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体育注册娱乐采用百度引擎7(Baidu 8)It looks like the world really is more interesting with Clarice Starling in it.On February 11, CBS will premiere new series Clarice, a psychological horror drama that follows what happened to the FBI Academy’s famed behavioral science expert after the events depicted in author Thomas Harris’ novel, The Silence of the Lambs. Set in 1993 — meant to be a year after the timing of director Jonathan Demme and writer Ted Tally’s film adaptation of that book — fans will see how she is dealing (or not dealing) with the trauma of her experiences with serial killers Dr. Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) and Buffalo Bill (Ted Levine) as she returns to the field to investigate more murders and mayhem.And, because series creators Alex Kurtzman and Jenny Lumet are not concentrating on plots straight from a Harris novel, viewers will also see a different version of Clarice herself — and not just because she’s now being played by Australian actress Rebecca Breeds instead of Jodie Foster’s Academy Award–winning depiction of the FBI officer in Lambs or Julianne Moore’s depiction of her in 2001’s Hannibal.Clarice Season 1 Keyart Exclusive Debut: (Photo by CBS)Click image to open the full-sized poster in a new tab. “The story continues to be told; it continues to evolve,” Breeds told Rotten Tomatoes from the show s filming home base of Toronto after a night of shooting the new series’ seventh episode. “So I need to be able to continue to invent who she is in different scenarios. So I have to pull from what is authentic and what is me, because that s all I can do.”To wit: The poster for the series, which Rotten Tomatoes is exclusively debuting here, is a metamorphosis of the cover associated with Lambs. While Dawn Baillie s art for that movie shows a moth blocking the mouth of Foster’s Clarice, this key art — designed CBS creative marketing team working in collaboration with an ag

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《方舟:生存进化》手游却在国内上线过程中吃尽了版号的苦,其在2018年全球发行(除中国大陆)时正值国内版号收紧,直至今日,该游戏的版号仍未通过。 Netflix’s adaptation of The Umbrella Academy is both a delight and an often-sad look at difficult family lives and the scars of growing up with great expectations. Those expectations are even greater in the series considering that the mysteriously born children adopted by famous adventurer Sir Reginald Hargreeves were raised specifically to hone their extraordinary abilities and eventually save the world. Since the series is based on a comic book with super-powered people, it is reasonable to assume the show will have a few big fights or apocalyptic moments — and maybe some people in super-suits.As it happens, the apocalypse comes courtesy of the least likely of the Hargreeves children: seventh child Vanya (Ellen Page).Debbie DayFinally free of the drugs her father put her on and aware of her potential thanks to the mixed-up plans of Leonard Peabody (John Magaro), she decides to perform a violin solo at her concert with her full powers on display. A similar scene occurs in “The Apocalypse Suite,” the first long-form Umbrella Academy story by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá. But there is one big visual difference between the two versions of the scene: Vanya’s choice of outfit. In the comic book, her super-suit has a more traditional superhero (or supervillain) look — a form-fitting leotard with a black and white violin motif. In the television series, Vanya wears a smart, traditional suit that turns from black to white in the middle of her solo.When Rotten Tomatoes caught up with the cast a few weeks back, both Page and showrunner Steve Blackman shared some thoughts on the decision to reshape Vanya’s most powerful look and the choice to downplay many of the superhero tropes on display in the comic. For Page, that started with Vanya’s switch from the leotard to a suit.“I m tired that women always have to look a specific way, particularly in superhero sorts of things,” she said. “I m just tired of it.”His star wanted to embrace the black and white motif of the comics, but she didn t see herself necessarily in that skin-tight outfit,” Blackman explained. “It didn t feel right for her, so we respected that. We came as close as we could to the graphic novel in terms of sort of having her emotional transformation and this physical transformation. So it s just a different White Violin than the one from the graphic novel.”Page called Blackman and Netflix’s decision to back her idea a “testament” to their good faith and willingness to listen.“I have never worked on something that s of this scale and been able to wear what I want to wear and not have ridiculous, stupid, f ing conversations full of misogyny and homophobia and all kinds of things,” she said.(Photo by Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix)But even beyond Page’s strong feelings about her costume in the finale, the television show scaled down and grounded some of the fantastic imagery artist Bá brought to the comic book. Blackman acknowledged part of the decision comes from purely practical reasons: i.e., Luther’s (Tom Hopper) eight-foot gorilla body from the comics would break the budget.“It was just much harder to do it [that] way,” he explained.Instead, Luther’s body is contained in clothing that still implies the character’s unusual size and strength without requiring constant visual effects (like the Hargreeves butler, Pogo).Co-creator Way said the approach to Luther was “the best change” in terms of realizing Bá’s character designs on screen. But he admitted there was one stumbling block in talking with Blackman about the series: the deletion of the code names.In the comic book, each character is referred to by the number Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore) gave them, the personal names they later adopted, and a superhero identity procured during their days as teen adventurers. Luther, for example, was known as “Spaceboy,” while Klaus (Robert Sheehan) was “Séance” and Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) was known as The Rumor. Way and Bá refer to the characters by these names, while Blackman chose to focus on the personal names.“There was a minute where they would use one of the kids real names, and I was like, ‘Who are they talking about,’ to Gabriel. ‘Oh, he s taking about Spaceboy or he s talking about Séance.’ That took some getting used to on my part,” Way said.(Photo by Netflix)However, the code names could always emerge in a subsequent season, Blackman said. He also noted that there were many times when Bá’s style worked for the series, like the striped shirt Diego (David Castaneda) wears when the family unites to confront Vanya — a direct pull from the artist s character model. He even pointed out Bá’s influence on Klaus’s on-screen look.Way added, “Klaus is a little more kind of rock and roll [in the comic] as opposed to this kind of dry goth he was in the show. There are changes like that, but I think they lend themselves to the way the actors were playing the characters.”Support of the book-to-screen changes is a sentiment definitely shared by the actors.“That s why I was interested in making [Umbrella Academy],” Sheehan said. “It’s much more interesting to show people who are supposedly super, or have these allegedly super abilities, couched in a very normal, familial, dysfunctional context.”(Photo by Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix)And even if the characters trade in a less traditional look through most of the show, superhero iconography — like the domino masks worn by the children — still permeates the show via the flashbacks to the Academy’s heyday. Also, the inclusion of Hazel (Cameron Britton) and Cha-Cha (Mary J. Blige) speaks directly to their comic book appearance in the second long-form Umbrella Academy story, “Dallas.” The duo s masks echo Bá’s design — if slightly scaled-down in stature — while their spirits largely transfer from the page to the screen. It was important to Blackman to bring those characters into the TV version of “The Apocalypse Suite” instead of waiting and adapting “Dallas” as a completely separate story.“You assume you re going to have four years or five years on television in the best of worlds — knock on wood — but I thought if I only have one season, I really wanted Hazel and Cha Cha to be a part of it,” he said of his decision to introduce those characters.(Photo by Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix )The series may downplay the costumes and code names of more conventional superheroes, but the powers of the Academy are never too far from frame. Klaus spends much of the first season reconnecting with his powers while Vanya discovers hers.One character more at odds with her abilities is Allison, whose ability to control minds is framed as a form of child abuse when the story begins. We are told throughout the series that she used her power to get her restless daughter to go to bed. Her husband happened to see it, took their child away from her, and filed for divorce. But when the audience finally sees the moment, it is not presented in a sinister light. As Raver-Lampman explained, the scene gives greater weight to Allison’s suggestion that “any parent who had my power would do the same. “I mean, that is a way of taking a little bit of the grief off of herself and the blame off of herself,” she added. “I think for her, it just was like, ‘I m gonna do it just this one time.’”To Raver-Lampman, Allison s whole struggle stems from the small uses of her power to make her life a little easier.“She got it from her father,” she said. “He was always asking her to use her power to make his life easier.”From there it snowballed it something her ex-husband definitely saw as abuse. The scene may make it a little more innocent and forgivable, but Raver-Lampan finally admitted, “If I caught my spouse doing that to our child, I would never trust them again.”(Photo by Netflix)Of course, trust is a big issue among the Hargreeves, and it remains to be seen if they can build enough of it among each other to prevent the apocalypse — another change from the definitive end of “The Apocalypse Suite.” But as the adaptation of Umbrella Academy proves, deviating from the source can yield spectacular results.The Umbrella Academy season 1 is available to stream on Netflix.

