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亚博网站买球首选采用百度引擎1(Baidu 4)(Photo by Weinstein Company/Courtesy Everett Collection)All Kevin Smith Movies RankedThe story of Kevin Smith making his first movie starts out like the story of most indie filmmakers following a dream in the 80s and 90s: Maxing out credit cards, risking financial ruin all in sheer tyranny of belief that the majorly groundbreaking screenplay you wrote is your ticket into the business. Smith s story ends differently than most: He actually made it. Twas the right time, right place (unlike all those contractors on the Death Star) for Smith s Clerks. Audiences and studios alike were hungry for outsider voices, and the guy from New Jersey holding a scuzzy black-and-white comedy was as outsidery as you can get. Released the same October week in 1994 as Pulp Fiction, Clerks set a new high for those aiming low, and thus the American independent movement of the 90s was born.Smith s next movie, Mallrats, showed he was serious about giving voice to pop culture nerds, slackers, and stoners, throwing more references to movies and more reverence to comic books, to the point of roping in Stan Lee as a sage, secondary character. Smith had his most promising leap forward in writing and direction with Chasing Amy, and then took on a more aggressive front against the status quo with the iconoclastic Dogma. The organized religion send-up featured a growing cadre of stars willing to yuk it up in Smith s unified Askewniverse (like Matt Damon, Salma Hayek, Alan Rickman, and Chris Rock), with Jason Mewes and Smith himself as Jay and Silent Bob a consistent, comedy presence. (Check out our oral history of Jay and Silent bob with Smith.)The two characters were upgraded to lead status with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, before Smith returned to his roots in Jersey Girl and Clerks II. With the Judd Apatow style changing the comedy landscape, Smith stuck his own thumb into the pie, mixing extreme raunchiness and sweet sincerity in Zack and Miri Make a Porno.The 2010s began with Cop Out, a failed stab at Hollywood big-budget action filmmaking, and an experience Smith now openly derides. Red State just edged by with enough critics for a Fresh rating, and would begin a 3-movie string operating in horror. Tusk has its defenders. Yoga Hosers definitely does not. For his latest, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Smith hit the streets, doing roadshow screenings with Q As city by city. Not only did that bring together his fans in community, but also played up Smith s strengths as a world-class raconteur, whose gift of gab has helped him create an empire of podcasts and review shows, overshadowing his directing career in recent years. His next movie is horror-comedy Killroy Was Here, scheduled for a 2020 Fall release. Before then, take a look back on all Kevin Smith movies ranked by Tomatometer!

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Pet Sematary (2019) 57% It only took six years from the time Stephen King published Pet Sematary to see it adapted for the big screen, but it took another 30 and a misguided 1992 sequel before anyone decided to give it another go. Taking the reins this time are directing duo Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer, who previously helmed the well-received indie thriller Starry Eyes, and who make a few changes to the original story. In the updated version, a Boston doctor (Jason Clarke) relocates with his wife (Amy Seimetz) and two children to Maine, where he learns about a mysterious burial site behind their new home that s rumored to bring the dead back to life. When tragedy hits the family, he decides to test those rumors, and things begin to spiral out of control. With regard to the critics, not everyone is on board with the new interpretation, and those who aren t feel that the narrative fails to do enough to justify remaking the original. That said, the overall reaction has been positive, with reviews touting the performances for selling their grief with authenticity and the directors for effectively harnessing the more disturbing elements of the source material. WARNING: MASSIVE SPOILERS!Want to know how many bad guys fall by John Wick s hands in Chapter 3 Parabellum? (We’re including death by horse, by the way.) How about that Iron Chef shout-out with Mark Dacascos? And haven t we seen that pair of assassins from a certain Indonesian action classic? Find out all that and more, including references to Andrei Tarkovsky, Keanu Reeves 90s alternative band, and callbacks lots of callbacks to The Matrix.

