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轩辕传奇刺客技能采用百度引擎1(Baidu 3)2. THE HUNGER GAMES TO RECEIVE PREQUEL MOVIE SET 64 YEARS EARLIER (Photo by Murray Close/Lionsgate)This week s news about The Hunger Games sort of deserves some mathematical assistance. You may not remember how many Hunger Games had taken place prior to the first film s narrative, but it s much easier to recall that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire depicted the 75th competition, and that s made easier by remembering that every 25th iteration of the Hunger Games (called Quarter Quells ) follow special rules. It was announced this week that author Suzanne Collins will publish an untitled Panem novel on May 19, 2020 that will be set 64 years before the events of The Hunger Games (in other words, 10 years after the games started, in world). Lionsgate was likewise quick to move forward with plans for a prequel based on that forthcoming novel. Online sources also quickly produced articles about the film, such as this one asking if The Hunger Games is still revelant in 2020, and this one listing other possible prequel ideas.3. THIS WEEK IN MARVEL: KEANU REEVES, AVENGERS: ENDGAME RERELEASE, AND BLACK WIDOW (Photo by Netflix)Some weeks, Marvel Studios could swallow half of The Weekly Ketchup if we let them, so it helps to just bunch their stories together. Let s start with the story that you ve probably already seen crawl across your social media, which is that Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige remarked that they frequently talk to Keanu Reeves about joining almost every new project, and they re still looking for a role for him. This begs a few questions, like what

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(Photo by Everett Collection, ©Lionsgate courtesy Everett Collection, ©Paramount courtesy Everett Collection, ©Fox Searchlight Pictures)In the 125 years between the 1896 release of Georges Melies’ three-minute supernatural ghost story The House of the Devil and this week s horror film The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, the horror genre has divided and conquered by telling stories about killers, monsters, ghosts, demons, genetically modified sharks (we love Deep Blue Sea), gaslighters, and Sam Neill going insane (Event Horizon, In the Mouth of Madness). What started with a three-minute story about a supernatural creature harassing people is now a multi-billion dollar enterprise that has produced thousands of horror films of all stripes.With the third installment of the primary Conjuring film series (and eighth Conjuring Universe movie overall) about to drop, we decided to hack up 1,000+ horror films into five principal subgenres to determine which of them has the best Tomatometer average.We used this handy flowchart that the horror-loving internet didn’t hate to define 1,038 horror films with at least 20 reviews into the following categories: Killer/Slasher, Paranormal, Psychological, Monster, and Gore/Violence. Why only five? We wanted to prevent a Russian nesting doll-esque situation in which we had subgenres of subgenres, like “monster movie musicals with a hint of angsty teenager elements” (think Anna and the Apocalypse).Here are the subgenres we used, with some examples to illustrate how we separated the movies:Killer (Halloween, Urban Legend, Black Christmas, I Know What You Did Last Summer)Paranormal (Paranormal Activity, The Others, Devil, The Uninvited, The Exorcist)Psychological (We Need to Talk About Kevin, Midsommar, Goodnight Mommy, Don’t Look Now, Creep, Berberian Sound Studio)Monster (The Descent, The Host, Frankenstein, The Wolf Man, Day of the Dead)Gore/Disturbing (Hostel, The Loved Ones, Green Inferno, A Serbian Film, Saw)We’re fully aware that there are a myriad of horror subgenres that have been left out there is no dark fantasy, splatterpunk, revenge, found footage, giallo, or horror comedy but many of these films fall under the five categories above. We also recognize that there are some films that would qualify for more than one of our subgenres, and in those cases, we went with the one that fit best.With all of that out of the way, here’s how our five subgenres ranked, according to the Tomatometer:5. Paranormal(Photo by ©Warner Bros. courtesy Everett Collection)Tomatometer Average: 46%Number of Films: 257Fresh Films: 95Rotten Films: 162Definition: Films that feature ghosts, spirits, or religious elementsWith the likes of The Exorcist, The Omen, The Evil Dead, The Dark and the Wicked, Drag Me to Hell, The Sixth Sense, The Uninvited, and House on Haunted Hill within the paranormal subgenre, it’s taken a lot of Rotten films to drop the Tomatometer average down to 46%. For every Personal Shopper or In Fabric there are Rotten movies like Brahms: The Boy II, The Turning, Fantasy Island, and The Grudge (all released in 2020) dragging the average down like the Lamia demon did to unlucky folks in Drag Me to Hell.Of the 257 films we considered, 162 (63% of them) are Rotten, which ties with the Killer subgenre for the highest percentage of Rotten films. Adding to the Rotten average is the fact that 25 of the films, like Flatliners (2017) and the aptly titled The Disappointments Room (2016) have Tomatometer scores below 10%. We can’t pinpoint a specific reason why paranormal movies are largely Rotten; we just know that the subgenre has been haunted by low scores since 2000, as the average went from a respectable 54% to a Rotten 42% in the years since.4. Killer/Slasher(Photo by Dimension Films courtesy Everett Collection)Tomatometer Average: 50%Number of Films: 188Fresh Films: 71Rotten Films: 117Definition: Films that feature killers who use bladed weapons (or similar) to murder/terrorize victimsWhile horror historians may never come to a full consensus on what the original slasher movie was, we can all agree that films like Peeping Tom, Psycho, Bay of Blood, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974), and Black Christmas aren’t bad places to start. Since then, the Killer subgenre has become home to classics like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween, Friday the 13th, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The problem with the category is that it’s also home to the 32 Rotten sequels and remakes that were a direct result of their success; the 85% Tomatometer average of the originals isn’t enough to combat the 28% Tomatometer average of their less-than-stellar later installments. While every other genre has to deal with Rotten sequels, reboots, and remakes as well, they slashed the Tomatometer average of the Killer subgenre the most.These scores make us appreciate movies like Happy Death Day 2U, Red Dragon, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, Cult of Chucky, Curse of Chucky, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, and Child’s Play (2019) even more, as these Fresh sequels and remakes managed to buck the Rotten trend. The 81% Tomatometer-rated Scream 2 in particular deserves some love; it had to overcome script leaks, reshoots, and a rushed production (it went from script to screen in just one year), and the end result is possibly the best slasher sequel ever.3. Gore/Violence(Photo by ©Screen Gems courtesy Everett Collection)Tomatometer Average: 55%Number of Films: 72Fresh Films: 39Rotten Films: 33Definition: Films that feature excessive graphic violence throughout or build towards gratuitously gory conclusionsWhat makes the gore subgenre unique is its lack of super Fresh (90%+) and super Rotten (10% or below) films. In our data set, only The Loved Ones and Bone Tomahawk scored 90% or above on the Tomatometer, and only Strangeland (1998), Martyrs (2016), and the 2016 remake of Cabin Fever scored below 10%. It’s as if critics are afraid to universally praise films that feature graphic blood-dumping, but they also don’t dislike them enough to universally pan them. The category s Tomatometer average falls somewhere in the middle, as the majority of the films in our data set (53% of them, if you can believe it) are Fresh, but they aren’t quite bloody-good enough to achieve a Fresh average overall.Part of the blame falls on the Saw and Human Centipede franchises, whose 12 films have a 30.25% Tomatometer average and work against the positive scores of the brutal yet occasionally brilliant French films Inside, Frontier(s), and Martyrs. Even these “gore” classics didn’t set the Tomatometer ablaze, as they averaged just a respectably Fresh 68%; stepping outside of the horror genre bubble, this seems fair, considering their subject matter is polarizing. Takashi Miike’s bloody classic Audition remains an excellent example of gore done right; the film is violent, it’s directed wonderfully and burns slowly to a gut-punch finale you won’t soon forget.2. Monster(Photo by Everett Collection)Tomatometer Average: 58%Number of Films: 347Fresh Films: 191Rotten Films: 156Definition: Films that feature a monster (or monsters, large or small) hunting or killing/eating unlucky victimsWhile the monster subgenre isn’t Fresh overall, it’s loaded with wonderful films that feature genetically modified sharks (Deep Blue Sea), flesh-eating zombies (Night of the Living Dead), giant ants (Them!), and a creature who travels over 1,000 miles, slowly shuffling towards its prey (It Follows). Being that we included zombies, werewolves, vampires, aliens, and sea creatures here, it’s a loaded category with an impressive 347 films whose 58% average almost reached Fresh status, but films like the famously panned Jaws: The Revenge, a beautifully insane movie about a telepathic shark hunting down the people who killed its relatives, drag the score down.One of the most impressive aspects of this subgenre is that 48 of the 347 films (14% of the data set), including Train to Busan, Nosferatu (1922), The Bride of Frankenstein, The Host, and Let the Right One In, have Tomatometer scores above 90%, which proves that in the right hands, monster movies can be straight-up classics. The subgenre is also extremely flexible, as it allows for pure thrills like monsters eating coeds (Piranha 3D) and spelunkers (The Descent) just as easily as it can serve as a vehicle for thematic portrayals of consumerism (Dawn of the Dead), nuclear fallout (Gojira), and the dangers of toxic waste (The Host). Basically, monsters can fill in for any number of serious thematic allusions, or they can just be monsters.1. Psychological(Photo by ©IFC Midnight)Tomatometer Average: 69%Number of Films: 174Fresh Films: 124Rotten Films: 50Definition: Films that inspire dread or discomfort primarily by utilizing tone and atmosphere to dive into the darkness of humanityWith a 69% Tomatometer average, the Fresh psychological horror subgenre is the best of all the horror subgenres, according to the Tomatometer. With 124 Fresh films (a whopping 71% of them whoa) 35 of them at 90% or above on the Tomatometer  it’s the clear victor here (we promise we’re not messing with your heads). The most impressive statistic is that there’s only one psychological horror film with a Tomatometer score below 10% in our data set, namely 2011’s The Roommate. This subgenre is also home to the 2006 remake of The Wicker Man, which features Nicolas Cage running around in a bear suit.With films like Don’t Look Now, The Lodge, Unsane, Goodnight Mommy, Midsommar, The Invitation, Mulholland Drive, Black Swan, Creep, and The Babadook, it’s easy to see why it has a Fresh average. Directors like David Lynch, Ari Aster, Karyn Kusama, Jennifer Kent, and Darren Aronofsky have thrived in the genre by creating dread-soaked worlds full of mystery, murder, and people leaping out from behind dumpsters. Considering the overall data set average is 55%, the 69% average is excellent, and it s perhaps not so surprising when you consider that psychological horror films depend so much more on an effective atmosphere and the performances of their actors. They tend to focus more on unsettling viewers and rely less on visceral thrills and carnival-ish trickery to shock audiences, and that generally makes for films that achieve a longer-lasting impact.Which horror subgenre do you prefer most? Let us know in the comments!On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News. Today s Ketchup brings you another set of headlines from the world of film development news, covering movies with new roles for Richard Madden, Jessica Chastain, Michael Rooker, Elisabeth Moss, and more.This WEEK S TOP STORYMARVEL S YONDU May SNAP HIS TEETH INTO THE SUICIDE SQUAD AS KING SHARK(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)Ever since Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn signed on to direct Warner Bros. and DC Comics The Suicide Squad, there have been rumblings that at least one of his Marvel stars would join him. For a while, there was word that might be Dave Bautista as Peacemaker, until recent news that the role will likely go to fellow professional wrestler John Cena instead. Today, we learned that James Gunn still might reunite with one of his Guardians stars, with Michael Rooker now in talks to play the monstrous villain, King Shark. If you re a fan of TV s The Flash, you might recall that King Shark has had some pretty cool scenes on that show. The Suicide Squad cast will also include Idris Elba, Viola Davis as Amanda Waller, and Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn. Warner Bros. has scheduled The Suicide Squad for August 6, 2021. Gunn is expected to return to Marvel Studios for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 after he wraps on the DC flick, suggesting a Guardians release date no sooner than 2022.Fresh Developments1. GAME OF THRONES, Bodyguard FAVORITE JOINS MARVEL S THE ETERNALS (Photo by Tony Gonzalez/Everett Collection)We re now within 10 days of the end of HBO s Game of Thrones, so we re in the midst of a wave of new roles for those many actors. The biggest story for a Game of Thrones favorite this week however was for someone whose last episode was nearly six years ago. Richard Madden, who played Robb Stark, the onetime King in the North, is now in talks with Marvel Studios about starring in The Eternals. If