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亚博真人网站采用百度引擎1(Baidu 8)Best-Reviewed Musicals Music Movies 2020How does a Broadway juggernaut become a global phenomenon? Well, that would be with the help of Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and streaming service Disney+. The filmed live recording of the Broadway musical Hamilton was moved up a year from its original 2021 release date because of the pandemic and gave those of us at home a much-welcomed gift and takes our award for Best-Reviewed Musical. Joining Hamilton on our list is another Disney+ release from over the summer – Beyoncé s highly anticipated visual album Black is King. The first feature-length film directed by a Filipino woman and released by a major studio, Yellow Rose, also made this list and is a must-see for its country ballad soundtrack and lead Eva Noblezada s touching performance.The order of the rank below reflects the Adjusted Score as of February 28, 2021. Scores might change over time.« Previous Category Next Category »

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on)36 Essential Kids Halloween MoviesLooking for a scary movie to watch with the kids and family? Or a horror movie that won t necessarily send you scrambling beneath the covers, with a 6,000 watt night light plugged in? Then you ve come to the right ghoulish place with our guide to some of the best children s movies for Halloween!There s something for everyone, from the very young (It s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, Coco) to the well, still young, but we bet they think they re so grown-up (Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, The Addams Family). We ve got animated funhouses (The Nightmare Before Christmas, Coraline, Monster House), 80s fantasies and creepfests (The Dark Crystal, Return to Oz, The Monster Squad), and 90s classics present and accounted for (The Witches, Hocus Pocus, Casper).But what s a little mayhem for the young mind without some Steven Spielberg productions like Poltergeist and Gremlins? Or the maestro of palatable twisted dreams: Tim Burton, who s represented by Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands.Meanwhile, modern-day fare like Goosebumps and The Addams Family will keep the torch burning well into the years. Whatever scary family movies you re looking for, the ones you need are in our guide to the essential kids Halloween movies! 在近段时间,大家期待已久的LOL手游也终于是上线了,作为一款已经预热了很久的游戏,LOL手游也肩负着很多老玩家的希望啊。谁都想随时随地的开一把英雄联盟,但是现在不是谁都可以背着电脑在身上的。有了手游之后,我们就可以随时随地的开一把原汁原味的召唤师峡谷,当然了,这款游戏相较于端游,还是有很大差距的。

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Subjective reality is still a key element of the series, and while audiences may still end up sympathetic to David’s pain, Hawley hoped viewers “realize over the course of the season how this need for love — that he feels is solely about him — begins to distance us from David a bit [and think,] ‘Oh, he s a very ill man.’”But even in that, his illness does not necessary equal villainy in the Golden Age comic book sense. David’s selfishness may, however, lead some to see him that way. “We expect our characters to learn and to be redeemed, but there are some people who aren t really capable of that,” Hawley said.Meanwhile, Amahl Farouk is, in fact, trying to redeem himself. Though, as Negahban put it, “it s more about saving the world and also saving David. He really cares about David.” Despite being the unambiguous evil orbiting David’s life in the first season, Farouk is a changed person when we meet him at the beginning of Season 3. “He s trying to be a good boy,” the actor said. “There has been a struggle for him to kind of determine whether [that is] right or wrong for him. And he s trying to discover that through his journey.”In some ways, the journey, as Negahban relayed it, parallels David’s major internal conflict. “He came from nothing. He became somebody, he had the power. He got lost in his power; he didn t know what to do with it. And his rage and anger took over,” he explained. “It goes full circle and it gets to the point that he realizes that that rage and anger is what is destroying him. So if he can get rid of that, he can redeem himself. He can redo everything.”(Photo by Pari Dukovic/FX)To some extent, Hawley said the conflicts mirror the tension between childhood and adulthood, adding that at least some of David’s issues go back to the moment his birth parents gave him up for adoption. And David’s attempt to stop Farouk in the past means he may run into his father, X-Men founder Charles Xavier (Harry Lloyd).Lloyd told us not to expect the “straight-laced Charles we know” from the X-Men films or animated television series.