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新开武林外传私服采用百度引擎5(Baidu 4)Chris Evans took a break from his Marvel superhero duties in 2013 to star in Bong Joon-ho s sci-fi movie Snowpiercer. Based on the 1982 French graphic novel Le Transperceneige, the story followed a high-speed, non-stop bullet train filled with the final remnants of the human race as a second Ice Age turned the planet into an unlivable, post-climate change wasteland.The inhabitants on-board the locomotive represent a sampling of a society that was all but wiped out. The overcrowded back-end of the train is where the underprivileged exist, forced to follow the various orders handed down by militia, while they eat gelatinous blocks of protein for every meal. Contrasting this gritty despair is that of the passengers residing in the front of the train. Here, it s like a high-class vacation every day, where the elite are pampered with all sorts of perks like sushi, pedicures, and lavish nighttime parties.Bong s film was widely celebrated, so it wasn t too surprising when it was announced two years later that a Snowpiercer TV series was in development. A pilot was ordered in 2016, and TNT ordered the series in 2018.It s been four years since the news hit, though. During that time, the project has been hit with a flurry of setbacks. Behind-the-scenes creative disputes and the shuffling of the project — it was moved from TNT to TBS, and then back again — has kept the series stuck in development hell.After all this time, it is looking like the small-screen adaptation of this futuristic dystopian tale is finally on a hopeful trajectory. So let s get into the nitty-gritty and explore everything we know about the upcoming Snowpiercer TV series.A STELLAR CAST IS ON BOARD(Photo by Monica Burns/Turner)For such a high-concept TV series, one would expect a collection of top-notch actors to come along for the ride, and the ensemble brought together for the TNT series is pretty impressive. After 19 years, Academy Award-winner Jennifer Connelly (Alita: Battle Angel) returns to television — anyone remember the short-lived procedural, The $treet? — to play first-class passenger and head of hospitality Melanie Cavill. Tony Award–winner Daveed Diggs, who is best known for his roles in the musical Hamilton and his feature writing debut Blindspotting, plays former police detective Layton Well, a man who lives in squalor in the back of the train.Other actors featured in the show s cast include Mickey Sumner (American Made), Tony Award-winner Lena Hall (Hedwig and the Angry Inch), Annalise Basso (Slender Man), Steven Ogg (The Walking Dead), and Timothy V. Murphy (Sons of Anarchy).EXPECT MORE CLASS STRUGGLES, SOCIAL POLITICS, AND SOME EPIC WORLD-BUILDING(Photo by TNT)In the new series, the constantly-moving, self-sustaining train that is known to its inhabitants as the Rattling Ark will still be there. But while we re getting the futuristic visuals of this post-apocalyptic version of Noah s Ark — along with the similar themes of class, race, and social politics featured in the graphic novel and movie — the mechanics of the Snowpiercer world will be expanded. As a fan of the film and reading the scripts, it broadens the world exponentially. And that s one of the advantages of TV: you have time, series star Diggs previously told IGN. So the politics that are hinted at in the film are explored in much more depth, and the mechanism of the train [is explored further] — just the little things that create a world, world specificity. During a panel at the 2017 Television Critics Association press tour, TNT boss Kevin Reilly teased a central mystery that would be the throughline in season 1, saying it would focus on characters stuck together in an intense environment in a game of survival. Diggs further touched on the class commentary featured in the series at the program s NYCC panel.“Anyone who’s from a marginalized community knows there’s a kind of togetherness that comes out of necessity, and a feeling of family and lack of lying from having to band together,” Diggs said. “So there are some good things, but no amenities. It’s pretty bleak; it’s hard to raise children with no resources. They’re dealing with truly extreme circumstances, so the idea that there’s something to fight for is pretty intense.”A SHOWRUNNER SHAKE-UP SLOWED EVERYTHING DOWN (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images)A year after TNT ordered Snowpiercer to series, Josh Friedman (War of the Worlds) was brought on to run the show. Just weeks later, after production officially began, Friedman was replaced by Orphan Black co-creator Graeme Manson (pictu

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空匣人型哔哩哔哩客户端是全新的二次元rpg手机游戏大家的老婆又要增加了,空匣人型bilibili手游采用了全新构建的的3D引擎,并且宣传画上的那些角色的发色好像可以凑成一套彩虹色系,游戏的立绘制作还是不错的,并且全新的游戏内容以及游戏机制一定会给玩家带来一个不错的游戏体验。 (Photo by Brooke Palmer)Masks are coming off in certain locations and more seats may be opening up in movie theaters but the films themselves are still not drawing much of an audience. Only four films this year have managed to open to more than million and if the Saw series has anything in common with Raya and the Last Dragon it may be the disappointment in not being able to join that exclusive club in 2021. Instead, the latest Saw film, Spiral, looks to become another footnote suggesting that even brand names are not bringing back people to theaters. Yet.King of the Crop: Spiral Wins the Weekend But Leaves Questions In Its WakeThe Saw series was on a seven-year hiatus after “The Final Chapter” when Jigsaw was launched in 2017 to a .6 million start. The previous low for the franchise was Saw VI (.1 million), when people decided they would rather have a Paranormal Activity film for their October horror than another