he signs on, Madden would be playing Ikaris, who, in the comics, has been a leader of the Eternals in the past. Angelina Jolie is also starring in The Eternals as Sersi (a long-running member of the Avengers in the late 1980s and early 1990s). Kumail Nanjiani (The Big Sick, HBO s Silicon Valley) and South Korea s Ma Dong-Seok are also attached to play unknown characters. There have also been reports that Marvel is looking to cast an openly gay Asian actor, but that role appears to have not yet been cast. The Eternals will be directed by Chloe Zhao (The Rider, Songs My Brothers Taught Me), whose two films to date both have Tomatometer scores above 90%. There is no official release date for The Eternals yet, but if the filming start dates align with the Marvel s put out, it might be November 6, 2020 (after Black Widow, which might come out May 1, 2020).2. DISNEY SCHEDULES NEW STAR WARS MOVIES FOR 2022, 2024, AND 2026 (Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)Every once in a while, a massive story will come out which is actually several all rolled into one. This week, Disney announced dozens of release dates (or changes), including some pretty seismic revelations. Last September, we heard that Disney planned on slowing down the release of their Star Wars franchise, and we now officially know that there will be a three year gap after this December s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Then, starting with December 16, 2022, there will be Star Wars movies every two years; the next two will arrive in theaters on December 20, 2024 and December 18, 2026. What we don t know is what these Star Wars movies actually are. It s known that Rian Johnson (Star Wars: The Last Jedi) has plans for a new Star Wars trilogy. Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss are also developing a trilogy which is rumored to be set in the Old Republic period most seen to date in various video games. (You can check out a breakdown of five places we think the Star Wars franchise can go in the 2020s here.) We think that some of the release date changes are Rotten Ideas, so please continue to that section to read more.3. BLACK PANTHER’s CHADWICK BOSEMAN TO SLASH AGAIN AS SAMURAI YASUKE (Photo by JA/Everett Collection)Chadwick Boseman has starred in a few movies now where he was a first. Boseman played baseball groundbreaker Jackie Robinson in 42, he played Thurgood Marshall (the first African American Supreme Court Justice) in Marshall, and of course, Black Panther was a significant first. This week, Boseman signed on for another first in the historical drama Yasuke, in which he will portray the first African samurai in Japan. The historical Yasuke was a Portuguese retainer of Mozambique heritage who was brought to Japan as a slave in the 16th century, making him the first black man to set foot on Japanese soil, [as] Yasuke’s arrival aroused the interest of Nobunaga, a ruthless warlord seeking to unite the fractured country under his banner. It s not yet known who will be directing Yasuke.4. Jane Campion is Back, with Doctor Strange and a Handmaid in Tow(Photo by ©Apparition/courtesy Everett Collection)Marvel Studios has tapped so many top stars (and helped others become stars) that a bunch of new films feature those names. Acclaimed New Zealand director Jane Campion (The Piano) hasn t directed a feature film in 10 years (2009 s Bright Star), and she is now preparing to direct The Power of the Dog, an adaptation of the 1967 novel by Thomas Savage. For this film, Campion has cast Benedict Cumberbatch (Marvel s Doctor Strange) and Elisabeth Moss of the acclaimed Hulu series The Handmaid s Tale. Like 1994 s Legends of the Fall, The Power of the Dog is a story of ranchers in Montana, with Cumberbatch playing a wealthy Montana rancher who engages in a relentless war against his brother s son from a secret marriage to a local widow (played by Moss). The brother and son characters have yet to be cast.5. IT: CHAPTER TWO STAR JESSICA CHASTAIN TO PUT ON THE EYES OF TAMMY FAYE (Photo by Kerry Hayes/ © EuropaCorp USA /Courtesy Everett Collection)Nearly 20 years before acclaimed celebrity documentaries like Won t You Be My Neighbor? and RBG, one of the most successful early documentaries in that style was 2001 s The Eyes of Tammy Faye, about televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker. Fox Searchlight is preparing to produce a dramatic biopic about Tammy and husband Jim, to also be titled The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Attached so far are Jessica Chastain (IT: Chapter Two, Dark Phoenix) and Andrew Garfield (The Amazing Spider-Man). Director Michael Showalter (The Big Sick) will be working from a screenplay adapted from the documentary.  There s no word yet about which makeup artist will be hired to work on The Eyes of Tammy Faye, but whomever it is might automatically be in the running for a Hair and Makeup Oscar.6. CHRIS HEMSWORTH AND TIFFANY HADDISH TEAMING UP FOR BUDDY COP COMEDY (Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, @ Universal)Chris Hemsworth is proving himself a master at comedic chemistry – witness the splendor of  Lebowski Thor – and a great foil to a strong female co-star (he will be back on screen with Ragnarok co-star Tessa Thompson in Men in Black: International this summer). The latest female star to sign on to test Hemsworth’s on-screen charisma and comedic chops is Tiffany Haddish, whose career has been blowing up ever since 2017 s Girls Trip. Haddish and Hemsworth will costar together in the buddy cop comedy Down Under Cover, with Haddish playing a cop who teams up with an undercover male stripper police detective.#7. Dark Knight Writer David S. Goyer Rebooting HellraiserJoel MearesBack in the early 2000s, Spyglass Entertainment was a prolific production company which provided Disney s Touchstone with many of its hits, including The Count of Monte Cristo, Shanghai Noon, and 1999 s The Sixth Sense. Spyglass is back in business again as an independent company called the Spyglass Media Group and in the market for new franchises. Their first major project was announced this week: a reboot of the prolific horror series Hellraiser, featuring the erotic horrors of Pinhead and his Cenobite collaborators. When Hellraiser came out over 30 years ago in 1987, there was nothing like it, but since then, movies like Saw and Hostel have made the torture porn horror subgenre almost ubiquitous. Hellraiser is poised to make a big return, and the job of adapting Hellraiser for a new generation is going to David S. Goyer, the screenwriter behind comic book adaptations like Blade, The Dark Knight, and Man of Steel, and this year s Terminator: Dark Fate. It s not yet known exactly how Goyer will reboot Hellraiser.Rotten Ideas2. DISNEY S MASSIVE RELEASE DATE DUMP REVEALS VAST CHANGES(Photo by @ Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)Pretty much every week, there are new release dates or changes for upcoming movies, but usually it s only for a handful of films. This week, Disney announced such a massive slate of new dates