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真三国无双5pc版采用百度引擎3(Baidu 7)a Austin, We Have a HulkA more hopeful Batman means that tone is lighter and more optimistic. Amon Warmann, Empire MagazineZack Snyder’s Justice League is mostly the same 118-minute movie but with two hours of deleted scenes and poor pacing. Scott Mendelson, ForbesIs it just more movie?While more isn t always better, that axiom is challenged by the subjective truth that this redo is an impressive improvement over the original release. Rob Hunter, Film School RejectsThe defining problem for Zack Snyder’s Justice League: the director’s vision adds a lot more stuff but rarely does more add up to anything of meaning. Sean Mulvihill, FanboyNationHow does the longer runtime affect the film?The film’s chapter breaks are very effective, allowing the narrative room to breathe while also embodying the spirit of a tried and true superhero comic event, which needs multiple issues to tell its massive narrative. Jenna Anderson, ComicBook.comOverall the film benefits from its extended running time, but it still can feel like a slough, especially in the first half. Matt Rodriguez, ShakefireThis version running four hours is the very definition of indulgence, especially how much of the new footage is not new but merely extended. Scott Mendelson, ForbesThere are very few movies that justify an over three-hour run time, and, unfortunately, Zack Snyder s Justice League is not one of them. Kaitlyn Booth, Bleeding Cool(Photo by HBO Max)Is it just for fans?Perhaps the most general audience-friendly film Snyder has made in his career, Justice League seems to have something for everyone. Sheraz Farooqi, ComicBook DebateThis epic should open with a disclaimer: This movie is intended FOR THE FANS ONLY. Sean Mulvihill, FanboyNationIs the plot easier to follow?The most striking thing about Zack Snyder’s Justice League is the fact that everything that didn’t make sense three-and-a-half years ago now does. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comFrom the moment the film begins, it is clear that it is something much more cohesive with a specific plan of attack for all of the heroes in the film. Britany Murphy, Geeks of ColorThe massive differences serve to better establish the story… It sets the stage for the main antagonist in Darkseid, as well as provides a much clearer idea of what’s happening and why. Shah Shahid, Comic YearsThe point is not to shovel plot information at the viewer. The point is to create a fantastic world where metaphors are real, and to give you time to roam around in it and savor all the details. Matt Zoller Seitz, RogerEbert.comI’m actually not clear on why Steppenwolf was banished in the first place, and this is one of the areas where I feel that Snyder’s version is actually worse than the original. Matt Rodriguez, ShakefireDo the characters feel more developed?The character work is easily one of the biggest pleasant surprises of the movie, as is the further exploration of Steppenwolf. Jenna Anderson, ComicBook.comThe character development helps immensely… While watching Snyder’s version, I had a lot of, ohhh, I see, that makes sense now, moments. Mike Ryan, UproxxIt allows for time to see these characters when they aren’t superheroes, and makes them more human as a result. Karen Han, SlateSnyder’s priority is in giving each character time to look cool as hell, but not necessarily in making the audience like them any more — except for Cyborg. Joshua Rivera, Polygon(Photo by HBO Max)Do any characters stand out?Far and away, Cyborg [is] the best part of Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Sheraz Farooqi, ComicBook DebateFisher s performance is the best in a film filled with strong acting. Matt Zoller Seitz, RogerEbert.comThis is a star making performance from the actor. Josh Wilding, ComicBookMovie.comIf there’s any reason to see this beyond curiosity, it’s for those wanting a Justice League movie where Cyborg is the (eventual) central character. Scott Mendelson, ForbesThe extra Cyborg scenes make him a more relatable character, they are also rather dull at times. Kaitlyn Booth, Bleeding CoolDoes it fix the villain problem?Steppenwolf is among the characters who are fleshed out. Now he’s less ‘standard CGI villain’ and more of a depressing dope who just wants to impress Darkseid. Mike Ryan, UproxxSteppenwolf never feels imposing… The big bad getting chewed out by his boss doesn’t exactly establish a terrifying villain. Sean Mulvihill, FanboyNationThe extra scenes explaining Steppenwolf only underline that he s still a total dud. Angie Han, Mashable(Photo by HBO Max)How is the tone of the film?This new cut also wisely removes much of the original s cheesy, ill-fitting jokiness, making for a smarter, more even experience. Rob Hunter, Film School RejectsA lot of the vaguely Whedonish wisecracks have made it intact; turns out the Flash s awkward sense of humor was a rare element that both filmmakers could comfortably get behind. Angie Han, MashableThere’s also a sense of levity, with moments of humor… the tone isn’t quite the upbeat camp of Super Friends, or the stoicism of Snyder at his most serious, but something comfortably in the middle. Jenna Anderson, ComicBook.comHow does the movie look?The filmmaker s knack for striking visuals shows in the action set pieces, which play crisper and cleaner this time around. Angie Han, MashableThis has to be one of the most visually spellbinding comic-book movies ever made. