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亚博老虎机网页版采用百度引擎0(Baidu 4)和《原神》情况比较类似的手游是《重生细胞》,因为是移植端游的手游,导致游戏操作有些滞涩,游戏刚刚上线之后评分甚至一度低于8分,对于一款买断手游来说评分绝对是很低了。然而近日《重生细胞》的评分也来到了9分的高分,其实就其玩法内容和动作打击感来说,手游市场上很难找到第二家,此评分也不算是虚高。

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This Week s Ketchup brings you seven headlines from the world of film development news, covering such titles as One-Punch Man, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark 2, and Venom: Let There Be Carnage. This WEEK S TOP STORYSONY DELAYS SPIDER-MAN AND VENOM SEQUELS, MOVES UP UNCHARTED(Photo by ©Marvel/©Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)This week saw a number of release date changes for some of Sony s biggest titles, beginning with the Venom sequel, starring Tom Hardy as the titular anti-hero and Woody Harrelson as (presumably) the crimson red serial killer Carnage. That movie had been scheduled for October 2, 2020, but Venom 2 became Venom: Let There Be Carnage as it got bumped back eight months to next summer on June 25, 2021 (taking the spot where The Batman previously was to have been released). Sony Pictures also quickly took advantage of the announcement to Tweet out a brief teaser of the new title. Then, late on Friday, Sony further announced that its third Spider-Man film featuring the MCU s Tom Holland, which was set to open on July 16, 2021, will be pushed back four months to November 5, the release date of Marvel s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, which was itself then also pushed back to March 5, 2022. Remember that domino effect we were talking about? Holland s other big film, the video game adaptation Uncharted, was then moved forward from October 8, 2021 to replace the untitled Spider-Man sequel in the now-vacant July 16 slot. To top it all off, the sequel to the Oscar-winning animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which had been planned for April 8, 2022, was also pushed back six months to October 7 of the same year. Whew!Other Top Headlines1. WARNER BROS. DELAYS THE RELEASES OF THE BATMAN AND SHAZAM 2 (Photo by Matt Reeves)Some of the movies originally scheduled for the summer of 2020 have been pushed back because of COVID-19, which has resulted in a domino effect, with their delays leading to delays in other films. In some cases, the movies scheduled for next year that were supposed to be filming right now need that much more extra time to get filmed, get through post-production, and get released. Few movies need quite as much time as supehero movies do, so it was probably always inevitable that Warner Bros. would have to push some of their 2021 and 2022 DC Comics movies back a bit. The biggest film being delayed is The Batman, from 6/25/2021 to October 1, 2021. Shazam! 2 was to have been released on April 1, 2022, but is now scheduled for November 4, 2022. Another studio that delayed two of their big franchise movies is Paramount Pictures, which has delayed Mission: Impossible 7 from 7/23/2021 to 11/19/2021 and Mission: Impossible 8 from 8/5/2022 to 11/4/2022, which is a curious move because it means they just put their big Tom Cruise action movie right up against the Shazam! sequel that also just moved.2. ARE YOU READY FOR (MORE) SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK? (Photo by CBS Films)Lionsgate probably did not have as big of box office success with last year s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (Certified Fresh at 78%) (5 million worldwide) as they might have hoped, but the PG-13 horror film was also produced relatively cheaply ( million), and it s also one that should have a good shelf life, since it can be revived every Halloween for a new generation of kids. That is presumably part of why Paramount Pictures (taking over from CBS Films) felt confident enough with the possible new franchise as they have pulled the trigger on a sequel by hiring the same director and writers. Director André Øvredal (Trollhunter, The Autopsy of Jane Doe) and writers Dan and Kevin Hageman can now spend their COVID-19 stay-at-home time working on a new set of stories from Alvin Schwartz s original anthology books for the next movie. Which stories from the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark books do you think should be adapted for the second movie?3. A HUNGER GAMES PREQUEL IS IN THE WORKS(Photo by Murray Close/Lionsgate courtesy Everett Collection)Before Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace came out over 20 years ago, there was a time when people were perhaps more optimistic about a popular franchise going back a generation to tell a prequel story about the franchise s big bad villain. Now, people look back at the Star Wars prequels and many think three movies about the young Darth Vader were maybe not a great deal, but hey, another popular franchise would never make the same mistake, right? Tell that to the people who mad The Hunger Games, because author Suzanne Collins has written an upcoming novel called The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (5/19/2020) about the future villain Coriolanus Snow when he was a young 18-year-old man. Lionsgate has quickly picked up the rights to The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes, which will again be directed by Francis Lawrence, who directed all of the Hunger Games movies except the first one. The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes tells the story of young Coriolanus Snow, who is frustrated when he discovers he has been assigned to mentor the girl tribute from impoverished District 12 (the same district that Jennifer Lawrence s Katniss Everdeen will also eventually come from).4. POPULAR ANIME FRANCHISE ONE-PUNCH MAN GETS LIVE-ACTION ADAPTATION(Photo by Viz Media)Although last year s Pokemon: Detective Pikachu was usually credited as being a success for video game movies, the argumennt could also be made that it was just as much an adaptation of anime and manga, which is another type of live-action adaptation that has mostly struggled in Hollywood to date. As with most of these situations, it s inevitably just a matter of time before someone in the industry figures out the right project, which then becomes a big enough success that it opens the gates for others. Sony Pictures is gambling that perhaps the popular anime series One-Punch Man could be exactly that, as they are now developing a live-action One-Punch Man movie, which will be adapted for the big screen by Venom screenwriters Scott Rosenberg and Jeff Pinkner. One-Punch Man tells the continuing adventures of a superhero called Saitama who has perfected his fighting abilities to the point where he can literally defeat any opponent with just one punch, but that overwhelming power has also left him bored with his life. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker premiered Monday night to a crowd of celebrities and critics, and if you thought Star Wars: The Last Jedi was divisive, wait until you see the first reactions to this one. Actually, much of the disagreement on the new movie, which concludes the primary narrative of the franchise, stems from opinions on the previous installment. Still, even the more disappointed have some positive things to say about old and new characters. As for those who love the latest episode, they really love how returning director J.J. Abrams wrapped things up. Here’s what critics are saying about the Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker:Is it a worthy end to the Skywalker Saga?OH MY GOD! I am absolutely blown away! I’ve never been so satisfied by a film… This did [the franchise] justice in a way I didn’t imagine it could. Jenna Busch, Legion of LeiaIt’s an immensely satisfying and MASSIVE end to the saga. Rob Keyes, ScreenRantStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is TRULY a satisfying conclusion to the saga. It answers practically everything you want to know and more. Mansoor Mithaiwala, ScreenRantJ.J. Abrams nailed it. He was able to bring a cohesive arc to this trilogy that feels like a fitting end to the saga as a whole. Star Wars fans will be very happy. Peter Sciretta, SlashfilmAnd how is it as a conclusion to the new trilogy?It is the big adventure, lightsaber adventure I hoped for…a very satisfying end to this new trilogy.  Kristian Harloff, Schmoes KnowIt somehow addresses issues, problematic characters, and most unanswered questions from The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi.  Rob Keyes, ScreenRantI had some issues with The Last Jedi. This movie fixes most of my problems and creates a cohesive story… For me, in the new trilogy, it’s #2.  Peter Sciretta, SlashfilmThe WEIRDEST trilogy of films I ve seen in my lifetime. None of them fit, and they all seem to actively dislike each other. Truly, head-scratchingly bizarre.  Sean O Connell, CinemaBlendIt didn’t work for me, but fans of Force Awakens are going to love it.  Scott Menzel, We Live Entertainment(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)And compared to The Last Jedi?It’s amazing. Last Jedi haters will be very pleased. Ryan Parker, Hollywood ReporterIf you LOVE LOVE Star Wars: The Last Jedi, you may have some issues with The Rise of Skywalker. Rob Keyes, ScreenRantIf you loved The Last Jedi, I have some bad news for you. If you didn’t, then you might be pretty stoked. Joanna Robinson, Vanity FairBottom line: If you like Last Jedi, you probably won t like The Rise of Skywalker. If you didn t like Last Jedi, you ll love this. Mansoor Mithaiwala, ScreenRantIt felt like an apology for The Last Jedi in some ways and a sequel to The Force Awakens in many, which I found frustrating. Terri Schwartz, IGNSome choices feel like an unnecessary course-correct from The Last Jedi and some just plain don’t make sense. Laura Prudom, IGNThe Rise of Skywalker could only have been ruder to Rian Johnson if they had motion-smoothed it. Kyle Buchanan, New York TimesWill die-hard fans apreciate it?Full of the right kind of fan service. Dan Casey, NerdistThrives on moments designed for big fans. There’s a lot of cause for cheer throughout and they went for some really big ideas. Brandon Davis, ComicBook.comHas some great surprises in store for fans that will make you gasp and cheer. Scott Chitwood, ComingSoon.netLOTS of emotional fan service… Yes, all of your questions are answered if not immediately off the bat. Griffin Schiller, The PlaylistAt times I felt too much fan service was given, but The Rise of Skywalker is everything and nothing that you re expecting. Yolanda Machado, The WrapStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has everything you want and more. Which I don’t necessarily think is a good thing. Germain Lussier, io9Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is the ultimate Star Wars movie for Star Wars fans who want more of the same. Its 100% fan service and a collective hodgepodge of all Star Wars films combined. Scott Menzel, We Live EntertainmentIn the end, it was Star Wars ‘fans’ that killed Star Wars. Scott Mendelson, Forbes(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)How big of a movie is it?The Rise of Skywalker is a lot. It’s a big, giant movie with a lot of spectacle and high stakes and it’s definitely going to start a conversation. Brandon Davis, ComicBook.comBrings the serial feeling back to Star Wars. A lot happens, there is constant forward momentum. There seems to be a lot for future Expanded Universe to explain. Dave Gonzales, ThrillistCertainly the most convoluted Star Wars… the first half gets so bogged down with exposition and new plot and doodads and beacons and transmitters. Mike Ryan, UproxxI have some quibbles with some of the plot, it gets a bit convoluted but I’m not sure it matters in the end because of the emotional payoff. Peter Sciretta, SlashfilmFelt a bit more concerned with plot than character, tad rushed, good not great. Griffin Schiller, The PlaylistI was not expecting a genuinely bad movie with video game plotting, thin characters, weak action and endless exposition of no consequence. Heartbreaking. Scott Mendelson, ForbesSo moviegoers will get their money s worth?The Rise of Skywalker has a ton of content packed into one movie as well and wastes no time. It’s like two Star Wars movies in one. Rob Keyes, ScreenRantIt feels like it should have been three movies on its own. Mike Ryan, UproxxThe Rise of Skywalker is a lot. It’s like nine movies of plot in one. Going to take me about nine days to process. Chris Taylor, MashableHow is the pacing?Man does The Rise of Skywakler MOVE. This film hits the ground running and doesn’t let up. J.J.’s energy is all over this thing. A Last Crusade style adventure. Griffin Schiller, The PlaylistStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits the ground running and rarely lets up. There’s a LOT going on.  