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亚博真人网址采用百度引擎6(Baidu 1)For almost two decades, Judd Apatow has been the king of a certain kind of American movie comedy – as he described it to Rotten Tomatoes, films about people who are stuck and whose lives are falling apart… because “life falling apart is usually funny.  In movies like Knocked Up, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Trainwreck, the writer and director has given us some of recent cinema’s funniest moments, from a chest-waxing scene that almost cost Steve Carell his nipple to an epic breakdown in the principal’s office courtesy of a foul-mouthed Melissa McCarthy in This Is 40. His latest comedy, The King of Staten Island, is a semi-autobiographical feature starring and co-written by Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson, and it packs in Apatow’s signature mix of big laughs and big feels.Ahead of the movie’s release, Apatow sat down with us to break down the mechanics and stories behind some of the funniest scenes he’s put on the screen – including an messy pool fight that’s getting the biggest laughs from audiences who’ve seen his newest film.

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《摩尔庄园手游》有意强化游戏内NPC角色的个性和魅力,通过剧情的推进,游戏中人物逐一出场,错综复杂的NPC关系逐渐清晰地显现出来。老玩家贺川说,这一点让她觉得很是新奇。以前玩页游时,她会觉得NPC就是一群小鼹鼠,但在剧情的加持下,他们个性突出,变得更有意思了。 12. Octavia Spencer(Photo by © Neon)Octavia Spencer got her first solo starring role this year with Ma, the psycho-horror flick about a middle-aged woman who becomes creepily obsessed with a group of teens after she helps them get booze from the local liquor shop. And while the film wasn’t exactly splattered with critical acclaim, reviews sang Spencer’s praises as the super-scary “Ma” – comparisons were made to Bette Davis’s Baby Jane – and the movie made decent money at the box office, earning million worldwide off a budget of just million. Spencer proved she could draw crowds. The actor s other big 2019 release, indie drama Luce, did hit with critics: the film about a controversial school paper that leads a teacher to question the nature of an all-star student is Certified Fresh at 93%. Spencer, who plays the movie’s meddling/concerned schoolteacher, gives what many are calling a career-best performance that may put her among the Best Supporting Actress nominees come Oscar night next February.11. Billy Eichner(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney)Want an impossible task? Try being the standout in a cast that includes Beyoncé, Donald Glover, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Alfre Woodard, and James Earl Jones. Comedian-turned-actor Billy Eichner managed just that this year, stealing the whole damn show – with an assist from Seth Rogen – as Timon the meerkat in Disney’s live-action-OK-fine-it’s-really-just-animation version of The Lion King. Eichner’s ad-libbed hilarity and unique spin on the character had even those who weren’t too hot on the movie singing his praises (and his version of “Hakuna Matata”). It was a good start to the year for Eichner, too: In February, it was announced he will star in and co-write a Judd Apatow-produced rom-com, in which he will play a gay romantic lead.10. Leonardo DiCaprio(Photo by © Columbia Pictures)There were very few things people unanimously agreed upon about Quentin Tarantino’s nostalgic, laconic, violent love letter to 1969 Los Angeles, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood; portrayals of Sharon Tate, Bruce Lee, and, well, women in general, left a lot of audiences split. One thing everyone seems to agree on, though, is that Leo has lost absolutely none of his ability to light up our screens – even after four years away from them. His portrayal of fading TV star Rick Dalton is a hot Oscar favorite already, with folks particularly falling for his tender scene with young Julia Butters’ Trudi.9. Lupita Nyong o(Photo by © Universal Pictures)Hail our new scream queen! Academy Award winner Lupita Nyong’o, until 2019 best known for 12 Years A Slave, Queen of Katwe, and Black Panther, reached official horror icon status this year with two swift moves. First, she impressed genre fans at the Sundance Film Festival as a ukulele-strumming schoolteacher in Little Monsters, the Aussie zombie flick in which she gets drenched with blood and sings a soothing rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”; the movie should hit theaters later this year. Then Nyong’o put herself in the Oscar conversation with the dual roles of Adelaide and her murderous doppelgänger “Red” in Jordan Peele’s terrifying and critically acclaimed Us. The movie would make a ton of money when it opened in March and leave half the country doing their best croaky “once…upon…a…time…” Nyong’o impressions.8. Shia LaBeouf(Photo by Nigel Bluck / © Roadside Attractions) Don t let your dreams be dreams! Just do it! Whoever said those words, Shia LaBeouf certainly has taken them to heart, making 2019 the year of a critical darling comeback. Once a bag-on-head puzzle – known for public drunken meltdowns and bizarre social experiments – LaBeouf has found the jelly jam to life: A little Peanut Butter and a lot of Honey to turn his prospects around. The