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyThe superhero version of a symphonically grand, late-period silent epic… just scene after scene of impeccably composed panoramas. Matt Zoller Seitz, RogerEbert.comWhat about the visual effects?The visual effects are particularly impressive in bringing both Steppenwolf and Darkseid to life, especially in the intricate detailing and purple hue of Steppenwolf’s armor. Nicola Austin, We Have a HulkOutside of one or two brief moments, the visual effects within that aesthetic are near-flawless, especially when it comes to Steppenwolf and Darkseid’s visual design. Jenna Anderson, ComicBook.comWe re far too often treated to some pretty abysmal CG and digital matte work… the inconsistent quality of effects here is enough to threaten whiplash. Rob Hunter, Film School RejectsWhile there were some nicks and scratches in the heavy CGI moments, given that the team only had seven months to create 3,000 shots during a pandemic, this can be forgiven. Sheraz Farooqi, ComicBook Debate(Photo by HBO Max)And the action scenes?They’ve been staged with a supreme conviction that’s more Seven Samurai than super invincible. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyIn some instances, both action and quiet moments happen simultaneously, giving us a roller coaster of emotional reactions. Shah Shahid, Comic YearsThe action is free of any tangible stakes. There’s plenty of comic book action unfolding but it’s all weightless. Sean Mulvihill, FanboyNationThe final battle buries weightless digital oblivion under one laughable plot twist. Darren Franich, Entertainment WeeklyIs the new score by Junkie XL better?In many ways a character of its own, Junkie XL’s score is masterful. Sheraz Farooqi, ComicBook DebateJunkie XL s score is a rousing, ethereal mix of synth-fueled adrenaline and choral beauty alongside earlier Hans Zimmer tracks. Rob Hunter, Film School RejectsMostly, it works as a backing track for Snyder’s visual excess, but it’s still forgettable. Joshua Rivera, Polygon(Photo by DC Entertainment)How does it measure up against the Marvel movies?It comes closer to delivering the DCEU s equivalent of The Avengers than anyone could have expected. Rob Hunter, Film School RejectsThis cut is an ensemble picture that does as good a job as MCU s Avengers films of depicting a band of heroes as strong-willed, fully-rounded individuals. Matt Zoller Seitz, RogerEbert.comJustice League accomplishes in four hours what those films did in nine. Owen Gleiberman, Variety[The climax] may not be as all-encompassing as The Battle of New York, but it is close to the epic Justice League finale we wanted in 2017. Scott Mendelson, ForbesSo it was all worth the fuss, then?Zack Snyder’s Justice League is one of the best comic book films of all time. Sheraz Farooqi, ComicBook DebateZack Snyder’s Justice League is one of the best superhero films ever made. Dewey Singleton, AwardsWatchThe superhero movies that have achieved a genuine sweeping transcendence can just about be counted on one hand… to that hallowed list I would now add Zack Snyder’s Justice League. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyThis four-hour cut is the kind of brazen auteurist vision that Martin Scorsese was calling for when he complained (rightly) that most modern superhero movies don t resemble cinema. Matt Zoller Seitz, RogerEbert.comZack Snyder s Justice League premieres on HBO Max on March 18, 2021.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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Fan Favorite Actors 2020While the ongoing pandemic s effect on productions across film and television meant there were fewer opportunities for people to appear in multiple projects, it didn t mean there weren t still some fantastic performers to highlight in 2020. Bod Odenkirk still shone on Better Call Saul, Steven Yeun made history with his Best Actor nomination for Minari, and Ben Affleck was shockingly good in The Way Back, even if those were the only major titles they starred in.In the end, it was a close race between Tom Holland, who starred in Pixar s Onward and the novel adaptation The Devil All the Time, and Pedro Pascal, who continued his incredible run on The Mandalorian and went full Ernie McCracken in Wonder Woman 1984, with the latter pulling out the win. Votes were spread fairly evenly across several of the candidates, but Pascal and Holland together earned a whopping 43% of them and blew away the competition.The order below reflects the number of total votes cast for each actor by users in a poll that ran on RT from March 10 to April 13.« Previous Category Next Category »Pedro PascalPascal sure had a lot of fun in 2020, whether he was adventuring in space in The Mandalorian, hamming it up as a comic book villain in Wonder Woman 1984, or slicing and dicing as a superhero in We Can Be Heroes.Tom HollandHolland peppered his post-Endgame resume with a heartfelt Pixar movie (Onward) and a dark, psychological thriller based on a novel (The Devil All the Time), proving he s more than just your friendly neighborhood wall-crawler.Chadwick BosemanThough we still mourn the loss of Chadwick Boseman, we remain grateful that he blessed us with two riveting final performances in Spike Lee s Da 5 Bloods and in the August Wilson play Ma Rainey s Black Bottom.Regé-Jean PageRegé-Jean Page made everyone swoon as Bridgerton s Duke of Hastings, smoldering on screen and catapulting into the pop culture stratosphere in the process.Mads MikkelsenMads Mikkelsen has been a cinematic mainstay for years, popping up in both the Star Wars and Marvel universes, but his turn in Thomas Vinterberg s Another Round is one of the finest moments of his career.