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亚美体育采用百度引擎3(Baidu 2)(Photo by HBO)FALL 2019 TV SURVEY: 20 TV Shows That Defined the 2010sFor Rotten Tomatoes’ annual Fall TV Survey, we asked thousands of our users what they’re most looking forward to in the coming TV season and to reflect on the best shows from seasons past.We re looking at TV series that were so iconic in their era that they essentially defined the decade in which they aired the majority of their seasons. (If a show aired half its seasons in one decade and the other half in another, we tended to count it toward the earlier decade.) So we asked our survey respondents which shows best represented each of the five most recent decades.Game of Thrones stole the 2010-2019 category, garnering 74% of the vote, compared to No. 2 Stranger Things’ 56%, and The Big Bang Theory’s 45% for third place.We also asked which TV star ruled in the decade — no surprise here: The entire cast of Game of Thrones won with 45% of the vote; followed by Benedict Cumberbatch, who snagged 9% of the vote (Sherlock showed up at No. 24 in the list of TV titles that defined the decade ); and, in third place, Veep s Julia Louis-Dreyfus with 8%.Disagree with the survey results? Tell us in the comments who you think should have made the list or have been ranked higher.

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Avengers: Endgame (2019) 94% Well, it s finally here. After over a decade and 21 films, the great and wildly successful experiment that has been the Marvel Cinematic Universe is ready to bring its first volume to a close. We say first volume because, by all indications, the franchise is set to continue for the near future, even if we can t quite predict whether or not the upcoming slate of Marvel movies will be anywhere near as successful. Avengers: Endgame follows up on last year s Infinity War, which ended with half of all life being snapped into oblivion by big bad Thanos, by bringing together the remaining heroes to figure out if there s anything they can do to fix the situation. We ll refrain from spoilers here, but suffice it to say critics are largely quite pleased with how Endgame brings everything full circle, providing epic battles, poignant character moments, and suitably satisfying conclusions to some narrative threads. In other words, this is everything Marvel fans could hope for, and those who have been following along with the exploits of Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow, Hawkeye, and the rest of the gang should leave the theater fully content, if maybe a little bit sad. (Photo by Warner Bros. /courtesy Everett Collection)Sega. Capcom. Ubisoft. Blizzard. Konami. Many have vied for the throne in the battle of the first Fresh video-game movie adaptation, and all have failed. Until now. Fittingly, it is Nintendo and its Pokémon: Detective Pikachu film that wears the crown, breaking the video-game curse. It s fitting not just because of the ubiquity of Nintendo in pop culture for decades, but because it was their legendary 1993 s bob-omb Super Mario Bros. that kicked off the adaptation cycle in the first place.Before we dive further into the achievement, be aware we only considered U.S. theatrical releases when ranking video-game movies. Second, the movie needed to have at least 20 reviews for consideration, the same minimum we used for our list of 41 video game movies ranked by Tomatometer. Why 20 reviews? That s the number required to get one of our sparkling Critics Consensus summaries, and also implies that the movie generated enough interest to be reviewed by a varied swath of critics. The previous Pokémon movie, The Power of Us (in theaters for a little over a week in America, courtesy of distribution by Fathom Events), actually got a 60% but only from 5 reviews, not enough to consider it beyond a niche novelty.With a Tomatometer percentage hovering in the low-60s, the crown sits precariously on Pikachu s fluffy lil skull. Detective is a movie that will continue to see reviews added for months, perhaps even years to come, and enough unfavorable reviews could handily plunge it beneath 60% and into zone Rotten. But for now, Detective Pikachu s bright visuals, gallery of lovingly and faithfully rendered Pokemon, and fast-paced kid-friendly narrative (not to mention the coup of casting Ryan Reynolds as lead voice) are good enough with critics. After 26 years and well over 30 Rotten movies – not even the Konami Code could ve saved Hollywood – it s been a long time coming.But other video game movies have come close, especially in recent years. Rampage and Tomb Raider, both just above 52%, had been battling back and forth for the top spot since their releases last year. Meanwhile, 2016 had previously looked like it was going to be the year, with Warcraft by Duncan Jones (Moon, Source Code) and Assassin s Creed (starring Michael Fassbender, by his Macbeth director Justin Kurzel), though neither landed above 30%.See the full list of Tomatometer-ranked video game movies here. Detective Pikachu is currently playing in theaters now.

