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HER NOLAN, AND THE WITCHES REMAKE(Photo by Melinda Sue Gordon/Paramount Pictures)For obvious calendar-related reasons, January is often a time when we see a lot of big future release dates. Although we know nothing else about it, the biggest reveal of this batch is the next film from director Christopher Nolan: IMAX on July 17, 2020, up against the Bob s Burgers movie and The Spongebob Movie: It s a Wonderful Sponge. A week earlier, on July 10, 2020, we ll get Ghostbusters 3, the direct sequel to the first two films, rumored to feature new teenage Ghostbusters. Later that month, on July 31, 2020, Sony has scheduled the Marvel s Morbius, the vampire antihero movie starring Jared Leto and Doctor Who star Matt Smith. Earlier in that year, May 8 will be the new release date for Greyhound, a World War II naval drama starring Tom Hanks, a date also claimed by Reese Witherspoon s Legally Blonde 3. January 3, 2020 will be the new release date for the reboot of The Grudge (which had previously been scheduled for this summer). Later in 2020, we ll also have the remake of The Witches (10/16/2020), starring Anne Hathaway in the role originally played by Anjelica Huston. 4. ZENDAYA AND OSCAR ISAAC ARE THE LATEST STARS JOINING THE DUNE REBOOT(Photo by Lev Radin/Everett Collection)Frank Herbert s classic science fiction novel Dune features a massive ensemble cast of characters, and so we re in the midst of what will be several weeks of role announcements. To date, we ve already heard about Timothée Chalamet in the lead role as Paul Atreides, as well as Rebecca Ferguson (as Lady Jessica), Charlotte Rampling (as Reverend Mother Mohiam), Stellan Skarsgård (as Baron Harkonnen), and Dave Bautista (as The Beast Rabban). This week, we can now add to the mix Spider-Man: Homecoming costar Zendaya, who is in early talks to play Chalamet s romantic interest, Chani. Oscar Isaac, who is coming off playing Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awaken, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and this December s Star Wars Episode IX, is in talks to play Duke Leto Atreides.  5. THREE RECENT ACADEMY AWARD WINNERS JOIN THE HEART (Photo by Fox Searchlight courtesy Everett Collection)In addition to playing Dean Pelton on Community, Jim Rash is also a writer and director who with his partner Nat Faxon has previously worked on The Descendants and The Way Way Back. For their next film, The Heart, Rash and Faxon are arguably stacking the deck by recruiting three recent Academy Award winners: Allison Janney, who won a Supporting Actress Oscar last year for I, Tonya; Octavia Spencer, who won in that category for 2012 s The Help; and Sam Rockwell also won last year for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri. Rockwell and Spencer will play people desperate for cash who agree to courier a black market human heart in what they soon discover is a very dangerous job. Janney plays Spencer s antagonist ex-boss. In related news, there are also now rumors that Janney and Rockwell may not be asked to present Academy Awards this year, as is often the tradition in the acting categories.6. THIS WEEK IN ZOMBIELAND: ROSARIO DAWSON JOINS SEQUEL, WOODY GOES FRUIT LOOPS (Photo by Glen Wilson/Columbia courtesy Everett Collection)Everything was awesome for Sony Pictures in 2018, and the studio is keeping this swinging with the Zombieland: Double Tap (10/11/2019) poster reveal, presented as a play on the social media 10 year challenge. That poster also showed off that all four Zombieland stars (Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Abigail Breslin) are returning. We also learned this week that they will be joined by Rosario Dawson. Harrelson also made a new deal recently to star in the Fox 2000 drama Fruit Loops, which is described as a psychiatric hospital drama in the style of One Flew Over the Cuckoo s Nest. Fruit Loops will be directed by Ted Melfi (Hidden Figures, St. Vincent), who also this week set up a new sci-fi project called Harry s All Night Hamburgers. 7. THE INVISIBLE MAN REBOOT IS HAPPENING AFTER ALL, BUT JOHNNY DEPP S DISAPPEAREDIn the months and weeks leading up to the 2017 release of The Mummy, Universal Pictures did a lot of press about how that reboot was going to lead to the Dark Universe cinematic universe, featuring classic Universal Monsters like Bride of Frankenstein and The Wolfman. The box office disappointment of The Mummy quickly led to the Dark Universe plans being dismantled, but we learned this week that some Universal Monsters will still get their reboot movies after all. In the Dark Universe plan, Johnny Depp was to have played The Invisible Man, but that movie is now moving forward without Depp. Instead, The Invisible Man is now being rebooted by Upgrade director Leigh Whannell at Blumhouse. The shift to Blumhouse for The Invisible Man (and possibly other Universal Monsters) is being perceived as a smart move, considering how Blumhouse has been able to deliver successful franchises like Insidious, Ouija, Paranormal Activity, and The Purge. 