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欧宝体育官网最新网页版采用百度引擎4(Baidu 1)作为传奇世界元神手游的打宝版本,武器装备全爆,散人也能打到极品装备,可以自由交易。传世打金版分战法道三职业,并且加入了端游的元神系统,三职业元神自由选择,还可以融合为更强力的融合元神,技能炫酷无比,冰雪优质画面加上传世经典玩法,很难让人不去玩!

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(Photo by Focus Features/Courtesy Everett Collection. Thumbnail: DreamWorks SKG, Buena Vista Pictures, Fox Searchlight, Paramount Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection)30 Best Stop-Motion Animated Movies of All TimeTangible and physical, stop-motion animation is the art of manipulating objects and figures frame by frame, creating the illusion of fluid movement. It s an almost atavistic art form of ours: Instinct tells us if you have a lump of clay in your hands, start making stuff out of it. Shape a chicken and a fox, mold some pirates, heck, make a movie. It s what filmmakers have been doing for over a century, so we re taking a look through time with the 30 best stop-motion animated movies ever made.In this guide, we ll come in contact with the different materials and styles used in stop motion. Clay has led to the creation of one of animation s most enduring man-and-canine duos, Wallace and Gromit, created by Nick Park. His films and studio, Aardman, have an outsized presence in that scene, with the likes of Chicken Run and Shaun the Sheep. Paper cutout stop-motion animation is less frequently used. See it at its trippy best with Fantastic Planet, and in The Adventures of Prince Achmed, the oldest surviving animated film.Puppet stop-motion animation has been the preferred method for venerable directors like Tim Burton (producer of The Nightmare Before Christmas), Charlie Kaufman (Anomalisa), and Wes Anderson (Fantastic Mr. Fox). Anderson collaborated with Nightmare-director Henry Selick to animate the marine fauna in The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou; afterwards, Selick set up shop at studio Laika, where he gave them their first big hit, Coraline. Laika has been a stop-motion powerhouse since, using a cutting-edge mix of puppets, clay, and computer enhancements to fuel a string of Certified Fresh films, including The Boxtrolls and Kubo and the Two Strings.We included only movies where stop motion is a majority of the presentation, which opened the way for James and the Giant Peach and Jan Švankmajer s twisted Alice. So while we adore the individual creature effects by Ray Harryhausen in Jason and the Argonauts and the Sinbad movies, or ED-209 in RoboCop, and even the aforementioned Life Aquatic, you won t be seeing them here. After we collected the 30 highest-rated movies, we sorted the list by Adjusted Tomatometer, which accounts for the movie s number of reviews and release year.Now, read on to discover the 30 best stop-motion animated movies! 而在刚刚结束的腾讯电竞发布会上,《英雄联盟手游》还宣布了未来的电竞计划,包括世界赛在内的的多类型赛事正在有序筹备,相信我们即将共同见证新的电竞之势升起。这股力量所指向的《英雄联盟手游》未来将至,无限可期,期待不久后的测试能有更多玩家体验到国服的新惊喜。

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Riverdale Pays Tribute to Luke Perry, Reveals Season 4 StorylinesThe opening moments of Riverdale s now-annual Hall H panel were, like the season 4 premiere, dedicated to Luke Perry. We suffered a huge, huge, huge loss, and it s something that we re going to be feeling for as long as we re lucky enough to keep making the show, creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa told the crowd before playing a tribute video to the actor, who died in March after suffering a stroke.The first episode will be a standalone hour paying tribute to both Perry and the character of Fred Andrews, and will include a special appearance by Perry s friend and former Beverly Hills, 90210 castmate Shannen Doherty. Also appearing on the show this season will be Molly Ringwald, who plays Archie s mom — and she ll be back more or less full time this season rather than introduce a mysterious, never-before-heard-from uncle or something to take over the parental role.Another special casting: Teen soap veteran Kerr Smith, a.k.a. Jack on Dawson s Creek, who will play the new principal of Riverdale High.K.J. Apa, Cole Sprouse, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, and Madelaine Petsch joined Aguirre-Sacasa on stage to reveal more about the season, which will include a Halloween episode where someone will die (though not someone who was present at the panel), a member of Veronica s extended family dropping by, a battle of the bands episode, and flash-forwards to the jaw-dropping moment from the season 3 finale (with Archie, Betty, and Veronica covered in blood and burning their clothes).Supernatural Says Goodbye to Comic-ConSupernatural hit San Diego Comic-Con on Sunday for one last time after Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, and Misha Collins announced earlier this year that the long-running CW series will end after its 15th season. With the end in sight, Supernatural s final Comic-Con panel brought all the feels, as both Winchester brothers teared up during their hour in Hall H. I’m really lucky because my friendships won’t go away, Padalecki said. And Sam Winchester, for me, won’t go away. He’ll be a part of me forever. Added Ackles,  I’m really proud of the work that this team has done for this long. There’s a lot that goes in and it takes a lot of very talented people to give you guys the best product we can make. I’m really proud of that product. After this long on a show to truly love what we do and be proud to hang my hat on that, that’s one of the legacies I’m proud of. I put in the effort, we all did, nobody phones it in and I’m thankful you guys can appreciate that. Supernatural is the longest-running genre show on American television. That is an achievement in and of itself. The legacy the cast and crew are leaving is one people will surely celebrate for years to come. I hope in the future that this fandom continues to function as a family, said Collins as the panel came to an end. I hope that you guys continue to be a force for good and companionship in the world. You’ve been so supportive of one another and so supportive of us. We all love you guys very much. To pay the fans back for their decade and a half of loyalty, the guys surprised the fans at the San Diego Convention Center by giving away a fully restored 1967 Impala (a replica of the show’s beloved “Baby”).Mayans MC Will Welcome Some Sons of Anarchy in Season 2Be part of the club. Watch the OFFICIAL TRAILER for the all-new season of Mayans M.C. Premieres 9/3 on @FXNetworks. #MayansFX pic.twitter.com/kVKk1uAqNH Mayans MC (@MayansFX) July 19, 2019Sons of Anarchy spinoff Mayans MC might be returning to its roots: At the show s 2019 Hall H Comic-Con panel, co-creator and showrunner Elgin James told the crowd that we ll for sure see some members of the Sons of Anarchy motorcycle club in season 2 of the FX drama. Also of note: The network screened the first 15 minutes of the season 2 premiere, and according to reports, the episode picks up several months after the first season finale.Doctor Who — The Edge Of Time VR Game Offers Fans A First-Person View Of The TARDISThough Doctor Who sat out Comic-Con 2019, the Doctor’s presence was still felt throughout the weekend via PlayStack and Maze Theory’s Doctor Who — The Edge of Time VR game at the BBC America booth. Strapping on a headset, fans were transported to an alley reminiscent of 76 Totter’s Lane — the key location in the first ever episode of Doctor Who — where the Doctor (voiced by Jodie Whittaker) directs the user in building a device to call the TARDIS. Once it materializes, players get to fulfill the wish of every Doctor Who fan: step inside the TARDIS.The experience is quite intuitive to video game players, but as producer Kiron Ramdewar told Rotten Tomatoes, many fans were just pleased to be in a London back alley picking up different items and working with the Sonic Screwdriver.“One of the key differences in the game is that you do not play the Doctor,” he continued, comparing it to Maze Theory’s Iron Man game, which was also at Comic-Con. “We felt it was important fans had a Doctor Who experience alongside the Doctor.” Instead of playing the Doctor, the player takes on the companion role as the Time Lord, stranded at the end of time, aids the player in piloting the TARDIS through time and space to collect time crystals and repair the continuum. They will also run into familiar Doctor Who adversaries like the Daleks.And it begins with that first glimpse of the TARDIS, which allows players to experience that “it’s bigger on the inside” moment for themselves; a truly palpable sensation we experienced in the demo. Scanned from the actual TARDIS console room set, the entire locale is fully interactive — including the biscuit dispenser.Doctor Who — The Edge of Time comes to Playstation VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Vive Cosmos in September.