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Updated August 22 with the second full trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 and new details from DC FanDome, including our first full look at Kristen Wiig s Cheetah. As the follow-up to the expectation-defying Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman 1984 has a lot to live up to. How will it present a story about Diana (Gal Gadot) in 1984 Washington D.C. if she spent a century in seclusion? Can director Patty Jenkins take the visual language she developed in the first film to new heights? How is Steve Tevor (Chris Pine) back, despite exploding over Europe in 1918? What will this movie s take on the comics villain, Cheetah, be?More light was shed on a number of these questions at DC s epic online convention, DC FanDome, where director Patty Jenkins was joined by Gadot, Pine, Pedro Pascal, and Kristen Wiig (with a special appearance from original Wonder Woman Lynda Carter) answered fan questions and dropped the second official trailer for the movie. The trailer revealed that the original movie s mix of epic action and sharp humor is still in place – with Steve now the fish-out-of-water, marveling at the 1980s-ness of it all – and gave us our first full look at Kristen Wiig s Cheetah, transformed.Here s what we know about about Wonder Woman 1984 so far.[Updated on November 18, 2020]It s set firmly in the 80s, Both in Style and Ethos(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)From the moment it was put into production, Wonder Woman 1984 has not been shy about its Reagan-era setting. With the arrival of malls, digital watches, infomercials, and Atari, the film will feature a number of key cultural milestones and artifacts for comedic and dramatic purposes. But beyond the leaps in technology (and popular films), the 1980s represents something crucial to Jenkins. Beyond Wonder Woman’s association with the time period – thanks to reruns of the Wonder Woman television series starring Lynda Carter – the director told the audience at the CCXP fan event in December of 2019 that the ‘80s were the height of our civilization. Considering the way movie studios mine films from the decade for modern entertainment, we’re inclined to agree with her.But beyond that, there was an incredible inequity brewing underneath the conspicuous consumption, blockbuster films, and power ties the sort of thing Diana must have been appalled to see. Of course, it remains to be seen if the screenplay by Dave Callaham, DC mainstay Geoff Johns, and Jenkins will address that issue or use one of its villains as a simpler conflict. But the latest trailer, revealed at DC FanDome, suggests it will be a theme. In one scene, we witness villain Max Lord (Pedro Pascal) saying, Anything you want, anything you dream of, you can have it. And it looks like that ethos may be taken a little too far from the movie s other villain, Wiig s Barbara Minerva, or Cheetah.For her part, the Amazonian exile is “quite lonely,” according to Jenkins although the film will feature some sort of Themyscirian flashback with both Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright returning as Hippolyta and Antiope but continues to help out where she can while avoiding the increased presence of security and news cameras. Which means, to some extent, the film will maintain the idea from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice that she hid from the world following Steve’s death.Steve Trevor Is Back(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)Despite his very heroic end, Steve is back in this installment. In fact, Jenkins said the story “couldn’t be told without Steve Trevor.” While we do not know the exact mechanics of his resurrection, we’re happy to see him (and Pine) return – and so is Diana, even if she looks like she s seen a ghost when they reunite – as he was part of the first film’s magic. This time, though, it is clear Diana will be teaching him about his own country after being out of circulation for nearly 70 years. Movies were silent and Lenin was in power when he died, so Ghostbusters and the Cold War will only be the start of his culture shock. In the latest trailer, for example, he is surprised by the invention of radar technology.But one thing we also noticed in the film’s first trailer, released in December 2019, was the revelation that Diana spent some time with Steve’s family after the war ended. The pictures of Diana on the Trevor Ranch only begin to tell the story we hope gets a little more meat when the film premieres.Maxwell Lord Has A Plan (Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)Diana’s life in 1984 will not just revolve around simple crimefighting. Her opponent here is Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal). The character was introduced to the DC Universe in 1987 as an ambiguously virtuous but occasionally villainous multi-millionaire with mind control powers (yet susceptible to telepathic suggestion himself) and a plan to reform the Justice League. The heir to a family fortune, he finally chose true villainy at the turn of the century. In the comics, Diana killed him, but he made sure his death at her hands would be broadcast to the world, inspiring a movement against Wonder Woman.While something so public is unlikely in Wonder Woman 1984, it is clear from the trailers he will use the power of television to broadcast his ideas (and maybe telepathic commands?) to the world. Jenkins referred to him as the King of Infomericals selling a dream to the public and very much a man of his time, so we re inclined to believe a certain mesmerism is afoot. The glimpses of him we’ve seen so far also give him that used-car-salesman-on-a-local-TV-ad vibe. He may not be as polished as the Max of the comics, but Jenkins assured fans at CCXP that Diana has “never met anyone like him before.”And his real plan in the film? That remains to be seen. But trailer two reveals he connects