Saw entry. After James Wan’s original opened to .2 million in 2004, the next four entries opened between million and million. Nobody expected Spiral: From the Book of Saw to approach those lofty numbers, even on the downslope of the pandemic. But it was widely expected to come somewhere in the vicinity of those Saw VI opening numbers. Though: Is it the pandemic or are people just tired of the Jigsaw shtick altogether?In terms of horror comps for 2021, a .7 million start is certainly better than The Unholy (.35 million) or Separation (.8 million). It is also better than last week’s Wrath of Man (.3 million). Heck, that makes it good enough for the fifth best opening of the year. But do not expect this film to chug along the way Nobody’s .82 million opening did to over million, so far. The last five films in the Saw series dropped between 60.6% and 67.6% after their first weekends. Wrath of Man just dropped 55% from its number 1 perch last weekend to gross .7 million this weekend. Assuming Spiral holds on to a narrow margin for first place next week we could be looking at the lowest number 1 gross since the weekend of February 19, when The Croods: A New Age made .71 million. The lowest since then was Raya and the Last Dragon’s third weekend victory, with .12 million. The Disney film has now officially surpassed Tom Jerry to become the second-highest grossing film of 2021 and the fifth-highest of the pandemic. Though the industry is certainly hoping that all the films on that list will be knocked down two notches sometime after Memorial Day weekend with the releases of A Quiet Place Part II and Cruella.Rotten Returns: The Devil Is in The Per-Theater-Average Details For a Number of Under-Performers

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For 2021, DC FanDome was a nearly four-hour livestream updating fans on the latest DC films, TV series, comics projects, and video games. Even just watching it for the film and TV content was a task worthy of Earth’s Mightiest Mortal, and categorizing the announcements is the sort of thing you might set Brainiac 5 to do. Nevertheless, we tried to live up to Shazam and Brainy, watching all of it and compiling everything related to film and television at DC FanDome 2021 from the look of Blue Beetle’s costume to Ace the Bat-Hound’s drinking habits. To say there is a lot of DC Entertainment material on the horizon is an understatement. Just take a look at what we learned:DC’s Film Roster Is Amazing: The Flash, Black Adam, And The Batman (Oh My!)DC Entertainment made a big push with its feature film slate this time around. With two films shooting, one completing production, and two in pre-production, there was a lot to talk about even if only The Batman had a proper trailer to unveil during the event.FanDome began with a look at Black Adam, featuring a scene of the title character (played by Dwayne Johnson) being awakened from millennia of slumber by archeologist Adrianna Tomaz (Sarah Shahi). Of course, her team of explorers came with an armed detachment, so bullets start flying and Adam calls down the lightning. Literally. Combined with some behind-the-scenes footage, it at least confirms that the film – in development for over a decade – will actually come out next year.Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom also offered some behind-the-scenes footage and a first-look at Black Manta’s (Yahya Abdul-Manteen II) upgraded costume. Eagle-eyed viewers also spotted a black variant of Arthur’s (Jason Momoa) classic costume. Shazam: Fury of the Gods also unveiled a behind-the-scenes sizzle reel with co-star Asher Angel confirming the end of principal photography. The film sees Helen Mirren and Lucy Liu playing goddesses arriving in Philadelphia to tangle with the Shazam Family. It s due out in 2023.(Photo by DC)Over on the HBO Max side of things, the principal creatives and stars of Batgirl and Blue Beetle offered the briefest of teases, including design art of the title characters’ respective costumes and a broad sense of what the films will be. Batgirl star Leslie Grace said the character is a “girly girl, but she’s capable and strong and determined… She’s sincere and wants to prove herself.” Co-director Adil El Arbi also confirmed the character will have red hair and use a cowl as part of her outfit (some recent Batgirl costumes favor goggles instead).“It’s going to be crazy, but it also has feelings,” Blue Beetle screenwriter Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer said of the project. “It contains all that’s great about Blue Beetle.” Things like the scarab, Jaime Rodriguez’s (Xolo Maridueña) costume, and his family were referenced as key elements Dunnet-Alcocer and director Angel Manuel Soto wanted to bring to the screen. “He’s a Mexican-American kid who wants to be a part of this world, but he’s hitting the same obstacles a lot of us face,” the screenwriter said. He also added that the closeness of family is part of what sets him apart” from other superheroes – noting he has no way of keeping his suit or powers a secret from his parents.(Photo by DC)And as for the suit? “I know for a fact we have the best suit, and I haven’t seen it yet,” Maridueña said.There is one animated feature on the roster, DC League of Superpets, which sees Johnson giving voice to Krypto the Superdog while Kevin Hart voices Ace the Bat-Hound. In a brief clip, Ace can be seen, well, relieving himself while Krypto looks on in dismay. The film will also feature the voices of Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, Vanessa Bayer, Natasha Lyonne, Diego Luna, and Keanu Reeves. It is set for release on May 20, 2022.