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蜀山传奇锁妖塔采用百度引擎3(Baidu 4)This week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Father of the Bride, Hourman, and Puss in Boots: The Last Wish.This WEEK S TOP STORYZACK SNYDER CONFIRMS NO SEQUEL FOR JUSTICE LEAGUE(Photo by Clay Enos/NETFLIX ©2020)This week, years of online campaigning finally resulted in Zack Snyder s Justice League (Fresh at 75%) premiering on HBO Max, allowing fans to see Snyder s intended vision (instead of the version directed by Joss Whedon in 2017). Even so, Zack Snyder s Justice League is something of a superhero curio. Ben Affleck won t be starring in next year s The Batman (Robert Pattinson is), Warner Bros. is rebooting Superman without Henry Cavill, and Ray Fisher is done as Cyborg. To his credit, Snyder has been pretty straightforward this week when asked about the situation, with the gist being that Zack Snyder s Justice League is not to be considered a part of the DCEU canon. Snyder said that the original plan was for this Justice League to be followed by two more films, but now, Warner Bros. hasn’t really expressed any interest in making more movies with me, and that’s 100% fine. I understand.  Snyder may be done with the Justice League, but both The Flash (11/4/2022) (featuring Ben Affleck as Batman) and Wonder Woman 3 remain in active production or development.Other Top Headlines1. BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH TO STAR AS REAL LIFE WAR MAGICIAN (Photo by Jason Smith/Everett Collection)Benedict Cumberbatch first became famous for starring as TV s Sherlock, but in the years since, his most famous role has since become Marvel Studios Doctor Strange (Certified Fresh at 89%), with Cumberbatch now filming the sequel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (3/25/2022). Cumberbatch s Marvel character is obviously fictional, but for his latest project, he will star as a real life British illusionist Japser Maskelyne, who assisted the World War II war effort. The film will be called War Magician, which will be the next project from director Colin Trevorrow after recently wrapping production on Jurassic World: Dominion (6/10/2022). Jasper Maskelyne famously worked with the British military to create large scale illusions to deceive and disrupt the Nazi invasion forces, such as huge balloon tanks to inflate the size of British forces, and hide escape tools like blades or maps in combs and playing cards.2. ANTONIO BANDERAS TO RETURN AS PUSS IN BOOTS NEXT YEAR (Photo by Paramount Pictures)In 2016, DreamWorks Animation was officially acquired by NBC/Universal, which was good news for some projects, but seemed to slow down others, such as the Shrek franchise in general (the most recent Shrek feature film was Shrek Forever After in 2010). This year will also mark the 10th anniversary of the Shrek spinoff Puss in Boots, starring Antonio Banderas as the feline swashbuckler, but Universal confirmed this week that another Puss in Boots will be released by the end of next year (9/23/2022). The title of the sequel will be Puss in Boots: The Last Wish, and Banderas is confirmed to be returning to voice the title character, although no other voice cast have been announced. DreamWorks Animation is also developing a return to the main Shrek franchise, but it appears that Puss in Boots will get his sequel first.3. EZRA MILLER S THE FLASH GAINS A MOM AND LOSES A DAD (Photo by Warner Bros.)If you had four free hours in the last day or so to watch Zack Snyder s Justice League, you may have noticed that the film s cast (as did Joss Whedon s version) included Billy Crudup as Henry Allen, the father of Barry Allen, A.K.A. The Flash. Crudup was also one of the first actors to start negotiations to reprise the role for The Flash (11/4/2022). As it turns out, however, he is now dropping out of The Flash due to scheduling conflicts with his role on the Apple+ drama The Morning Show. It s unclear whether the role will be recast, but at the same time as Crudup is dropping out, Spanish actress Maribel Verdú (Pan s Labyrinth, Y Tu Mama Tambien) has joined the film as Barry Allen s mother. Verdú joins a growing ensemble cast that will also include Ezra Miller (Barry Allen), Kiersey Clemons (Iris West), Ben Affleck (Batman), Michael Keaton (also Batman), and Sasha Calle (Supergirl). The Flash will be directed by Andy Muschietti (IT, Mama), working from a screenplay by Christina Hodson (Birds of Prey, Bumblebee).4. THE TIME IS FINALLY RIGHT FOR GOLDEN AGE SUPERHERO HOURMAN  (Photo by The CW)The timelines and chronologies of comic book superheroes can often be confusing to follow, in no small part because so many of the characters date back over 50 years (or, in some cases, more than 75 years). One way that DC Comics has handled this is through what DC calls legacy characters, in which younger versions of superheroes are introduced over time, resulting in a family of heroes that eventually all have the same superhero name (there have been, for example, almost a dozen different heroes called Starman). One of those DC Comics legacy heroes is Hourman, who was first introduced in 1940 as a hero who acquired superpowers for one hour at a time by taking a drug (which writers later explored in the form of drug addiction). The son of the original Hourman also became Hourman (a version of which currently co-stars on The CW s Stargirl), and in the 1990s, there was a time travelling android called Hourman, too. Despite celebrating his 80th anniversary last year, Hourman has never been in a live-action feature film, but Warner Bros. is now developing a movie that will finally correct that. Warner Bros., DC Films, and Chernin Entertainment are collaborating on a Hourman movie, starting with the hiring of screenwriters Gavin James and Neil Widener, who have also worked together in the past on the (not yet produced) sequels Now You See Me 3 and San Andreas 2. It is not yet known which of the Hourman heroes from the comics will be adapted for the Hourman movie.5. BATGIRL AND ZATANNA BOTH PART OF MYSTERIOUS WB/DC PLANS(Photo by ©Warner Bros. courtesy Everett Collection)Back in December, Disney revealed dozens of new projects during their Disney Investor Day event, with the biggest emphasis being on Disney+ (though not exclusively). Disney s most obvious direct competition is Warner Bros. and DC Comics (as evidenced this week by the close proximity between the streaming premieres of Zack Snyder s Justice League and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier). This week, AT T (the parent company of Warner Bros.) included a tease screen of 24 DC Comics projects currently in production or development, although the presentation did not go into as much detail