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由于LOL手游的竞技性强,延续了英雄联盟的大地图,人物小,所以对局时长要长的多。而王者荣耀平均时长在十到二十分钟,满足大多数人的娱乐需求。毕竟一般手机游戏玩家并不希望连续占用太长时间,毕竟手游还是以“随时随地”的休闲娱乐为主,不会干扰其他更重要的事情,手机的电量也足矣支撑一场场酣畅淋漓的游戏。体育注册娱乐Children – his own – were also a big part of Prisoners and The Red Road writer Guzikowski’s inspiration for the series.“I have three young sons, and (I was) just thinking about them moving out into this world and their relationship with technology and my own relationship with technology, and just at what point will these things start to overlap, and I won t be able to tell the difference anymore? Where it really becomes part of me and I become a part of it,” Guzikowski said. “A lot of it, I think, came from just my lifelong obsession with science fiction, but I think it was really this idea about raising children in this world of technology. And also, if we were to start a new world somewhere, with all the knowledge of what went wrong on Earth, what would we choose to do? What would we take with us and what would we try and leave behind? And are we even able to make that choice, or are we just stuck in these cycles as human beings?”(Photo by HBO Max)Scott, meanwhile, appreciates some of the good things technology can do – like the efficiency of Zoom in allowing pandemic-era interviews to happen, and the fancy bookcase background we used for our Zoom chat with the director – but points out the old school methods are sometimes still the best for storytelling, even when telling a story about the future.“I draw, and I draw on paper. I film on paper before I get there, because the boards are very specific,” the Alien and The Martian director said. “They re literally drawn like the film, because I can. And I evolve an exercise on paper so I can literally sit on a scene in which I ve drawn and flipped through it, and literally I can see the scene. So right there, you re getting ideas about evolution of where you can go next with this. It s fascinating. Thank God for art school.”Raised By Wolves premieres Thursday, September 3 on HBO Max.

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is still four months away, but with a trailer, Vanity Fair magazine spreads, and a big showing at the D23 expo in August, the film is feeling much closer to release. And the story and characters are starting to come into focus. From early publicity for the film and the new revelations at D23 – WHAT is Rey doing with that red double-bladed lightsaber!? – we already know a decent amount about The Rise of Skywalker, which will conclude the trilogy that began with J.J. Abrams  The Force Awakens in 2015. So let’s take a look at what we know and what it could potentially mean for the finished film. After all, the title itself offers a strange mystery: which Skywalker will rise after all this time?What A Difference A Year Makes(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)Up until Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Star Wars sequels traditionally took place 2-3 years after the preceding film (Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones took place 10 years after Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace). TLJ eschewed the tradition by setting itself shortly after Star Wars: The Force Awakens. As a result, the usual off-screen character building did not occur. This time around, Lucasfilm is making it clear TLJ and The Rise of Skywalker take place further apart from each other; about a year or so. In that time, the Resistance has regrouped with Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) getting accustomed to a leadership role, Finn (John Boyega) dedicating himself to the cause, and Rey (Daisy Ridley) continuing her training in the Jedi arts.And yeah, that last one certainly sounds surprising, doesn’t it?To an extent, all three characters will have a newfound confidence as they’ve come to understand their place in the universe and what it means to fight the First Order. Since this is the final episode of not only the third Star Wars trilogy, but of the nine-film cycle first teased by creator George Lucas in the early 1980s, we’re going to presume they succeed in crushing the First Order and whatever Imperial remnant keeping it reinforced. At the same time, the characters face a greater challenge in helping to found some sort of galactic government which will last more than 20 years before a group aligned with the Dark Side can topple it. How director J.J. Abrams could make that element interesting is anyone’s guess.J.J. Abrams Is Back(Photo by Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection)Although the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy was meant to showcase three different directors as they resolved the Skywalker Saga, The Rise of Skywalker went through a troubled pre-production phase. Jurassic World’s Colin Trevorrow was originally signed to pick up the story after Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi, but shortly before he was set to begin fully developing the film, Lucasfilm fired him. As always, “creative differences” were to blame. The search began anew for someone who could wrap the series up and do it to Lucasfilm’s specifications. And once again, they turned to Abrams, who infamously turned down the opportunity to direct The Force Awakens when it was first given to him.This time around, though, Abrams said he felt a certain freedom to expand beyond Star Wars storytelling grammar into something new. His comments suggest he listened to critics who mentioned The Force Awakens felt a little too much like the original Star Wars. Presumably, this means the series will not end with a rag-tag group of fighter aces launching an attack against a Death Star the size of a solar system. Which isn’t to say the Death Star will be absent from the film. The trailer offered fans a glimpse of wreckage from one of the destroyed Original Trilogy battle stations peacefully resting on an unknown planet.That shot, and Abrams comments, suggests he picked up some of TLJ’s “let’s blow up Star Wars!” attitude, even if the film includes the series  third desert planet.New Planets, New Characters(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)Instead of Tatooine or Jakku, the desert world seen in the first trailer is called Pasanna, which now suggests desert planets are fairly common in the Star Wars galaxy. Another environment to be featured is a planet of ice and snow called Kijimi, where viewers will meet Keri Russel’s scoundrel character Zorri Bliss. At the D23 Walt Disney Studio presentation in August, Russell teased Zorri as “cool and shady,” before adding she is “an old friend of Poe’s.” Make your own guesses about what that means.Other new characters include a new droid called D-0, Richard E. Grant as First Order Allegiant General Pryde, Namoi Ackie as Jannah a character still shrouded in secrecy despite Ackie’s appearance at Star Wars Celebration and the Aki-Aki, inhabitants of Pasanna.The film will also feature the long-delayed debut of the Knights of Ren. Despite getting a big tease in The Force Awakens, the group did very little besides stand in the rain during Rey’s lightsaber flashback. Or was it a flash-forward? Either way, they will be part of her present situation in The Rise of Skywalker. Curiously, though, it is unclear if they will be taking orders from Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) or working to dethrone him as Supreme Leader of the First Order. And considering their absence from the story so far, were they ever really his disciples – as suggested in The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi – or do they serve a older, darker evil. The trailer released during Star Wars Celebration featured the distinctive laugh of Sheev Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid), which leaves us wondering if they are part of his latest phantom menace?