(Photo by DC)But perhaps the most impactful presentation outside of The Batman trailer was the first-look at The Flash. The long-in-development film which has missed half-a-dozen release dates at this point – genuinely looks amazing from the footage director Andy Muschietti compiled for FanDome. For one thing, Barry’s (Ezra Miller) new suit(s) looks incredible, and the teases of Supergirl (Sasha Calle), Batman (Micheal Keaton), and a second Flash (also Miller) provided some of the best moments of the whole four-hour event. Capping it off: a shot of Barry examining the Batmobile as it hides under a tarp.Curiously, though, director Patty Jenkins offered no updates on Wonder Woman 3 while chatting with Lynda Carter about the character s 80th anniversary, other than to reconfirm she is working on it.HBO Max Is The New Center Of The DC MultiverseIf there’s one thing this year’s FanDome made clear, it is that HBO Max is the new hubworld for DC’s expansive multiverse. Beyond Batgirl and Blue Beetle’s eventual debuts on the service, Pennyworth – previously an Epix exclusive – will be moving to Max for its third season late in 2022. The previous two seasons will become available to subscribers early next year.Additionally, most of the DC Universe orphans Max adopted  Titans, Doom Patrol, and Harley Quinn  will return for subsequent seasons next year with fourth seasons of Titans and Doom Patrol confirmed at the event. Harley Quinn will return “sometime in 2022,” according to Harley (Kaley Cuoco) herself. The last of the rescued DC Universe shows, Young Justice, debuted two episodes of its fourth season (subtitled “Phantoms ) on Max immediately after FanDome concluded.If all of those shows weren’t enough, Peacemaker’s premiere date was also announced during FanDome: January 13, 2022. Creator James Gunn also unveiled a teaser trailer which suggests Peacemaker (John Cena) may actually grow a little on his next adventure. That said, the star said the hardest part of playing the character is “becoming a super a hole. I’m usually a regular a hole.” Gunn wrote all eight episodes and directed five, extending his time in the DC Multiverse. In fact, Cena expressed a wish to continue playing Peacemaker in subsequent seasons, which may mean more of Gunn’s sensibility in the future.Although HBO Max’s focus is on the DC superheroes, it will also be the home of DMZ, a four-part limited series based on a comic published by DC Comics now-defunct Vertigo imprint. Ava DuVernay directs Roberto Patino’s adaptation of the book, which stars Rosario Dawson as an outsider who may tip the scales in the US’s second civil war.But for all the hour-long live action DC shows calling HBO Max home, Green Lantern was conspicuously absent from FanDome. The program, from Arrowverse mastermind Greg Berlanti, is set to star Jeremy Irvine as Golden Age Green Lantern Alan Scott and Finn Wittrock as 1980s fan-favorite Guy Gardner and sees the characters in their respective time periods facing social issues and weird space threats. Also absent: Berlanti’s Strange Adventures anthology series, first announced at HBO Max’s initial public unveiling, and any mention of J.J. Abrams’ live-action projects.Batman: The Animated Series Is Getting A Spiritual Successor(Photo by Everett Collection)One project Abrams did promote, though, is the upcoming Batman: Caped Crusader. Produced and developed by Abrams, Batman: The Animated Series’ Bruce Timm, long time DC animation executive producer James Tucker, and The Batman director Matt Reeves, the series will go back to what Timm called the “original principles” of Batman: TAS with fewer broadcast restrictions. Set in the early days of Batman’s war on crime, it will feature a version of the character who uses Bruce Wayne as a mask to hide his activities as the Caped Crusader.“It’s just Batman,” added Reeves. “No Justice League.”And because the series takes place so early on in his career, animated Batman audiences will see him in a lower-tech situation than usual. According to Tucker, “We find him discovering these things.” That means viewers may see several iterations of the Batmobile and, quite possibly, the trial-and-error involved in creating Batarangs. Tucker added that as the series begins, no one trusts the Batman and vice-versa. He also teased that some of the Dark Knight’s traditional relationships may not form. “Nothing is assumed in this series,” he said.Reeves and Timm agreed the series will lean heavily in to the 1940s noir style, but the characters will be more modern in terms of inclusivity. Timm also added that the program will be, overall “more Batman: The Animated Series than Batman: The Animated Series.” It is unclear when the series will debut, but it will be available on both Cartoon Network and HBO Max.Caped Crusdaer isn’t the only word on DC animation, though, with an HBO Max Superman animated series, My Adventures with Superman, in production, the preschool-targeted Batwheels preparing for release, the currently running Aquaman: King of Atlantis, and a stellar upcoming lineup in the dependable DC Animated Movie direct-to-video range.Indeed, DC FanDome was the occasion to debut a trailer for Catwoman: Hunted, an upcoming DC Animated Movie featuring Elizabeth Gillies as Catwoman and Stephanie Beatriz as Batwoman. The pair must team up to take down the organization known as Leviathan in a stylish, anime take on the characters. Other DC Animated Movies set for release in 2022 include Green Lantern: Beware My Powers, Battle of the Super Sons, and a compilation of the 2022 DC Showcase shorts headlined by Constantine: The House of Mystery. Matt Ryan will, of course, reprise his role as magician and con man John Constantine.Before all of that, though, is the release of Injustice, a DC Animated Movie based on the video game and comic book of the same name. During FanDome, a clip