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bob体育登录网址采用百度引擎7(Baidu 3)d on author Julia Quinn s best-selling novels about the cutthroat world of societal-status climbers in Regency-era London, Bridgerton is the first Rhimes-produced Netflix series to air since Shondaland signed a mega-deal with the streaming platform in 2017.The plot details of Bridgerton begin to spill out via Lady Whistledown. Either an insider or interloper hiding among the ranks of the aristocracy and their staff, this narrator pens a Gossip Girl–ike newsletter on courtships and engagements among the wealthy and is someone whom we’re lead to assume sounds like Julie Andrews. (The actor provides the voice over for the series.)  While a preferred pronoun is not immediately clear, this person (or persons?) is also a mysterious busybody who has all the tea – and it is sipped from fine china with no lipstick smudges.But much of the on-screen time (and chemistry) is devoted to the budding romance between Phoebe Dynevor’s Daphne Bridgerton, the delicate, beautiful, and well-poised eldest daughter of a family in good standing, and Regé-Jean Page’s Simon Basset, the rakish duke and heir to a substantial fortune (who also happens to be the playboy best friend of Daphne’s older brother). There’s a lot of pressure on Daphne in particular after the spectacle-loving Queen Charlotte (Golda Rosheuvel) singles her out as the best catch of the matchmaking season – meaning she’ll have lots of suitors and lots of enemies.(Photo by Liam Daniel / © Netflix)The period genre s familiar tropes like chastity, marrying for love (or at all), and instilling a familial lineage are all addressed. But the show’s reliance on inclusive casting and showcasing characters who have zero qualms about interracial relationships make these topics seem more modern.“I remember the very early conversations about the show, we talked about doing things that people didn t expect us to do in traditional period dramas,” Page said during a Zoom call with Dynevor and Rotten Tomatoes.Topics like the female gaze (spoiler: his shirt comes off quite a bit) and inclusion were frequent because the cast and creators wanted “the freedom to, kind of, come into a time period where people have very traditional expectations and bring in 21st century conversations,  Page said.He elaborates that goal was to bring in a different perspective on stories that we think we know whilst also just having a lot more fun” because “there’s so much color and glamour” to the Regency era.The casting decisions also help Bridgerton follow in the recent tradition of shows like Apple TV+ s Dickinson and Hulu’s The Great (or even Broadway’s Hamilton) – projects where, anachronisms aside, viewers who historically have not gotten a chance to see people who look like them on screen in these types of roles are now being recognized.(Photo by Liam Daniel / © Netflix)“I think everyone is watching Netflix around the world,” Dynevor said. “People should be able to see themselves reflected back in the story, of course. If you re not seeing yourself, you re not going to engage in that, really, and I think what [the Bridgerton producers] have done is brilliant and hopefully will happen more and more now.”Some expected tools of successful period dramas are very much at play, however.For one: a lot of the Bridgerton eye candy also has to do with the costume choices. Ladies appear in diamond necklaces, feathered headbands, and cleavage-enhancing silk dresses while their suitors wear spotless waistcoats and fitted pants. The designs come courtesy of costume designer Ellen Mirojnick and her team and they’re covetable in the way that PBS’s Downton Abbey once sent a ripple through the wedding and fashion industries.Even if everyone knows that these gowns are not as always as comfortable to wear as they are to look at.“I got away with a half corset, so it wasn t the worst thing in the world,” Dynevor said, laughing. “I was honestly just really thrilled to be wearing all these beautiful outfits and gowns I could have been got off a lot worse” because there were “a little more intense costumes” like the ones worn by Rosheuvel’s Queen Charlotte.(Photo by Liam Daniel / © Netflix)And there’s at least one trope that Bridgerton does not shy away from and that American audiences love: the charming British leading man.“It s something that we all universally have a finishing school for in the U.K., you must learn to be a charming British man, male or female,” Page joked when asked about the pressure of filling that key role. “I dropped out early. I was terrible at it.”His timing for playing this type of character could not be more ideal, however. Hugh Grant recently told the Los Angeles Times that, although his name was synonymous with what he called the “romantic Englishman who is in love” for over a decade, he’s been trying to leave those characters behind him. Would Page like to take over those honors?“I would step into Hugh Grant’s shoes any day of the week, and I would never give them back,” he said. “I would not just walk a hundred miles in those shoes; I would run a thousand. You would never see them again.”Bridgerton premieres on Friday, December 25 on Netflix.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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怒火一刀手游特点1、新玩家第一次登陆就可以领VIP,而且还有新手大礼包等你来领取。2、支持一键挂机,不肝就能轻松提升等级装备,还有更多地图等你探索。3、每个人都可以很容易地进化到顶峰,玩法超级简单,剧情基本上是极其容易,每次对话都可以很容易地升级。4、游戏画面精美,技能释放画面非常炫酷,极容易的上手操作玩法,能更好的让玩家体验游戏。 If you have a suggestion for a movie or show you think we should do an episode on, let us know in the comments, or email us at the hostsJacqueline Coley is an editor at Rotten Tomatoes, with a focus on awards and indie coverage but with a passion for everything, from the MCU to musicals and period pieces. Coley is a regular moderator at conventions and other events, can be seen on Access Hollywood and other shows, and will not stand Constantine slander of any kind. Follow Jacqueline on Twitter: @THATjacqueline.Mark Ellis is a comedian and contributing editor for Rotten Tomatoes. He currently hosts the Rotten Tomatoes series Versus, among others, and can be seen co-hosting the sports entertainment phenomenon Movie Trivia Schmoedown. His favorite Star Wars movie is Jedi (guess which one!), his favorite person is actually a dog (his beloved stepdaughter Mollie), and – thanks to this podcast – he s about to watch Burlesque for the first time in his life. Follow Mark on Twitter: @markellislive.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.

