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ag九游会登陆采用百度引擎9(Baidu 9)玩好服,玩大服,就看逐鹿神途手游下载!每日更新各种单职业神途、双职业神途、三职业神途等好版本推荐和介绍·精彩战报·技术心得·骨灰记忆·玩家交流。

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From today, keen-eyed Rotten Tomatoes users will notice some changes to the information at the top of our movie pages.  MORE INFO AT THE TOP(Photo by Rotten Tomatoes)Firstly, we’ve added a few key things to our “score box” – the rectangular module that showcases the Tomatometer and Audience Scores – to help you get straight to the info you want about the film or show you’re considering watching. You’ll now see the release year, genre, and runtimes right there, just above the scores, with the MPAA rating coming soon.Under the Audience Score, we’ve also simplified how we present the number of user ratings for each movie. You’ll now see the number of ratings in groupings – from 50+ up to 250,000+ ratings – to help give you a clear and simple sense of the volume of user ratings submitted for a title.The new streamlined look also features prominent links to critic and audience reviews: just click the hyperlinked number of ratings below each score and see what professional reviewers as well as our users have to say.   WHERE DID THE SCORE DETAILS GO? We know some of you like to go deep on the data, and you might be wondering where the “See Score Details” option went. Don’t worry: You can still get all that good granular stuff – number of Fresh and Rotten reviews, average rating, Top Critics’ score – just by clicking on the Tomatometer and Audience Score itself.  THE NEW “WHAT TO KNOW” SECTION You might also notice that the “Critics Consensus” – a quick and handy summary of what critics are saying about a title – has been moved into a new “What to Know” section just below the scores. That’s where we’re also featuring a new complementary feature to the Critics Consensus called “Audience Says.” “Audience Says” is a short blurb that summarizes what fans think of a movie, drawing on common points made in user reviews written for the title. Want to know, at a glance, whether audiences think a film is funny, scary, disappointing, or mindblowing? Check it out.   Plus, if we become aware of any external factors impacting the Audience Score and user reviews, such as a controversy affecting sentiment around a title, we may address that in the Audience Says blurb – all in an effort to equip you with the best and most relevant info to help make your viewing choices.   Note that for now we will only have Audience Says blurbs for new films with a significant number of user reviews; we will not initially have them for older movies, nor for TV and streaming seasons or episodes. But: Watch this space.  As always, we will continue to revise and revamp our tools and design to help make our info-packed pages as useful as possible. Poke around and familiarize yourself with the latest changes. 用华丽的CG动画吸引玩家,确实是一种高效的宣传手段,但与此同时,往往也容易在玩家心中埋下了隐患——毕竟对于多数手游作品来说,游戏的预告画面往往存在着宣传欺诈的嫌疑,一旦玩家进入游戏后,发现游戏的实机画面远不如预期,自然很难再继续体验下去。

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As Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, and Idris Elba square off in the Hobbs Shaw trailer, we are witnessing the Fast Furious franchise s long-destined transformation from street racing movies to heist flicks to techno-action roller coasters. Seriously, we have Elba in body armor that looks like it was made in a Stark Industries lab, armored trucks corkscrewing in mid-air deflecting a hail of machine gun fire, vertical fight scenes on the outside of skyscrapers, and Vanessa Kirby, obviously jealous she didn t get to do the halo jump in Mission: Impossible Fallout, in for some of that blockbuster adrenaline.And because nothing gets by the internet, the lunacy of Hobbs Shaw has set fire to the social media film community. Hobbs Shaw doesn t drop until August 2 this year, but you can read the best, funniest social reactions here and now:Somewhere in america Tyrese is watching this again on a smashed screen— BeardFace McNasty (@SholaThompson) February 1, 2019They have super powers now? Jumping the shark may be an understatement for this franchise. IG: morenol1990ag九游会登陆(Photo by Marvel Studios)The penultimate episode of Loki offered something we, frankly, did not expect — a successful version of the Alien Death Cloud. It also proved, again, that a gaggle of Lokis could also be called a murder of outcasts and that the bond between the title character and Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) might be the rarest thing in the Multiverse.It also featured a ton of Easter Eggs.But beyond that, the central mystery deepens as the stability of the TVA is threatened and our heroes — such as they are — step ever closer to the being behind the curtain. So, let s dive into some of the standout moments and what they could mean as we approach the end of Loki.Spoiler Alert: The following reveals details of the fifth episode of Loki season 1. Stop here if you have not watched “Journey Into Mystery.” Speculation includes information from Marvel comic books and may also be considered spoilers to some.Alioth: The Best Alien Death Cloud(Photo by Marvel Studios)There is a habit in comic book adaptations to take powerful entities with wild character designs and turn them into sentient clouds of smoke and death. The list includes characters like Parallax in the Green Lantern feature film, Galactus in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer, and Dormammu in Doctor Strange. With the exception of Dormammu — and only because his appearance was very brief — converting a character into an Alien Death Cloud generally fails to make the character compelling. When Galactus finally arrives in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he better look more like Jack Kirby s conception of him than an amorphous mass.And yet, Loki managed to make Alioth the most successful Alien Death Cloud brought to screen. It probably helps that the Alioth of Marvel Comics lore is actually an Alien Death Cloud to start with and not a humanoid with thrilling headgear.Created by Mark Gruenwald and Mike Gustovich in 1993, Alioth is said to be the first sentient entity to move beyond time. Naturally enough, it used that ability to conquer various eras and their adjacent multiversal counterparts. In fact, Alioth s expansion across time prevented Kang the Conqueror from stretching his sphere of influence to its fullest potential. A detente