Peanut Butter Falcon, an emphatic and rousing Mark Twain-style adventure, is Certified Fresh at 95% and has a huge Audience Score of 98%. Meanwhile, Honey Boy, based on his deeply vulnerable autobiographical screenplay, has maintained its perfect 100% score since its Sundance debut, and is due for release this November.7. AwkwafinaIf 2018 was the year the world got to know Awkwafina, 2019 has been the year it learned it was not going to forget her anytime soon. It started in January when The Farewell debuted at Sundance to rave reviews, with critics praising the actor’s first lead – and mostly serious – role; the movie would open with the best per-theater-average box office weekend of the year in July, and is slowly becoming the surprise indie hit of 2019. (It’s also 99% Certified Fresh. Not bad!) Her golden run, which includes last year s Crazy Rich Asians and Ocean’s 8, shows no signs of slowing down: already this year we’ve seen casting announcements for her upcoming roles in Jumanji 2: Welcome to the Jungle, the live-action Little Mermaid remake, Disney s new animated film Raya and the Last Dragon, and for Marvel’s Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Yep, the “My Vag” rapper is heading to the MCU.6. Ava DuVernay(Photo by Atsushi Nishijima/Netflix)Let’s be honest: every year since she broke through big with 2014’s Selma could be called Ava DuVernay’s year. Since releasing that Oscar-nominated film, she has become the first black woman director to helm a movie that earned over 0 million (A Wrinkle In Time), made the game-changing and acclaimed Netflix documentary 13th, signed up to direct DC’s New Gods, produced acclaimed TV series like Queen Sugar, and, through her production company Array, championed dozens of new voices and filmmakers. And yet 2019 might be her biggest year yet, thanks to When They See Us, her four-part dramatization of the case of the so-called Central Park Five.  DuVernay s acclaimed miniseries follows the arrest, trial, imprisonment, and eventual exoneration of the five young New Yorkers falsely accused of a vicious rape in Central Park, and it has been earning high-praise since landing on Netflix in May; the series is Certified Fresh at 96% and is up for 16 Emmy nominations.5. Neil Gaiman(Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)As a best-selling novelist, the author of Coraline and Stardust has long “ruled,” but 2019 sees Gaiman in the second season of the TV adaptation of American Gods on Starz – and that’s just to start. His collaboration with the late, beloved novelist Terry Prachett, Good Omens, was developed by BBC Studios and Amazon Studios and released this year, starring Michael Sheen (Frost/Nixon) and David Tennant (Doctor Who). Like American Gods season 1, the limited series is Certified Fresh. Most recently – and to the delight of longtime Gaiman fans – Netflix announced in July that it is developing a show for graphic novel series The Sandman. “We now have the CGI, we now have the technology, and we now have an adult audience, and we have millions upon millions of people who love Sandman and would love to see it,” the author told Rotten Tomatoes in May.4. Jordan PeeleJordan Peele revealed he was more than just a funny guy when he unleashed 2017 s Get Out on unsuspecting audiences and catapulted straight to the top of everyone s Directors to Watch list. The offbeat social-satire-cum-horror-thriller signaled Peele as a fresh new voice in the genre, and he proved he wasn t a one-trick pony when his follow-up, this year s Us, debuted with a monster million opening weekend and a Certified Fresh 93% on the Tomatometer. He wasn t done there, though. At the end of March, CBS All Access premiered its reboot of seminal sci-fi mystery series The Twilight Zone (Certified Fresh at 74%), with Peele not only hosting the show as a modern-day Rod Serling, but also providing guidance as executive producer. As if all that wasn t enough, he still had time to remind everyone how hilarious he is by reuniting with his Key Peele co-star Keegan-Michael Key to steal multiple scenes in Toy Story 4 as Bunny and Ducky.3. The Russo BrothersAvengers: Endgame. Mic drop. What, you wanted more? You mean it s not enough to juggle dozens of punchy, kicky, laser-blasty superheroes coming from different power sets, perspectives, and dimensions into a cohesive, thrilling whole? To not buckle under the weight of 11 years of growing anticipation, across 21 movies – all Fresh, most Certified, and each a No. 1 box office opener – and not only meet those expectations, but exceed them? And for that to flourish into the highest-grossing movie of all-time? Well, if you needed more, just over a month after Endgame, when the blockbuster buzz was still riding high, Joe and Anthony Russo announced their next project: an animated adaptation of Magic: The Gathering, outing them as the most famous fans of the 26-year-old trading card game. Behind the camera and in career development, the Russos never fail to surprise.2. Phoebe Waller-Bridge(Photo by © Amazon Prime Video)In a year in which 11-time Emmy-winner Julia Louis-Dreyfus and her HBO series Veep have returned for awards contention, season 2 of an intimate