« Previous Category Next Category » imately involved as an executive producer — changed plenty of details in order to create a compelling television narrative. But that was inevitable, considering the books are told from Alina s point of view only — not to mention that the show also worked the Six of Crows characters in despite the fact that those books take place after the events of the Shadow and Bone series. The show does differ quite a bit from the book, especially for Mal, Renaux explained. The books are written in first person, so there s a lot of space in terms of Mal s story there. You know where he is, but you don t exactly know what he s going through and how he s feeling and all that sort of stuff. So I had to refer to the scripts for that. We used [Shadow and Bone] as like a Bible, really, a reference point. In fact, Barnes carried around a book of quotes from the novels that he d hoped to include in the show, and Heisserer and his team were more than willing to indulge him when he felt that one would be appropriate to use.Of course they were useful, Barnes explained: Leah spent years in the minds of these characters and there would be lines from the book which would be really, from my life perspective as an actor, juicy lines that would really help raise the stakes in a particular scene sometimes. 2. Heisserer Has Twitter To Thank for His Involvement in the Series(Photo by Netflix)Heisserer devoured the Six of Crows books after a friend recommended them as Ocean s 11 in a Game of Thrones world. He loved them so much that he even Tweeted Bardugo about just how much he loved them. When he got a call from Netflix a year or so later about the project, he wondered how his name even came up as a potential collaborator — then he remembered his Tweets.Because of his Six of Crows love, he originally wanted to adapt those books only. But Bardugo made him realize why that wouldn t be possible. You can t introduce a magic system and a magic system on steroids in the same breath, that s not gonna work for viewers. And if you think I m gonna let you get away with putting the Darkling and jurda parem in the same space, you re dead wrong, she told him.Non-book readers, don t worry about jurda parem just yet — it ll come into play if the show catches up with the Six of Crows book timeline. Instead of the storyline that happens in the book, Heisserer pitched what amounts to a prequel story for those characters and imagines what they were doing during the time that Shadow and Bone takes place.3. Production Wrapped Just Before Covid-19 Shut Everything Down(Photo by Netflix)Filming took place from late 2019 to early 2020, and the Budapest production finished filming just before the pandemic led to a worldwide shutdown. While they were lucky to have completed filming, they faced the same work from home challenges the rest of us did as the post-production team attempted their work from their home offices.About 99.9 percent of post-production work was remote, Heisserer said. That was the challenge for everybody on the team. I can tell you that you found out right away who had decent internet carriers, he joked.4. The Hunt for Alina Didn t Take Very Long(Photo by David Appleby/Netflix)Heisserer, Bardugo, and the Netflix team settled in for what they thought would be at least six months of hunting for their lead, but Li turned up in the first batch of auditions and the two EPs fell in love with her immediately. She did an excellent job in her scene, but what came after was just as important as what she did during. When Jessie introduced herself at the end of the audition tape she lit up. She was effervescent. She was this joy bubble that you couldn t wait to be around, Heisserer said. And we were like, well, there s the sun summoner! The problem came after, when the powers that be were worried they d found someone too fast. The tension and the anxiety and the nail biting all happened when everybody else in the machine felt like we couldn t have found our Alina that quickly, and that we needed to keep looking and make sure, Heisserer said. I get that because so much rides on this, but at the same time, when you find someone you know is perfect and the larger process goes on, then every day is a chance that they will get hired on to some other show some other movie, you miss your window, and you re heartbroken. 5. Ben Barnes Really, Really Loves This Show(Photo by David Appleby/Netflix)Barnes character has some hidden depths, although we meet him as General Kirigan of the Grisha Army. He s an amplifier, which means he can help enhance the power of other Grisha. The depth was a prerequisite for him taking the role, considering he s not even in the first episode. But once he learned more about his character s true nature — no spoilers, book people! — he knew he not only wanted to play the character, but he also wanted to make sure his contribution to the series made a real impact.Why does he care so much? It s simple: At this point in his career, he only wants to work on projects he believes in, especially if he s uprooting his entire life and moving to Eastern Europe. I think you have no choice but to make the thing that you think would appeal to you. I have to do these scenes in a way that I think I d like to watch them, he said. I made myself a promise with my career five or six years ago that I was only going to do things that I think I d like to watch, because it s very difficult to choose otherwise. And in the end that s how you can feel proud of yourself, I think, and I love all this stuff. Living in a foreign country where you don t speak the language and you re away from all your family and friends is difficult, and not something he d do for just anything. I m in my late 30s, Barnes said. I very often uproot my entire life, and I go and live in Eastern Europe with people that I don t know. That wasn t easy at 24, and it s not easy now. Once he arrived in Budapest, he and the cast quickly became close — especially after he made it abundantly clear that although he was a decade or so older than most of them, he still wanted to hang out. In fact, he sent the Steve Buscemi GIF from 30 Rock — you know, the one where he has a backwards cap and a skateboard and says how do you do, fellow kids — as an ice breaker to the group chat. I was circulating a GIF of it because I was like, look, we re all here by ourselves and just because I