existed between them, but it was disrupted following one of Kang s deaths and the actions of a variant Ravonna Renslayer (played in Loki by Gugu Mbatha-Raw). It would take that Ravonna, another Ravonna, a revived Kang, and the Avengers to stop the cloud from spreading across all of time and potentiality.Marvel comics can be wild sometimes.But the character s history only helps to inform its use here. As Sylvie notes, Alioth is not a conqueror, but a guard dog for an entity using the End of All Things to hide their existence. She assumes this is the entity behind the TVA. And perhaps casting Alioth in a support position (and a temporary threat) made it more successful than, say, making an Alien Death Cloud version of Galactus your big bad.That said, Alioth s habit of absorbing all potential energy from pruned timelines sure reminds us of Galactus Easter Eggs in Kid Loki s Kingdom(Photo by Marvel Studios)Despite Alioth s best efforts to keep the Void free of life, things escape its hunger. For one, the Void is apparently the rightful domain of Kid Loki (Tom Veal). His prize for killing Thor, apparently. We ll admit the suggestion of Kid Loki s story sure reminds us of the older Loki in Loki: Agent of Asgard, who presides over a destroyed Midgard while his brother ruled Asgard during an age of piece. Naturally enough, Loki envied the adoration Thor received, but chose to change history instead of just killing the God of Thunder. Curiously, though, murdering Thor and ruling the Void at the end of time is completely counter to the goals of Kid Loki back in the comics. He desperately wanted to change while this one seems happy to rule an empire of ash.His domain is littered with destroyed monuments, famous hoaxes like The Philadelphia Experiment, seeming references to other sci-fi properties — we d swear the derelict ship from Alien is among the wreckage — and direct pulls from Marvel Comics like Frog Thor and the Thanos Copter.The latter first appeared in 1979 s Spidey Super Stories #39, an issue of the out of continuity joint venture between Marvel and the educational television series The Electric Company. In it s pages, Thanos used a yellow helicopter adorned with his name on the tail in a bid to obtain a Cosmic Cube from Hellcat. The image of the Mad Titan using such a mundane conveyance charmed generations of comic book readers — particularly as a couple of pages from the story became meme-worthy in the 21st century. The Thanos Copter has appeared in one in-continuity Marvel Comics story (an issue of Deadpool, of course) and now that we ve seen it on Loki, we re obliged to believe Spidey Super Stories #39 occurred in some pruned timeline.Frog Thor first appeared in 1986, but his image denotes a couple of characters. Loki turned the actual Thor into a frog at one point. And this Thor befriended Simon Walterson (a play on long-time Thor comics writer and artist Walt Simonson), a man cursed to become a frog. Along the way, he came into possession of a small piece of Mjolnir, called Frogjolnir, which gave him the powers of Thor as long as he deemed himself worthy. We re inclined to believe the Frog Thor seen caught in a jar in the episode and Alligator Loki are from the same timeline. But that s mainly because it is amusing to think putting him in such a tight spot is Alligator Loki s final victory over his brother.One last Easter Egg we ll discuss is President Loki. The visual is pulled from Vote Loki, a 2016 miniseries in which Loki (the God of Stories) runs for President of the United States as part of his long-term plans. But considering the his real aim in running which we won t spoil because the series is worth reading the visual of President Loki is the only substantial callback to the story. Instead, President Loki seems to serve a distinctly different purpose here: to prove Lokis are generally not to be trusted.Indeed, his arrival in Kid Loki s bunker precipitates a series of betrayals among the Lokis and an all out battle our Loki (Tom Hiddleston) only escapes when Classic Loki (Richard E. Grant) conjures an escape portal and copies of their likenesses to fight the others. But as Kid Loki points out, there is something different about our Loki. And that difference, particularly in light of the Loki war, may make all the difference in the Multiverse.Is Cooperation the Real Nexus Event?(Photo by Marvel Studios)Sure, Loki keeps leaning toward a romance between our Loki and Sylvie as a Nexus Event so powerful, it nearly ruptured the Sacred Timeline. But as we d still love to see Loki as an aromantic character going forward, we re going to suggest something else occurred during their moment on Lamentis: they shared something genuine and proved Lokis can change.Although the mystery of TVA is the show s plot, it creates a canvass to explore a theme of free will. As Classic Loki points out, the Sacred Timeline only wants Loki to serve one purpose. Throughout the series, we ve seen Mobius (Owen Wilson), Hunter B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku), and Ravonna Renslayer discount both Loki and Sylvie s abilities to be anything but a villain. And yet, altering this fate seems to be a core desire of all the sympathetic Lokis we ve seen. Classic Loki even turned out to be the most successful at this by conjuring an illusion of himself so convincing, both Thanos and the TVA assumed him dead until he tried to visit Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in some distant future.Which makes you wonder about the Loki who died in Avengers: Infinity War (Photo by Marvel Studios )Despite this professed want to change, Kid Loki, Classic Loki, and Boastful Loki (Deobia Oparei) were also content to wait in the bunker and muse on the difficulty of being different. Well, Boastful Loki s contentment lasted as long as it took for President Loki to storm the gates. Nevertheless, the arrival of our Loki and Sylvie upended everything and even gave Classic Loki the moment of change he longed for. Together, they inspired something altogether new: cooperation among Lokis.And it took that level of cooperation to stop Alioth, open the curtain to a haunted mansion and, presumably, the real power behind the TVA. So whether or not it begins with a romantic entanglement, the level of trust between Loki and Sylvie is unprecedented and, we think, powerful enough on its own to be the Nexus Event.At the same time, if you want it to be romantic, their quiet moment this week is easily read that way.Will The Real Power Behind The TVA Please Step Forward?