little streaming comedy, Fleabag, and its creator and star are challenging expectations. The Amazon Prime Video series’ new season sits atop our list of the “Best TV Shows of 2019 (So Far)” with a 100% Certified Fresh Tomatometer score on 78 reviews. Season 1 also has a 100% score, making Fleabag the only series with more than one season and a title-level 100% score backed up by entirely Certified Fresh seasons. Four of Waller-Bridge’s five Emmy nominations are from this year, including for Fleabag, Outstanding Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, and Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series for the season 2 premiere episode. She is also creator and executive producer of 2019 Outstanding Drama Series contender Killing Eve, which was also nominated last year in the category. On top of her TV accomplishments, Waller-Bridge was tapped to work on the Bond 25 script – now known as No Time To Die – and turned in a scene-stealing voice performance as L3-37 in last year’s Solo: A Star Wars Story. The star is not just ruling 2019, she’s owning it.1. Keanu Reeves(Photo by Doane Gregory / Netflix)Still, if we have to crown one person as the true ruler of 2019 – so far – the title must undisputedly go to Keanu Reeves. Just how good has 2019 been for Keanu? Let us count the ways. He kicked it off with John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, which would be the best reviewed of the already acclaimed series and almost double the domestic and international haul of Chapter 2. He followed that with an extended cameo in the Ali Wong-Randall Park rom-com Always Be My Maybe on Netflix, and showed he had zero qualms about making fun of his image as the ideal boyfriend (he also delivered a movie entrance for the ages, and one which launched a thousand memes). Next came scene-stealing voice work as the stunt-performer toy Duke Caboom in Toy Story 4, and the announcement that he is going to star in The Matrix 4 . He s also been shooting another sequel to Bill and Ted. (He also dazzled attendees of Xbox s E3 briefing with a surprise appearance that revealed him as the star of 2020 video game title Cyberpunk 2077 — and, yes, he was breathtaking.) Between projects he’s also made headlines for just being a stand-up guy. So yes, it’s been the Year of Keanu (and we will never mention 2018 – era of Replicas and Siberia – ever again).Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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Apple TV+’s Servant may not have arrived in early 2020 with the fanfare and saturation marketing campaign of new streaming service tentpoles like The Morning Show or The Mandalorian, but it quickly earned a reputation among both genre fans and peak TV aficionados as a creepily effective slow burn. The series’ hook was brilliantly bonkers, and felt vintage M. Night Shyamalan, the horror director who serves as executive producer: When well-to-do Philadelphia couple the Turners (Lauren Ambrose and Toby Kebbell) tragically lose their baby, Dorothy turns to an uncannily realistic therapy doll to cope, losing herself in the idea that her son never died. When the doll appears one day to mysteriously come to life, well, s—t gets weird.And that’s not to mention mysterious young nanny, Leanne (Nell Tiger-Free), who arrives in the home armed with an unhealthy obsession with Jericho s increasingly unhinged mommy.This being a Shyamalan production, there were twists aplenty as the first season – entirely confined to the Turners’ lavishly and tastefully appointed Philly brownstone – unfolded, its world expanding and mystery deepening. And in season 2, the twists keep coming, as the focus moves from the mystery doll to a mystery cult, the search to find them and to understand why they seem so determined to destroy the Turners.Ahead of the series’ return to Apple TV+, we spoke to Shyamalan about this darker – and surprisingly funnier – new season, how he recruited an Avengers-style roster of international horror directors to steer the series, and what drew him to his next hugely anticipated theatrical release, Old. (Photo by © Apple TV+)Joel Meares for Rotten Tomatoes: Congratulations on the series. I ve seen the first seven episodes of the new season, and I think it s just as gripping as the first season. It struck me while watching that season 1 had this incredible hook and this great visual of Jericho, this doll, which was just inherently creepy. But with this season, we see less of Jericho, so you can’t rely on him to unnerve us. What was your approach to keeping the tension and the creepiness at the same level for season 2 when we had less of that baby?M. Night Shyamalan: Well, the first season was about what happened to Jericho and that was the mystery. And the second season is: What is this cult – and who are they? And when I m talking to the writers and the directors, I m trying to keep these movements in each season and this idea of the cult. There’s a kind of almost Strangers quality, of people outside the brownstone and coming in, [and that’s] the new threat. And it s definitely threatening.This brownstone is such a character. We don t ever really leave, but we do see a bit more of