m 15 years older than all of you doesn t mean I don t want to come for dinner and have a nice time, he said. You ll be happy to know that it worked, and he and the rest of the cast are all close friends still. They haven t been able to see each other in person because of Covid, but they eagerly await their reunion someday soon.6. There s Smooching(Photo by David Appleby/Netflix)Listen — any good fantasy series is going to have some more fun human elements in its complicated, magical world, and Shadow and Bone is no different. There s plenty of romance happening too, particularly between Alina and some of her costars.Although she and Mal start out as childhood BFFs living strictly in the friend zone, their relationship becomes romantic in the books — and that may happen in the show, too. Here is the possibility, Renaux teased, wary of giving too many spoilers. It s that thing of not knowing what you have or not appreciating or not seeing something in a romantic light until it s gone, which could happen. I m treading on eggshells here with what I can and can t say! There s a possibility that things could blossom but, you know, it might not! I can t say! Luckily he didn t let anything major slip so Netflix called off the hit squad they had waiting outside of his house while he did interviews, he joked. He knows how sensitive people can be about spoilers, and worked very hard not to say anything that would ruin the viewing experience.Why was he so paranoid about spilling the beans? Blame Tom Holland and his many Marvel slip-ups. I ve just seen Tom Holland spoil it so many times by accident. I remember watching him and thinking, God, that s something I would do, so I just have to bite my tongue as soon as I feel like I m anywhere near any spoilers, Renaux teased.

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As 1960s psychic Criswell famously intoned at the beginning of Plan 9 from Outer Space, We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our lives. But genre television, and its comic book-based subgenre, has the peculiar ability to allow characters living in the relative present to glimpse into the future. Or, in some cases, spend a whole season revealing a future state for the characters established by their actions in the present. Take the example of Heroes’ Shanti virus story line, in which Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) learned the terrible truth about the mistakes being made in his present. Unfortunately, that story line was never finished due to a writer s strike and Peter’s girlfriend — who traveled with him to the dark future where the virus killed millions — was erased from existence.For the most part, shows that are able to jump to the future are also able to round out those story lines in more concrete ways. While the future is frequently portrayed as a dystopian hellhole, sometimes series manage to produce interesting realities despite the grim darkness of future events. Here are the five we think represent the best of those television show futures, even when they were the worst possible outcomes for the characters.Arrow(Photo by JSquared Photography/The CW)Future: 2040The seventh season of Arrow introduced a flash-forward to the distant year of 2040. It is a seemingly dystopian time for Star City with an added cyberpunk edge thanks to Felicity Smoak’s (Emily Bett Rickards) Archer program watching over the Glades and William’s (Ben Lewis) leading tech company offering him access to the halls of power.To be fair, the series never had to budget to fully realize its William Gibson–esque ideas, but it was all there in dialogue. After years of being the city’s low-income hovel, the Glades found economic prosperity, formed its own municipality, voted in Rene Ramirez (Rick Gonzalez) as its mayor, and built a wall to keep out the Star City riff-raff. Omni-corportation Galaxy One set its headquarters in the Glades and, despite Rene’s leadership, seems to be the real executive force in the community. Using a version of Felicity’s security software, they also kept close surveillance on the citizenry. Late in the season, the company introduced shock troops with AI-assisted predictive combat helmets. The ideas could fuel their own spin-off if given the money to execute them on a grander scale.Despite the modest production values, the infusion of cyberpunk ideas into Arrow worked. In fact, it was so effective that we wish the series focused more on the exploits of William, Mia (Kat McNamara), and Connor Hawke (Joseph David-Jones) instead of Oliver Queen’s (Stephen Amell) 2019 guilt-trip. Season 8 may give us what we want with McNamara and David-Jones recent promotions to series regulars. Alternatively, Oliver s work with the Monitor (LaMonica Garrett) may erase Star City 2040 from the timestream.Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Future: 91 Years LaterAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. s fifth season dedicated half a season to a future set 91 years after the season 4 finale. There, Coulson (Clark Gregg) and the rest of the team — minus Fitz (Iain De Caestecker) — discovered a destroyed Earth and a former S.H.I.E.L.D. base known as The Lighthouse standing as the last human settlement. Oh, and just for good measure, the Lighthouse was also occupied by the Kree, invited at the behest of Melinda May (Ming-Na Wen) shortly after the destruction of Earth. Other shocks included an armless future version of Yo-Yo (Natalia Cordova-Buckley), and Kasius, a hedonistic Kree magistrate played to Targaryen perfection by Dominic Rains.For the most part, this future world was confined to the corridors of the Lighthouse. But occasional trips to other Earth fragments illustrated just how bad the End of the World could be. Intense gravity storms ravaged the remaining landmasses and critters imported by the Kree served as both guard