(Photo by © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, © Lucasfilm)Taking another look at the environments revealed so far – a desert world and a winter world – you might make the fair assumption The Rise of Skywalker might go to a forest world and complete a tour of classic Star Wars environments. One shot in the trailer even sees Kylo facing off against foes in a patch of dead trees. Some believe the story will take the characters back to the forest moon of Endor, where Palaptine’s first master plan was undone by a Jedi with incomplete training. Considering the film’s position as the grand finale, it seems reasonable to take things back to that first ending. But we’d also like the spirit of new ideas to prevail and see the final conflict take place in a new, as-yet-unrevealed setting.There Will Be Revelations(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)And while the film has to create new locales and characters, it also has to wrap up some longstanding plot threads. Reportedly, the origin of the First Order will be revealed. For those who remember the Thrawn Trilogy of novels or the 1990s Dark Empire comic book series, Palpatine’s involvement in those events seems almost assured. And in Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith, he told Anakin (Hayden Christensen) he was looking for a way to cheat death. Maybe he found it.Meanwhile, the connection Rey seemingly severed with Kylo at the end of The Last Jedi will reportedly turn out to be deeper than that film suggested. Fans of the Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic games already noted the similarity between the characters’ connection and the idea of Force Bonds introduced in those games. Is it possible their bond will yet redeem Kylo and end the misery Palpatine inflicted on the galaxy? Considering the film promises to be the end of the conflict between the Jedi and the Sith going back millennia, we’re willing to bet on it.(Photo by © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, © Lucasfilm)Then again, new material shown at D23 suggests something else. Quick cuts teased a resupplied and reinforced Resistance, a red-eyed C-3PO and, perhaps most disturbingly, Rey brandishing a double-sided red lightsaber. Considering she trained with a staff back on Jakku, the lightsaber variation makes sense. But the red blades suggests the Sith may finally win. Or, perhaps, she will have to fall in order for the Skywalker to rise.Or, it was just an excellent fake-out for the D23 audience. Either way, the final chapter in the Skywalker Saga will not be a simple retelling of Return of the Jedi.Old Friends Return(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)The film will see the return of Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, and Billy Dee Williams in their roles as General Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, and Lando Calrissian. Despite Fisher’s tragic death on December 27, 2016, Lucasfilm resolved to maintain Leia’s existence in the ninth film even before Abrams signed on to direct. Once he did, he recalled scenes cut from The Force Awakens he could use to feature the character in The Rise of Skywalker. At Star Wars Celebration, he said editing her material into a new context felt like working with her again. And at D23, Abrams called Leia “the heart of the story.”Lando, meanwhile, returns to pilot the Millennium Falcon once again after he flew the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy to defeat the Empire in Return of the Jedi. It is unclear why he’s back, but we’re happy to see him no matter the reason.And then there’s Luke. Though the character was seen dying in The Last Jedi, it is important to note the special Force ability allowing certain Jedi to remain conscious entities after the termination of the body. As Yoda put it in The Empire Strikes Back, Force-sensitives are “luminous beings” and not the “crude matter” of a physical form. And as revealed in Revenge of the Sith, Qui-Gon Jinn (Liam Neeson) was the first Jedi to return using this technique. That Luke would return in this manner to train Rey or advise Leia is hardly a surprise. What may be more surprising is the single photo of him released so far: seemingly corporeal, he stands next to R2-D2 amid a field in flames.The notion of a Jedi returning bodily to face the ultimate evil is not the craziest idea ever suggested in a Star Wars story. Early drafts of Return of the Jedi featured Anakin Skywalker returning to his human form to face Darth Vader and the Emperor. This, of course, predates the decision to make Anakin and Vader the same person, but the idea persisted for some time. It never came to pass for Jedi, but perhaps Abrams finally employed the idea for this final Skywalker Saga film.It Will Likely Feature John Williams’ Final Star Wars Film ScoreOffering the film one more sense of finality, composer John Williams stated in 2018 that it would feature his last Star Wars film score. If he truly decides to step down – Williams subsequently agreed to compose a music loop for the Disney Parks’ Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge environments – it will mark the end of an incredible era. Williams’ themes are as indelible as classic lines like “I have a bad feeling about this,” lightsabers, and the jump to hyperspace. Though composers like Kevin Kiner (of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels) and Michael Giacchino (of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story) maintained the musical grammar developed by Williams, every subsequent film from 2019 onward will be different. And should the film truly bring the Skywalker saga to a close, it is all the more fitting that Episode IX be the composer’s final bow.Unless, of course, he’s still with us when Disney breaks down and begins developing of Episode X.Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker opens everywhere on December 20, 2019.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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(Photo by ©Searchlight Pictures)The 2021 Critics Choice Awards just wrapped with Nomadland cementing its frontrunner status in the lead-up to the Oscar nominations with four wins, including Best Picture and Best Director for Chloé Zhao. Carey Mulligan also made a strong move up the field in the currently wide-open Best Actress race with a win tonight for Promising Young Woman, while writer/director Emerald Fennell won Best Original Screenplay for the film.While an interview with a certain pair of royals took place on another channel, the royals of Netflix’s The Crown cleaned up on the TV front: The opulent historical drama was awarded Best Actress, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, and Best Drama. Anya Taylor-Joy followed up her recent Golden Globe win with a win for Best Actress in a Limited Series for her work in The Queen s Gambit, which also won for Best Limited Series.Read on for the full list of Critics Choice Awards winners below.BEST PICTUREDa 5 Bloods Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom Mank MinariNews of the World Nomadland WINNEROne Night in Miami Promising Young Woman Sound of MetalThe Trial of the Chicago 7BEST ACTORBen Affleck   The Way BackRiz Ahmed   Sound of MetalChadwick Boseman   Ma Rainey s Black Bottom WINNERTom Hanks   News of the WorldAnthony Hopkins   The FatherDelroy Lindo   Da 5 BloodsGary Oldman   MankSteven Yeun   MinariBEST ACTRESSViola Davis   Ma Rainey’s Black BottomAndra Day  The United States vs. Billie HolidaySidney Flanigan   Never Rarely Sometimes AlwaysVanessa Kirby   Pieces of a WomanFrances McDormand   NomadlandCarey Mulligan   Promising Young Woman WINNERZendaya   Malcolm MarieBEST SUPPORTING ACTORChadwick Boseman   Da 5 BloodsSacha Baron Cohen   The Trial of the Chicago 7Daniel Kaluuya   Judas and the Black Messiah WINNERBill Murray   On the RocksLeslie Odom, Jr.   