8. CAPTAIN MARVEL STAR BRIE LARSON STARTING A LADY BUSINESS AT NETFLIX(Photo by Claire Folger/Paramount Pictures)Just as Captain Marvel prepares to release March 8, Brie Larson is setting up at least one new project at Netflix, which is also where her directorial debut called Unicorn Store (debuting April 5) landed. Larson will star in and direct Lady Business, based upon the true stories of Witchsy founders Kate Dwyer and Penelope Gazin. Lady Business will tell the story of two female entrepreneurs who invent a third male company founder in order to be taken seriously in the business world.  Rotten Idea1. PIKA-TWO: POKÉMON DETECTIVE PIKACHU ALREADY GETTING SEQUEL?(Photo by Warner Bros.)The videogame adaptation Pokémon Detective Pikachu (5/10/2019) is still over three months away, so we have no idea if it s going to be the big movie that breaks the Rotten curse of video game movies. After 25 years and nearly 50 Rotten video game movies, it s probably safe to be skeptical about all upcoming releases. This week, Warner Bros. revealed that they re already starting development on a Detective Pikachu sequel. The studio is doing that by hiring screenwriter Oren Uziel (The Cloverfield Paradox, co-writer of 22 Jump Street) to work on it. Other upcoming films Uziel has worked on include Sonic the Hedgehog (11/8/2019), Supergirl, and the Mortal Kombat reboot. 那么,枪赢致帘稀旧滤朗裂贯LOL手游究竟能给王者带来多大压力,整借亮姓哺搭满蓄翘玛现在看来还真是个未知数!大家也都可以说说自己的看法!

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er s Justice League teaser No. 2 (HBO Max)Between the World and Me trailer (HBO)Batwoman season 2 teaser (The CW)American Gods season 3 teaser (Starz)Tiger two-part documentary series teaser (HBO)69: The Saga of Danny Hernandez trailer (Hulu)The Great British Baking Show: Holidays season 3 trailer (Netflix)Mr. Iglesias season 3 trailer (Netflix)The Princess Switch: Switched Again trailer (Netflix)The Bee Gees: How Can You Mend a Broken Heart teaser (HBO)Tiny Pretty Things season 1 trailer (Netflix)Over Christmas miniseries trailer (Netflix)Visit Rotten Tomatoes TV on YouTube for the latest trailers.Casting: Ezra Miller Joins The Stand(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images)Fantastic Beasts and Justice League star Ezra Miller can add another adaptation of a beloved intellectual property to his resume: He’ll be starring as Trashcan Man in CBS All Access’ limited series adaptation of the Stephen King novel, The Stand. Set after a global pandemic that wipes out most of the human race, this character is a fire-obsessed unhinged disciple the nefarious Randall Flagg (Alexander Skarsgard). What excites me is the deception of behavior and appearances, Miller told Entertainment Weekly. Trash is the underestimated and misinterpreted amongst us. The Stand premieres Dec. 17 on the streaming service.READ MORE: Everything We Know About Stephen King s New The Stand MiniseriesMary-Louise Parker and Nick Offerman will play Colin Kaepernick’s parents in Colin in Black White, Netflix’s limited series about the football player and activist. It was previously announced that Jaden Michael would play Kaepernick.Alec Baldwin and Kelsey Grammer will star in an as-yet-untitled ABC multi-cam comedy with an Odd Couple-like premise: Men who were roommates in their 20s before drifting apart and forced to cohabitate once again. (Vulture)Cybill Shepherd will star in the Showtime comedy pilot I Love This For You also starring (and executive produced by) Saturday Night Live’s Vanessa Bayer. The press release describes Shepherd’s role as an “icy, enigmatic founder and CEO of a popular home shopping network.”Nick Jonas returns as a judge for Season 20 of NBC’s The Voice, replacing Gwen Stefani.Conan O’Brien to End His Late-Night TBS Series(Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for Turner)After 28 years as a late-night TV host — 10 of which were spent headlining his current eponymous TBS series, Conan — Conan O Brien is shifting courses. The comedian will be ending his weekly talk show in June 2021 to plot out a new, weekly variety series for streaming service HBO Max.“In 1993 Johnny Carson gave me the best advice of my career: ‘As soon as possible, get to a streaming platform.’ I’m thrilled that I get to continue doing whatever the hell it is I do on HBO Max, and I look forward to a free subscription,” O’Brien joked in the press release.He will continue to do his travel programs, Conan Without Borders, for the cable channel.Development News: Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg’s Darkwing Duck Disney+ Series(Photo by © Walt Disney Co./courtesy Everett Collection)Variety reports that a reboot of the animated series Darkwing Duck is in early stages of development at Disney+. While no writer is attached, the outlet reports that the series will be executive produced by Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, and Alex McAtee of Point Grey Pictures.Wonder Girl is the latest DC Comics-based series in development at The CW. If it goes to series, this would be the first lead Latina superhero of a DC TV series. It s executive produced by Queen of the South’s Dailyn Rodriguez and Berlanti Productions. (Deadline)Boardwalk Empire’s Terence Winter has parted ways with HBO Max’s The Batman series (Variety) But he is developing a Dial M for Murder series with Alicia Vikander. (Variety)Lee Daniels is developing a Waiting to Exhale series for ABC. (The Hollywood Reporter)50 Cent and Mary J. Blige are among the producers of a musical comedy series called Family Affair. It has a put pilot order at ABC. (Variety)Lifetime Lets You Live Out Your Christmas Movie Fantasy(Photo by Lifetime)Wish your life was as magical as a TV holiday movie? Lifetime and vacation rental service Vrbo can make that happen with their It’s a Wonderful Lifetime Holiday House rental. This Connecticut rental is decorated to look like a gingerbread home. Bookings open at 1 p.m. EST on Nov. 23 via Vrbo.com.

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2.60.1 1月喜迎To really appeal to viewers unfamiliar with the deep canon of The Dark Crystal, as well as die-hard fans, the creators went out of their way to pay intricate attention to the design of each character and every piece of scenery. That means employing hundreds, or even thousands of workers, Leterrier explained, to make wigs, to punch holes for hair into the creatures, and more. It s an important part of the process that Netflix will celebrate, releasing a documentary going behind-the-scenes of Age of Resistance, that’ll appear as the season’s 11th episode. For a show that Henson describes as “a maker spectacular,” this announcement is a no-brainer. The amount of craft that goes into the making of the puppets, and the guys who operate them, we just arrive [on set] and it s sort of there, Egerton said of his responsibility as an actor on the series. The work that everyone else has done kind of feeds your performance, really. We really are just the top layer of a very tall cake. (Photo by Netflix)Hamill, who voices the iconic Skeksis known as the Scientist, couldn t stop raving about being a part of the series. What I loved was how daring and dark it was as opposed to the other projects associated with the Muppets. It s really come into its own. The script for Age of Resistance is very, very good. I don t care about the trappings of the salary or whatever, but you look for projects that are a challenge and stuff you d like to see, and it definitely falls into that category. Hamill will surely be a big draw for the show — his enthusiasm for the show is really quite contagious. But as gross and visceral as the Skeksis can get, Age of

(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel Studios)Critics and fans alike are loving Avengers: Endgame. The movie is Certified Fresh at 95% and made a cool .2 billion at the global box office in its first weekend. It could very well turn out to be the biggest movie ever – and one of the most beloved. The key to its success? Critics say it s all about giving the MCU s loyal fans what they want. Eric Eisenberg of Cinema Blend was typical in his assessment, calling Endgame,  A wonderful gift to all those who have spent the last decade-plus emotionally engaging with the lives and adventures of these characters.” It s stacked with f k yeah moments and delights, the best of which make callbacks to early films in the franchise.And one of those movies is more important than any other.So, hear us out: Endgame owes much of its success to that under-sung hero of the MCU, Avengers: Age of Ultron. While one of the least popular entries in the MCU, and the lowest-rated Avengers flick on the Tomatometer at 75% (which is still not bad!), Ultron deserves credit as the foundation on which the entire second half of the MCU was built. And we re about to make a spoiler-filled case as to why, breaking down the story beats and relationships that Ultron established and that Endgame would use to such great effect – so be warned if you ve not seen Endgame, Ultron, or both.Major spoilers for Avengers: Endgame follow. Hulk Taking Control of Both Sides? It Started With Ultron.