dogs to the devastation and as a final punishment to any human who got out of line back at the Lighthouse.Since S.H.I.E.L.D. stayed in the early 2100s for the duration of the story — except for a notable episode in which Fitz figured out a slow-motion way to get to the future — it could devote more resources to realizing that world. And it would do so with some spectacular special effects shots that made the Earth seem as foreign as any alien world visited on a space-faring TV show like Star Trek: Discovery. And S.H.I.E.L.D.’s future had time to breathe and develop characters like Flint (Coy Stewart), Kasius, and Deke (Jeff Ward), the scheming grandson of two S.H.I.E.L.D. agents who remains with the show into the sixth season.But the most interesting element of the story was the defeat of humanity itself. With the human world destroyed and the Kree arriving as conquerors, the people S.H.I.E.L.D. agents met were broken, more interested in mere survival than reclaiming their last bit of turf from aliens. It was a theme more harrowing than any production value.DC s Legends of Tomorrow (Photo by Dean Buscher/The CW)Future: 2213When it became clear Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan) was going to be more than an occasional foil for Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) and the Legends, DC s Legends of Tomorrow seeded the idea that Rip Hunter (Arthur Darvill) was keeping a deep, dark secret about her past. But since this is Legends, her dark secret was part of an unusually bright and shiny Star City of the year 2213.The paradise glimpsed by the Legends two centuries from now was just a really nice Vancouver housing complex, park, and nearby office building. But it established a surprisingly clear and lovely future — a real rarity on genre TV shows. There, everyone has a personal Ava, as it turns out Rip bought and modified an Advanced Variation Automation clone to serve as his second in command at the Time Bureau. Sure, this future may not be so bright and cheery for the Ava clones — or, indeed, Ava herself when she finally learned the truth — but it serves as an unusual outlier for future realities on the show.Indeed, Legends began with an attempt to stop a grim 2042 from occurring. There, Vandal Savage (Casper Crump) was the absolute ruler of the world and Rip was forced to watch his wife and child die during one of Savage’s raids. When that future was eliminated, it was replaced with a 2042 in which A.R.G.U.S. became a totalitarian regime, persecuting Metas and non-Christian faiths with equal ferocity. Legend Zari Tomas (Tala Ashe) hailed from this grim future, which has seemingly vanished thanks to Nate s (Nick Zano) attempts to create empathy between humans and the monsters the Legends unleashed in season 3. Perhaps his actions have brought the 2213 future in which everyone appears to have adequate essentials and commercialism seems to co-exist peacefully with the environment much closer to his own present times.The Umbrella Academy(Photo by Netflix)Future: One Week LaterThe grim future on Netflix s The Umbrella Academy was set to begin shortly after the first episode. As Number 5 (Aidan Gallagher) explained, his first attempt at time travel took him to a spot 25 years in his future, but roughly a week ahead of his family when he finally rejoined them. The future he glimpsed saw a dead Earth with himself as the only survivor. Unable to use his powers to return to his present, 5 spent many years alone with a department store mannequin as company. Finally, agents of the Commission arrived to offer him a job as a time-traveling hitman. And when you consider the charred wreck of world he found himself in, killing people to maintain the timeline was a definite upgrade.Thanks to the Netflix budget, the desolation of the future was appropriately epic. From an initial smaller set of a ruined Umbrella Academy to a great sweep in some later shots, the series set up a future so bleak, you never really questioned 5’s drive to prevent it.And unlike many of the futures we ve discussed, the dead Earth Number 5 experienced is at the very center of the story. Even as the show prepares its second season, it is unclear if the group s actions during the season 1 finale really stopped the Apocalypse. It may just be on pause while the group work out their issues.The Flash(Photo by Katie Yu/The CW )Future: 2049Whatever issues Earth-1 faced in the early parts of the Arrowverse s 2040s, it all seems to be resolved by 2049 — the year repeatedly visited by The Flash cast throughout season 5. Nora West-Allen (Jessica Parker Kennedy) hailed from that time. But growing up without her father Barry (Grant Gustin) meant an isolated childhood surrounded by mementos of his exploits at the Flash Museum and the less-than-comforting words of his concerned friends. She also dealt with an overbearing mother who dampened her Speed Force abilities.As realized on the show, the Central City of 2049 seems to have escaped the darker futures glimpsed on Legends and Arrow. S.T.A.R. Labs has been fully converted into the Flash Museum and meta-abilities appear to be celebrated within city limits. Also, the town infrastructure remains in tact despite countless raids and attacks from villains looking to trip up Team Flash across the years.It is a future which fits the more optimistic Flash, as opposed to the cyberpunk future of Arrow. It also represents the curious way in which all three interconnected Arrowverse shows look 20-odd years in the future and arrive at different conclusions. But the Central City of 2049 may not be as solid as it seems with the date of Barry s disappearance moving from 2024 to 2019. Will that pleasant future disappear with Barry during the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover? Time will, of course, tell.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.