was released featuring Joker’s (Kevin Pollak) “masterpiece” – a brutal act of violence which sets Superman (voiced by Justin Hartley) on a dark path. The scene is surprisingly grim and offers those less familiar with the DC Universe Animated line an idea of the sorts of films available. Injustice debuts on home video platforms this Tuesday.Gwendoline Christie Leans Into The Bowie Look For Sandman’s LuciferAlthough not part of the HBO Max lineup, The Sandman received a little recognition via the debut of Gwendoline Christie’s Lucifer in a first-look photo. The image recalls the Bowie-esque appearance the Prince of Darkness assumed in his first Sandman comic book appearance. Its unclear if Christie will keep the look in subsequent appearances or evolve like her comic book counterpart. Curiously, though, Lucifer’s initial androgyny gave way to a more masculine countenance as The Sandman’s story wore on. Perhaps that will also be part of the changes writer Neil Gaiman and his collaborators have in mind for the adaptation of his comic book.Shortly after the Lucifer reveal, Gaiman took to Twitter to clarify that the series will debut on Netflix sometime in 2022. Initial messaging about the series suggested it could launch in late 2021, leading to some confusion and Gaiman’s exasperation in the tweet.DC’s other Netflix-based show, Sweet Tooth, was represented by star Christian Convery answering fan questions. The program, already renewed for a second season, will also remain on Netflix.Barry Will Finally Get Gold Boots On The Flash TV SeriesIn one of the earliest announcements of the event, The Flash TV series star Grant Gustin revealed Barry is finally getting gold boots like his comic book counterpart. “It’s always been the final element that I think has been missing from our suits,” Gustin said. “The suit we have now is the closest we have to a lot of the [comic book] iterations … but I always thought the gold boots would be the final touch.” DC released a close-up image of the boots and a look at the suit with the footwear added. As Gustin intimated, the boots have long been a running joke behind the scenes. They will debut when The Flash begins its eighth season in November.Beyond the long-awaited kicks, the Arrowverse was also represented at DC FanDome via an assortment of special videos. Batwoman stars Javicia Leslie and Rachel Skarsten teased Batwoman and Alice’s state-enforced team-up while the cast of Supergirl looked back their six seasons. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow celebrated 100 episodes in 100 seconds and the cast of Superman and Lois presented a tour of the Kent farmhouse.And although not technically an Arrowverse show (it takes place on the Post-Crisis Earth-2, after all), Stargirl took an extended look at this week’s upcoming episode, which sees Courtney (Brec Bassinger) trapped in the Shadow Lands, where she runs into the Golden Age Dr. Mid-Nite (Alex Collins).But to cap off the Arrowverse presence at FanDome, Naomi star Kaci Walfall debuted a first look at the program, in which she stars as a high schooler who discovers her connection to the DC Multiverse is more staggering than she can imagine. And as the scene shown during FanDome revealed, it all begins with a Superman sighting.Naomi will debut on The CW sometime in 2022.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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4.13.3 3月喜迎The success of Wonder Woman proved women-helmed, women-led superhero movies could be immensely successful, and now Warner Bros. and DC continue to lead in that arena with Cathy Yan’s Birds of Prey, with Margot Robbie reprising her Suicide Squad role as Gotham City antihero Harley Quinn. The first reviews of the comic book movie are on the positive side, emphasizing the ensemble cast (including the villains), the action aided by John Wick director Chad Stahelski, and the general fun had by all involved, especially the audience.Here’s what critics are saying about Birds of Prey:Where does it rank in the DC Universe?Rights so many of the DCEU’s wrongs, trading CGI for carefully choreographed fight scenes and breathing new life into a stagnant genre.  Hannah Woodhead, Little White LiesBirds of Prey looks like what you d imagine Suicide Squad could have been under a clearer vision.  Angie Han, Mashable[Features] perhaps one of the most fun third acts in a DC film so far.  James Whitbrook, io9It s the perfect spiritual successor to Joker in terms of the current state of the DCEU.  Molly Freeman, ScreenRantThis is not a perfect film, nor is it the DCEU s best. But it is immensely enjoyable.  Kirsten Acuna, InsiderIs it just for DC fans?No, [but] you ll have a deeper understanding of [Harley] and DC characters like Black Mask, Zsasz, and Black Canary if you ve watched animated DC cartoons, played popular games like Arkham City, and watched the CW s Arrow. Kirsten Acuna, InsiderBirds of Prey stands on its own more than most comic book movies. References to the Joker and Batman are few and far between. Kristen Lopez, FansidedA superhero movie that might actually be more enjoyable for viewers who haven’t read a single comic. Susana Polo, Polygon[It’s] a spinoff/sequel that requires no knowledge of its mediocre predecessor, Suicide Squad. Thank goodness. Gavia Baker-Whitelaw, The Daily Dot(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)What about the comparisons to Deadpool?[It’s] DC’s R-rated answer to Deadpool in terms of rampant cursing, in-universe commentary and clever pop-culture riffs. Brian Truitt, USA TodayComparisons are going to be made between BoP and Fox s R-rated Deadpool, which also has a fourth-wall-breaking antihero. Any similarities are only surface level. Kirsten Acuna, InsiderIt’s going for the sparky nihilist defiance… [but] Birds of Prey could have used more of the intricate cleverness of Deadpool. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyThose hoping for a Deadpool-like fusion of mayhem and wit should lower their expectations. John DeFore, Hollywood ReporterDoes Robbie continue to shine as Harley?Robbie reminds you why Harley is the role she was born to play. Kirsten Acuna, InsiderThe movie is a stunning showcase for Margot Robbie, who commands the screen and gives her damaged protagonist all the dimension she deserves. Laura Prudom, IGNRobbie’s mayhem-fueled portrait of a mobster moll run amok is precisely tuned. She captures this unapologetic, dynamic complex woman with delirious verve and vigor. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionRobbie s shining performance cuts through the murk like a neon sign in a dark alleyway. Angie Han, MashableWhat about the rest of the ensemble?Birds of Prey is a true ensemble in the sense that it doesn t work because one person or one part is excellent, but because they all are. Molly Freeman, ScreenRantThe main heroine ensemble actors all breathe a wonderful amount of life into little-known characters overdue for mainstream attention. Susana Polo, PolygonThe actresses who come together to form Harley’s posse… have presence to spare, but you wish they’d been given more to do. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyUnfortunately, the Birds of Prey are the ones who get shortchanged by the ambitious scope… you can’t help but wish [the movie] leaned a little harder into the team-up aspect of the title. Laura Prudom, IGN(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)Does anyone stand out?Huntress is the least developed of all the lead characters… but in her few appearances, Winstead steals the show. Hoai-Tran Bui, SlashfilmFans will undoubtedly fall in love with Mary Elizabeth Winstead s Huntress. Kirsten Acuna, InsiderWinstead’s self-serious, mafia-bred, crossbow-toting Huntress appears to be ripped out of another movie entirely. Kate Erbland, IndieWireThe scene-stealer is Black Canary… Smollett-Bell gives her character fire and a voice, literally, that has power. Kristen Lopez, FansidedIn her debut feature film role Ella Jay Basco is a force to be reckoned with. With impeccable comedic timing, the young actress holds her own. Britany Murphy, Geeks of ColorWhat about the villains?The film also benefits from two first-rate villains… worthy opponents to Quinn, delighting in violence for the sake of violence but crucially grounded in reality. Hannah Woodhead, Little White LiesIn terms of DCEU films, McGregor’s Sionis and Messina’s Zsasz are my favorite villains…[with] some of the best villain moments seen in a comic book film to-date. Britany Murphy, Geeks of ColorIt s McGregor who shines the brightest in Birds of Prey… he skillfully slips between the personas to create an effective counterpart to each of the heroes. Molly Freeman, ScreenRantHe s the best villain in the DCEU right now… for what it s worth, that s not too high of a bar. Kirsten Acuna, InsiderVictor’s obsessive desire to please his boss and Roman’s unchecked narcissism combine to create a dynamic duo who are pure nightmare fuel. Laura Prudom, IGNVillains Sionis and Zsasz are left aching for a bit more oomph, or gravitas, behind their wickedness… Their unhinged nature could stand to be dialed up further. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionEwan McGregor’s Roman Sionis is likely to be divisive… He’s an extravagantly blatant example of queer-coded villainhood, to the point where it’s not really coded at all. Gavia Baker-Whitelaw, The Daily Dot(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)How is Christina Hodson s script?Hodson has made sure internal and external character stakes are cogent. She utilizes familiar story elements, but remixes them into a refreshed product. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionHodson’s script is packed with the kind of small actions and moments of recognition that only a film made by women would ever think to include. Clarisse Loughrey, IndependentHodson uses Harley s omniscient, if unreliable, narrator to great effect in order to immerse viewers in this world and introduce the various key players. Molly Freeman, ScreenRantSlight at best, convoluted at worst, but Birds of Prey rips through its hardboiled neo-noir story with such gleeful abandon that you barely notice the tired Macguffin narrative. Hoai-Tran Bui, SlashfilmThe first hour of Birds of Prey is a bit confusing… Even if you re a big DC fan, you may find yourself struggling to understand the point of the film. Kirsten Acuna, InsiderThe movie would have been so much better had it simplified its story by half. Alex Abad-Santos, VoxIf you think of how the narrative is being shown and just who it’s coming from, it works well… but I could see that it might not necessarily translate to the audience as a whole. Britany Murphy, Geeks of ColorDoes director Cathy Yan rise to the occasion?Yan steps up to the plate without a trace of the nerves you might expect of a first-time big-budget director. Helen O Hara, Time OutYan may be a newcomer to the big-budget blockbuster, but she brings an assured confidence to each stylistic choice. Hoai-Tran Bui, SlashfilmDirecting her first studio feature, Cathy Yan keeps it all hurtling along with impeccable ferocity. Her action scenes have a deftly detonating visual spaciousness. Owen Gleiberman, VarietyBirds of Prey barely holds together plot-wise… That Yan directs the movie with a pinball comic energy, in scenes of action and character interaction, makes a world of difference. Scott Mendelson, ForbesShe has a gift for kinetic fight scenes, though there are only so many creative-kill scenarios before the death toll becomes numbing. Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment WeeklyYan’s stylish direction and keen sense of comedic timing keep things lively even when the story starts to strain under the weight of so many competing storylines. Laura Prudom, IGN(Photo by Claudette Barius/©Warner Bros.)Does she deliver on the action?Yan’s camera [holds] on wide shots to show off the acrobatic stunts of her stars. It’s one of the best displays of fight sequences in a superhero movie to date. Hoai-Tran Bui, SlashfilmBoasts some of the most inventive fight sequences ever seen in a comic book movie… The smackdowns have a tangible, bone-crunching quality that sets them apart from the overly CGIed slugfests found in many other superhero movies lately. Laura Prudom, IGNThe movie’s fight scenes are like highlight reels in themselves, mashing together visual artistry with bone-crunching savagery. Alex Abad-Santos, VoxBirds of Prey’s clearly shot and inventively staged action sequences feel like the first superhero movie response to John Wick’s success. Susana Polo, PolygonIt s not quite John Wick, but crisp camerawork and playful choreography place Birds of Prey comfortably above the muddy CG action of an Avengers: Endgame or, God forbid, a Suicide Squad. Angie Han, MashableDoes it do right by women in comic book movies?Rather than the paint-by-numbers girl power of Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey presents flawed, multi-faceted women as more than an afterthought in male-driven narratives. Hannah Woodhead, Little White LiesThe film is itself a liberation from male-led and male-created superhero comic book movies. Molly Freeman, ScreenRantNot only does Cathy Yan’s female-fronted, feminist feature capture one woman’s resilience… it symbolically represents that we women can overcome our worst starts. Courtney Howard, Fresh FictionAll the daily joys and hurdles of a woman’s experience are deftly woven into the larger-than-life fabric of the comic-book film… this isn’t the kind of boardroom-designed, slogan-spouting style of feminism we’re used to from Hollywood. Clarisse Loughrey, IndependentDoes the movie’s pop-feminist message need to be as consistently, cartoonishly violent as it is? Almost definitely not. But in a world gone mad, the catharsis of Prey’s twisted sisterhood doesn’t just read as pandemonium for its own sake; it’s actually pretty damn sweet. Leah Greenblatt, Entertainment WeeklyIf there’s one thing Hollywood should learn from the experience, it’s this: Sometimes girls just want to have fun, whether they’re in superhero movies or watching them. Susana Polo, PolygonThe perfect Galentine s outing. Kirsten Acuna, Insider(Photo by Warner Bros. Pictures)Will audiences want more?Birds of Prey provides a perfect setup for a host of other intriguing spinoffs in the DC cinematic universe — can we request Poison Ivy next? Laura Prudom, IGNYou ll be ready for a sequel with the group or more of Robbie s take on Harley the moment the film s over. Kirsten Acuna, InsiderBirds of Prey left me wanting [a sequel], which is about the most anyone can hope for in a big-screen comics adaptation. Alonso Duralde, The WrapShow[s] us just how cool Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey can be, so we re left wanting to get back in line for their next movie. Angie Han, MashableNothing in Birds of Prey suggests [these characters] ever merit further attention, far out in this suburb of Gotham with Batman nowhere to be found. John DeFore, Hollywood ReporterBirds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) is in theaters on February 7.

(Photo by Universal/courtesy Everett Collection)All Fast Furious Movies RankedFrom bursting out the nose of an exploding plane, to skipping skyscraper to skyscraper, to gently guiding a bank safe across public roads and additional civil engineering, the Fast Furious franchise has made its mission delivering more outrageous action than the previous movies could ever muster. And as the stunts got crazier for Dom (Vin Diesel), Brian (Paul Walker), Letty (Michelle Rodriguez) and the whole F F-in family, critics were just as willing to go along for the ride. It was finally the fifth Furious film that earned the franchise s first Fresh. And since then it s been on a skyward trajectory, like a souped-up Karmann Ghia ramping off an Arrakis sandworm and barrel rolling between a fleet of nuclear dirigibles (you know we re heading in this direction). Furious 7 reached a high emotional crescendo in the wake of Walker s death, while follow-up F8 saw a dip, though stayed in the Fresh lane.The latest include spin-off Hobbs Shaw and the long-delayed F9. Now that the whole family s here, see all Fast Furious movies ranked by Tomatometer!
It’s been five years since moviegoers were gifted – and utterly befuddled by – a new Charlie Kaufman movie. In September, the mind behind Being John Malkovich, Anomalisa, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind releases his newest film as director and writer, I’m Thinking of Ending Things, on Netflix. The adaptation of Iain Reed’s celebrated novel stars Jessie Buckley and Jesse Plemons as a young couple driving through a snowstorm to meet Plemons’ character’s parents, and Toni Collette and David Thewlis as the bizarre mom and dad they eventually encounter. As usual, nothing – time, space, memory, even the rooms – is what it seems. Ahead of the movie’s release, Rotten Tomatoes Editor-in-Chief Joel Meares jumped on a Zoom call with Kaufman, Buckley, Plemons, and Collette to talk through the challenge of bringing this dense, smart, and very Kaufman project to the screen.I m Thinking of Ending Things premieres on Netflix on September 4.