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(Photo by DreamWorks/courtesy Everett Collection)All Jamie Foxx Movies Ranked by TomatometerA recording career and starring roles on In Living Color and his very own sitcom sound like they would have been enough to keep Jamie Foxx out of the movie game during the 90s. But indeed, Foxx the multi-hyphenate found time to debut as a comedy movie lead for The Truth About Cats Dogs in 1996 and then delivered his first dramatic performance in Oliver Stone s Any Given Sunday three years later. But that was all a prelude to his big 2004, when Foxx was nominated for the Best Supporting Actor Academy Award with the Michael Mann/Tom Cruise thriller Collateral and took home Oscar gold that night for Best Actor, thanks to the musical biopic Ray.He teamed up with Mann again for Miami Vice in 2006, the same year of musical sensation Dreamgirls arrival. Due Date, Valentine s Day, Rio, and Horrible Bosses were four 0 million-grossing box office hits in a row, so with his reputation as a guy who can get awards and put butts in seats cemented, there was only one place to go left: Casa de QT. Working with Quentin Tarantino produced the brassy Western Django Unchained, which would go on to become the director s biggest B.O. draw.Django would be Foxx s last Certified Fresh movie for a while, through a stretch of years that has included The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Robin Hood, and White House Down. 2017 s Baby Driver brought back some of that critical acclaim, and so has his latest: Just Mercy, a true story legal drama featuring Foxx as Walter McMillian, who was imprisoned for a murder in 1986 he did not commit. Co-starring Michael B. Jordan and Brie Larson, see where the critics place Just Mercy as we rank all Jamie Foxx movies by Tomatometer!亚博网站买球首选This week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Black Canary, The Matrix: Resurrections, and Nosferatu.This WEEK S TOP STORYANYA TAYLOR-JOY REUNITES WITH ROBERT EGGERS FOR A NOSFERATU REMAKE(Photo by James Devaney/Getty Images)Although most people first saw The Witch in 2016, the film actually had its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival a year earlier in January, 2015, where it was very well received. In between that premiere and its theatrical release, director Robert Eggers was able to begin development on a dream project, a remake of the 1922 vampire horror film Nosferatu (Certified Fresh at 97%), which Werner Herzog previously remade in 1979 (Certified Fresh at 95%). Since then, Eggers has instead directed The Lighthouse (Certified Fresh at 90%) and the upcoming Vikings epic The Northman (4/8/2022), but it s sounding like his Nosferatu movie might finally start filming soon. Anya Taylor-Joy (The Queen s Gambit, The New Mutants), who first came to prominence as the star of The Witch, revealed this week that she will be reuniting with Eggers for Nosferatu.  More immediately, however, Taylor-Joy will be starring in the Mad Max: Fury Road prequel Furiosa (as Charlize Theron s character), for which she has been learning to do some of her own high-speed stunt driving.Other Top Headlines1. DISNEY CASTS YOUNG MUFASA AND SCAR IN THE LION KING PREQUEL (Photo by ©Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)The success of The Lion King (Certified Fresh at 93%) in 1994 led to an entire franchise consisting of sequels and TV shows. The CGI remake in 2019 (Rotten at 52%) was also a huge box office success with over .6 billion worldwide, but instead of a sequel, Disney is going the prequel route this time. The first two stars to be announced for the Lion King prequel are Kevlin Harrison, Jr. (The Trial of the Chicago 7) as the young Taka (aka Scar) and Aaron Pierre (The Underground Railroad) as the young Mufasa. Director Barry Jenkins (Moonlight, If Beale Street Could Talk) has started production on the prequel, which Disney describes as being live action, though it s probably more likely to be photorealistic CGI (since Disney also called the 2019 movie live action despite most of the movie actually being CGI animation).2. SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME CONFIRMS RETURN OF DOC OCK AND OTHER VILLAINS (Photo by Marvel Entertainment)Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige started the week by coyly telling Collider that the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home (12/17/2021) would definitely come out before the movie does. What Feige couldn t have predicted was that within 24 hours, someone would leak a version of the trailer online, albeit filmed off someone s phone and missing most of the special effects. That led soon after to the Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer being officially released, special effects in place and everything. The trailer sets up the One More Day-style premise pretty clearly (which is also leading to a certain long-simmering fan theory), as Peter Parker seeks Doctor Strange s help after his identity goes public, ruining his life and that of those closest to him. The trailer also shows the return of Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus, and also seems to tease the returns of other villains like the Green Goblin, Sandman, and others. The trailer proved extremely popular, as it even broke the 24-hour record previously held by Avengers: Endgame.3. THE MATRIX: RESURRECTIONS TITLE AND PREMISE REVEALED(Photo by ©Warner Bros.)We don t have a trailer yet for the long-awaited sequel known until this week as The Matrix 4, but at the CinemaCon event for theatrical exhibitors, Warner Bros. revealed that the title will be The Matrix: Resurrections, and by showing them the first trailer, we also got our first synopsis. As the trailer starts, Keanu Reeves is back to being Thomas Anderson again, who tells his psychiatrist (Neal Patrick Harris) that he s been having strange dreams, for which he starts taking blue prescription bills, until