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Netflix made huge strides in the romantic comedy game this year, with one of the most memorable entries being Lana Condor and Centineo’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. The role of Peter could have easily been the “cute and charming guy that’s been there all along” of many films past, but the springy script and Centineo’s bright-eyed performance make it one of the most swoon-worthy and surprising of the genre. Plus, it s all the more fun to watch his and Condor’s publicity tour for the movie, an adorable act that they should definitely take on the road.Other Roles: Sierra Burgess is a Loser (Jamey), The Fosters (Jesus)Cynthia Erivo — Widows (2018) 91%, Bad Times at the El Royale (2018) 74%(Photo by Merrick Morton/20th Century Fox)Erivo’s role in Widows as Belle, a scrappy, intelligent single mom, helped me research my way into knowing more about her accomplishments on Broadway (acknowledged by a 2016 Tony win). One of my few criticisms about the film was that it left me pining for more Erivo. I got my wish when Bad Times at the El Royale was released, and Erivo’s singing and double-crossing as Darlene was center stage and filled my tank, her sharp, complicated, grounded work in the film helping anchor a bonkers story. Hopefully my tank will remain full enough to coast into 2019, when she plays Harriet Tubman in Harriet.Henry Golding — Crazy Rich Asians (2018) 90%, A Simple Favor (2018) 84%(Photo by Sanja Bucko/Warner Bros.)Golding plays either the husband or the husband-to-be in both films, but he’s so much more than just a handsome accessory on women’s arms. Coming from the world of TV, hosting everything from variety shows to documentaries, Golding knows how to connect with audiences and pull them right in to whatever he’s inviting them to watch. As Nick, the son of an insanely wealthy family in Crazy Rich Asians, he deftly navigates between the two women at odds in his life. In A Simple Favor, his intriguing, secretive Sean heavily contributes to a story shrouded in mystery.Geraldine Viswanathan — Blockers (2018) 84%, The Package (2018) 42%(Photo by Quantrell D. Colbert/Universal Pictures)Both of these films are part of the modern wave of coming of age films, and Viswanathan represents everything they’re doing right. In Blockers as Kayla, the daughter of John Cena, she has the cunning and sex drive to rival that of any of the famous male cinematic horn dogs to come before her. Her turn as Becky in The Package is in the same neighborhood — she’s crush-worthy, but more than just eye candy for the main character. She’s persistent, inventive, and hilarious. With actresses like her seeing this kind of success early on in these kind of genre-bending films, it bodes well for the future of Hollywood.Other Roles: Nippers of Dead Bird Bay, EMO the Musical (Jamali)Isabela Moner — Sicario: Day of the Soldado (2018) 62%, Instant Family (2018) 81%(Photo by Richard Foreman Jr./Columbia Pictures)When your primary activity is wandering around a desert as a hostage or getting adopted by strangers, it could be easy to be a passenger in someone else’s journey. But when you’re as charismatic and interesting as Isabela Moner, you don’t need to worry. Both Isabel in Soldado and Lizzy in Instant Family are headstrong girls who stand 20 feet tall and hold their own against all the veterans alongside them. When you add in perfect amounts of vulnerability and toughness, you’ve got an actress worthy of Dora the Explorer, which is a movie I’m actually excited for now.Other Roles: The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature (Heather), Transformers: The Last Knight (Izabella)Brian Tyree Henry — Widows (2018) 91%, If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) 95%, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) 97%(Photo by FX)Henry is in eight projects this year alone; it’s impossible to ignore him at this point. While it’s hard to imagine him having a better year in terms of volume, if his current incredible work is any indication, he’s only going to get better and better as time goes on. Don’t sleep on this man. From his role as a corrupt politician in Widows to an ex-con in Beale Street, Henry can do anything believably, which means lots more opportunities to shatter audience’s expectations and bring new things to whatever form he chooses to participate in.Other Roles: Atlanta (Alfred), White Boy Rick (Detective Jackson), Hotel Artemis (Honolulu), Family (Pete), Irreplaceable You (Benji), Vice Principals (Tavis Brown), Crown Heights (Clayton “Massup” Benton)bob体育登录网址ame from, and where she actually fits into the world, found the young girl disobeying her father s orders and searching for her identity.As the episodes progressed, she learned who Erik really was: a former CIA agent who recruited pregnant women to sell their female babies to a secret government operation known as Utrax — an off-the-books outfit that conducted experiments on the girls with the goal of molding them into killing machines. He was the one who ultimately rescued Hanna from the facility when she was just an infant, and when Utrax agents under the command of Marissa Weigler (Mireille Enos) shot and killed Hanna s birth mother, Erik fled into the woods and raised Hanna as his daughter, teaching her to live off the land and stay out-of-sight.(Photo by Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video)In season 2, Hanna is searching for freedom and family. With the tragic death of her father, and Marissa s surprise turn from villain to potential ally in the first season s final moments — the former Utrax officer decides to kill shady CIA operative Jerome Sawyer (Khalid Abdala), and help Hanna, Erik, and their new teenage super-soldier friend Clara (Yazmin Monet Prince) walk free from the Romanian facility — it s clear there s a bond between Hanna and Marissa. And in season 2, it continues to grow into a complex mother-daughter/partners-in-espionage team-up. I think that the dynamic that evolves between Marissa and Hanna is actually the most interesting thing about the series because it s so convoluted and tainted with the trauma of Hanna s past, and whether they can trust each other, Creed-Miles says. Whenever they are with each other or trusting each other with their lives, they both have the ability to kill each other in one way or another. And that s one of my favorite things about the season. (Photo by Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video)Freedom, for Hanna, is a tougher goal to achieve. First, there s the ongoing trust issues she has with Marissa, especially considering the woman s awful past. (Marissa, after all, oversaw the incineration of the modified babies when the Utrax facility was originally shut down.) Season 1 also revealed that a new Utrax operation was up-and-running, and season 2 introduces Dermot Mulroney as CIA agent John Carmichael, who took over the duties of running the place. Hanna fixates on liberating Clara, which requires diving into the belly of the beast.This trip back to Utrax pivots the kinetic tone of the series, which found Hanna on the run throughout Europe in season 1, to a more grounded, though still tense, environment this time around. The organization s Meadows facility, which has this full-on Professor Xavier s School for Gifted Youngsters vibe, provides a lot of the conflict and nuance. The young women are trained in firearms and combat while being integrated into the world through government-assigned identities that are extensively documented in photo albums, each trainee s wardrobe, and carefully manufactured social media profiles. It s the control of Utrax over these young women; that ability to say, We ll give you this freedom, and, Look what we can offer you, look what we can give you, and still be totally in charge, Farr said, comparing this fictional power structure to the many real ones that have faced ridicule and engendered conflict in recent months. There s the idea that Hanna is, in some way, a true existential heroine who says, No. I ve looked it in the eye, and I know I don t want that. I m going to rebel. That, for me, gained the character a kind of prescience that I think it probably didn t have before. (Photo by Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video)Hanna does see the appeal of the place. Once inside, she finds herself seduced by the allure of community. She may not have a physical family, but living among the other trainees, so like her, builds a feeling of belonging and connection, which is something Hanna has struggled to hold onto since the onset of the show. I think that the loss of not having any heritage, any family, any idea of her own history gives Hanna a huge insecurity that is exploited by the Utrax organization in terms of the girls, Creed-Miles said.Hanna s physical and intellectual prowess may be heightened, but Creed-Miles recognizes that the character is still a teenage human. And she s going through some of the relatable struggles with identity and acceptance most females her age grapple with. Despite the superficiality of [social media], it s still very emblematic of the way that young people are often engendered an identity that s created through, I guess, what s socially acceptable and what isn t, she said. I think that s changing, but social media is still definitely like the charging pools behind what people do and don t do and what they can and can t do. I think it s such an interesting element of the show and seeing the way that Hanna interacts with it highlights those differences. (Photo by Christopher Raphael/Amazon Prime Video)The series has become an unexpected mirror to some recent real-world issues, and as Farr noted, there s a history of the younger generation pushing back against the power structures that are no longer operating with the people s best interests in mind. What I find heartening about the politics of what s going on right now, in the world, literally right now — which I know, at the moment, is around race — is still fundamentally around identities and groups of identities that have been appallingly treated, Farr said. There is something hopeful of how the younger generation has gathered around that. And there s an energy, at the moment, around the youth. Enos agreed, adding:  Teenagers, at this moment, with all of the power of social media and their identities and self-worth being tethered to how many likes they get, it s a very complicated time. So, I hope for the teenage girls that watch this, that it helps them to consider why they identify with the things they do and what aspects of themselves they re putting as the most important. Hopefully, it isn t what other people around them are telling them. There s supposed to be some quiet inner voice that says, This is your path. This is your worth.' Hanna season 2 premieres on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, July 3.