for each project as Disney s did. That means that there were a few projects that were confirmed without us necessarily knowing what was confirmed. Specifically, the two highest profile projects confirmed this week were Batgirl and Zatanna. This is the biggest Batgirl movie news since 2017, when Joss Whedon had been working on a Batgirl project concurrent to finishing Justice League (though he dropped out of it just a few months later). As for the magical superhero Zatanna, she s come close to making her live-action feature film debut as part of Justice League Dark in the last ten years, but this appears to be a solo Zatanna project. It s also important to note that the presentation did not specify whether Batgirl and Zatanna will be theatrically released Warner Bros. feature films, or whether they might be intended exclusively for HBO Max.  6. ANDY GARCIA TO BE LATINX FATHER OF THE BRIDE (Photo by ©Warner Bros. courtesy Everett Collection)Spencer Tracy and a young Elizabeth Taylor starred as the title characters in the classic 1950 romantic comedy Father of the Bride (Fresh at 90%), which received a Steve Martin-led remake in 1991 (Fresh at 70%) that was itself popular enough to get a sequel in 1995 (Rotten at 50%). Last month, Warner Bros. revealed that the studio is developing another remake with a Latinx focus, and this week, we found out who will be the titular father. That man will be Andy Garcia, who will star as the father of a Cuban-American family, with Garcia also serving as executive producer. It sounds like Warner Bros. is fast-tracking Father of the Bride, so we should hear about more casting for other members of the family soon.7. YOUNG ROYALS FROM BLACK PANTHER AND THE CROWN JOIN PROVISION (Photo by Elizabeth Goodenough, Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)This may be a total (or near total) coincidence, but Letitia Wright played a Wakandan princess in Black Panther, and Josh O Connor starred in seasons 3 and 4 of Netflix s The Crown as the young Prince Charles, and now, they re both signed to star in the same movie. Wright and O Connor have both signed to star in the Irish drama Provision, which will depict the harrowing immigration process in Ireland. Wright will play a a young African woman fleeing persecution who ends up spending over two years in Ireland’s asylum system who befriends a security guard played by O Connor.8. DANIEL RADCLIFFE JOURNEYING TO SANDRA BULLOCK S LOST CITY OF D (Photo by Jaap Buitendijk/Warner Bros.)Like many of his Harry Potter costars, Daniel Radcliffe has spent most of his post-Potterverse career focusing on more indie projects (such as Swiss Army Man, in which he played a superpowered corpse), often in roles that are more ambiguous than his strictly heroic turn as Harry Potter. This week, Radcliffe signed on to star as the main villain in Paramount Pictures romantic adventure Lost City of D, starring Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. The premise of Lost City of D sounds a lot like the 1980s classic Romancing the Stone, as Sandra Bullock will play a romance novelist who gets kidnapped (or targeted for kidnapping) alongside the model (Channing Tatum) who poses on her book covers.9. JAMIE FOXX AND JAIME LANNISTER KNOW GOD IS A BULLET (Photo by Priscilla Grant, JA/Everett Collection)Perhaps it s an example of apophenia, but sometimes, the coincidences in casting announcements can be hard not to notice. For example, Jamie Foxx s new co-star in the action thriller God Is a Bullet is Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who is most famous for playing Jaime Lannister in HBO s Game of Thrones (the slight spelling difference between Jamie and Jaime notwithstanding). Foxx and Coster-Waldau will be leading an ensemble cast that will also include January Jones (Mad Men), Maika Monroe (It Follows), and Andrew Dice Clay. Written and directed by Nick Cassavetes (The Notebook, John Q), God Is a Bullet will tell the story of a detective (Coster-Waldrau) whose family is murdered by a Satanic cult, which leads him to quit the force to infiltrate the cult, aided by the only woman (Maika Monroe) to ever escape it. Incidentally, Nick Cassavetes father John Cassavetes himself starred in one of the most famous movies ever about a Satanic cult, Rosemary s Baby (Certified Fresh at 96%).On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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时至今日,综合各个方面的情况来看,小编依旧对于LOL手游的未来持一个悲观的态度。玩家们现在最为关心的就是国服什么时候能够上线,但是官方一直对于这个问题模棱两可。一次次的测试,问题还是一大堆,如果再这么拖下去,或许还没上线LOL手游在国服就将彻底凉凉了。 At a time when movie theaters are shuttered, Netflix delivers blockbuster action with Extraction, the feature directorial debut of Avengers: Endgame stunt supervisor Sam Hargrave. The movie is scripted by Endgame co-director Joe Russo and produced by him and his filmmaking partner brother Anthony while Marvel’s Thor, Chris Hemsworth, leads the nearly non-stop fight sequences as a mercenary rescuing a drug lord’s son. Early reviews are mixed, but almost every one highlights a single, lengthy one-take set piece that’s worth the price of subscription.Here’s what critics are saying about Extraction:Will action movie fans enjoy it?If you’re a fan of action films like John Wick, Atomic Blonde, or The Raid then you’ll be more than pleased with Extraction.  Matt Rodriguez, ShakefireThe constant, spectacular violence [doesn’t] quite rival John Wick’s mirror games or murder-by-library book for creativity but nearly make up for it in casual brutality.  Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment WeeklyExtraction exhibits an ingenious, sometimes amusingly irreverent approach to action… and it features the most enjoyable scene of a grown man beating up children since Bad Santa.  Emma Simmonds, The ListThis has all the momentum and kinetic violence of a Bourne movie.  Edward Douglas, The Weekend WarriorWhat actually sets the film apart from other mainstream action movies is the sadistic gnarliness of the violence, which appears heavily inspired by Indonesian action flicks.  Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, AV Club[The action scenes] will be hard to top this year, even if blockbusters were coming out as normal.  Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyHow is that one action sequence everyone s talking about?It s a breathtaking and relentless showcase of craft and skill, made all the more impressive by it being done largely in camera with minimal CGI. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyIt’s an impressive logistical achievement of blocking, framing, camera movement, choreography, and, yes editing. Matt Singer, ScreenCrushWould surely have sent a packed house into rapturous applause had the film been released in theaters… Viewers at home might unleash a silent cheer. Rohan Naahar, Hindustan TimesIt’s an impressive feat, but — like much of this steroidal misfire — the shot is too enthralled by its own capacity for violence to have any real fun with it. David Ehrlich, IndieWireWhile the choreography does a good job of making Hemsworth look like a badass killer, it’s painfully repetitive — a lot of AK fire, defenestration, and knifing. Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, AV ClubWe’ve now reached the point where we need to march these long takes behind the back of the barn and put one in the brain. David Jenkins, Little White Lies(Photo by Jasin Boland/Netflix)How does the movie look?Hargrave blocks and shoots the altercations in such a way that audiences can quickly read what’s happening. Rake fights dirty, but the coverage is clean, emphasizing what an efficient improviser he is in the moment. Peter Debruge, VarietyIt’s a good thing the film’s geography is so dynamic, because most scenes in Extraction are only differentiated by how people die. David Ehrlich, IndieWireBathed in a sickly yellow filter from beginning to end, Extraction is often as ugly as its subject matter. Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmDhaka is made to look suitably anonymous, and the only visual signpost that we’re in Bangladesh is that everything is shot through urine-tinged filters. David Jenkins, Little White LiesHow is Sam Hargrave s directing?Hargrave has a gift for directing… Frankly, nothing about Extraction looks like a first-time feature. Douglas Davidson, Elements of MadnessHargrave knows to preserve the bodily integrity of his actors and stunt performers, rather than cutting every movement into bits. Pat Brown, Slant MagazineAs a director, Hargrave shows more proficiency than personality in the action set pieces, though they are still preferable to the dialogue scenes. Ignatiy Vishnevetsky, AV ClubHe knows how to craft a strong action scene. The problem is finding a synergy between the action and the story that comes in between, which is where Extraction continually comes up short. Matthew Passantino, Big Picture Big Sound(Photo by Jasin Boland/Netflix)How about the script?In addition to being a spectacular action film, Extraction also happens to be a well-written drama as well. Rohan Naahar, Hindustan TimesThe plot feels like reheated leftovers from a hundred other movies about sullen warriors seeking redemption. Matt Singer, ScreenCrushExtraction does get a little bogged down by its story… Regardless, the story is ancillary to the action, which Extraction more than delivers on. Matt Rodriguez, ShakefireThe premise is pretty thin… Still, Extraction is about 90% action, so if the drama doesn’t work, you’re still left with a lot that does. Chris Bumbray, JoBlo s Movie EmporiumIs it a big departure for the Russos?It’s fitting that so many Marvel people are involved because Rake is a nearly unstoppable one man army and while there are no superpowers, he practically is superhuman. Matt Rodriguez, ShakefireThis may be the closest you ll get to super-heroics for a while and it s a pretty solid substitute. Emma Simmonds, The ListThe hyperbolically skilled soldier who brutalizes dozens of ragtag gangsters in a rundown apartment building essentially performs the same feats as the superhero dispatching hundreds of CG creatures in a crumbling city—and is borne no less of childish fantasies about the order of the world. Pat Brown, Slant MagazineJoe Russo’s screenplay is lean, but the manner in which the plot is structured streamlined yet brimming with backstory feels both classic and very comic booky. Rohan Naahar, Hindustan Times(Photo by Jasin Boland/Netflix)How is Chris Hemsworth?Hemsworth proves he can grimace while double-tapping assault rifles with the best of them. Pat Brown, Slant MagazineHonestly, of the performances we’ve seen from Hemsworth, this might be his best. Douglas Davidson, Elements of MadnessHemsworth has clearly found his stride as an action hero when not playing Thor… I definitely like Hemsworth more as an actor than others who may have played this sort of role, such as Bruce Willis or Jason Statham, etc. Edward Douglas, The Weekend WarriorWhile Extraction certainly takes advantage of Hemsworth’s godlike physique, it wastes the boyish charm that made his presence in Thor: Ragnarok and Ghostbusters so likable. Clarisse Loughrey, IndependentIt s just fun to see Hemsworth dropping F-bombs and taking part in brutal action that would never been seen in the MCU. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyAre there any other standouts in the cast?The supporting cast is unusually strong… I was really impressed with Bollywood star Randeep Hooda. Chris Bumbray, JoBlo s Movie EmporiumRudhraksh Jaiswal impresses as Ovi in his first major role and Randeep Hooda gives all he’s got as Saju, a character who’s put through the wringer more than any other. Patrick Cremona, Radio TimesGolshifteh Farahani brings the briefest moments of female energy as Tyler’s levelheaded handler. Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment WeeklyDavid Harbour shows up as one of Tyler’s old buddies and makes the most of an extremely limited role. We’ve seen Harbour play this type of character before, but he’s still fun to watch. Chris Evangelista, Slashfilm(Photo by Jasin Boland/Netflix)What are the film s major issues?It’s a vision of foreign brutality treated as wholly interchangeable, without the weight of political or social consciousness. Clarisse Loughrey, IndependentIt would be wrong to call this film nihilistic, but it’s also so unconcerned with collateral damage that it begins to border on irresponsible. Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmIs it a worthy substitute for going to the movies right now?Without question, Extraction is the theatrical experience audiences have longed for since cinemas shut down, and it’s available right in their homes. Douglas Davidson, Elements of MadnessEvery bit as entertaining as the equivalent pyrotechnic offering from a theatrical motion picture studio might have been. Peter Debruge, VarietyIt s that rare Netflix movie where you really wish you could have seen it on the big screen as it s blockbuster-level action. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyI would have loved to see this on the big screen… It’s just so much more fun seeing movies like this one with an audience. Edward Douglas, The Weekend WarriorWould I recommend someone pay to see Extraction in a movie theater? Probably not… Netflix offers you the ability to really savor that one great action sequence. Matt Singer, ScreenCrushExtraction premieres on Netflix on Friday, April 24.