One Night in MiamiPaul Raci   Sound of MetalBEST SUPPORTING ACTRESSMaria Bakalova   Borat: Subsequent MovieFilm WINNEREllen Burstyn   Pieces of a WomanGlenn Close   Hillbilly ElegyOlivia Colman   The FatherAmanda Seyfried   MankYuh-Jung Youn   MinariBEST YOUNG ACTOR/ACTRESSRyder Allen   PalmerIbrahima Gueye   The Life AheadAlan Kim   Minari WINNERTalia Ryder   Never Rarely Sometimes AlwaysCaoilinn Springall   The Midnight SkyHelena Zengel   News of the WorldBEST ACTING ENSEMBLEDa 5 Bloods Judas and the Black Messiah Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom Minari One Night in Miami The Trial of the Chicago 7  WINNER BEST DIRECTORLee Isaac Chung  MinariEmerald Fennell  Promising Young WomanDavid Fincher  MankSpike Lee  Da 5 BloodsRegina King  One Night in MiamiAaron Sorkin  The Trial of the Chicago 7Chloé Zhao  Nomadland WINNERBEST ORIGINAL SCREENPLAYLee Isaac Chung – MinariEmerald Fennell – Promising Young Woman  WINNER Jack Fincher – MankEliza Hittman – Never Rarely Sometimes AlwaysDarius Marder Abraham Marder – Sound of MetalAaron Sorkin – The Trial of the Chicago 7BEST ADAPTED SCREENPLAYPaul Greengrass Luke Davies – News of the WorldChristopher Hampton and Florian Zeller – The FatherKemp Powers – One Night in MiamiJon Raymond Kelly Reichardt – First CowRuben Santiago-Hudson – Ma Rainey’s Black BottomChloé Zhao – Nomadland WINNERBEST CINEMATOGRAPHYChristopher Blauvelt – First CowErik Messerschmidt – MankLachlan Milne – Minari*WINNER* Joshua James Richards – Nomadland WINNERNewton Thomas Sigel – Da 5 BloodsHoyte Van Hoytema – TenetDariusz Wolski – News of the WorldBEST PRODUCTION DESIGNCristina Casali, Charlotte Dirickx – The Personal History of David CopperfieldDavid Crank, Elizabeth Keenan – News of the WorldNathan Crowley, Kathy Lucas – TenetDonald Graham Burt, Jan Pascale – Mank WINNERKave Quinn, Stella Fox – EmmaMark Ricker, Karen O’Hara Diana Stoughton – Ma Rainey’s Black BottomBEST EDITINGAlan Baumgarten – The Trial of the Chicago 7 WINNER (tie)Kirk Baxter – MankJennifer Lame – TenetYorgos Lamprinos – The FatherMikkel E. G. Nielsen – Sound of Metal WINNER (tie)Chloé Zhao – NomadlandBEST COSTUME DESIGNAlexandra Byrne – EmmaBina Daigeler – MulanSuzie Harman Robert Worley – The Personal History of David CopperfieldAnn Roth – Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom  WINNER Nancy Steiner – Promising Young WomanTrish Summerville – MankBEST HAIR AND MAKEUPEmmaHillbilly ElegyMa Rainey’s Black Bottom  WINNER MankPromising Young WomanThe United States vs. Billie HolidayBEST VISUAL EFFECTSGreyhound The Invisible Man Mank The Midnight Sky Mulan Tenet WINNER Wonder Woman 1984BEST COMEDYBorat Subsequent MovieFilm The Forty-Year-Old Version The King of Staten Island On the Rocks Palm Springs WINNER The PromBEST FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILMAnother Round Collective La Llorona The Life Ahead Minari WINNER Two of UsBEST SONG Everybody Cries – The Outpost Fight for You – Judas and the Black Messiah Husavik (My Home Town) – Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga Io sì (Seen) – The Life Ahead Speak Now – One Night in Miami WINNER Tigress Tweed – The United States vs. Billie HolidayBEST SCOREAlexandre Desplat – The Midnight SkyLudwig Göransson – TenetJames Newton Howard – News of the WorldEmile Mosseri – MinariTrent Reznor Atticus Ross – MankTrent Reznor Atticus Ross, Jon Batiste – Soul WINNERTELEVISIONBEST DRAMA SERIESBetter Call SaulThe Crown  WINNERThe Good Fight Lovecraft Country The Mandalorian OzarkPerry Mason This Is Us BEST ACTOR IN A DRAMA SERIESJason Bateman – Ozark Sterling K. Brown – This Is Us Jonathan Majors – Lovecraft Country Josh O’Connor – The Crown WINNERBob Odenkirk – Better Call Saul Matthew Rhys – Perry Mason BEST ACTRESS IN A DRAMA SERIESChristine Baranski – The Good FightOlivia Colman – The CrownEmma Corrin – The Crown  WINNERClaire Danes – HomelandLaura Linney – OzarkJurnee Smollett – Lovecraft CountryBEST SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A DRAMA SERIESJonathan Banks – Better Call SaulJustin Hartley – This Is UsJohn Lithgow – Perry MasonTobias Menzies – The CrownTom Pelphrey – OzarkMichael K. Williams – Lovecraft Country  WINNERBEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A DRAMA SERIESGillian Anderson – The Crown  WINNERCynthia Erivo – The OutsiderJulia Garner – Ozark Janet McTeer – OzarkWunmi Mosaku – Lovecraft Country Rhea Seehorn – Better Call Saul BEST COMEDY SERIESBetter Things The Flight Attendant Mom PEN15 Ramy Schitt’s Creek Ted Lasso WINNERWhat We Do in the ShadowsBEST ACTOR IN A COMEDY SERIESHank Azaria – Brockmire Matt Berry – What We Do in the Shadows Nicholas Hoult – The Great Eugene Levy – Schitt’s Creek WINNERJason Sudeikis – Ted Lasso Ramy Youssef – Ramy BEST ACTRESS IN A COMEDY SERIESPamela Adlon – Better Things Christina Applegate – Dead to Me Kaley Cuoco – The Flight Attendant Natasia Demetriou – What We Do in the Shadows Catherine O’Hara – Schitt’s Creek WINNERIssa Rae – Insecure BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A COMEDY SERIESWilliam Fichtner – Mom Harvey Guillén – What We Do in the ShadowsDaniel Levy – Schitt’s Creek  WINNERAlex Newell – Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Mark Proksch – What We Do in the Shadows Andrew Rannells – Black Monday BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS IN A COMEDY SERIESLecy Goranson – The ConnersRita Moreno – One Day at a Time Annie Murphy – Schitt’s Creek Ashley Park – Emily in Paris Jaime Pressly – Mom Hannah Waddingham – Ted Lasso  WINNERBEST LIMITED SERIESI May Destroy YouMrs. America Normal People The Plot Against America The Queen’s Gambit WINNERSmall Axe The UndoingUnorthodoxBEST MOVIE MADE FOR TELEVISIONBad Education  Between the World and Me  The Clark Sisters: First Ladies of Gospel  Hamilton WINNER Sylvie’s Love  What the Constitution Means to Me BEST ACTOR IN A LIMITED SERIES OR MOVIE MADE FOR TELEVISIONJohn Boyega – Small Axe   WINNERHugh Grant – The Undoing Paul Mescal – Normal People Chris Rock – Fargo Mark Ruffalo – I Know This Much is True Morgan Spector – The Plot Against America BEST ACTRESS IN A LIMITED SERIES OR MOVIE MADE FOR TELEVISIONCate Blanchett – Mrs. AmericaMichaela Coel – I May Destroy YouDaisy Edgar-Jones – Normal PeopleShira Haas – UnorthodoxAnya Taylor-Joy – The Queen’s Gambit WINNERTessa Thompson – Sylvie’s LoveBEST SUPPORTING ACTOR IN A LIMITED SERIES OR MOVIE MADE FOR TELEVISIONDaveed Diggs – The Good Lord BirdJoshua Caleb Johnson – The Good Lord Bird Dylan McDermott – HollywoodDonald Sutherland – The Undoing WINNERGlynn Turman – Fargo (FX)John Turturro – The Plot Against America (HBO)BEST ACTRESS IN A LIMITED SERIES OR MOVIE MADE FOR TELEVISIONUzo Aduba – Mrs. America WINNERBetsy Brandt – Soulmates Marielle Heller – The Queen’s Gambit Margo Martindale – Mrs. AmericaWinona Ryder – The Plot Against America Tracey Ullman – Mrs. America BEST TALK SHOWDesus Mero Full Frontal with Samantha BeeThe Kelly Clarkson Show Late Night with Seth Meyers  WINNERThe Late Show with Stephen Colbert Red Table Talk BEST COMEDY SPECIALFortune Feimster: Sweet SaltyHannah Gadsby: Douglas Jerry Seinfeld: 23 Hours to Kill  WINNER (tie)Marc Maron: End Times FunMichelle Buteau: Welcome to Buteaupia WINNER (tie)Patton Oswalt: I Love Everything BEST SHORT FORM SERIESThe Andy Cohen Diaries Better Call Saul: Ethics Training with Kim Wexler WINNERMapleworth Murders Nikki Fre$hReno 911! Tooning Out the News On an Apple device? 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4.12.2 7月喜迎Join us weekly as Rotten Tomatoes reports on what s indie features are streaming. From promising releases by new voices to experimental efforts from storied filmmakers – or perhaps the next indie darling to go the distance for end-of-year accolades – we will break it all down for you here each week.For the foreseeable future, the specialty box office and all theatrical releases will be on hold as we all make efforts to socially distance ourselves and reduce the spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus. With that in mind, we have reshaped our Indie Fresh List to reflect the specialty box office releases that are newly available on streaming services and VOD. This week we have a documentary about a disgraced Silicon Valley CEO, a millennial break-up romantic comedy, and a perfectly timed sci-fi horror film about a young couple trapped in a labyrinthine suburban neighborhood. In our Spotlight section, we call back to a capital punishment drama that features a brilliant performance by Alfre Woodward.Streaming This Weekend