and changes that it s had sort of a tsunami-like impact on the calendar. Disney recently finalized its acquisition of Fox s film properties, and part of its ongoing plan is to slow Fox releases down to 5-6 films a year (cut in half from 12 in 2018). Many Fox films are therefore being delayed or outright canceled. For example, The New Mutants (the last Fox/Marvel movie before Marvel Studios takes over the X-Men and Fantastic Four) was originally scheduled for 2018, and now it s not scheduled to come out until April 3, 2020. Harrison Ford s Call of the Wild (February 21, 2020) is one of the other films pushed back into 2020, as is the long-in-development YA novel adaptation Artemis Fowl (May 29, 2020), though that has always been a Disney movie. Dora and the Lost City of Gold has already swept in to take over Fowl’s original August 9, 2019, release date. Disney s slate is also significant for what it doesn t have, such as Fox s various Marvel movies, like Gambit (with Channing Tatum attached), and projects like X-Force, X-23, Kitty Pryde, and James Franco s Madrox the Multiple Man.1. AVATAR 2 PUSHED BACK TO 2021 (SEVEN YEARS AFTER ITS ORIGINAL 2014 RELEASE DATE) (Photo by @ 20th Century Fox)Up until this week, it was believed that Avatar 2 would be released next year, on December 18, 2020, following years of delays from its original release date in December 2014. This week, as Disney also revealed an every-two-years rotation of Star Wars movies in 2022, 2024, and 2026, they did the same thing for the upcoming Avatar sequels. The four Avatar sequels (yes, James Cameron is really working on four sequels) are now scheduled for December releases in the odd years: Avatar 2 (December 17, 2021), Avatar 3 (December 22, 2023), Avatar 4 (December 19, 2025), and Avatar 5 (December 17, 2027). Paramount Pictures took quick advantage of the vacuum left by the Avatar 2 move, pushing their own sequel, Coming to America 2, back to December 18, 2020. By doing that, Paramount also made room for the science-fiction drama Infinite, starring Chris Evans, on August 7, 2020. For their own part, Disney also replaced Avatar 2 with their own films, the double feature of Steven Spielberg s West Side Story remake on December 18, 2020, followed by Cruella (the live-action 101 Dalmatians starring Emma Stone), five days later on December 23, 2020. We can expect the next few weeks to have more release date changes from Disney s competitor studios.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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作为一款社交手游,当然不能忘了社交这一环。手游玩家在社交这一块更有局限性,毕竟不能像端游那样启动太多后台软件。游戏外的社交交友,手游加入了TapTap社区的好友和邀请功能,直接由社区进入游戏会让玩家们觉得便利很多,最大限度降低游戏交友阻碍;在游戏中,有好友和世界频道的设定,同步语音和文字功能。世界频道的房间,是与陌生人一起玩耍的便利途径,让每个玩家都能体验各种玩家的新鲜刺激。官方对于社交的强化增加了游戏的乐趣,游戏成功化身为社交桥梁,连接着玩家与朋友或者陌生人。轩辕传奇刺客技能Kimberly Potts for Rotten Tomatoes: What attracted you to this topic, to this project?Kerry Ehrin: Initially it was Brian Stelter s book, Top of the Morning (which the Apple TV+ series is based on). I really liked it, and the tone of the world he was describing, and I was just saying it felt like a very good stage to write great character stories on, set against this high stakes world, but also there s a social absurdity to that world … so competitive, and the behavior gets a little bit like, almost high school-ish. So that was a very intriguing world to me. And then obviously Reese and Jennifer, getting to create complex female characters with high profile, high stakes jobs, and write about female relationships in a real way was very intriguing to me. All those elements don t line up every day.(Photo by Apple TV+)One of the most things with the stars of morning TV is how much their personal lives are impacted by their jobs. Even just the fact that they have to get up at these ridiculous hours — that has to impact their time with their kids and their family and friends and personal time. How much are you going to get into that, Alex and Bradley s personal lives, as the season goes on?Ehrin: A great deal. I think that s a big part of Alex s story, how much she has sacrificed to get to that top level. And Bradley is really just entering into this world. So her story is more about being from the outside and trying to acclimate and immerse into it … When you live those kind of hours, there s no question that it becomes your life and it dictates your life. Any high-stress job becomes your life and dictates your life.I m guessing that s something you can relate to as a showrunner.Ehrin: Oh, 100 percent. I mean, I could also relate to it when I was working retail. Jobs do end up dictating your life. But yeah, I mean, when you have a ton of financial responsibility for other people, you do live with it all the time.Getting into the characters, viewers are going to assume that Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) is Matt Lauer. What is your response to that?Ehrin: Well, I mean, it isn t. I get, I guess, why people would go there. I don t know … I don t know why they never pick Charlie Rose. But all I can tell you is … it isn t Matt Lauer. It s an amalgam of human beings that I ve interacted with, that have been in my life, and some people that have been in the public eye. But it really is an original tale. It isn t “The Matt Lauer Story” at all. Nor did I want to write that.(Photo by Apple TV+)In the first three episodes, viewers get some viewpoints that they might not be expecting. This is a discussion of all angles and some nuanced points of view that haven’t played out so much in a scripted series. Episode three in particular, with Mitch’s conversation with the director played by Martin Short — do you think people are ready for, or maybe even craving at this point, a nuanced look at this subject?Ehrin: I feel like there s a lot of layers to that question. I mean, one of them is, there s a specific road we re going down with the stories that we re telling, and you re meeting a character in the beginning, so there s that aspect of it. I m trying to say this without giving too much stuff away. It’s a story about human beings who are in this web. And I don t think (Mitch) is written overly sympathetically. It s interesting to me that people are saying, Oh, he s so sympathetic. And I don t think he s any more sympathetic than anyone in the show. I think everyone on the show is really screwed up in different ways. He’s a narcissist, he clearly lives inside his own reality of what s real and what s right. And I mean, yeah, Steve Carell is a likable, charming guy, but so are a lot of these guys. So I think you have to look at the whole enchilada. And I would say this will be a better discussion after episode ten.It s interesting to see this particular story play out from all these different points of view.Ehrin: It s a huge thing. There s a huge movement. It has affected everybody, and it s seismic. So yeah, it s a story of looking at it and at all the elements.