(Photo by Marvel Studios)So who is so powerful that it takes two Lokis (potentially) falling in love with each other to counter its might? Over the weeks, the suspect list has varied from obscure Marvel Comics cosmic entities to characters we know are soon to debut in the MCU. So let s take one last look the potential beings behind the curtain and the likelihood they will be unmasked as the real conspirator.He Who Remains — Creator of the Time-Keepers in Marvel Comics lore and the last director of the TVA in a previous reality. We mentioned him last week, but we neglected one key detail: in the comics, the TVA is predominantly staffed by clones of Mobius M. Mobius. It suggests to us He Who Remains is a version of Mobius or all the TVA clones are sourced from He Who Remains. Unmasking the Mobius who Loki has befriended over the course of the series as He Who Remains (and the power behind the TVA) would lean into the series s examination of trust. And it s pretty much the only scenario in which we would expect He Who Remains to become part of the story.Ravonna Renslayer — Despite it being clear that Judge Renslayer is in the dark about the TVA s true nature and purpose, it is possible another variant of her, or even the real Ravonna Renslayer, set the TVA in motion. In fact, Alioth s appearance makes a version of Ravonna a more likely candidate as a variant Ravonna released him in his debut story. But what would be her motivation? This one feels like even odds.They Who Sit Above in Shadow — The alleged creators of the Asgardians and eaters of Ragnarok events. Since the series is centered on Loki and his ambition to change, They Who Sit Above in Shadow would have a keen interest in keeping Loki set on his glorious purpose. His actions precipitate Ragnarok after all. They are extremely unlikely to be revealed, however, as there has been n

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After a month of voting, the Rotten Tomatoes community has chosen its winners for each category at the upcoming 93rd Academy Awards, which will take place this Sunday and celebrate the cinematic achievements of a very unusual year. According to RT fans, Chloé Zhao and Oscar frontrunner Nomadland should come away from this Sunday with four awards, including Best Director, Best Adapted Screenplay, and the big one, Best Picture. Ma Rainey s Black Bottom came next with three awards, including a posthumous win for the late Chadwick Boseman, and Emerald Fennell s Promising Young Woman also claimed a couple of the top honors, namely Best Actress for Carey Mulligan s performance and Best Original Screenplay for Fennell s script.Recommended: Download our printable 2021 Oscars BallotRecommended: The Biggest Snubs, Surprises, and Milestones of the 2021 Oscar NominationsRecommended: Where to Watch the 2021 Oscar NomineesRecommended: The 2021 Best Picture Nominees Ranked by TomatometerOnly a couple of the awards were closely contested Best Supporting Actress and Best Editing among them and the results essentially mirror the odds-on favorites for each category. Will the actual Academy Awards turn out the way our community believes they should? Tune in on Sunday, April 25 to find out, and in the meantime, see below for the full list of winners and the final results of the poll.WINNERSBest Picture: NomadlandDirecting: Chloé Zhao  NomadlandActor in a Leading Role: Chadwick Boseman   Ma Rainey s Black BottomActress in a Leading Role: Carey Mulligan   Promising Young WomanActor in a Supporting Role: Daniel Kaluuya   Judas and the Black MessiahActress in a Supporting Role: Yuh-Jung Youn   MinariWriting (Adapted Screenplay): Chloé Zhao  NomadlandWriting (Original Screenplay): Emerald Fennell   Promising Young WomanAnimated Feature Film: SoulCinematography: Joshua James Richards   NomadlandCostume Design: Ma Rainey s Black BottomDocumentary (Feature): My Octopus TeacherFilm Editing: Sound of MetalInternational Feature Film: Another RoundMakeup and Hairstyling: Ma Rainey s Black BottomMusic (Original Score): Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, Jon Batiste   SoulMusic (Original Song):  Speak Now  One Night in MiamiProduction Design: MankSound: Sound of MetalVisual Effects: TenetDocumentary (Short Subject): A Love Song for LatashaShort Film (Animated): If Anything Happens I Love YouShort Film (Live Action): Two Distant StrangersAre you as obsessed with awards as we are? Check out our Awards Leaderboard for 2020/2021.The 93rd annual Academy Awards will be presented Sunday, April 25, in Los Angeles at the Dolby Theater and Los Angeles Union Station.

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3.39.5 2月喜迎ers. The pandemic matters. While we can probably expect another strongly-worded “I told you so” from the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) this week, the numbers do not lie. Streaming or not, since the end of June, when F9 opened, only two films have grossed more than 2.5 times its opening weekend: The Boss Baby: Family Business (3.42x), which was also streaming for free on Peacock, and The Forever Purge (3.47x), which was exclusively in theaters. Here is a breakdown of the rest.THEATER EXCLUSIVEF9 (2.43 / 7 weeks)Old (2.27 / 3 weeks)Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins (1.94 / 3 weeks)Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (2.51 / 4 weeks)The Green Knight (1.77 / 2 weeks)Stillwater (1.92 / 2 weeks)DISNEY PREMIER ACCESSBlack Widow (2.16 / 5 weeks)Jungle Cruise (1.86 / 2 weeks)HBO MAX (SINCE GODZILLA VS. KONG)Mortal Kombat (1.81)Those Who Wish Me Dead (2.59)The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2.70)In the Heights (2.58)Space Jam: A New Legacy (2.08 / 4 weeks)But let’s not let the HBO Max decision off the hook either. Repeat business seems to be at a stand still until we get a true all-clear on COVID and Delta, and streaming only doubles down on that. So the opening weekend is more crucial than ever before. The Suicide Squad is just the seventh film during this time to start with over million, joining HBO Max compatriots Godzilla vs. Kong and Space Jam: A New Legacy. The former stretched its legs through a still-wide open marketplace while vaccine hope was at its peak; the latter dropped like a stone and may end up with the worst multiple for a family film this year.We could just drop all the variables and statistics and know