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怪物世界新手卡采用百度引擎3(Baidu 1)ds an incredible cast, with the likes of Ben Schwartz (now of Sonic the Hedgehog fame) and Lisa Kudrow, and even the late Fred Willard contributing to its star-studded comedic roster. — Andrew Dex, Starburst(Photo by Aaron Epstein/Netflix)With a little finessing, Space Force could blossom into something greatThis is one show that is easy to binge-watch and should be renewed for a second season at a minimum, if not longer. Netflix and Carrell have another hit on their hands that is enjoyable and entertaining, especially if they keep Malkovich as part of the cast. —Allison Skornick-Rose, Flick DirectStill, Space Force comes at a time when audiences could use a bit of laughter and self-care. Mostly, the comedy is harmless and skates by on the charm of its ensemble cast (Don Lake deserves a shout-out for playing assistant Brad). Even if it doesn’t quite achieve the astronomical heights suggested by its wacky premise, there’s enough fuel in the tank to help the inaugural season coast on fumes. —Nate Adams, The Only CriticSpace Force maximizes the absurdity, turning this patently terrible situation into one in which laughter comes as a kind of release valve from a huge, churning sea of frustration.In other words, the series is rather well-suited to the current moment. —Sonia Saraiya, Vanity Fair

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冰雪复古传奇龙城秘境是一款完美复刻端游的传奇手游,超强的战斗力轻松就能够秒杀敌人,激情四射的战斗氛围和多种高人气的游戏模式玩法带您感受到更为不同的乐趣,更为热血的玩法快来到游戏之中体验吧。 说实话,王者荣耀有现在的成绩,也是经历了一次又一次的市场淘汰和选择下来的,官方从来没有放弃玩家的想法,一直在进步,玩家也感受的到。不然为什么每年都有那么多游戏冒出,但火的还是只有王者荣耀?所以即便有再多新人加入,王者荣耀也不会受到影响,手游moba的C位不可撼动。大家觉得呢?

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(Photo by History)History s Vikings has never shied away from depicting the brutality in the lives of Norsemen and women in the 9th century. Through five seasons, the show has followed the exploits of legendary Viking chieftain Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel), his crew, and his family. What began as a small-scale story of exploration, and also some old-fashioned raiding and pillaging, has turned into an epic saga spanning several decades and a tr怪物世界新手卡孙悟空大战变形金刚手游app免费下载游戏里需要不断地赚取金钱变成亿万富翁精致美观诠释了经典的传奇,所以说权当做恶搞,随时随地实时对战,而且按照其传统的美术效果开发出一片千秋伟业,特色玩法中依照内容等你来体验,外加精致美观冒险故事的惊玩法,让孙悟空大战变形金刚手游app免费下载拥有整个游戏由独特精简的卡组,开发出无限量超真实团队玩法。

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7.27.5 5月喜迎不像端游玩家费老大劲一个月才能攒出买一个英雄的精粹,只要完成活动任务,《英雄联盟手游》的新玩家们在活动期间可以「白嫖」到至少12个英雄、5个皮肤以及经验加成卡、英雄/皮肤体验卡与魄罗能量卡(用于抽奖)等众多游戏道具。

"Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong" About... The Beach Leonardo DiCaprio grazed a career iceberg with critically dismissed thriller The Beach. Twenty years on, director Jim Cummings joins our podcast to make a case for the Danny Boyle flick's bonkers greatness. by RT Staff | October 15, 2020 | Comments
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We have been busy at Rotten Tomatoes these last two months recommending tons of movies and TV series to watch during quarantine (you can find a ton of lists here). But sometimes you re not in a position, or mood, to plonk yourself down in front of a screen. Perhaps you re working, or gardening, or cooking, or exercising, or hiding in a closet for a few minutes of peace and quiet away from your kids/pupils/audience. Either way: tough to follow the twists and turns of Ozark as you do that. To help in these moments – and to generally keep you sane and healthy as we endure our collective cabin fever – the RT staff curated a list of 15 scores to pair with different parts of your quarantine life. Looking for something to push you through that last set of burpees? We have an orchestral doozy for you. Got a swoony Zoom date? Try something with French flavors. Want a new soundtrack to your Animal Crossing hours? Daft Punk is here to help.What movie music are you listening to at home? Let us know in the comments. Gattaca (1997) 83%(Photo by © Columbia/courtesy Everett Collection)Composer: Michael NymanThere are moments in Gattaca where nothing much is happening on-screen, but the rich Michael Nyman score is going in hard. In my early Gattaca-watching career (I ve seen the movie eight or nine times now), I thought this was faulty, like the music was overcompensating. Plainly, this was a bad take. The music is devastatingly romantic. And not just how it informs the relationship between Jerome and Irene (Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman), but also Jerome s love for himself, to believe he is capable of something far beyond his cursed birthright. These times ask us to search for this kind of inner strength, to navigate daily life s new chaos, and carry a torch of hope for the not-too-distant-future. Gattaca s soundtrack, culminating in the impossible beauty of The Arrival, is the music of that guiding light.Listen when: Working from home – this s t is motivating! – but only if you like your job, and you re not on a call. – Alex Vo, EditorRomeo and Juliet (1968) 95%(Photo by Courtesy Everett Collection)Composer: Nino RotaItalian composer Nino Rota has quite the résumé: La Dolce Vita, 8 1/2, and, of