(Photo by Apple TV+)Kudos for keeping the Martin Short cameo under wraps. He was great, and having such a beloved actor playing that character, saying those shocking things about his behavior, and challenging Mitch to consider his own behavior, was impactful. I hope the surprise of his appearance isn’t spoiled for people before they watch the episode.Ehrin: That would actually be great, because it is so exciting to see him, and he s so good. Man, that guy is a great actor. He s really, really good.What s your goal overall with the development of Bradley and Alex s characters? Ehrin: They both have important individual stories. Alex s being about a highly successful person who has sacrificed so much of her life and was so close to this partner who gets fired for sexual misconduct. And it really is about how it dismantles her life. And then Bradley s is about a person who has a lot of demons from her family and isn t really psychologically or emotionally set up for success, and finds herself pulled into this world. And how do you, as sort of an emotional outsider of success, how do you function in that world? And can you survive it? Can you thrive in it or is that impossible?In addition to that, there is the story of these two women who come into each other s lives, and I really wanted to do a realistic story and not make them hate each other, like All About Eve, or they re best friends and they re never mean. I really wanted to do just a real nuanced portrayal of all (aspects) of a female working relationship — all of its wonderful complexities. And that s been the ongoing road. That s the heart of it to me, what that relationship is about and how it develops and evolves.(Photo by Apple TV+)We’ve met Bradley’s family, her mom and her brother, and there have been hints that she has sort of been almost a parental figure for both of them. Is that something we’ll get into a lot more?Ehrin: Yeah. That s a big part of Bradley s character, who she is and dealing with that. If you have baggage that you haven t dealt with and you get thrust into a high-stress, high-profile job, it s a different experience than someone who does not have that baggage.You ve made great television, told great stories, on network and cable, and now a streaming service. Has it been different in any big ways creating this show for a streaming service?Ehrin: There s been more freedom, certainly. I think that was always a challenge for me, because I ve been doing this for a while, and for a big chunk of my career there weren t all these venues available. And you had to fit in (on)  broadcast, and it was always, always, always a challenge to — if you re a little idiosyncratic, if you re a little dark, if you re a little to the left of center, it was just harder to fit into that mold, that box, and still get to play with your whole deck of cards.Do you feel like you finally have gotten to do a show, this show, exactly how you would want to do it?Ehrin: Yeah, I do. I mean, I felt that way about Bates as well, except for the swearing. It really would have made it a little more (realistic) to have people be able to talk the way people actually speak. And also, commercials are just death to me. That used to kill me about Bates, because I felt like it was like an opera, and then you d be so into these huge, crazy things, and then it s an ad for erectile dysfunction or insurance. And it just was like, it completely wrecked it for me. So that was always hard. But this is pretty cool. It is a lot more freedom. It s a lot more money to make stuff. It s been pretty great. New episodes of The Morning Show premiere on Fridays on Apple TV+.

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Best-Reviewed TV Streaming Movies 2019Watch out Al Swearengen: the Beyhive might be coming for you when it learns that HBO’s long-anticipated Deadwood: The Movie just nudged out Beyonce’s Homecoming for Best TV Movie of 2019. Bey wasn’t the only musician on the list; Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese blended concert footage, fictional, and non-fictional material to imaginatively capture America in 1975. Elsewhere, Steven Soderbergh teamed with writer Tarell Alvin McCraney (who wrote the play on which Moonlight was based) for Free Flying Bird and director Eva Orner exposed the man behind hot yoga in Bikram: Yogi, Guru, Predator, both released on Netflix.The order of the rank below reflects the Adjusted Score as of December 31, 2019. Scores might change over time.« Previous Category Next Category »

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8.30.1 8月喜迎我的世界游戏当中的信标在激活之后会靠谱的手游加盟有一道哪个公司好冲天的光束,所手游手游游戏推广以激活后的信标可以当做地标信号加盟手游咖吧塔。
(Photo by Disney+/Lucasfilm Ltd.)Despite a seemingly huge cliffhanger in the season 2 premiere, The Mandalorian maneuvered into its tried-and-true episodic format thanks to series creator-writer Jon Favreau and director Peyton Reed, a new member of the show s growing stable of talent behind the camera. And even though its main story may have diverted from the course we expected, it still offers a few things to consider about Din Djarin s (Pedro Pascal) future. Let s take a look at where the Way took him this week.The following contains spoilers about The Mandalorian, season 2, episode 2, “Chapter 10: The Confrontation.” Stop here if you have not watched the episode.The Way Sent the Mandalorian and the Child to Tatooine(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)Tasked with reuniting the Child with his own people, Djarin began a search for other Mandalorian culverts in the galaxy. His assumption: someone in one of the other groups will know more about the mythical order of space wizards the Mandos clashed with thousands of years ago and who Djarin believes to be the Child s kin. On Tatooine, Djarin worked with Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant) to end a Krayt Dragon threat, winning the Mandalorian armor Vanth was using to mete justice on the edge on the Dune Sea. As he rode back to Mos Eisley, a seemingly familiar bounty hunter watched him from a distance.Read more: The Mandalorian Kicks Off Its New Season With a Monster Star Wars Tale — But Questions Remain The Mandalorian Thwarts Criminals and Is Saddled with a New Quest(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)The Mandalorian s ride back to Mos Eisley is interrupted by raiders more interested in his jetpack than anything else; even if they want to abduct the Child at first. Djarin makes quick work of them, but his speeder bike is destroyed. After a slow march back to Mos Eisley, he finds Peli Motto (Amy Sedaris) hustling credits out of aliens at the cantina. She hooks him up with someone who claims to have good intel on a nearby Mando culvert.The contact turns out to be a frog lady (at least, that s what the captions call her) in desperate need of transport to the moon of Trask. There, her husband awaits to fertilize the last eggs of her life cycle. She also claims Djarin will find a culvert there. The catch: because of her eggs fragility, the Razor Crest must travel at sublight speed.Carson Teva (Paul Sun-Hyung Lee) and Trapper Wolf (Dave Filoni), two New Republic X-Wing pilots patrolling the Outer Rim, interrupt their progress. When Djarin sends his transponder signal, the pilots realize his ship is the same one that invaded a prisoner transport some months earlier. The ensuing chase leaves the Razor Crest stranded on an ice planet.