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lol神秘采用百度引擎3(Baidu 0)(Photo by Columbia Pictures/ courtesy Everett Collection)All Seth Rogen Movies, Ranked By TomatometerOne-season wonder Freaks and Geeks had a startling amount of its young alums go on to have successful Hollywood careers, Seth Rogen chief among them. He followed mentor Judd Apatow into the movie game with The 40 Year-Old Virgin, starring in a memorable supporting role. Rogen was then upgraded to lead status for Apatow s follow-up Knocked Up, and the movie s critical and box office success showed Virgin was no fluke, heralding a significant sea change in mainstream American comedy. Rogen has remained the face of this bong- and bro-tastic style of comedy, also featuring big rips of heartfelt emotion – like Animal House by way of James L. Brooks – in repeated movie hits like Superbad, Pineapple Express, This Is the End, Neighbors, and The Disaster Artist.He s been amassing an impressive résumé as producer (not just on his own starring films, but also the likes of Blockers and Good Boys) and director, helming This Is the End, The Interview, and episodes of Future Man and Preacher. His latest comedy was An American Pickle. And now we re looking at all of Seth Rogen s movies, ranked by Tomatometer!

1. lol神秘
Forgive us the shameless plug, but we re hitting a milestone and we re excited about it. August 2019 will be Rotten Tomatoes 21st birthday, and we re marking the occasion with a super-fun content program that will celebrate the 21 most memorable movie moments of the last 21 years. Kicking off in early 2019, the video series goes behind the scenes of these 21 key movie moments, with filmmakers and actors breaking them down, all before fans will vote on the single most memorable moment of them all. We dropped a special preview of the series this December, with director Jon Favreau and Will Ferrell describing how they created Elf s most enduring scene.16. Guava Island (A.K.A. The Donald Glover and Rihanna Movie We Know Nothing About!)(Photo by Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection)We know as little about this one as you do. Is it actually called Guava Island? What the hell is it about? Why is Donald Glover apparently going by Childish Gambino in the credits? What is a “tropical thriller”? Whatever the case, consider us intrigued – mostly because of the names involved. There’s Gambino and RiRi, sure, but also Letitia Wright and Nonso Anozie, and it’ll be the feature debut of director Hiro Murai, the man behind some of your favorite episodes of Atlanta and Barry, as well as Glover’s Internet-breaking This Is America video.15. Some fond TV farewellsGame of Thrones isn’t the only series flying off into the sunset like a victorious Targaryen on her dragon (yes, we’re betting the house on Daenerys). We’ll also bid adieu to Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, You’re the Worst, Shadowhunters, and iZombie. On HBO, Veep’s seventh season, airing in the spring, will be the Emmy-winning series’ last; it will mark Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ triumphant return to TV following her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment. And Fox will air the fifth and final season of Gotham, which will see Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) finally becoming the Batman. The season’s tagline? “The Dark Knight Is Coming.”14. Disney s (Possibly) Game-Changing Streaming Service(Photo by Lev Radin/Everett Collection)The streaming wars continue with a huge offensive move by the Mouse House: the all-Disney subscription service Disney+. The service, which is set to launch late in the year, will not only offer the entirety of Disney’s back catalogue – titles which will likely start disappearing from rivals’ streaming offerings – but a ton of new original content, both films and series. On the movie front, expect a just-for-streaming Sister Act 3 and live-action and animated Lady and the Tramp, with Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux voicing the titular canines. More exciting than that, though, are the original series Disney has planned, drawing heavily from the biggest IPs that the studio owns. Jon Favreau is currently shooting The Mandalorian, his Star Wars series set between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens and starring Pedro Pascal and Werner Herzog (!). Meanwhile, several MCU favorites will get their own limited series, with titles planned for Loki, Falcon and Winter Soldier, and Scarlet Witch. And for all those ’90s kids, Disney will produce series based on The Mighty Ducks films. Quack… quack… quack…13. Apple Brings Out the Big Names for Original Series(Photo by Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection)You know which other company has a lot of money to throw at TV production? Apple. And in 2019, they’re going big. You can already watch original reality competition show Planet of the Apps, as well as Carpool Karaoke: The Series, through Apple, but that’s just the beginning. Having hired former Sony Pictures Television execs Zack Van Amburg and Jamie Erlicht (their studio gave us Breaking Bad and The Crown), Apple has announced a big-name slate of series on their way. You can read about most of them here. The Morning Show, which centers on the cast and crew of a morning TV show, is among the most exciting series in the works. It stars Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon (both also executive-producing), Steve Carrell, and Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and will be directed and co-executive-produced by Mimi Leder. Meanwhile, Witherspoon is also producing Are You Sleeping, a true-crime drama with Octavia Spencer; Steven Spielberg is rebooting his ’80s anthology series, Amazing Stories; and Damien Chazelle, M. Night Shyamalan, and The Big Sick’s Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon are also developing shows. But the one that has our Alias-loving hearts fluttering most rapidly? That would be My Glory Was That I Had Such Friends, a tear-jerker that reteams J.J. Abrams and Jennifer Garner, and centers around a group of women who support their friend as she waits for a heart transplant.12. A March-April Horror Onslaught As A Quiet Place and Get Out have shown, the year’s early months can be a lucrative time for studio horror, and next year’s first four months are particularly crowded with treats for genre fans. January kicks off with Escape Room and Eli (both released January 4), but it’s March and April that should have horror fiends most pumped. On March 1, Focus Features releases Greta, a “single white grandma” stalker tale from Neil Jordan that sees Chloe Grace Moretz pursued by an absolutely bats t Isabelle Huppert. Then, on March 15, just over two years since Get Out was released, Jordan Peele’s follow-up, Us, will open. Starring Elisabeth Moss, Lupita Nyong’o, and Winston Duke, it follows a family whose beachside vacation goes horrifically awry when they realize they’re not as isolated as they thought. Next, Stephen King adaptation Pet Sematary opens on April 5; it comes from co-directors Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer, who previously made the Fresh indie horror film Starry Eyes and worked together on two episodes of MTV’s upcoming rebooted Scream TV series. And finally, The Curse of La Llorona, which released possibly the most effectively creepy trailer we’ve seen in the last six months, brings the Mexican folk tale of the weeping woman to the big screen on April 19. It’s directed by Michael Chaves, who will helm The Conjuring 3.11. The Grown Up Losers Club of It: Chapter 2(Photo by © Warner Bros.)Andy Muschietti’s adaptation of the first half of Stephen King’s killer-clown opus scored big time with critics and audiences – it’s Certified Fresh at 85% and scared up enough dough to be the highest-grossing horror movie of all time. So yes, the sequel is highly anticipated. Muschietti is back in the director’s chair and has assembled a cast of familiar and not-so-familiar faces to play the grown-up versions of the Losers Club members: Jessica Chastain, James McAcoy, Bill Hader, Jay Ryan, Isaiah Mustafa, and James Ransone. Bill Skarsgård returns as Pennywise the Dancing Clown.10. Re-entering the Twilight Zone with Jordan Peele(Photo by ABC/Craig Sjodin)The CBS All Access offering is small but mighty – Star Trek: Discovery and The Good Fight are enough to have us forking out for the service – and it’s likely going to get even mightier with Jordan Peele’s revamped Twilight Zone series joining the lineup next year. (Yes, that Jordan Peele; he’s going to have quite the 2019.) The third iteration of the multi-genre anthology phenomenon is being produced by Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions, along with Genre Films and CBS Television Studios, and Peele himself will host and narrate the series. Kumail Nanjiani, Steven Yeun, Sanaa Lathan, Adam Scott, and Jacob Tremblay are among the cast members to have been confirmed so far.9. First Name Mr., Last Name Glass Two years ago, M. Night Shyamalan’s Certified Fresh comeback hit, Split, ended with what was perhaps the director’s most surprising twist yet: There was a “Shyamalan Universe.” And it was jam-packed with superheroes and supervillains. Following the revelation that James McAvoy’s Kevin, a.k.a. The Horde, existed in the same universe as Bruce Willis’s David Dunn from Unbreakable, a sequel was announced that would feature Dunn, Kevin, and Unbreakable’s fragile and fiendish villain, Elijah Glass (Samuel L. Jackson). Sarah Paulson joins the proceedings in Glass as a psychologist with a particular interest in humans with delusions that they have superpowers.8. Coming Full Circle With The Lion KingSo, “live-action” might be a stretch when describing Disney’s latest “live-action” remake of one of their most beloved animated films; from the looks of the first teaser trailer, and what we know of the story – i.e. that there aren’t any humans in it – this feels more like a CG update. But by god do those CG animals look gorgeous. Director Jon Favreau has proven himself in similar territory with the Certified Fresh The Jungle Book, and has assembled a killer pride of voice talent to bring all our childhood faves to life once more: Donald Glover as Simba, Beyoncé Knowles as Nala, Chiwetel Ejiofor as Scar, and Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen as Timon and Pumba. James Earl Jones, who memorably voiced the ill-fated Mufasa in the animated