(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel Studios)Around the time of Age of Ultron, there was still hope at Marvel that they would be able to make a deal for the Hulk and start a string of Hulk-only movies. Universal still owned the rights to the character for all standalone films, but behind the scenes, there were talks. When it became clear that a deal was not going to be forthcoming, Marvel spread the planned events for a standalone Hulk film throughout Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor: Ragnarok, and the Infinity War two-parter. That’s right, the seeds of the fantastic Hipster Hulk payoff in Endgame were first sewn in Ultron. Think back to the Hulk/Banner in Ultron; he’s held back from the team at times to make sure he doesn’t do too much damage. Then, after a wave of the finger from Scarlet Witch, he wreaks havoc. Throughout Ultron, Banner is always questioning whether the team needs a ‘code green.’ He knows the Hulk s a powerful weapon, but he s terrified that he s not in control. By Endgame, we ve finally seen the complete character arc from this struggle in Ultron, to the Hulk completely taking over in Thor: Ragnarok, to Banner s inability to summon the green guy in Avengers: Infinity War, to the eventual blend of the Hulk s might and Bruce s mind in the new movie. (The latest incarnation is a play on a storyline that first appeared in The Incredible Hulk #377, in which Banner finally has control of both the monster and his mind – adding hipster glasses with a huge cardigan is just a lovely bonus.)The Start of a Beautiful and Pivotal Relationship: Wanda and Vision, a.k.a. WandaVision.(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel Studios)The WandaVision relationship, as well as their powers, would become crucial to the MCU and especially to the Infinity Saga. It is also central to two of the saga s biggest moments: it s Vision s death in Infinity War that breaks our hearts, and it s Wanda s moment of revenge and power in Endgame that gives us such great feels. And that all started with Ultron. From her first encounter with Vision in Age of Ultron, Wanda is drawn to his mind; even when we still didn t know if he was good or evil, her first words about him were, “I can read him… his mind. Ultron introduces Wanda and her brother to his creation in the final stages of completion and even before his birth, Vision s mind called out to her. Talk about a meet-cute.When we finally learn Thanos master plan to gather all the Infinity Stones, we realize quickly that Vision will be in danger. The Mind Stone is the origin of his powers – it s literally fused to his head using whatever tech stuff Shuri was talking about in Infinity War. That connection sets up what might be the Infinity Saga s ultimate and most painful sacrifice: Killing Vision in Infinity War as a last-ditch effort to thwart Thanos turns out to be a pointless and heartbreaking effort – with a twist of the Infinity Gauntlet, it is all undone. We watched them fall in love, beginning in Ultron, and witnessed their tragic end in Infinity War. When she appears in Endgame, summoning her powers in fury, it s a completely satisfying bookend to everything Ultron began.Who is worthy? THE PERFECT SETUP FOR CAP S BIG HAMMER MOMENT.In one of the best scenes in Age of Ultron, the Avengers pal around with a few drinks at an afterparty. What is played as an entertaining comedic break, with the various members trying to lift Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir, actually sets up one of the biggest moments of Endgame. Iron Man, War Machine, Hawkeye, and – comically – Bruce Banner all try to lift the hammer and prove themselves worthy. None are successful, but for one brief moment, Captain America tugs at Mjölnir, and it quivers. The movement wipes a confident smirk off Thor’s face and signals that maybe Steve Rogers could one day wield the hammer. So it’s no surprise in the finale of Endgame to see who is lifting Mjölnir. Thor even exclaims, “I knew it!” (It s actually another direct pull from the comics: Captain America is one of the few worthy enough to wield the hammer forged in the heart of a dying star – we re still getting goosebumps just thinking about it.)Clint Barton, Hawkeye, and the farm.According to Ultron director Joss Whedon, there were several creative differences between him and Marvel Studios during the filming of Age of Ultron, none more contentious than the debate over the trip to the farm to meet Clint’s family. Marvel brass were apparently not into giving Hawkeye a familial backstory – having seen Endgame, we re thankful they lost on that one. The broken, singularly focused, vigilante Ronin that Hawkeye becomes in Endgame doesn t have the same resonance if we haven t spent time with his family. (And what