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Better get your scares in while you can, because three Fresh and Certified Fresh horror movies are leaving Netflix at the end of October 2020. Tim Burton s collaboration with (who else?) Johnny Depp scored a Fresh 69% after its 1999 release, while Best Picture-winning The Silence of the Lambs and unique zombie-take The Girl With All the Gifts are Certified Fresh; all three will be gone after Halloween.In general, a larger-than-usual chunk of Netflix s Certified Fresh movies are leaving at the end of the month, including modern sci-fi classic District 9, Steven Soderbergh s Magic Mike, epic 80s fantasia The Neverending Story, and the classic Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan romcom Sleepless in Seattle.Other popular movies soon to leave Netflix, and which didn t score particularly high with critics, include the first three Underworld movies, Mel Brooks spoof Spaceballs, Jim Carrey s career-starter Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, and Jack Black s Nacho Libre.Read on for the full list of movies leaving Netflix at the end of October 2020, and then take a look and get ready for everything coming to Netflix in November.Leaving 10/31

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3.12.5 1月喜迎Walking on Water (2018) : Bulgarian director Andrey Paounov s documentary about environmental artist Christo s attempts to complete his first major project after the death of his wife and long-time collaborator Jeanne-Claude: “The Floating Piers,” a floating yellow walkway on Italy s Lake Iseo. It’s Certified Fresh with a score of 100% on the Tomatometer. The Souvenir (2019) : Writer-director Joanna Hogg’s #MeToo-relevant story about a film student who finds her voice as an artist while embarking on an emotionally fraught relationship with an older man is 93% Fresh. All Creatures Here Below (2018) : David Dastmalchian and Karen Gillan star as impoverished Angelenos whose criminal act sends them on the lam. It’s at 86% on the Tomatometer. We Have Always Lived in the Castle (2018) : Taissa Farmiga stars as a young woman who is one of her few family members to survive an arsenic poisoning. She’s making do – until her controlling cousin Charlie (Sebastian Stan) arrives. Based on the Shirley Jackson novel, this film is 86% Fresh on the Tomatometer. Photograph (2019) : The Lunchbox’s Ritesh Batra directs this romance about a shy street photographer in Mumbai who asks a woman to pose as his fiancée in an effort to appease his grandmother. Amaurosis (2017) : In the Hands of the Gods’ Gary Sinyor writes and directs this mystery drama about a couple grieving the loss of their son. Trial by Fire (2018) : Jack O’Connell and Laura Dern star in director Edward Zwick’s adaptation of the true story of a death row inmate and the woman who fought to get him free. Aniara (2018) : This sci-fi fantasy film about humans who don’t cope well when they leave Earth for a resettlement on Mars falls mostly flat with a 47% Tomatometer score. Perfect (2018) : Steven Soderbergh executive produces this film about a troubled man who gets reprogrammed to help with his dark thoughts. Things don’t go as planned for the characters or for the film itself, which is at 29% currently. The Professor (2018) : Johnny Depp plays a college professor who lets loose when he finds out he has six months to live in this dark comedy. Critics give the film a failing grade of 0%.
This week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Aquaman 2, Indiana Jones 5, and The Toxic Avenger.This WEEK S TOP STORYHISTORIC CINERAMA DOME THEATER IN LOS ANGELES SHUTTING DOWN(Photo by Genaro Molina/Getty Images)As COVID-19 vaccines continue to roll out, many states are currently lifting restrictions on movie theaters, as the film exhibition industry attempts to recover from what was basically a missing year. That return to normalcy faced a drastic road block in the western states this week as the Arclight Cinemas and Pacific Theatres chains announced that they will not be re-opening. This shut down includes the Cinerama Dome on Sunset Boulevard, which has been a Hollywood landmark since its opening in 1963, including an appearance in Quentin Tarantino s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, in which the movie being shown was Krakatoa, East of Java. Filmmakers (including Roland Emmerich, Barry Jenkins, and Rian Johnson), movie stars, and fans alike have been voicing their support this week, including some posting sentiments like Netflix, You Know What to Do. This decision to close all ArcLight and Pacific locations comes just a month before movies like A Quiet Place Part II and Disney s Cruella are expected to finally get the summer season of 2021 going at the box office. There is also a Change.org petition currently running that has over 11,000 signatures. If there is a positive side, it s that people seem to be motivated to make sure that at least landmarks like the Cinerama Dome will be saved by someone  anyone  and to make sure that this shutdown isn t repeated at other beloved theater chains.Other Top Headlines1. HUGH JACKMAN AND LAURA DERN JOIN THE SON, THEMATIC SEQUEL TO THE FATHER (Photo by Kristin Callahan, Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection)One of the quiet underdogs in this year s Academy Awards race is The Father (Certified Fresh at 98%), which perhaps surprisingly earned six Oscar nominations, including Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Actor for Anthony Hopkins, and Best Supporting Actress for Olivia Colman. French novelist, screenwriter, and director Florian Zeller adapted The Father from his own play, Le Père, and Zeller is now preparing to start filming the thematic follow-up to that film, which is intended to eventually be the second film of a trilogy. Hugh Jackman and Laura Dern are now signed to star in The Son, which is then expected to be followed by a third film, The Mother. Jackman will star in The Son as a busy man whose life is is thrown into disarray when his ex-wife, Kate (Dern), turns up with their troubled and angry teenage son. The key role of the son has apparently not been cast yet.2. MADS MIKKELSEN JOINS HARRISON FORD IN INDIANA JONES 5 (Photo by Jonathan Olley/©Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)Despite being in some form of development for much of the 10+ years since Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crysal Skull ( Certified Fresh at 78%), we still do not know the premise or setting of the untitled fifth Indiana Jones film, due out July 29, 2022. Last week, Fleabag creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge became the first actor to join Harrison Ford in an unknown role (perhaps as his daughter, or Marian s daughter?), and director James Mangold (Logan, The Wolverine, Ford v Ferrari) has now added another cast member. Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, who genre fans might best know as either the Doctor Strange villain Kaecilius or for playing Jyn Erso s dad in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, has likewise joined Indiana Jones 5 in an unknown role. With two new actors announced, this might be a good time to point out that there have been no announcements yet of any other returning cast besides Harrison Ford. For example, at one point, Shia LaBeouf s character from Crystal Skull was expected to possibly be Harrison Ford s replacement in the franchise, but recent developments may have changed those plans.3. CATE BLANCHETT TO STAR IN ACCLAIMED DIRECTOR S FIRST FILM IN 15 YEARS (Photo by Lisa Tomasetti/©Sony Pictures Classics)If you re not someone who actively attempts to follow every director s career, you might be forgiven if it takes a moment to remember what you know actor-turned-director Todd Field from. Field has  only directed two films, but both were critically acclaimed, with 2001 s In the Bedroom (Certified Fresh at 93%) receiving five Academy Award nominations (including Best Picture), and 2006 s Little Children ( Certified Fresh at 80%) earning three. Field is now preparing to direct his first film in 15 years, TAR, and he has recruited Academy Award winner Cate Blanchett to star in the film, which in a way echoes Field s casting of Sissy Spacek in In the Bedroom and Kate Winslet in Little Children. The premise of TAR is being kept secret, except that it s set in Berlin, and that filming will start there in September. Blanchett will be moving on to TAR after starring in the video game adaptation Borderlands (and as of yet, she isn t expected to be reprising her role in Indiana Jones 5).4. GAME OF THRONES BADDIE PILOU ASBAEK JOINS AQUAMAN 2 (Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)Danish actor Pilou Asbaek is probably not what you d call a household name for most, but if you live with Game of Thrones fans, they probably would recognize him for his villainous role as Euron Greyjoy in the later seasons. Perhaps coincidentally, Euron Greyjoy in Game of Thrones was a leader of house of seafaring pirates and raiders, so it s interesting that his new role this week is  in Aquaman 2, which stars another Game of Thrones alumnus, Jason Momoa. Warner Bros. did not comment on Asbaek s casting, including any indication about what character he might be playing, but Aquaman s comic book history has plenty of seafaring characters Asbaek could portray. Warner Bros. has scheduled Aquaman  2 for December 16, 2022, making it the fifth DC Comics movie of that year, following The Batman (3/4/2022), the animated DC Super Pets (5/20/2022), Black Adam (7/29/2022), and The Flash (11/4/2022).5. LUCY LIU TO PLAY HELEN MIRREN S SISTER IN SHAZAM! FURY OF THE GODS (Photo by Michael Germana/Everett Collection)The title of the sequel to the 2019 DC Comics movie Shazam! (Certified Fresh at 90%) is Shazam! Fury of the Gods, and it appears that the plurality of the Gods in question means we may possibly see several big names in the film. The first star to be announced was Helen Mirren, who will be playing the villain Hespera, the daughter of Atlas (one of the Gods who forms the S-H-A-Z-A-M of his name). We can now also report that Mirren will be joined by Lucy Liu, who will play Hespera s sister Kalypso (who should not be confused with the Marvel Comics villain Calypso). Neither Hespera nor Kalypso have comic book counterparts, but their relation to Atlas, who gives Shazam! his super stamina, seems like the obvious connection here.6. BRAD PITT AND SANDRA BULLOCK SWAP CAMEOS IN EACH OTHER S MOVIES (Photo by Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection)Sometimes when we look back at announcements about big movie stars being in a new film, it turns out that it was just a cameo (for example, Matt Damon co-starring in Thor: Ragnarok). One cameo might not be enough to cover in The Weekly Ketchup, but this week, we have the fun story of two stars who basically gave each other cameo appearances. Brad Pitt recently filmed an action thriller called Bullet Train, and Sandra Bullock is about to star in the romantic comedy adventure Lost City of D with Channing Tatum. As it turns out, both stars will show up in each other s films in cameo roles. Sandra Bullock will make a brief appearance in Bullet Train, and Brad Pitt will do the same in Lost City of D.7. THIS WEEK IN MOVIES CALLED (OR PREVIOUSLY CALLED) MEMORY (Photo by Maria Marin/©Sony Classics)We re going to cover two separate movies in this piece, because both movies share the title Memory (sort of). Let s start with the movie actually titled Memory, which will be an action thriller starring Liam Neeson, Guy Pearce, and Monica Bellucci. The premise sounds a bit like a John Wick movie, as Neeson will play an assassin who finds himself a target after refusing to carry out a dangerous mission for the mob. In related news, Ryan Gosling s upcoming film noir thriller The Actor (which is adapted from the Donald E. Westlake novel Memory) landed distribution this week through Neon, with acclaimed screenwriter Charlie Kaufman on board as executive producer.8. BARB AND STAR TO WRITE CINDERELLA STEPSISTERS FEATURE FOR DISNEY (Photo by Ferdaus Shamim/Getty Images)In addition to fairly straight adaptations like Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin, Walt Disney Pictuires has also included spin-offs about classic villains like Maleficent and Cruella in their continuing live-action remakes of classic Disney animated films. Walt Disney Pictures already gave this sort of treatment to Cinderella (Certified Fresh at 83%) in 2013, but the studio now appears ready to return to the setting. Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo are now signed with Disney to write a live-action feature film about Cinderella s evil stepsisters (possibly not involving Cinderella at all, or perhaps as just a minor character). Wiig and Mumolo, who co-starred in both Bridesmaids (Certified Fresh at 90%) and Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar (Certified Fresh at 79%), both of which they also co-wrote, are not expected to appear in this film. It s also not yet known if any of the cast of the 2013 Cinderella will reprise their roles, including Sophie McShera as Drizella and Holliday Grainger as Anastasia, as it seems likely that this film will have an entirely new cast.9. JACOB TREMBLAY JOINS PETER DINKLAGE IN TOXIC AVENGER REBOOT (Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)We ve known for a while that Peter Dinklage is going to star in the big-budget remake of the ultra-low-budget Troma film The Toxic Avenger, but this week s news gave us a new hint about exactly how different this version of The Toxic Avenger might be. The second cast member confirmed to star in The Toxic Avenger is Jacob Tremblay (Room), who is now 14, with the suggestion in this news item that he might be playing Toxie s son, who the Toxic Avenger must race to rescue as he learns how to use his newfound chemically endowed size and strength. The reason this is a pretty major departure is that in the original film, Melvin, the janitor who becomes The Toxic Avenger, did not have a son and was basically a much-maligned social outcast. Jacob Tremblay will also soon be heard (but probably not seen) as the voice of Flounder in Disney s live-action remake of The Little Mermaid, starring Halle Bailey.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
er s Justice League teaser No. 2 (HBO Max)Between the World and Me trailer (HBO)Batwoman season 2 teaser (The CW)American Gods season 3 teaser (Starz)Tiger two-part documentary series teaser (HBO)69: The Saga of Danny Hernandez trailer (Hulu)The Great British Baking Show: Holidays season 3 trailer (Netflix)Mr. Iglesias season 3 trailer (Netflix)The Princess Switch: Switched Again trailer (Netflix)The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart teaser (HBO)Tiny Pretty Things season 1 trailer (Netflix)Over Christmas miniseries trailer (Netflix)Visit Rotten Tomatoes TV on YouTube for the latest trailers.Casting: Ezra Miller Joins The Stand(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)Fantastic Beasts and Justice League star Ezra Miller can add another adaptation of a beloved intellectual property to his resume: He’ll be starring as Trashcan Man in CBS All Access’ limited series adaptation of the Stephen King novel, The Stand. Set after a global pandemic that wipes out most of the human race, this character is a fire-obsessed unhinged disciple the nefarious Randall Flagg (Alexander Skarsgard). What excites me is the deception of behavior and appearances, Miller told Entertainment Weekly. Trash is the underestimated and misinterpreted amongst us. The Stand premieres Dec. 17 on the streaming service.READ MORE: Everything We Know About Stephen King s New The Stand MiniseriesMary-Louise Parker and Nick Offerman will play Colin Kaepernick’s parents in Colin in Black White, Netflix’s limited series about the football player and activist. It was previously announced that Jaden Michael would play Kaepernick.Alec Baldwin and Kelsey Grammer will star in an as-yet-untitled ABC multi-cam comedy with an Odd Couple-like premise: Men who were roommates in their 20s before drifting apart and forced to cohabitate once again. (Vulture)Cybill Shepherd will star in the Showtime comedy pilot I Love This For You also starring (and executive produced by) Saturday Night Live’s Vanessa Bayer. The press release describes Shepherd’s role as an “icy, enigmatic founder and CEO of a popular home shopping network.”Nick Jonas returns as a judge for Season 20 of NBC’s The Voice, replacing Gwen Stefani.Conan O’Brien to End His Late-Night TBS Series(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Turner)After 28 years as a late-night TV host — 10 of which were spent headlining his current eponymous TBS series, Conan — Conan O Brien is shifting courses. The comedian will be ending his weekly talk show in June 2021 to plot out a new, weekly variety series for streaming service HBO Max.“In 1993 Johnny Carson gave me the best advice of my career: ‘As soon as possible, get to a streaming platform.’ I’m thrilled that I get to continue doing whatever the hell it is I do on HBO Max, and I look forward to a free subscription,” O’Brien joked in the press release.He will continue to do his travel programs, Conan Without Borders, for the cable channel.Development News: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg’s Darkwing Duck Disney+ Series(Photo by © Walt Disney Co./courtesy Everett Collection)Variety reports that a reboot of the animated series Darkwing Duck is in early stages of development at Disney+. While no writer is attached, the outlet reports that the series will be executive produced by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, and Alex McAtee of Point Grey Pictures.Wonder Girl is the latest DC Comics-based series in development at The CW. If it goes to series, this would be the first lead Latina superhero of a DC TV series. It s executive produced by Queen of the South’s Dailyn Rodriguez and Berlanti Productions. (Deadline)Boardwalk Empire’s Terence Winter has parted ways with HBO Max’s The Batman series (Variety) But he is developing a Dial M for Murder series with Alicia Vikander. (Variety)Lee Daniels is developing a Waiting to Exhale series for ABC. (The Hollywood Reporter)50 Cent and Mary J. Blige are among the producers of a musical comedy series called Family Affair. It has a put pilot order at ABC. (Variety)Lifetime Lets You Live Out Your Christmas Movie Fantasy(Photo by Lifetime)Wish your life was as magical as a TV holiday movie? Lifetime and vacation rental service Vrbo can make that happen with their It’s a Wonderful Lifetime Holiday House rental. This Connecticut rental is decorated to look like a gingerbread home. Bookings open at 1 p.m. EST on Nov. 23 via Vrbo.com.