Scott Chitwood, ComingSoon.netThe Rise of Skywalker has a bumpy start but finds its footing, and when it does, it flies — especially the third act.  Perri Nemiroff, Collider(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)Will there be any middle ground for fans?I loved parts, I didn’t love others, and I’m leaving the theater very, very conflicted about it. Germain Lussier, io9Overall I would say I liked it but had some big problems with it. Can’t say I loved it but there’s still a lot to unpack. Jim Vejvoda, IGNThere is good in Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker. But there is more that is disappointing. There are a number of choices that just don t track, fan service that doesn t work, and ignored details that are missed. I m bummed. Eric Eisenberg, CinemaBlendI will say that I think the more casual of a Star Wars fan you are, the happier you will be. Chris Taylor, MashableWho are the standouts this time?The bromance between Poe and Finn steals the film. Griffin Schiller, The PlaylistThe best thing I can say about Rise of Skywalker is that Daisy Ridley gives her best performance. Gregory Ellwood, The PlaylistLando rules…The Emperor stuff is so weird. Mike Ryan, UproxxAll hail Babu Frick and Zorii Bliss, who are my favorite things from the second they show up. Dave Gonzales, ThrillistI’ll say this I fricking looooove Zorii Bliss and Babu Frick. Love. Joanna Robinson, Vanity FairI wanted to see more of the new characters in The Rise of Skywalker. They were solid additions. Scott Chitwood, ComingSoon.net(Photo by Walt Disney Studios)Will The Rise of Skywalker leave fans in tears?You WILL cry….bring tissues. They stuck the landing. Also, Leia! My entire heart! Jenna Busch, Legion of LeiaWhat a lovely send off for our General Leia. Angie Han, MashableI’m emotional, overwhelmed, surprised, shocked stunned.  More than anything, I’m happy.  Thanks for coming through one more time, Star Wars. Mark Ellis, Schmoes KnowI’m so emotionally drained. Star Wars fans will be very happy. Peter Sciretta, SlashfilmThe emotional highs are spectacular. Laura Prudom, IGNStar Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is in theaters December 19.

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PC端和wap端的网站官网,也就是玩家玩在电脑上/手机上玩游戏时打开的游戏网站,是品牌宣传的基础,可以承载游戏相关的运营活动,增加网站粘度和用户忠诚度。站点主要包括游戏、礼包、充值、用户、资讯、客服、客户端几大部分,涵盖了手游游戏下载、手游礼包领取、平台币/金币充值、游戏相关资讯攻略等等。亚博老虎机网页版Ryan Fujitani for Rotten Tomatoes: Hotel Mumbai is an intense film. Knowing what the story was behind it, and knowing what you were able to portray in the film, what was the atmosphere like on set? I can t imagine there was a lot of laughter and joking around when the cameras were turned off.Armie Hammer: Yeah, you re not wrong. It was very different. Call My By Your Name was the film I shot right before this, where we were riding bicycles and drinking wine through the Italian countryside, and then I came to this, where we are in smoke-filled hotel hallways being chased by gunmen screaming at us in Urdu, and had no idea what was going on. It was really intense. The filming experience was brutal. It was a lot of time manifesting just fear and anxiety and adrenaline and all that stuff, and that wasn t the only reason why it was a more serious and somber filming experience, but also because we re telling the real story of people who went through these terrible traumatic events.We wanted to be respectful of that. We wanted to acknowledge that, yeah, we had the ability and safety net of calling cut if things ever got out of hand for us. The people in the hotel didn t. So that was something that was always on our mind. So the days were very heavy they were brutal and we compensated at night. By the minute we wrapped, we were like, F k. Alright guys, let s go to dinner. We need wine, we need something. Let s just chill. And everybody would just hang out with each other at night, and try to just joke, and try to find some levity, and just enjoy being with each other, knowing that the next day was going to be equally intense and equally brutal, and that we were going to have to do it over, and over, and over.RT: As harrowing an experience shooting the film must have been, would you say that you discovered anything new about yourself in the process, or was there something you discovered about the story you were portraying that surprised you?Hammer: I wish I could say, You know what I discovered about myself? That if I was in this situation I would try to X, Y, and Z. And I would try to be the hero in some way, or I would try to do whatever I could to save myself or save some lives. But ultimately, the thing that I walked away from it realizing was, these situations happen all the time, unfortunately, and we just had something like this happen down in Christchurch.This s t happens way too often. And the fact of the matter is, it f king sucks. There s no positive thing about this. I didn t walk away from the movie saying, Oh, well now I know this about myself. I walked away from it going, That f king sucks. What do we do to make sure that does not happen again? What can we do as a voting populace? What can we do as humanity? What can we do as people to ensure that this s t stops happening? There s no positive silver lining to things like this. There s no big lesson to learn. All you walk away from it going is, That s t sucks, and I don t want that to happen anymore. Hotel Mumbai opens in select theaters on Friday, March 22.