about that opening scene?!) The device of the farm is also used to further establish the closeness between Natasha and Hawkeye, as in Ultron we learn that she is the only one with prior knowledge of the farm and his family life. These quiet moments raise the emotional stakes of the fight we see between Clint and Natasha in Endgame, as they do battle over who will sacrifice themselves for the Soul Stone. Without the Ultron setup, those stakes would not be so high.Tony vs. Cap: A Civil War begins.Civil War may have been the first battle between the Avengers, but some early, quiet shots were fired in Ultron. The argument on the farm during which Steve scolds Tony for creating, and especially for not telling him about, Ultron, is one many will point back to as the start of their fracturing. Then there is the physical fight between Captain America and Iron Man that happens later in Ultron, while Tony tries to finish his Vision . Steve and Tony come to blows about it just before Thor harnesses lighting to finally birth Vision. The Russo brothers told us in our extended interview that the Avengers failed in Avengers: Infinity War because they were divided, and the cracks of that fatal divide first began to appear in Ultron. Even direct quotes from Age of Ultron reappear in Endgame with Tony repeating his warning, “We’ll lose – adding Steve’s reply of “We’ll lose together” is of little solace. That broken version of Tony, ripping his core from his chest, was perhaps even harder to watch than his heroic end.Tony, always trying to get ahead of things.(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel Studios)It starts and stops with Tony. The whole plot of Ultron comes from one driving force: Tony’s fear of the next thing from space trying to annihilate the earth. That up there, he quips, pointing to the sky and referencing the alien invasion of New York. That s the endgame. And it was, in every sense of the word. Thanos does come to destroy the earth, and that threat is what the Avengers were created to stop. Tony, in creating Ultron, was trying to win a war before it started; during the wood cutting argument, Steve astutely reminds him, “Every time someone tries to win a war before it starts, people die.” Before the events of Ultron, Tony created Veronica just in case they ever lost control of The Hulk (or a lullaby didn’t work). The Hulkbuster back-up plan kind of worked. That drive to plan ahead, to be prepared, may have been a fatal flaw with Ultron, but it also allowed Tony to outsmart Thanos in Endgame. The glove Tony installs on his suit to steal the infinity stones is just that type of planning. He was reluctant to join the second fight and the visions of defeat he saw in Ultron still haunt him, but he was, in the end, able to use that fear to defeat their most formidable foe. It s a complete bookend to the character and his essential motivation.(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel Studios)And there are so many smaller Ultron setups:Ragnarok: Heimdall first teases Ragnarok and the fact they will lose in Thor’s vision before he later heads to a cave to get more answers. Thor sees the Infinity Stones and the gauntlet for the first time. More breadcrumbs to our final battle.Avengers Assemble: The “Avengers Assemble” line that Captain America calls out in the final battle was first teased in Ultron. A near synonymous tag line for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, it is a line comic book fans have been waiting to hear. We cut to credits before Cap could call it out in Ultron, but we finally get it in Endgame.Wakanda: In a quick scene with Ulysses Klaw, we first hear reference what would turn out to be the key destination in the highest-grossing superhero movie ever – before Endgame. Vibranium, Andy Serkis with a Wakandan tattoo, and the rest is history.(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel Studios)Captain America Back With Carter: We’d have to guess it’s not a coincidence that Wanda’s visions sent Captain America back to Agent Carter and the 1940s. Throughout the series, his greatest regret is not being able to share a life with her, thus making his ending as an old man who stole time to get a life all the sweeter. Fine, I ll do it myself : We meet a winking and silent Thanos in The Avengers, and we first spy the Infinity Gauntlet in Thor’s Scarlet Witch vision. But it s not until Ultron s mid-credits stinger that we see our big baddie in full armor – voiced by Josh Brolin – snatching the gauntlet and saying, “Fine, I’ll do it myself.”(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Marvel Studios)The Avengers Facility: A small but noteworthy moment. The Avengers get a new home. The Avengers compound is basecamp going forward.