it, including the attic, which is a setting for a lot of the action, and it appears increasingly to rot and be dilapidated. Are we going to keep seeing more and more of this house as the seasons go on? And is it going to continue to decay as time goes by?Shyamalan: The answer is yes and yes, to both of those. This season, the idea was to keep expanding on the house. And in the second season, you get to see an area of the house that you never saw before. In the episode that I directed, episode four, Dorothy goes to a door that you didn t even know what it was [before]. She unlocks it, opens it up, and you go into an area of the house that you ve never seen before, [and which] becomes a very important part of the storytelling for the show.The aspiration is that with each season I ll keep expanding what we re calling “the home,” and even the idea of, like, I will allow you to go out the front door and on the block of Spruce Street, to the corner, even, but you can t lose sight of the house. I’ll have rules like that in my head, that you have to stay tethered to this location.(Photo by © Apple TV+)Are those instructions in the show bible, that you must stay connected to the house?Shyamalan: Yeah, absolutely; in fact, one of the directors had story-boarded some shots without [the non-house location] being on the iPhone and said, Hey, I m going to do this whole scene from the character s point of view in another location. And I was like, Can t do that. And they were like, What? And I was like, Can t do that. And they were like, What? Why? And I said, Can t be in another location. Only through the device. So, you have to redo it through the device. You get very clever with the devices in this season. I loved the ep with what I’ll call Pizzagate, or the pizza heist [episode 3, “Pizza”]. Are you looking forward to exploring technology even further? I think you described the approach you take in the series as seeing the world through a straw, getting us out a little bit more and sort of bringing in that outside world, but limiting our perspective. Shyamalan: Yeah. I mean, that episode, which my daughter directed, was one where we really went genre with the camera. And so, you kind of had, within this super-formalistic shooting of our brownstone, you had this kind of handheld horror movie inside the television. Besides that use of it, I try to encourage the directors to go to big vistas and shoot them through various this straw-like thing, so that the audience feels this kind of peeking quality of the world outside. And I m going to keep trying to encourage the directors and the writers to think of great cinematic places to go to that we can only see through these devices. Like stadiums and cemeteries and things like that.(Photo by © Apple TV+)That s exciting to think about what’s coming up. The episode you directed this season, episode 4, is the most bats t in many ways, because Dorothy goes up another level. You re watching it and you re sort of like, Oh, I see Wes Craven, and oh, I see Rosemary s Baby. It feels like you were having a lot of fun with all of these genre influences. What was it like to shoot that episode and what was informing your approach there?Shyamalan: Well, I knew I wanted to shoot one of the earlier episodes, because before COVID and everything, I was planning to go do the movie [Universal’s Old] right after the show, and I needed to prep for the movie. So I said, I can do one of the first four or five episodes. And then when we came up with this episode of kind of what I don t want to give it away, but this super-dark episode with Dorothy, and I was like, Well, I definitely want to do that one. That one s really shocking and dark and that ll be super-fun for me to do. The fun part is I m just cherry-picking the episodes with my schedule that I feel that I can do. And the first season, I mean, I was only supposed to do the pilot, but I ve just enjoyed this so much that I keep jumping in and saying, Can I direct another episode? I ll direct that episode. It’s been fun jumping in and Apple s been excited when I m like, You know what? I m dying. I want to do this other episode again. And in your episode, as mentioned, Dorothy comes more undone and Lauren gives an incredible performance, really takes it up another level. What was it like working with her in this season, where she got to explore an even more hysterical side of her character? Shyamalan: In the episodes that I ve directed I ve tried to be there for her when she s doing very, very challenging moments for her character. So, episode nine from first season and episode four from the second season, where they re very, very challenging performances. She s loves it, Lauren, you can ask her to do anything. I mean, Nell calls her the GOAT, because she s so amazing every time she performs. And we feel we can write anything for her, and she can do it with veracity and uniqueness. She s just an acrobat, so I love it. We were super-lucky to get her to be the lead.