• On Thursday, FX released a trailer for the upcoming third installment of American Crime Story, Impeachment, which premieres on Tuesday, September 7 at 10 p.m. on FX. Impeachment: American Crime Story is the latest installment of Ryan Murphy’s true crime anthology series, this one focusing on the Clinton impeachment scandal. This official trailer reveals the transformations the cast went through to play the famous political players, including Beanie Feldstein as Monica Lewinsky, Clive Owen as Bill Clinton, Edie Falco as Hillary Clinton, Sarah Paulson as Linda Tripp, Annaleigh Ashford as Paula Jones, Margo Martindale as Lucianne Goldberg, Billy Eichner as Matt Drudge, and Cobie Smulders as Ann Coulter. Judith Light, Kathleen Turner, Mira Sorvino, Colin Hanks, and Taran Killam also star. The season is based on the book by author Jeffrey Toobin (the subject of a recent scandal himself) A Vast Conspiracy: The Real Story of the Sex Scandal That Nearly Brought Down a President.More Summer TCA 2021: A Packed PBS Lineup Includes Ken Burns’ Muhammad Ali DocumentaryPBS s upcoming programming includes the Broadway hit Wicked in concert (Aug. 29), new episodes of NOVA, POV, and Independent Lens, and Ken Burns’ much-anticipated new documentary about boxing GOAT, Muhammad Ali.Highlights from PBS’ upcoming programming:• An October episode of American Masters featuring the legendary Rita Moreno. Rita Moreno: Just a Girl Who Decided to Go for It premieres Oct. 5.• The POV installment “Fruits of Labor” chronicles Ashley Pavon’s dream of graduating from high school as she works two jobs – long days picking strawberries and equally long nights in a food processing factory – all while trying to study, as the Mexican-American teen is her family’s main breadwinner since her mom is undocumented. Premieres Oct. 4.• The Independent Lens episode “Ferguson Rises” unfolds the aftermath of the 2014 killing of Black teenager Michael Brown Jr. by a white police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Premieres Nov. 8.• Ken Burns’ latest documentary, Muhammad Ali, follows the late boxing champ as his speed and grace inside the boxing ring and commitment to following his heart and doing what he believed in outside the ring made him a beloved international icon. Airs Sept. 19-22.(Photo by Courtesy of Masterpiece)• Patricia Hodge replaces the late Diana Rigg as Mrs. Pumphrey in season 2 of All Creatures Great and Small, which is not expected until 2022.• Season 2 of Sanditon is three weeks into filming and will be “with us next year,” according to Masterpiece producer Susanne Simpson.• Season 10 of Call the Midwife, set in 1966 when the women’s rights movement began to grow and England wins the World Cup. The season premieres Nov. 21.Avatar: The Last Airbender Live-Action Netflix Series Introduces Cast and Showrunner Albert Kim(Photo by courtesy of Netflix)Netflix has announced the cast of its live-action Avatar: The Last Airbender series: Gordon Cormier as Aang, a 12-year-old boy who’s also the Avatar, master of all four elements and the keeper of balance and peace in the world; Kiawentiio as Katara, a 14-year-old waterbender; Ian Ousley as Sokka, Katara’s 15-year-old brother; and Dallas Liu as Zuko, a firebender and Crown Prince of the Fire Nation.Albert Kim (Sleepy Hollow and Nikita) will be the series showrunner, after falling in love with the original animated series while watching it with his young daughter on Nickelodeon.“I began watching along with her with the thought of helping her understand what was going on,” Kim said in a blog post. “But my Dad-splainy duties quickly fell by the wayside as I found myself sucked into the world and characters, and soon we were watching side by side, both of us swept away by the singular mix of action, humor, and epic storytelling.”Kim also shared his vision for the series, saying he was excited that “a live-action version would establish a new benchmark in representation and bring in a whole new generation of fans. This was a chance to showcase Asian and Indigenous characters as living, breathing people. Not just in a cartoon, but in a world that truly exists, very similar to the one we live in.“We’ll be expanding and growing the world, and there will be surprises for existing fans and those new to the tale.”NEW TRAILERS: Mike Flanagan s Midnight Mass Is a New Series from Midnight Mass, from The Haunting of Hill House creator Mike Flanagan, explores the divisions of small, isolated island community that are amplified by the return of a disgraced young man (Zach Gilford) and the arrival of charismatic priest Father Paul (Hamish Linklater). When Father Paul’s appearance on Crockett Island coincides with unexplained and seemingly miraculous events, a renewed religious fervor takes hold of the community — but do these miracles come at a price? The seven-episode limited series also stars Kate Siegel, Rahul Abburi, Crystal Balint, Matt Biedel, Alex Essoe, Annarah Cymone, Annabeth Gish, Rahul Kohli, Kristin Lehman, Robert Longstreet, Igby Rigney, Samantha Sloyan, Henry Thomas, and Michael Trucco.More trailers and teasers released this week:• The Walking Dead’s final season takes on a Last of Us vibe in a new sneak peek. Premieres on August 22. (AMC)• La Fortuna — starring Stanley