film, returns to the role for the not-so-live-action take.7. Three Big TV Ws: Watchmen, Witcher, and What We Do In the Shadows(Photo by Jasin Boland, ©Marvel Studios 2017 / Courtesy The Everett Collection)Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof writing and producing a serialized take on Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons’ Watchmen? We’re very there for this. Coming to us 10 years after Zack Snyder’s feature film adaptation – 64% on the Tomatometer and still dividing fans – the HBO series stars Regina King, Don Johnson, Tim Blake Nelson, Louis Gossett Jr., and Jeremy Irons, who’ve all been busy filming in Atlanta. In an Instagram post from earlier this year, Lindelof – coming off the success of The Leftovers’ final season, Certified Fresh at 99% – wrangled with the pressure from die-hard Watchmen fans who feel the property shouldn’t be touched, and described his take as a “remix” of Moore’s work. Under slightly less scrutiny, but eliciting no less excitement, is Netflix’s adaptation of Andrzej Sapkowski’s Witcher book series (also the inspiration for the popular video game series). Henry Cavill stars as “witcher” Geralt of Rivia, a monster slayer, in the series, which began shooting in Hungary late this year. And on the lighter side of the upcoming-TV ledger is FX s adaptation of New Zealand vampire mockumentary, What We Do In the Shadows. Taika Waititi (Thor: Ragnarok) and Jemaine Clement, who co-wrote, co-directed, and co-starred in the original film, are also both on board as executive producers.6. Checking Back into the Continental With John Wick 3: Parabellum(Photo by © Lionsgate)The John Wick series might be the best thing to happen to action movies in the 21st Century, and the best thing to happen to Keanu Reeves’ career as well – the first two Wick movies are the only Certified Fresh non-documentary credits on his filmography since 2003’s The Matrix Reloaded. Reeves once again teams up with director Chad Stahelski (his stunt-double on The Matrix) for Parabellum, which sees him fighting his way out of New York with an exorbitant bounty on his head. Halle Berry and Laurence Fishburne join the cast.5. Joaquin Phoenix s Joker(Photo by © Warner Bros. )He’s the comic-book movie’s answer to Hamlet – everyone wants to play him – and in 2019 it’s Joaquin Phoenix’s turn in the makeup chair. The film is a step away from the in-flux DCEU for Warner Bros., with director and co-writer Todd Phillips (Old School, The Hangover) offering an origin story that looks to be equal parts drama, thriller, and character study: the film follows Arthur Fleck’s descent into madness after something involving a talk-show host played by Robert De Niro. If fan reaction to various leaked on-set photos showing Phoenix in old-school Joker garb and makeup are anything to go by, this modestly budgeted take on the Dark Knight’s chief nemesis is going to be huge.4. Stranger Things Season 3Let’s go to the mall! The third season of Stranger Things was delayed until summer 2019, giving us well over a year away from Hawkins to wait and wonder and speculate wildly about what the Duffer Brothers were cooking up. We do know with at least some certainty that the series will be set in 1985 – the same year that The Goonies, Back to the Future, Fright Night, and other very appropriate films were released – and that the Starcourt Mall, not yet featured in the show, will play a role. The bulk of the cast will return, along with some new additions (enter Cary Elwes) and the unvanquished “Shadow Monster” (or Mind Flayer) that tormented Will Byers. We also know the titles of all eight episodes: The series will kick off with an episode titled “Suzie, Do You Copy?” and end with “The Battle for Starcourt.” Another titillating crumb: In July, Netflix programming executive Cindy Holland said that part of the reason season 3 was delayed was because it had more special effects than previous seasons.3. J.J. s Saga-Ending Star Wars IX (Photo by © Walt Disney, @ Lucasfilm Ltd)J.J. Abrams is back behind the camera for the conclusion to the trilogy he kicked off with The Force Awakens. Plot details are scant, but if the series’ two previous entries are any indication – both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi are Certified Fresh with Tomatometer scores in the 90s – this should be another thrilling, if potentially divisive, entry. Either way, it will definitely be one of the most poignant Star Wars films, with the late Carrie Fisher making her final on-screen appearance as Princess Leia/General Organa.2. Avengers: Endgame And the Reverse SnapBest cliffhanger ever? We’ll let history decide that, but Infinity War’s downer finale was certainly the cliffhanger of the year, and we cannot wait to see whether T’Challa, Star-Lord, Spidey (gulp), and the gang manage to re-corporealize following Thanos heartbreaking “snap.” OK, the suspense isn’t exactly killing us: one of the other most anticipated movies of 2019 is Spider-Man: Far From Home, releasing after the next Avengers film, and Ryan Coogler recently signed on to direct Black Panther 2. But how they manage to outsmart Thanos – and how large a part Carol Danvers, a.k.a. the just-paged Captain Marvel, plays in the film – has us practically salivating for this Phase 3-ended cinematic event.1. Game of Thrones season 8… and BeyondThe Stark girls are reunited. Cersei has a plan. Jon and Daenerys found love. The Wall was penetrated. Winter is … here. David Benioff and D.B. Weiss have a lot to do in the six episodes that will conclude Game of Thrones. And while they may not have a published book to guide them, they’ve assembled a dream-team of GoT vets to help them deliver: Directors David Nutter (“The Rains of Castamare,” a.k.a. the Red Wedding episode) and Miguel Sapochnik (“Battle of the Bastards”) will helm five of the six episodes, while the showrunners themselves will take the finale. The cast has been hyping the season in interviews – Gwendoline Christie, lady-knight Brienne of Tarth in the series, recently promised that we will all need to head into therapy once it’s over – and keen fans have been dissecting a recent teaser for clues as to where the plot is going. We’ll resist the urge to wildly speculate and wait, as patiently as we can, for April. (But Winterfell is totally getting iced, right?) Also exciting the most rabid fans: the sixth novel, The Winds of Winter, in the anticipated seven-novel series is still forthcoming, as well as what is sure to be a wealth of revelations dropping in 2019 about the coming prequel series. (Read what we know so far here.) (Photo by © NEON)It s sometimes easy to forget in the blur of manic performances that have defined Nicolas Cage s work in the last decade – the chainsaw-wielding Red in Mandy, his wide-eyed murderous father in Mom and Dad, and other very Nic Cage roles that seem to come around every few months – that his is a career of chapters, each of which might singularly define a lesser performer, and that Wild Nic is just the latest. The star emerged in the 1980s as an edgy standout in zeitgest-capturing favorites (Rumble Fish, Peggy Sue Got Married), blossomed into romantic lead (Moonstruck) and A-list Oscar winner (Leaving Las Vegas), and crushed the box office a few times as an unlikely action hero in a string of Bruckheimer-produced 90s favorites.Then he went and recovered the Declaration of Independence as an Indiana Jones type in the National Treasure movies.Even within these Nic Cage eras, though, he always managed a few surprises. Consider his vanity-be-damned dual-role as the Kaufman brothers in Adaptation, for which he was nominated for an Oscar during a seeming career slump; or his delightfully unhinged performance in Bad Lieutenant: Port of New Orleans, a turn that would set the tone for our current Nic Cage chapter but which, at the time, was a shock to the system and a turn of the page, even if it was some time coming.Still, nothing in Cage s career is as surprising, perhaps, as the new Certified Fresh drama, Pig. Here, Cage plays Rob, a onetime big-name chef who now lives as a recluse in the wilds of Oregon with his best friend, a foraging pig who scouts for the truffles that are his owner/buddy s sole source of income. When the pig is stolen during a violent break-in at Rob s cabin, expectations are set for a John Wick-style revenge tale – and another very Nic Cage performance – but writer/director Michael Sarnoski has other things on his mind. And so does Cage. What follows is a somber, moving, and at times wryly funny tale about a man who descends into Portland s seedy underground foodie world (surprisingly violent), single-mindedly focused on retrieving the one thing in life he deeply loves. It is anchored by a quiet and deeply affecting performance from Cage, one that critics are calling a revelation and among the best work of his career.The movie is a marker for Cage, too, who told Rotten Tomatoes that Pig came around at just the right time, both in terms of getting back to his roots in more dramatic, soberer fare – though he does get to utter the line I don t f k my pig! – and in reflecting events and developments in his real life. I was feeling lost, Cage told us. I was feeling the need for isolation. I was feeling, Oh, I m no longer invited in Hollywood. Nor do I want to be invited in Hollywood. I have no interest in going back. I like making quiet little dramas. This is what I m interested in. Ahead of the movie s release in theaters, Cage spoke to us about this step away from his wild-man roles, what Pablo Picasso has to do with it, and a passion he shares with his latest character: good food and bold flavors.Joel Meares for Rotten Tomatoes: This movie has a bit of a strange conceit – the log line for this film is about a revenge-seeking truffle hunter! What was the pitch to you for the project when they were trying to get you on board? What was the thing that sold you on this story?Nicolas Cage: Well, I can tell you “revenge” never came into the equation for me. I read the script, Michael [Sarnoski]’s script, and I immediately responded to it more as a kind of cinematic haiku, a poem, really, a meditation on loss and a character analysis of a person who had lost great love. I also felt that I was at a point in my own life experience, aggregate collection of memories and dreams and experiences, that enabled me to respond to Rob in such a way where I felt that nothing had to be forced, that I felt I understood Rob.In fact, I told Michael over lunch that when I read his script I had a very evocative dream of my cat and something horrible happening to my cat, Merlin, who is one of my best friends. The relationship that you can have with our animal brothers and sisters, it s so much closer in some ways, so much more profound, because it s not corrupted by the noise of people and what that can harbor in terms of jealousies and angers. It s just unconditional love.So, I felt that those relationships – my relationship with my cat, my dog, who s no longer with us – those are things that I could put into this performance and it s a perfect time for it. When we all agreed to make the movie, we hadn t been hit by the pandemic yet, but I think we ve all gotten closer, even still, to our animal family, because we relied on them so heavily to get through that.