that in our hearts, Gunn’s film goes nowhere south of million in normal times. And that is as conservative as it gets. The top “R”-rated opening in August is still Straight Outta Compton, with .2 million, so it s hard to even suggest that a high-profile DC film whose almost universally-maligned “PG-13” effort is the highest opening weekend ever in August with 3.68 million wouldn t make  million or more. Not when both Deadpools opened to over 5 million, Joker to over million, and Logan with .4 million.The only thing we know for sure is that this year, in our current circumstances, The Suicide Squad will not be joining the 0 million club and the odds are very much in favor that nothing from the rest of Warner Brothers lineup for 2021 will be invited in either.The Top Ten And Beyond: Jungle Cruise Sailing Towards 0 Million Last week’s no. 1 film is showing some potential to eventually join the 0 million club. Jungle Cruise fell 55% to .7 million this weekend. In this environment that actually constitutes a victory given that it is the lowest drop for a no. 1 film in its second weekend since Spiral fell 47.5% from a meager start of .7 million. That puts Jungle’s 10-day toll at million, which is ahead of Godzilla vs. Kong’s .05 million at 10 days, though with that film’s Wednesday opening it only had four weekend days to accumulate that total compared to Jungle’s six. Nevertheless, it is still a better second weekend than GvK’s .88 million, so we’ll give Jungle Cruise a puncher’s chance of breaking that ceiling.M. Night Shyamalan’s Old fell back just a single spot for the third straight week. It is right in line with The Forever Purge’s third weekend of .1 million. Overall, it is still ahead of that film’s pace by almost million, so look for Old’s final tally to be in the range of million, just getting over Lady in the Water’s total and avoiding being the lowest-grossing film of Shyamalan’s post-Sixth Sense career. Black Widow dropped to fourth place with million, which is the third-best fifth weekend this year behind A Quiet Place Part II (.19 million) and F9 (.82 million). Still, it did pass F9 this week and now certainly has a lock to claim the crown of summer champion, not to mention fairly decent odds to compete for the highest-grossing film of the year, with possibly No Time to Die and Spider-Man: No Way Home as its biggest challengers.(Photo by © A24)Amongst last weekend’s adult entries, Stillwater dropped 45% to .86 million and stands total at million. It looks like Focus Features, which has put every one of its 13 films into theaters since Kajillionaire last September, is going to have its highest-grossing film of the pandemic – but just its second to pass million and one which is unlikely to hit million. The Green Knight is just A24’s third theatrical release during this time and their numbers have actually gone up. From Oscar nominee Minari (.1 million) to Zola (.1 million) and now to David Lowery’s film (the first in the company s history to start in third place), which has earned million so far.On The Vine: A Background Player and the Queen of SoulThings get a little more crowded in theaters next week. Delayed multiple times since last year, audiences can finally see Ryan Reynolds as a video game character trying to escape in Free Guy (which critics are digging). More folks are trying to rob Stephen Lang’s abusive blind guy in Don’t Breathe 2, and Jennifer Hudson takes on the role of Aretha Franklin in the biopic, Respect. All three films will be exclusive to theaters.Full List of Box Office Results: August 6-8, 2021

If you have a suggestion for a movie or show you think we should do an episode on, let us know in the comments, or email us at the hostsJacqueline Coley is an editor at Rotten Tomatoes, with a focus on awards and indie coverage but with a passion for everything, from the MCU to musicals and period pieces. Coley is a regular moderator at conventions and other events, can be seen on Access Hollywood and other shows, and will not stand Constantine slander of any kind. Follow Jacqueline on Twitter: @THATjacqueline.Mark Ellis is a comedian and contributing editor for Rotten Tomatoes. He currently hosts the Rotten Tomatoes series Versus, among others, and can be seen co-hosting the sports entertainment phenomenon Movie Trivia Schmoedown. His favorite Star Wars movie is Jedi (guess which one!), his favorite person is actually a dog (his beloved stepdaughter Mollie), and – thanks to this podcast – he s about to watch Burlesque for the first time in his life. Follow Mark on Twitter: @markellislive.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
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(Photo by DC Comics)The Premise: A look at the day-to-day lives of the Neopolis Police Department’s 10th Precinct. In many ways, it resembles the venerable 1980s cop drama Hill Street Blues – except for the fact all the cops are superheroes in a world where almost everyone has a power and a costumed identity. Across the 12 issues and one hardcover special written by Moore, the series heavily featured detective Jeff Smax and his new partner Toybox. Of course, stories of other police officers and cases filtered throughout, even as it culminated in an overarching tale of government corruption.The Approach: If one chose to ignore the larger story developed across Moore s 12-issue run, it is very easy to see the program as its initial pitch: Hill Street Blues in a world of superheroes. Unlike, say, Sony’s adaptation of Powers, Top 10 would need the prestige budget to pull off the world as designed by artists Gene Ha and Zander Cannon; it’s stuffed to the margins with amazing-looking superheroes who flutter by for only an instant. Then there are the major characters like Smax, Dust Devil, and Sergeant Hyperdog to consider. They would be expensive to translate to live-action.But a point of departure from the comics could come from leaning even further in to the Hill Street Blues format, which burned its ongoing dramas slowly while favoring cases of the week. The format has served Law Order: Special Victims Unit well for 20 years and would give Top 10 enough of an engine to run five or so seasons as a prestige drama on a streaming service.From Hell As A Gritty and Complex Limited Series(Photo by Penguin Random House)The Premise: Inspector Frederick Abberline and charlatan psychic Robert James Lee investigate the vicious murders of sex workers in the Whitechapel