directly with the movie s other villain.Yes, Barbara Minerva Will Go Full CheetahWhile Diana has faced off against the Olympian Gods, Darkseid, and would-be successors over the years, her best enemy is Cheetah. Introduced as a debutante with several personas in 1943, the character would evolve into a capable archaeologist with an interest in Diana’s Themyscirian roots and artifacts. And as those years went by, she also emerged as Wonder Woman’s archfoe. Jenkins described the film’s version of Cheetah, Barbara Minerva (Kristen Wiig), as both “sweet” and “Diana’s friend” as the film begins, but those qualities will reverse by its conclusion.In the second trailer, revealed at DC FanDome, fans got their first look at Barbara s eventual Cheetah form, a mixture of practical makeup and CGI. Barbara, what did you do? asks Diana, as the look is revealed; the trailer shows snippets of what looks to be an epic final battle between the two former friends.A better look at Kristen Wiig s Cheetah from the new #WonderWoman1984 trailer. pic.twitter.com/tXmSvglmrg Rotten Tomatoes (@RottenTomatoes) August 22, 2020Like Max, we’re unsure of Barbara’s full motives, but perhaps her comic book counterpart’s initial obsession with Diana’s Lasso of Truth gives us something to work with. So much so, we’d be willing to think her friendship with Diana is entirely a ruse. We do get hints in the new trailer that jealousy will play a part – Wonder Woman s shadow is a substantial one to live in. I wanna be an apex predator, Barbara says at one point; at a mother, she tells Wonder Woman, Now it s my turn get used to it. Young Wonder Woman Will Feature Again The new trailer also revealed that we will spend some time in the past with young Wonder Woman and the Amazonians of Themyscira. We see young Diana in a huge, colosseum-like arena, competing in some sort of race.It Will Feature Real People In Real Environments(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)Except for a handful of moments in the first trailer, Wonder Woman 1984 continues the renaissance of practical costumes, environments, and stunts. According to Jenkins, much of the film will be “real people in real environments,” even if one of the shots in the trailer looked to be an entirely computer generated thunder storm.While speaking at the CCXP fan event, Gadot said, “We shot most of it… It was not easy to do, but it was amazing.”And that sense of reality, even from just one trailer, sets Wonder Woman apart from many of the earlier DC films in the current cycle. The spirit of verisimilitude was there in the original Superman and appears again to some extent in films like Shazam! and the first Wonder Woman – both stories that benefited from having one foot in reality – while films like Justice League and Aquaman required more extensive use of CG elements. That said, we appreciate the level of dedication it takes to put real people into tougher stunts and to resist the impulse toward widespread CGI in any given shot.Although, it is pretty cool to see Diana swing off that CGI lightning.Wonder Woman 1984 will debut in theaters and on HBO Max on December 25, 2020.亚美体育4.无需经验,全程扶持,一些小的手游代理平台资金短缺,无售后,这些都是常见的,因为平台小,所代理游戏的种类少,所以后续服务很难跟上,不仅让用户无法产生收益,甚至还可能坑钱跑路!因此选择一个好的手游代理公司是做好手游代理最重要的一步。而{主词}游戏公司有着良好的运营手段,全程提供技术支持,定期组织线下技术培训,线上问题答疑,脚本技术外派。而且在日常的运营中,还会指导制作游戏官网,后台培训,让后期运营不再那么难以捉摸。

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han we d like.—David Opie, Digital SpyThe TVA’s inclusion in this series is a stroke of genius, creating an apparatus [that] excises Loki from the main MCU (and dodges the usual “why don’t Hawkeye or the Eternals help out?” moans) while also creating a vast fantasy/sci-fi playground of all time and space for Hiddleston to play in.—Huw Fullerton, Radio TimesPart workplace comedy, part time-travelling epic, Marvel Studios latest series is a great showcase for the collective charm of Tom Hiddleston and Owen Wilson.—Rohan Naahar, Hindustan TimesHow Is Owen Wilson as Supporting Character Agent Mobius?Perhaps in its greatest accomplishment, Loki has now changed my perspective on Wilson for the better!—Alex Abad-Santos, VoxMobius and Loki make for an effective odd couple, with the full-tilt diva , as Tony Stark put it in Avengers Assemble, butting up against the unruffled, surfer-dude energy of Wilson s agent.—Helen O Hara, Empire MagazineThe most cinematic Marvel show to date in large part thanks to Hiddleston Wilson. Very strong across the board. A bit slow in parts, but overall top notch entertainment.—Grace Randolph, Beyond the TrailerIf you re a fan of the power of conversation akin to an Aaron Sorkin work, you re going to love Loki. You ll adjust to its pace and will be excited by its detective mystery. Owen Wilson [is] perfectly cast!—Preston Barta, Denton Record-ChronicleThe episodic nature of the series gives the story time to breathe, and Loki and Mobius spend a lot of scenes just sitting in chairs and talking. And it s never boring!—Emma Stefansky, ThrillistMarvel has created a vastly different series. Hiddleston thrives, and Wilson owns this role. It may end up being Marvel s best show yet.—Austin Burke, Austin Burke/Flick Fan NationGod bless Owen Wilson.—Mike Ryan, UproxxAnything Else?Still, it s essentially impossible to hide exposition when there s this much of it, and the chatter becomes as distracting as it is endless.—Ben Travers, indieWireThe wit and wackiness on display here is tempered by life-and-death stakes, as early on a clear mystery of sorts is established, offering up just a touch of a classic procedural format to help ground the action.—Liz Shannon Miller, ColliderThe devil is in the details of Loki, but we promise you that devil is not Mephisto.—David Betancourt, Washington PostFurther proof that when Marvel colour outside the intended lines, they manage their own canvas that s just as attractive and infinitely more interesting.