Alien, Ridley Scott again visits the world of artificial life, with equally fascinating and thrilling results. — Grace Randolph, Beyond the TrailerFINAL THOUGHTS?Watching “Raised by Wolves,” you feel a certain gratitude that someone can still make sci-fi projects like this, that creatives can keep tinkering with our thoughts of the future while reflecting modern themes back at us. — Nick Allen, RogerEbert.comIt s a show that throws concept after concept at the wall, though in Scott s seasoned hands, the vast majority of them stick, setting the stage for one of the most interesting sci-fi shows in years To put it simply, Raised By Wolves is peak Ridley Scott. — Siddhant Adlakha, IGN MoviesHands down the most thrilling original sci-fi show in more than a decade. — Meghan O Keefe, Decider
Studio Ghibli is arguably the most recognizable and beloved animated studio outside of Disney/Pixar, one that has proven time and time again that animation is more than just entertainment aimed at kids thanks to critically acclaimed movies that challenge what you can do in the medium. So it s easy to understand, then, that the moment one of the studio s main directors, Hayao Miyazaki decided to retire (the first time), fans around the world began searching for a successor. Rather than a studio, could it be an auteur like Mamoru Hosoda (Summer Wars, Mirai) or Makoto Shinkai (Your Name, Weathering with You)? Would it be a studio founded by former Ghibli employees like Studio Ponoc, makers of 2018 s Mary and the Witch s Flower?It might, in fact, be none of the above. In truth, the animation studio that best captures the magic of Studio Ghibli and the themes they explore, all while carving out an identity and space in the industry of its own, is Cartoon Saloon. The Irish studio founded in 1999 has earned Academy Awards nominations for every single feature film it s produced, and all of them are Certified Fresh at 90% or above on the Tomatometer. Its latest offering, Wolfwalkers, is being called the best animated film of the year by several critics, and it demonstrates why Cartoon Saloon s unique blend of traditional animation and folklore make it the true successor to Studio Ghibli.Their Films Deal with Folklore and Myth(Photo by ©Apple TV+)You don t need to be familiar with yōkai or kodama to appreciate Princess Mononoke, and you certainly don t need to know what a tanuki is in order to enjoy Pom Poko, but with both, you certainly do get the feeling that you re watching a movie that s deeply rooted in Japanese culture. Hayao Miyazaki and the people at Studio Ghibli don t really adapt specific folktales the way Disney does, but they add creatures and beliefs as flavor to deepen the story and the cultural context. My Neighbor Totoro s titular character may not be based on any specific creature of lore, but he is still instantly recognizable as an uniquely Japanese being.The movies of Cartoon Saloon aren t direct adaptations of any particular tales either, but they incorporate folkloric creatures and beliefs. Wolfwalkers takes its central concept from old myths about natives of the Kilkenny region in Ireland being able to transform into wolves while their bodies lie in a sort of trance, while Song of the Sea is about selkies, or humans that could transform into seals. These two movies, as well as the studio s feature debut The Secret of Kells, make up an unofficial trilogy about Irish folklore, using legends and myths to tell fantastical stories about the conflict that arises when belief and tradition are threatened or abandoned.Even if The Secret of Kells and Wolfwalkers are period pieces steeped in important moments of Irish history, there is a universality to their stories. You don t need to know about Oliver Cromwell s conquest of Ireland to understand Wolfwalkers central conflict and how it affects its main character s relationship with her father — who works for Cromwell himself. But it does add some context that grounds the film in a real place and a real moment in time.They Explore Humanity s Relationship with Nature(Photo by Cartoon Saloon)As evident even in their earliest films, a big part of Ghibli movies is the focus on humanity s fragile relationship with the environment and the struggle between nature and industrial progress. Miyazaki s films in particular often explore how technology causes people to drift away from their cultural traditions while factories damage the land they live on. Perhaps the most obvious example of this is Princess Mononoke, a movie all about nature fighting back when humans start burning down forests to expand their towns and their industry.Song of the Sea is partially about a Celtic goddess who threatens to destroy the world, but director Tomm Moore uses that as a starting point to tell a story about what happens when people begin to lose their cultural identity. Like many a Miyazaki film, Song of the Sea depicts the city as an oppressive, dirty place that drowns the freedom of the country and its children as the ones who are best suited carry on the country s cultural heritage while the city s inhabitants forget about it.Wolfwalkers definitely takes some pointers from Princess Mononoke in its central conflict — a group of humans who set out to kill every wolf in the nearby woods — except the nature vs. industry conflict is used as an allegory for the Cromwellian ideal of taming the wild Irish lands and burning down traditions to replace them with English principles. As with Song of the Sea, the distinction between the city and the country informs the visual style as well. Kilkenny and its walls are drawn with geometric rigidity, and it almost resembles a prison as it looms in the background — just like the city cars in Song of the Sea, which only serve to spew black smoke and narrowly avoid hitting innocent children. Meanwhile, the art style of the woods, trees, and wolf of the forest are more sketched-out, with traditional Celtic spiral pattens to show the wolves haven t been tamed, for they represent the real cultural Ireland.Their Visual Styles are Exquisite and Unique(Photo by ©Apple TV+)As a studio grows and its films become more popular, a visual style is bound to emerge. Anyone can recognize Disney s particular trademarks, just as all of Pixar films take on a similar visual language. Studio Ghibli s films are instantly recognizable too, and yet they all feel and look incredibly different from each other. This balance between versatility and recognizability is the key to Cartoon Saloon.The Irish studio s unique visual style appears in every one of their movies, which feel like they belong in a strange sort of multiverse. At a time when CG animation is everywhere, Cartoon Saloon s style feels defiant and stunning, but each of their films feels distinct from one another, as they try to capture the aesthetic of their subject matter. The Secret of Kells feels like an illustrated picture book to mimic the illuminated Christian tome that gives it its name, whereas The Breadwinner looks and feels distinctly like Afghan art, and Wolfwalkers pays homage to the wood-cut illustrations of the 1600s. By now, you know how to recognize a Cartoon Saloon film, but they always manage to offer some surprises, too.They Aren t Afraid of the Dark(Photo by ©Apple TV+)Though animation has a bit of a reputation for being kids entertainment in the West, Studio Ghibli is a perfect example of why this is entirely untrue. Not only do their more kid-friendly movies like Kiki s Delivery Service tackle deeper and darker subjects like depression, but no one would dare call Grave of the Fireflies — a movie about two kids trying to survive in Japan during WWII — a kids movie.Similarly, Cartoon Saloon s movies are certainly entertainment made for broader audiences, but they also often go to darker places. The studio s debut film, The Secret of Kells deals with an incoming Viking invasion, and Song of the Sea s main theme is grief and loss, but they are still stories being told through the eyes of kids. The protagonist of Wolfwalkers is literally hunted by her father at one point, but it s The Breadwinner, the studio s third feature, that best exemplifies their diversity in storytelling. The film follows a young Afghan girl posing as a boy to help her family survive after her father is imprisoned as a dissident by the ruling Taliban. This film is clearly aimed at a slightly older audience — hence its PG-13 rating — as it explores a more mature subject matter in its war-torn world, and even the colors are more naturalistic compared to the rest of the studio s