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Join us weekly as Rotten Tomatoes reports on what s opening, expanding, and coming to the specialty box office. From promising releases from new voices to experimental efforts from storied filmmakers – or perhaps the next indie darling to go the distance for end-of-year accolades – we will break it all down for you here each week in Fresh Indie Finds. This week at the specialty box office, we return from the holiday break with some exciting new titles. We have the follow up to Makoto Shinkai s critically-lauded animation Your Name, a new harrowing thriller about radio broadcast gone horribly wrong, and a nostalgia-soaked comedy shot entirely on VHS starring Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon, and Thomas Lennon. In our spotlight section, we have Terrence Malick s tale about a WWII conscientious objector, and in our indie trailer section, we catch up on a few note-worthy trailers that premiered over the past few weeks, including clips featuring Tye Sheridan, Ken Loach, and Kelly Reichardt.Opening This Weekend

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1.98.7 4月喜迎而据官方介绍,保留了游戏原汁原味体验的《英雄联盟》手游,却未能得到内测玩家的好评。或许出于情怀,尽管玩家评分大多在TAPTAP四星以上,但均在评论中指出了手游的不足之处。

(Photo by Showtime)Video game adaptations are tough. For years, feature film takes on beloved games like Super Mario Bros. and FarCry have been the butt of jokes thanks to producers who take the title and little else from the source material. Even more recent, high-gloss, and faithful efforts seem to lose something in the translation. (See our guide to 47 Video Game Movies Ranked Worst to Best. )But Paramount+ hopes to buck that tragic big-budget trend with a high-end series based on Microsoft’s epic game franchise Halo. As Showtime Networks co-president Gary Levine put it at the 2019 Television Critics Association summer press tour, “Our challenge on this series was to take a video game and make it into a character drama that belongs on Showtime.” Two years later, Showtime’s corporate parent, ViacomCBS, announced the series would instead be one that belongs on its rebranded Paramount+ streaming service.Navigating the landscape from game mechanics to filmed entertainment is often as difficult as any mission series main character Master Chief confronts, but here are the details we know so far about the Paramount+ Halo series.[Updated on 2/24/21]1. It Is Based Upon a Huge Game Universe(Photo by Elizabeth Goodenough/Everett Collection)Beginning with 2001’s Halo: Combat Evolved, the Halo series charts the ongoing conflict between a spacefaring humanity in the 26th century and an alien theocracy known as the Covenant. In that first game, Master Chief John-117, a genetically enhanced Spartan supersoldier encased in advanced armor, faces off against the Covenant for control of a Halo — a ring-shaped space station/super weapon created by an ancient and extinct race the Covenant worship as gods. The game changed the perception of first-person shooters on home consoles and gave Microsoft its first huge win in that market when the game was released as a launch title for the original XBox.Sequels followed — five so far in the main series with a sixth, Halo Infinite, due out in 2021 (we hope) — and a surprising number of spin-offs. New characters appeared to play off against the stoic Master Chief and the spin-offs further developed the Halo universe by featuring more story-driven first-person shooters or switching to other game mechanics like Real Time Strategy. Books, comics, and animated series further deepened the breadth of the franchise s universe and history.The television series will attempt to “weave deeply drawn personal stories with action and adventure set within that richly imagined vision of the future.” Anchoring those stories will be Master Chief, played by American Gods’ Pablo Schreiber (pictured).In a 2019 interview, Levine told Rotten Tomatoes and a small group of reporters that Schreiber has “the physicality to be a Spartan, to be Master Chief. But he is [also] a great dramatic actor.” A mention of Schreiber’s comedic chops and the “twinkle in his eye” suggests Master Chief may be seen without his helmet or armor; a first for Halo should it happen. Although Levine added, “we’re not violating anything big,” so Master Chief may remain within his armor throughout the series.2. Steven Spielberg Is Involved (Sort Of)(Photo by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures /Courtesy Everett Collection)Since 2013, Spielberg’s Amblin Television has been involved in developing the current iteration of the Halo TV project. At that time, he was said to be on board as an executive producer, but it seems he will not take on any direct creative duties. Nonetheless, there is always the potential he will take an interest in the series, particularly as it focuses on two of his favorite topics: war and aliens.Microsoft’s 343 Industries — an entity it established to manage the Halo brand following the departure of original developer Bungie — will also produce the series, suggesting a level of direct developer control seen only with Ubisoft producing 2016 s Assassin’s Creed. That film, however, proved developer input may not lead to a great adaptation as that film only garnered a 19% on the Tomatometer and an audience score of 43%.3. Its Cast Reflects Halo’s Past And Future(Photo by Priscilla Grant/Everett Collection)Joining Master Chief on this television journey will be Yerin Ha as Quan Ah, a new character devised specifically for the series. First announced alongside Schreiber, the character is described as a “shrewd, audacious 16-year-old from the Outer Colonies who meets Master Chief at a fateful time for them both.” The series will also feature Californication’s Natascha McElhone (pictured), Fargo’s Bokeem Woodbine, Shabana Azmi, Bentley Kalu, Natasha Culzac, and Kate Kennedy.McElhone will play Dr. Catherine Halsey, inventor of the Spartan super-soldiers and Cortana, the advance AI who is the key to humanity’s survival and a constant element in Master Chief’s adventures. Cortana is also the name of Microsoft’s AI assistant on its platforms; the name was, in fact, derived from Halo. At one point, McElhone was set to voice Cortana, but scheduling issues led to the character s original voice, Jen Taylor, stepping in and creating one bit of continuity with the games.Woodbine will take on the role of Soren-066, another established Halo character. He is an old friend of Master Chief’s and a privateer in conflict with the military — which means he may come into direct conflict with Azmi’s character, Admiral Margaret Parangosky, the head of Naval Intelligence and another character from the games who seemingly places the Halo TV series in a specific part of the franchise’s history. But, as Levine said, “you re going to get new information in our series, but we are not going to violate any of the things in the canon.”Kalu, Culzac, and Kennedy all play new characters to the Halo universe with familiar affiliations. Kalu is Spartan Vannak-134, Master Chief’s de facto deputy. Culzac is Spartan Riz-028, a “cybernetically enhanced killing machine,” and Kennedy is Spartan Kai-125, another Spartan super-soldier tasked to the mission. Actors Yerin Ha, Charlie Murphy, Olive Gray, and Danny Sapani are also part of the series in unspecified roles.”4. It Has Great Talent in the Writers’ RoomExploring the “richly imagined universe” is executive producer and showrunner Kyle Killen, creator of critically acclaimed Lone Star (83% on the Tomatometer) and the fan-favorite NBC series Awake (89% Audience Score). Both series featured protagonist who faced dual realities — literally in the case of Awake’s Micheal Britten (Jason Isaacs). Both shows also faced tough competition on broadcast television and did not last beyond their initial episode orders; nonetheless, a 10-episode cable series may turn out to be the best format for Killen as a writer and producer. And should Halo s protagonist find themselves caught between two worlds — say humanity versus the culture of The Covenant — Killen will be a great fit for the material.The Last Ship’s Steven Kane also serves as showrunner alongside Killen. His TNT series has an 83% on the Tomatometer and proved to be success on that network over the course of five seasons. Kane reportedly oversees production in Budapest while Killen supervises writing and other stateside production efforts.Also, the initial episodes will be directed by Robin Hood’s Otto Bathurst, who replaced Rupert Wyatt due to scheduling conflicts.“[He] is a marvelous director,” Levine said of Bathurst. “Unbelievably passionate about the project, and he has been leading our team beautifully.”5. This Is Not the First Attempt Adapt Halo(Photo by Vanguard Cinema)Halo nearly became a feature film in the early part of the 21st century. In 2005, 20th Century Fox and Universal picked up the project thanks in part to a script written by Annhilation’s Alex Garland. According to Garland, the story was a fairly faithful adaptation of the two Halo games available at the time. Peter Jackson was poised to produce with both Guillermo del Toro and Neill Blomkamp eyeing the director’s chair. Sadly, tough negotiations between the studios, Jackson, and producer Peter Schlessel led to the project’s collapse.After to the project’s implosion, Blomkamp said he would have used Master Chief as “the most important supporting cast member” with other characters doing “most of the emotional heavy lifting.”Since the time of the failed feature attempt, Microsoft produced two live-action webseries which were later released as films: Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn and Halo: Nightfall. The latter was produced by Ridley Scott’s production company Scott Free and featured Luke Cage’s Mike Colter as Agent Jameson Locke, a playable character in Halo 5: Guardians.6. The Switch to Paramount+Although intended to be a Showtime original series, David Nevins, CBS Chief Creative Officer and Showtime Networks Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, surprised reporters during a February 2021 Investor Day presentation by adding the program to the Paramount+ roster. The streaming service, a rebrand of the existing CBS All Access, intends to encompass more of ViacomCBS’s programming. According to Nevins, Halo fits right in with the sort of content the streaming service intends to highlight. “From all the early glimpses we’ve seen, it’s crystal clear that Halo is a visually stunning thrill-ride, anchored in riveting, character-driven storytelling,” he said. “With such tremendous appeal to every audience, we realized Halo had the potential to become a defining show for what will become the broadest streaming platform at ViacomCBS – the new Paramount+.” Showtime will still be involved as a producer alongside 343 Industries and Amblin.7. What s the Status? Production began in Budapest during the fall of 2019, but the COVID-19 pandemic led to a long delay. It is currently in production again with Paramount+ setting it for an early 2022 debut.On an Apple device? Follow Rotten Tomatoes on Apple News.
The nominees for the 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards were filled with new faces — like Ted Lasso and its most-ever nominations for a first-year series — and old — The Crown s 24 nods make it the most nominated show of the year, alongside The Mandalorian. But there were plenty of actors and series missing from the list on Tuesday morning, and many who upset some category stalwarts to score coveted nomination slots.There was plenty of outcry when Emily in Paris was nominated for the Golden Globes, but the mixed-reviewed Netflix series managed to sneak into the Comedy category at the Emmys, too. On the other hand, shows like Amazon Prime Video s The Boys and Hulu s Pen15 also managed to score their first series nominations, in Drama and Comedy respectively, leading many to rejoice.Read on for our full list of snubs and surprises then let us know which nomination – or lack thereof – had you angrily texting your group chats on Tuesday morning.Related: • 2021 Emmy Nominations: Full list of Nominees for 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards• Rotten Tomatoes Predicts the 2021 Emmy NomineesSURPRISE: I MAY DESTROY YOU GETS SO MUCH LOVE(Photo by Laura Radford/HBO)Listen, TV critics might have rioted in the streets if Michaela Coel’s singular work of art I May Destroy You didn t land any nominations, but this many? More than a year after it premiered? A very, very pleasant surprise considering sometimes the Television Academy members seem to have the memory of a goldfish. In addition to the show itself, Coel was nominated for her performance, writing and directing, Paapa Essiedu was nominated for his performance, and Sam Miller was also nominated for directing.SNUB: GIRLS5EVA GETS LARGELY IGNORED(Photo by Peacock)Even a near-perfect Certified Fresh score couldn t get the Tina Fey–produced sitcom Girls5Eva, about a ’90s girl group working toward a comeback, the Emmys love it deserved. Renee Elise Goldsberry’s iconic performance as a pop diva? Snubbed (though she did get a nod for her performance in the filmed Hamilton musical). Sara Bareilles many musical compositions? Snubbed. The only nod the show received was for creator Meredith Scardino s writing, a very, very small comfort.SURPRISE: THE BOYS LANDS A DRAMA SERIES NOD(Photo by James Minchin/Amazon Prime Video)Sure, the second season of Amazon s sardonic superhero series The Boys is Certified Fresh at 97%, but did anyone expect the sometimes-stodgy Television Academy to recognize that fact? The Emmy voters occasionally get stuck in their old patterns, and it s hard for new shows to break through, especially when there really is so much great television out there. But The Boys did it — just in time for season 3.SURPRISE: MJ RODRIGUEZ SCORES HISTORICAL FIRST NOMINATION(Photo by Eric Liebowitz/FX)Pose has been recognized many times over with series nods and even a win for star Billy Porter, but the other lead of the series, Mj Rodriguez hasn t even gotten a nomination before — until now. Just as the character of Blanca grew into a confident, wise mentor for her ballroom