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(Photo by Clay Enos / © Netflix)We re not even six months into 2021 and director Zack Snyder has already enjoyed back-to-back triumphs: the epic superhero corrective, Zack Snyder s Justice League, which landed on HBO Max in March after years of fan campaigning, and now Army of the Dead, his long-awaited return to the zombie genre, which opened in theaters last week and arrives on Netflix this Friday. The movies – with Tomatometer scores of 71% and 76% respectively – are his best reviewed works since his debut, Dawn of the Dead, back in 2004.While Army is no direct sequel to Dawn – different characters, different kinds of zombies here – it s clear Snyder is relishing playing with the undead again, and this time with a totally original story. A heist movie/zombie movie mashup, Army sees a ragtag group of soldiers and mercenaries, led by Dave Bautista s Scott Ward, heading into a walled-up Las Vegas that s teeming with zombies to pull off one last heist. As critics have noted, it s Snyder unfettered: full of gore, awesome soundtrack choices, plenty of slo-mo, and heart-on-your-sleeve, earnest emoting even from the zombies.Ahead of the movie s release on Netflix, Snyder spoke to Rotten Tomatoes about the most fun movie-making experience of his life, building a new kind of zombie lore (and getting audiences to root for Team Zombie ), and his no-holds-barred plans to expand the Army of the Dead world with more films and a very adult animated series. (Warning: the below interview contains minor spoilers for Army of the Dead.)Joel Meares for Rotten Tomatoes: Congratulations on the movie, Zack, and congratulations on the surprise theatrical run. Why is this a good film for audiences to see on the biggest screen they possibly can – if it s safe – right now?Zack Snyder: By the way, if that big screen happens to be in your living room, by all means [watch it there]. But being at the theater, it s a fun movie to see. Listen, when I made the film, there was no vision of this movie being in a theater. I didn t even care to ask. I was like, No, I appreciate you, Netflix, saying yes to this idea, and so I will honor you and your platform by making a movie specifically for this world. And it was Netflix that came to me and said, Hey, is it cool if we release the movie on the big screen as well? And I said, Absolutely, that would be amazing. And it s worked out great. The movie plays really well on a giant screen. In a lot of ways, it s a lot of movie on a big screen. We went bigger than we normally would because it was going to be this big [gestures a small TV size], so I was like we might as well just blow the doors off it since you re going to watch it at home. So in the theater it plays awesome.(Photo by Clay Enos / © Netflix)Rotten Tomatoes: It does so from the moment it starts with that credits sequence. When the social media embargo lifted, and then we were reading the reviews, everyone was like: This is the biggest credits sequence I think I ve ever seen, or at least the biggest Zack Snyder credit sequence. Why did you want to go so big and put so much into that montage – and how challenging was that to pull off?Snyder: It was pretty challenging. I will say though that, like anything, I wanted to make sure that this Well, this was a movie about veterans. These are veterans. The old gunslingers. They go for one last mission. That was the movie, and it always was, but I wanted to tell the story of their journey and their war story in the title sequence. I just felt like it was important that we let you know in the title sequence that they had suffered trauma and they d gone all the way into the heart of darkness with their journey in the zombie fall of Vegas.I also wanted to trick you a little bit with it, like the movie does. It s a small metaphor for the actual experience of the movie. It looks like a lot of zombie fun and there s a lot of hijinks, and then suddenly you find yourself caring about these guys. And there s a lot of drama and there s a lot of heartbreak. But then in the end, you realize that you re in this “let s do it again” kind of a world. That was something I wanted to express on a small scale in the title sequence.Rotten Tomatoes: I think the film really does that balance so well, between the spectacle and the gore, and then these emotional relationships, particularly between Dave [Bautista] and Ella [Purnell], and then also between Matthias [Schweighöfer] and Omari [Hardwick], which I absolutely loved. Why was it so important for you to home in on and really develop these strong bonds between certain characters?Snyder: That’s the “why” of the movie in a lot of ways – in the end you can go on a zombie romp, but what is the “why” of it? And I think that in the end, it s those human relationships that make us care and make it important, and the characters you want to see live, and the ones that sacrifice, and the ones that you want to see not make it, you start rooting in all different directions. And I think that in the end this is the “why” of making a big movie and going on this big journey. It s really a fun and exciting place to be if you care.(Photo by Clay Enos / © Netflix)Rotten Tomatoes: You went even further than that in some ways. There are certain zombies we come to care for!Snyder: Yes, it was important to me that [we cared about the zombies], if it was possible. I remember when we were talking about this at the early days, I was like, I want people to be Team Zombie at some point. I want there to be people that are like, I really hope that Zeus makes it. That s what I want. Or him and his queen to start a new world somewhere. I think that would be amazing. And I just think that s the rare thing in a zombie film: empathy for the zombies.Rotten Tomatoes: Yeah, because it s a completely new spin. I mean we ve had empathy for zombies, but generally because you see the previous character that was there and you know the relationship between the person who s alive, but we hadn’t really seen society-forming, thinking zombies. And it s almost a Planet of the Apes development here. Snyder: Yeah, I really love the Planet of the Apes reference because that s what I was going for in a lot of ways. I love the idea that Zeus… he cries, frankly, in the movie. And I know it sounds like a joke when I say a zombie cries in this film, but I think when you see it in context that you don t bat an eye. It s just, like, of course he would. Who wouldn t? And I think that even just the notion that the switching of the thing where you go into that world thinking we re just going to kill any zombie we see, but then you realize that in the end, the humans are double crossing, and they re not honoring the deal, and all of that. I just think that s super fun to wonder who s the honorable one in the scenario.