—Peter Gray, The AU ReviewYou re going to have to pay close attention to know what the hell is going on in this colorfully convoluted that is Loki the TV series.—Dominic Patten, Deadline Hollywood DailyThe set design for Loki is top-notch, evoking Terry Gilliam s Brazil with its art deco depiction of the TVA s base of operations, while nifty visual effects are employed to keep Loki chained up and to dispatch agents to time period after time period.—Matt Webb Mitovich, TV LineThe first two episodes of Loki are extremely exciting and this has the potential to be the best of the MCU spin-off shows from 2021. Let s hope it continues to be weird, dystopian and gorgeous to look at.—Fiona Underhill, JumpCut OnlineIt thankfully seems to be dodging everything that went wrong with The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and right now, that s good enough.—Kyle Pinion, Screen RexFinal Verdict?(Photo by Disney+)A lot of rigamarole, a lot of time travel jargon and an entirely new science fiction side of the [MCU], but at the very least it succeeds as a showcase for Hiddleston s mischievous smile. It also might give Disney+ its first genuinely good Marvel series.—Kelly Lawler, USA Today Loki is a great-looking, well-paced, original piece that s equal parts workplace comedy, time-hopping adventure, murder mystery and superhero fantasy.—Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-TimesAfter two episodes, Loki is at a tipping point. Having set everything up to an exhausting degree, things could be lined up to get really entertaining.—Dan Fienberg, Hollywood ReporterLoki could well improve, now that its arduous task of educating us about multiverses, and glumly explaining Loki to himself, is with any luck behind it. Let s hope so.—Tim Robey, Daily Telegraph (UK)Marvel has another hit! Loki is smart and witty. A self-proclaimed mischievous scamp, we love to see what trouble Loki finds next.—Tania Lamb, Lola LambchopsLoki is a genre-defying series that is at once bizarre, funny, thrilling and did I say weird already?—Joey Morona, Cleveland Plain DealerLike Loki himself, Loki the series is a little cocksure, reliant on this fan favorite to carry the story like so many Marvel properties do. But also like Loki, they re not wrong.—Proma Khosla, MashableIt s interesting to think and write about a show that s about control, order, chaos, and the unknowable notions of free will, determinism, and choice but mildly entertaining, at best, as a whole.—Rodrigo Perez, The PlaylistNothing can prepare you for Loki, a mind-bending dive into the Marvel Multiverse that takes everything you thought you knew about the MCU and turns it on its head for one of the most ambitious, craziest stories Marvel Studios has ever told.—Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comThe breezy attitude seems right for the show s scant six episodes, which will roll out on Wednesdays. He may be the God of mischief and a mass murderer but Loki knows how to show you a good time.—Tom Long, Detroit NewsLoki launches Wednesday, June 8 on Disney+.

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se of Henry Cavill in the Black Superman SuitWe ll kick things off with something Comic-Con–adjacent, rather than something officially from the convention. At fan event Justice Con, Zack Snyder dropped some big Justice League news. First up, he revealed that the world will get its first look at his cut of Justice League with a teaser that will drop at DCFandome, a free and global virtual convention taking place on August 22. (He will also reveal whether Zack Snyder s Justice League will be a single movie or be cut into episodes at the convention.)Then he threw red meat to the fans by showing a tiny bit of footage that revealed Henry Cavill s Superman in a black suit in a deleted Justice League scene in which he flies to Bruce Wayne s hideout and runs into Alfred. You may recognize the deleted scene from Justice League s home release, but in that scene the suit is still the usual red. And here we saw it in un-cropped IMAX formatting, which is the format in which the entire Snyder cut will be released. The story goes that Snyder always wanted Cavill s Superman to don the black suit but that Warner Bros. felt it was too dark a turn for the Man of Steel.Our first look at Henry Cavill in Superman s black suit from Zack Snyder s #JusticeLeague.via #JusticeCon https://t.co/Ovsm32rTAf pic.twitter.com/RKxDXECNPE Rotten Tomatoes (@RottenTomatoes) July 25, 2020Keanu Reeves Reveals He Wasn t a Slam-Dunk For Blond, British Constantine Role, As the Filmmakers Discuss Possible SequelIn a special panel celebrating the 15th anniversary of comic adaptation Constantine – which, despite mixed reviews, has become a big audience favorite – Keanu Reeves revealed he had to do some reconciling when considering the role of the cynical DC Comics demon-hunting con artist and detective.“I’m not English and I’m not blond, and the character is,” Reeves told Collider Editor-in-Chief Steven Weintraub, explaining his reaction to being pitched the role. “So I had to reconcile that, and part of that was, well, what was at the base of the character, what could I bring to the character, why even do it?”Eventually Reeves says he connected with John Constantine’s cynicism, humanitarianism, and world-weariness. “He’s tired of all the rules and morals and ethics, and angels and demons, but is still a part of it, Reeves said. And I loved his sense of humor.”Those tuned into the panel – which also featured Constantine director Francis Lawrence and producer Akiva Goldsman – hoping to hear official news of a sequel would have been disappointed. While Goldsman said they have always wanted to do a sequel and “we’d probably do it tomorrow,” Lawrence said that because of the movie’s oddness and only moderate box office success, “We always talked about a sequel more than the studio.”One idea the trio considered involved Constantine waking up in a cell with a mysterious person who turned out to be Jesus.Warner Bros. may consider changing its mind on the sequel front, given the slow-growing cult status the film has earned in the last 15 years. Lawrence, who directed the last three Hunger Games movies, said it is the movie about which people approach him the most; despite its box office performance and lackluster critical reviews, people love the movie.As evidence of its improving reputation, he even gave us at RT a little shoutout: “Rotten Tomatoes posted an article apologizing to Constantine for, you know, the Rotten Tomato count that it had,” he said. And we did, sorta, in a piece you can read here.Watch the full panel above, which includes breakdowns of some of the movie’s coolest scenes and an explanation as to why Michelle Monaghan was largely cut from the film, despite having signed on for and shot a major role.First-Look At Rick and Morty season 5 Reveals Rick s Nemesis