children, Rodriguez delivered a poised, hopeful, and occasionally heartbreaking performance in the series final season. She s always been worthy of Emmy love, but this time the Academy listened. With this nomination, Rodriguez is the first-ever out trans performer nominated in a major acting category.SNUB: IT S A SIN SHUT OUT(Photo by Ben Blackall/HBO Max)Certified Fresh at 98%, HBO Max drama It s a Sin, about a group of friends enduring the AIDS crisis in London in the 80s, is an incredible feat of small-screen magic, according to critics. (There s also the exquisite cast, empathetic writing, and a distinct visual style, per our Critics Consensus.) But apparently that wasn t enough for the TV Academy to take notice? Sometimes the Emmy voters get it very, very wrong — like in this case.SURPRISE: KENAN THOMPSON NOMINATED TWICE OVER(Photo by NBC/Mary Ellen Matthews)The longest-tenured Saturday Night Live cast member has just one Emmy to his name — for the parody song Come Back Barack in 2018 — and, until this year, had just three more nominations. He scored his third Supporting Actor nomination for SNL in 2021, but also landed his first-ever Lead Actor nomination for sitcom Kenan, which he filmed while starring on this season of SNL, flying back and forth from Los Angeles to New York throughout the season. A long-overdue acknowledgement for someone who s been bringing laughs for 30 years.SURPRISE: SHAMELESS NOMINATION LEAVES OTHER COMEDY ACTORS OUT IN THE COLD(Photo by Showtime)The final season of Shameless went out with a whimper of a Tomatometer score at 67%, but that was nothing compared to the shameful 20% score on its penultimate season. Those figures combined with William H. Macy’s involvement in the college admissions scandal story that broke in 2019 would understandably cast a shadow over his possible nomination. But here he is, honored (forgiven? pitied?) by his peers. Or is it that the 15-time nominee, two-time Emmy winner s performance shone through a just-OK season? In truth, we had expected to see Alan Tudyk (Resident Alien, Certified Fresh at 94%), Rob McElhenney (Mythic Quest, Certified Fresh at 100%), or Billy Magnussen (Made for Love, Certified Fresh at 94%) take a nomination, so this is a surprise.SNUBS: LATE NIGHT MISSES VARIETY TALK SERIES NOMINATIONLate Night with Seth Meyers has been nominated for Outstanding Writing for a Variety Series the past four years in a row and got a nod this year for Outstanding Short Form Comedy, Drama or Variety Series. The 73rd Primetime Emmy Awards were expected to be Late Night’s year for that elusive Outstanding Variety Talk Series nomination, but went instead to Conan, receiving its first nomination in the category for its final season; four-time nominee in this category The Daily Show With Trevor Noah; seven-time nominated Jimmy Kimmel Live!; five-time nominated The Late Show With Stephen Colbert; and, of course, Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, which has won in the category for the past six years.SURPRISE: AIDY BRYANT FINALLY GETS RECOGNIZED FOR SHRILL(Photo by Hulu)Aidy Bryant has been turning in reliable, excellent work on Saturday Night Live for years now, so that particular nod is not surprising. What is a bit of a shock is her recognition for the bittersweet final season of Shrill, the show she created and starred in but which Emmy voters had ignored in its two previous seasons.SNUB: PHOEBE DYNEVOR SHUT OUT FOR BRIDGERTON(Photo by Liam Daniel/Netflix)Bridgerton’s Duke might ve gotten his due with a nomination for Regé-Jean Page, but his Duchess (Phoebe Dynevor), whose wide-eyed naiveté was the perfect foil for their Bridgerton antics, missed out. Crackling chemistry like that between the world-weary Simon Bassett and his innocent new bride isn t just one-sided, you know.SURPRISE: EMILY IN PARIS SCORES A COVETED COMEDY SLOT(Photo by CAROLE BETHUEL/NETFLIX)The Golden Globes nominating candy-colored Netflix comedy Emily in Paris after some lavish trips for journalists to the City of Lights? Not surprising. The Television Academy recognizing the series in the Comedy category alongside much, much better-reviewed series like the Certified Fresh seasons of Hacks, Pen15, Ted Lasso, The Flight Attendant, and Cobra Kai that also got nods? Definitely surprising.SURPRISE: STAR WARS SERIES CHARMS TELEVISION ACADEMY AGAIN WITH ITS SECOND SEASON(Photo by © 2020 Lucasfilm Ltd. ™. All Rights Reserved.)Was it a surprise? That’s what we’ve asked ourselves since Disney+ Star Wars series The Mandalorian was announced as a nominee in the Outstanding Drama Series category or the second year in a row. The series has 24 nominations this year to last year’s 15 (with seven wins). We bet on it in our Emmy predictions – maybe we’re just surprised we were right about a series led by a man encased in metal and an adorable muppet.SNUBS: ONE OF THE NOMINATIONS MOST BIRD-BRAINED OMISSIONS (Photo by William Gray/Showtime)No stranger to the awards circuit, Ethan Hawke has been nominated four times for an Academy Award: two for supporting actor in films Boyhood and Training Day and another two for adapted screenplay for Before Sunset and Before Midnight. He also won a Daytime Emmy that he shared with a boatload of people for interactive feature “Invasion!” in 2017. Limited series The Good Lord Bird, Certified Fresh at 97% on the Tomatometer, contains one of Hawke’s most eccentric and finest performances to date. Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie nominees Ewan McGregor (Halston), Lin-Manuel Miranda (Hamilton), Leslie Odom Jr. (Hamilton), Hugh Grant (The Undoing), and Paul Bettany (WandaVision) surely are deserving, but Hawke’s quirky transformation was positively sublime.SURPRISE: COBRA KAI TURNS UP TO COMPETE IN THE OUTSTANDING COMEDY SERIES CATEGORY(Photo by Netflix)The Mandalorian, The Boys, and the Karate Kid sequel series Cobra Kai – the Emmy nominations have never been more fanboy friendly! This pandemic year has provided some great escapism and nostalgia-fueled works, but with heavy competition in the category – and very like its fellow nominee Emily in Paris –this is a title we didn’t expect to see. We had guessed that four other titles would find their way on the list – Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist, Girls5Eva, Made for Love, and Mythic Quest – and we were very wrong.SNUBS: THUSO MBEDU IS OVERLOOKED IN A RED-HOT CATEGORY(Photo by Kyle Kaplan/Amazon Studios)With seven nominations, including Outstanding Limited Or Anthology Series, The Underground Railroad was a major point of pride for Amazon Studios on the day the nominations were announced. But among all of the awards for directing, music, sound, casting, and cinematography, there was not a single acting nod. Baffling. Star Thuso Mbedu faced powerful competition for a spot among the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie nominees with Cythia Erivo (Genius: Aretha), Michaela Coel (I May Destroy You), Kate Winslet (Mare of Easttown), Anya Taylor-Joy (The Queen’s Gambit), and Elizabeth Olsen (WandaVision) showing up. But still.Thumbnail Image Credit: FX, Disney+/Lucasfilm, Netflix