course, the first two Godfather films, both of which earned him Oscar nominations, and the second of which got him a win. My personal favorite, though, is his score for Franco Zeffirelli’s 1968 version of Romeo and Juliet, starring Leonard Whiting and Olivia Hussey. Maybe it takes me back to the high school English class in which I first saw the film, but there’s something about Rota’s love theme – a little trepidatious at first before a rousing strings-led swell, all laced with a certain feeling it’s not going to turn out well – that helps me focus when editing or reading. Be warned though: The score’s final tracks, which accompany the tragic finale on screen, are intense. Skip those, re-start from the beginning, and pretend the young lovers had a dagger-less ending.Listen when: You’ve carved out some time in your day to read (and have got your looking interested photo programmed to your Zoom feed). – Joel Meares, Editor-in-ChiefAnatomy of a Murder (1959) 100%(Photo by Courtesy the Everett Collection )Composers: Duke Ellington, Billy StrayhornThere are several reasons why Otto Preminger s Anatomy of a Murder is one of the greatest courtroom dramas ever, but it s arguably best remembered for its striking opening title sequence by Saul Bass and its incredible soundtrack, composed by none other than jazz legend Duke Ellington and his longtime collaborator Billy Strayhorn. Together, Ellington and Strayhorn put together a complete musical package that was alternately sultry ( Flirtibird ), playful ( Happy Anatomy ), melancholic ( Almost Cried ), and mysterious ( Midnight Indigo ), and it all still feels fresh and alive today. Of course, the most memorable song is probably the Main Title theme that accompanies Bass opening credits, but the whole score just drips with style. It s also worth noting that it was not only one of the first soundtracks entirely scored by jazz musicians, but also the first one for a major Hollywood film that was created by an African-American composer. Movie soundtrack or not, it s a masterpiece.Listen when: You re feeling fancy and having a glass of wine in a bubble bath. – Ryan Fujitani, Snr. EditorThe Handmaiden (2016) 95%(Photo by © Amazon Studios /Courtesy Everett Collection)Composer: Jo Yeong-wookThe Handmaiden, like so many others, is the type of film that Bong Joon-ho spoke of when he urged English-speaking audiences to hurdle over the one-inch barrier of subtitles during one of his acceptance speeches last year for Parasite. The Korean- and Japanese-language film, which was not selected for Best International Film in 2016, sadly never reached a wide audience and was instead relegated to join other underrated/unknown non-English gems (most of which are available to stream – so get busy). Due to its under-the-radar status, many not only missed the seductive romance-thriller director Park Chan-wook weaved, but also the humorous and erotic score that plays throughout most of the film. The music, like the film it plays beneath, is surprising and genre-defying, mixing dark themes employing strings, clarinets, and harps with romantic melodies.Listen when: You re scrolling through exotic locales, dreaming of the day you can travel to distant lands once again. – Jacqueline Coley, EditorDrive (2011) 93%(Photo by Richard Foreman Jr/©FilmDistric/Courtesy Everett Collection)Composer: Cliff MartinezYou can split Drive s original Cliff Martinez soundtrack into three categories: Pensive, ethereal, and fittingly, driving. Kick Your Teeth and Skull Crushing are among the pensive songs, and they suggest a shadow looming high over your shoulders, like a clockwork beast wound up to strike. The ethereal songs make you feel like you re drifting through a hazy dream, and have incongruous names like They Broke His Pelvis and Wrong Floor. These two moods converge in the driving songs ( Rubber Head, Where s the Deluxe Version?, Hammer ) that speak to those luxuriating in their delusional power fantasies and modern fairy tales. And, in this world, who can blame them?Listen when: You re out for a sanctioned late-night drive, on the route with the most lights. – VoToy Story (1995) 100% and Toy Story 2 (1999) 100%(Photo by © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, © Pixar)Composer: Randy NewmanOver four films, the themes and movements of Randy Newman’s Toy Story scores have become as familiar to many ’90s kids as “The I