a mysterious man (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) gives Anderson a red pill. Along the way, we also see Anderson meeting a woman played by Carrie-Anne Moss (Trinity), and that most of the people around him live their lives staring at their phones. Warner Bros. will likely release the trailer to the online public soon, but we don t know for sure when that will be yet. The Matrix: Resurrections is currently scheduled for release on December 22, 2021.4. CHRISTIAN BALE TO PREACH TO THE CHURCH OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY  (Photo by Jaap Buitendijk/©Paramount)Hollywood hasn t completely given up reading source material other than comic books. Every once in a while, we still hear about mid-range dramas adapted from magazine or newspaper articles, such as the 2019 Vanity Fair article The Church of Living Dangerously: How One of America s Biggest Pastors Became a Drug Runner for a Mexican Cartel. And in the spirit of the very best subtitles, that one also basically tells you exactly what the movie The Church of Living Dangerously is going be about. Christian Bale is now attached to star in the film adaptation as Oregon preacher John Lee Bishop, whose church became so large it took up an 8,500 square foot former K-Mart superstore, before he eventually became a drug smuggler. The Vanity Fair article will be adapted for the film by screenwriter Charles Randolph, who previously worked with Christian Bale on another true story, The Big Short (Certified Fresh at 89%).5. IN THE HEIGHTS STAR COREY HAWKINS JOINS THE COLOR PURPLE MUSICAL REMAKE (Photo by Steve Mack/Everett Collection)In 1985, Steven Spielberg directed the drama The Color Purple (Fresh at 81%), adapted from the novel of the same title by Alice Walker. Starting in 2005, The Color Purple was also adapted as a Broadway stage musical, which Warner Bros. is now adapting into a movie. Corey Hawkins, who recently starred in the movie adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda s In the Heights (Certified Fresh at 95%) is the first actor announced for the movie musical, reportedly as the character named Harpo, the character married to Oprah Winfrey s Sofia in Spielberg s film. (Side note: Harpo also happens to be Oprah spelled backwards, and it s the name of her production company.) Warner Bros. is now testing actresses opposite Corey Hawkins to play his wife. The Color Purple will be directed by Ghana-born filmmaker Blitz Bazawule, who previously directed Beyonce s Black is King (Certified Fresh at 94%).6. JAKE GYLLENHAAL JOINS ROBERT KIRKMAN S OBLIVION SONG (Photo by Anne Marie Fox/TM & ©Copyright Fox Searchlight)Comic book writer Robert Kirkman has also had success with the adaptations of both The Walking Dead (and its spinoffs) and the recent Amazon Prime animated series Invincible. Kirkman also created the comic book Oblivion Song, set in a world where 300,000 residents of Philadelphia suddenly disappear mysteirously. Jake Gyllenhaal is now attached to produce and star in an adaptation of Oblivion Song, as a man who makes daily trips to Oblivion , the part of Philadelphia from which the people went missing. Gyllenhaal has two wrapped films opening soon: The Guilty (10/1/2021) and Michael Bay s Ambulance (2/18/2022).7. BLACK CANARY TO GET HER OWN SPINOFF MOVIE AFTER LAST YEAR S BIRDS OF PREY (Photo by Claudette Barius/©Warner Bros.)One of the last major movies released just before movie theaters shut down last year was the DC Comics movie Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) (Certified Fresh at 79%). It remains unclear if that film will ever get a direct sequel, but one of the characters is now likely to receive her own solo spinoff. Jurnee Smollett is attached to reprise her character for Black Canary, which is being developed by Lovecraft Country showrunner Misha Green for HBO Max. It s not yet known if any other Birds of Prey characters will return for Black Canary, or when the film might debut on the streaming service.8. TIFFANY HADDISH JOINS ANIMATED/LIVE-ACTION COMEDY ABOUT AN IMAGINARY FRIEND(Photo by Michele K. Short/Universal Pictures)Tiffany Haddish has been keeping so very busy and prolific that one could easily forget her big breakthrough role in Girls Trip (Certified Fresh at 92%) was only four years ago in 2017. Haddish has three wrapped films awaiting release (The Card Counter, Easter Sunday, and Nicolas Cage s The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent), and is also attached to star in Disney s next Haunted Mansion movie. She isn t slowing down, either, as this week she signed with Universal Pictures to star in their animated/live-action hybrid family comedy I.F. (shot for Imaginary Friend), although it s unclear whether she s playing the imaginary friend or the human character. I.F. will be directed by Mike Mitchell (Shrek Forever After, Sky High) from a screenplay by Darren Lemke (Goosebumps; co-writer of Mitchell s Shrek Forever After). I.F. also has competition at Paramount with Imaginary Friends, a comedy with a similar premise that may co-star Ryan Reynolds and John Krasinski.9. JASON MOMOA AND DAVE BAUTISTA HOPE TO DO A BUDDY COP MOVIE WITH DAVID LEITCH(Photo by Elizabeth Goodenough, JA/Everett Collection)Most new movie projects are announced via the rather old fashioned route of press releases and articles in trade publications like Variety or The Hollywood Reporter. This week, Jason Momoa decided to go a very different route, as he broke some big news during an interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden while promoting Sweet Girl (Rotten at 16%). Momoa told Corden that he and Dave Bautista (who are both in the upcoming Dune remake) plan on doing a Lethal Weapon-style buddy-cop movie with director David Leitch (Deadpool 2, Atomic Blonde), who reportedly called the pitch interesting (though that is far from a confirmation that Leitch will actually direct