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2.78.1 0月喜迎目前,游戏行业已经形成初步共识,未来网络游戏的发展不会再是纯手游、端游和云游戏,而是逐步跨端,再往长期看则是元宇宙概念,使游戏真正进入《头号玩家》的世界。
Alita: Battle Angel (2019) 61% The Japanese cyberpunk manga Battle Angel Alita began publication back in 1990, and when James Cameron got wind of it (via Guillermo del Toro, no less), he became instantly fascinated by it and began development on it as a passion project. Ultimately, after years of delays, Cameron found himself occupied by Avatar and its sequels, so he handed the reins over to Robert Rodriguez. The film centers on a scientist (Christoph Waltz) who discovers a deactivated cyborg (played in motion-capture by Rosa Salazar) in a junkyard and gives her a new body, only to realize her previous function was much more lethal. Alita: Battle Angel has impressed critics with its groundbreaking, immersive special effects par for the course with any film produced by James Cameron but it takes some of its narrative cues from better films that have come before. It s an eye-popping theater experience, to be sure, and if that s what you re looking for, Alita delivers enough entertainment value to keep you in your seat. Just don t expect to be blown away or even particularly engaged by its story.
The Mandalorian comes roaring back with the first episode of season 2. Chapter 9: The Marshal serves up loving shots of The Child ( Baby Yoda ), a monster of a challenge for Din Djarin/The Mandalorian (Pedro Pascal), an engaging new character played by Hollywood s favorite lawman and gunslinger Timothy Olyphant, and plenty of shoot- em-up action.Here’s what critics are saying about episode 1 of The Mandalorian season 2:Is The Child Still Adorable?(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)“Even with Mando kicking serious ass for most of the episode, the best part of the premiere was, naturally, Baby Yoda.” Amanda Mullen, Culturess“This episode of The Mandalorian is pretty much Jaws. It s Jaws plus Baby Yoda reaction shots. What more could you want?” Ben Allen, GQ Magazine [UK]“This week s adventure is as simple as they come, and, as expected, Baby Yoda s as cute as ever.” Jack Shepherd, SFX Magazine“The Mandalorian has returned to save 2020 with a stellar opening episode helmed by Jon Favreau, a wonderful performance from an unexpected co-star, and plenty of Baby Yoda cuteness.” Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.com How Does The Marshal Hold Up Next to the High Bar Set by Season 1?(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)“Hopefully, Favreau and Co. continue to experiment and open up this universe. The Marshal celebrates what you love about Star Wars and makes you love it more. It provides more understanding of what we ve seen and who we thought we knew.” Preston Barta, Fresh Fiction“[The Mandalorian] proves with one of its best episodes yet that it still has a lot of flair, inspiration, and jetpack fuel to go around.” Nick Allen, RogerEbert.com“It s such a simple premise and it s been done more times than we can count, but in this age of convoluted storytelling and It s really a 10-hour movie seasons of television, it feels fresh and, in its own way, kind of revolutionary.” Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez, Tom Lorenzo“ The Marshal doesn t feel long. There are probably some spots that could have been tightened up, but on the whole it was very much of a piece with how the show worked so well a year ago.” Alan Sepinwall, Rolling Stone“The first episode, Chapter 9: The Marshal, was full of highlights, marking a strong start to the show s sophomore run.” Amanda Mullen, Culturess“You can relax The Mandalorian Season 2 isn t about to skimp on the action, and it s of the same quality as it was in the previous outing.” Jonathon Wilson, Ready Steady CutHow Are the New Characters?(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)“We don t need gimmicky cameos by movie characters to tie in with the saga as a whole, and The Marshal offers something arguably much richer.” Richard Trenholm, CNET“As the episode’s title, ‘The Marshal’, might suggest, a marshal with whom to contend, played winningly by Timothy Olyphant, who has form in the lawman department. Throwing Mando in with someone as laconic and charming as Olyphant even brings something out of the taciturn hero. At one point he comes dangerously close to making what could be considered to be, after much scrutiny, a joke.” Chris Hewitt, Empire Magazine“[Olyphant] does a terrific job alongside Pedro Pascal s formidable bounty hunter and is someone we definitely hope to see more of in this series (or others). The actor in question is one of the most talented working in Hollywood today, though not someone we see anywhere near as often as we should on screen. With The Mandalorian, however, they re bound to now have a whole new legion of fans. ” Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comGood Easter Eggs? (Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)“Despite my love of all the fun Easter Eggs, we should hope that The Mandalorian doesn t get too overwhelmed by bringing in wider Star Wars lore and forget what makes it work so well the simple story of a gruff mercenary and a super-powered alien muppet.” Huw Fullerton, Radio Times“Even with so many nods to Star Wars past, The Mandalorian’s not overstuffed.” Jack Shepherd, SFX Magazine

24 Predictions For 2019 (According To The Movies) In Blade Runner, The Running Man, and Michael Bay we trust. by Alex Vo | December 31, 2018 | Comments