“It s trippy stuff,” said Stevens, adding there is “a lot of confusion and hurt, obviously” in regards to David s feelings on Xavier.“It is nice to finally to have this string that ties our crazy balloon to the main raft of the X-Men stories,” he continued. “And I think that will be satisfying to people who know and love X-Men and Legion. He also suspected Legion viewers not well-versed in X-Men lore will become curious about the Professor and his Merry Mutants: [It] might cause them to go and watch some other X-Men-y type things.”Of course, it remains to be seen if David will follow in his comic book counterpart s footsteps and end the world as viewers have known it. That story was ultimately resolved when somewhat familiar mutants from the new timeline learned about David s actions and prevented Xavier s death. It is a pretty out-there idea and, yet, fits pretty well into the framework of Legion. No one on set was willing to divulge if the ending resembles David s most infamous comic book turn, but Stevens said the end gives the whole story a meaning not readily apparent before. It s really delicately done, I think. And very beautiful, he said.Legion season 3 premieres Monday, June 24 at 10 p.m. on FXLike this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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9.14.1 5月喜迎对于新玩家(指那些完全没接触端游的玩家)来说,那就不一定如我那么乐观了。手游是有很强的用户粘性的,而王者荣耀以前又把社交渠道优势占尽,很多新玩家在其他MOBA手游里交了很多朋友,充了很多钱,你可以让ta新游体验下,但能否长期留下来,并喜爱上英雄联盟的世界观与角色,那就要打个问号了。再加上手游尽管是端游的减法,却仍保持了较慢的游戏节奏与一定的操作门槛,这是与手游的定位与特质不太符合的,新玩家能否适应并坚持英雄联盟手游的操作与节奏,我也是要打个问号的。
Pixar is such a quality brand that even its “lesser” products prove to be essential for fans of their animated output. The studio’s latest feature, Luca, is arguably on that lower tier, according to critics — not among Pixar’s best but still better than most alternatives — hence the high Tomatometer score we’ve come to expect, even if there isn t quite as much of the excitement we usually find in the reviews themselves. Some critics think that it’s too basic, while others believe its lack of complexity is a good thing. And some critics trust that there’s more to the movie than what’s on the surface and it requires repeat viewings to properly appreciate it. Fortunately for anyone hoping to find out, Luca can be watched over and over on Disney+ starting this Friday, June 18.Here’s what critics are saying about Pixar’s Luca:How does it compare to other Pixar movies?Luca leans far lighter in tone and effect, but it’s no less memorable.  Rob Hunter, Film School RejectsLuca is easily Pixar’s most intimate and laidback effort since Ratatouille.  Keith Watson, Slant MagazineThe last fifteen minutes of Luca might go down as one of the best endings Pixar has ever produced.  Ryan McQuade, Awards WatchThis might be Pixar’s most childlike and cartoony offering.  Brian Roan, The Film StageMore of The Good Dinosaur or Onward level for me, Luca doesn’t quite reach the potential that I have grown to expect from Pixar.  Christie Cronan, Raising WhasiansWhile some material may hit with younger audiences, Luca makes for Pixar’s least enchanting, least special film yet.  Robert Daniels, RogerEbert.com(Photo by Pixar)Is it just a simpler Pixar movie than we re used to?Luca is nowhere near as complex or deep as other Pixar fare and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Doug Jamieson, The Jam ReportAll the more satisfying for its simplicity… the rare Pixar movie that doesn’t feel like it’s been thought to death. David Ehrlich, IndieWireIt is rigorously unphilosophical in a way that proves to be its greatest strength. Clarisse Loughrey, IndependentBy going back to basics, we get a real connection with these characters. Ryan McQuade, Awards WatchLuca has the look and feel of a more disposable flick, but that’s just on the surface. Beneath, it has the beating heart of a classic family tale in the making. Joey Magidson, Awards RadarLuca never quite rises beyond being adorable — and hey, these days, adorable is fine —there’s something that just isn’t there. Moira MacDonald, Seattle TimesHow are the visuals?The real magic of Luca is its visuals… The richness of the settings in both realms is a constant source of pleasure. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterLooking like a hand-drawn fairy tale book come to animated life, Luca has a captivating visual style with every detail popping. Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun-TimesThe gorgeous animation of Luca… is unlike other Pixar movies you ve seen. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyIt’s been a while since they’ve done anything visually distinct and felt vastly different from the rest of their fare. Thankfully, Luca is that breath of fresh air. Rendy Jones, Rendy ReviewsPixar’s Luca is proof once again that cartoon movies keep getting better and better with the technology. Christie Cronan, Raising WhasiansRyan FujitaniDoes it bring on the usual waterworks?For much of this film, you’ll be thinking Luca will be one of the rare Pixar movies not to make you cry. But… [it] may just leave you in a puddle of tears. Doug Jamieson, The Jam ReportYeah, it’s cliched to say “I got misty-eyed in a Pixar movie,” but damn by the way they invest you with the friendship, it’s difficult not to find yourself feeling all warm and fuzzy. Rendy Jones, Rendy ReviewsHappy tears at how lovely it all is, fortunately, we re not talking Toy Story 3 or Inside Out trauma here. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyI watched twice and no Inside Out or Up equivalent eye watering… Luca misses the Pixar emotional pull for me. Christie Cronan, Raising WhasiansAre the characters memorable?Giulia s lovable father Massimo, who instantly goes into the all-time list for best animated dads. Ian Sandwell, Digital SpyA translucent anglerfish who Sacha Baron Cohen turns into one of Pixar’s funniest characters in less than two minutes of screen time. David Ehrlich, IndieWireAs always, the Pixar magicians create a wonderfully populated world: I particularly enjoyed the cat character, who stares fixedly as only cats can. Moira MacDonald, Seattle Times(Photo by Pixar)How is the screenplay?With all of its wit and perfectly interwoven story threads and running gags, [the script] bears all the hallmarks of the best of Pixar’s story trust. Brian Roan, The Film StageThe script… like all the best Pixar movies, laces touching life lessons and delicate helpings of sentiment into what’s essentially a caper. David Rooney, Hollywood ReporterWhy do another narrative about a girl stuck in the middle of two best friends?… The primary story flows through the motions. Robert Daniels, RogerEbert.comUnfortunately, there’s also an episodic, shaggy-dog quality to the plotting that undercuts Luca’s emotional beats. Keith Watson, Slant MagazineAre its themes up for interpretation?This really is a metaphorical film. The sea monsters could be any of us who feel different. Maybe they’re a metaphor for the LGBTQ community. Danielle Solzman, Solzy at the MoviesIt’s the kind of metaphor that could be applied to a hundred different situations, but there’s an inherently queer subtext bubbling beneath the surface. Doug Jamieson, The Jam ReportVery relatable for anyone who is within the LGBTQ+ community… [and also] works for a universal audience who may not identify as LGBTQ+ but can relate to someone who is. Ryan McQuade, Awards Watch[It] serves as a kind of all-purpose allegory, where audiences are free to narrow in on its queer subtext, its rebuke of xenophobia, or its triumph against any facet of small-mindedness. Clarisse Loughrey, IndependentIts themes of coming-of-age resemble too much of Pixar’s existing catalog — and without a narrative that really makes these themes feel fresh. Nicole Clark, IGN MoviesIt never settles on exactly what it wants to say… It never makes a cohesive, powerful point. Germain Lussier, io9.comWho is Luca ultimately for?While Disney and Pixar’s Luca is fun for the whole family, there are some very important messages for children laced throughout the film. Tessa Smith, Mama s GeekyLuca is entertainment for all ages as its bright colors and fast-moving action will appeal to the kids while the humor and themes should speak to older viewers. Rob Hunter, Film School RejectsWhile there are a few moments that may be a little tense for younger kids… I recommend Pixar’s Luca for kids as young as 5-6 years old. Christie Cronan, Raising WhasiansWill it remind us of any other films?Luca is the closest that Pixar has ever come to capturing the ineffable spirit of a Studio Ghibli film. David Ehrlich, IndieWireThe smooth, rounded character designs are something more akin to the stop-motion work of Aardman Animations. Doug Jamieson, The Jam ReportThere are obvious shades of The Little Mermaid in this fairy tale-like story… but Luca plays like a deliberate inversion of that Disney classic. Keith Watson, Slant MagazineLuca is The Little Mermaid without the heart, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs without the laughs. Roger Moore, Movie Nation(Photo by Pixar)Is it rewatchable?Expect to visit this destination more than once. Rob Hunter, Film School RejectsSince it’s so dense and layered, my guess is it’ll only improve, solidify and blossom with multiple viewings… I do want to watch it again. Germain Lussier, io9.comIt’s also so fabulously summery that you shouldn’t be surprised if you return to it over and over for that sunny feeling. Deirdre Molumby, entertainment.ieWill Luca leave us hopeful for Pixar s future?Luca should be the model going forward for Pixar, with character driving entertaining stories instead of big concepts that fail to execute and leave you feeling hollow by the end (looking at you Soul). Ryan McQuade, Awards Watch[It] hopefully anticipates how the monolithic animation house will continue to create more intimate fare now that it can use Disney+ as a safety net. David Ehrlich, IndieWireLuca releases in theaters and streams on Disney+ on June 18, 2021.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