(Photo by Clay Enos / © Netflix)Rotten Tomatoes: It was really refreshing, and that all came from you, because, if I m correct, this is your second project after Sucker Punch that s entirely original as opposed to an adaptation. What s the difference in the experience between adapting something that is beloved and trying to do that justice, and doing something where you have free rein and it s all come from your own mind?Snyder: First, I mean just to say, Sucker Punch – and I loved the movie and it s awesome – but it was one of those things we pitched as a hard R, crazy, R-rated movie. And the studio asked us to make a PG-13 and we were like okay, to do it, we ll do it. And Army of the Dead is a movie where Netflix has been 100% with us. I go, It s an R-rated movie all the way, and they were like, Awesome, go for it. I think it just allows the true original vision of the movie to keeps it integrity. And you can feel that when you watch the movie, that it s singular. I think the singularity of it is the thing that makes it so you go into that world and you buy it at every turn.And when you re dealing with something like the DCEU, which is such hyper-focused IP where the studio is doing a lot of the decisions out of playing defense with the idea, they re constantly just trying to protect their back, it s hard to score when you play defense. It s just difficult. You can see it. A lot of the decisions feel like they re made in a I mean that s the one thing about what I got to do with Justice League, finally it’s just like okay, just go and do it. And that was fun for me.(Photo by Clay Enos / © Netflix)Rotten Tomatoes: So, would you say this is one of the most free experiences you ve had making a film?Snyder: Yeah, I would say for sure it was the most fun I ve had making a movie. I mean pure fun every day, day in and day out. These actors, these scenarios – we knew it was crazy, and so it s fun to do. When you re having Dave Bautista run down across the tables in a casino firing a machine gun and zombies are diving all over the place, I mean, I d say “cut” and I would literally be laughing, like, okay, this is ridiculously awesome. Or even just taking Garret [Dillahunt] and throwing him around on these wires, and that s going to be a zombie shaking him to death



新开武林外传私服 Manuel Betancourt for Rotten Tomatoes: Hearing you talk about all these movies, it strikes me that you are very fascinated with characters who are straddling the line between what they want to tell other people and the stories they re telling themselves. That feels like what’s going on with Steve in Monster. Is that what drew you to the part?Kelvin Harrison Jr.: Yeah, I think, it’s the search for identity. I think that s the thing about those characters. They re in a moment where they re trying to really figure out what they want and, I mean, that s every movie, that s everyone in everything — we re always trying to figure out what we want, what we need, and how do we get it. [Steve]’s 17 and his particular circumstances are: he s privileged, he s Black, and he s curious. And now suddenly everyone s sitting there trying to tell him who he is, what he can do, and that, because he s Black, he suddenly is grouped in with a bunch of other guys. And now he s on trial and it doesn t really make sense to him. He s just like, Dude! I’m just trying to figure out, like, what sneakers look like. I m trying to figure out where he got jewelry from, or if he likes that girl, just stupid s t. And it s very simple. It isn t that deep. And now he s supposed to be really serious and tough to try to convince people of his humanity. He s not innocent until proven guilty, he s guilty until proven innocent. And he has to determine that based on somebody else s standard of humanity.And that’s such a wild bag to fit in. I also found that when I first started working. I was sitting there (and I even find myself in this trap now) with people telling me who I am and why I need to be a certain way and what people will accept and what people won t accept and what people will think is, you know, too crazy: You need to do this part or you can t do this and you can t dress this way, you can t say that, you know? I m just kind of like, What? I m 26. Let me decide that. I think that was the case when I first got the job. I was exploring that then, and I m still exploring it now. I think we do that for the rest of our lives.(Photo by Netflix © 2021)RT: A film like Monster feels like it’s part of a constellation of projects, alongside Luce, Waves, and Monsters and Men. What are the things you re looking for in these parts and in the projects?Harrison: I think it’s something that the films are drawn to me and I’m drawn to them because of the path that I had gone on. One kind of serves the other, in a way. I don t know if I want to say it’s a typecast thing because I don t really think it’s like that, to be honest. It’s kind of more like chapters. I ve always seen my career like that. When I first started, my first job when I got my SAG card was on 12 Years a Slave. And then after that, Roots came. And then, after that, Underground came, and then after that, Birth of a Nation came in. That s the Understanding My History chapter. And then I feel like I got into like this Black Lives Matter chapter: Monster happened and then Monsters and Men happened. And then Luce happened, and Waves happened. And I think all of those talk about young Black men dealing with the trauma from slavery. The origins of their trauma started then.And it s interesting because now, with Godfather of Harlem and BB King [in Baz Luhrmann’s untitled Elvis project], I ve been dealing with the 60s now, the Civil Rights era. And, I think, you know, it s unpacking what blackness means for me and for everyone in this moment as we really start to pull back the curtain and go, let s take a look at the systems. Let s take a look at that because we re not standing for it anymore.So I guess the movies have been an examination, finding the nuance that these directors and writers and performers are all trying to unpack based on the knowledge they ve attained over their time on Earth. And if that s what I end up doing for the rest of my career, that s cool. That stuff means something to me, you know? It means something from me.Monster is available on Netflix from May 7, 2021.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.Thumbnail image: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images, Francois Duhamel/©Columbia Pictures, ©DreamWorks, ©Columbia, ©Sony Pictures Classics, ©Oscilloscope Pictures

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