Rotten Tomatoes has been nominated for a Webby Award for our work in social media in the category of Film and TV – and we want you to help us win (or, at the very least, avoid a Rotten last place).Vote for Rotten Tomatoes in the Webby AwardsThe Webbys honor “excellence in social media accounts across all platforms” and we’ve been nominated for our social media accounts dedicated to television shows and film. It’s the first year for the category, and we’re honored to be named among nominees including The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and the social campaign for Deadpool 2 (we’re coming for you, @VancityReynolds).The nomination recognizes the work of our social team and the editorial and production teams who support them. They’re the people who show up to work every day to ensure our fans are the first in the world to have the latest Tomatometer scores, Certified Fresh announcements, news, trailers, and more, and to ensure our fans get it all in the most informative, innovative, and entertaining way possible.The first reviews are in for #SHAZAM currently it s #Fresh at 97% on the #Tomatometer, with 29 reviews: https://t.co/wsjC2v6CW8 pic.twitter.com/H3tiRt6Iav Rotten Tomatoes (@RottenTomatoes) March 23, 2019Some of the highlights of what you get when you subscribe and interact with Rotten Tomatoes on social media include our exclusive video Tomatometer reveals, pushed out the moment a buzzy movie or TV show gets a score, as well as our beloved “quote video” series, for which we home in on a favorite movie scene to mark the film’s anniversary.We also go deep, serving RT fans with exclusive interview content, presented in super digestible nuggets – check out this clip of Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige talking about Josh Brolin’s Thanos performance – and by using the Tomatometer to produce enlightening infographics, everything from director and actor scorecards to franchise rankings by Tomatometer. We ve also got your set for all your news needs with our Instagram Daily Ketchup.And we’ve got you covered for movie and TV-related GIFs – lots of GIFs.How to vote If you like what we do, vote for us!It’s pretty simple. There are two awards given in each category: one is chosen by the International Academy of Digital Arts Sciences, the other is chosen by the fans. The latter is where you come in.Just create a fan account here and then vote for Rotten Tomatoes. It will only take a few minutes, and remember to vote before April 18 at 11:50pm, when voting officially closes.Winners will be announced on April 23, and then honored a few weeks later at a fancy awards dinner in New York hosted by Jenny Slate (Venom, Big Mouth). We would like to attend that dinner – so please, get voting.And thanks for following us on social media. You can find us at Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
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亚博老虎机网页版 After decades of failed attempts and unsuccessful efforts, Frank Herbert’s Dune has been adapted into one of the most anticipated movies of the year — if not millennia. Does Denis Villeneuve (Arrival) finally do the classic science fiction novel(s) justice? The first reviews of his star-studded and visually epic new movie, also known as Dune: Part One, answer mostly in the affirmative. However, there’s a fairly uniform disappointment in how it ends without an ending.Here’s what critics are saying about Dune:Is this the Dune we ve always wanted? “Denis Villeneuve’s movie is the film interpretation that fans have been waiting to see for decades.” Eric Eisenberg, Cinema Blend“For science fiction devotees, especially those who have long-worshipped Frank Herbert’s dense tome…Villeneuve’s Dune is the adaptation you always dreamed of.” Ben Travis, Empire Magazine“[It] honors the source material in the most satisfying way possible. Dune 2021 is a modern-day work of art.” Jimmy O, JoBlo s Movie Emporium“The missing link bridging the multiplex and the arthouse… Good heavens, what a film.” Xan Brooks, Guardian“For all its amazing imagery and A-list stars and very cool interpretations of the nerdier aspects of Herbert’s book, this version of Dune doesn’t fully coalesce.” Scott Collura, IGNWill it make us forget about David Lynch s version?“His Dune is the opposite of Lynch’s, methodical and cerebral, set against pastels and smoke and long stretches of moodiness.” Roger Friedman, Showbiz 411“Denis Villeneuve hasn’t succeeded where the likes of David Lynch and Alejandro Jodorowsky have already failed, [but] his Dune is at least uniquely dispiriting.” David Ehrlich, IndieWire“I’ll always love Lynch’s Dune, a severely compromised dream-work that (not surprising given Lynch’s own inclination) had little use for Herbert’s messaging. But Villeneuve’s movie is Dune.” Glenn Kenny, RogerEbert.com(Photo by Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures)Is it a satisfying adaptation?“This first chapter explores a very complex and detailed story with clarity and style. More importantly, it does so without sacrificing the impressive detail of Frank Herbert’s original vision.” Jimmy O, JoBlo s Movie Emporium“Denis Villeneuve and his collaborators have cracked the code with their approach… extraordinary in its ability to directly translate the source material across mediums without compromise.” Eric Eisenberg, Cinema Blend“A more significant casualty is the book’s layered interiority, its skill at turning unspoken perceptions and motives into drama; the writers have managed this material without mastering it.” Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times“If anything falls short of Herbert s particular vision it s the movie s sandworms.” Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment WeeklyIs it OK if you haven t read the book?“Thankfully, Dune isn’t particularly hard to follow.” Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist“Though there’s plenty to establish, Villeneuve makes surprisingly light work of it all… Dune is never as formidable as it threatens to be.” Ben Travis, Empire Magazine“The script does a good job with exposition without making it seem like EXPOSITION… but by the same token, there may not be any reason for you to be interested in Dune if you’re not a science-fiction-movie person anyway.” Glenn Kenny, RogerEbert.com“It’s not a film that requires any familiarity with the source material… Stretches in the early parts of Dune are a layman’s terms guide to Herbert’s incredibly intricate and uniquely realized universe.” Adam Solomons, AwardsWatch“If you come in not knowing the difference between a Holtzman shield and a hole in the floor, it s a longer walk.” Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly“We don’t really learn much about individual characters in the film, making it hard to grasp or care about the stakes of the story.” Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair(Photo by Chiabella James/©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)How is Denis Villeneuve as director?“Villeneuve’s true talent is less in the staging of violence than in the queasy anticipation of it… That gift serves him well enough in Dune.” Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times“Those who find Villeneuve to be a self-serious, humorless, and pretentious bore likely won’t be changing their minds anytime soon after Dune, but that just might be their loss.” Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist“To say I have not admired Villeneuve’s prior films is something of an understatement. But I can’t deny that he’s made a more-than-satisfactory movie of the book.” Glenn Kenny, RogerEbert.com“The unforgiving starkness will unsettle even some of Villeneuve’s greatest fans.” Donald Clarke, Irish Times“For all of Villeneuve’s awe-inducing vision, he loses sight of why Frank Herbert’s foundational sci-fi opus is worthy of this epic spectacle in the first place.” David Ehrlich, IndieWire“He’s an overloader, and only the keenest and most urgent of scripts can survive beneath that weight. Dune, unfortunately, is not one of those.” Richard Lawson, Vanity FairHow does it compare to his other work?“It’s an arthouse blockbuster in the vein of his Blade Runner 2049, but even less concerned with commercial appeal, which is admirably bold.” Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist“Much like the haunting Blade Runner 2049, the director has taken the time to explore numerous characters without sacrificing the main story and themes.” Jimmy O, JoBlo s Movie Emporium“Like Blade Runner 2049 and especially Arrival, Dune is another unusually philosophical speculative fiction that ponders the difficulties of language and coexistence.” Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times“If you loved Arrival and Blade Runner 2049, then Dune is perhaps Denis Villeneuve at his Villeneuviest.” Richard Trenholm, CNET(Photo by Chiabella James/©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)Is it reminiscent of anything else?“Think of it as Game of Thrones in space or Star Wars if it never got off Tatooine.” Steve Pond, The Wrap“Impressively ambitious in scale, like Villeneuve mashing up the worlds of Star Wars and Game of Thrones.” Brian Truitt, USA Today“Arguably [many of its elements are] all things that Star Wars features too, but just much more dense, sophisticated, and less child-like.”  Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist“Dune feels most reminiscent of The Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring.” Ben Travis, Empire Magazine“Much like the semi-recent classic Peter Jackson’s The Fellowship of the Rings in the LOTR trilogy, this is only the beginning of the story… [and] Denis Villeneuve has created one of the best fantasy feature since Peter Jackson’s journey into Middle Earth.” Jimmy O, JoBlo s Movie Emporium“Historical comparisons are of no use. None of us has been anywhere like this before. They can put that on the poster.” Donald Clarke, Irish Times“It sets a new standard for modern sci-fi epics.” Germain Lussier, io9.comIs there enough action for mainstream audiences?“Dune is consistently gripping and plot driven.” Adam Solomons, AwardsWatch“Even though it may be a slow burn, the action set pieces do not disappoint, neither does the filmmaker sacrifice the subtle themes and ideas explored throughout.” Jimmy O, JoBlo s Movie Emporium“The pacing is perfect. Villeneuve makes you wait just long enough, so when the action moves to Arrakis you’re just as eager to venture into the desert as Paul.” Ben Travis, Empire Magazine“This version of Dune sometimes feels as if it aims to impress you more than entertain you… but it’s also a formidable cinematic accomplishment.” Steve Pond, The Wrap“It feels like a drag in its back half.” Scott Collura, IGN(Photo by Chiabella James/©Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)How are the visuals?“Cinematographer Grieg Fraser has outdone himself from frame to frame, set piece to set piece, creating jaw dropping pieces of art that are impressionistic, sensational, and other worldly.” Roger Friedman, Showbiz 411“It’s all a feast for the eyes. The visuals are mind-blowing.” Jimmy O, JoBlo s Movie Emporium“Aesthetically, Dune is pretty damn monumental and enveloping, and for audiences that potentially may find the plot confusing, the film still works on a deeply experiential, visceral level.” Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist“The sense of scale conjured up is, from moment to moment, frequently astonishing.” Ben Travis, Empire Magazine“Dune looks great, but outside of the fantastical design, the muted palette borders on drab.” Richard Trenholm, CNETAnd how does it sound?“Dune [is] a symphony for the ears as well as a feast for the eyes.” Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times“Dune is also an auditory journey, not only featuring enveloping sound editing, but one of the best scores Hans Zimmer has ever composed.” Eric Eisenberg, Cinema Blend“The visual vastness is matched by a Hans Zimmer score that is, to use a technical term, full-Zimmer.” Ben Travis, Empire Magazine“Composer Hans Zimmer inspires great awe with a booming score, but not one BRAAAM in sight, thankfully.” Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist What is the overall experience like?