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Breakthrough (2019) 63% Faith-based movies are being made and released more frequently than ever, but they rarely come with the kind of mainstream-friendly cast that Breakthrough boasts, and you can go a long way when you ve got solid, experienced performers on board. Chrissy Metz (This Is Us) and Josh Lucas play Joyce and Brian Smith, adoptive parents to John (Marcel Ruiz), a 14-year-old from Guatemala. They re also Evangelical Christians, so when John falls into a coma after suffering a near-death drowning accident, they set about praying for his recovery alongside their community, who has rallied around them. The film is based on a true story, and inspirational Christian movies never end sadly, so you can guess how everything turns out, but critics don t entirely seem to mind. They say the story is appropriately uplifting and the cast, which includes Mike Colter (Luke Cage), Topher Grace, and Dennis Haysbert, all put in strong work. It s all a little predictable, and it s not especially nuanced, but the right performances from a capable cast can do a lot to make up for some narrative and thematic shortcomings.

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7.99.8 9月喜迎Gerard Butler’s Has Fallen series is still bringing the action crowds: Angel Has Fallen s .25 million debut is a virtual dead match for previous entry London s .6 million opening. But with Angel the most expensive film in the franchise yet, financiers are also going to be hoping for some hefty international bucks.King of the Crop: I’ve Fallen, But Can Still Get Up To #1(Photo by Simon Varsano / © Lionsgate / courtesy Everett Collection)Angel Has Fallen has gotten into the positive side of Butler’s box office history with a .25 million start, but will it have enough in the tank to recoup its million budget? Olympus Has Fallen was the highest-grossing domestically of the series with .92 million. But it only grossed .34 million overseas resulting in the million production coming up in the red. London Has Fallen dipped at home with just .5 million, but more than doubled the international haul of the first film with 3.23 million. Hence, the green light for Angel.With 39% on the Tomatometer, the movie ranks somewhere in the middle critically for Butler. Compare it to previous entries: 49% and 26%, respectively. This for an actor who has never top-lined a film registering higher than 60%, achieved by RocknRolla and 300 both. With March openings, the Fallen films grossed multiples of 3.25 and 2.88 over their opening weekends. August box office history suggests that should decrease even more, marking Angel for somewhere around a million domestic total, leaving international the duty of making up the rest to the tune of 2 million to match London. Top 10 and Beyond: A Mild Time At The Movies(Photo by Eric Zachanowich/ TM & copyright © Fox Searchlight Pictures)Last week’s top film, Good Boys, which many were expecting to repeat, dropped 45% to .7 million. That puts it at .05 million after 10 days, which puts it about right in line with a more kid-appropriate August release in David Lowery’s remake of Disney’s Pete’s Dragon, which finished with over million. Universal’s primary cash cow, the Fast Furious series, may be showing signs of wear and tear in the U.S., but Hobbs Shaw just opened in China to the tune of 0 million this weekend. That brings its global total to over 8 million – the 8th highest of 2019. Its 7 million at home is still one of the lower bars of the series.Fox Searchlight’s Ready or Not had a lot of support from critics this week (Certified Fresh at 87% on Tomatometer) and many were hoping it would have opened stronger than it did: .55 million over the weekend and .57 million since its debut on Wednesday. That gives Ready a first final estimate between million and million. Not terrible for the million-budgeted film, but additional advertising costs may keep it in the red if word-of-mouth cannot boost its total further.Sony is not just feeling the brunt of anger from Marvel fans this week, but the belated realization that animated films and August do not mix. The latest example is The Angry Birds Movie 2, which is now up to just .09 million after 13 days. The film is currently 7 million behind the global gross of the first film, which in scale is on par with The Secret Life of Pets 2 doing 0 million less than its predecessor. Disney’s The Lion King, on the other hand, is now the 14th film ever to cross the half-billion line domestically and the 9th film to pass .508 billion globally. It needs just over million dollars outside the U.S. to become just the 9th film in history to surpass the billion mark exclusively with international dollars.Rounding out the top 10, Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood is now over 2 million and has surpassed Inglourious Basterds to become his second highest-grossing film, behind Django Unchained. Along with Jordan Peele’s Us, it is one of only two 2019 original projects to break 0 million. Scary Stories To Tell in the Dark joined the million club