(Photo by © NEON)Rotten Tomatoes: How old is Merlin, by the way? And was he helpful during the pandemic?Cage: Merlin is two years old. Very, yeah. I relied on him quite a bit. He s very affectionate, a Maine Coon cat. Really kind of like another son in some ways.Rotten Tomatoes: What was your relationship like with the pig, or pigs, you were working with in this film? How was it working with them?Cage: There was one pig. Her name was Brandy. Like many of us, she was very payment-oriented. She wasn t really interested in people. If they wanted to get a soulful look in her eyes, they would show her a bit of carrot off camera; or if they needed her to go to a certain mark, they would put some food down. But I think that relationship was really developed with the eye of Michael Sarnoski and our director of photography. They figured out ways of photographing Brandy and Rob so that the relationship never lapsed into schmaltz or Hallmark-card sappiness. It was just a quiet witnessing of these two in the wilderness. I think that made it more heartfelt in some ways, but it was a lot to do with getting her in the right position with the food, and also photographing it in the right manner.Rotten Tomatoes: You mentioned “soulful” and that I think is a very great word for this film and for your performance, and a lot of people have been saying this is a different Nicolas cCage than we ve seen in a while. The last film I saw of you in was Prisoners of Ghostland and then I was re-watching Mandy last night. They’re very different from Pig, but it does feel, to me at least as a viewer, that there is a connection between Robin as a character and someone like Red [Cage’s character in Mandy], who also has tried to escape the world and has that peace disrupted. Do you think that Robin really is so different from some of the characters you ve been playing lately? Or is there a connection?Cage: I mean, he s certainly different in the regard that he s not motivated by revenge, but I do share that observation, that he s similar to Red in that he s dealing with tremendous loss, and loss of love, and the feelings that can evoke. I think what people in the media may be struggling with is that I have made it almost a mission of sorts to go into what I sometimes call a Western Kabuki style of film performance, almost an operatic style of film performance – by design. I mean, this was always very carefully and methodically choreographed and though-out, both vocally and dance-wise in terms of movement. I wanted to do that because I felt that we had gotten caught in a trap of naturalism as a style.Not that I m Picasso, I m not saying that, but I remember one conversation that I had with my father, where I was very tripped out by Picasso s portraits that seemed so abstract with people having eyes on the same side of their face. Like, what is this? I said, Well, can he also do photo realistic drawing? and dad said, Absolutely. He broke free. I always thought that what you can do in one art form, maybe you can do in another, and why not take a chance and attempt some sort of breaking-free with film performance? But somewhere along the way, I think I needed to remind myself – and, in fact, I think I needed to remind certain folks in critical response – that it wasn t the only brush I painted with. I mean, I think Joe is a movie that I made not long ago that was as close to my true self as I could get in terms of what was important to him.(Photo by © NEON)Certainly, with Rob in Pig, I wanted to get back to a kind of a quiet, meditative, internalized performance. It was not difficult. It was something that I felt I had the life experience for and the memories and the dreams, if you will, to portray without forcing it. So when I read Michael s script, it was exactly the right material at the right time for what I was trying to convey. I was feeling lost. I was feeling the need for isolation. I was feeling, Oh, I m no longer invited in Hollywood. Nor do I want to be invited in Hollywood. I have no interest in going back. I like making quiet little dramas. This is what I m interested in. But I can see where it would be shocking to the folks that remember me making five Jerry Bruckheimer movies back-to-back, which at that time was the challenge, in my opinion – no one thought I should do an adventure film or that I even had the wherewithal to do an adventure film, but I had grown up on Bronson and Eastwood and Connery, and I thought, Well, that would be fun to at least try. It s kind of a situation of wanting to stay interested and also stay challenged. At this moment, what interests me is getting back to my roots, which is quiet dramas.Rotten Tomatoes: The film has a lot to say about food, different philosophies towards food, Robin s passion, and everything just looks beautiful that we get to see you cook – or your stand-in cooks make – in the movie. Are you a cook in your own time? And do you have a specialty?Cage:  I want to go on record: I didn t have any stand-in cooks. I can t replace my hands. If I see someone else s hand in front of my hand, I go, No, no, no. That takes me out of the movie. I had two excellent teachers, Chef Chris and Chef Rucker from Le Pigeon. Chef Chris taught me the mushroom tart, or pie, and then I learned the squab blueberry dish from Le Pigeon.Food has always been important to me. Food is what I like to spend my money on. Food, to me, comes first. I think that the chefs today can do amazing things in the world of art, because without food, then nothing else really matters: Food, and then I can enjoy music and then I can enjoy painting and then I can enjoy a great cinema and then I can meditate or then I can write a poem. Whatever it is, food comes first.I have tremendous respect for these people and I also understand the pressures that go into the world, the epicurean world. Because if you think about this art form – and it is an art – that s the only one where they re actually ingesting it physically into their body as an audience, or as a client, or as a foodie, or whatever you want to call it. There s tremendous pressure and risk with that. You don t want them to get sick. You want them to have a good experience. Everything matters. The ambience matters, the bread matters, everything. So it s a high-pressure job and I wanted to convey the regard and the reverence that I have for what they do.(Photo by © NEON)Rotten Tomatoes: When you re home, are you someone who has a go-to dish that you can whip up in five minutes?Cage: If you re asking me, am I a chef, I wouldn t put myself at that level, but I can cook. I make a pretty good seafood arrabbiata pasta. I am passionate about putting different tastes together. I like Japanese food, I like Italian, and Chinese is probably the most complex. I think the continent of Asia, probably, in my opinion, has the greatest and most complex foods of the world. But I remember I once imagined a sweet shrimp or an ebi and I went to my sushi chef and I said, Could you slice the sweet shrimp open and then could you put the uni inside the ebi and then can you put it on less rice, please, and then wrap it with the seaweed? I had that taste in my mind and it was so beautiful when I got it.So, I do like to put tastes together. I remember Joel Robuchon had something that was a Wow. He put coffee grinds with uni frappe. I mean, who thinks to do that? Who thinks to put coffee and sea urchin together? It was one of the most amazing taste sensations I ve ever had. So, yeah, I m very interested in that world and I do like to play around.I do Eggs Diablo – I really spice up my fried eggs over easy and I just kick in a lot of chili and red chili pepper flakes and some tomato paste. It s a beautiful little dish that I like to make for breakfast, but yeah, I enjoy it.The secret to great cooking for me is that you have to have respect for the actual ingredients. Sometimes these chefs get lost in overdoing it with the complexity of the sauce, because they re trying to mask what s wrong with the actual source, what s wrong with the fish. But if you get a great piece of fish, treat it with respect. Just light olive oil, some garlic, some sea salt, bingo. Trip to the moon, man.Rotten Tomatoes: I need to come to your place. Just finally, they re giving me the wrap, but for your upcoming Joe Exotic series, are we going to get the Kabuki-style performance? How extreme are we going there?Cage: That s not going to be happening, I m not playing Joe Exotic. We had two really excellent scripts, but I think I don t know. I think somewhere along the way, the studio felt that that was a fad that had come and gone and that it was a thing of the past. Frankly, I for one am okay with it because I have other things I want to explore and other characters I want to play.I was a bit trepidatious about going into the television universe, too. One of the things I really love about independent filmmaking is that I can get in and I can get out. If there s one problem in the chain of filmmakers, I know I ve got just four more weeks to go; but a TV character, if there s a problem and you re stuck on location for six months, that does seem a little terrifying to me.Pig is in theaters from Friday July 16, 2021.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

2. 公平游戏环境