“As a visual and visceral experience, Dune is undeniably transporting. As a spectacle for the mind and heart, it never quite leaves Earth behind.” Justin Chang, Los Angeles Times“Dune is certainly capable of transporting us to its alien landscapes via its many technical achievements… There is no detail spared in immersing us in this fantastical world.” Scott Collura, IGN“You feel like you’re looking into a window across space and time… The line between fiction and reality fades from your mind, and it’s breathtaking.” Eric Eisenberg, Cinema Blend“Villeneuve’s Dune is the sandworm exploding out from the darkness below. It is a film of such literal and emotional largeness that it overwhelms the senses.” Clarisse Loughrey, Independent(Photo by Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures)How are the performances?“Chalamet confirms on a grand scale what arthouse audiences have long known about his charisma.” David Crow, Den of Geek“Timothee Chalamet once again gives another exceptional performance.” Jimmy O, JoBlo s Movie Emporium“Among the uniformly excellent performances, Timothée Chalamet holds his own in his first blockbuster leading role.” Ben Travis, Empire Magazine“Chalamet, playing it earnestly and effectively, is perfectly cast here, and both Ferguson and Isaac are excellent, as is Skarsgård.” Pete Hammond, Deadline“Everyone flawlessly gets at the core of who they are playing. Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Isaac are the triumvirate that lead the cast, and they are all phenomenal.” Eric Eisenberg, Cinema Blend“Momoa, in particular, bringing a swagger and excitement beyond anything we’ve seen from him before.” Germain Lussier, io9.com“The actors here all give good, serious performances, but in a sense it isn’t an actor’s film, because they are playing archetypes.” Catherine Bray, Film of the Week“No one has much time to distinguish themselves, all functioning as mere fleshy cogs in Villeneuve’s churning machine.” Richard Lawson, Vanity FairIs it a fun movie?“The script benefits from injecting occasional bits of humor into the universe-shaping events of the film.” Scott Collura, IGN“Dune is so aesthetically rich and monolithic that a few brief, misguided stabs at Marvel-style humor early on feel almost like blasphemy.” Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment Weekly“If what you love most about Marvel is the quips, you might not like Dune very much…it is deadly serious…a relief I hadn’t realized I needed.” Catherine Bray, Film of the Week“While Villeneuve has been and likely remains one of the most humorless filmmakers alive, the novel wasn’t a barrel of laughs either, and it’s salutary that Villeneuve honored the scant light notes in the script.” Glenn Kenny, RogerEbert.com“Dune lumbers with such aloof, uninviting self-seriousness that it’s hard to love, hard to even celebrate as an assured piece of tentpole authorship.” Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair“My only grievance is that hardly anyone in this film ever smiles…everyone in Dune is grimly serious. You kind of wish someone would shake Paul’s hand with a joy buzzer.” Roger Friedman, Showbiz 411(Photo by Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures)Does it feel unfinished?“The film is ultimately a long and overwrought prologue — a prelude to action rather than its own autonomous story.” Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair“The real meal doesn’t really begin until Part Two, and that’s probably one of the minor disappointments of its inconclusive finale.” Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist“It does wind up feeling incomplete… like the serving of a decadent and delicious appetizer that comes out while the epic entrée to come is still braising in the kitchen.” Eric Eisenberg, Cinema Blend“It feels so completely sure of itself and so legitimately stunning, that it’s a huge shame that the next chapter is in fact subject to the whims of the marketplace… Surely, there has to be more.” Catherine Bray, Film of the Week“To be left dangling without Dune: Part Two would be a particular heartbreak. Here’s hoping we won’t only be seeing it in our dreams.” Ben Travis, Empire MagazineIs it difficult to assess this first chapter on its own?“It will require reassessment when the rest of the director’s vision is revealed – and if there is a movie god, we’ll see that happen sooner rather than later.” Eric Eisenberg, Cinema Blend“What could happen in the future isn’t something you can think about when critiquing a movie though. There’s this movie, this story, and if it doesn’t work on its own, that would problem. It’s not a problem here.” Germain Lussier, io9.comDune is in theaters and on HBO Max on October 22, 2021.

对于玩家来说最为开心的事情莫过于是拳头官方宣布了即将开发lol手游的时候,每个玩家们都沸腾起来了,因为这款游戏玩家们期待许久,终于正式问世了,不过等待了很久时间终于在今年年初迎来了国服过审的消息,这可能是我们离国服最近的时刻,不过过审之后并没有太多的消息,只有在最近lol手游才开启了预约说明了游戏真的要上线了。 New Trailers: HBO s Perry Mason Limited Series Reboot Starring Matthew Rhys, John Lithgow, and Tatiana Maslany Debuts June 21More trailers:The Eddy, a limited series music drama starring André Holland with music written by Glen Ballard (Netflix)Solar Opposites, an animated series from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland about four aliens who flee their planet and land in the ‘burbs on Earth (Hulu)Never Have I Ever, teen romantic comedy series created by Mindy Kaling (Netflix)Dead to Me, season 2, starring Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini (Netflix)Hightown, starring Monica Raymund and James Badge Dale in a Jerry Bruckheimer–produced crime drama (Starz)Jimmy O. Yang: Good Deal, comedy special (Amazon Video)Labor of Love, a reality series, hosted by Sex and the City alum Kristin Davis, in which former Bachelor contestant Kristy Katzman, 41, will meet a group of men who, like her, are ready to start a family. She will evaluate and possibly choose one of them to start a family with, or decide to start a family as a single mother (Fox)Gold Digger, a thriller starring Julia Ormond and Ben Barnes (Acorn TV)Dangerous Lies, a thriller movie starring Camila Mendes and Elliott Gould (Netflix)Circus of Books, a documentary about the heterosexual couple who owned the titular LGBT+ book store in Los Angeles (Netflix)In the Dark, season 2, starring Perry Mattfeld (The CW)For all the latest TV and streaming trailers, subscribe to the Rotten Tomatoes TV