it).On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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After a month of voting, the Rotten Tomatoes community has chosen its winners for each category at the upcoming 93rd Academy Awards, which will take place this Sunday and celebrate the cinematic achievements of a very unusual year. According to RT fans, Chloé Zhao and Oscar frontrunner Nomadland should come away from this Sunday with four awards, including Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and the big one, Best Picture. Ma Rainey s Black Bottom came next with three awards, including a posthumous win for the late Chadwick Boseman, and Emerald Fennell s Promising Young Woman also claimed a couple of the top honors, namely Best Actress for Carey Mulligan s performance and Best Original Screenplay for Fennell s script.Recommended: Download our printable 2021 Oscars BallotRecommended: The Biggest Snubs, Surprises, and Milestones of the 2021 Oscar NominationsRecommended: Where to Watch the 2021 Oscar NomineesRecommended: The 2021 Best Picture Nominees Ranked by TomatometerOnly a couple of the awards were closely contested Best Supporting Actress and Best Editing among them and the results essentially mirror the odds-on favorites for each category. Will the actual Academy Awards turn out the way our community believes they should? Tune in on Sunday, April 25 to find out, and in the meantime, see below for the full list of winners and the final results of the poll.WINNERSBest Picture: NomadlandDirecting: Chloé Zhao  NomadlandActor in a Leading Role: Chadwick Boseman   Ma Rainey s Black BottomActress in a Leading Role: Carey Mulligan   Promising Young WomanActor in a Supporting Role: Daniel Kaluuya   Judas and the Black MessiahActress in a Supporting Role: Yuh-Jung Youn   MinariWriting (Adapted Screenplay): Chloé Zhao  NomadlandWriting (Original Screenplay): Emerald Fennell   Promising Young WomanAnimated Feature Film: SoulCinematography: Joshua James Richards   NomadlandCostume Design: Ma Rainey s Black BottomDocumentary (Feature): My Octopus TeacherFilm Editing: Sound of MetalInternational Feature Film: Another RoundMakeup and Hairstyling: Ma Rainey s Black BottomMusic (Original Score): Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Jon Batiste   SoulMusic (Original Song):  Speak Now  One Night in MiamiProduction Design: MankSound: Sound of MetalVisual Effects: TenetDocumentary (Short Subject): A Love Song for LatashaShort Film (Animated): If Anything Happens I Love YouShort Film (Live Action): Two Distant StrangersAre you as obsessed with awards as we are? Check out our Awards Leaderboard for 2020/2021.The 93rd annual Academy Awards will be presented Sunday, April 25, in Los Angeles at the Dolby Theater and Los Angeles Union Station.

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7.58.4 7月喜迎Joely Richardson. Gaiman, in a blog post, wrote, there are more parts to be announced. And I thought it would be fun to tell you about some of them, and the thinking behind them.DEATH – Dream s wiser, nicer, and much more sensible sister. Significantly harder to cast than you might imagine (well, than I imagined, anyway). Hundreds of talented women from all around the planet auditioned, and they were brilliant, and none of them were right. Someone who could speak the truth to Dream, on the one hand, but also be the person you d want to meet when your life was done on the other. And then we saw Kirby Howell-Baptiste’s (she/her) audition and we knew we had our Death.DESIRE – Dream s sibling and everything you want, whatever you want and whoever you are. Desire is also trouble for Dream. Families are complicated. We had barely started looking when Mason Alexander Park (they/them) reached out on Twitter, and threw their hat into the ring. We were thrilled when they got the part.DESPAIR – Desire s twin, Dream s sister. She is the moment when all hope is gone, the bleakest of the Endless. Donna Preston (she/her) will be playing her, and her performance is chilling and sad. You feel her pain.JOHANNA CONSTANTINE – Eighteenth Century occult adventuress, John Constantine’s great-great-great grandmother. This Sandman character became so popular that she even had her own spin-off series. I created her to fill the role that John Constantine does in the past. When we broke down the first season, given that we knew that we would be encountering Johanna in the past, we wondered what would happen if we met a version of her in the present as well. We tried it and the script was sparkier, feistier, and in some ways even more fun. So having written her, we just had to cast her. Jenna Coleman (she/her) gave us the Johanna of our dreams – tough, brilliant, tricky, haunted and probably doomed.ETHEL CRIPPS – Roderick Burgess s love, John Dee s mother, is a small but vital role in the comics, but she became more important as we told our story. In the 1920s and 30s, she is played by Niamh Walsh (she/her): a betrayed and determined young woman seeking to survive. In the present day, now a woman of a hundred identities and a thousand lies, she s played by the brilliant Joely Richardson (she/her).JOHN DEE – Ethel s son is dangerous. He was driven mad, long ago. Now he s out and on a quest for Truth that may destroy the world. We needed an actor who could break your heart and keep your sympathy while taking you into the darkest places. We were lucky that David Thewlis (he/him) took the part.Now we re shooting The Doll s House, the second big Sandman storyline. It s the story of:ROSE WALKER – a young woman on a desperate search for her missing brother, who finds a family she didn t know that she had, and a connection to Dream that neither of them can escape. We needed someone young who could make you care as she ventures into some very dangerous places. Boyd Holbrook s Corinthian is waiting for her, after all. Kyo Ra (she/her) achieves that as Rose.LYTA HALL – Rose’s friend, a young widow mourning her