this weekend. Dora and the Lost City of Gold is headed to join that club too, but not much beyond that.We continue to monitor films from the festival circuit as this week Roadside’s The Peanut Butter Falcon, which debuted at SXSW this year, expanded in its third weekend from 49 to 991 theaters and grossed million for a total of .7 million. Last week’s 90%-Tomatometer opener from Sundance, Blinded by the Light, dropped 52% for a .1 million second week haul, bringing its total to .2 million. Neon continued to expand its 93%-approved drama, Luce, into another 102 theaters (for a total of 160), bringing its total to 4,182. Finally there is A24’s The Farewell, which lost a small handful of screens this weekend and grossed another 4,000, bringing its total to .47 million.This Time Last Year: Asians Continues Crazy Rich Domination(Photo by Sanja Bucko/Warner Bros.)Crazy Rich Asians won handily for a second straight week, dropping just 6.4% from the previous weekend and earning another .8 million. The Meg maintained its second place status with .8 million. The best of the new challengers was Melissa McCarthy and the puppets in The Happytime Murders, which opened to .5 million, which is million more than McCarthy’s ensemble film The Kitchen grossed this month. The mechanical dog film, A.X.L., opened to just .79 million. And among limited releases, the remake of Papillon made .09 million in 544 theaters, but Sundance success Searching (Certified Fresh at 92%) would turn out to be the one to keep an eye on after 8,769 in just 9 theaters. The top ten films grossed .55 million and averaged 56.3% on the Tomatometer. This year’s top 10 grossed an estimated .60 Million and averaged 68.5%.On the Vine: Don’t Let Go and Saaho To Open Over Lackluster Holiday Weekend(Photo by Blumhouse)We hit the calm before the storm that will be It: Chapter Two on September 6. But for Labor Day weekend, Hollywood is going old-school in releasing, well, not much. Don’t Let Go, which premiered under the title Relive at Sundance in January, follows David Oyelowo s character on a Frequency-like murder mystery that did not impress the press at the festival this year. It currently stands at 47% on the Tomatometer. The lackluster numbers could then indeed open the door for Bollywood action thriller, Saaho, to find a spot in the top 10 as no film is likely to dominate over the holiday weekend.The Full Top 10: August 23-25Angel Has Fallen (2019) 39% – .25 million (.25 million total)Good Boys (2019) 80% – .75 million (.05 million total)Overcomer (2019) 56% – .20 million (.20 million total)The Lion King (2019) 52% –  .15 million (0.63 million total)Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw (2019) 67% .14 million (7.70 million total)Ready or Not (2019) 88% .55 million (.57 million total)The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019) 73% – .36 million (.09 million total)Scary Stories (2018) 83% – .00 million (.48 million total)Dora and the Lost City of Gold (2019) 85% – .20 million (.09 million total)Once Upon a Time... In Hollywood (2019) 85% – .00 million (3.18 million total)
As more and more people are compelled to practice social distancing and encouraged to stay home, as movie theaters temporarily shutter their doors, and as studios continue to pull their scheduled 2020 films off the release calendar, we ve decided to reformat the Critics Consensus column to focus on titles that are newly available on the home entertainment market. With that in mind, our list of digital and streming new releases this week includes a political satire written and directed by Jon Stewart, a big man/little girl comedy, and a musical spoof. See below for details.
Fresh news, everyone: A very Rotten book is on the way.We re super excited to announce that this October we will release our first ever book, Rotten Movies We Love. The book, published by Running Press, will feature 101 movies with Rotten Tomatometer scores that we love regardless. (Because we – just like you – still can t believe Step Brothers is Rotten.)We go to bat for the splat-worthy movies in Rotten Movies We Love for a variety of reasons. The movies might be:Audience favorites that bombed with critics – like Space Jam and Bad BoysSci-fi curiosities so bad they re awesome – like Masters of the Universe and ZardozCult classics the critics didn t see coming – like The Last Dragon, The Craft, and MacGruberUnderrated gems that have aged very well – like Jennifer s Body, Event Horizon, and The Cable GuySequels worth a second look – like Rocky IV, Return to Oz, and Home Alone 2The majority of films have been chosen by the editors of Rotten Tomatoes, but the book also features essays from some great Tomatometer-approved critics whose work we ve long admired, including Leonard Maltin, Empire magazine editor-in-chief Terri White, Vanity Fair writer K. Austin Collins, Monica Castillo, and many more.The book is available from October 8, 2019, and you can find out more info and preorder it here.Think you know which lovable Rotten movies are going to be featured in the book? Let us know in the comments below.