district of London. The sensational details of the murders grab the attention of the Fleet Street papers, which leads the killer to write in and to the introduction of his legendary sobriquet: Jack the Ripper. Meanwhile, Royal Physician and Freemason Sir William Gull accepts an assignment from Queen Victoria to end the threat of an illegitimate heir via her grandson Albert marrying a commoner girl from the East End. He is also ordered to silence a group of sex workers who know the truth and attempt to blackmail one of the conspirators. The mission gives Gull the chance perform an obscure rite that will both solidify male dominance over women and, as he sees it, birth the 20th century.The Approach: Honestly, a direct adaptation would serve From Hell the best. The film version, directed by Albert and Allen Hughes, abandoned Moore’s compelling “why-dunit” narrative almost entirely in favor of the traditional “whodunit” seen in most Jack the Ripper movies. The text of From Hell (brilliantly realized by the great Eddie Campbell) leads readers down more sinister allies of government conspiracies, into the mysticism hidden in the layout of London, and even gives us a bit of time travel. It also features some striking characters in the form of Marie Kelly, Abberline, and Lee – to say nothing of Gull himself, who Moore and Campbell bring to such vivid life.Unlike some of the other Moore comics on this list, though, From Hell could only arrive on television as an eight-episode limited series. Both the story and its construction require the tight confines of the TV format, just like the original comics themselves.Miracleman As Prestige Drama With Big Names(Photo by Marvel)The Premise: By saying the word “Kimota!”, Michael Moran transforms into Miracleman – a character not unlike Shazam. Losing about a decade to a perceived amnesia, Moran eventually learns his time as Miracleman was a simulation orchestrated by the British government. It leads to conflict with fellow test subject Johnny Bates, who destroys the center of London and kills some 40,000 people. In the wake of their devastating battle, Miracleman is revealed to the world and decides to do the only sensible thing left to him: take over the planet and run it himself.The Approach: Mircaleman – also known as Marvelman in the U.K. – may lend itself the most to a Watchmen-style reinvention. In fact, writer Neil Gaiman and artist Mark Buckingham already did a lot of the development of the concept when they took over Miracleman from Moore and his collaborators. In their “Golden Age” storyline, Gaiman and Buckingham revealed a world under stress from the utopia built by Miracleman. The individual issues told tales of regular people chaffing against that fantastic world, removing Moran from the center of the action to a seemingly distant force. That concept would allow for a prestige drama about real people coping with an unwanted occupation. And like Watchmen, it would leave the text of the Moore stories as its history. Such a series could also find a way to finish up Gaiman and Buckingham’s abandoned “Silver Age” story, which was to see the return of Bates and reveal larger cracks in Miracleman s brave new world.Like the other Moore comics we’ve discussed so far, the idea fits snugly into the realm of prestige dramas on streaming services, meaning it would need a low episode count and a cadre of impressive actors to breathe life into its world.Tom Strong As High-End Animated Series(Photo by DC Comics)The Premise: Science hero Tom Strong – a spin on pulp adventurers like Doc Savage – his wife Dhalua, and their daughter Tesla, explore the world and battle science villains with the aid of steam-powered robot Pneuman and super-smart gorilla King Solomon. Along the way, luxurious flashbacks told in the style of older comics reveal Strong’s origins and other adventures from his long life.The Approach: The whimsical and good-hearted nature of the original Tom Strong series by Moore and artist Chris Sprouse lends itself best to an animated series. Of course, a high-end series with great animation and an absurd attention to details. The format allows the potential series to keep Sprouse’s design aesthetic while also seamlessly switching to other art or animation styles as the story dictates. It also means the program could keep the decidedly un-Watchmen feel of the comic. Designed in many respects to pull away from Moore’s tendency to deconstruct genre, Tom Strong is a character whose seeming simplicity calls for the sort of complexity one can find in the best animated tales.Captain Britain As A Disney+ Original(Photo by Marvel Comics)The Premise: A member of the lower aristocracy, Brian Braddock comes upon his powers when Merlyn (who claims to be the wizard of the Arthur legend) and his daughter Roma save him from a bad bike accident. Accepting the Amulet of Might, Brian is suffused with energy and becomes the Captain Britain of Earth-616, the main Earth of the Marvel Multiverse. Facing a gaggle of homegrown threats and inter-dimensional crises, Brian also attempts to keep up with his studies at university. When Moore and artist Alan Davis took over the character, they introduced characters like the time-traveling mercs known as the Special Executive and a superhero-slaying monster called The Fury. He and Davis also introduced the notion of the Marvel Multi-verse itself and even the Earth-616 designation.The Approach: Clearly, this is a Disney+ series waiting to happen. With its close ties to the multi-verse, it could serve as a way to explore those ideas – to say nothing of introducing different Marvel Earths – while also telling a very localized story about a British hero with deep roots in the country’s own mythology and history. Merlyn’s participation also gives such a show a mystical element not seen in the other Disney+ projects announced thus far. Also, with Captain Britain’s ties to the X-Men (his sister is the telepathic mutant formerly known as Psylocke), the series could also slyly introduce those characters into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.All that said, this may be the one concept so removed from Moore’s spirit that it may not be much of a sacrilege to bring it to the screen. Also, since we were fans of the Excalibur comic by Chris Claremont and Davis, we just want the character to make his MCU debut.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.Watchmen is currently airing on HBO.