husband Hector. Rose doesn t know that Hector has started showing up in Lyta s dreams, though. Or that strange things are happening. Razane Jammal (she/her) is Lyta, and she s terrific.UNITY KINKAID Heiress, Rose s mysterious benefactor. She has spent a century asleep. Now she s awake, having missed out on her life. She s played by Sandra James Young (she/her).GILBERT – Rose Walker s debonair protector. A dab hand with a paradox and a sword cane. Stephen Fry (he/him) is a National Treasure, and we forget sometimes that he s also a remarkable actor. Seeing him in costume and make up on the dailies made me blink: it was as if the comic had come to life.MATTHEW – Dream’s trusted emissary. A raven. I expected our animals to be CGI, and was both taken aback and thrilled when the dailies started coming in, and there was Dream talking to well, a raven. But ravens don t really talk. The question was, could we find an actor who could make you care about a dead person who was now a bird in the Dreaming – one who isn t certain what s going on, or whether any of this is a good idea? And could we find a voice performer who was also the kind of Sandman fan who used to stand in line to get his Sandman comics signed? The answer was, we could if we asked Patton Oswalt (he/him). And Patton was the first person we asked, and the first person we cast, the day before we pitched The Sandman to Netflix.Of course, there are more delights and nightmares cast than I ve listed here, and we have a few more secrets up our sleeves. I can t wait until you can start watching. On September 25, 2021, Gaiman and Sturridge revealed a first look at the series opening moments, in which Burgess summons Dream and, apparently, gets some help from an unseen Corinthian. The official Instagram and Twitter accounts also unveiled the first character posters for Dream, Death, and Desire.I am the Lord of Dream and Nightmare. pic.twitter.com/8t8NI9PZZd The Sandman (@Netflix_Sandman) September 25, 2021What Is the Story?Joel MearesAs for the main plot, Dream will likely spend the season reclaiming three essential items containing much of his power – a ruby, a bag of dust, and a gas-mask-like helmet – while learning the ways his captivity changed the Dreaming and the waking world. In the comics, this story featured appearances from DC characters like Dr. Destiny, Martian Manhunter, and John Constantine, but it is unclear if the TV series will maintain these comic book ties. For Instance, although John (and actor Matt Ryan) will be absent from the series, his ancestor Johanna Constantine will take his place in the scoundrel s team-up with Dream.Additionally, issue #4, “A Hope in Hell,” introduced the version of Lucifer Morningstar featured in Netflix’s Lucifer. While we initially theorized Lucifer star Tom Ellis might do another cross-show cameo (he appeared briefly in the Arrowverse’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event), the part will be played by Game of Thrones’ Christie. Considering Lucifer is far more androgynous in The Sandman – and quite like David Bowie in his first appearance – the choice of Christie is inspired. Although, it should be noted that the Prince of Darkness only makes a handful of appearances in the series, so it remains to be seen how often we will actually see Christie on screen.Though Sturridge and Christie’s involvement was rumored for some time, Netflix confirmed their participation in January 2021. Other actors confirmed at the time include Acheampong as Morpheus’s trusted librarian Lucienne; Bhaskar and Chaudhry as Cain and Abel – yes, that Cain and Abel; Holbrook as the Corinthian, the murderous dream who becomes more of a threat in the comic book’s second storyline; and Dance s Roderick Burgess, a key figure in Dream’s 20th century captivity.The program will also update the story, with Dream escaping his captivity in the 2020s instead of the 1980s. As Gaiman told CBC Radio in November of 2019, “Instead of him being a captive for about 80 years, he s going to be a captive for about 110 years and that will change things.” But, as he learned adapting Good Omens to the medium, changing things is part of the fun; though, fans surely wonder how much of the comic’s undeniably goth aesthetic will survive the update. Will Morpheus’ sister look passé with her Cleopatra eye make-up and ankh pendant? Or will it have retro charm by the time we first hear the sound of her wings?Gaiman is already willing to change Dream s look, originally inspired by Bauhaus frontman Peter Murphy. Nevertheless, he promises a more or less faithful telling of the story is on its way.When Will It Premiere?The series will likely appear sometime in 2021; of course, that could change in the current climate. And though it is a while to wait, there is good news: Gaiman, Goyer, and Heinberg have already plotted season 2.On an Apple device? 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On Sunday night, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) handed out the 2019 Golden Globes and, as is often the case with the Golden Globes, they delivered some surprises. Rami Malek, Bohemian Rhapsody, Glenn Close, and Green Book didn t walk into the Beverly Hilton on Sunday night favored to win, but each walked out with a Globe statuette.  