Subscribers of HBO MAX get two Seth Rogens for the price of one with the streaming service’s first original feature, An American Pickle. Rogen stars as a Jewish immigrant in 1919 who winds up thrust forward a century into modern America, where he meets his great-great-grandson — also played by Rogen. The one-man, two-character comedy is receiving mostly positive reviews, which highlight a sentimentality over hilarity as well as a surprising performance from its lead in his dual roles.Here’s what critics are saying about An American Pickle:Does HBO Max have its first hit on its hands?It marks an auspicious beginning and is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.  Pete Hammond, DeadlineAn American Pickle is an absolutely brilliant two-hander… it’s exactly what we need right now.  Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionIn a time when we can all use a good laugh, An American Pickle very much delivers.  Eric Eisenberg, Cinema BlendEven premiering on HBO Max, it feels awfully inconsequential, like an ambitious Funny or Die sketch.  Matt Singer, ScreenCrush(Photo by HBO Max)How is Seth Rogen?This dual performance is the best, purest thing he s ever done as an artist, in front of or behind the camera. Matt Zoller Seitz, RogerEbert.comAn American Pickle features what may be the most mature performance we’ve seen from Seth Rogen in a while. Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the MoviesThe most exciting part of this pickle is Rogen s breaking of his manchild mold to explore roles more challenging, rich, and uniquely funny. Kristy Puchko, IGNAn American Pickle gets by on the strength (or make that strengths) of Rogen’s performance. Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmRogen is so adept at breathing depth into two distinct roles. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterBoth roles ultimately demand a lot from Rogen, and he is exceptional. Eric Eisenberg, Cinema BlendSo two Seth Rogens isn t too much Seth Rogen?I was expecting something along the lines of Adam Sandler in Jack and Jill, but what I got instead is reminiscent of Nic Cage in Adaptation. Rendy Jones, Rendy ReviewsThe movie trickery, laid on with extensive CGI effects, is impressive, aided immeasurably by Rogen in top form on both accounts. Pete Hammond, DeadlineWhile the premise is promising, the execution aches from the growing pains of Rogen s shifting persona. Kristy Puchko, IGN(Photo by HBO Max)Is it funny?It’s not laugh-out-loud funny; it’s folksy funny. Michael Roffman, Consequence of SoundAn American Pickle is more interesting than laugh-out-loud hilarious. Mike Ryan, Uproxx[It’s] a comedy too contrived to be convincing and too formulaic to be funny. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyThere are some scattered laughs but it s not particularly funny. Brian Truitt, USA TodayAn American Pickle lacks the focus to be hilarious or emotional. Instead, it’s a frustrating, ramshackle affair. Matt Goldberg, ColliderDoes it hold particular appeal if you re Jewish?An American Pickle is most certainly the type of film that will appeal more so to Jewish viewers than a broad comedy audience. Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the MoviesThe humor is for the most part genuinely funny, and even doubly funny if you share in the Jewish references. Gabriella Geisinger, Digital Spy(Photo by HBO Max)Is this a more sentimental affair?There’s a lot of heart behind the picture’s sentiments about familial honor, work ethic and religious heritage. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionAn American Pickle uses arguably the dumbest concept imaginable to tell a surprisingly tender story. Brandon Katz, ObserverThere’s an undeniable and lovely sweetness at play in this film; a type of warmth and acceptance that helps elevate the entire package. Chris Evangelista, SlashfilmAn American Pickle is swift and nimble enough to avoid weighing itself down with schmaltz. A.O. Scott, New York TimesIts soulful sweetness outweighs its flaws. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterAn American Pickle premieres on HBO Max on Thursday, August 6.
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PRE-ORDER YOUR COPY OF THE ULTIMATE BINGE GUIDE NOW!So… much… damn… TV. Where… do… I… even… start? Ugh, fine… I guess I’ll just re-watch The Office again.World, we hear you. Call it the Golden Age of Television, the era of Peak TV, or any other grandiose-sounding thing, it is a moment of intense delight for the TV fan – all those awesome shows – but also, frequently, intense struggle. Because, well: all those awesome shows!We’re here to help. For more than two decades now, our trusty Tomatometer and Audience Scores have been there for you when choosing what to watch at the movies and at home; now, we’re continuing that mission with a brand-new book that will help you move through our saturated TV and streaming world like a Fresh-focused ninja. (And it will look very pretty on your coffee table, too.)The Ultimate Binge Guide is just that: a bingeable bucket list of the shows you need to see before you die. They’re the best shows; the most influential shows; the funniest and scariest and most tear-jerkiest shows; the game-changers and classics; and the shows that broke molds and pushed the form forward.They’re the shows you need to watch – period.The guide is broken down into 10 sections that speak to the genres of the series featured as well as their place in TV history. Each recommendation comes with a sharp and insightful write-up from a member of the Rotten Tomatoes editorial team and other great writers that explains why it’s a must-see; a select few get the deep-dive treatment. (Want to know, in delightful detail, how The Boys is revolutionizing superhero TV? We got you.)Our chapters include:Classics That Made the Molds (And Those That Broke Them):​ The Jeffersons, All in the Family, Sanford and Son, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Get Smart, Cheers, Golden Girls, Happy Days…Tony, Walt, Don, and the Antiheroes We Loved and Hated​:  Oz, Mad Men, The Sopranos, Breaking Bad, The Americans, Peaky Blinders, Ozark, The Shield, Boardwalk Empire, How To Get Away With Murder…Game-Changing Sitcoms and the Kings and Queens of Cringe:  Insecure, Community, 30 Rock, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Fleabag, Black-ish, Party Down, Veep, Catastrophe, Fresh Off the Boat, Tim and Eric, Schitt s Creek, Better Things, It s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Pen15, Freaks and Geeks, Broad City, Black Lady Sketch Show…Grown-Up Genre:  Buffy