(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)Oh, also, the Child has been surreptitiously eating the Frog Lady s eggs.Djarin and the Child must abandon repairs on the ship when their passenger wanders off to the comfort of a natural hot spring in a nearby cave, where the Child s appetite awakens some of the planet s native inhabitants: spider-like creatures reminiscent of the Krykna or, at least, Ralph McQuarrie s original painting that inspired them. Djarin, the Child, and the Frog Lady flee back to the ship, but a true rescue comes thanks to the New Republic pilots, who ultimately let Djarin go because of his actions during that prison break ( Chapter 6: The Prisoner ).Still in need of many repairs, the Razor Crest breaks atmosphere and limps its way to Trask.Latest Mandalorian Episode Introduces New Characters and Places(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)Since Favreau s applies his use of the Star Wars galaxy with great care, we re going to assume setting the first episode of the season on a desert planet and the second on an ice world is intentional. It mirrors the course of the Original Trilogy and would lead us to believe Trask is a forest world if not for Motto referring to it as an estuary moon. Star Wars planets typically feature one biome, so we imagine Trask will have one big landmass and an almost entirely enclosed ocean within it.Then again, there could be forests in that landmass Let s talk about Motto for a moment. There are a few corners of the online discourse that find her way too Earth-like to be accepted into the Star Wars reality. We disagree; she brings a delightful energy to Tatooine as one of its grubby citizens, but also as a roguish type happy to eek out as little advantage as she can. The way she got Djarin to back Dr. Mandible s losing hand (to say nothing of ferrying Frog Lady to Trask) is the sort of unscrupulous whimsy we like to see from time to time — and that s not just because a Scoundrel was our main on Star Wars: The Old Republic. We will admit Sedaris might be too much if Motto was featured weekly throughout the new season, but we think we re getting just the right amount of her at the moment.(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)Meanwhile, the glimpses we re getting of the New Republic remain fascinating. For one thing, it cares about the Outer Rim.As Shmi Skywalker (Pernilla August) observed in Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace, the Old Republic didn t exist on remote worlds like Tatooine. And though there may not be a presence on the ground — indeed, planets are charged with organizing their own defense and police forces — New Republic patrols of the space lanes around these distant planets is an upgrade from the leave it to the Hutts stance of the pre-Imperial government.Then again, even the Empire mostly left Tatooine to the Hutts.Also, you have to love a return appearance by Star Wars: The Clone Wars supervising director Dave Filoni as Trapper Wolf. We last saw him in the prison break episode, so it is a nice bit of continuity to have him here (see also: Richard Ayoade’s cameo as Zero s vocoder). Also, we d like to welcome Lee to the small band of New Republic officials we ve seen so far; in fact, if the show ever completely abandons its Lone Wolf and Cub format, we d love to see a season in which Djarin works with the Republic in the core systems — not so much to see any old friends (we re just as happy to never see a Skywalker on the series), but to see what a functioning Republic looks like. Also, from what we ve read of former capital world Coruscant in this era, we d love to see Djarin stop there as well.(Photo by Lucasfilm/Disney+)But the Lone Wolf and Cub format also allowed the show to maintain the tension regarding Boba Fett — and that s assuming the person Temuera Morrison played in last week s final moment is the famed bounty hunter. If you want to entertain an alternate theory to his identity, let s assume for a moment he is Captain Rex of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels fame. The character is still around — despite the clones accelerated aging process — and may have been on the hunt for the Child even before Djarin took up the contract; of course, that would leave us wondering why Rex hasn t made contact.The question mark around Boba Fett made this week s opening moments all the more thrilling, though. Which, again, is a credit to Favreau s writing. He set us up to believe the confrontation would be immediate. Even afterward, the close-ups to the helmet and the jetpack remind us that some answer is forthcoming.This Week s Unanswered Mandalorian Questions(Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic; 20th Century Fox)The riddle of Boba Fett leads us to ask:Where is Boba Fett? Assuming that was Boba Fett last week, why didn t he catch up to Djarin on the long march back to Mos Eisley and reclaim the armor? He seemed to know its location all along, so why didn t he take it back from Vanth in the first place? Remember, it s only been four or five years since the bounty hunter fought the Skywalker clan, and he s not a follower of the Way. He would, presumably, be fit enough to fight and consider taking his identity back as a matter of pride. A similar story played out in the old Expanded Universe, in fact; albeit with his ship instead of the armor. But as we suggested last week, it is possible his encounter with the Sarlaac changed him in a fundamental way.Is the culvert on Trask? We re genuinely surprised the episode didn t end with the Razor Crest making it to Trask. That means the answer to this question could be more complicated than Djarin anticipates. For one thing, he asked Motto upfront if it is the same culvert from Navarro. That band of Mandos is still in play, even if the Imps cost them a good number of warriors. But considering our rumor-watch includes Katee Sackhoff reprising her Clones Wars and Star Wars Rebels role as Mandalorian Bo-Katan Kryze, she could, conceivably, be part of the culvert on Trask. Although we are presuming a culvert awaits Djarin, it s possible Frog Lady was lying through her gills.The Mandalorian season 2 is now streaming on Disney+. On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

How well do Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson know their own movies? And how do they react when they come face-to-face – or, at least, face-to-text – with their critics? That s what we found out when we sat down with the Jumanji: The Next Level leads for a game of Name the Review. The concept is simple: Each actor reads the other a line from a review of one of their films – then they have to guess the movie being referenced. Which film was merely tolerable ? And how does Hart react to that blunt assessment? Find out in the video above. And be sure to play along – you may know the guys careers even better than they do.