Joel Meares for Rotten Tomatoes: Congratulations on Occupation: Rainfall. It’s kind of an unlikely story, these guys who funded their own big-budget action sci-fi movie. How did you get involved in the movie?Temuera Morrison: Well, thank you very much. I came across these people, [director] Luke Sparke. They came out of wardrobe. That was their specialty, and they have a lot of experience in wardrobe. So these were tenacious, young people from the Gold Coast, Surfer’s Paradise.At the time, I needed to get ready for Aquaman in some way. And I think I d been a little bit quiet at that particular time and I d just been promoting Osiris Child at one of those conventions us actors go to, another great sci-fi movie out of Australia great director, Shane Abbess, but they had limited resources. The Rainfall team managed to make the movie look as big as Star Wars at times – it’s amazing what they can do from the camera to what we see on the screen.For me it was as opportunity to, again, meet young people, meet the new future, people like Luke. They have a vision, they have a tenacity. So it spun off from the first one, I guess, and that led to the second one.Rotten Tomatoes: The first movie, Occupation, started getting notice from American audiences when it landed on Netflix. Did you notice a sense when people started to pick up on it and take notice of that first film? Was there a moment where people started to talk to you about it? Morrison: Yes, I guess, well, not really in a way. I think I ve been a little bit busy now kind of moving on. But yes, it made Netflix. I know the second one was a big challenge for the producers and Luke. They really got through, so I really got to congratulate them. And I think they had a little bit more help in terms of all the technology too, for the second one, because it looks massive.Rotten Tomatoes: What is it that you like about science fiction?Morrison: There s no kind of rules. Once you see the aliens, it can turn into a comedy, a serious drama, or something in between. So yeah, you have those dimensions to explore.I m a pretty laid-back actor, and I m not one of these ones that raises the flag all the time. So I need to shake it up a little bit. It was the action kind of thing that appealed to me, too. I told Luke, Make sure I m doing some action. (Photo by Justin Lubin / ©Disney+/Lucasfilm / Courtesy Everett Collection)Rotten Tomatoes: Speaking of action, I do have to ask about Boba Fett.Morrison: My lips are sealed. I can t say too much about that!Rotten Tomatoes: Well, I will avoid The Book of Boba Fett. But for The Mandalorian, which everyone has seen, what was it like to return to that character and do that hand-to-hand combat and do things that we hadn t really seen in a Star Wars movie before?Morrison: I think that was a blessing for me in a way, in terms of Boba Fett s history. No one s actually seen him do anything besides stand there. And of course, his claim to fame was catching the man, I guess. But other than that, he was a pretty elusive bloke. So this was an opportunity again, to work with Robert Rodriguez, who gave it a little bit of an edge. And I think Robert s ability was to sort of make a good point of making this guy explode. After it, Jon Favreau come up to me and just said, Congratulations, the fans loved it. Rotten Tomatoes: Will we see more of that Boba Fett, the hand-to-hand fighting Boba Fett, in the new series?Morrison: Well, we can t say too much, but we re going to see his past and where he s been since The Empire Strikes Back. Somebody pointed out he s been kind of stuck in this one place, and now s the time to actually go back in time and check out his journey and find out more about him.But yeah, that was the advantage for me, was that we hadn t seen him do much. And along with Robert Rodriguez as director, we were able to sort of introduce him in a dynamic way, bring him back in a dynamic way alongside the Mandalorian. It was just an honor to be asked back.Hey, it could have gone anywhere. It s a new time, and I think they re looking for fresh faces. And of course, again, it was either Dave Filoni or Jon Favreau probably meeting, and then had a few discussions. I was just kind of quietly thrilled when I did do the meeting. I saw a couple of concept photos on the wall and there was a guy that looked very, very similar to me. And I kept saying, Is that me? Yeah, it must be me. Yeah, it is me!”And then of course, after having a good meeting with these guys and they outlined a few things, it was just wonderful. Again, it was nice to work with these people, and it was just a great opportunity. They brought Robert back in to direct a few more. There s some wonderful directors involved. It s hard work now, what we do now, a whole new system, with COVID in place, health and safety regulations.I just hope I meet the expectations, because you can somehow kind of feel those things. You asked me that question earlier about Occupation – could you feel or sense anything, but definitely on The Book of Boba, you can get more of a sense and a feeling for if it s working or not.So I think with being involved with that last series of The Mandalorian and having a reentry, it has created a little bit more expectation. But yeah, I feel good. We ve done some good work.Occupation: Rainfall is in theaters and available On Demand from Friday June 11, 2021. Thumbnail image: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images, © DreamWorks, © Buena Vista, © Universal, © 20th Century FoxOn an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
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Ghcxuf This week s Ketchup brings you another 10 headlines from the world of film development news (the stories about what movies Hollywood is working on for you next), covering such titles as The Suicide Squad, Face/Off, Major Matt Mason, Mission: Impossible 7, and Tank Girl.This WEEK S TOP STORYJAMES GUNN REVEALS FULL CAST OF THE SUICIDE SQUAD(Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images)After writer-director James Gunn was dismissed by Disney from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 over some controversial tweets and before he was then re-hired for the project Warner Bros. and DC swooped in to secure his talents for a new Suicide Squad movie. We learned later that the film would be a reboot instead of a sequel, and casting announcements began to roll in, starting with Margot Robbie (as Harley Quinn) and Idris Elba (who specifically isn t replacing Will Smith as Deadshot), and eventually including returning stars Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, and Joel Kinnaman. More casting announcements came fast and furious after that, but on Friday, just as this article was set to publish, Gunn himself took to Twitter to officially confirm the full cast of The Suicide Squad for the first time, along with the words Don t get too attached. In other words, we can fully expect that not all of the cast will survive to the end of the movie. The Suicide Squad starts filming this month, with a scheduled release date of August 6, 2021.Other Top Headlines1. JOAQUIN PHOENIX S JOKER WILL NEVER MEET ROBERT PATTINSON S THE BATMAN(Photo by Niko Tavernise/Warner Bros., Warner Bros.)It s a good time to be bad for Joaquin Phoenix s Joker, which currently has a Tomatometer score of 76%, won the top prize at the Venice Film Festival, and is projected to make around million at the box office when it opens in October. All of that already has pundits speculating on Phoenix s chances of replicating Heath Ledger s Academy Awards win as the Joker in The Dark Knight. So, it s not unreasonable to wonder if he might reprise the role to square off against Robert Pattinson s The Batman (6/25/2021), either in that film or in future sequels. Well, Joker director Todd Phillips was asked that exact question this week, and he replied with, No. Definitely not. Asked again a few days later, he said basically the same thing, but