(Photo by © Apple TV+)One of the other great women you worked with this season is director Julia Ducournau, who made the acclaimed 2016 horror film Raw. Were you a big fan of Raw? Shyamalan: I saw Raw before it was released. Universal got me a print of it and said, You re going to love this. You should check this movie out. And I saw it, and I fell in love. And then when I went to France to promote whatever movie I was promoting that year, I called her and said, Come to the premiere. I want to talk to you. And she came, she was so sweet. And I said, Look, I m going to be doing the show. Would you come and direct an episode for me? And she was sweet, and she said no at first. She said, I have to do my movies” and this and that. And I came back again the following year, and I said, Please, can you come and do a few episodes? Please, please, please. And she finally said yes and came. And we were so lucky.It s been one of the great aspects of the show, for me, to go see movies around the world, bring international storytellers. It so happens that we have a lot of female directors on this show. Seven of the 10 episodes [in season 2] were directed by women, and that s not an agenda. It s just who I like, the storytelling. And so, it s been great. And there are such strong female characters on the show. I m glad they re represented by these storytellers. Lisa Brühlmann came and has directed for us multiple times in multiple seasons; I saw her movie, Blue My Mind. And then Isabella Eklöf, whose movie Holiday I saw. She’ done a few episodes. And right now, I m watching movies for season 3 and seeing what came out at this film festival, what came out of that film festival? And I ve just been really lucky.One aspect the series that gets a lot of attention is the food, and there s some great food in this season – fans won’t be disappointed. There s also some great wine. OK, a lot. What is the significance of everyone drinking so much and also drinking so well?Shyamalan: I think the decadence is part of the joy of the show, that this is a very wealthy, posh family who wear certain clothes and have parties and drink great wine, and have these extravagant meals. And they ll do anything but have the conversations that they should be having. They kind of hide in the decadence of everything, and it s beautiful for cinema. It helps with the mania. They re spinning and spinning and spinning in this world of materialism, but really, they re missing something, and they re not having the conversation about what they re missing.There’s a scene in which Sean, who’s a chef, would rather make some century eggs than talk things through.Shyamalan: Exactly.亚博真人网址As the series end to Arrow looms, the characters in the Arrowverse, as well as the program s huge fanbase, were dealt an emotional blow when Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) sacrificed his life to save all of humanity. Oliver may have perished several times throughout the series, but his death in the recent crossover event, Crisis on Infinite Earths, proved to be his final bow. But all is not lost, though. The show s penultimate episode, titled Green Arrow and the Canaries, not only explores this loss through his daughter, Mia Smoak (Katherine McNamara), it ll also act as the backdoor pilot for CW s new superhero series of the same name.Before his death, Oliver passed the vigilante mantle to Mia, naming her the new Green Arrow. With the title, comes a cool new suit, which is all pretty awesome, considering the conflicted relationship Mia had with her father throughout the past two seasons. This is where things get sticky, though. When Oliver Queen saved the world, he created a new Earth-Prime timeline. And in the process, Mia s memories of her dad and this whole debacle were erased.

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show, Cooked with Cannabis on @Netflix!! As a chef, I was intrigued by the food + as an everyday person, I was interested in how powerful this topic is in today s society. I hope you all will tune in, it ll be a good time! We launch on 4/20! pic.twitter.com/zLzOvsTAO8 KELIS (@kelis) March 18, 2020The Netflix synopsis:Long gone are the days of pot brownies and marijuana cookies. Today, the top chefs around the country and around the world are creating cannabis-infused culinary masterpieces. Here lies the most fun-filled, fascinating and mouth-watering cooking competition series that gives a whole new meaning to the word baked. Development News: The Masked Singer’s Swan Gets Fox Deal(Photo by Fox)Straight off her appearance as the Swan on The Masked Singer, Shake It Up and Famous in Love star Bella Thorne has signed a deal with Fox to create teen-aimed scripted and unscripted shows for the network. (Variety)The Academy of Country Music is also bringing top acts to viewers via at-home performances, with the two-hour ACM Presents: Our Country special on April 5 on CBS. Acts, to be announced later, will perform acoustic numbers and talk about their favorite moments from past ACM awards shows.In honor of The Office’s 15th anniversary, fans have the chance to vote on the show’s all-time greatest episode, via a March Madness-style bracket on Twitter. Round 1 is complete, but there’s still time to help decide the top pick. Okay, Dunder Mifflin. It’s time. Before the 15th anniversary of #TheOffice, let s find out which episode reigns supreme. #Office15 