Jacqueline Coley for Rotten Tomatoes: You have been quietly doing some amazing work recently. We loved Mudbound, and then there was First Man. But the one we loved that not as many people saw was Chappaquiddick. It was incredible and quite a transformation for you. Jason Clarke: Oh yeah, Chappaquiddick. Thank you. It got a bit lost, but at the same point, it made million in the U.S. It was one of the highest grossing independent films of that year. People saw it. People didn t talk about it, because it s pretty difficult to talk about for a lot of the media in the current environment. It will stand the test of time.RT: Moving to Pet Sematary  are you a scary movie person? A horror person?Clarke: To be honest, not hugely so, although some of my favorite movies are. You know, I wouldn t term them as horror, like The Hunt. That film terrorized me. It s very creepy watching. It s extraordinary but not horror. RT: We just had the premiere here at SXSW. What was it like, seeing it last night? Because the audiences here are legendary for their reactions.Clarke: It was insane. Really. It struck me as how rarely I go to a cinema now and watch a movie with a group of people. I m always watching them by myself, with my wife, maybe with a couple of people, or with my child. To watch something with a thousand people was wonderful. You remember that s what cinema is about. For an actor, it s almost like the theater. You re sitting in the same air. I was able to see people s reactions. I could feel the love and enjoyment. I couldn t help but think, I need more of this. Like, my God, I might need to do a play again. It s the connection to the people, because acting [on film sets], you lose that.RT: Do you think that is particularly because horror is such a reactive genre?Clarke: You know, it s cinema, it s a director s medium, and whatever anyone says, you know it s their vision, particularly with horror. The audience watches it to feel it. And last night, I felt it, you know, but that s not in every horror flick. I think horror s not enough for this film. It s not enough to say when it s Stephen King.Pet Sematary opens on April 5.
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Ghcxuf (Photo by Columbia Pictures)Disney remained in full dominance at the box office this weekend, though Quentin Tarantino had the biggest opening of his career and a shot at his fourth 0 million grosser.King of the Crop(Photo by © Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)No surprise that Disney’s The Lion King was able to hold on to the No. 1 slot this week. Even with a 60 percent drop, the animated film was still able to haul in million. That is the ninth-best second weekend of all time, and with 3 million in the bank it is good enough for eighth place after ten days of release. Incredibles 2 last year had 9.7 million and the live-action Beauty and the Beast was at 9 million in 2017. They now move down to ninth and tenth all-time. All signs right now suggest Jon Favreau’s redo is headed north of 0 million domestic. It is over 2 million worldwide to date and already 47th on the all-time chart.Once Upon a Time…Generally, films about Hollywood and the industry do not draw the same reactions from the public as they do from critics and people in the know. Comedies such as Tropic Thunder, Get Shorty, and Bowfinger have done well enough, but more inside baseball stuff about the business, like Ed Wood and Hail, Caesar!, have not exactly attracted major interest. But throw in two of the most recognizable names in front of the camera and a third behind it and all of a sudden you have Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, which earned the biggest opening of Quentin Tarantino’s career with .35 million. Better even than his last go-round with Brad Pitt in August 2009 when Inglourious Basterds opened to .05 million. However, it may be the other star that is the true secret sauce.Leonardo DiCaprio is as safe a bet these days in casting original projects. Directors like Martin Scorsese and Christopher Nolan help, but the Oscar winner also elevated Baz Luhrmann and Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu to the biggest successes of their careers