Today s Ketchup brings you another 10 headlines from the world of film development news, covering stories from the last few weeks (because of the holidays) for titles such as Final Destination, Ghostbusters 3, Disney s Hunchback, and Monopoly.This WEEK S TOP STORYTOM CRUISE S MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 7 AND 8 COMING IN 2021 AND 2022(Photo by Chiabella James/Paramount Pictures)There are lots of long-running movie franchises, but in many of those examples, the cast changes over time (the MCU and the Rocky/Creed franchises being two exceptions to the rule). This week we learned that, in 2022, Tom Cruise will hit movie #8 in his long-running Mission: Impossible franchise, as Mission: Impossible 7 and Mission: Impossible 8 are being developed for releases in the summers of 2021 and 2022, respectively. Paramount is aiming to achieve this goal by hiring writer/director Christopher McQuarrie to work on both sequels, following what he s done on the last two films, 2015 s Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation (Certified Fresh at 93%) and last year s Mission: Impossible Fallout (Certified Fresh at 97%). The two movies will be shot back-to-back to ensure their releases within a year of each other, and also to make it easier to schedule not just Tom Cruise, but his supporting cast, which may include Fallout co-stars like Rebecca Ferguson, Simon Pegg, Ving Rhames, etc. We don t have any indication what Mission: Impossible 7 (2021) and Mission: Impossible 8 (2022) might be about, but they will probably feature Tom Cruise doing some of his own crazy stunts. Cruise s next film will be the sequel Top Gun: Maverick (6/26/2020), and he will also be celebrating his 60th birthday on July 3, 2022, possibly around the same time that Mission: Impossible 8 will be released.Fresh Developments1. AN ACTUAL GHOSTBUSTERS 3 IS NOW FAST-TRACKED FOR SUMMER, 2020 (Photo by Columbia courtesy Everett Collection)We ve been seeing year-after-year of reboots and remakes, but only very rarely are they overturned by later films. If you were a big fan of 2016 s Ghostbusters (Certified Fresh at 74%), we have some bad news for you, as Sony is now pulling an about-face. Rather than moving forward with a sequel starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones, Sony is aiming to produce a Ghostbusters 3 that will extend the continuity that started with the 1984 movie starring Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson. Ghostbusters 3 will be a legacy sequel, with Jason Reitman (Juno, Up in the Air, Tully) taking over from his father Ivan Reitman. Ghostbusters 3 will reportedly feature the teenage kids of the original Ghostbusters, possibly comprised of two daughters and two sons. We even already got a teaser trailer this week for the sequel, which is aiming for a summer 2020 release. In related news, Bill Murray is now signed to reunite with his Lost in Translation director Sofia Coppola for On the Rocks, co-starring Rashida Jones.2. BLACK PANTHER S NOT THE ONLY AFRICAN KING GETTING A SEQUEL: COMING TO AMERICA 2The 1988 blockbuster comedy hit Coming to America was #3 at the box office that year, preceding by three decades the success of another African king in last year s Black Panther. We already know Black Panther is getting a sequel, but now we can count on one for the former as well. Eddie Murphy is signed to return as Akeem Joffer of Zamunda for Coming to America 2, which will be directed by Craig Brewer (Hustle Flow, Black Snake Moan). Murphy and Brewer are coming off their recent collaboration on Netflix s upcoming Rudy Ray Moore biopic, Dolemite is My Name.3. HUNCHBACK (OF NOTRE DAME) GETTING LIVE-ACTION TREATMENTThere are absolutely no signs of Walt Disney Pictures slowing down their live-action adaptations of their classic animated films anytime soon (setting aside whether The Lion King is live action ). In addition to all of the films in development, the next five on Disney s upcoming slate are Dumbo (3/29/2019), Aladdin (5/24/2019), The Lion King (7/19/2019), Mulan (3/27/2020), and Maleficent II (5/29/2020). We can now add Hunchback, an adaptation of 1996 s The Hunchback of Notre Dame, to the mix, as Josh Gad is now producing the remake for Disney. (Gad is a frequent Disney star, including Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, and Frozen 2.) Gad is not currently expected to star, but that could change with time. Meanwhile, another project, Pinocchio apparently hit a snag over the holidays, with Paddington 2 director Paul King recently walking away (while Guillermo del Toro s Pinocchio is now in development at Netflix).4. SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME TRAILER REVEALS MYSTERIO AND THE ELEMENTALS (Photo by Sony Pictures Entertainment)An all-too-common complaint about trailers is that they reveal too much, with the best ones arguably just whetting our appetite without giving away the whole narrative. This summer s Spider-Man: Far from Home (7/5/2019) has a very thin line to walk indeed, as its mere existence could be a spoiler for Avengers: Endgame (4/26/2019). Let s focus instead on what this trailer actually does show, which is Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio fighting mysterious monsters called The Elementals. In the trailer, Mysterio appears to be acting as a superhero, but many fans were quick to point out that in his first appearance in 1964, Mysterio similarly pretended to be heroic, as he s traditionally one of Spider-Man s longest-running super villains. (Let s note here that 1964 is some 40 years before Syndrome did something similar in 2004 s The Incredibles.) As for the Elementals, three different Easter Eggs in the trailer seem to suggest that they could actually be Spider-Man s villains Hydro-Man, Molten Man, and Sandman (or those could be fakeouts too).5. STEVEN SPIELBERG FINDS HIS WEST SIDE STORY