腾讯在今年的游戏年会上曾发布一款吸猫手游《小猫爱消除》,采用精彩刺激的三消闯关玩法,创新性的把剧情体验和趣味玩法相结合,主打休闲消除,让玩家能够在游戏中找到真正的快乐和放松。此游戏目前处于测试阶段,收集了玩家的反馈后正在积极修改等待上线。lol神秘Best-Reviewed Movies 2019: Limited ReleaseIf you needed any more proof that the industry is a-changin , look no further than the list of best-reviewed limited releases, which features four Netflix original films – The Irishman, Marriage Story, Dolemite Is My Name, and Knock Down the House – in the top 10. Despite the streaming giant s best efforts, though, it was a certain South Korean film that rightfully dominated the conversation and earned near-unanimous praise from the critics: Bong Joon-ho s Parasite. The genre-bending drama-comedy-thriller kicked things off by winning the coveted Palme d Or at Cannes, where it premiered, and has only continued to rack up dozens of accolades throughout the year.The order of the rank below reflects the Adjusted Score as of December 31, 2019. Scores might change over time.« Previous Category Next Category »

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Long before Zack Snyder’s big-screen stab at Watchmen, prevailing wisdom was that writer Alan Moore and artist Dave Gibbons’ epic, genre-defining graphic novel was impossible to adapt for the screen. The 2009 feature film treatment did little to counter the argument — the movie has a 64% score on the Tomatometer. Damon Lindelof’s upcoming HBO effort might have better luck. The new series is not an exact adaptation, but a sequel in series format, and it is still under particular scrutiny going into its October 20 premiere.Fortunately, the creator has a secret weapon up his sleeve: namely, a pair of Oscar-winning leads in Regina King and Jeremy Irons.Set 30 years and change after the events of the original source material (which Lindelof considers canon and does not stray from), this Watchmen follows — among other things — the rise of a white supremacist terrorist group called the Seventh Cavalry and the masked police force in Tulsa, Oklahoma, tasked with finding them out and taking them down. King stars as detective Angela Abar (aka Sister Knight), while Irons’ character, on the other hand, has been sealed tight in secrecy. Many theories and leaks suggest that he’s playing an aged Ozymandias from the original novels, but how he fits into the plots of Sister Knight and the Seventh Calvary remains unclear. One thing is certain: Both roles give the inimitable acting talents a lot to play with.(Photo by Colin Hutton/HBO)The two joined Lindelof, series director Nicole Kassell, and castmates including Jean Smart, Hong Chau, and Tim Blake Nelson on stage at New York Comic Con on October 4, where they teased what’s to come in the much-anticipated, 10-episode first season, and King and Irons shared exactly how the creator of Lost and The Leftovers courted them for his latest buzzy project.“Damon took me to lunch,” Irons said in his iconic drawl, admitting that he didn’t fully understand what he was getting himself into. “[He] talked for an hour and a half, very quickly, with enormous enthusiasm, showing me that he had an imagination of an enormous wit. And I ate, and I understood about, I don’t know, 10 percent of what he was saying…. So I ate well, and at the end, I thanked him for his time and I left.”While the content of the graphic novel and the world that Lindelof was creating here was lost on Irons (“He was talking about this graphic novel/comic book world of which I knew nothing because I live in England and I’m over 45. Somehow that whole world had passed me by!”), the actor was left “fascinated” by the man pitching him from across the table.“He gave me bits of the script, which I had read, and it amused me hugely,” Irons continued, “but mainly all I thought was: That man who I just had lunch with has such energy and enthusiasm, I don’t know what he’s going to do, and I don’t know what he’s going to make, but if he thinks that I can be of some help in this story, then I’m on board.”King, an Emmy nominee for her work with Lindelof on season 2 of The Leftovers, was similarly wooed, but not until he broke one of his own filmmaking rules to hire her. Prior to King, the creator had adamantly never worked with actors on more than one project. “It was a dumb rule!” he exclaimed to the NYCC audience.“I’m glad I didn’t know about rule, because I would’ve thought that it was a joke,” King chimed in before recounting how she received a letter and script from Lindelof to her personal address. “It came directly to my house and it had the loveliest letter that said this is his next project, it’s dear to him, and he couldn’t see anyone else to be on this train with.”Talk about an opening line — King admitted that from that moment, she didn’t “even really care what I’m about to read, I’m in it!” But what really sold her was Lindelof’s inclusion of a sealed envelope midway through the script that instructed: “Regina: Don’t open this until you get to this page. Don’t cheat!” So upon getting to the envelope in the script (it was tucked between the first pages of Sister Knight’s introduction), she opened it. “I opened it up and it was an artist’s rendering of my face as Sister Knight,” King said to a round of applause from her audience.“It would’ve been very awkward if you had said no,” Lindelof said. “Very, very awkward.”King s first thoughts on reading the script? She related: “I had never read anything like this. I had never seen this world, I had never seen this woman before. So complex How could I not say yes? Just tell me where I have to show up.”Watchmen premieres Sunday, October 20 at 9 p.m. on HBO.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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(Photo by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection)All Chris Pratt Movies RankedChris Pratt s ascendancy from bum living in a van down by the river Hawaiian shoreline to Star-Lord is one of those Hollywood fairy tales come true that gives hope to aspiring actors everywhere. But even when Pratt did break into the movies, his early filmography was mostly littered with secondary roles in comedies like Bride Wars, Jennifer s Body, and Take Me Home Tonight. But Pratt is one to take things on the chin literally, as he did in Wanted.It was his role as Andy in NBC s Parks and Recreation that gave him stability and steady visibility. The stars aligned for a legendary 2014 where he helped make two of the unlikeliest movies connect with audiences and critics: a space opera featuring talking trees and raccoons, and an emotionally affecting movie about sentient toy blocks. Pratt s involvment with Marvel, LEGO, and then later the Jurassic franchise means he has your childhood pop culture and nostalgia under lock, and his role in Pixar s Onward has the potential to become a sentimental favorite for a new generation. But enough prattlin : Here s all of Chris movies ranked by Tomatometer!

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5.99.7 3月喜迎(Photo by Syfy; BBC AMERICA; Netflix/Courtesy Everett Collection)The past year has offered 12 TV seasons Certified Fresh at 100% — including The Good Place, Cobra Kai, Vida, and Dear White People — of 110 overall that are Certified Fresh. A voracious TV consumer could simply work their way down the list of every Certified Fresh TV show of 2018, or have a look at Rotten Tomatoes staff picks. Our editorial staff has considered the year in television and curated a list of series that may not have met the criteria for Certified Fresh, but nonetheless have captured our imaginations and earned our recommendation anyway.The Expanse 94%What It Is: In the 23rd century, after colonizing the solar system, humans make first contact with an alien race. But rather than meet face-to-whatever, the interaction occurs via the ancient, extinct race s super-advanced A.I. technology, which humanity struggles to understand, communicate with, and ultimately control.Why You Should Watch It: It s been 10 years since Syfy s Battlestar Galactica remake from Ronald D. Moore (Outlander) went off the air. The series, which topped our list of the 100 best sci-fi series of all time, won worldwide fans through its gritty space-opera storylines about the human struggle with and against intelligent machines. The BSG world felt lived in, and its characters, both human and machine, presented a seemingly viable space-based future.The Expanse, which Amazon dramatically rescued from cancellation this year, is BSG s very worthy successor in offering a similarly complex sci-fi tale with engaging characters and award-worthy production design. It stars Steven Strait, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Dominique Tipper, Cas Anvar, Wes Chatham, Frankie Adams, and Thomas Jane. Why the show hasn t enjoyed the same level of worldwide appeal is one of the series greatest mysteries.Where to Watch: Amazon, Syfy (season 3)Commitment: around 25 hoursPicked By: Debbie Day, TV Features EditorBarry 99%What It Is: In this dry, sometimes unexpectedly somber HBO dark comedy, a professional killer for hire from the Midwest travels to Los Angeles for a hit and stumbles into an acting class, where he not only discovers a community of aspiring actors who welcome him but also begins to imagine a quieter, more normal life.Why You Should Watch It: Thanks to his up-for-anything enthusiasm and easygoing charisma — not to mention his impeccable comedic timing — SNL and Documentary Now alum Bill Hader has earned a sizable fanbase over the years. Those fans were always going to show up for Barry, no matter how good (or bad) it was. Fortunately, the series does a magnificent job balancing Hader s natural boyish charm and his less frequently utilized — but still incredibly effective — proficiency at communicating deep pathos (see: The Skeleton Twins), and he s aided by a stellar ensemble that includes Stephen Root, Anthony Carrigan, Sarah Goldberg, and Henry Winkler in one of his finest roles in years.Barry begins with a funny idea, infuses it with real emotional investment, and tosses in a few Oh, sh ! moments just to keep you on your toes. Hader and Winkler have already taken home Emmys for their efforts, and they re both up for Golden Globes next, so now is as good a time as any to see what all the fuss is about.Where to Watch: HBOGOCommitment: A little over 4.5 hoursPicked by: Ryan Fujitani, Sr. EditorBabylon Berlin What It Is: While investigating a pornography ring, Inspector Gereon Rath (Volker Bruch) discovers a web of conspiracies with huge implications for Germany as a whole.Why You Should Watch It: The idea of the Weimar Republic (the era of German history that spanned from the end of World War I until the rise of the Nazis) has exerted a powerful fascination to this day. It was a time that produced a flowering of artistic expression — from the Bauhaus Movement to The Threepenny Opera, not to mention such cinematic masterworks as The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Nosferatu, Metropolis, and The