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8.74.2 4月喜迎(Photo by Eve Lloyd Knight, We Buy Your Kids, Sara Wong)Fan-art super brand Mondo has just announced something sure to have adventurous cinephiles drooling – and reaching for their wallets.To celebrate 20 years of celebrated independent and foreign film distributor IFC Films and its genre-focused sibling IFC Midnight, Mondo commissioned several boundary-pushing artists and collectives to produce a set of exclusive limited-edition posters for 13 IFC releases. (OK, so technically it s been 21 years, but a certain global event pushed back the celebrations.)Among the collection of screen prints, you ll find new visual interpretations of Lars von Trier s Antichrist, Steve McQueen s Hunger, Lena Dunham s Tiny Furniture, and Noah Baumbach s Frances Ha.For genre fans, there s The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Berberian Sound System, and more.In all, the collection totals 16 screen prints (Valhalla Rising gets two posters, and The Punk Singer a set of three!). And, in a Rotten Tomatoes exclusive, you can feast your eyes on them below.Mondo will begin rolling out the prints for sale on a weekly basis from September 9 at MondoShop.com.(Photo by Anne Benjamin)(Photo by Aaron Denton)(Photo by Peter Diamond)(Photo by Laurent Durieux)(Photo by Eve Lloyd Knight)(Photo by Leslie Herman)(Photo by Rafa Orrico)(Photo by Greg Ruth)(Photo by Sara Wong)(Photo by Sin Eater)(Photo by Sin Eater)(Photo by Tula Lotay)(Photo by We Buy Your Kids)(Photo by We Buy Your Kids)(Photo by We Buy Your Kids)On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

What would you do if you woke up in the body of the local town serial killer – and he woke up in yours? That’s the body-swap twist in Blumhouse’s new slasher comedy Freaky, which stars Vince Vaughn as the Blissfield Butcher and Kathryn Newton as a final girl, who both find their lives upended after an incident involved an ancient knife. From Happy Death Day director Christopher Landon, Freaky is already being heralded as one of the most inventive slashersto come around in ages and, in this exclusive clip – where the Butcher and his victim come face to face (in their different faces) – you can see why.Freaky is in theaters November 13, 2020. On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
If there s any time of the year best-suited for wish fulfillment, it s the holiday season, and if there s any actress best-suited to play a working woman who overcomes unlikely odds on the way to success, it might be Jennifer Lopez. In Second Act, Lopez plays struggling retail manager Maya, who is mistakenly hired as a high-level marketing consultant and uses the opportunity to turn her life around. Unfortunately, while critics say Lopez is clearly committed to her role and the film aims for the heart with its feelgood message, it s also suffers from unusual tonal shifts, an unfocused narrative, and shopworn platitudes. That said, it works as a bit of counterprogramming against the big-budget fare opening this week and might serve as a pleasant enough diversion for anyone who knows what they re getting into.
My family and I are devastated today, by the loss of our young and amazing friend, Cameron Boyce. Years before I was blessed to play his father on JESSIE, we were blessed to know him and his wonderful family at the elementary school our kids all attended together./1 Charles Esten (@CharlesEsten) July 7, 2019They take them from us so soon 💔 I love u little bro u cute little weirdo. So weird ur gone now there’s just emptiness 💔💔💔💔💔💔 BITCHIMBELLATHORNE (@bellathorne) July 7, 2019
One year after an animated Yeti film opened we get…another animated Yeti film. More on that connection later. For now, the domestic numbers may not be spectacular for Universal, but they did manage to grab box office attention for a week by taking the #1 slot this weekend. Big drops abound for last week’s releases, even as many in the top 10 seek some personal milestones.King of the Crop: Abominable Wins with Lowest September Debut Since 2013(Photo by Universal Pictures)Abominable was indeed the winner this weekend with a .5 million start. That is the lowest debut for a September release since the weekend of Sept. 6-8, 2013, when Riddick began with .03 million. This month has always been a better one for animated films than August has ever been with the first two Hotel Transylvanias and the Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs films opening between -49 million for the best four animated openings ever. But Abominable’s start falls behind Open Season, Storks, and last year’s Smallfoot. History has shown that an animated opening over million can still get you over million (as both The Boxtrolls and Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole can attest) but that is not great for a million production like Abominable. Even Smallfoot (which cost million) grossed .2 million domestic and another 0 million overseas, and it still came up in the red. Abominable has grossed a total of million so far.The Top 10 and Beyond: Downton