as well. DiCaprio’s last four films (including his supporting turn in Django Unchained) have grossed 6 million or higher. Go back a full decade to 2010 and you can make the streak six out of seven (with Clint Eastwood’s J. Edgar being the sole outlier with just .3 million total). Inception (.7 million), The Great Gatsby ( million), and Shutter Island ( million) all opened higher, but that just means that Once Upon a Time is the fourth-best opener of DiCaprio’s career, just as it is Pitt’s. World War Z (.4 million), Mr. Mrs. Smith (.3 million), and Troy (.8 million) all opened higher. Pitt has had ten 0 million grossers as either a lead or co-lead. If you count Django, then DiCaprio has had ten as well. An opening like this certainly gives both actors a chance to take those numbers to 11.The Top Ten And Beyond(Photo by Sony Pictures)Spider-Man: Far From Home crossed the billion-dollar line worldwide this week; it is the first Spidey film to do so. With 4 million after 27 days, the film overall is still right in line with 0 million grosser The Hunger Games and still a bit ahead of 2002’s Spider-Man. However, its fourth weekend of .2 million is well behind the respective million and .5 million fourth weekends of those films, so it is fading a bit faster. Transformers: Dark of the Moon posted a million fourth weekend as well, and finished with 2 million. Far From Home is still about million ahead of that film’s place and is likely headed somewhere in the vicinity of Spider-Man 2’s 3 million. Worldwide it is currently the 32nd-best earner of all time and seems on track to pass Skyfall’s .108 billion and become Sony’s highest-grossing film ever.Toy Story 4 is going to cross 0 million domestic next weekend, and after 38 days is the 18th-highest grosser ever. Its .8 million sixth weekend is better than 11 of the top 20 films on that list, and looks ready to finish north of 5 million. That will help get the film over a billion as it currently stands as the 56th-highest-grossing film ever worldwide. Ahead of it at the moment, globally, is Disney’s live-action Aladdin, which, with .009 billion in the bank, is the 39th-highest-grosser ever.Finally, in limited release news, Lulu Wang’s The Farewell — still brandishing a perfect 100% on the Tomatometer — made it into the Top Ten this weekend. It is the first film not in wide release to hit the top ten since the weekend of Mar. 22-24 when No Manches Frida 2 grossed .77 million in 472 theaters. The Farewell is only in 135 theaters nationwide and grossed .55 million this weekend. How does that stack up to similar releases? That is better than A24’s Eighth Grade did last summer when it expanded to 158 theaters in weekend three and grossed .26 million. When Revolutionary Road jumped to the same number of theaters in its third weekend, it grossed .42 million that week and went on to gross .91 million total. Among a sample of some of the more successful indie releases between 125-150 theaters at this point, The Farewell is not quite up to the heights of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Midnight In Paris, but with .6 million after 17 days it is ahead of all the rest of them, including such notable titles as There Will Be Blood, Boogie Nights, and Thank You For Smoking. Next weekend’s nationwide expansion will paint a larger picture.This Time Last Year(Photo by © Paramount)It was Tom Cruise and Mission: Impossible – Fallout handily leading the way with a .23 million opening. That was more than the next five films in the top ten combined, including the disappointing bow for Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, which only began with .41 million. Both films were very well-liked with critics, scoring 97% and 91%, respectively. Last year’s entire Top Ten averaged 71% on the Tomatometer and the Top Ten grossed 3.33 million; just the 42nd-best among July weekends since 1990. This year’s Top Ten averaged 73.7% on the Tomatometer and grossed a total of 2.52 million, only the 34th best.On the Vine: Hobbs Shaw Hopes For Spinoff SuccessFor the third week in a row Hollywood is delivering just a single new wide release into theaters and it could be another big one. Fast Furious Presents: Hobbs Shaw hopes to explode next week after the previous three films in the franchise opened to million or higher. Will Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham’s partnership draw the loyal fanbase to similar numbers? Also next week, A24 expands Lulu Wang’s The Farewell nationwide. And look for other well-received Sundance fare in limited release, including Luce (95%) with Naomi Watts, Octavia Spencer, and Kelvin Harrison Jr., as well as Jennifer Kent’s follow-up to 😈😈

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