pic.twitter.com/QPa7fdZRq8 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚘𝚏𝚏𝚒𝚌𝚎 (@theofficenbc) March 17, 2020Fox Corporation is acquiring free (advertiser-supported) streaming service Tubi, which provides nearly 25 million viewers with thousands of TV shows – like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette,  Dark Shadows, The Dead Zone, and Degrassi: The Next Generation – and movies – like Minority Report, Black Hawk Down, and Thelma Louise. Fox, which will pay 0 million for Tubi, doesn’t currently have its own streaming service, as Fox Corp. is separate from 20th Century Studios (formerly 20th Century Fox), which is now under the Disney umbrella. (The Verge)Meanwhile, Fox has made Fox News available to viewers to stream for free at FoxNews.com, without cable access, during the pandemic. (THR)AMC Networks streaming services Shudder and Sundance Now are offering free 30-day trials.Bring on the 30 for 30 marathons: How is ESPN going to program hundreds of hours of airtime with no professional or college live sporting events. The answer: lots of breaking news and replays of archive games, possibly an early premiere of a 10-part docuseries about Michael Jordan’s final NBA season, and, yes, lots of the network’s wonderful 30 for 30 installments. (Vulture)New York City prosecutor Linda Fairstein is suing Netflix and producer Ava DuVernay for defamation over her portrayal in the 2019 Emmy-winning limited series When They See Us. Fairstein alleges the series portrayed her in a “false and defamatory manner.” She was among those sued by the “Central Park Five,” the young men charged with and wrongly convicted of the sexual assault of a jogger in Central Park in 1989. DNA evidence and a confession by another man cleared the five young men, who later successfully sued the city of New York and a group of prosecutors that included Fairstein. (THR) DuVernay previously told The Daily Beast that Fairstein had tried to negotiate her participation: she tried to negotiate conditions for her to speak with me, including approvals over the script and some other things. So you know what my answer was to that, and we didn’t talk. And finally, the latest TV show to get the Funko Pop! figure treatment: Schitt’s Creek. Characters available for preorder include (Amazon links): Moira, Johnny, Alexis, and David. View this post on Instagram a little light in the darkness… #schittscreek @originalfunko pops are finally here!A post shared by Schitt s Creek (@schittscreek) on Mar 18, 2020 at 7:40am PDT

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1.81.7 5月喜迎但与此同时,英雄联盟手游还有进一步优化和上升的空间,如何平衡与PC端的联系,如何更好的适应手游的快节奏,给予玩家更好的游戏体验,是这款MOBA手游未来需要面对的难题。
This week s Ketchup brings you more headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as Attack the Block 2, DC League of Super-Pets, and Phantom.This WEEK S TOP STORYLONG-TIME INTERNET HOAX HOCUS POCUS 2 ACTUALLY HAPPENING (Photo by (c)Buena Vista courtesy Everett Collection)In the realm of disinformation and online hoaxes, perhaps the greatest mark of achievement is to be debunked by Snopes.com. That site also doesn t normally fact-check most pop culture claims and memes, so it s perhaps especially noteworthy that the idea of a sequel to the 1993 comedy Hocus Pocus (Rotten at 38%) had to be debunked. However, at least year s Investor Day event, Walt Disney Pictures announced that the studio was indeed moving forward with a Hocus Pocus sequel that would premiere on Disney+. Those plans were confirmed this week as Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker are all officially signed to return as the original film s trio of witch sisters. Hocus Pocus 2 will be directed by Anne Fletcher (The Proposal, 27 Dresses), while the original film s director, Adam Shankman, is instead working on another sequel for Disney+, Disenchanted, the follow-up to the 2007 Amy Adams fantasy hit, Enchanted. The Hocus Pocus sequel will debut on the Disney+ streaming service sometime in 2022.Other Top Headlines1. DWAYNE JOHNSON TO VOICE KRYPTO IN DC LEAGUE OF SUPER PETS (Photo by Ron Phillips/©Warner Bros. Pictures)Dwayne Johnson has done a pretty great job of letting the world know that he will be starring as the DC Comics anti-hero Black Adam (7/29/2022) next year. As it turns out, however, that actually will not be his next DC Comics superhero movie. That s because Johnson will be providing the voice of Superman s best friend (see what we did there?) Krypto the Super-Dog in the animated adventure DC League of Super-Pets (5/20/2022). This movie has been announced for a while now, but it s frequently overlooked when people discuss future DC Comics projects, possibly because, until today, it lacked a big-name movie star. Although the League of Super-Pets is a much larger ensemble in the comics, the premise seems to suggest this first film will mostly focus on Krypto and (most likely) Streaky the Super-Cat. DC League of Super-Pets will be co-directed by Jared Stern (Netflix s Green Eggs and Ham, TV s Dr. Ken) and Sam Levine (Robot and Monster).  