with a few more words, I don t see it connecting to anything in the future. This is just a movie. It s possible that the reason why Joaquin Phoenix s Joker won t tie in to other DC Comics movies is that, as far as we currently know, the DCEU version of the Joker is still Jared Leto s take from Suicide Squad. After all, Margot Robbie s Harley Quinn is still very much in play, as she s reprising the role in Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn (2/7/2020) and, as noted above, presumably in James Gunn s The Suicide Squad.2. MARVEL S AGENT CARTER STAR JOINS MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE FRANCHISE (Photo by The Weinstein Company/courtesy Everett Collection)Although many other franchises have come and gone since the first Mission: Impossible in 1996, last year s Mission: Impossible Fallout was the sixth in the series, and Paramount Pictures has already scheduled Mission: Impossible 7 (7/23/2021) and Mission: Impossible 8 (8/5/2022). Part of how the M:I franchise has stayed relevant is through a steady flow of new cast members, including Michelle Monaghan and Simon Pegg in M:I III and Rebecca Ferguson and Alec Baldwin in M:I Rogue Nation. The first new cast member to be announced for Mission: Impossible 7 is British actress Hayley Atwell, who probably remains best known for playing Marvel s Peggy Carter, as seen in both Captain America: The First Avenger and in the much-missed ABC series, Agent Carter. Neither Atwell nor director Christopher McQuarrie revealed in their announcements the nature of her new character, though one could speculate (and this writer is) that she might be playing a British counterpart to those led by Tom Cruise s Ethan Hunt.3. HAILEE STEINFELD LIKELY TO JOIN THE MCU AS NEW HAWKEYE KATE BISHOP(Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)Although she was not primarily an archer when first introduced in 2005, the Marvel Comics character Kate Bishop would go on to become the second Hawkeye and the star of one of Marvel s most popular titles when Matt Fraction s Hawkeye series debuted in 2012. Before Avengers: Endgame was released this year, it seemed from the trailers that maybe Kate Bishop would be featured in that film (the young female archer in the trailers turned out to be Clint Barton s daughter instead). Instead, the character s introduction to the MCU was confirmed at SDCC to be in the upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye. That show isn t scheduled to be released until the fall of 2021 (and indeed, the writer wasn t even hired until this week), but Disney and Marvel may already be in talks with their Kate Bishop actress. An offer has reportedly been made to 22-year-old Hailee Steinfeld, whose recent films have included Pitch Perfect 2, Pitch Perfect 3, Bumblebee, and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, in which she voiced Spider-Gwen. In addition to the Disney+ series, it s also very possible that Steinfeld could reprise the role in future MCU movies.4. UNIVERSAL CLASSIC MONSTERS TO RETURN AS DARK ARMY (Photo by Universal Pictures)It was just two years ago that Universal Pictures brought together a cast of stars to promote their new Dark Universe cinematic universe. That, however, was before the first movie in that proposed franchise, The Mummy, was released to both critical and box office disappointment. Earlier this year, Variety ran a story that confirmed that the Dark Universe concept was dead, following the news last year that Bride of Frankenstein had been cancelled. (The Invisible Man, starring Elisabeth Moss, is still coming out next year, but not as part of a cinematic universe.) Instead, it appears the next time the various Universal Classic Monsters will co-star in the same movie together will be in something called Dark Army, which started as a pitch from comedic writer-director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids, The Heat, Spy). It s not yet known if Feig s frequent collaborator Melissa McCarthy will appear in Dark Army, and if she does, what role she would play (Bride of Frankenstein, perhaps?). In addition to various (but not yet confirmed) Universal Classic Monsters, Dark Army will also feature some new monsters.5. CHIWETEL EJIOFOR TO FOLLOW SCAR IN THE LION KING WITH ANOTHER VILLAIN(Photo by Jaap Buitendijk/TM and Copyright ©Fox Searchlight Pictures)It sounds like reprising one of Disney s most iconic villains as Scar in this year s CGI remake of The Lion King may have been something Chiwetel Ejiofor enjoyed, because this week, the British actor signed on for another heel role. Ejiofor has joined Mark Wahlberg in the Paramount action thriller Infinite (which Icelandic actor Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson also joined this week). Mark Wahlberg will play a man haunted by memories of past lives who then discovers that he is part of a secret society of people who have been using their past memories to shape history for centuries. Infinite (8/7/2020) started as a project for Chris Evans, as one of his first post-Captain America roles, but he subsequently departed the project and was quickly replaced by Wahlberg.6. MARGOT ROBBIE REMAKING POST-APOCALYTPIC COMEDY TANK GIRL (Photo by Warner Bros.)As the old expression goes, what I really want to do is direct, but another smart play for today s movie stars is to become a producer. Margot Robbie started her LuckyChap Entertainment production company in 2014, and since then, she s produced I, Tonya, and is also producing the upcoming Barbie, Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn), and Gotham City Sirens. This week, it was confirmed that Robbie is also producing and is likely to star in a reboot of the post-apocalyptic comedy Tank Girl. Lori Petty starred in the first Tank Girl movie (Rotten at 38%) in 1995, which was, like Robbie s movie will be, based on the British comic book series. Tank Girl depicts the adventures of an outlaw tank pilot with a mutated kangaroo boyfriend (played in the first movie by a heavily made-up Ice-T), supported by counterparts like Jet Girl and Sub Girl (you get one guess each as to how they each get around). This week, Robbie hired director Miles Joris-Peyrafitte (of her recent film Dreamland) to direct her version of Tank Girl.7. TOM HANKS STILL ATTACHED TO STAR IN 1960S ACTION FIGURE MOVIE MAJOR MATT MASON (Photo by Jaap Buitendijk/Walt Disney Studios)The 1960s action figure character Major Matt Mason remains fairly obscure for most people, but it has a very influential fan in the form of Tom Hanks. Although he is now 63 years old, Hanks has long been attached to star in a Major Matt Mason movie, and this week, it was confirmed that Hanks is still attached to star, despite his age. Introduced in 1966 at the height of the space race, Major Matt Mason is an American astronaut who lives on the Moon. Tom Hanks involvement actually started in 2012 (when he was a relatively spritely 56) as a film that would have been directed by Robert Zemeckis, but it is now being adapted by screenwriter Akiva Goldsman, who worked with Tom Hanks on The Da Vinci Code and its sequel Angels Demons. Of course, it s possible that Tom Hanks advanced age might be part of the story, perhaps in the form of a twist in which Matt Mason has been living on the Moon since the space race years.8. CHANNING TATUM PRODUCING MOVIE BASED ON CHINA S ZOMBIE BROTHER(Photo by Claudette Barius/©Warner Bros.)China is increasingly becoming a factor in the box office prospects of Hollywood films, but it s still relatively rare that those movies are actually based on Chinese properties. That, however, may be slowly changing, as suggested by one new project based on the Chinese webcomic and animated series Shi Xiong (Zombie Brother). It s not yet known if he will also star in Zombie Brother, but Channing Tatum is producing the live-action film version. The first step came this week with the hiring of director Todd Strauss-Schulson (Isn t It Romantic?). Although movies featuring magic or the supernatural frequently face censorship in China, Zombie Brother skirts that issue by explaining zombies through science.9. DEFINITIVE 1990S ACTION MOVIE FACE/OFF TO BE REMADE(Photo by Paramount Pictures courtesy Everett Collection)Although it feels like the 1997 action thriller Face/Off is now primarily referenced in jest, the film starring Nicolas Cage and John Travolta actually maintains an impressive Certified Fresh Tomatometer score of 92%. That, however, doesn t necessarily help this week s news, as it s commonly held that the best candidates for remakes are movies that were flawed the first time around. That s right, Paramount Pictures is now developing a remake of Face/Off, about the highly unlikely scenario in which an FBI agent and a terrorist end up wearing each other s faces after a complicated surgery. Paramount Pictures has hired screenwriter Oren Uziel, who recently worked for Paramount on their movie version of Sonic the Hedgehog, which begs the question as to whether the remake will have to be delayed several months after audiences reject the CGI faces they see in the first trailer.