Saturday, Dec. 125 Days of Christmas, Freeform — The annual nearly month-long programming event features family-friendly Christmas movies including The Santa Clause, Home Alone, and The Holiday; Disney movies including all three Toy Story films and Tim Burton s The Nightmare Before Christmas, and, for the first time on cable television, the Rankin-Bass holiday classics, Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.31 Days of Holiday Survival, Comedy Central — Professional basketball star Blake Griffin will host this month of programming dedicated to getting you through the holidays with your sanity intact. Movies like Bad Santa 2, 21 Jump Street, Meet the Parents and Office Space will air throughout the month-long lineup. Holiday-themed episodes of South Park and The Office will join Chappelle s Show to close out the year.You Light Up My Christmas, Lifetime, 8 p.m. — Inspired by true events, Emma (Kim Fields) returns to her hometown built around her family s pioneer Christmas Light Factory two weeks before Christmas. However upon Emma s return, she discovers the lights have gone dim in the once festive town, prompting her to reconnect with an old flame to set their hearts and the town ablaze with light again.Christmas Town, Hallmark Channel, 8 p.m. — Lauren Gabriel (Candace Cameron Bure) leaves everything behind in Boston to embark on a new chapter in her life and career. But an unforeseen detour to the charming town of Grandon Falls has her discover unexpected new chapters — of the heart and of family — helping her to embrace, once again, the magic of Christmas.Holiday Wars, Food Network, 9 p.m. — Five teams of cake masters and sugar artists face-off to create mind-blowing holiday displays that are as festive as they are delicious. Hosted by Jonathan Bennett, and featuring award-winning cake decorator Shinmin Li and Food Network s Jason Smith as judges, the teams must compete in two jolly rounds. First up is the Snowball Fight challenge, where the artists must use cake and sugar to create an edible holiday design in just 45 minutes. One winning team gets a vital advantage going into the second round. In the Winter Blizzard challenge, the teams are tasked with developing an eye-popping, masterful Christmas display made up entirely of cake and sugar. At the end of this battle, one team will jingle all the way home with a ,000 grand prize.Holiday Gingerbread Showdown, Food Network, 10 p.m. —  On this four-part stunt, host Paige Davis tests the skills of three gingerbread artists in each holiday-themed challenge. Judges Mary Berg, Maneet Chauhan, and Adam Young determine the winner of each episode that advances to the grand finale where they will square off in the ultimate showdown. But it s not all gumdrops and candy canes as the clock is ticking on dreams of the ,000 prize. Only one will be crowned Best Gingerbread Artist and will be featured in Food Network Magazine. Monday, Dec. 2Team Kaylie: Part 2 (Holiday Episode), Netflix — To try to help Amber get through her first Christmas since her mom passed away, Kaylie decides to try to buy Amber the dollhouse she always wanted.Unhappy Holidays, Shudder — Last year, the streaming platform added a whole collection of gruesome holiday goodies including titles like Better Watch Out, All the Creatures Were Stirring, and 1974 slasher classic, Black Christmas. AMC s small screen adaptation of Joe Hill s NOS4A2 is a recent addition to the lineup. On Dec. 2, Silent Night, Deadly Night Part 2 will be available to view, along with the previously hard-to-find ‘80s cult film Deadly Games which is described as a French Home Alone meets Rambo — but released a year before Macaulay Culkin faced off with Joe Pesci.The Great Christmas Light Fight, ABC, 8 p.m. — Season seven of the holiday hit will once again showcase the most extravagant and utterly spectacular Christmas displays America has to offer. In each one-hour episode, four families with dazzling household displays will compete to win ,000 and the coveted Light Fight trophy. (Photo by ABC)Making It, NBC, 10 p.m. — Emmy Award nominees Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman host a craft-worthy and comedy-filled new eight-episode season.Tuesday, Dec. 3How the Grinch Stole Christmas, NBC, 8 p.m. — The iconic 1966 cartoon features the voice of Boris Karloff as the Grinch.How to Train Your Dragon Homecoming, NBC, 8:30 p.m. — The new animated special features the return of Jay Baruchel as the voice of Hiccup, America Ferrera as Astrid, Gerard Butler as Stoick, Craig Ferguson as Gobber, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Fishlegs.CMA Country Christmas, ABC, 9 p.m. — Trisha Yearwood will host and perform on the 10th annual CMA Country Christmas. The two-hour music celebration features a night filled with Christmas classics and festive one-of-a-kind collaborations by Yearwood, Kristin Chenoweth, for KING COUNTRY, Chris Janson, Tori Kelly, Lady Antebellum, Rascal Flatts, Runaway June, CeCe Winans, Brett Young, and Chris Young. Wednesday, Dec. 487th Annual Christmas in Rockefeller Center, NBC, 8 p.m. — For eight decades the tree lighting ceremony has been one of the iconic New York City holiday moments, with thousands on hand and millions watching across the country. The Moodys, Fox, 9 p.m. — The six-episode remake of Australia s miniseries A Moody Christmas stars Denis Leary and follows a tight-knit but slightly dysfunctional family of five, all of whom gather in their hometown of Chicago for the perfect holiday. The holiday event series will air over three nights on Wednesday, Dec. 4; Monday, Dec. 9; and Tuesday, Dec. 10. Ghosting: The Spirit of Christmas, Freeform, 9 p.m. — This is the quirky and heart-warming story of Jess (Aisha Dee), who goes on the greatest first date of her life, but inadvertently “ghosts” Ben when she tragically dies in a car accident on the way home. Stuck on Earth, with no idea how to ascend, Jess will need the help of her best friend Kara (Kimiko Glenn), the only person who can still see and hear her. A Saturday Night Live Christmas Special, NBC, 9 p.m. — Santa brings the laughs as “SNL” goes into the time capsule for two hours of Christmas-themed sketches.Thursday, Dec. 5(Photo by Netflix)A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby, Netflix — It’s Christmastime in Aldovia, and a royal baby is on the way. Queen Amber (Rose McIver) and King Richard (Ben Lamb) are getting ready to take some time off to prepare for their first child’s arrival, but first they have to host King Tai (Kevin Shen) and Queen Ming (Momo Yeung) of Penglia to renew a 600-year-old sacred truce.Magic For Humans: Season 2 (Holiday Episode), Netflix — Justin embraces the holiday spirit by visiting Santa school and teaching kids about the magic of giving.Into the Dark: A Nasty Piece of Work, Hulu — The Christmas-themed installment of Blumhouse s horror holiday series follows a mid-level employee at a large company who finds out he’s not getting the bonus or promotion he was expecting. But then his boss invites him over for dinner with a proposal for how he can climb