In related news, this week Warner Bros. also hired Bad Boys for Life directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah to direct their HBO Max movie Batgril, the lead role of which hasn t been cast yet.2. MARK RUFFALO JOINS EMMA STONE YORGOS LANTHIMOS  POOR THINGS(Photo by Marvel Studios)Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos is on quite an impressive streak right now. Starting with Dogtooth (Certified Fresh at 93%) in 2009, Lanthimos has directed six movies in a row that all have earned Certified Fresh scores, including The Lobster (Certified Fresh at 87%) and most recently, The Favourite (Certified Fresh at 93%), which received nine Academy Award nominations (including Best Director and Best Picture) and a Best Actress win for Olivia Colman. Much attention is being given, therefore, to Lanthimos next film, which will be an adaptation of Scottish author Alasdair Gray s novel Poor Things, which has been described as a send up of Victorian literature that bears similarities to Mary Shelley s Frankenstein. This week s news is that Mark Ruffalo has joined the Poor Things cast opposite Emma Stone, who earned a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination for The Favourite, and who will star in the new film as an abused woman who is reborn in an infant s body. It s unclear which role Ruffalo is taking on, as well as whether the previously announced Willeam Dafoe and Ramy Youssef are still attached to star or Ruffalo might be replacing one of them.3. PHANTOM OF THE OPERA TO BE REIMAGINED AS MODERN THRILLER (Photo by Warner Bros. courtesy Everett Collection)Most movie fans are familiar with the Classic Universal Monsters movies of the 1930s and 1940s, but Universal s first major horror hit was in the 1920s with the silent film The Phantom of the Opera (Certified Fresh at 90%), starring Lon Chaney Sr. That film was an adaptation of the 1910 French novel Le Fantome de l Opera by Gaston Leroux, and it obviously led to several later adaptations. As these things sometimes go, people usually cite the 1925 silent film as the source material instead of Leroux s novel. However, a new adaptation of Phantom of the Opera is now in development and the project is described as a psychological thriller set in London s contemporary music scene that intends to upend the romanticism associated with previous interpretations, and instead lean into the suspense and horror that was a big part of the book. This adaptation is currently being called just Phantom (probably to avoid associations with the opera). Phantom is being adapted by screenwriter Anthony McCarten, whose credits include The Theory of Everything (Certified Fresh at 80%), The Two Popes (Certified Fresh at 89%), and the upcoming Whitney Houston biopic, I Wanna Dance with Somebody.4. DO YOU BELIEVE IN LIFE AFTER A CHER BIOPIC?(Photo by Stephen Vaughan/©Screen Gems courtesy Everett Collection)The relatively recent box office successes of the musical biopics Bohemian Rhapsody (Fresh at 60%) and Rocketman (Certified Fresh at 89%) continues to have an impact on Hollywood s plans to adapt other musical superstar s lives. These plans include Respect (8/13/2021) (starring Jennifer Hudson as Aretha Franklin), Baz Luhrmann s Elvis (6/3/2022), and movies about the Bee Gees, Boy George, Whitney Houston, Bob Marley, Amy Winehouse, and Madonna (which Madonna herself will direct). Folk-singer-turned-TV-star-turned-disco-and-pop-superstar and Academy Award winner Cher turned 75 this week, and Universal Pictures used that as an opportunity to announce that the studio is actively developing a Cher biopic. Although it s often remarked upon how well Cher has aged, she is not expected to star in the film as herself. The Cher biopic will be written by Academy Award-winning screenwriter Eric Roth (Forrest Gump, A Star is Born, Munich) for the producing partners behind the ABBA musical Mamma Mia! (Rotten at 55%). Cher, who will also produce the biopic, took to Twitter to shout the news.5. JOHN BOYEGA TO RETURN FOR ATTACK THE BLOCK 2(Photo by Liam Daniel/©Screen Gems courtesy Everett Collection)Many science fiction fans were probably first introduced to British actor John Boyega through his performance as Finn in 2015 s Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Certified Fresh at 93%), but Boyega s first feature film role was actually four years earlier in the sci-fi action movie Attack the Block (Certified Fresh at 90%). The surprise success of that relatively low budget film also propelled the career of director Joe Cornish, who went on to co-write Ant-Man (Certified Fresh at 83%) and direct and write The Kid Who Would Be King (Certified Fresh at 89%). Ten years later, Boyega and Cornish are reuniting for an Attack the Block sequel, which Cornish promises will deliver an even bigger slice of inner-city alien action. 