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week. 😈😈


欧宝体育官网最新网页版 要说奇迹什么最出色,那就是丰富的装备系统。无论是火龙套还是魔神铠甲,这些都是老帅气的装备。玩家都能通过挑战boss掉落出来,并且游戏的装备掉落都是高爆率,并不会让玩家刷不出来,因此这款手游还是非常良心了。另外游戏中的装备其实已经比时装更好看了,因此有时候你也可以选择装备来当时装使用。

决胜巅峰moba手游是一款能够带给玩家精彩掌上竞技对决的手游大作,在这个充满杀戮的魔幻世界里可以选择不同的英雄进行冒险,不断的在游戏当中去击败一个个强大的敌人,完成游戏之中的任务挑战,强化操作来击溃每一个与你对抗的敌人。 With the imminent arrival of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the film series main narrative will come to a close. But the story will live on not just in the inevitable spinoff material, but in the memories of audiences affected by the films fantastical adventures, visuals, key lines, and ideas. Some of these moments are deeply ingrained in the culture, reshaping the very language, while others earned their power from infamy (oh, hey there, Jar-Jar) or, like Willrow Hood s escape from Cloud City, needed time and the Internet to acquire their status. But which moments rank supreme? We ve considered the eight Skywalker Saga films thus far and the two Star Wars Story films for a comprehensive look at the moments we expect to stand the test of time and end up as the best of Star Wars for decades to come.38. Yoda vs. Count Dooku – Attack of the Clones(Photo by 20th Century Fox Film Corp.)While co-opted for an unfortunate “Yo da man!” ad campaign for Attack of the Clones’ home video release, this fight was a genuinely unexpected thing when the film premiered, and an inkling of what might be possible for Yoda (Frank Oz) in Episode III. He takes on a Sith apprentice nearly three times his size by transforming into a lightsaber-wielding whirling dervish. It’s a strange scene, but also a demonstration of the Jedi master’s power in his prime.37. The Destruction of Jedha City – Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryThis is a moment built on the quality of the filmmaking. The composition of shots, editing, and music tell the tale of the Death Star s test-fire in a way far more sophisticated and affecting than one might guess from the previous scenes in the film. Even simple ideas like depicting the space station upside down gives it a unique and oddly contemplative mood just before the weapon fires and utterly annihilates the city below. The feeling quickly switches to dread as the film s heroes race to escape the wave of destruction.36. Rey Flies The Falcon Off Jakku – The Force AwakensIf The Force Awakens is a film about fans taking control of the Star Wars toy chest, then this scene is a visual representation of that transition of authority. Finding the Millennium Falcon in a junkyard, flying it through the carcass of a Star Destroyer, and defending it from TIE Fighters all feels like a fantasy a fan would’ve had in 1983 immediately upon exiting Return of the Jedi. It’s the kind of fan-film energy we can definitely appreciate.35. The Train Heist – Solo: A Star Wars Story(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)Unique in the live-action Star Wars canon, the train heist from Solo: A Star Wars Story should be its opening moments. From the notion of the gravity-defying fuel transports to Beckett’s (Woody Harrelson) plan, to all the ways it goes wrong, it feels like a proper introduction to these characters (even Thandie Newton s doomed Val). It also feels like such a natural part of Star Wars that we wonder how it went so long without a high-speed heist scene like this.34. “That’s Not How The Force Works!” – The Force AwakensHan’s (Harrison Ford) indignant response to Finn’s (John Boyega) wishful thinking is a refrain nearly every Star Wars fan has heard during some heated late-night discussion. While funny, it also reveals just how far Han himself has come since dismissing the way of the Jedi as a “hokey religion.” It’s a fact of life for him, but it’s not as magical to him as some would like to believe. His viewpoint has that lived-in quality the films always strive to find.33. Poe Takes On The First Order Fleet – The Last JediSome may find Poe Dameron’s (Oscar Isaac) radio chatter with General Hux (Domhnall Gleeson) a little too modern, but his actual assault on the First Order fleet is the sort of space warfare computer effects were created to deliver. There are good explosions, a spirited defense of the planet below, and even some emotion, thanks to Paige Tico’s (Veronica Ngo) sacrifice. Sure, the whole thing is a tragic waste of the Resistance’s limited resources in the end, but it’s a great way to open a Star Wars film.32. Lapti Nek (The Original Song In Jabba’s Palace) – Return of the Jedi(Photo by 20th Century Fox Film Corp.)Star Wars has yet to pull off a truly successful musical sequence unless you count The Star Wars Holiday Special s Goodnight, But Not Goodbye   but “Lapti Nek” from the 1983 version of Return of the Jedi comes pretty close. Performed on screen by the surprisingly cuddly but mostly immobile Max Rebo Band, its hilarious 1980s vibe (“Lapti Nek” means “Work It Out” in Huttese) has aged better than the replacement “Jedi Rocks” from the



欧宝体育官网最新网页版 King of the Crop: Jumanji Destroys the Competition(Photo by Sony Pictures)Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle opened on a Wednesday, five days after the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and in its first five days, it grossed .77 million. Jumanji: The Next Level took just three days to make million, way ahead of its ultra-conservative estimates of just million. That may only be the 13th best start for a film in the month of December, but if it follows suit with the other films like it, The Next Level should pass 0 million with no issue. Sony has a much higher number in mind, given that Jungle had the second-best December multiple of all time (after Avatar) when it earned 11.18 times its opening Fri-Sun weekend, amounting to over 0 million domestic. Another 7 million internationally gave the film enough (2 million) to place among the Top 50 grossing films ever; a spot it is likely to relinquish soon after The Rise of Skywalker opens. Can The Next Level reach the 0 million level? Only 12 other films to have started in December (including the limited release of American Sniper, which broke through in January) have done it. Four are Lord of the Rings/Hobbit films, three are Star Wars, two are from James Cameron, and the others are Aquaman and Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Budgeted at 5 million, The Next Level’s global total currently stands at 3 million and will have no problem turning a profit for Sony.Rotten Returns: Richard Jewell and Black Christmas Fail to Make an Impact‘Tis the season not to release films about terrorist bombings and serial killers. It is hard to say whether or not the accompanying controversy over the portrayal of a journalist in Richard Jewell really kept people away, but a Clint Eastwood film without a big star at its center (like