Abbey and Rambo: Last Blood Drop Significantly, Judy Aims for an OscarLast week’s historic #1 for Focus Features, Downton Abbey, fell 57% this weekend to second place with .2 million. No worries, though, as it now has the 17th best September total ever after 10 days with .5 million and finds itself ahead of both The Maze Runner and Eagle Eye, which grossed 2.42 1.44 million, respectively. We’ll see if it can maintain that pace through next weekend, but it is looking good that it will become Focus’ all-time highest domestic grosser. It is over 7 million worldwide as well.Also making a run for the 0 million finish line is Hustlers, which moved back up to third place with .4 million. That is higher than the .7 million that The Equalizer grossed in its third weekend, which brought its 17-day total to .8 million. Hustlers is currently at .6 million and The Equalizer finished with 1.5 million. Approaching the 0 million line is It: Chapter Two which held on to fourth place with .4 million. It has grossed over 7 million worldwide.(Photo by 20th Century Fox)Last week’s other big releases are not doing as well with their drops. James Gray’s Ad Astra fell 47% to .1 million, putting it squarely between The Lego Ninjago Movie and Resident Evil: Retribution after ten days. That suggests a final gross someone in the vicinity of -55 million. The -100 million budgeted film has grossed million worldwide to date. Then, over to Sylvester Stallone and Rambo: Last Blood, which fell even further at 55%, putting its total at .1 million. That puts the macho man just ahead of female-led hits Easy A and A Simple Favor, though Rambo’s second weekend is more than million behind nearly both of them, meaning their million grosses are out of reach. To come full circle, it is just a couple million ahead of Riddick which, like the fourth Rambo film, finished between -43 million.Roadside Attractions is having a pretty solid weekend themselves. First off they debuted Renee Zellweger in Judy in the first step to securing that Oscar nomination for her. In 461 theaters, the film finished in 7th place with million. Why is that a significant number? Well, only four other films since 2000 have opened between 400-499 theaters and grossed that much. Among those four were Baahubali 2: The Conclusion (.43 million), Closer (.7), Sicko (.5) and No Manches Frida 2 (.8). Only the latter grossed less than million, so this suggests promise for Judy s eventual expansion and becoming one of Roadside’s biggest grossers to date. That would make two of their films entering their all-time top five in 2019, along with The Peanut Butter Falcon, which, in a real upset, has now won the battle between the festival darlings of the summer. With million in the bank, it has now surpassed A24’s The Farewell from Sundance (.4 million) as the highest grossing fest acquisition.This Time Last Year: Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish Laugh It up in Night School(Photo by Eli Joshua Ade/Universal Pictures)Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish defeated the animated yeti for the top spot as Night School grossed .25 million to Smallfoot’s .04 million, even if the latter would go on to outgross the former. Lionsgate’s Hell Fest opened a month for Halloween and paid the price with just a .13 million start. Funimation’s anime My Hero Academia: Two Heroes was just in 508 theaters but still opened in 11th place with .38 million. While all the anticipation is on Greta Gerwig’s adaptation this holiday, there was nevertheless a 2018 version of Little Women, which opened to just 5,063 in 643 theaters. Night School represented 29.58% of the Top Ten gross of .14 million though the films averaged just 51.8% with critics. This year’s Top Ten grossed an estimated .17 Million and averaged 68.2%.
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(Photo by 20th Century Fox Film Corp. / Courtesy: Everett Collection.)How and when did you decide to jump from acting to directing? Did you always know that was something you wanted to do?When I did Roswell, there weren t female directors. We had 61 episodes and we had one female director on the last episode. I didn t grow up seeing an image of a female director, so I never thought it was something that I could have. I definitely spent my time in editing during Roswell and asked a lot of questions and paid attention, but during my 20s, you just didn t see it.Then when I was on Life Unexpected they brought on a female director, Liz Allen, and it really kind of rocked my world. Through my relationship with her, she was like, You can do this. I started shadowing a lot after I got off Life Unexpected. That s where I was like, OK, this is something that I can do. By the time I did UnREAL, I came to them right away, and I was like, I have done my homework. I am prepared. I would really love an opportunity. I m really grateful to them that in the second season they gave me an episode to direct. I ended up doing four during the course of the series.What has your experience been like directing a show that you re also acting in, versus something like Roswell, New Mexico and Pretty Little Liars where you re not appearing on screen? The difference is that you re not really splitting your focus, but at the same time when you re directing and acting, it s pretty powerful. You know, you re really in it and you can really command the energy of a scene because your acting is putting that out. So, you can really craft how you want it to be.When you re not acting in it, when you re sitting back, you can take a breather and really see the scope of the piece. I think it s incredibly rewarding to work in this space. All this information that I ve learned and all of these tricks of the trade, of crafting an episode of performance and an episode of TV — to be able to push that information forward and share with these young actors and watch their performance blossom, it is so gratifying. It s a way of giving back in some ways, and I am just really relishing it.