ag九游会登陆 (Photo by ©STX Entertainment)Ryan Fujitani for Rotten Tomatoes: The Mauritanian is not the first time you ve portrayed a real person on film. Do you find that it s more freeing to play a character based on a real person because you have a template to follow? Or do you enjoy more getting to collaborate and infuse a fictional character with your own ideas?Tahar Rahim: I think right now, I d say it s, in a way, easier to portray someone who is a real life character, because the range of liberty you have is limited. They don t go all over the place. The main answers you need to know for questions about your character, you have them. And you don t have them in 100 pages, you have them from someone who s been living for years, decades, so he knows exactly what he s talking about. You don t even have to, No, you know, I think the character would answer this way. You don t have any conversation about who the guy is. He is who he is. It helps a lot.But on the other hand, the problem is that you have a responsibility to not, in a way let s use this word, and I don t know if it s the right one but to not betray that person and his identity and his personality, his life, what he s been through. You still have some freedom because he s not a famous person, but not a lot. I don t know if it feels better to play someone who s a real life character or just a character. I don t know if it feels better because it s a whole thing. It s not just about a performance, it s about your relationship with your partners, with the director, the story, the script, and the whole thing.Rotten Tomatoes: I know you met Mohamedou Ould Salahi before you shot the film. Was there anything about him that surprised you, or anything unexpected about him? Something you were able to work into your performance?Rahim: I knew about him because I read the book, I talked with [director Kevin Macdonald], I had his recordings. So I had enough materials to make my research. But I needed to meet him for other reasons, to know him and to understand the way he moves, he talks, whatever. But I was so surprised to see how funny the guy was. Everybody would say it, but I couldn t expect that he would be that funny, because sometimes he was sarcastic, sometimes just funny. That surprised me a lot.But you know, it was not just a joke. He likes to joke around. But instantly he can find a good joke that is connected to the context. It s not just written jokes; he s taking advantage of the situation and turning it into something funny. You need to be very talented to be able to do that, because it s like improvisation. It s like asking a comedian on stage to improvise. They need to improvise between their jokes, the things that are written. It s a real job. This guy has it naturally.But also, the fact that he was full of life, full of life. Very nice. When you know what he s been through, it s almost impossible to believe. The trauma is still there; he manages in some ways to control it, so you don t see it.(Photo by Graham Bartholomew/©STX Entertainment)Rotten Tomatoes: This is a difficult role for anyone, and I would ask how you would normally decompress or de-stress during shooting, but you ve said that you basically didn t, because you were afraid you would lose everything you had put into the character. Doesn t that take a bit of a toll on you?Rahim: Of course, of course. But I was lucky to shoot that abroad, to shoot this movie abroad. I was alone, with just one of my best friends. Otherwise, if this movie was shot in Paris and I had to see my family and my wife, my kids every day, it wouldn t have been possible to portray Mohamedou

H.G. Wells’ serialized novel The War of the Worlds was first published in the late 19th century, telling the story of a Martian invasion and attempted extermination of our planet after the English writer had already delivered The Time Machine, The Invisible Man, and The Island of Dr. Moreau. Wells’ works have been adapted several times in several different formats over the last 90 years, but never as memorably or successfully as the repeated attempts to breathe life into this timeless allegory. There was Orson Welles’ infamous 1938 radio broadcast, which panicked a nation and later inspired the backstory for Buckaroo Banzai, and Byron Haskin’s 1953 film is considered one of the seminal science-fiction films of its era. But in 2005, Steven Spielberg re-teamed with his Minority Report star Tom Cruise to offer a modern take on War of the Worlds, one that represented the culmination of the director s shift away from the idealist who once encouraged his audiences to watch the skies. On its 15th anniversary, we look back at what made War of the Worlds so effective, how it fits in Spielberg s filmography, and why it might actually be his most terrifying film.A GRADUAL PERSPECTIVE SHIFT(Photo by Universal Pictures)As early as 1964, when a 17-year-old Spielberg made a 0, 140-minute film called Firelight, his view towards the night skies (as well as life in general) represented more of a hopeful outlook than a cynical one. (He once questioned the screenplay of Used Cars for suggesting that politicians were in it just for the grift.) 1977 s Close Encounters of the Third Kind isn t exactly a glowing endorsement of fatherhood, but it ultimately concludes on an optimistic note, and in 1982 s beloved E.T., the greatest threat comes not from space or its alien visitor, but from humanity itself.Spielberg really began to embrace the darker elements of science fiction first in 1993 s Jurassic Park and its immediate sequel, both cautionary tales of human arrogance, and then in Stanley Kubrick’s long-gestating A.I.: Artificial Intelligence, which he took over upon Kubrick s death. In the latter film, David the robot undergoes a harrowing journey in his search to become human that culminates in a touching but melancholy scene set after the extinction of humanity. Spielberg s follow-up the very next year, the Philip K. Dick adaptation Minority Report, then presented a world in which literal thought police are in charge and abusing their power in Washington D.C. Still, all of those films feel like a prelude to War of the Worlds, which drops all pretense, pulls out all the stops, and delivers a pulse-pounding survival thriller set into motion by the arrival of a deadly, relentless enemy from the skies. Gone are the days of Close Encounters  musical tones of peace and the healing power of E.T. s glowing finger, replaced by darker themes inspired by real life events.THE UNOFFICIAL  9/11 TRILOGY (Photo by (c)DreamWorks, (c)Paramount, (c)Universal courtesy Everett Collection)While Spielberg never formally gave them a name the way fellow directors like John Carpenter (The Thing, Prince of Darkness, In the Mouth of Madness = The Apocalypse Trilogy) or Oliver Stone (Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, Heaven Earth = The Vietnam Trilogy) did with their own work, his three films from 2004 and 2005 trade in common themes and fears stemming from the attacks on US landmarks on September 11, 2001. The Terminal from 2004 is often dismissed as a whimsical Capra-esque vehicle for Tom Hanks, but it s also a fable about the trepidation of outsiders entering our