REMAKE S MARIA, ANITA, BERNARDO, AND CHINO Steven Spielberg is getting closer to filming his remake of West Side Story, starring Ansel Elgort as Tony, with the original film s Rita Moreno also cast in a supporting role. What we didn t know until this week, however, was who would be playing the film s female lead, Maria (played by Natalie Wood in 1961), or her best friend Anita (Moreno s original role). Those big reveals came this week as we learned that Maria will be played by 17-year-old Colombian-American newcomer Rachel Zegler. (You can watch Rachel Zegler performing various songs on her YouTube channel right here.) Anita will be played by Ariana DeBose, who was nominated for a Tony Award in 2018 for playing Donna Summer. Anita s boyfriend Bernardo will be played by David Alvarez (Tony winner for Billy Elliot: The Musical), and Maria s would-be-fiancee Chino will be played by Andrés Rivera (of the Hamilton national touring company). Spielberg also reportedly met recently with faculty and students at the University of Puerto Rico about their concerns of how their community will be portrayed in this West Side Story update.6. ANNE HATHAWAY WILL LEAD THE WITCHES REMAKE Robert Zemeckis recent adaptation of the documentary Marwencol, called Welcome to Marwen (Rotten at 31%), was both critically panned and a box office bomb. For his next film, Zemeckis is aiming for a more conventionally popular project, with a remake of 1990 s The Witches, which was an adaptation of Roald Dahl s 1983 children s novel. Anne Hathaway is now attached to star in The Witches as the Grand High Witch, the role played in 1990 by Anjelica Huston. The 1990 movie was itself a box office bomb, earning just million, but the film has arguably become a family favorite in the 29 years since. Robert Zemeckis new adaptation of Dahl s novel will be set in the Gothic South in the 1960s, with Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump) also writing and producing along with both Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water, Pan s Labyrinth) and Alfonso Cuarón (Roma, Gravity).Rotten Ideas3. KEVIN HART PASSES GO, WILL COLLECT (AT LEAST) 0, IN MONOPOLY  (Photo by Warner Bros.)Kevin Hart may not be hosting this year s Academy Awards, but his career is otherwise moving along quite nicely following the million opening weekend for The Upside. Within a few days of those numbers being confirmed, Kevin Hart was quickly attached to two different films, including one that s pretty high profile. The idea of a movie based on the classic Monopoly board game has been kicking around for over a decade, including a time when Ridley Scott was attached, but the Monopoly movie we ll actually get sounds like a drastic switch. Hart will star in Monopoly for Lionsgate and Hasbro, with his Ride Along director Tim Story also on board. If we disregard his two Kevin Hart concert movies, Tim Story currently has a seven-movie Rotten streak going that includes Fantastic Four (27%), the aforementioned Ride Along (19%), and Ride Along 2 (13%). Kevin Hart s second new project this week is called Fatherhood, based on the Matthew Logelin memoir Two Kisses for Maddy. Paul Weitz (Admission, Little Fockers) will direct the tragic drama, in which Hart will play a newly single father after his high school sweetheart dies in childbirth.2. VIDEO GAME MOVIES STILL ROTTEN, HOLLYWOOD STILL MAKING MOVIES LIKE JUST DANCE (Photo by Alessio Bolzoni/Amazon Studios)We frequently talk about how bad video game-based movies have been over the years; there isn t a single Fresh film among the 47-plus that have been made. That may change this year with movies like Detective Pikachu and Sonic the Hedgehog, but even if one of them does earn a Fresh score, it would only be a small dent in the genre s infamous reputation. In the grand Hollywood tradition of doing something over and over again and expecting a different result, we learned about another attempt to bring a video game to the big screen this week, namely the long-running Just Dance franchise. Screen Gems won an auction to the Just Dance rights after competitive bidding. In related news, Warner Bros long-in-development Minecraft movie attracted a new director this week in Peter Sollett, who directed Nick and Norah s Infinite Playlist (Certified Fresh at 74%) and 2015 s Freeheld (Rotten at 48%).1. FINAL DESTINATION FRANCHISE BEING BROUGHT BACK FROM THE DEAD (Photo by New Line courtesy Everett Collection)The first Final Destination movie in 2000 earned just a 34% on the Tomatometer, but it inspired a franchise with four more sequels, only one of which scored above 48%. It can be argued that Final Destination, in which the survivors of lethal events are then haunted by death, trying to even the score, was somewhat ahead of its time, given the more recent success of franchises like Insidious and IT. The screenwriting team of Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan, who worked on Saw IV, Saw V, and Saw VI, have now landed a new gig at New Line Cinema, working on rebooting the Final Destination franchise. Those Saw movies, likewise, have pretty Rotten Tomatometers (18%, 13%, and 39%).