YouTube channel.Casting News: More Tom Hardy Bedtime Stories on the Way(Photo by BBC)BBC kids channel CBeebies has tapped Venom star Tom Hardy to read a selection of six new stories for U.K. children (and no doubt their mums) who tune in to watch Bedtime Stories from Monday, April 27 through Friday, May 1. Having first appeared in 2016, Hardy is the program s most popular Bedtime Stories reader, with one million requests on BBC iPlayer. Hardy, joined by his French bulldog Blue, first will read Hug Me by  Simone Ciraolo, then Under The Same Sky by Robert Vescio and Nicky Johnston, There’s a Tiger in the Garden by Lizzy Stewart, Don’t Worry, Little Crab by Chris Haughton, and finally, on Friday, The Problem With Problems by Rachel Rooney and Zehra Hicks. With luck, CBeebies will put the videos on its YouTube channel for everyone to enjoy.Anthony Michael Hall and Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad star Mark Margolis will guest star on The Blacklist. Margolis will debut in the May 1 episode, while Hall will play the estranged brother of Diego Klattenhoff’s Ressler in a multi-episode arc that kicks off on April 24. (ET.com)Saturday Night Live star Bowen Yang will star opposite Sunnyside star Joel Kim Booster in the Quibi series Trip, a romantic comedy set on Fire Island in New York and inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. (Deadline)Development News: Better Call Saul Star Bob Odenkirk Signs Development Deal with Sony(Photo by Jon Kopaloff/WireImage)With the finale of the penultimate season of Better Call Saul on tap for April 20, Saul star Bob Odenkirk has launched a production company, Sal-Gold Pictures, and signed a first-look deal with Sony. Here’s hoping this won’t eliminate the possibility that BCS will be followed by a sequel about Cinnabon manager Gene.Before Zoom, there was Zoom, the beloved PBS kids show from the ’70s and a ’90s revival that is having another comeback. Thanks to ’90s Zoom-er Pablo Velez, who now works for WGBH in Boston, Project #ZOOMIntoAction has gathered nearly two dozen alums from the shows who will make new content for Zoom fans, including, of course, an intro, or re-intro, to the trademark Zoom language, Ubbi Dubbi. (Slate)Jeopardy host Alex Trebek, who’s been battling stage four pancreatic cancer since last year, will release a memoir – The Answer Is …: Reflections on My Life – on July 21, the day before his 80th birthday. “I want people to know a little more about the person they have been cheering in for the past year,” Trebek says.American Idol will continue, live, despite social distancing. The top 20 contestants will perform from remote locations, while judges Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan weigh in with their assessments from their homes. (Variety)TVLine reports that Grey’s Anatomy’s season 16 finale, or rather the finale that would have aired if drama’s season hadn’t been shorted because of the pandemic, was going to include an event that would have led to the death of a “major” character.Rashida Jones will executive produce and star in Filthy Animals, a Quibi animated series about Sunny Day, a smart 12-year-old girl who befriends Cruz, a “selfish, renegade, messy, suave” cat. The ‘toon will come from Robot Chicken producers Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. (THR)Jersey Shore stars DJ Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnini will host Revenge Prank with DJ Pauly D and Vinny, an MTV series in which the subjects of Internet pranks get revenge on those who got them. (Deadline)When ESPN televises the first remote NFL Draft April 23-25, the network will be using more than 180 feeds to share the action with ABC and the NFL Network. (The Washington Post)Netflix is developing All of Us Are Dead, an adaptation of an animated Korean Web series called Now at Our School, about a group of students who get trapped inside their school when a zombie apocalypse breaks out.Ron Howard and Brian Grazer’s Imagine Documentaries is partnering with National Geographic Documentary Films to produce an upcoming documentary about chef and humanitarian José Andrés and his World Central Kitchen. As a food-focused first responder in times of global emergencies, Andrés and his org has dished up an incredible 16 million meals, including during the coronavirus pandemic.Riverdale showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and series writer Greg Murray are creating a high school drama at Quibi. Based on the 2008 play Good Boys and True, the series is a “suspenseful drama about class, sexuality and identity which explores the dark side of privilege … (following) six people drawn together by a disturbing videotape that surfaces on the campus of the elite preparatory academy St. Joe’s School for Boys in the fall of 1988.” (Variety)Guy Fieri will host a three-episode, quarantine edition of his Food Network series Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives beginning on April 24. Diner, Drive-Ins and Dives: Takeout will find Fieri virtually connecting with several chefs from his past DDD adventures, as they walk him through making dishes like tamales, chicken Parmesan, and dumplings.Netflix has released a teaser for its interactive special Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy Vs. The Reverend, which will premiere on May 12. Daniel Radcliffe, Amy Sedaris, Fred Armisen, Chris Parnell, Jack McBrayer, and Johnny Knoxville are among the guest stars who will help Kimmy thwart an evil plan by Jon Hamm’s Reverend, while viewers will help decide who she helps once again take down the man who kidnapped her amongst his many misdeeds.Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt: Kimmy vs. the Reverend — an all-new interactive special premieres May 12Ellie Kemper,  Tituss Burgess, Jane Krakow­ski, Carol Kane, and Jon Hamm return — plus Daniel Radcliffe joins in on the fun as you get to decide how the story ends! pic.twitter.com/HU2tjF8xY2 See What s Next (@seewhatsnext) April 15, 2020

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