Check out our recap of the best moments from the ceremony here.Owing to its position on the calendar and ability to host a star-studded awards ceremony, the Globes are often looked at as a measuring stick for awards season. But with such a small voting body it’s unwise to put too much faith in the Globes results as a predictor of Oscar winners or nominations. No slight on the HFPA, but a group of 90 international film journalist cannot be expected to predict the voting habits of 7,258 industry professionals. Since the Academy expanded the Best Picture category to include up to 10 nominees in 2009, only 59% of Golden Globe Best Picture nominees have earned Oscar nominations.Looked at more closely, it can seem that the Golden Globes are more a reaction point than any sort of clear indicator. A snub by the HFPA can spark indignation that helps, or damages, a film or performer s Oscar chances. Last year Three Billboards Outside of Ebbing, Missouri won the GG for Best Drama and the backlash that was already brewing to that film finally bubbled over, likely turning some Oscar voters toward Guillermo Del Toro’s The Shape of Water, which later won Best Picture at the Academy Awards. The same could be said for La La Land vs. Moonlight in 2016; Moonlight won the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Drama, but was shut out in all the other categories – snubs that only added supporters to its bandwagon come Oscar time.With all this in mind, what do Sunday night’s wins and losses mean for this year’s awards landscape?A Star Dims, But Only Somewhat(Photo by @ Warner Bros. )A Star Is Born has fizzled but not completely faded; save the win for Best Song, the film was shut out of many awards, notably Best Actress Drama for Lady Gaga. It s not out of what is still a very wide-open Best Picture race, but it needs some wins. Look to this weekend’s Critics Choice awards for added momentum, but if Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper fall short again then the movie s chances of big Oscar wins will be er, shallower.Best Supporting Actor Is Still Undecided (Photo by © Fox Searchlight)Can You Ever Forgive Me? s Richard E. Grant lost to Green Book s Mahershala Ali for Best Supporting Actor, but we think that has a lot to do with Ali s having been shut out of a GG nomination for Moonlight a few years ago (and going on to win the Oscar). With a healthy number of wins from the critics guilds, Grant is still very much in contention. Same can be said for First Reformed s Ethan Hawke (for a Best Actor nomination), Eight Grade s Bo Burham (writing and directing), and Roma s Yalitza Aparicio (Best Actress), none of whom were nominated for the Globes but each of whom have enough momentum with critics groups to keep them top of mind with Academy voters.King Continues Her Reign(Photo by @ NBC)Regina King’s winning streak continues – after a slight bump with that bizarre SAG snub. King s work in If Beale Street Could Talk is the most honored performance of 2018 – with nearly 40 nominations and 20 wins – and her Oscar win is looking more and more assured. With momentum and buzz being just as important as the performance, King’s rousing acceptance speech was a final word to silence any naysayers (we pity the conductor who tried to play her off).
Subjective reality is still a key element of the series, and while audiences may still end up sympathetic to David’s pain, Hawley hoped viewers “realize over the course of the season how this need for love — that he feels is solely about him — begins to distance us from David a bit [and think,] ‘Oh, he s a very ill man.’”But even in that, his illness does not necessary equal villainy in the Golden Age comic book sense. David’s selfishness may, however, lead some to see him that way. “We expect our characters to learn and to be redeemed, but there are some people who aren t really capable of that,” Hawley said.Meanwhile, Amahl Farouk is, in fact, trying to redeem himself. Though, as Negahban put it, “it s more about saving the world and also saving David. He really cares about David.” Despite being the unambiguous evil orbiting David’s life in the first season, Farouk is a changed person when we meet him at the beginning of Season 3. “He s trying to be a good boy,” the actor said. “There has been a struggle for him to kind of determine whether [that is] right or wrong for him. And he s trying to discover that through his journey.”In some ways, the journey, as Negahban relayed it, parallels David’s major internal conflict. “He came from nothing. He became somebody, he had the power. He got lost in his power; he didn t know what to do with it. And his rage and anger took over,” he explained. “It goes full circle and it gets to the point that he realizes that that rage and anger is what is destroying him. So if he can get rid of that, he can redeem himself. He can redo everything.”(Photo by Pari Dukovic/FX)To some extent, Hawley said the conflicts mirror the tension between childhood and adulthood, adding that at least some of David’s issues go back to the moment his birth parents gave him up for adoption. And David’s attempt to stop Farouk in the past means he may run into his father, X-Men founder Charles Xavier (Harry Lloyd).Lloyd told us not to expect the “straight-laced Charles we know” from the X-Men films or animated television series.“It s trippy stuff,” said Stevens, adding there is “a lot of confusion and hurt, obviously” in regards to David s feelings on Xavier.“It is nice to finally to have this string that ties our crazy balloon to the main raft of the X-Men stories,” he continued. “And I think that will be satisfying to people who know and love X-Men and Legion. He also suspected Legion viewers not well-versed in X-Men lore will become curious about the Professor and his Merry Mutants: [It] might cause them to go and watch some other X-Men-y type things.”Of course, it remains to be seen if David will follow in his comic book counterpart s footsteps and end the world as viewers have known it. That story was ultimately resolved when somewhat familiar mutants from the new timeline learned about David s actions and prevented Xavier s death. It is a pretty out-there idea and, yet, fits pretty well into the framework of Legion. No one on set was willing to divulge if the ending resembles David s most infamous comic book turn, but Stevens said the end gives the whole story a meaning not readily apparent before. It s really delicately done, I think. And very beautiful, he said.Legion season 3 premieres Monday, June 24 at 10 p.m. on FXLike this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.