Tucci, Clarke Peters, Álvaro Mel, Ana Polvorosa, and T’Nia Miller — is the first television series from director Alejandro Amenábar (The Others). The series follows a young Spanish diplomate (Mel) hunting the sunken treasure plundered by an international adventurer played by Tucci. Premieres this winter. (AMC+)• A.P. Bio Season 4 features a reunion between Jack (Glenn Howerton) and his estranged father, played by guest star Bruce Campbell. Also stars Patton Oswalt and Paula Pell. Premieres Sept. 2. (Peacock)• Lucifer season 6 is the final season for the devilish Tom Ellis and his Lucifer Morningstar. Premieres Sept. 10. (Netflix)• Buried is a four-part docuseries about a woman whose recovered memories of the murder of her childhood best friend sparked a national debate about the power and limitations of memory in the legal system. Premieres Oct. 10. (Showtime)
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真三国无双5pc版 Beloved canceled-too-soon series can often find a second life after they re released on a streaming service or home entertainment platform, but rarely do passionate online fandoms translate to a show being resurrected more than half a decade after its initial cancellation. Luckily, Young Justice: Outsiders, which begins its third season January 4 on DC Universe, is one of those rare programs to find its way back to the air. And as lead character designer Phil Bourassa told Rotten Tomatoes recently, “timing, the fandom, and social media” kept its spirit alive and enabled its resurrection.Young Justice debuted on Cartoon Network in 2010 and featured a different take on the teen sidekicks of the DC Superheroes. Robin, a new version of Aqualad, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian, and Artemis formed a covert group aiding the Justice League while being trained by Black Canary. As the season progressed, the group added more members. In the show s second year, the story jumped forward two years to follow a new covert team, while the original group found their places in the Justice League. Both groups would continue to grow and change as a storyline featuring classic DC villains Vandal Savage and Darkseid led to a surprising cliffhanger.And then Cartoon Network pulled the plug.(Photo by DC Universe)“Our boss [Warner Bros. Animation executive vice president of creative affairs] Sam Register told us that we created the perfect show for streaming, we just did it five years too early,” Bourassa said. “We always thought that was funny, because it is sort of designed to be consumed in that way — or at least [it is] a completely viable way to consume it because it has so much continuity, and so much connected narrative strands, and our fans picked on that.”The first two seasons found their way to Netflix, and thanks to the emergence of platforms like Tumblr and Twitter, fans never stopped talking about it or asking Bourassa and producers Brandon Vietti and Greg Weisman — who also spoke with us — about a potential third season, Bourassa said.“Whenever we would go to do promotion or whenever active on social media promoting current projects, I would hear constantly from the fans about how much they loved Young Justice regardless of what I was talking about,” Bourassa said, crediting Weisman with “cultivating lot of their energy into a direct appeal … [so fans ] voices could be heard.”(Photo by DC Universe)That cultivation coincided with early planning for original content on the DC Universe streaming service, which created a perfect storm for Young Justice s resurrection. Weisman joked that there s not much difference between the two eras of the show, just that he is “older and wider.” Seriously, though, Vietti told Rotten Tomatoes that the creative team wanted to strike a balance between feeling both fresh and familiar.“We wanted to build something that was familiar to our fans in the first two seasons, but also pushed into new territory, he explained.While the arrival of Darkseid seemed imminent toward the end of the series second season, Outsiders picks up two years later and the villain is nowhere to be seen. Instead, the show picks up with the world facing a metahuman trafficking crisis: Young people with the potential for powers are being kidnapped and turned into weapons. The League even finds some of these press-ganged children on other planets, and it falls to Dick Grayson — who quit the team at the end of season 2 — to assemble a new covert group to investigate the metahuman smuggling syndicate.Members of the new team include Geo-Force and Halo, both characters with long histories in the comics — including the 1980s story Batman and the Outsiders, from which the new season takes some inspiration — but known in animation more as guest characters.“These [are] young characters that aren t really sure what they want to be when they grow up. They don t come from a sidekick type of relationship with an older hero; they re just normal people — ish,” Vietti explained.Geo-Force, for example, is a young Markovian prince thrust into the superhero world after the disappearance of his sister. Halo, meanwhile, is a refugee from the fictional DC Comics Middle Eastern country of Qurac, stuck in Markovia and trying her best to avoid detection as a metahuman in a country terrified of powers.

