan Blum to do what they’ve always wanted to do with it, has been great to see. They are taking a whole new perspective, and a very funny one, on what it means to be a comic book villain, which is really special. At last winter s press tour, Hulu announced that M.O.D.O.K. would be part of an animated lineup that also includes Marvel’s Hit-Monkey, Marvel’s Tigra Dazzler Show, and Marvel’s Howard The Duck. The four originals will culminate in a special, Marvel’s The Offenders.Erwich also said he s seen the first four hours of upcoming Marvel series Helstrom and, I’m really excited about it. It is a definitely a different corner of the Marvel universe in terms of its horror. HILLARY CLINTON S ADVICE FOR VIEWERS OF HER DOCUMENTARY(Photo by Erik Voake/Getty Images for Hulu)Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was also at Hulu s TCA press day, joining filmmaker Nanette Burstein to promote their four-part documentary, Hillary. The former presidential hopeful was unflinching when asked what she hopes voters will take away from her documentary when it premieres March 6 — which, she noted, was after Super Tuesday and may mean we ll have a clearer vision of who will be the Democratic nominee for president in November. I think the most important message is, we are — and I say we, because that’s the side that I’m on  I am on the side of an inclusive, generous, open-hearted country that faces up to the future, tries to bring people together to make difficult choices, of which we have many facing us, and that we’re in a real struggle with a form of politics that is incredibly negative, exclusive, mean-spirited. It’s going to be up to every voter, not only people who vote in Democratic primaries, to recognize this is no ordinary time, she said. This is an election that will have such profound impact. So take your vote seriously, and for the Democratic voters, try to vote for the person you think is most likely to win because at the end of the day, that is what will matter. And not just the popular vote, but the Electoral College, as we’ve learned. STEVE MARTIN, MARTIN SHORT MAKING NEW HULU COMEDY AND MORE DEVELOPMENT NEWS(Photo by Andrew Lipovsky/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images)An untitled comedy starring Steve Martin and Martin Short. has gotten a straight-to-series order from Hulu. The series is co-created by Martin and John Hoffman. They both will executive produce along with This is Us creator Dan Fogelman, Jess Rosenthal, and Short.National Geographic announced partnerships with superhero superstars Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) for a six-part series called #impact, featuring global stories of extraordinary young women, and with Chris Hemsworth (Thor) for Limitless, a series that will explore the frontiers of the human body. Freeform has given a green light to Last Summer, which is described as an unconventional thriller that takes place over three summers in the mid- 90s. Executive producers are Bert V. Royal, Jessica Biel and Michelle Purple. The pilot is executive produced and directed by Max Winkler.Apple TV+ has ordered the docu-series Dear… from The September Issue s R.J. Cutler. It will premiere this spring and, according to the logline, it s inspired by Apple’s Dear Apple spots and promises to take an inventive and cinematic approach to biographies of the most iconic figures in society today by using letters written by those whose lives have been changed through their work. Hulu has also renewed Wu-Tang: An American Saga and Dollface. Freeform has renewed Grown-ish and Good Trouble and Disney+ has given a second season to The World According to Jeff Goldblum.PREMIERE DATES FOR RAMY, SOLAR OPPOSITES, GENIUS: ARETHA, MORE(Photo by Matthias Clamer/Hulu)Hulu has announced that its Golden Globe-winning Ramy will premiere its second season on May 29 with Mahershala Ali joining as a guest star. New series The Great and Solar Opposites will premiere May 15 and May 8 respectively.Genius: Aretha, starring 2020 Oscar nominee Cynthia Erivo (Harriet), will launch on National Geographic as a four-night event series beginning Memorial Day, Monday, May 25. It is the third season of the networks anthology series. The network also announced the March 9 premiere date for COSMOS: Possible Worlds, hosted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.New Freeform show Motherland: Fort Salem starts March 18 while Siren starts Season 3 on April 2.THE CAVE DIRECTOR S ABSENCE A HARSH REMINDER OF DOC S IMPORTANCE(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)National Geographic hosted a panel for The Cave, a powerful Syrian-Danish documentary film that focuses on Amani Ballour, a female doctor working out of a makeshift hospital in an actual cave during the Syrian Civil War. The film airs on the network on January 25, and director Feras Fayyad was scheduled to attend, but was unable to, according to a statement provided by the film s producer Sigrid Dyekjær. We were hoping that Feras Fayyad could be here with us today,  Dyekjær wrote. As has been widely reported, in December Feras was denied an extended U.S. visa by the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen and has missed several industry events, including the IDA Awards and Cinema Eye Awards. While he has waited to meet with the embassy, Fayyad found out that his aunt’s house was bombed and his parents’ and childhood home was in the line of fire in Syria.  The director traveled to Turkey to be near his family, but was arrested by immigration police in Copenhagen when he attempted to return, Dyekjær wrote. Feras is a filmmaker, but first and foremost he’s a Syrian. The Cave is a very personal film. It is dedicated to his seven sisters. To his daughter. To the unnamed women he witnessed being jailed and tortured in Syrian prisons because they’re women,  Dyekjær wrote. His voice is important and it deserves to be heard, now more than ever. After all, we are talking about a brilliant filmmaker who is now a two-time Academy Award nominee — and my dear friend. DEALS: JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS AND APPLE(Photo by Imeh Akpanudosen/Getty Images; Justin M. Lubin/HBO)Multi-Emmy winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus has signed a multi-year overall deal with Apple where she will develop new projects exclusively for Apple TV+ — both an executive producer and star.“I am thrilled about this new partnership with my friends at Apple,” Louis-Dreyfus said in a statement. Also, many thanks and kudos to my representatives for structuring the deal in such a way that I am paid in AirPods.”Hulu has also signed a multi-year streaming deal with DreamWorks Animation. Hulu announced the first three premieres to be Hulu Originals in 2020: Madagascar: A Little Wild based on the film franchise, TrollsTopia from the Trolls universe, and The Mighty Ones, featuring a twig, a pebble, a leaf, and a strawberry that live in an unkempt backyard where the humans are gods.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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