2021 ceremonies, including when the nominations will be announced, but other awards bodies that have postponed their events will release that information at a later date.Keep track of the constantly changing 2020-21 awards season landscape with the schedule of nomination announcements and awards ceremonies below — we ll continue to update it with more news and information as it becomes available.SEPTEMBER 2020Sunday, September 20 – 72nd Emmy Awards (ABC, 8 p.m. ET / 5 p.m. PT)OCTOBER 2020Monday, October 19 – Critics Choice Documentary NominationsNOVEMBER 2020Thursday, November 12 – Gotham Independent Film Awards NominationsThursday, November 12 – Critics Choice Documentary NominationsTuesday, November 24 – International Documentary Association Awards NominationsDECEMBER 2020Saturday, December 12 – European Film AwardsTK TK, December 13- Boston Society of Film Critics AwardsFriday, December 18 – New York Film Critics Circle AwardsSaturday, December 19 Boston Online Film Critics AwardsSunday, December 20 Indiana Film JournalistsSunday, December 20 Los Angeles Film Critics AwardsMonday, December 21 Florida Film Critics AwardsMonday, December 21  Chicago Film Critics AwardsThursday, December 31 Greater Western New York Film Critics Association AwardsJANUARY 2021Monday, January 4 –North Carolina Film Critics Association AwardsMonday, January 4 Alliance of Women Film JournalistWednesday, January 6 Oklahoma Film CriticsFriday, January 9  National Society of Film CriticsSaturday, January 9 – National Society of Film Critics AwardsMonday, January 11 — Gotham Independent Film AwardsMonday, January 11 San Diego Film Critics SocietyFriday, January 15 Seatle Film Critics SocietySaturday, January 16 WGA NominationsSaturday, January 16 International Documentary AssociationSunday, January 17 St. Louis Film Critics AssociationSunday, January 18 San Fransico Bay Area Film CriticsFriday, January 24  Kansas City Film Critics CircleMonday, January 25 AFI honors announcedTuesday, January 26 – Film Independent Spirit Awards Nominations AnnouncedTuesday, January 26 – National Board of Review Winners AnnouncedFEBRUARY 2021Monday, February 1  Satellite NominationsWednesday, February 3 – Golden Globe NominationsSunday, February 7 London Film Critics AwardsSunday, February 7 Toronto Film Critics Circle AwardsSunday, February 8  Critics Choice Film + TV NominationsMonday, February 8 Washington DC Area Film CriticsTuesday, February 9 – Oscar Shortlists AnnouncedWednesday, February 10 Dallas Ft. Worth Film Critics Association AwardsThursday, February 11 Dorian Awards NominationsMonday, February 15 Seattle Film Critics SocietyMonday, February 16 Writers Guild of America NominationsThursday, February 19  Nevada Film Critics SocietyMonday, February 22 Vancouver Film Critics CircleThursday, February 25 Palm Springs International Film Festival GalaFriday, February 26 American Film Institute AwardsSunday, February 28 — Golden Globe AwardsMARCH 2021Monday, March 1 – Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel NominationsTuesday, March 2 – Cinema Audio Society NominationsWednesday, March 3 — Annie Awards NominationsFriday, March 5 Hollywood Critics Association AwardsSunday, March 7 Critics Choice AwardsMonday, March 8 Producer Guild of America NominationsMonday, March 8 – Visual Effects Society NominationsTuesday, March 9 American Society of Cinematographers NominationsTuesday, March 9 Directors Guild of America Film NominationsFriday, March 12 Detroit Film Critics SocietySunday, March 14 –Screen Actors Guild AwardsMonday, March 15 – Academy Award NominationsMonday, March 21 Writer Guild of AmericaThursday, March 24 Producers Guild of America AwardsAPRIL 2021Sunday, April 4  Screen Actors Guild NominationsTuesday, April 6 –Visual Effects Society AwardsWednesday, April 7 African American Film Critics AssociatonSaturday, April 10 – Directors Guild of America AwardsSaturday, April 10 — Art Directors Guild AwardsSunday, April 11 – BAFTAsApril 13 Costume Designer Guilds AwardsFriday, April 16 — Annie AwardsSaturday, April 17 – Cinema Audio Society AwardsSunday, April 18 American Cinema Editor AwardsSunday, April 18 Golden Reel AwardsSunday, April 18  American Society of Cinematographers NominationsSunday, April 18 – Motion Picture Sound Editors Golden Reel AwardsSaturday, April 24 — Film Independent Spirit AwardsSunday, April 25 – 93rd Academy AwardsMAY 2021Tuesday, May 11 – BRIT Awards
If you have a suggestion for a movie or show you think we should do an episode on, let us know in the comments, or email us at rtiswrong@rottentomatoes.com.Meet the hostsJacqueline Coley is an editor at Rotten Tomatoes, with a focus on awards and indie coverage but with a passion for everything, from the MCU to musicals and period pieces. Coley is a regular moderator at conventions and other events, can be seen on Access Hollywood and other shows, and will not stand Constantine slander of any kind. Follow Jacqueline on Twitter: @THATjacqueline.Mark Ellis is a comedian and contributing editor for Rotten Tomatoes. He currently hosts the Rotten Tomatoes series Versus, among others, and can be seen co-hosting the sports entertainment phenomenon Movie Trivia Schmoedown. His favorite Star Wars movie is Jedi (guess which one!), his favorite person is actually a dog (his beloved stepdaughter Mollie), and – thanks to this podcast – he s about to watch Burlesque for the first time in his life. Follow Mark on Twitter: @markellislive.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
The No. 1 films for the past five weeks going back to the opening of Maleficent: Mistress of Evil have grossed a total of million. This weekend, Disney’s Frozen II surpassed that number. Tracking services went on the defensive after a few weeks of high-end estimates crashed and burned. So they went with a safe 0 million projection for a sequel to the highest-grossing Disney animated film of all-time globally. Audiences responded, “Who are you kidding?”King of the Crop: Frozen II Scores Third-Best Animated Opening of All TimeThursday night, Frozen II had the fourth-best preview for an animated film ever behind Incredibles 2 (.5 million), Toy Story 4 ( million), and Finding Dory (.2 million). Take into account that those were all summer releases with no school Friday morning and Frozen II’s .5 million Thursday is even more impressive. No matter what the season its 7 million opening weekend is mightily impressive. That is the third-best animated opening of all time behind summer releases Incredibles 2 and Finding Dory. The previous best non-summer animated opening was Disney’s Zootopia with .1 million and the holiday season champion was the November release of The Incredibles (.5 million) back in 2004. Five of the eight animated films to open over 0 million went on to gross over 0 million, a feat 2013’s original Frozen managed to accomplish after starting with just .4 million (now the fourth-best November opening ever after last year’s The Grinch). Frozen II’s global haul for the weekend was 0 million as it begins its billion-dollar box office run.Rotten Returns: Cop Thriller 21 Bridges Opens with .2 MillionProfit may be well out of its reach for