filmography.They Entrust the Future to Children(Photo by ©Apple TV+)It s not only that Cartoon Saloon s movies can get dark, it s that the worlds of the films feel like they re approaching a cataclysmic ending, even as they somehow remain optimistic about the future.A village is threatened by Vikings coming to destroy it; a little girl is engulfed in a war; a sea deity wants to turn the world to stone; the new people in charge want to burn the forest down. There s a sense of urgency and doom looming large over each of Cartoon Saloon s feature films, brought upon by the hubris of man — a theme the studio shares with Ghibli. Hayao Miyazaki s movies in particular often deal with the error of trusting mankind to treat the world with respect. And yet, both studios seem to deeply trust their young protagonists and believe that children are the ones who will save the Earth. Parvana faces horrible, horrible things in The Breadwinner, but in her own small way, she wins in the end. War and evil will continue and people will still reject wolves and nature, but at least the children will be all right and grow up to do incredible things, hopefully with the lessons they ve learned throughout their journeys in both Studio Ghibli s and Cartoon Saloon s films firmly rooted in their hearts.Wolfwalkers debuted on November 13, 2020 and is currently available to stream on Apple TV+.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

Game of Thrones returned for its eighth and final season on Sunday night, picking up more or less precisely where season 7 left off: No time skipping, no flashbacks or flash-forwards, just straightforward storytelling mostly set in a single location: Winterfell, according to Den of Geek critic Ron Hogan. Maybe a few weeks of travel time had passed, but that s about it.While a few critics found the episode lacking in action and momentum, the vast majority were wooed by sentimental references to episodes of yore, long-awaited reunions, and icy introductions, which drove the initial Tomatometer score to the high 90s. The score has since settled closer to 93% — while good overall, making it one of the lowest-rated season premieres of the eight:season 8: 93% Winterfellseason 7:  93% Dragonstoneseason 6:  86% The Red Womanseason 5:  96% The Wars to Comeseason 4: 95% Two Swordsseason 3:  98% Valar Dohaerisseason 2:  100% The North Remembersseason 1:  100% Winter Is Coming(Photo by HBO)Surprised that the return of HBO s powerhouse series scored so high on the Tomatometer (compared to normal TV)? Then check out our All Game of Thrones Episodes, Ranked by Tomatometer  — of more than 60 episodes, only one has turned up Rotten and more than 20 sit comfortably at 100%. Winterfell is currently hovering in the range of the season 7 premiere, Dragonstone. HBO on Monday reported that a record 17.4 million viewers watched the episode, and the premiere marked the largest night of streaming for HBO. The premiere exceeded the previous series high of 16.9 million viewers for the season seven finale and grew by 1 million viewers over the season 7 premiere audience. The network also reported that Sunday s viewing was the most tweeted about episode of Game of Thrones ever with more than five million tweets and 11 million mentions over the weekend.See what critics had to say about the season 8 premiere — Episode 1: "Winterfell" 92% — below.Have we seen these scenes before?(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)There were plenty of callbacks for all the loyal viewers who have stayed the distance; from the little boy running through the crowded Winterfell streets and climbing a tree to see the arriving army led by Jon and the Mother of Dragons to tiny touches like Arya wearing her hair like her late, much lamented father Ned Stark did.— Lucy Mangan, GuardianEpisode one was very much set up with the chess pieces all assembled for the last great game – Jaime Lannister was the final one to show up as he met Bran for the first time since the season one premiere. The encounter between the two served again as another cyclic moment that reiterated the end is nigh.— Neela Debnath, Daily Express (UK)Let s Break Down Those Reunions and Introductions(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)Daenerys and Sansa have problems with each other from the jump. Daenerys tries to be gracious to Sansa when they meet, and Sansa tells her that Winterfell “is yours,” but there’s tension between them  It doesn’t take long before having a “king,” a queen, and the woman in charge of Winterfell all in one room becomes an issue. — Ben Kuchera, PolygonOne of the most interesting reunions was between Tyrion and Sansa Stark as the former husband and wife reminisced. He complimented her but she warned him that he’d grown foolish by trusting Cersei Lannister. — Neela Debnath, Daily Express (UK)In a really lovely scene, Arya and Jon hug it out and compare swords  She then asks Jon to never forget that he is their family, which is the foreboding of what comes later in the episode when Jon finds out the truth about his parents. — Sinead Brennan, RTÉ (Ireland)The biggest takes place in the crypts of Winterfell, when Sam approaches Jon and breaks the news to him of his parentage. Jon’s understandably shell-shocked to learn of his very legitimate claim to the Iron Throne, especially since he’s always been the one who’s least fancied himself a king. There’s also the not-insignificant matter of his blooming romance with Dany, which is about to get infinitely more complicated now that he’s in the loop about not only who he is but what that makes her to him (other than an ideal dragon-riding companion). — Isaac Feldberg, Boston GlobeThere were so many reunions that it s hard to pick my favorite! — Paul Dailly, TV FanaticIs It Sentimental?(Photo by Helen Sloan/HBO)Winterfell plays on the viewer s emotions and sense of history, because the bulk of the episode is characters who have been apart from one another having reunions, all the while the episode s general layout echoes the pilot episode of the series. — Ron Hogan, Den of GeekThe reunions were generally really satisfying and well done; there was warmth, emotion and humour without them ever coming off as too twee. The same cannot be said for the dragon date Jon and Daenerys go on Don’t get me wrong, it was cool to see Jon riding Rhaegal, especially considering his Targaryen bloodline, but it felt a little bit Jasmine and Aladdin and not so much Game of Thrones.— Sinead Brennan, RTÉ (Ireland)As it happens that moment, too, contains a throwback. When the two come across a waterfall, Daenerys says: “We could stay a thousand years. No one would find us.” That is almost verbatim what Ygritte said to Jon in the cave, back in season 3. — Anne Cohen, Refinery29There’s a massive difference between the meaningless banter exchanged between Arya Stark and her old captor, The Hound, and the far more meaningful reunion Arya shares with Jon Snow.— Aaron Riccio, Slant MagazineThe eighth season premiere was, by Westerosian standards, a sedate affair, concentrating largely on retrenchment, and narrowing the scope of the narrative and emotional landscape. This was doubtless disappointing to the many who expected nothing but mighty spectacle all the way down the home straight. — Lucy Mangan, GuardianHow Does It Look?(Photo by HBO)The good news is that HBO seems to have ransacked the Iron Bank, because just about every shot looks beautiful, and while previous seasons often rationed out the effects shots, it seems like everything is on the table visually for this table-setter. — Ben Kuchera, PolygonSome fans might be frustrated by a dialogue-heavy, action-light hour so close to the show’s ultimate finale, but it felt right to allow the characters to breathe before diving back in to the Great War. Thrones is, after all, a show built on drawn-out arcs of power struggle between well-drawn, charismatic characters: they are people first, chess pieces second. — Anna Leszkiewicz, New Statesman[The] dragon ride is, admittedly, a spectacular feat of CGI and injects a bit of whimsy into an episode that needed to march a lot of characters into place in very quick fashion. — Hillary Kelly, New York Magazine/Vulture What Lies Ahead?