the corporate ladder … by beating his professional rival in a violent competition.A Charlie Brown Christmas, ABC, 8 p.m. — Celebrate the joy of the holidays with the classic animated Christmas-themed Peanuts specialBest Christmas Bingo, IFC, 9 p.m. – Starting Thursday, December 5, Wrestling Legend Mick Foley will be hosting an interactive BINGO game during holiday movies every Thursday in December at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT, featuring Planes, Trains Automobiles, Gremlins, Year Without Santa Claus and Snow Day.Same Time, Next Christmas, ABC, 9 p.m. — In this original holiday film, Olivia Anderson (Lea Michele) is a successful young woman who met her childhood sweetheart during her family s annual Christmas visit to Hawaii. After being separated by distance and years, the two reunite at the same Hawaiian resort years later, and the old chemistry between them flares up anew-but circumstances conspire to keep them apart. Friday, Dec. 6Three Days of Christmas, Netflix — Three Days of Christmas is the story of four sisters through time united by a secret. A story told through their eyes in three key moments in their lives: when they are daughters, mothers, and grandmothers, each episode corresponds to one generation. With Christmas as a backdrop, we will discover th
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With movie theaters shuttered for the time being and prospective audiences presumably self-quarantining at home, people looking for entertainment to consume have never had more time on their hands to just sit and binge a bunch of television. With that in mind, we polled our fans on social media to find out what new shows everyone was most looking forward to in the month of July, whether it was a brand new series or a popular one returning with a new season. It s probably no surprise that three of the top five are Netflix originals, considering the sheer volume of the streaming giant s output, but we also got an Amazon original and a series on TNT. Read on to find out the full list!1. The Umbrella Academy: Season 2 (2020) 91%#1 pick by our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter fansPremieres on Netflix on July 31Netflix s adaptation of the comic book series created by My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way enjoyed a successful first season, earning a Certified Fresh 75% on the Tomatometer and an even more impressive 86% Audience Score. For those who haven t had a chance to check out the show just yet, we won t discuss any spoilers from Season 1 here, but suffice it to say that the way it ended left enough fans anxious to find out where the show might go in Season 2 to propel it straight to the top of all of our social media polls. The only bad news is that we ll have to wait until the tail end of the month before we get to see it.2. Cursed: Season 1 (2020) 67%#2 pick by our Facebook and Twitter fansPremieres on Netflix on July 17Another offering from Netflix, this fantasy series reimagines the classic legend of King Arthur by telling the origin story of the young woman who would eventually become the fabled Lady of the Lake. Based on the novel of the same name co-written by Frank Miller, it stars Kathering Langford (who also appeared in Netflix s 13 Reasons Why) as Nimue, who travels with a young Arthur (Devon Terrell) to seek out Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgård) and help confront the evil King Uther Pendragon. This one came in just under The Umbrella Academy in both our Facebook and Twitter polls.3. The Alienist: Angel of Darkness: Angel of Darkness (2020) 86%#2 pick by our Instagram fans, #3 pick by our Twitter fans, #5 pick by our Facebook fansPremieres on TNT on July 19Originally created as a limited series based on the novel of the same name by Caleb Carr, The Alienist surprised a lot of people by scoring a number of awards nominations and subsequently announcing that it would return for another go. The second season, dubbed Angel of Darkness, adapts the second novel in the series and sees the return of stars Daniel Brühl, Luke Evans, and Dakota Fanning as their characters reunite to track down a missing infant, only to uncover a more sinister threat. A lot of people are happy they re coming back for another investigation, and there are hopes that the third and upcoming fourth novels in the series will ensure further seasons of the dark, period thriller.4. Hanna: Season 2 (2020) 93%#3 pick by our Facebook fans, #4 pick by our Instagram fans, #5 pick by our Twitter fansPremieres on Amazon Prime on July 3The first season of Amazon s Hanna expanded on the ideas of its source material, the Joe Wright-directed 2011 film of the same name, and delivered something entirely its own, and while the reviews weren t over the moon, the audience response was strong. Fittingly, Season 2 looks to expand that world even further, and fans who have been waiting to find out where Hanna (Esme Creed-Miles) goes next and how she will evolve will be pleased to know that, according to the critics, it s even better than Season 1.5. Warrior Nun: Season 1 (2020) 68%#4 pick by our Facebook and Twitter fansPremieres on Netflix on July 2The third Netflix series to make it into the top five this month is another fantasy, albeit one based on modern (ancient?) religion. Loosely based on a comic book series first published in the mid- 90s, Warrior Nun centers on a young woman who is gifted with immense power and compelled to join a secret order of you guessed it warrior nuns who battle against supernatural evil. The series has generated interest from curious and cautiously optimistic viewers looking for another fantasy fix, and reviews indicate it s not perfect but still worth checking out.Thumnail image by NETFLIX

bob体育登录网址 In a mirroring of the comic book status quo, a new Hellboy film starring David Harbour as the title character is slated for release on April 12th. Nestled between Shazam! a week earlier and Avengers: Endgame later in the month, the release schedule once again pits Mike Mignola s creation between the big-budget titans of the Big Two comic book publishing companies. And as Mignola told Rotten Tomatoes Thursday night, Hellboy fans are going to see Hellboy. It s the same attitude that kept the Hellboy comics alive and kicking against the forces of evil for 25 years.Nonetheless, Lionsgate released a new red band trailer full of new material to entice audiences with a mix of humor, dark visions, and blood-splatter. They also invited us to see the trailer and briefly talk with Mignola and star Milla Jovovich, who could not be more excited for the film. I thought it was amazing, she said, revealing she has seen the finished film. It s so sweet. I don t want to use the word cute, but David is so adorable. You come off very well, also, added Mignola.Their insights helped us take a good look at the trailer and glean some interesting things about the film and how it is differs from the comic book and the earlier Hellboy films. Here are five things we learned.Hellboy s Origin Is Teased Throughout(Photo by Lionsgate)The trailer opens with