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亚博网站买球首选 Join us weekly as Rotten Tomatoes reports on what s indie features are streaming. From promising releases by new voices to experimental efforts from storied filmmakers – or perhaps the next indie darling to go the distance for end-of-year accolades – we will break it all down for you here each week.For the foreseeable future, the specialty box office and all theatrical releases will be on hold as we all make efforts to socially distance ourselves and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. With that in mind, we have reshaped our Indie Fresh List to reflect the specialty box office releases that are newly available on streaming services and VOD. This week we have a gender-bent alternative history of the Ned Kelly legend, a high school drama about embezzlement, and the long-awaited conclusion to the beloved Ip Man action saga. In our Spotlight section, we call back to a black and white horror tale that s newly available to stream online and a horror-comedy starring Will Forte that you might have missed from earlier this year.Streaming This Weekend

它摆脱了手游常见的固定按键、一键释放的单调操作,同时又避开了硬核动作游戏的复杂搓招设定,全技能无CD的设计让玩家想出手就出手,没有机制上的硬性束缚,把玩家放在了一个舒适又不乏味的地带。 Television Christmas specials had an amazing run in the 1960s, with legendary shows like A Charlie Brown Christmas, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and How the Grinch Stole Christmas! all coming out within a few years of each other. And the small screen has been chasing the dragon ever since, with repeated attempts to strike that holiday gold by creating a beloved property that will air year after year after year.Some of the specials listed here were valiant efforts, while others are noble failures, and except for some hardcore fans in various corners of the internet, they’ve been mostly left behind in the snows of TV history. Let’s give a little love to these misfit toys:Christmas Is (1970)The Lutheran Church’s ventures into TV animation went beyond their legendary Davey Goliath series – this special follows the adventures of young Benji and his sheepdog Waldo. Benji gets annoyed about being cast as one of the shepherds in the annual Nativity play, but he has an attitude adjustment after finding himself transported back to Bethlehem and watching the story play out before his eyes. (The follow-up special Easter Is scared the bejesus our of some kids who happened to see it, because of the scary sequence in which Waldo gets lost.)The Night the Animals Talked (1970)This vintage special hasn’t aired on network television in decades, although it did spark some reminiscences in 2017, when the theatrical animated feature The Star pursued a somewhat similar storyline. This half-hour cartoon portrays the legend that the animals in the stable – you know, the one where Mary and Joseph wound up gained the ability to talk to each other on the night of Jesus’ birth. The voice cast includes legendary character actor Paul Dooley (Sixteen Candles), although if you squint at it just right, this show occasionally resembles Animal Farm more than it does the Gospels.Casper s First Christmas (1979)While many of the Harvey Comics characters made the leap to film and TV animation, they rarely crossed over outside of the fold. So, if only for the fact that this special features Casper learning about the holiday from the likes of Yogi Bear and Snagglepuss, it’s got historical significance. Still, the idea of it being Casper’s first Christmas calls to mind the eternal question about the character: Was he born a ghost? Or is he the spirit of a dead child?A Family Circus Christmas (1979)A Charlie Brown Christmas became a holiday perennial because of its own greatness, yes, but it helped that it was based on a beloved comic strip that reigned supreme in American newspapers for 50 years. There isn t quite the same level of affection for Bil Keane’s The Family Circus, which in recent years has become more popular as fodder for online memes than for its hilarious jokes about Billy’s dotted line or the mischievous imps Not Me and Ida Know. Anyway, if you’re a fan, here’s Dolly and Jeffy and all the rest learning the true meaning of Christmas or whatever.Christmas Comes to PacLand (1982)What’s worse than a weekly cartoon that’s a shameless attempt to build characters out of two-dimensional video game figures? A holiday special where those two-dimensional figures help Santa Claus fix his sleigh so they can save Christmas. For all the clunky jokes and terrible animation, however, you have to commend this special for committing to the bit; we may not have ever needed a Pac-Man Christmas special, but this Pac-Man Christmas special always goes out of its way to be the most Pac-Man Christmas special it can be.Ziggy s Gift (1982)Yet another TV adaptation of a newspaper comics character, and even though one of Elliott Kalan’s running gags on the Flop House podcast is his series of pitches for a Ziggy movie, this TV special featuring the hairless, luckless Everyman actually has a devoted cult following. (It no doubt helps that it was directed by the great Richard Williams, the animator behind Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and The Thief and the Cobbler.) Ziggy gets a job as a street-corner Santa, and of course, his kindness makes holiday magic happen.Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa (2002)This 2002 special from the WB Network might well have remained completely forgotten by the public at large, had Rotten Tomatoes’ own Nathan Rabin not disinterred it for his Happy Place blog. Hideously animated, grossly padded to fill out an hour’s worth of TV time, and generally devoid of any holiday joy or magic, this is one Christmas special you have to see to believe. And even though it’s never been released on DVD (imagine that), the whole thing lives on YouTube. P.S. The voice cast includes Mark Hamill, who can now claim that he was in a holiday special even worse than the Star Wars one.