(Photo by Andrew Cooper / © Columbia Pictures )Who will win?Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood (2019) 85%Who should win?Once Upon A Time is an audience (and office) favorite, but we’d love to see the HFPA honor one of the two socially conscious comedies in the category. Knives Out, Rian Johnson’s super critically lauded whodunit (97% on the Tomatometer), is so smartly constructed and well acted, it should rise above the “popcorn movie” label to awards contender. And Jojo Rabbit, while divisive, is also treasured by some as a one-of-a-kind blast of audaciousness; it’s also connected hard with fans, with a 95% Audience Score.Best Actress Motion Picture DramaWho will win?Renee Zellweger – Judy (2019) 82%Who should win?Renee Zellweger’s performance as Judy Garland has been hailed as electrifying ever since the Certified Fresh Judy premiered at Telluride, and we’re not going to argue: It’s a gutsy performance and an ideal comeback vehicle for the Oscar-winning Bridget Jones star whose own journey through Hollywood has shades of Garland s. She will and should win, though Charlize Theron, playing her own real-life-figure-with-some-press-issues in Bombshell, also stands a chance.Best Actor Motion Picture Drama(Photo by © Warner Bros.)Who will win?Joaquin Phoenix – Joker (2019) 68%Who should win? Experts are predicting Joaquin Phoenix will dance up the stairs, to the stage, and take out Best Actor – Drama for his deeply committed take on the Clown Prince of Crime. But, we simply can’t look past Adam Driver’s complete annihilation of the screen as one half of a crumbling relationship in Marriage Story for our pick in this category, closely followed by Antonio Banderas’s career-best work in Pedro Almadovar’s Pain and Glory, which nabbed him best actor honors at Cannes.Best Actress Motion Picture Musical or Comedy (Photo by Casi Moss, courtesy of A24)Who will win?Awkwafina – The Farewell (2019) 97%Who should win?The competition is tougher for actresses in the drama category, with most of the Oscar frontrunners parked there for the Golden Globes, leaving Comedy open to The Farewell’s Awkwafina. She’s more than deserving, but so is Emma Thompson, whose stellar work in Late Night – which lost some critical and awards steam in the space between its Sundance debut and mid-year release – we’d love to see recognized. Also, look out for Knives Out’s Ana de Armas, whose wide-eyed but savvier-than-she-seems Marta grounds the much-loved film.Best Actor Motion Picture Musical or Comedy Who will win?Taron Egerton – Rocketman (2019) 89%Who should win? The HFPA loves a Brit, and a rising star, and Taron Egerton gives one of those absolutely-everything performances in Rocketman that will have folks seeing him as more than simply Eggsy from now on. But… we have to go with Eddie Murphy’s career-best work – and what a freaking career! – in Dolemite Is My Name for our in-a-fair-world pick.Best Supporting Actress Motion Picture(Photo by Kristin Callahan/Everett Collection)Who will win?Jennifer Lopez – Hustlers (2019) 87%Who should win? Margot Robbie is completely transformed in Bombshell. Laura Dern out-Renatas herself in her fabulous Marriage Story turn. And Florence Pugh – who isn’t nominated, but should have been – gives us an Amy March for the ages in Little Women. But superstar and mogul J-Lo did more than just remind us she’s a talented actress in Hustlers, she lit up the screen unlike just about anyone else – man, woman, mad Titan – this year. A deserved win.Best Supporting Actor Motion Picture(Photo by © Columbia Pictures)Who will win?Brad Pitt – Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood (2019) 85%Who should win? We could watch Brad do his thing for another three hours (shirt on or off) – he s that good. But for our money, Joe Pesci, back on screens after almost a decade, is just that little bit better in The Irishman. As Russell Bufalino, he s all quiet menace, and steals the show from under (the also excellent) Pacino and De Niro.Best Director Motion Picture(Photo by Dominique Charriau/WireImage)Who will win?Bong Joon-ho – Parasite (2019) 98%Who should win? The Bong Hive – that vocal group of online fans who ve embraced the director with the fervor of an early 2010s One Direction fan – will have reason to celebrate Sunday, and deservedly so. With Parasite, still at 99% on the Tomatometer, Bong Joon-ho did the near-impossible: created a stateside stir with a foreign film. Surprising, thrilling, hilarious – Parasite is not eligible for major film categories, and here is where it will get its justice. Unless, that is, the epicness of The Irishman or technical wizardry of 1917 dazzle the HFPA enough to cause an upset.Best Screenplay Motion PictureWho will win?Marriage Story (2019) 94%Who should win? Hard to argue with Noah Baumbach s deeply personal, beautifully observed, and very, well, wordy divorce tale taking home the prize. But we think Bong Joon-ho s bracing, inventive, and richly allegorical Parasite would be the (slightly) more deserving choice.
This Week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering titles like Avatar 2, Insidious 5, and new roles for Dave Bautista and Jennifer Lopez.This WEEK S TOP STORYJORDAN PEELE PRODUCING PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS REMAKE (Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)One popular sentiment about remakes is that they re more acceptable when the first attempt can clearly be improved upon. In 1991, Wes Craven (in his post-Nightmare on Elm Street, pre-Scream years) directed a creepy movie called The People Under the Stairs (Fresh at 66%), which has its fans, but is hardly remembered as a classic of the genre. One producer who appears to think it would be a worthy candidate for a quality remake is Get Out and Us director Jordan Peele, who is teaming up with Universal Pictures for exactly that. Perhaps not coincidentally, this Sunday also happens to mark the 29th anniversary of the original film s release on November 1, 1991. Another horror remake that Jordan Peele is producing, Candyman, is still awaiting its COVID-19-delayed release date, which is currently tentatively re-scheduled for August 27, 2021, 14 months after its original release date in June.Other Top Headlines1. INSIDIOUS STAR PATRICK WILSON TO MAKE DIRECTORIAL DEBUT WITH FIFTH INSTALLMENT(Photo by ©FilmDistrict courtesy Everett Collection)One common concern for fans of long-running horror franchises is how long their stars will stick around. Insidious may not have been named the scariest movie ever recently like Sinister was (or even The Exorcist, according to our own poll), but the four movies to date have brought in over half a billion dollars worldwide. Insidious star Patrick Wilson will not only be returning for a fifth installment, but he ll also be making his directorial debut with the Blumhouse sequel. Set 10 years after the original Insidious, the central family will now dealing with a big change, as Ty Simpkins character is now going off to college. About taking on the film, Wilson said, I’m honored and thrilled to be at the helm of the next Insidious installment, which will provide an amazing chance to unpack everything the Lamberts went through a decade ago, as well as deal with the consequences of their choices. Although she wasn t mentioned in this week s news, it s presumed that Rose Byrne will also be returning, and Lin Shaye has been in every Insidious film, so she s probably likely to come back as well. In related news, Blumhouse is also teaming up with writer and director John Ridley (writer of 12 Years a Slave, Three Kings) for an untitled project based on an arcticle titled Project Poltergeist, a nonfiction story about a young boy who may have experienced paranormal phenomena in New Jersey housing projects during the 1960s.2. CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND s RACHEL BLOOM TO WRITE *NSYNC SUPERFANS MOVIE (Photo by Scott Everett White/©The CW)After airing on The CW for four seasons, the musical comedy series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (Fresh at 98%) came to end in 2019, but its star and co-creator Rachel Bloom is now getting ready for her next project, and it also has a musical theme. Bloom has signed with Sony Pictures to write a movie about two *NSYNC superfans, based on an idea from *NSYNC member Lance Bass, who s also producing the untitled movie. The movie will be inspired by the true stories of fans Meredith Sandberg and Winter Byington (as described in this Washington Post article titled N Sync or Bust! ) , who spent a summer following the group during their last world tour. Rachel Bloom said about the project, I’m so excited to work on this road trip musical that will explore the nature of early 2000s nostalgia and if the past was, indeed, actually better. Also, I GET TO WORK WITH LANCE BASS! The capital letters were all Bloom s. It s not yet known for sure if Rachel Bloom will also appear in the film (or maybe direct?), or if she s just writing the screenplay.3. FATHER-DAUGHTER DUO ETHAN AND MAYA HAWKE TO STAR IN BEATLEMANIA ROM-COM (Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)For many fans of Ethan Hawke, there may have been a gasp! moment while watching season 3 of Stranger Things, as people realized that the new character Robin was played by Maya Hawke, A.K.A. the daughter of Hawke and Uma Thurman. For her next project, the two Hawkes will be teaming up for a romantic comedy set during the glory days of 1960s Beatlemania called Revolver (as in the title of The Beatles seventh studio album), and the beginning of the band s shift towards more psychedelic sounds.  