(Photo by Lewis Jacobs/The CW)It s mentorship from a totally different angle.Absolutely. You know, there are directors that come through your career that really give you these little nuggets that change the way you work. I try to give it as much as I can, because I want to have an impact in the few days that I m with them.Do you think that there will be an opportunity for you to appear on screen in Roswell, New Mexico?Carina MacKenzie — she s so talented — if she wants to figure out a way, I ll do it.Can you share anything else about your upcoming projects? Do you have any on-screen appearances planned?I did an episode of Law Order: SVU and Lucy Liu was directing it. That was really fun. I just did an episode of Drunk History that aired. But, quite honestly, following up Rachel Goldberg on UnREAL, there are big shoes to fill. I m just kind of taking a minute to find the right thing… because I really want to give it my all and find the next right character and the next right story.Roswell, New Mexico episode Songs About Texas airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on The CWLike this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week. 端游中,走A是ADC玩家最核心的技巧,只有走A熟练了,才能够在团战中存活下来,并且打出爆炸输出,而手游独特的操纵方式,让走A变得更加简单了起来,这是一件非常好的事。


Retconning more than half of its predecessors, Terminator: Dark Fate is the latest reboot-sequel to pull a do-over by directly following-up the early classic(s) of a franchise. For some, the effort is pulled off perfectly, while others see the new Terminator installment as a nostalgic rehash that panders to fans. The first reviews highlight the return of Linda Hamilton alongside regular Arnold Schwarzenegger, as well as the new cast, especially Mackenzie Davis, but they’re mixed on how well everything comes together this time around.Here’s what critics are saying about Terminator: Dark Fate:How does Dark Fate measure up to the other installments? Dark Fate feels like a real Terminator movie at last. Helen O Hara, Empire Magazine

亚美体育 This week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Captain America 4, Cruella 2, Dune 2, and Free Guy 2.This WEEK S TOP STORYIRONHEART TO DEBUT IN BLACK PANTHER: WAKANDA FOREVER BEFORE DISNEY+(Photo by ©2021 MARVEL)Disney s investor day last December was jam-packed with announcements, and one of them was that the Marvel Comics armored superhero Ironheart would be getting her own show on Disney+, and that she will be played by Dominique Thorne, who previously co-starred in the Academy Award nominated films If Beale Street Could Talk (Certified Fresh at 95%) and Judas and the Black Messiah (Certified Fresh at 96%). Ironheart does not yet have a Disney+ release date, but given how many shows are already filming before Ironheart, it probably won t be until 2023 or so. As it turns out, however, we won t have to wait that long to see the character make her debut, as Thorne will first portray Ironheart in next summer s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (7/8/2022). It s unclear how Ironheart will tie into Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, except one possibility is that in the comics, some young engineers have gone to Wakanda to continue their studies, which seems like a logical way to introduce Riri Williams, aka Ironheart, a 15-year-old M.I.T. student and engineering genius.Other Top Headlines1. ANTHONY MACKIE HAS OFFICIALLY SIGNED FOR CAPTAIN AMERICA 4 (Photo by Marvel Studios)Sometimes, the big news of the week isn t particularly news to anyone paying attention. For example, the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ended with Anthony Mackie s Falcon character officially taking on the role of Captain America, after a fair number of twists and turns along the way. So it was immediately obvious that Marvel and Disney planned on casting Mackie as the new Captain America in future projects, including Captain America 4, which the series showrunner was confirmed to be writing in April. Even so, Mackie wasn t officially signed to star in the hypothetical Captain America 4 until this week, but the deal is now signed. We still don t know when Captain America 4 might be released (except it likely will not be before 2024, because both 2022 and 2023 are already pretty well scheduled), or what it might specifically be about.2. SCARLETT JOHANSSON LEADS EPIC A-LIST ADDITIONS TO WES ANDERSON S NEXT FILM(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)Wes Anderson is well-known for his star-studded ensemble comedies, such as this year s The French Dispatch, and his next film, which is currently filming in Spain, seems like more of the same. Just last week, Margot Robbie signed on for Anderson s new project, and Jason Schwartzman and Rupert Friend joined soon after. This week gave us two similar casting announcements, starting with Scarlett Johansson, who was then followed by Bryan Cranston, Hope Davis, Liev Schreiber, and Jeffrey Wright. Other previously announced stars include Adrien Brody, Tom Hanks, and Tilda Swinton. One interesting thing about Johansson signing on is that Wes Anderson s films are usually distributed by Searchlight Pictures, which, as of 2019, is a subsidiary of Walt Disney Pictures, with whom Johansson is currently in the midst of a lawsuit over Black Widow profit participation.3. DENIS VILLENEUVE CONFIRMS ZENDAYA WILL BE PROTAGONIST IN DUNE SEQUEL (Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures)When David Lynch directed the first film adaptation of Dune (Rotten at 50%) in 1984, there were edits that were over three hours long, and the director s cut of the 2000 TV mini-series was almost five hours long. The reason is that Frank Herbert s original novel (and its sequels) is particularly dense, with dozens of characters and any number of related subplots. Director Denis Villeneuve (Arrival, Blade Runner 2049) apparently knew this would be an issue all along, because the