two have no place being together. It s like a strawberry shortcake and a cannoli.’ That s how he described LaRusso and Ali Mills. It was fun. It was the birth of those young characters, young love, high school, adolescence, all that stuff.”(Photo by ©Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection)Zabka: “We got along great. She was tough, she was athletic, she was a soccer player. Really physical, and she was just an all-natural girl and beautiful and cool, and we became friends. The only time I got connected in the whole movie with a punch or a kick [was during] the country club scene where Daniel comes in and gets the spaghetti on him, and then I laugh and Lisa punches me in the jaw. Every single time she connected, like, boom. Pat Johnson s like, ‘No, step back and swing.’ But I think every single time she hit my jaw. In fact, when Daniel falls down in the spaghetti and I m laughing, I m half laughing at the fact that she just hit me. Yeah, she was great.”“What Pat Morita taught me more than anything is not to take things for granted, to revel in the opportunity that you have.”Macchio: “I mean, with Pat Morita, everything he brought — I was truly witnessing the right actor in the right role, never taking it for granted, feeling a great responsibility, meaning him feeling a great responsibility playing a Japanese-American in that film at that time. And I always bring this information to the table, that The Karate Kid is the first mainstream major motion picture that ever dealt with the World War II Japanese internment camps.The movie is so often thought of as pop culture, ‘Get him a body bag,’ crane kicks, waxing on, and catching flies with chopsticks, but it also has all these other deeper elements to it, which is why it s, in my view, a great film. What he taught me more than anything is not to take things for granted, to revel in the opportunity that you have.There was an ease of working with him in those scenes. There s something relaxed about it. He would talk to John Avildsen or myself about the headband, which was called the hachimaki. Using that, taking it out of his pocket [to] use it as a napkin, or a handkerchief to wipe [your brow], but then you d also wear it, and then we d put it on for training purposes. Daniel always wore it for that.(Photo by ©Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection)All those moments and experiencing him teaching us [about] that culture, and wanting to pay homage and respect to the Japanese-American culture — Okinawan in this case — taught me that those moments of ease that we had just fed into the chemistry that we had that I didn t even know we had. It wasn t like I was trying to have good chemistry with Pat Morita, or he was really trying hard to be a good actor with me. It just organically was that way. And what I learned from that is when that just happens organically, it usually will translate. It just is one of those meant-to-be partnerships that was really special — something I ll have forever, and that we ll all have forever. It s really sweet, and I m the lucky one. That s how I look at it.”“Martin Kove came in character with a black belt on. For all I knew, he was the real deal.”Zabka: “I meet Martin Kove in character as Kreese. So I never met the actor Martin Kove. ‘Hi, I m Martin. I m playing your sensei.’ That was deliberate. Pat Johnson, who trained us for all the fight stuff, before Martin was cast, he played Kreese. And he trained me as Kreese, and he would be super intense and in your face and louder and bigger than even Marty was. He put the imprint of who Kreese was on me. And then when Martin Kove came in, it was in the dojo scene. …He came in character with a black belt on. For all I knew, he was the real deal.The scene where Ralph walks into the dojo, and I whisper to him that somebody s here, I mean, you could see that they had more of a relationship than just sensei. There was a personal relationship that happened, that s continuing now. But then when he says, ‘Sweep the leg.’ That moment, it was Marty Kove that caused that reaction in me, which was just to check him out. I mean, he was so intense and so big. A good actor s going to draw out the best from you. So he filled the shoes and sucked it out of me. And only now [do] I know Marty. I think if I knew him as I know him now, then, I might ve laughed in his face. No, I m just kidding. Just kidding, Marty!”(Photo by ©Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection)“It was like a dance routine, and we had it down.”Macchio: “It was about a week we shot the All Valley Tournament. I remember it vividly. We spent part of the entire shoot, say, three months, just rehearsing those fight sequences and our final fight. It was like a ballet. I mean, it really was. We were trained so well. We d be further apart. And as we’d get better and better, we had the pads on. And then we slowly but surely got closer and closer.There weren t a lot of changes. Some last minute, ‘Oh, we need this to be a little this,’ but for the most part it was like a dance routine, and we had it down. It was a great moment for me, because I win. The character wins the fight. For Billy, his character loses the fight. But for us to perform that the first time, six cameras, John Avildsen, who had directed Rocky, among others. You were in the hands of the best. And we filled up the arena with the extras, and they saw it for the first time. And we did it for the first time in front of a crowd, and that is a big part of the base, the spine, of what that scene is. I mean, there s all the other cuts. We got back and got pieces, but that was an amazing experience, just that. You could run into trouble with the amount of adrenaline, because you re just so jacked up, but we were so well-trained. It was a tango, and it was awesome.”