Blue Angel — and a moment of (relative) tolerance for LGBTQ people. It was also a time of political upheaval, during which a democratic government attempted to hold together a nation struggling with extreme economic insecurity, a time when communists and fascists brawled in the streets. Historians dispute some elements of this narrative as myth, but while Babylon Berlin may be imperfect history, it’s exhilarating entertainment. Its Berlin is all bright neon and dark shadows, decadent parties and sudden outbursts of violence, mysteries and underground plots. We all know the horrible ending to this story, but the characters in Babylon Berlin don’t, and seeing this tumultuous period through the lives of regular people living in the moment gives the whole thing an air of haunting pathos.Where to Watch: NetflixCommitment: Just shy of 16 hoursPicked By: Tim Ryan, Review Curation ManagerKilling Eve 89%What It Is: This badass British spy thriller follows two female leads — MI5 intelligence officer Eve (Sandra Oh) and international assassin Villanelle (Jodie Comer) — who become obsessed with tracking each other down.Why You Should Watch It: There’s a reason Oh is getting finally getting her long-deserved award recognition for this role: She’s phenomenal as a mild-mannered government employee who heads up a task force to find a female assassin (an also-phenomenal Comer), beginning a deadly cat-and-mouse game between the two women. The BBC America series is also frequently incredibly funny, thanks to sharp writing from creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge (Fleabag).Where to Watch: Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play, iTunesCommitment: About 5.5 hoursPicked By: Jean Bentley, Assistant TV EditorPeaky Blinders 92%What It Is: A raw mob epic set in 1919 Birmingham, England. Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy), a World War I veteran and leader of the “Peaky Blinders” gang, has started the family business of running a bookie service as well as providing local muscle.Why You Should Watch It: This gritty crime drama will keep you glued to your screen as Tommy tries to build his empire and cement his legacy, all while facing the ever-changing landscape of the new century post-WWI. Guns, gambling, influence, politics, and the streets — this show has it all. Great costume and set design lure viewers into 1919 England to experience the region s post-war trauma. See how far Tommy will go to make a buck and gain power and the collateral damage his family must endure because of it. The series did not offer a new season to U.S. audiences in 2018, but with season 5 coming in 2019, now is a perfect time to binge it.Where to watch: NetflixCommitment: About 24 hoursPicked By: Shane Crocker, Motion Graphic DesignerChilling Adventures of Sabrina 81%What It Is: This comic book–adapted Netflix series from the creator of Riverdale is a dark reimagining of the Sabrina, the Teenage Witch story. Half-witch, half-mortal Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) refuses to sacrifice her human relationships in order to keep her witchy powers and must navigate the boundaries between the mortal and supernatural worlds.Why You Should Watch It: If you’re the kind of witch who wishes Halloween could be a year-long holiday, look no further than Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. This show has plenty of campy magic and glamorous gore, but it’s more than flashy spells and Satanic references. Each of Sabrina’s allies — her aunts, cousin Ambrose, human friends, and demonic frenemies — has their own depth and intrigue, which makes their world colorful and worth a deep investment. It’s ultimately a coming-of-age story: Watching Sabrina come into her own, and change minds to do so, is exciting, empowering, and fun. She makes some big mistakes along the way, but who can blame her? She’s only just learning to play with hellfire.Where to Watch: NetflixCommitment: About 11 hoursPicked By: Sophie-Marie Prime, USC’s Rotten Tomatoes FellowForever 95%What It Is: Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen star as an ordinary married couple tethered to routine until a freak accident changes everything they thought they knew about themselves and the world.Why You Should Watch It: Much has been written about how Better Call Saul is an ode to the everyday (crime and dubious legal practices notwithstanding). They couldn t be more different, but if you re a fan of BCS, 2018 s Forever will appeal just as well. Created by Alan Yang of Master of None and featuring prolific comedic actors Rudolph and Armisen (do they ever sleep?), the show poses big questions while simultaneously offering tiny details for viewers to chew on long after the final episode of this compact series ends. Avoid spoilers as much as possible before indulging in this series, which somehow marries banality and longing to great effect.Where to Watch: AmazonCommitment: 4 hoursPicked By: Sara Ataiiyan, Review CuratorSchitt's Creek 93%What It Is: Schitt’s Creek is an amalgam of everything that is good and holy about Canadian entertainment.Why You Should Watch It: Led by Eugene Levy, his gorgeous son Dan, and their beautifully thick eyebrows, Schitt’s Creek follows the Rose family, their fall from grace, and their new life in a tiny town surrounded by some of the most wonderful, eccentric, and underrated characters on TV. The series is a rare bird: both funny and heartwarming, while completely insane and totally relatable. In watching, I have laughed so hard I cried, but I have also cried so hard that I had to laugh (specifically, season 4, episode 6). The relationships, the chemistry, the number of wigs Moira owns, Alexis’ vocal fry, and so on — everything about this show is so perfectly curated that you would be hard pressed to find anything else like it on television.Where To Watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube, Google Play, iTunes, VuduCommitment: About 20 hoursPicked By: Zoey Moore, Community ManagerManiac 84%What It Is: Loosely based on a Norwegian show of the same name, Cary Joji Fukunaga’s mindtrip of a miniseries delves into the depths of the human mind with humor, heart, and just the right amount of heady conversations to keep you thinking.Why You Should Watch It: It’s the kind of show that can delicately explore the fragile folds that are the human mind and mental health, while still provoking a fully belly laugh (usually followed by a cathartic cry). Between Emma Stone and Jonah Hill’s melancholy chemistry, the singular force of confidently neurotic nature that is Sonoya Mizuno, and Justin Theroux and Sally Field s “special” parent–child relationships (truly something to behold), you feel for each character you meet. For a show about anxiety and depression, it’s refreshingly present. There are no endless flashbacks or flash forwards, even with some of the more cerebral elements. You share moments with the characters as they have them, making for an engaging, emotional viewing experience. Oh, and there are elves, therapy robots, tons of wild accents, unexpected mammals, and a neat retro futuristic feel that’s at once nostalgic and current. It may sound kind of heady, but trust us, it’s worth the trip.Where to Watch: NetflixCommitment: 6.5 hoursPicked By: Haña Lucero-Colin, TV Curation LeadTerrace House: Boys & Girls in the City What It Is: A reality series documenting the real lives of six roommates in Japan.Why You Should Watch It: For those who hate traditional reality TV and want insight into Japanese culture, this is your show. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of love triangles and conflict, but it’s more civilized. It’s the ultimate comfort watch! When you catch up with this season, there’s previous Terrace House series (“Boys and Girls in the City” and “Aloha State”) to enjoy!Where to Watch: NetflixCommitment: There are 42 episodes available from the most recent season, all around 30 to 40 minutes each — and it runs through 52! The time commitment is A LOT, but SO worth it.Picked By: Eileen Rivera, Sr. Director of ProductionHappy! 84%What It Is: Based on the graphic novel of the same name, Nick (Christopher Meloni), a degenerate hit man and ex cop, gets beaten up by mobsters only to wake up in the hospital seeing a cheerful blue unicorn named Happy (Patton Oswalt). Nick learns Happy is the imaginary friend of a kidnapped little girl named Hailey, who is being held captive by a demented Santa Claus. Happy won’t stop bothering Nick until they find Hailey and bring her to safety. Nick’s harsh, aggressive behavior clashes with Happy’s childlike mentality, creating a blend of violent dark humor living in each episode.Why You Should Watch It: Happy! is a solid mix of dark humor and violence — all set in a Christmas-centric world. It is the true opposite of everything we usually watch during the holidays. Through the season Nick gets into trouble with the mob, his former police partner, and his previous romantic partners, but it’s the absurdity of all these scenarios that keep you hooked. One of the most rewarding aspects about the show is the deeper you get, the wilder it becomes, from murderous side characters to a Willy Wonka-type corporate overlord. Happy! is not for the faint of heart and is truly made for fans of antiheroes. The casting is also particularly fun, as Meloni is the polar opposite of his Law Order: SVU character. Think: the crazy cook in Wet Hot American Summer, but darker and more twisted.Where to Watch: Netflix, SyfyCommitment: About 6.5 hoursPicked By: Jason Blagman, AssistantElite 97%What It Is: Rich, sexy Spanish teens clash with working-class students at their elite private school, leading to murder.Why You Should Watch It: Gossip Girl meets Big Little Lies meets Skins meets Cruel Intentions meets The O.C. meets Veronica Mars meets well, basically every single other of the very best teen dramas for this Spanish-language soap-to-end-all-soaps. The eight-episode season features overachieving teens doing teen things like vying for a scholarship, having sex, doing drugs, blackmailing, and murder. The private-school uniforms evoke Gossip Girl, the class clashes evoke The O.C., and the murder-mystery at the center, featuring flash-forwards to the teens being interrogated by police, is very BLL. Elite is addictive and pulpy and  will most certainly keep viewers up late trying to figure out who killed [spoiler]. Pro tip: If you don t speak Spanish, Netflix will usually default to the dubbed version. To avoid that