Tom Hanks, Bradley Cooper or… Clint Eastwood) is normally not a big draw. The last Eastwood film without any of those faces in front of the camera to gross over million was 2003’s Mystic River. But the last of his films to open as weak as Jewell ( million) was, ironically, True Crime, back in 1999. Eastwood the actor only drew a .27 million opening for that February release, which went on to gross just .64 million. His Best Picture nominee, Letters from Iwo Jima, made just .75 million. Jewell may still find itself grossing over million, but it will rank as one of the lowest-grossing wide releases of his career and one of the bigger losers, given its million budget.Then there is Black Christmas, the second remake of Bob Clark’s first great Christmas film from 1974. The 2006 remake opened to just .72 million and finished with .27 million. The 2019 version did not do much better, with a .4 million start after what turned out to be an against-the-odds projection of -12 million. Horror has not been a popular genre to release in December, and the numbers show why. Going all the way back to 1981, only three horror films have opened to more than million in December (Scream 2, Krampus, and the 1998 remake of Psycho) and only four horror films have grossed over million (Scream, Scream 2, Krampus, and Dracula 2000.) In Blumhouse fashion, the budget for Black Christmas was only million, so it is not some major financial disaster, but if it fails to reach the million benchmark set by the 2006 remake (Rotten at 14%), that has to stand as a big disappointment.The Top 10 and Beyond: Frozen II Hangs on, Uncut Gems and Bombshell Are Solid in Limited TheatersThe champion of the past three weeks fell to second place, as Frozen II missed becoming the 45th film to gross more than million in its fourth weekend of wide release, though its .18 million raised its tally to 6.54 million, which is the 19th best ever after 24 days. That s about million higher than The Hunger Games: Catching Fire had back in 2013, when it was the original Frozen’s November partner in grossing 0 million. Frozen II’s fourth weekend is also around million more so we should expect no less than 0 million domestic in its pocket by the end of its run. Most importantly, though, Frozen II has become Disney’s 6th film this year to cross the billion-dollar mark which makes it the 38th highest-grossing film ever, and it will ultimately join the Top 25. The original Frozen currently ranks 15th, with .274 billion. Frozen II is only 2 million behind right now.Then we have two films making their runs toward 0 million. Ford v Ferrari is nearly there after another .14 million this weekend. Its total stands at .2 million domestic, but it is the 5 million global tally that lingers for Fox, as that is still around million behind where it needs to be to recoup its costs. Rian Johnson’s Knives Out is already into profit for Lionsgate and is now just trying to leg it out to the milestone. With .8 million so far, the murder mystery is hitching a ride on the numbers that Creed had at this point, within a million behind of both it’s 19-day tally and its third weekend. Creed finished with 9 million. That is a number that Ferrari is also headed towards and even with Knives a few million behind its pace it looks like it should still cross the finish line and may even pass Ferrari worldwide as it currently has 2 million.Benny and Josh Safdie’s Uncut Gems (92%) with Adam Sandler had a stellar showing in just five theaters grossing 5,498. While that is the second best per-theater-average of the year (5,099) behind just Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite (8,072 in each of three theaters), it is the fourth-best ever for a film released in five theaters. Only La La Land (1,104), The Master (6,311), and Brokeback Mountain (7,425) opened better. Gems also just missed a personal best PTA for A24, passing such notable titles as Lady Bird (,109) and this year’s The Farewell (,916), but was just behind Moonlight (0,519) as the all-time champion. We will see if the estimates come out higher on Monday. The studio’s ,000+ PTAs have all grossed at least .3 million. The Safdies last film, Good Time with Robert Pattinson, grossed a total of .02 million.The list of four-theater openings is a little steeper, but Jay Roach’s Bombshell nevertheless had a solid showing this weekend. With 2,000 the Fox News sexual harassment expose became the 15th best opening within that group ahead. Among the top 15 films in that group, 11 of them were nominated for Best Picture (with The Farewell TBD) including the aforementioned American Sniper (the all-time champ with 3,667) and Moonlight, which went on to win the Oscar, as did Birdman (4,397).Terrence Malick’s latest, A Hidden Life, had a less than great showing with just ,000 in five theaters. That comes between his last two narrative releases, Song to Song (,559 / Rotten at 43%) and Knight of Cups (,551 / Rotten at 47%), which were only in four theaters initially. A Hidden Life’s PTA (,400) is the director’s third lowest since his return to cinema in 1998 with The Thin Red Line and could be second lowest if the estimates fall. This has to be cited as a big disappointment for Fox Searchlight, who released the three-hour film featuring his first positive score with critics (78%) since The Tree of Life in 2011.This Time Last Year: Spider-Verse Swings into First Place(Photo by Sony Pictures Animation)The Oscar winner for Best Animated Feature first took the #1 spot at the box office this weekend. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse opened to .36 million, doubling the take by Clint Eastwood’s The Mule, which began with .50 million. In turn, Eastwood’s film more than doubled the start of Mortal Engines (.55 million) which ultimately barely doubled its opening weekend to become one of the biggest bombs of 2018. Both Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and Ralph Breaks the Internet passed 0 million, and Creed II got over 0 million. James Wan’s Aquaman earned .9 million in special previews and that was good enough to grab the tenth slot on the list. Barry Jenkins’ If Beale Street Could Talk opened to 4,476 in four theaters, which amounted to the eighth best per-theater-average of the year. The Top Ten films grossed 1.64 million and averaged 67% on the Tomatometer.This year’s Top Ten grossed an estimated 2.24 Million and averaged 76.7% with critics.On the Vine: Jumanji Is Back, Along with a Slew of Awards Hopefuls(Photo by © Lucasfilm)The week fans both young and old have been waiting decades for is finally here: The big-screen adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats arrives to storm the box office with its blend of live-action FX wizardry and angel-like lyrics. All kidding aside, while that all remains to be seen, it is also the week that the Skywalker Saga comes to an end. For years, fans all over the world have been anticipating the conclusion of the nine-film arc that George Lucas hinted at so many years ago. And now Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Episode IX of the series, arrives and will undoubtedly be one of the biggest hits of 2019 and ultimately give Disney its 7th billion-dollar film of the year and push their grosses to over billion.The Full Top 10: December 13-15Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) 71% – .1 million (.1 million total)Frozen II (2019) 78% – .18 million (6.54 million total)Knives Out (2019) 97% – .25 million (.91 million total)Richard Jewell (2019) 77% –  million ( million total)Black Christmas (2019) 39% – .42 million (.42 million total)Ford v Ferrari (2019) 92% – .14 million (.12 million total)Queen & Slim (2019) 83% – .6 million (.17 million total)A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019) 95% – .35 million (.32 million total)Dark Waters (2019) 89% – (.89 million total)21 Bridges (2019) 54% – .19 million (.36 million total)

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