(Photo by ©Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection)Zabka: “It was electric. It changed from the rehearsals, where we were at one energy, to step It s like doing theater, I guess. You step out and there s the audience, and it just brings you up to a whole other place that you didn t expect to happen. So I remember doing it. I think we did the whole fight I don t remember shooting in blocks. We went from the beginning of the fight to the end of the fight. Like, the whole thing. It wasn t like, ‘OK, here s this kick. Here s that piece.’ I mean, we went out and performed this whole fight. In the breaks, I remember when they would say, ‘Cut.’ And there was a scene where Pat Johnson says, ‘Take a knee.’ Because he s hurt. And I m sitting there, and the cameras were cut for a moment, and I can look up and see the fans. They re like, ‘Boo, boo.’ And my mom was sitting in the audience, and she s like, ‘my baby!’ And I m like, ‘It s OK, mom. It s OK. I m acting.’ Yeah, but it was awesome. The fans, the people, the energy.There were actually some real martial artists there, real karate schools, and a real mini tournament happening in the background to make it look authentic. There s kids in pads sparring and all that. They had an actual tournament that day. It s kind of like a fake one, but real. They had real kids sparring with each other in the background. So the environment was authentic to what a real karate tournament would ve been like, and then we step out with our black belts. I remember walking out with my black belt, going, ‘I m such a fraud right now. If they only knew.’ I m walking in, and then they re like, ‘Who s that kid?’ I’m, like, the actor that has done this for three months, and I hope I don t kick Ralph.”“All of a sudden there it was, and it was great.”Macchio: “‘You’re the Best Around’ was, I think, a Rocky 3 reject. … Bill Conti did the score for both Rocky and The Karate Kid — spectacular, the underscoring. But I think that was a song that didn t make it into an earlier film. It might ve been from the first Rocky.What I didn t know was the music when Daniel is training in the water, trying to stand on one leg and the waves are pummeling him, I remember that day. Bill Conti was on set on the beach, and he was playing for Avildsen the type of classical music he was thinking of. And so I got a glimpse of that, which helps, because then when you re doing the scene, you envision the sound of it, because the score is a big component in storytelling.”“I got my movie. We don t need to shoot it.”Zabka: “Originally [the film ended with] the scene where Kreese chokes me out and Miyagi saves all of us. And then lights were out after we finished the tournament and John Avildsen said, ‘I got my movie. We don t need to shoot it.’ And I guess called Jerry Weintraub, and said, ‘I don t think we need to shoot that scene.’ He goes, ‘Alright, go home.’”Macchio: “What s interesting is at that point, I think, if memory serves— and it does get foggy after decades and decades — but I believe at that point, they said, ‘Listen, if we ever do one, we can always open a sequel with that scene.’ And I don t know why, but in my head, I remember hearing those words from, whether it was Avildsen, or Weintraub, that their thought was they were ahead of the game as far as starting the sequel, assuming we were going to have a hit.”ALSO WATCH: ORAL HISTORY OF COBRA KAI WITH RALPH MACCHIO AND WILLIAM ZABKAThe Karate Kid was released in theaters June 22, 1984
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战火燎原大礼包 《黑暗与光明手游》有着很多元化的玩法,比方说支持生存玩法、建造玩法、驯养玩法等等,还能进行跨服战争。在游戏里玩家们需要占领地图打造自己的家园,每个玩家都需要造出自己的房子,不少人会建造出那些美观大气的房子,也有些玩家设计出了温馨的小木屋,玩家们能在游戏里发挥出自己的建造天赋,打造出心目中理想的家园来生存。

Netflix dominated the week with several big reveals, starting with the news that a Witcher prequel is in the works. Plus, get the low-down on Ratched, the Ryan Murphy origin-story series about a psychiatric-hospital nurse with her own issues. The streamer also reportedly has a Splinter Cell anime adaptation in the works, picked up seven classic Black comedies, and more in the week s top TV and streaming news.TOP STORYThe Witcher Gets a Prequel With Blood Origin(Photo by Netflix)Netflix has ordered a six-episode prequel limited series for The Witcher, called The Witcher: Blood Origin, and set 1,200 years before the events of the original series.Logline: Set in an Elven world 1200 years before the world of The Witcher, Blood Origin will tell a story lost to time — the origin of the very first Witcher, and the events that lead to the pivotal conjunction of the spheres, when the worlds of monsters, men, and elves merged to become one. The Witcher showrunner Lauren Schmidt Hissrich will serve as executive producer, with The Witcher writer Declan de Barra as executive producer and showrunner, and The Witcher author Andrzej Sapkowski as a consultant.