country. Stanley Tucci’s customs director even attempts to make Hanks trapped immigrant admit that he is afraid of his home country in exchange for passage to ours. At the end of 2005, Spielberg directly tackled the terrorist attack at the 1972 Olympics in Munich. That film’s government-sponsored revenge unit epitomizes the never-ending violence-begets-violence message, justifying its supposed righteousness with misinformation, and Spielberg ends the film with the less than subtle final image of the still-standing twin towers of the World Trade Center.In between The Terminal and Munich came War of the Worlds, which might not seem at first glance to be an obvious thematic fit, despite its heavily allegorical source material. But when Dakota Fanning s young Rachel asks Is it the terrorists? as she ducks for cover in the back of a van and her brother Robbie (Justin Chatwin) echoes the question moments later, it draws a straight line to the events of 9/11, and the references don t stop there. The alien enemy of the film emerges with weapons buried within Earth itself, like a terrorist cell waiting in hiding for the moment to strike. As Tom Cruise s Ray seeks shelter for himself and his kids at his ex-wife s home, a passenger plane comes crashing down into the neighborhood. Spielberg isn t dabbling in shameless exploitation, though; he never asks us to marvel at the special effects or  ooh and ahh as buildings are leveled the way we whooped and guffawed through Independence Day. When Ray returns home after the initial attack, the realization that the ash on his face belongs to the disintegrated people he ran through pulls him out of shock into a moment of panic, and it s equally terrifying for the audience, for both its literal and figurative significance.ABSENT SAVIORS(Photo by (c)Paramount courtesy Everett Collection)Spielberg’s relationship with his own parents particularly his father is well documented in his filmography and further fleshed out in Susan Lacy’s 2017 HBO documentary. Understandably, in War of the Worlds, Cruise’s Ray is not exactly the father figure his estranged children need in their time of distress. At the beginning of the film, he s a divorced deadbeat dad who doesn t know what to do with the limited time he gets with his kids when they arrive for the weekend, leaving Rachel to order her own food and watch TV while he sleeps; Robbie, who insists on calling Ray by his first name out of spite, seizes the opportunity to take his dad s car out for a spin. When they make their daring escape from the city later, Ray also appears to be unaware of his daughter’s claustrophobia or her peanut butter allergy. Father of the Year material he is not, but he s the only hope his children have for salvation.Meanwhile, their fellow humans begin to grow desperate, turning on one another in the tradition of everything from Night of the Living Dead to The Mist. The darker religious connotations of the latter have a more pointed role in 1953 s The War of the Worlds. One priest is martyred early in the film for attempting communication with the Martians, but when they attack the church where a group of survivors have gathered to sing and pray during the film s climax, they meet their downfall, as if by divine intervention. By contrast, in Spielberg’s version, a church is the first major building to suffer destruction from the enemy as they emerge from underground. God is pushed out of the way right at the onset, resulting in one less reason for the helpless to look to the sky.SPIELBERG S MOST TERRIFYING FILMThis may be a controversial claim, given that Steven Spielberg is responsible for two of the all-time most popular terror rides (Jaws and Jurassic Park) and at least an assist on a third (Poltergeist, which he produced and co-wrote), but it s certainly worthy of debate. He drops us in the water and then traps us on the Orca in Jaws  never let anyone tell you this is not a horror film but the whole affair is splashed with a great deal of adventure. Jurassic Park s velociraptors, dilophosauruses, and T-Rex can hunt and chase you down both out in the open and in a kitchen, but the experience is also filled with the benign wonder of the first dino sighting, along with a sick triceratops and a sneezy brachiosaurus.War of the Worlds has no iconic John Williams theme that you can play over a loudspeaker and feel a sense of euphoric warmth; the music is as eerie and menacing as the aliens’ call-to-arms (a seven-trumpets-like signal that would later be repurposed for humor in Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping). Spielberg never lets his foot off the gas, even when Ray and his kids are only walking or hiding. Moments that feel appropriated from his earlier works find fresh life here, most notably the cat-and-mouse game played with an alien tentacle in a basement that recalls the kitchen scene from Jurassic Park as well as the mechanical spiders in Minority Report. There s even a subtle nod to Spielberg s Poltergeist screenplay when Ray reassures Rachel that lightning never strikes in the same place twice.In between, Spielberg dreams up new nightmares, from a dead body floating in a stream that s soon followed by hundreds more to a flaming train that blazes past Ray and the kids as they make their way to a ferry with a massive crowd of fellow refugees. The ill-fated ferry ride itself is a horrifying set-piece well beyond the nightmares of Sheriff Brody, Jaws heroic lawman, who also never had to decide whether to save his kids by killing Mayor Vaughn, whose crimes against humanity were far greater than just making too much noise, like Tim Robbins Harlan. The throwaway moment of a blood bank announcing that they have more blood than we can use is alternately ominous and reassuring, but paired with the sight of an alien tripod harvesting a human being and spewing their blood across the landscape, it offers little comfort. There is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.CONTEMPORARY RELEVANCE(Photo by Paramount Pictures)War of the Worlds is usually not regarded with the same deference as Spielberg’s other timeless blockbusters, but it may surprise some to learn that it is still Tom Cruise’s highest-grossing domestic film with over 4 million at the box office. The ending remains a point of contention for critics of the film, and some still can t forgive the climactic resurrection of one character. But like many films, its reputation has changed with the times, and the one we are living through now, on the film s 15th anniversary, is its own reflective nightmare. Today, a mass gathering of sardine-packed crowds is a bad omen, but H.G. Wells himself indirectly predicted what it might take for us to come to our senses, and Spielberg s film expands on the notion.The die is cast early with Rachel’s splinter; Ray warns her it will get infected if he does not remove it, but she calmly states that when it’s ready, my body will just push it out. As the film ends and Morgan Freeman s voice is heard explaining its ultimate deus ex machina, we are left with these words: “From the moment the invaders arrived, breathed our air, ate, and drank, they were doomed. They were undone, destroyed, after all of man’s weapons and devices had failed, by the tiniest creatures that God, in His wisdom, put upon this Earth. By the toll of a billion deaths, man had earned his immunity, his right to survive among this planet’s infinite organisms. And that right is ours against all challenges, for neither do men live, nor die, in vain.” The mere thought that the tables have turned, that we ourselves could now be the ones undone by God s tiniest creatures, is scarier than any shark or any dinosaur, and it s a stark reminder of how prescient the best science fiction can be.Where You Can Watch It NowFandangoNOW (rent/own), Amazon (rent/own), Google (rent/own), iTunes (rent/own), Vudu (rent/own)War of the Worlds was released on June 29, 2005. 为了迎合手游节奏,每一场对局大概是在十几分钟左右。这也是这游戏最大的弊端吧。可能LOLM是想延续了LOL的风格,虽做出了一个有一定操作难度的游戏,但在快节奏的手游模式上,很难实现操作拉扯。破坏了游戏平衡性,游戏对局里出现怪力碾压的情况也不少见。