another telling of Hellboy s origin. Summoned by Rasputin and his Nazi allies near the end of World War II, Hellboy came to Earth as the intended destroyer of worlds. But when Trevor Bruttenholm (Ian McShane) and the US Army arrived on site, they found an adorable demon child. Bruttenholm decided to raise the lad himself, leading to the creation of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (or BPRD). Though covered in great detail in the first Hellboy film, it is an important detail referenced in just about every long-form Hellboy story.And if you re an avid watcher of Guillermo del Toro s Hellboy, you ll notice certain differences in the new film s telling of the character s arrival on Earth. [Director Neil Marshall] wanted to do his version [of the origin], said Mignola. He also mentioned scenes of Hellboy s early days will be sprinkled throughout the film, as opposed to the way del Toro opened his film with Hellboy s arrival. He did not, however, confirm the presence of pancakes a key moment in Hellboy s development fans definitely want to see on screen.The Film Introduces A New Set Of Characters(Photo by Summit Entertainment)One thing fans will notice immediately is the lack of certain key characters like Abe Sapien (played by Doug Jones in the del Toro films), Liz Sherman (Selma Blair), and Johann Krauss (voiced by Seth MacFarlane in Hellboy II: The Golden Army). It was a conscious decision from the moment it was decided to reboot the film series instead of soldiering on with a del Toro-less Hellboy III. And once the choice was made, Mignola felt it was important not to repeat too many ideas from the earlier cycle.Instead, the film introduces Ben Daimio (Daniel Dae Kim), a stalwart BPRD character despite a certain affliction. As seen in the trailer, he can go from man to were-jaguar with just a hit or two from Hellboy s Red Right Hand an ability that will definitely come in handy when they fight that rhinoceros creature.We also get a few glimpses of Sasha Lane s Alice Monaghan in the trailer. Introduced in the classic Hellboy story The Corpse, she has mysterious connections to the fairy realm that ultimately allow her to become its queen. But for the purposes of the film, she is Hellboy s traveling companion and not his love interest, as Lane noted at New York Comic Con last year. And it is always possible she will fulfill her destiny by the film s conclusion.(Photo by Lionsgate)The Baba Yaga, glimpsed in her chicken-legged house, has a long history with Hellboy. Hopefully some of it will be touched upon as she was an early advocate of the wave of destruction Hellboy is supposed to bring upon the world.Another character introduced in the trailer is Lady Hatton (Sophie Okonedo). In the comics, she is a member of the Osiris Club and yet another person excited for Hellboy to embrace his destiny which includes him fulfilling the prophecy of King Arthur s return to England. It is, of course, unclear how closely the film s version of Lady Hatton will skew to the comics, but considering she is seen telling Hellboy about his origins, we re going to guess she is interested in his destiny.And while Thomas Haden Church is reportedly set to play 1940s adventurer Lobster Johnson, Mignola declined to confirm his presence, saying instead that more Hellboy films means more chances for the fan-favorite character to make his debut.It Follows The Wild Hunt Story From The Comics(Photo by Lionsgate)The film is primarily based on the 2008-2009 story The Wild Hunt. In it, an unemployed Hellboy answers an invitation to join a group of British nobleman known as The Wild Hunt glimpsed in the trailer as the people riding on horseback with Hellboy who immediately betray his trust because, as they put it, the devil shall never sit on the throne of England. Meanwhile, the death of the Irish Fairy king leaves the Fairy folk anxious about the resurrection of the Blood Queen Nimue. Once she rises, she will lead the folk into a war against Hellboy and the world. Also, that bit of business about Hellboy s connection to King Arthur? It could either save the world or lead Hellboy to embrace his destiny.Considering the prominent shot of Hellboy picking up a sword and it bursting into flames, we re going to assume that aspect of the storyline will be part of the film. In the comic book, he is faced with the choice to take hold of Excalibur. According to Mignola, There s an arc that mimics the comic. But as he explained, Marshall wanted to add aspects of other tales as well. Del Toro did the same thing incorporating much of The Corpse into the first Hellboy, but deleting Alice s role in it. This is why Bruttenholm, long dead by the time of The Wild Hunt in the comics, appears in the film. And as The Wild Hunt ends on something of a stalemate, elements from the subsequent tales, The Storm and The Fury, will no doubt help the film reach a more final conclusion. We also expect some of Daimio s backstory, explored in the BPRD comic books, will factor in as well.Nimue Is Not A Clear-Cut Villain (Maybe)(Photo by Lionsgate)If there is one thing Jovovich is sure of about Nimue, it is that she started from a good place. She was a witch in Arthur s day who became involved with the wizard Merlin. She eventually learned all of his secrets and imprisoned him. Fearing her power, the other witches of the day murdered her. At least, that s how it went down in the comics. Jovovich would not confirm anything about Nimue s past in the film except that she was betrayed, but she did offer this appraisal of her character: She s the only sane person in this movie. From the trailer, we get the sense that her grudge is with England itself Bruttenholm says as much which would suggest Arthur and his descendants would be prime targets. But it is also clear she adores Hellboy. Then again, who wouldn t? He s muscley, red, and fated to end the world.Not that Hellboy is interested in any of her ambitions, but at least it will lead to some cool, apocalyptic scenes.London Gets Trashed(Photo by Lionsgate)While neither Mignola nor Jovovich spoke to this point, we can t help but notice the damage London takes throughout the trailer. A hellacious storm brews above the city skies and a creature which may or may not be Nimue herself demolishes the Tower Bridge. Hellboy comics typically avoid that level of destruction Mignola leaves that to the BPRD spin0ff series but it is nice to see some big stakes realized, even if Hellboy quips that they are not relatable.Then there s that shot late in the trailer of Hellboy riding a dragon across a hellish landscape. The river of fire sure looks like the course of the Thames to us. But as Hellboy fans know, any shot of the character with his horns and crown is probably a prophetic vision and not reality. But it is always possible Nimue will tempt him into embracing his apocalyptic destiny. Or, alternatively, the capital of Hell looks just like London.Hellboy opens everywhere on April 12.Like this? Subscribe to our newsletter and get more features, news, and guides in your inbox every week.

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