6. AMAZON S BID FOR MGM PROMISES MASSIVE NEW STREAMING CATALOG Corporate news about one big company acquiring another large-but-not-as-large company might seem boring, but these stories have some of the biggest impacts on what we watch. Consider, for example, how different movies today would be if Disney had never acquired Marvel, or if (going way back to 1969), Warner Bros. had never bought DC Comics. There were actually two big announcements this week, but the biggest is that Amazon is in the midst of a billion bid to acquire MGM, one of Hollywood s oldest studios. Although Warner Bros. owns many of the pre-1986 MGM classics (like The Wizard of Oz, Gone with the Wind, etc.), the catalog that Amazon is reportedly likely to acquire includes over 4,000 titles, including franchises like James Bond, The Pink Panther, RoboCop, and Rocky, as well as hits like The Magnificent Seven and The Silence of the Lambs. The expectation is that Amazon will bring the MGM catalog to its Amazon Prime service, which could sizably improve its share in the streaming subscription marketplace. In related news, AT T is also spinning off its WarnerMedia properites (including, obviously, Warner Bros.) to Discovery, creating a new corporate body that is strong in both narrative and documentary content. Finally, Warner Bros. also made a course correction on their plans for Dune, which will now debut exclusively in theaters on October 1st, 2021, before heading to HBO Max 45 days later, which is the opposite of what had been announced in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic in December.7. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS SQUIRREL FRIEND SANDY CHEEKS GETS HER OWN MOVIE (Photo by ©Paramount Pictures)The animated Nickelodeon show SpongeBob SquarePants has ballooned since its debut in 1999 to include a multi-media franchise that has reportedly earned over billion in revenue. That has included three feature films, including last year s The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run (Fresh at 67%), various video games, and TV show spinoffs like The Patrick Star Show and Kamp Koral: SpongeBob s Under Years. Nickelodeon is now developing a SpongeBob spinoff feature film for Sandy Cheeks, his squirrel friend from the surface who is easily identified by the deep diving suit she wears. The Sandy Cheeks movie is expected to be a CGI animation and live-action hybrid, and it s expected to premiere exclusively on a streaming service, though it has not yet been disclosed if that will be on Paramount+ (the obvious choice) or on Netflix, which picked up Sponge on the Run for international markets during the COVID-19 pandemic. Development of Sandy Cheeks is apparently pretty far along, as production is already expected to start on location in New Mexico in August, 2021.8. DAVID BOWIE VAMPIRE CULT CLASSIC THE HUNGER TO BE REMADE (Photo by ©MGM courtesy Everett Collection)Just when you might have thought that Hollywood had finally run out of 1980s genre films to remake, someone apparently remembered the 1983 vampire film The Hunger (Rotten at 55%), directed by Tony Scott and starring David Bowie and Catherine Deneuve. Warner Bros. has begun development on a remake of The Hunger with director Angela Robinson (Professor Marston The Wonder Women, Certified Fresh at 87%). Like Robinson s movie about the creator of Wonder Woman, Tony Scott s The Hunger was an erotic drama that attempted to deconstruct a pop culture phenomenon (in The Hunger, it was the myth of the modern vampire).9. THE PET SEMATARY REMAKE IS GETTING A SEQUEL(Photo by Kerry Hayes/©Paramount Pictures)Few writers in human history have had as many of their stories and novels adapted to film as Stephen King, and this includes several of his works that have been extended past a single film. Let s consider King s 1983 novel Pet Sematary, which was first adapted as a film in 1989 (Rotten at 51%), which then received a sequel in 1992 (Rotten at 22%), before itself being remade again in 2019 (Rotten at 57%). That means Pet Sematary has led to three feature films to date (all with Rotten Tomatometers), and this week s news concerns a fourth. Paramount Play

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目前什么题材的手游最火呢?相比以往传统的手游,现在的玩家更喜欢拥有极高自由度的手游,前几年比较火的吃鸡玩法就是其中一种,在开放式的手游玩法中,玩家可以通过自己的想法去改变这个游戏世界,,今天再给大家带来10款非常好玩拥有开放世界的手游。 (Photo by Warner Bros./ courtesy Everett Collection)All King Kong Movies RankedAaaaaand in this corner: The Eighth Wonder of the World! Since 1933, King Kong has shown just how big the movies can really get, starting with the iconic original and its legendary image of our misunderstood gorilla atop the Empire State Building swatting away pew-pewing biplanes. Like his monster brethren over at the Universal lot, Kong spawned a sequel: Son of Kong, released a mere nine months later.The big ape has also gotten the reboot treatment multiple times. There was Peter Jackson s 2005 King Kong, and a King Kong of the 70s, which got a direct 80s sequel: King Kong Lives, the worst-reviewed movie in the franchise.2017 s Kong: Skull Island meant Kong officially stomping into the MonsterVerse ring, setting up a deathmatch for the ages in 2021 s Godzilla vs. Kong. However, this isn t the first time he s limbered up against the lizard: 1962 s King Kong vs. Godzilla was the third movie in Toho s kaiju franchise. A sequel, 1967 s King Kong Escapes, saw the big galoot wrestling with a giant robot version of himself.And with the arrival of Godzilla vs. Kong, heralding a return to theaters after a world-devastating pandemic, we re ranking all King Kong movies by Tomatometer! (And don t forget to check out all Godzilla movies ranked!)

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