怪物世界新手卡 With the success of series like The Terror, The Haunting of Hill House, and American Horror Story, television has never been a better medium for creators interested in telling spooky stories on a regular basis. The latest entry into the genre is Creepshow, a TV anthology version of the Stephen King/George A. Romero horror film that debuts today on genre-focused streaming service Shudder.Spearheaded by The Walking Dead boss Greg Nicotero, the series pays tribute to its roots by telling frightening stories of many ilks (gory, suspenseful, silly, unsettling). The first episode features the installments “Gray Matter,” based on the King story of the same name about an alcoholic whose booze of choice might affect him in more nefarious ways, and “The House of the Head,” about a girl who discovers a killer severed head in her dollhouse.Earlier this year, Rotten Tomatoes visited the series’ Atlanta set, where we walked through blood-soaked sets, saw creatures being made, and saw a werewolf decapitate a Nazi. Here are six things we learned about the show while we were there.1. It’s in good hands with superfan Greg Nicotero(Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)The Walking Dead boss is a lifelong horror fan who got his start working on special effects makeup with Romero and Creepshow’s effects mastermind Tom Savini on Romero s Day of the Dead.With this Creepshow reboot, “I want to embrace the spirit of the original movie,” Nicotero said from his windowless office in an Atlanta production facility. “I’m not rebooting anything. It’s not like, ‘Oh we’re going to upgrade it and retell it.’ It’s really like you’re picking up another issue of Creepshow, and these are the stories.”The stories include works from King, one from King’s son, Joe Hill, plus more adaptations of existing stories and a few original tales. Nicotero was so dedicated to the project that he began working on it during The Walking Dead, taking just a week off before flying back to Atlanta to begin pre-production on Creepshow.2. The series was filmed in an uber-short time frame(Photo by Shudder)Each of the six episodes contains two stories, and each story has just three and a half days to film.“You can’t stop filming for 12 hours. You can’t eat, you can’t go to the bathroom, and you’ve just got to keep filming and go crazy,” Nicotero said in a short break while filming the final two installments.On one stage, special effects experts prepared a dummy for its impending decapitation — the fake blood spurting everywhere meant they had just one take (or risk spending hours cleaning up the blood only to set it all up again. On the other, the production team used a forklift to place a massive monster they created on the set of the story they’d begin filming the next day.Originally, Nicotero wanted to film even more stories, but with a packed production schedule spanning from the beginning of January through the end of March, it wasn’t enough time to fully realize that many tales.“I was pretty greedy at first. I was like, ‘We should do three stories per episode, and each story should be like 17 minutes,’ and then we got into production and I was like, ‘What the f was I thinking? We should do two, ” he admitted.3. For practical effects, Nicotero brought in the experts.(Photo by Shudder)Special effects guru Savini worked closely with Romero on many of his films, including the original Creepshow. So it was only natural Nicotero would hire him to helm a story of his own (Joe Hill’s “By the Silver Water of Lake Champlain”).“It’s 98 percent practical effects — all the creature work, all the makeup, the werewolves, the puppets,” Nicotero said.Evidence of that mandate is strewn about the production spaces that once held Gabrielle Union’s BET drama Being Mary Jane — cardboard boxes loaded with fake animal carcasses are piled next to busts of various creatures. (And sets from s

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