Maya Hawke will play a Beatlemaniac in Alaska who comes up with a plan to give her virginity to shy Beatles guitarist George Harrison when the band unexpectedly had to land there on June 27, 1966 (which did indeed happen). Revolver will be directed by Andrew Stanton, a long-time Pixar collaborator whose credits include Finding Nemo (Certified Fresh at 99%), WALL-E (Certified Fresh at 95%), Finding Dory (Certified Fresh at 94%), and on the live-action front, John Carter (Rotten at 52%). The press release didn t say for sure whether Ethan Hawke will be playing Maya s dad, but that s probably most likely.4. KATE WINSLET REVEALS HER CRAZY AVATAR 2 UNDERWATER RIG (Photo by Twitter: @officialavatar)Due to various delays (but most obviously and most recently COVID-19), we re still over two years away from the December 16, 2022 release date of James Cameron s sequel Avatar 2 (12/16/2022), which will come out 13 years after the first film. It s worth remembering that two years before Avatar came out, movie fans did know he was working on a movie called Avatar, but we didn t yet know that half the cast would be giant blue deer-people aliens. In that respect, the new set image showing off Kate Winslet filming a scene underwater is ripe for fan speculation. In the image, we can see Winslet wearing something like a cape that extends out past her arms via sticks, which, to this writer, make it look like she will be playing something like an alien stingray creature. Winslet has already spoken out this week about filming those scenes for Avatar 2, saying that she learned to hold her breath for up to seven minutes (for reference, the world record is 24 minutes). Winslet s other Avatar 2 co-stars will include Edie Falco, Michelle Yeoh, Jemaine Clement, and returning cast members from the first movie like Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, and Sigourney Weaver.5. TAIKA WAITITI PRODUCING NATIVE AMERICAN DRAMA FRYBREAD FACE AND ME (Photo by Jasin Boland/©Marvel)In addition to his own films (from Jojo Rabbit to Marvel movies like Thor: Love and Thunder), writer, director, and producer Taika Waititi also made the news this past summer for signing three Maori writers to tell stories of the indigenous peoples of New Zealand. This week, Waititi widened his support of indigenous filmmakers to include Native Americans with a deal to executive produce a drama called Frybread Face and Me (frybread being a staple food for many Native Americans). Written and directed by Native American filmmaker Billy Luther (who is of Navajo, Hopi, and Laguna Pueblo heritage), Frybread Face and Me will tell the story of two adolescent Navajo cousins from different backgrounds who bond over the course of a summer herding sheep on their grandmother’s ranch in Arizona while learning more about their family’s past and themselves. Frybread Face and Me was also one of the projects selected for this year s Sundance Institute Directors and Screenwriters Labs.6. ARMIE HAMMER AND JENNIFER LOPEZ TO CO-STAR IN ACTION COMEDY SHOTGUN WEDDING(Photo by Priscilla Grant, RCF/Everett Collection)Next week, despite the challenges of COVID-19, the American Film Market will indeed take place, and as with most similar events (Sundance, Cannes, etc.), this week we heard about some of the projects that will be presented to investors at the event. Some actors are habitually popular at international film sales events like AFM, and this week, one such actor appeared to be Armie Hammer (The Social Network, The Lone Ranger), who is attached to star in two movies. Hammer and Jennifer Lopez will co-star in the Lionsgate action comedy Shotgun Wedding, about a destination wedding that goes terribly wrong when the entire wedding party is taken hostage. Hammer s other new project this week is the Cold War thriller The Billion Dollar Spy, co-starring Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), based on the true story of a Soviet engineer (Mikkelsen) and his CIA handler (Hammer), and the friendship that the two find together.7. THIS WEEK IN CELEBRITY BIOPICS: RICHARD PRYOR AND ANOTHER B.B. KING MOVIE (Photo by Everett Collection)Last week, this column reported on the news from Wendell Pierce (HBO s The Wire) that he is going to be playing famed blues guitarist B.B. King in a movie called The Thrill is On. This week, B.B. King s estate issued a public statement clarifying that there are actually two movies gearing up based on the life of B.B. King, as there will also be an official biopic (separate from The Thrill is On) expected to start filming in 2021. Instead of being a true biopic, The Thrill is On is now being described as a dramatized version of a real-life friendship story in the spirit of the film Round Midnight (or, more recently, perhaps Green Book). In related news, the long-in-development Richard Pryor biopic got a little closer to actually happening this week as black-ish creator Kenya Barris has signed on with MGM to make his feature film directorial debut based on a screenplay he will also write, following a heated film rights auction. 8. DON T EXPECT SHERLOCK HOLMES 3 OR THE SAINT ANYTIME SOON (Photo by ©Warner Bros. courtesy Everett Collection)The continuing COVID-19 pandemic has slowed down the releases of dozens of movies, and in some cases, it has compelled studios to skip theaters entirely in favor of streaming debuts, like last week s Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm (Certified Fresh at 85%), which dropped on Amazon Prime. In some cases, however, COVID-19 is also causing films to be indefinitely delayed (or cancelled) altogether. This week, director Dexter Fletcher (Rocketman, Eddie the Eagle) revealed that two of the projects to which he was attached are now on indefinite hold because of the pandemic. Those films are the long-in-development sequel Sherlock Holmes 3 (starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law) and the reboot of the gentleman thief franchise The Saint (previously played on TV by Sir Roger Moore and on film by Val Kilmer). Fletcher said that both films are up against the same dilemma, the same issue that we all [have]: How do you get large groups of p
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It s been 25 years since Michael Jordan and his Tune Squad took on the evil Monstars in Space Jam, but we re finally getting a new story with a new GOAT for a new generation of fans in Space Jam: A New Legacy. LeBron James suits up in the modernized update as, well, himself as he is transported to a digital realm ruled by an all-powerful A.I. named Al G. Rhythm (Don Cheadle). In order to free his son (Cedric Joe) and return to the real world, LeBron rallies a team of familiar characters Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Lola Bunny, and more to defeat Al G. s own digitized Goon Squad. Ahead of the film s release, Rotten Tomatoes correspondent Naz Perez chatted with stars Cheadle, Joe, and Sonequa Martin-Green; voice actors Zendaya and Gabriel Iglesias; and director Malcolm D. Lee about why the original cult classic endures to this day, and what it s like to continue its ahem legacy. Plus, the stars reveal who they d put on their own Goon Squad (Iglesias is a superhero fan, Cheadle wants cheaters) and Zendaya explains how similar the movie is to her own life growing up in a basketball family.Space Jam: A New Legacy is in theaters and available to stream on HBO Max on Friday, July 16, 2021. On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News. 在存量阶段的手游市场,只有精品游戏才可能获得玩家和市场的认可。作为腾讯游戏2020年的收官之作,CODM无论是对经典的还原,还是为移动端而做的创新,都足以配得上“3A级枪战手游大作”的称号。

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