Dune movie we re getting this year only adapts half the novel. Villeneuve confirmed this week that he is currently writing the sequel (if Warner Bros. decides to greenlight it), and that the running time will be 155 minutes. Villeneuve also clarified that the protagonist role in the Dune sequel will shift from Timothée Chalamet s Paul Atreides to Zendaya s Fremen character Chani. Dune is currently scheduled for release on October 9, 2021, pushed back from its original December, 2020 release because of the COVID-19 pandemic.4. EMMA STONE IS INDEED SIGNING ON FOR DISNEY s CRUELLA SEQUEL (Photo by Laurie Sparham/©Disney+)Following the news of Scarlett Johansson s lawsuit against Disney over her Black Widow compensation, there was some speculation that other recent Disney stars like Emma Stone (Cruella, Certified Fresh at 75%) might follow suit. That is now extremely unlikely to happen, as Stone has officially closed a deal with Disney to star in a Cruella sequel. Although many details of the deal haven t been disclosed (which isn t unusual at all), Stone is expected to be earning a sum in the low eight figures, which is more than the million she earned for Cruella. It s also unclear how profit participation (a key dispute in the Black Widow lawsuit) and streaming figure into Stone s new deal. The Cruella sequel will be directed by Craig Gillespie from a screenplay by Tony McNamara, both of whom also worked on the first Cruella.5. RYAN REYNOLDS SAYS DISNEY ALREADY WANTS A FREE GUY SEQUEL (Photo by ©20th Century Studios)Whether blamed on the Delta variant or on streaming options, the movies of the summer of 2021 have regularly opened to disappointing box office. One of the exceptions to this trend was last week s Free Guy (Certified Fresh at 82%), which exceeded predictions of a - million domestic opening with a haul in the million range. Ryan Reynolds took to his Twitter account on Saturday, the day after Free Guy opened, to post that Disney confirmed today they officially want a sequel. Woo hoo!! #irony. It s worth mentioning that Free Guy actually didn t get its start as a Disney movie, as it was one of the final productions of the former 21st Century Fox before Disney acquired Fox in 2019 (which is why Free Guy isn t on Disney+ yet).6. JOHN M. CHU IS PLANNING THE GREAT CHINESE ART HEIST (Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu, whose latest film was the big-screen adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda s Broadway musical In the Heights (Certified Fresh at 95%), has a very busy slate of upcoming projects in development, including the two planned Crazy Rich Asians sequels, the Wicked movie, and Disney s live action Lilo Stitch remake. Chu added another project to his schedule this week, as he is attached to direct an adaptation of the 2018 GQ article The Great Chinese Art Heist (which you can read right here), about how great works of Chinese art kept getting stolen from museums around the world. Silicon Valley co-star Jimmy O. Yang will co-write and co-produce along with his Crab Club production company partners.7. BIOPIC OF STAR TREK CREATOR GENE RODDENBERRY IN THE WORKS (Photo by ©Paramount courtesy Everett Collection)Nicole Kidman, Javier Bardem, and director Aaron Sorkin recently wrapped production on the Amazon Studios biopic Being the Ricardos, about the lives of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, and one has to imagine that the film will address their contribution to science fiction as the co-producers of the original Star Trek. If that whets audiences appetites for more back story about the creation of the seminal television series, then the newly announced Gene Roddenberry biopic should go a long way to filling in those details. The film was announced on August 19, 2021, which would have been Gene Roddenberry s 100th birthday. The as-yet-untitled biopic already has a screenplay by Adam Mazer, who wrote the Jack Kevorkian movie You Don t Know Jack (Certified Fresh at 83%) and co-wrote the espionage drama Breach (Certified Fresh at 84%).8. ANIME HIT MY HERO ACADEMIA GETTING LIVE-ACTION HOLLYWOOD REMAKE (Photo by ©FUNimation)My Hero Academia, a Japanese superhero franchise set in a reality where most people have superpowers, got its start as a manga series in 2014 that was then adapted as an anime series starting in 2016  in the US, you can catch it on Adult Swim. Legendary Entertainment, which is the same company that gave us both Pacific Rim and the recent Godzilla franchise, is now developing an English-language live-action My Hero Academia feature film, and the directing job is going to Japan s Shinsuke Sato, who also adapted the manga-based movies Bleach (Fresh at 71%) and Inuyashiki (Fresh at 100%). My Hero Academia will also be Shinsuke Sato s first English-language feature film.9. THE FAST AND FURIOUS FAMILY WILL RETURN FOR #10 IN 2023 (Photo by Universal Pictures)Not counting any future spinoffs that might still happen someday, the main Fast and Furious franchise is set to have just two more movies, and now we have an idea about when the penultimate movie will come out. Fast and Furious 10 will start filming in January, 2022 for a release on April 7, 2023. There is no release date for the final film, Fast and Furious 11, yet, but it will be filmed back-to-back with F10, so a release date in 2023 is probably most likely. Franchise mainstays like Vin Diesel, Jordana Brewster, Ludacris, and Michelle Rodriguez are all expected to return for the last two films, but it s not yet known if more recent additions like John Cena and Charlize Theron will also return. Other movies currently scheduled for around the same time include Dungeons Dragons (3/3/2023) (which recently wrapped filming), the prequel Wonka (3/17/2023) starring Timothée Chalamet, and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (5/5/2023).On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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