The Vampire Slayer, The X-Files, Battlestar Galactica, The Expanse, Supernatural, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Star Trek, Watchmen, The Witcher, Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, Westworld, Doctor Who…Mysteries and Mindf–ks:  Twin Peaks, Lost, Sense8, Mr. Robot, Broadchurch, The Leftovers, Fargo, Top of the Lake, Killing Eve, Wilfred, True Detective, Hannibal, Mindhunter…Reality TV and Docuseries That Captured the Zeitgeist: The Last Dance, Making A Murderer, Planet Earth, RuPaul s Drag Race, Wild Wild Country, Queer Eye, The Jinx, Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown…And many, many, more As well as guiding you through our era of Way Too Much Choice with expert recommendations, The Ultimate Binge Guide also offers a fascinating look at how TV has evolved, with sections of the book digging into the impact of major industry changes (the rise of HBO and Netflix, for example); introducing you to the super producers shaping the biggest hits of today, from Greg Berlanti to Shonda Rhimes; and exploring the rise of the “binge” and what it’s doing to our brains.The Ultimate Binge Guide is available November 30, 2021, as a hardcover or ebook. Pre-order your copy now. oRunning Press / Rotten Tomatoes

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Ghcxuf When creator Alena Smith’s biographical drama Dickinson premiered on Apple TV+ in 2019, it almost instantly became television short-hand for the Millennial malaise. After all, what says “stuck in a rut and not feeling like you’re being taken seriously by your family or at work” than an anachronistic-heavy story about Emily Dickinson — a poet whose sole authenticated adult portrait looks like she’s giving what passed for an eye roll in mid-19th century Massachusetts?Depicted here by actress Hailee Steinfeld, she’s a pouting, twerking insomniac who has self-sequestered in her childhood bedroom. She harbors (sometimes unrequited) feelings for her brother’s fiancée and dreams of taking carriage rides with Death (Wiz Khalifa) while her parents breath down her neck about finding a nice young man. The first season was Certified Fresh with favorable reviews mentioning how it “challenges our straight-washing of history” and holds a “sense of fun, if not humor, that pervades even scenes about mortality or misogyny.”(Photo by Apple TV+)The second season, which premieres its first three episodes January 8 on Apple TV+, ups the show’s spooky and supernatural vibe. During the course of the season, Emily and her sister, Lavinia (Anna Baryshnikov), lead a séance with the help of their brother’s employee, Hattie (Ayo Edebiri, who is also one of the show’s writers). And Nick Kroll guest stars as Edgar Allan Poe (even though, for those doing the math at home, the mortality-obsessed poet died a decade before this season’s setting of 1859).But the eeriness particularly resonates with a character known simply as Nobody. Played by The Americans alum Will Pullen, the mysterious figure manifests in a way that helps Emily handle her own inner turmoil over whether she should risk pursuing a career as a published poet – even if it means she could perish from rejection.It’s a topic the real Dickinson pondered exhaustively.“She very explicitly wrote in letters and poems, these really conflicted feelings about fame,” Smith told Rotten Tomatoes, adding that the poet “seemed to think that fame was very dangerous for artists.”But because most of Dickinson’s work was discovered posthumously, Smith said, “the question is whether she kept saying that because she was trying to convince herself that she didn t want something that she actually wanted very desperately. Or whether she was deeply was aware of how poetry comes from a really private place and that if you don t protect that private, hidden inner life, you are going to lose touch with the truth.”(Photo by Apple TV+)Speaking of losing touch with the truth, Smith stressed in a letter to journalists about the series that “this is our fictional look” at Dickinson and her family and friends. Still, fame like Dickinson s “just is so relevant and ubiquitous right now because of social media and the way that our lives are all happening online,” Smith said, making an exploration of the poet s possible inner musings on the topic very timely.“Everyone, on a daily basis is having to struggle with this question of ‘Do I put myself but there or not?,’” Smith said of today’s society. “And also, I suppose on the flip side, [of] being a consumer of social media and of these images that you see from people not knowing what s real and what’s not.”And it’s keenly an issue for the Dickinson cast who, because of the nature of their jobs, are public figures if not outright famous.Steinfeld recalled that Smith met with her and her cast mates, asking each of them what was their relationship to fame and whether they want to be famous. Despite being a former child star who received an Academy Award nomination for 2010’s True Grit before she could legally drive, Steinfeld told Rotten Tomatoes, “I would say it s not something I learned very quickly that I ve thought of, really at all. I love the work that I do. And I love that I m able to do it. And that s really the extent of my thought process.”“A big challenge, for me, was sort of taking myself out of my own life and out of my own thought process in regard to that, and kind of figuring out what [fame] was for Emily,” she said. “One thing this show has never failed to do is really challenge my way of thinking. Her poetry does that alone.”(Photo by Apple TV+)This season also introduces Game of Thrones actor Finn Jones depicting Samuel Bowles, the newspaper publisher and editor who was a close friend of Dickinson’s and her family. In the series, he may seem like he is flaunting his power and influence as he decides whether to publish one of her poems.“It’s easy to feel like we need certain people, men and women, in our lives to help either better our careers or further our careers or personal things in our personal lives,” Steinfeld said. “And I think [this is about] coming to a realization that you can, in fact, achieve what it is you want in life on your own — it might take you longer, it might be harder, but you can. And we see that with these characters in a time where achieving anything outside of their norm was near impossible.”(Photo by Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images)And how does this compare to Steinfeld’s other TV role this year? In Disney+’s upcoming series Hawkeye, which is based on characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, she plays Kate Bishop, a character whom Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton/Hawkeye grooms to take over his title.