“As a lifelong fan of fantasy, I am beyond excited to tell the story The Witcher: Blood Origin, De Barra said in a statement. A question has been burning in my mind ever since I first read The Witcher books: What was the Elven world really like before the cataclysmic arrival of the humans? I ve always been fascinated by the rise and fall of civilizations, how science, discovery, and culture flourish right before that fall. How vast swathes of knowledge are lost forever in such a short time, often compounded by colonization and a rewriting of history. Leaving only fragments of a civilization’s true story behind. The Witcher: Blood Origin will tell the tale of the Elven civilization before its fall, and most importantly reveal the forgotten history of the very first Witcher.”Ratched’s All-Star Cast, Led by Sarah Paulson, Unfolds the Backstory of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest Villain Nurse Mildred Ratched(Photo by Netflix)Ryan Murphy’s latest collaboration with Sarah Paulson (pictured), Ratched, will debut on Netflix on Sept. 18. The eight-episode season features an all-star cast that includes actors from other Murphy projects, like the American Horror Story and American Crime Story series.Paulson, an Emmy winner for her collaboration with Murphy on The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story and a multiple Emmy nominee for five seasons of Murphy’s AHS, will play the titular role of Mildred Ratched, the psychiatric hospital nurse who “presents herself as the perfect image of what a dedicated nurse should be … (but) Mildred’s stylish exterior belies a growing darkness that has long been smoldering within, revealing that true monsters are made, not born.”(Photo by Netflix)The suspenseful prequel to Ken Kesey’s 1962 novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and its 1975 film adaptation, for which Louise Fletcher won an Oscar for her portrayal of Nurse Ratched, also stars AHS and The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story alum Jon Jon Briones as controversial Dr. Richard Hanover; Finn Wittrock (AHS, The Normal Heart, The Assassination of Gianni Versace) as serial killer Edmund Tolleson; Sharon Stone (pictured) as eccentric heiress Lenore Osgood; Judy Davis (Feud: Bette and Joan) as tough Nurse Betsy Bucket; Corey Stoll (The Normal Heart) as private detective Charles Wainwright; Cynthia Nixon as Gwendolyn Briggs, a political campaign manager; Alice Englert as hospital staffer Dolly; Vincent D’Onofrio as creepy Governor George Wilburn; Charlie Carver as hospital staffer Huck; Sophie Okonedo as Charlotte Wells; and Amanda Plummer as motel owner Louise.Don Cheadle, Rosanna Arquette, Brandon Flynn, Hunter Parrish, and Harriet Sansom Harris (AHS and Hollywood) are also among the cast.Paulson is also as executive producer on the series, which was given a two-season order from Netflix, as is Michael Douglas, who won his first Oscar as one of the producers of the 1975 Best Picture-winning One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest movie. (Photo by Marvel Studios)The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ran its last episode last week, but some questions about its finale and themes still linger: from production realities of a series made during the pandemic to whether or not John Walker (Wyatt Russell) is a hero.Series director Kari Skogland took a few minutes this week to talk with Rotten Tomatoes about the show and some of its facets, including the thinking behind Sam s gesture for Isaiah Bradley (Carl Lumbly) and the visual tricks used to make Walker s disposition more ambiguous. She also addressed a rumor about a deleted storyline and outlined some of the ways the COVID-19 pandemic had an impact on completing the show.How the Pandemic Complicated Filming of The Falcon and The Winter Soldier(Photo by Marvel Studios)In the run up to the finale, word began to spread that the COVID-19 pandemic had done more than just delay production of the series. According to the reports, a plot involving Karli (Erin Kellyman) and the Flag Smashers was dropped during the months of delays. Skogland denied such a storyline ever existed.“There was no virus storyline,” she said. “The pandemic did not change our storyline, because we knew what we were shooting before[hand]. We were always telling the story we were telling.”Production began in October 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, continuing apace through the year. Filming moved to the Czech Republic during spring 2020, where it was shut down a few weeks short of completion: “We had shot 75 percent of it when we got shut down,” Skogland said.The production shutdown did impact the series in other ways, though; for one, post-production began earlier than expected, leading to some of the program’s extra polish, according to Skogland.



战火燎原大礼包 Average Tomatometer Score/Rank: 81.25% (11th)Average Audience Score/Rank: 77% (15th)Average Domestic Box Office/Rank: 1,579,893.13 (7th)Films: Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Spider-Man: Far from HomeConsidering DC Comics characters Superman and Batman both had a number of blockbuster films to their names before the turn of the millennium, it s a little surprising that Marvel s own A-lister, Spider-Man, failed to make a successful transition to the big screen until 2002. When he did finally debut in theaters, under the guidance of Sam Raimi, he not only kicked off one of the most successful superhero franchises ever, but also helped lay the groundwork for the massive paradigm shift in Hollywood that would eventually bring us the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe, for starters. Of course, Sony Pictures efforts to retain the rights to the character have famously resulted in two reboots and a parallel animated series, but the results overall have been rather spectacular. Raimi s original trilogy starring Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, the MCU-related films with Tom Holland in the role, and the animated Into the Spider-Verse have all largely been critically acclaimed money-makers, and even the first of Andrew Garfield s two outings as the famous wallcrawler is generally well regarded. Spidey may be a late bloomer compared to his DC counterparts, but he s been the most consistent solo hero of them all.5. Back to the Future(Photo by Universal Pictures)Average Tomatometer Score/Rank: 78% (12th)Average Audience Score/Rank: 85.7% (4th)Average Domestic Box Office/Rank: 8,209,623 (16th)Films: Back to the Future, Back to the Future Part II,

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