ag九游会登陆 While sports fans can debate the results of last night s Big Game, fans of Marvel Studios (and sports fans who like Marvel movies) took note of an ad for the upcoming Avengers: Endgame, which aired shortly after kickoff. The tone was serious as it offered some new glimpses of an Earth after half its population disappeared into dust. But it also suggested a call to action for those with enhanced abilities to upend the new status quo. And as it featured substantial new footage from the movie, let s take a look at some of the things we learned from the 30-second television ad.The Survivor Support Group Supports A Time Jump(Photo by Marvel Studios)In the opening moments, we see a changed New York and an empty stadium to reinforce the monumental loss of life in Avengers: Infinity War. In voice over, we re told some have moved on. The scene cuts to a support group for survivors of the catastrophe Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) among them. All of which supports earlier reports that Endgame would take place some time after the Snap at the end of Infinity War. The length of that time jump is still up for debate with the earliest reports suggesting a real-time gap of roughly a year while others suggest Endgame will pick up several years after Infinity War. Either way, we re definitely getting a Leftovers vibe from the support group.Rocket Is An Avenger(Photo by Marvel Studios)We ll get to Rocket s big moment in the ad later. First, let s take a look at moment late in the spot when Steve s voiceover tells us the Avengers have not moved on. The dialogue is presented alongside a slow motion walk of the remaining Avengers. Rocket is among the group as they Well, let s assume they re on their way to deal with Thanos (Josh Brolin). The earlier Endgame teaser echoed a moment from Marvel Comics  The Infinity Gauntlet storyline in which the Avengers track Thanos down and find his armor propped up as a scarecrow. Its pretty clear elements of The Infinity Gauntlet will inform Endgame the way Thanos s Snap anchored Infinity War.Alternatively, the slow-motion walk may appear early in the film as the silhouettes of both War Machine (Don Cheadle) and Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) who are featured in a moment of their own appear to be missing. As some astute viewers pointed out, there is also the possibility that an unidentified character was mysteriously edited out of some of the footage in the trailer, including the slow-motion walk.Thor Is Spaceworthy(Photo by Marvel Studios)Our key glimpse of Thor (Chris Hemsworth) in the ad sees him looking out at a lush, green environment. It resembles the place Thanos viewed in Infinity War s closing moments, further suggesting the Avengers will take the battle back to the Mad Titan. There is also the possibility that Thor is looking out across Wakanda, judging from the landscape, but it s difficult to tell. Considering Thor s new weapon Stormbringer can conjure up the Bifrost or a Bifrost like means of interstellar travel we re going to assume he s been using it to search for Thanos and survivors of Infinity War s space team. But what ship is he on in the ad?The Benatar Survives?(Photo by Marvel Studios)In one of the more curious glimpses in the 30-second spot, Tony (Robert Downey Jr.) and Nebula (Karen Gillan) appear to be repairing the Benatar the now-abandoned Guardians of the Galaxy spaceship. This could be a moment from their initial departure from Titan or a flashback to happier times, as the first Endgame trailer revealed a lonely, distraught Tony recording a final message to Pepper Potts. But it could also be a moment from later in the film when the Avengers are reunited and use the Benatar to carry the whole team to Thanos. Well, presuming that s the ship on which we see Thor a few moments later in the ad.Consider the moment when Earthbound Avengers Steve Rogers, Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson), Rhodey, and Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) walk out of their headquarters and look up at something just out of frame. It could be Captain Marvel (Brie Larson), of course, but perhaps she brought the Benatar (and Thor) with her.Rocket Is First Through The Door(Photo by Marvel Studios)Rocket s key moment in the ad sees him bursting through the door of a seemingly simple shack near an unidentified coastline. This could easily be the shack Thanos built for himself on his retirement world, but it could also be something on Earth. The prominence of the seaside and fishing nets in the background to say nothing of the very Earth-like latch on the door suggest more familiar terrain, but perhaps Thanos always wanted a quiet life by the sea. Then again, maybe Rocket turned to fishing during his time on Earth and it s his seaside shack.Yeah, that doesn t seem likely, considering the guns strapped to his sides.Clint Barton Is Hawkeye Again?Ryan FujitaniThe earlier Endgame trailer prominently featured a sword-weilding Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) in an apparent switch of persona to Ronin an identity his comic book counterpart adopted for a time. But in his Big Game Ad appearance, Clint appears to have a pair of quivers strapped to his back. It is fairly safe to assume Black Widow finds him working as Ronin and convinces him to come back to the Avengers, restoring his costumed persona and key gimmick in the process. After all, what would an Avengers movie (besides Infinity War) be without Hawkeye?Steve Rogers Has His Shield Back(Photo by Marvel Studios)In the lead-up to Infinity War, reports suggested Steve would take on the identity of Nomad, another Steve Rogers alias from the comics. This turned out to be more of a thematic idea than a literal one, as Steve was in fact roaming, but his costume turned out to be a very weathered version of the one he wore in Captain America: Civil War. That said, Steve lacked a proper shield throughout Infinity War, continuing an idea from Civil War about Steve s loss of identity. But as seen in the trailer, Steve has his shield back. Since Endgame is the presumed last stand of Captain America, it makes sense that he would be visually restored to his former self. It happens in the comics all the time, so a moment like that should occur in a movie like Endgame.Avengers: Endgame opens everywhere on April 26.

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