director Brian Kirk’s 21 Bridges. STX pushed the cop thriller with Chadwick Boseman out of the summer into September, and then moved it away from their big success, Hustlers, into the November slot where it opened with .2 million. Movies this month opening between .8 million–.8 million have averaged a final gross of .1 million and have never grossed higher than Set It Off’s .5 million. That is not good news for the million production. Only four STX films have grossed over million outside of the U.S. and Canada in its five-year history (Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, The Foreigner, Bad Moms, and A Bad Moms Christmas). The studio boasted two 0 million grossers in Hustlers and The Upside this year, but no other film has reached million. Countdown reached million this weekend.The Top 10 and Beyond: A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood Opens Modestly, Primed for Holiday GrowthTom Hanks as Mr. Rogers in A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood was not quite the immediate audience grabber that some of us were thinking it would be, but many still hope it will be a slow burn, gaining audiences over the holiday. Though a .5 million start does not give it much chance to be the success many believed it could be. The average gross for a film opening between million– million in November is just .18 million with the high-end achieved by Three Men and a Little Lady (.6 million.) Only four other films this month in that range grossed over million: Jingle All the Way, Scrooged, Bad Santa, and My Girl. The sixth-highest grosser was Men of Honor with .8 million, and Arthur Christmas (3,376) was the only film of the 30 on this list to open in more theaters than Neighborhood (3,235).Last week’s No. 1, Ford v Ferrari dropped nearly 50 percent with million this week, bringing its total up to just under million after 10 days of release, roughly the same amount that Dumb and Dumber To reached in 2014, though it only made .1 million in its second go-round. Todd Phillips’ Due Date earned about .1 million more by this same point, made about 0,000 less than FvF in weekend two, and barely surpassed 0 million domestically. A 0 million goal means, however, that FvF will need an international haul of 0 million to break even between production and advertising costs. It currently stands at .8 million. Meanwhile, Phillips’ Joker continues to climb the all-time worldwide chart with almost 7 million domestic and 8 million international for a total of .036 billion, passing Despicable Me 3 for 36th place overall.A large group of disappointments and outright failures unfortunately make up the rest of the Top 10. At .2 million after 17 days, Roland Emmerich’s Midway has grossed less than last year’s Disney failure The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, which finished with just .8 million. Even with international assistance, Midway still has not reached 0 million, which is what its production alone cost and making it one of the biggest losers of 2019. Playing with Fire and Last Christmas are still on pace for what we reported last week around million and million, respectively. And if anyone on their holiday box office card had The Good Liar making a run to outgross Charlie’s Angels, you have an appointment in Vegas. The Helen Mirren–Ian McKellen thriller is not exactly lighting things up with .7 million total to date, but it did stay steady in 7th place, while the Angels dropped back to 9th place with just .9 million total and is unlikely to hit even million. Midway is still going to take a bigger hit on the books than Elizabeth Banks’ reboot or Mike Flanagan’s Doctor Sleep, which fell out of the Top 10 in its third weekend with just million to date, so keep that in perspective.Todd Haynes’ Dark Waters made a decent splash with 0,000 in four theaters. That amounts to the 17th-best per-theater-average of the year and the 7th-best of launches in four theaters. Also in limited release, Amazon’s Honey Boy expanded into 44 theaters this weekend and grossed 9,000. That is a bit better than Whiplash moving into 46 theaters in its third week and grossing 8,313, but is less than Anamolisa grossed going from 17-to-37 theaters (5,364) and ultimately finished with .61 million. Honey Boy has made 9,677. Both Jojo Rabbit and Parasite lost screens for the first time in their runs. They have grossed .1 and .5 million, respectively. Lulu Wang’s The Farewell still leads all releases in 2019 that did not expand to over 1,000 theaters with .6 million. Both films are in position to pass it.This Time Last Year: Sequel Fever Took Hold with Ralph Breaks the Internet, Creed II, and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of GrindelwaldIt was the Thanksgiving holiday and three sequels led the five-day stretch starting with the one-two punch of Ralph Breaks the Internet (. 8 million) and Creed II ( million). Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald finished third with .4 million and crossed the 0 million mark to 6.6 million; though the film would go on to make only another million total. The Grinch was right behind in fourth with .1 million, and Bohemian Rhapsody may have fallen back to fifth with .5 million, but it also crossed the 0 million line. One of the biggest bombs of the year in Lions Gate’s Robin Hood grossed a paltry .3 million and would eventually squeeze out just over million. From Friday-to-Sunday the box office grossed a total of 3.8 million. Add in Wednesday and Turkey Day and the 5-day total rose to 8.6 million, the largest ever for the holiday. The Top 10 films also averaged 64.8% on the Tomatometer compared to this year’s Top 10, which averaged 60.5% with critics. This week’s pre-Thanksgiving total amounted to 7.52 Million.On the Vine: Knives Out for ThanksgivingRian Johnson introduces a little mystery into the holiday season with the critically acclaimed Knives Out. At 97% on the Tomatometer, the film is the best-reviewed title to date to come out of the fall festival circuit and is expected to become one of the big crowd-pleasers to close out 2019. It grossed million at 7 p.m. preview screenings on Friday and Saturday in 936 venues. Melina Matsoukas and Lena Waithe’s outlaw justice road movie Queen Slim, starring Daniel Kaluuya and Jodie-Turner Smith, is also doing well early with critics. Will critical support help influence its award chances more than its box office prospects for such a heavy drama during a more family-oriented time?The Full Top 10: November 22-24Frozen II (2019) 78% – 7 million (7 million total)Ford v Ferrari (2019) 92% – million (.98 million total)A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood (2019) 95% – .5 million (.5 million total)21 Bridges (2019) 54% – .3 million (.3 million total)Midway (2019) 42% – .7 million (.1 million total)Playing With Fire (2019) 24% – .61 million (.62 million total)The Good Liar (2019) 63% – .37 million (.76 million total)Charlie's Angels (2019) 52% – .17 million (.94 million total)Last Christmas (2019) 46% – .04 million (.79 million total)Joker (2019) 68% – .82 million (6.93 million total)
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