travesty, and make sure you select the European Spanish audio track.Where to Watch: NetflixCommitment: About 8 hoursPicked By: BentleyHappy Valley 98%What It Is: A kind of Fargo for the South of England, Happy Valley focuses on policewoman Catherine Cawood’s (Sarah Lancashire) personal and professional lives in the struggling, drug-ridden town for which the series is named. Each season comes with a different mystery, extended across that season’s six episodes, and while they’re dark and twisted fun, the show’s true focus is Cawood’s past – particularly the rape and murder of her daughter by the convict Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) – and its refusal to stay buried.Why You Should Watch It: There is a reason Lancashire was at one time Britain’s most highly paid TV actress: her Cawood is one of TV’s great creations. She’s tough as nails at work, and at home, and yet is only ever barely holding it together, and Lancashire’s performance is revelatory for those unfamiliar with her work. She’s as compelling a TV anti-hero as any of the guys you’d find on AMC or HBO. Lancashire is well matched by a supporting cast that includes Siobhan Finneran (Downton Abbey s sinister O’Brien) as her sister Clare, who is coping with sobriety, and James Norton as the menacing Royce, whom anglophiles might recall swooning over in Grantchester and War and Peace, and who is rumored to be in consideration to replace Daniel Craig as James Bond. It can be dour, nasty stuff, but series creator and writer Sally Wainwright infuses it with just enough heart, humor, and quirk – this is small-town-TV-England after all – to make it utterly bingeable. Happy Valley is another Netflix title that didn t release a new season in 2018, but will in 2019, making now a great time to binge.Where to Watch: Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Netflix, YouTube, VuduCommitment: 12 hoursPicked by: Joel Meares, Editor-in-ChiefPose 98%What It Is: A look inside the underground ball scene in the 1980s, made famous by the documentary Paris Is Burning, in which competitors from various “houses” walk, dance, and/or perform in drag to win big trophies and bigger boosts social stature.Why You Should Watch It: That Pose is genuinely groundbreaking – it features a largely transgender cast, many of whom have not acted professionally before – was reason enough for many to tune in when the Ryan Murphy series premiered on FX in 2018. That it was genuinely thrilling, romantic, and ultimately moving was the reason most stayed on for all 10 episodes. Murphy’s series plays out like Fame at times, and like an episode of Drag Race at others. Which is to say there is as much new-to-New-York excitable pluckiness as there is shade being thrown around. The ball scenes are dynamically staged, with outrageous costumes (the pilot’s royalty-themed ball is a particular treat), and dangerous levels of fierceness. But what makes Pose something special are its softer moments, away from all that voguing. Moments like when Elektra, played by Dominque Jackson, who was a genuine house “mother” during the 1980s, grapples frankly with whether to undergo sexual reassignment surgery. Or when Billy Porter’s Pray, who hosts the ball nights, keeps bedside vigil for his ailing lover. Porter, nominated for a Golden Globe this year, is a series standout, along with Indya Moore, whose complex relationship with married boy from the ’burbs Stan (Evan Peters) will break your heart.Where to Watch: Amazon, Fandango Now, FX+, Google Play, iTunes, Vudu, YouTubeCommitment: 10 hoursPicked by: Meares

Bohemian Rhapsody Is the Worst-Reviewed Golden Globe Winner in 33 Years The Fresh-bottomed Queen biopic's surprise win also reveals some surprising stats. by Alex Vo | January 7, 2019 | Comments
Join us weekly as Rotten Tomatoes reports on what s indie features are streaming. From promising releases by new voices to experimental efforts from storied filmmakers – or perhaps the next indie darling to go the distance for end-of-year accolades – we will break it all down for you here each week.For the foreseeable future, the specialty box office and all theatrical releases will be on hold as we all make efforts to socially distance ourselves and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. With that in mind, we have reshaped our Indie Fresh List. This week for our fresh picks we have an atmospheric biopic about the author behind The Haunting of Hill House, a gory home invasion horror flick, and a dancer romance. In our Spotlight section, we call back to the recent Certified Fresh first feature from director Tayarisha Poe.Streaming This Weekend
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lol神秘 Jacqueline Coley for Rotten Tomatoes: We chatted about Waves while you promoted It Comes At Night, and you said it was a love story. Having seen the film, I ve got to ask, how is this a love story? Trey Edward Shults: It is a love story. I mean, there are love stories in it, no?Yes, but it s certainly not a rom-com or a romantic drama. Yes, but familial love is a kind of love, no? Love is the thing connecting everything in the movie. It s romantic love. It s the love of a brother and sister. It s the love of your partner. It s the love of parents and children. I think, too, with the last movie, like you said, it was so brooding. If anything, death was the center of that, and then this movie, it was like life and love. It was about the positive. I know the movie gets very dark, but I wanted to show the end of a relationship and the beginning of one, but then link it through familial love. That s what s running through it. It s all very broad, abstract stuff. I don t know if I can be more specific. It s also a hard movie to talk about without spoiling.Agreed. So let s talk about the casting, particularly Sterling K. Brown, because he s kind of got the world at his feet, right?Honestly, regarding Sterling, it was literally a dream come true to have him in this movie. I can t imagine anyone else besides Sterling playing this part. I didn t know Sterling s work until The People v. O.J. Simpson and he blew my mind. I ve been following him ever since, but following him as a human being – his interviews, the way he talks. He s a magical human being and a magical presence. It was also crazy when he came on [to the film]. It started with Kelvin and then came Lucas [Hedges], then Alexa [Demie] and Taylor, and then it kept going. The hardest thing was working out Sterling s schedule with This Is Us. We set it up to where we shifted our whole work week. We worked Saturday to Thursday. So he was doing the show in LA during the week, and then he d take a red-eye and fly to Florida to be on set the next day. I remember one day, he was lifting weights, then fighting with his son [Kelvin] that night, and then having this incredibly heavy, emotional scene with his daughter [Taylor] later that day. I don t know how he had the stamina, physical strength, or capacity to do it. He blew my mind. He just showed up as this beautiful man, but then he would get in the zone with his headphones, study the script all day, and then it was like Take one. Done. Call it. He just delivered.This film is semi-autobiographical, but when you cast Kelvin, you had to make adjustments to make it feel authentic. Talk about how you did that.Well, I hope it does feel authentic. I m a freakin white dude, so I can t speak to its authenticity. All I know is there s stuff in it from my past, but I think the larger credit goes to the actors, especially Kelvin. He s like a brother to me, and I wanted to work with him again [after It Comes at Night], and I wanted to give him a great role, because I cut some amazing acting out of the last one. So I sent him the script, and he wanted to be Tyler, so we sort of rebuilt Tyler, Ronald [Brown], and the family from the ground up. I can t speak for Kelvin because he s not here, but it almost feels like a combination of both of us. And a lot of the depth – the father and son stuff – is from Kelvin and his father. His father pushed him like that, but with music. That s why they re my collaborators. I just tried to listen, understand, and talk about it with him, Taylor, Renée [Elise Goldsberry], and Sterling. It was really was a collaboration. That made it what it is, and hopefully, if it feels special, it s because we all came together to built it that way.We also have to talk about Taylor, who plays the sister. She s an incredible discovery. I m so, so, so lucky. We saw an audition tape from our amazing casting director, Avy Kaufman, and it was her. They just got scenes. The first one was like the diner scene, and you couldn t take your eyes off her. There s so much going on internally. She doesn t have to say anything, and I m so compelled. There s a beautiful subtlety in her performance that s an inherent natural thing that an actor either has or they don t. I saw her audition, and she blew my mind. And then she met Lucas, they hit it off, and then that was it. We became a great, big, messy family. But I love that girl. I just hope she shoots off from this, because she deserves it.Let s talk about the awkward love story you gave her. It s just sort of where it naturally went with the writing. I still see the first half as a love story, but it s a relationship at its end. That couple had magnetic energy like combustible balls of fire. They love hard and they fight hard. Then the movie shifts, and it s all about rebirth. In my mind, the greatest tragedy that could happen happens midway through the film. I was crying like a baby writing, shooting, and editing it. It s just sheer devastation. And then, when everyone s at rock bottom, they go through a rebirth and evolve again. I wanted the movie to give you a hug with that second love story. You ve gone through some of the worst stuff in the world, and then it s like, what a difference a day makes. Because love can be the hardest thing in the world and it can be the most beautiful thing.How did you get Frank Ocean to let you use two of his songs? He s very particular about where he licenses his music.I just feel incredibly, incredibly blessed. Frank s one of my favorite living artists. His music, especially Channel Orange, Blonde, and Endless, they kind of changed my life. It s a bit intense. So I wrote a letter, and we sent him the movie, but it s not like I ever talked to Frank. Like, my people sent stuff to his people, so I m assuming he got that stuff. But it was funny because it was going on like a month or two, and I was still editing. I sent him a rough cut of the movie because I edited for a long time, and then his people were like, Yeah, it s not looking good. There are so many songs he won t just sign off on. Maybe you can reduce it to one song. But they came back, You re approved for all the music. You re good. And that s it. Like, I don t know if he watched the movie, read my letter. I don t know anything. I m just so blessed and grateful. I don t know how, but it happened.Finally, you must be the king of the ambiguous title. Krisha, It Comes At Night, now Waves; the narratives of each film are carefully hidden within the titles. So what do you want people to think about when they hear Waves, because the film is not about surfing. [Laughs] No, it s definitely not about surfing. It sounds cheesy, but it s really about highs and lows, the highs and lows of life and of love. There s some ocean stuff in it, but it s really more about the spirit of what the movie is. And that s what I hope people connect with.Waves opens in select theaters this Friday.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