“I do find that the characters I ve played have … this strong will to stand up for themselves, have an opinion and a point of view, and use their voice,” she said. “And I love that. I love that I ve been called on to play those roles as well.”She also stresses that she didn’t necessarily intend to punctuate 2021 with one show about brains and another one about brawn, saying that “the timing of how things evolve and falling into place with everything that s happened this year is sort of coincidental.”(Photo by Apple TV+)But stories of exposure and fame aren’t the only ways that this season of Dickinson — or the people depicted — resonate with today’s audiences. Edebiri’s Hattie is a fictional character, but Smith said, “we looked at some Black women writers from the time and, you know, they lived crazy lives, and they had senses of humor.”And, despite spending much of the series being belittled by his father and underestimated by others, Dickinson brother Austin (Adrian Enscoe) secretly helps fund the publication of a Black-run newspaper and allows it to operate out of his barn.“Abolitionism was really trendy in the northeast at this time,” Enscoe said; however, “there were deeply problematic things with the abolitionism movement just in the way that they that they viewed Black people as, like … some [people] that we have to save — like white saviorism. It’s interesting to apply that that view now to what Austin is doing.”(Photo by Apple TV+)The new season also continues to look at sexual relationships through the female gaze, especially when it comes to Ella Hunt’s Sue Gilbert — a w 😈😈


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With the imminent arrival of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the film series main narrative will come to a close. But the story will live on not just in the inevitable spinoff material, but in the memories of audiences affected by the films fantastical adventures, visuals, key lines, and ideas. Some of these moments are deeply ingrained in the culture, reshaping the very language, while others earned their power from infamy (oh, hey there, Jar-Jar) or, like Willrow Hood s escape from Cloud City, needed time and the Internet to acquire their status. But which moments rank supreme? We ve considered the eight Skywalker Saga films thus far and the two Star Wars Story films for a comprehensive look at the moments we expect to stand the test of time and end up as the best of Star Wars for decades to come.38. Yoda vs. Count Dooku – Attack of the Clones(Photo by 20th Century Fox Film Corp.)While co-opted for an unfortunate “Yo da man!” ad campaign for Attack of the Clones’ home video release, this fight was a genuinely unexpected thing when the film premiered, and an inkling of what might be possible for Yoda (Frank Oz) in Episode III. He takes on a Sith apprentice nearly three times his size by transforming into a lightsaber-wielding whirling dervish. It’s a strange scene, but also a demonstration of the Jedi master’s power in his prime.37. The Destruction of Jedha City – Rogue One: A Star Wars StoryThis is a moment built on the quality of the filmmaking. The composition of shots, editing, and music tell the tale of the Death Star s test-fire in a way far more sophisticated and affecting than one might guess from the previous scenes in the film. Even simple ideas like depicting the space station upside down gives it a unique and oddly contemplative mood just before the weapon fires and utterly annihilates the city below. The feeling quickly switches to dread as the film s heroes race to escape the wave of destruction.36. Rey Flies The Falcon Off Jakku – The Force AwakensIf The Force Awakens is a film about fans taking control of the Star Wars toy chest, then this scene is a visual representation of that transition of authority. Finding the Millennium Falcon in a junkyard, flying it through the carcass of a Star Destroyer, and defending it from TIE Fighters all feels like a fantasy a fan would’ve had in 1983 immediately upon exiting Return of the Jedi. It’s the kind of fan-film energy we can definitely appreciate.35. The Train Heist – Solo: A Star Wars Story(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)Unique in the live-action Star Wars canon, the train heist from Solo: A Star Wars Story should be its opening moments. From the notion of the gravity-defying fuel transports to Beckett’s (Woody Harrelson) plan, to all the ways it goes wrong, it feels like a proper introduction to these characters (even Thandie Newton s doomed Val). It also feels like such a natural part of Star Wars that we wonder how it went so long without a high-speed heist scene like this.34. “That’s Not How The Force Works!” – The Force AwakensHan’s (Harrison Ford) indignant response to Finn’s (John Boyega) wishful thinking is a refrain nearly every Star Wars fan has heard during some heated late-night discussion. While funny, it also reveals just how far Han himself has come since dismissing the way of the Jedi as a “hokey religion.” It’s a fact of life for him, but it’s not as magical to him as some would like to believe. His viewpoint has that lived-in quality the films always strive to find.33. Poe Takes On The First Order Fleet – The Last JediSome may find Poe Dameron’s (Oscar Isaac) radio chatter with General Hux (Domhnall Gleeson) a little too modern, but his actual assault on the First Order fleet is the sort of space warfare computer effects were created to deliver. There are good explosions, a spirited defense of the planet below, and even some emotion, thanks to Paige Tico’s (Veronica Ngo) sacrifice. Sure, the whole thing is a tragic waste of the Resistance’s limited resources in the end, but it’s a great way to open a Star Wars film.32. Lapti Nek (The Original Song In Jabba’s Palace) – Return of the Jedi(Photo by 20th Century Fox Film Corp.)Star Wars has yet to pull off a truly successful musical sequence unless you count The Star Wars Holiday Special s Goodnight, But Not Goodbye   but “Lapti Nek” from the 1983 version of Return of the Jedi comes pretty close. Performed on screen by the surprisingly cuddly but mostly immobile Max Rebo Band, its hilarious 1980s vibe (“Lapti Nek” means “Work It Out” in Huttese) has aged better than the replacement “Jedi Rocks” from the 游戏能否自由交易是衡量游戏是否能搬砖的一个重要判断标准,等级升到29级,这款手游也没有解锁交易系统,玩家想要买东西只能从商城里充值获得,如果以后不随着等级或者推图的进度解锁交易行之类的设定,游戏搬砖的难度将会非常的大,甚至于不能搬砖。

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