亚博网站买球首选 the film is likely headed for a final gross between 0-450 million. Worldwide the film has grossed .103 billion is now the 29th highest-grossing film ever and will be in the Top 20 when it leaves theaters. Rian Johnson’s Knives Out is now fully in the driver’s seat to pass 0 million. Every November release to gross million after 26 days have done it and that includes Ford v Ferrari which did it this weekend. Johnson’s murder mystery is up to nearly million domestic and over 5 million worldwide. FvF is at 3 million globally, falling well short of the 0 million it needed to recoup its costs. Knives is looking to become Lionsgate’s second most profitable film of the year after John Wick 3.Finally, still in limited release, Uncut Gems with Adam Sandler fell to 5,000 from last week’s stellar fourth-best-ever opening in five theaters (7,242). It is still in those five theaters and that is still a very solid total. Zero Dark Thirty made 6,415 (fallen from 7,150) during its second week in five venues. The Iron Lady and I, Tonya moved from 4 into 5 theaters and grossed 6,374 1,279, respectfully. Gems’ gross was nearly as much as Terrence Malick’s A Hidden Life made (0,000) when it expanded into 106 theaters this weekend. The real test will be when A24 moves the Safdie’s film into wide release on Christmas Day.This Time Last Year: Aquaman On Its Way To Highest-Grossing DCEU MovieChristmas Eve and Day were on Monday and Tuesday last year and the weekend leading up to them was flooded with new releases. The big winner was James Wan’s Aquaman which may have started with one of DC’s lowest openings in .87 million, it nevertheless became their highest-grossing film to date. Disney’s Mary Poppins Returns was coming off of a Wednesday opening and finished in second place with .52 million. Transformers spinoff, Bumblebee, got the best reviews of the whole series but began with a paltry .65 million. This year’s Top Ten grossed an estimated 9.64 Million and averaged 67.2% with critics.On the Vine: Little Women, 1917 Among Slew of Awards HopefulsChristmas Day has a little something for everyone. Maybe even something big given the critical response to many of them. Greta Gerwig’s follow-up to Lady Bird is the latest adaptation of Little Women and it has already become one of the best-reviewed films of the year and quite the player during awards season. That is likely to be matched by a strong performance at the box office over the holidays and onwards towards the Oscars. Sam Mendes’ 1917 is also drawing major praise from critics and fellow filmmakers alike. Will his “one-take” war adventure be equally embraced by moviegoers? For families there is the animated Spies in Disguise is drawing enough likes to be on the right side of the Tomatometer but can it be a late-season substitute for those not choosing between Star Wars, Jumanji and Frozen II? We’ll also be looking at the limited releases of justice drama, Just Mercy, with Michael B. Jordan, Jamie Foxx and Brie Larson as well as seeing how Uncut Gems reacts to an expansion.The Full Top 10: December 20-22Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (2019) 52% – 5.50 million (5.50 million total)Jumanji: The Next Level (2019) 71% –  .12 million (1.93 million total)Frozen II (2019) 78% – .30 million (6.53 million total)Cats (2019) 20% –  .50 million (.50 million total)Knives Out (2019) 97% – .12 million (.57 million total)Bombshell (2019) 68% – .07 million (.48 million total)Richard Jewell (2019) 77% –  .56 million (.51 million total)Queen & Slim (2019) 83% – .85 million (.59 million total)Black Christmas (2019) 39% – .80 million (.24 million total)Ford v Ferrari (2019) 92% – .80 million (1.96 million total)

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