想要得到这个答案,我们不妨先去了解下如今游戏市场的局面。诚然,如今的游戏市场依然是手游、端游、单机三分天下,但并非是三足鼎立的态势,手游这条又粗又壮的大腿,让其位置无法被撼动。 (Photo by Courtesy of A24)Rotten Tomatoes’ “Essentials series will provide an in-depth look at one nominee or potential nominee from each of the major awards categories – the four acting categories, and directing – diving into their highest-rated work from both fans and critics, essential titles from their filmography, and featuring thoughts on their nominated film drawn from an extended interview. THE ACTOR: YOUN YUH-JUNG Unbothered might be the best word to describe Korean actress Youn Yuh-jung s attitude towards her first major American awards campaign. When we chatted with the veteran star, who is Oscar-nominated for her turn as an unconventional and hilarious grandmother in writer/director Lee Issac Chung s Minari, she seemed pleased but mostly unaffected by the Hollywood hype around the film her recent accolades, which total more than 50 awards for her supporting performance.  To tell you the truth, it s not that [different], she said during an extended Zoom chat, periodically pulling on an electric vape pen that would put Leonardo DiCaprio s to shame.  I approached it simply, I am myself a grandmother. It s nothing special. She certainly never saw the awards-season hoopla coming when she signed on to the film.  One of my dearest friends brought me the script – it was so very touching and authentic. After I read it, I called her back and asked, Is this based on a real-life story? She said, Yes. And I said, Okay, I ll do it.' And so it was that she joined the quiet immigrant tale, loosely based on Chung s formative years growing up on a farm in rural Arkansas, about the Yi family, led by father Jacob (Steven Yeun), which journeys from California to the South to pursue the dream of building their own farm. Of her decision to play Soonja – who is not the type of grandma the family s young son (Alan Kim) was expecting – Youn says, The people are what is important to me, not the script, not the fame, and not the money. Then she adds with a laugh: Well, not anymore. THE YOUN YUH-JUNG ESSENTIALS: HOW A CHANCE ENCOUNTER MADE A KOREAN MEGA STAR(Photo by Courtesy of IFC Films)If you ve seen her work in Minari, it s hard to believe that Youn never intended to act; her career began out of a chance encounter. Searching for a part-time job at a train station while studying at Seoul s Hanyang University, she was approached and asked to stand beside someone. He was a famous MC,  Youn recalls.  He asked if I could sit by him and hand presents to the audience. I did, and then they gave me a check for it! So that was great! She was surprised to learn how much could be made as a performer, and the next thing she knew she was going out for auditions. Then, in 1971, she was approached by director Kim Ki-young to star in what would become the second feature of his Housemaid trilogy, which had begun with 1960 s The Housemaid. The film, Woman of Fire, was, like its predecessor, a hit at home and abroad and catapulted Youn into stardom. We never expected anything like what happened. We never expected to have this world reception from the audience. When I took the job, I didn t even know he was a famous director in Korea.    She quickly followed up Woman of Fire with the title role in Jang Hui-bin, playing the infamous concubine for a Korean television mini-series that became a national phenomenon.With such a debut and streak of stellar work over 50 years, she s been dubbed The Korean Meryl Streep, a comparison she humbly rejects as unworthy praise. I wouldn t dare, Youn says. No, no, no. I mean, she s everything! Her art? Her work? No, no, no. But like the chameleon Streep, Youn has also found ways to re-invent herself over several decades, even while revisiting her older work, as she did in the 2010 Housemaid remake, a feat she quickly brushed aside with another joke: I thought that s very nice, me being in [the reboot] – and still being alive. THE COMEBACK: RECORD-BREAKING SERIES AND A DARING FILM ROLEThere was a period when Youn could not be seen on screens – when she immigrated to America in 1975, she took a 10-year hiatus from filmmaking. When she returned to full-time acting in 1985, she quickly racked up an impressive streak of television work, including Hur Jun, about 15th-century royal physician that broke viewership records with nearly 65% of the nation tuning in.Later, in 2002, she got the script for the film that would restart her silver screen work. Her role in Im Sang-soo s award-winning A Good Lawyer s Wife – full of sex and affairs and dysfunction – is the type of part actor s dream to play. Still, the then 50-ish mother of two hesitated at the time because, I wouldn t be dressed most of the film, I thought, I don t want to be half-naked with a bra. She added: But that s why most of the Korean actresses of that age turned down the role. But, to tell you the truth, I was remodeling my house, and I needed to work. Pragmatic and plain-spoken, Youn is practical about her career and its progression. I don t [map it out] ahead of time because planning things is when you know it s not going to be like that. So now I don t plan anything. If something happens, it happens, I will enjoy it; or, if I fail, that s my fault. (Photo by Courtesy of GEM Entertainment)By the time she starred in Actresses in 2009, Youn was once again one of the most recognizable faces in Korean entertainment, and the unscripted dramedy teamed her up with other premiere names of Korean stage and screen, including Kim Min-hee, who starred in Oldboy director Park Chan-wook Park’s period romantic thriller The Handmaiden. In the primarily improvised Actresses, each of the six actresses plays a fictionalized version of themselves as they prepare for a Korean Vogue photo shoot at a studio on Christmas Eve. Despite the pedigree and talent surrounding her, Youn says many of the actors felt uncomfortable with that level of improvisation and self-revelation. That was the first time we d done something like that in Korea, because we were all very famous. Some didn t want to talk about their private life but, as the oldest one, [I have] nothing to lose – so, I talked about my divorce and my private life. It is no wonder she felt okay with the mockumentary premise: A gathering over cocktails between director E J-yong, Youn, and actress Go Hyun-jung – the two actors have been friends for years – had inspired the idea for the movie, with the director wanting to show the public how charming the actresses were in real life. Spending an hour with Youn – even over Zoom and with not a cocktail in sight – we can see where the filmmaker was coming from.FAN FAVORITES: SENSE8, REALITY SHOW YOUN S KITCHEN, AND A SEXY THRILLERThe role that American audiences were most likely to know Youn for, pre-Minari, was in the Netflix series Sense8, which marked her first foray into American television. In the show, created by the Wachowski siblings, Youn played an inmate who helps one of the telepathic sensates escape from prison. She told us she was surprised to learn about the series global cult-like status and the massive internet fan campaign that prompted the streaming giant to approve one final episode to tie up loose ends when it was canceled after just two seasons. I didn t know that it was such a [big deal] until you mentioned it, Youn says. I m not good at the internet, as you could guess.”It was a small part with some big challenges: the very conceit of the show – where certain people on screen are seen in the minds of some characters, but are invisible to others – made the acting very difficult. They were supposed to be invisible to me. It was very distracting while also trying to concentrate on my lines. You wouldn t know that to watch her in the series; Youn s performance as the wise prisoner made a significant impression on fans, even within her limited screen time.Scripted television is not the only place that Youn has made an impression on the small screen; she is also somewhat of a reality TV star with two shows under her belt. A chance meeting with a famed reality show producer allowed her to join the travel show Sisters Over Flowers before she later did Youn s Kitchen, which featured different twists on traditional Korean dishes.(Photo by Courtesy of IFC films. ) The producer very sincerely chased me, but I told him I m not the right person to be in a reality show, Youn says. I m a very frank person. I would be terrible. However, recognizing that the actress s undeniable charisma is the stuff reality shows are made of, he did not take no for an answer. “We kept meeting each other, and then he kept saying You re going to do the show.’ I didn t realize that at the time, but if he wanted somebody, he could get them – and that s a skill. Youn s Kitchen was another success, with the cinema icon peeling back the layers of her life a bit to celebrate with friends and good food.2012 s The Taste of Money, in which she gives a deliciously evil performance as the matriarch of an über-rich family, peeled back the layers even further. A gender-bent twist on the Housemaid story, Money placed Youn s Baek Geum-ok as the domineering leader of the house and the usual female servant character reset as a handsome young male secretary. Dismissed by critics after its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, the steamy thriller raised more than a few eyebrows with its depictions of sex, greed, and corruption, and has gone on to enjoy a cult-like status.Regardless of how critics judged Money, Youn marks it as another memorable moment for different reasons – it again allowed her to be very vulnerable on screen while playing a part typically given to male characters. Yeah, I was getting naked over 60, my goodness, she says. Usually, it is the men who get power and use that for sex, but this time it was me, a woman, and I have to say I liked that. FRESHEST WORK: STEALING SCENES IN CELEBRATED IMMIGRANT TALE, MINARI(Photo by Courtesy of a24)How does Youn feel about the current spotlight on Korean cinema, Korean stories, and – during this awards season – her work and Oscar chances? It s all Bong Joon-ho s fault! she says, laughing as she casts the Oscar-winning Parasite director as the villain who has brought global attention to Korean cinema. I am glad I m not in Korea talking to reporters there, [they] like to count the chickens before they ve hatched. There s pressure on me because people are expecting me to win something. We used to watch the Oscars like they were in another world, but because of him everyone in Korea thinks they are in Hollywood now.” I know things have happened, she went on to say, but this [holding up her Rotten Tomatoes Certified Fresh trophy with a sly smile] is the only actor award that came to me in the mail. (We re glad to know our shipping folks are on it.) When we point out that more hardware is likely coming, she gives a slight shoulder shrug and explains that nothing could ever diminish or amplify her love and connection to the film and those that collaborated with her make it.(Photo by Courtesy of a24)This bond and family-like dynamic carried over to everyone on the Minari crew, but particularly the main cast who, due to the sweltering heat, would often congregate in the set that stood in for the interior of the characters trailer home. The conditions of the shoot were a crucible – this is not a cushy trailer shoot, she says, laughing. You re in the middle of Oklahoma heat. And after one day, I thought I need to go back home. I don t think I should be shooting in America. Luckily, she stayed, in part due to an extended visit from the very friend who handed her the script in the first place – a visit that was something of a mea culpa.When Youn learned Plan B, a company co-founded by Brad Pitt, was producing the project, she figured it could be a lucrative role and inquired about the budget. Her friend relayed the rate in Korean currency, quickly calculating 200 million South Korean won (roughly 5,000), but when she learned her fee would be nowhere near that, she briefly had second thoughts. However, after the friend promised to come visit the set for an extended period of time, the idea of suffering through it seemed more palatable.In thinking back on the shoot now, she is reverential about the experience. I think of my friend sacrificing her vacation to come along with me, about hiding out in the set trailer with Alan, Steven, and Yeri [Han, who plays her daughter] – one of the few locations with ample AC. My friend is an exceptional cook, so every night we gathered at my Airbnb – everyone did – because the food was incredible, and that s how we became a family. With such a foundation behind it, it s no wonder the world – and awards voters – fallen a little bit in love with film and everyone involved, especially the unconventional grandmother at its center.Minari is in theaters and available On Demand now.Download Rotten Tomatoes printable Oscar Ballot; cast your vote in our digital Oscar ballot. On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.


You know within the opening minutes of Apple TV+’s Dickinson that creator Alena Smith and star Hailee Steinfeld aren’t interested in telling a story about your mom and dad’s poet. This Emily Dickinson swears like a sailor (“This is such bulls !” she says when told to fetch water before sunrise while her brother sleeps in); her personal soundtrack is filled out with hip-hop and Billie Eilish; and she’s in the midst of a secret lesbian affair with her best friend, Sue (Ella Hunt). “I truly felt like it was unlike

lol神秘 This Week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering new roles for Zac Efron, Colin Firth, Tom Hardy, and Ellen Page.This WEEK S TOP STORYJOHNNY DEPP TO BE REPLACED IN FANTASTIC BEASTS 3 (Photo by ©2018 Warner Bros.)The news broke on Monday that Johnny Depp lost a libel case in a London courtroom over a newspaper s use of the phrase, wife beater. Within the week, Warner Bros. decided to move forward with their fantasy sequel Fantastic Beasts 3 with a new actor to be cast as the villain wizard Gellert Grindelwald, formerly played by Johnny Depp in Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (Rotten at 36%). Fantastic Beasts 3 actually started filming in the U.K. in September, and was to have continued filming until February, but the role will now be recast with a different actor, and all of the scenes that Depp filmed will be reshot with his replacement. The news came from both Warner Bros. (in a statement that read Johnny Depp will depart the Fantastic Beasts franchise ) and from Depp himself, who posted an image of a typed letter on his official Instagram account. This delay in filming also led today to Warner Bros. rescheduling the Fantastic Beasts 3 release date from November 12, 2021 to sometime in the summer of 2022 (though that may have been an inevitable delay because of the COVID-19 pandemic anyway). Both The Wrap and Collider posted speculative lists today of stars who could possibly replace Johnny Depp as Grindelwald, with only Colin Farrell and Tilda Swinton appearing in both articles.Other Top Headlines1. DOCTOR STRANGE DIRECTOR ANSWERS SPOOKY BLACK PHONE (Photo by Andrew Schwartz/©Screen Gems)Marvel Studios distinguished Doctor Strange from its other previous superhero movies by hiring horror director Scott Derrickson (Sinister, The Exorcism of Emily Rose) incidentally, his replacement on the sequel, Sam Raimi, also has roots in horror. Earlier this year, we learned that Scott Derrickson is expected to direct the long-in-development thriller Bermuda (about the Bermuda Triangle), but that project hasn t started filming yet. Another new project that Scott Derrickson is now attached to direct is Black Phone for Blumhouse Productions and Universal Pictures. Black Phone will be an adaptation of a horror novella by Joe Hill (A.K.A. Stephen King s son), which is reportedly about a dead cinephile, a lonely kid, an eight-foot-tall locust and a man locked in a basement stained with the blood of murdered children. Blumhouse has already started casting Black Phone, starting with Mason Thames (For All Mankind) and 11-year-old child actor Madeleine McGraw (A Christmas Wish, Toy Story 4).2. ZAC EFRON TO BE STUCK IN THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK FOR GOLD(Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)Over the last several years, survival thrillers like All is Lost (Robert Redford), 127 Hours (James Franco), The Shallows (Blake Lively), and Adrift (Shailene Woodley and an unconscious Sam Claflin) have pitted their lead characters against nature and the elements. Zac Efron will soon join the club as he is signed to star in a survival thriller called Gold. Efron will play one of two men who find a huge chunk of gold in the Australian Outback, which leads to Efron s character waiting by the find while the other man leaves to get the equipment necessary to actually plunder the loot, even as he (Efron) has to deal with desert elements, ravenous wild dogs and mysterious intruders, [and] the sinking suspicion that he has been left to die out there alone. Australian filmmaker Anthony Hayes (Animal Kingdom, Certified Fresh at 94%) co-wrote Gold, which he will direct, and in which he will also co-star (it s unclear which role he will be playing). Other roles that Zac Efron has in the works include remakes of both Stephen King s Firestarter and Three Men and a Baby (for Disney+).3. TOM HARDY TO LEAD VIETNAM WAR ENSEMBLE CAST OF THE THINGS THEY CARRIED (Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)The Things They Carried is the title of a 1990 collection of short stories by novelist Tim O Brien that all revolve around the same platoon of soldiers during the Vietnam War, one of which was adapted in 1998 as the Kiefer Sutherland film A Soldier s Sweetheart. Director Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman, Ghost in the Shell) is getting ready to start filming a new movie based on The Things They Carried that will apparently adapt several of the book s stories. We can sort of guess that the end result will be more of an anthology film based on the ensemble cast that was announced this week, which includes Tom Hardy (who s also producing), Tye Sheridan, Pete Davidson, Bill Skarsgård, Moises Arias, Angus Cloud, Stephan James, and Martin Sensmeier. Hardy will likely next be seen in the Marvel sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage (6/25/2021), which will introduce Woody Harrelson as the titular symbiote serial killer Carnage.4. FROZEN CO-STARS TO REUNITE FOR ANOTHER (LIVE-ACTION) MUSICAL (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)Unless you re a Broadway fan, Jonathan Groff might be one of the biggest movie stars of recent years whose face isn t actually recognizable by many fans, because his biggest role was as the voices of Kristoff and Sven in Frozen (Certified Fresh at 90%) and Frozen II (Certified Fresh at 77%), which together have earned over .73 billion dollars worldwide. Groff may be closer to raising his visual profile with the news this week that he will reunite with his Frozen co-star Kristen Bell for another musical, which this time will be live action. Bell and Groff will co-star in Molly and the Moon, written by the creators of the hit CBS sitcom How I Met Your Mother, playing an expectant couple who sing songs to their unborn baby, with the movie then taking us inside the mom s womb (one has to wonder if this part will also be entirely live action) where a little girl in a rowboat sings back at them. The screenwriters were reportedly inspired by a real-life experience with a child born with a rare genetic condition that required post-natal surgery (we don t know yet if that part is a spoiler for Molly and the Moon).5. STEVE COOGAN TO STAR IN WACKY COMEDY ABOUT THE BONES OF K

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