Manuel Betancourt for Rotten Tomatoes: Hearing you talk about all these movies, it strikes me that you are very fascinated with characters who are straddling the line between what they want to tell other people and the stories they re telling themselves. That feels like what’s going on with Steve in Monster. Is that what drew you to the part?Kelvin Harrison Jr.: Yeah, I think, it’s the search for identity. I think that s the thing about those characters. They re in a moment where they re trying to really figure out what they want and, I mean, that s every movie, that s everyone in everything — we re always trying to figure out what we want, what we need, and how do we get it. [Steve]’s 17 and his particular circumstances are: he s privileged, he s Black, and he s curious. And now suddenly everyone s sitting there trying to tell him who he is, what he can do, and that, because he s Black, he suddenly is grouped in with a bunch of other guys. And now he s on trial and it doesn t really make sense to him. He s just like, Dude! I’m just trying to figure out, like, what sneakers look like. I m trying to figure out where he got jewelry from, or if he likes that girl, just stupid s t. And it s very simple. It isn t that deep. And now he s supposed to be really serious and tough to try to convince people of his humanity. He s not innocent until proven guilty, he s guilty until proven innocent. And he has to determine that based on somebody else s standard of humanity.And that’s such a wild bag to fit in. I also found that when I first started working. I was sitting there (and I even find myself in this trap now) with people telling me who I am and why I need to be a certain way and what people will accept and what people won t accept and what people will think is, you know, too crazy: You need to do this part or you can t do this and you can t dress this way, you can t say that, you know? I m just kind of like, What? I m 26. Let me decide that. I think that was the case when I first got the job. I was exploring that then, and I m still exploring it now. I think we do that for the rest of our lives.(Photo by Netflix © 2021)RT: A film like Monster feels like it’s part of a constellation of projects, alongside Luce, Waves, and Monsters and Men. What are the things you re looking for in these parts and in the projects?Harrison: I think it’s something that the films are drawn to me and I’m drawn to them because of the path that I had gone on. One kind of serves the other, in a way. I don t know if I want to say it’s a typecast thing because I don t really think it’s like that, to be honest. It’s kind of more like chapters. I ve always seen my career like that. When I first started, my first job when I got my SAG card was on 12 Years a Slave. And then after that, Roots came. And then, after that, Underground came, and then after that, Birth of a Nation came in. That s the Understanding My History chapter. And then I feel like I got into like this Black Lives Matter chapter: Monster happened and then Monsters and Men happened. And then Luce happened, and Waves happened. And I think all of those talk about young Black men dealing with the trauma from slavery. The origins of their trauma started then.And it s interesting because now, with Godfather of Harlem and BB King [in Baz Luhrmann’s untitled Elvis project], I ve been dealing with the 60s now, the Civil Rights era. And, I think, you know, it s unpacking what blackness means for me and for everyone in this moment as we really start to pull back the curtain and go, let s take a look at the systems. Let s take a look at that because we re not standing for it anymore.So I guess the movies have been an examination, finding the nuance that these directors and writers and performers are all trying to unpack based on the knowledge they ve attained over their time on Earth. And if that s what I end up doing for the rest of my career, that s cool. That stuff means something to me, you know? It means something from me.Monster is available on Netflix from May 7, 2021.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.Thumbnail image: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images, Francois Duhamel/©Columbia Pictures, ©DreamWorks, ©Columbia, ©Sony Pictures Classics, ©Oscilloscope Pictures 新冰雪传奇手游是一款复古传奇角色扮演类手游。游戏将采用全新的设计观进行制作,为玩家们带来全新的冰雪传奇大陆挑战,经典的上帝视角搭配锁定战斗玩法更将为玩家们带来最原汁原味的传奇大陆操作,体验最简单的战斗,全新的冰雪传奇大陆将带来与众不同的传奇体验。

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